Élite (2018) s03e02 Episode Script

Samuel y Guzmán

I don't expect you to release me ♪
Jumping the gun ♪
Holding my tongue ♪
I'd never ask you to forgive me ♪
You don't have a fever.
- I'll take you to the doctor's.
- No, there's no need.
I just need to rest.
Whatever you think.
Still asleep down there.
I'm not in the mood right now, okay?
Not now, not the other day,
not yesterday
What's going on?
- You've had enough of me.
- Come on, don't say that.
No? Come on, say it. You're bored.
Don't be a drama queen.
I don't know, man.
We should be in a
constant hormone party.
Fucking, kissing, going places
In other words, having fun,
- not staying in like a retired couple.
- Can you let me speak?
If that's not what's
wrong, what is it? Huh?
We're together, we live together.
We're more or less independent
and the coolest thing we do
together is watch Netflix?
This is a fucking joke.
Jesus, check out that hunk.
Damn, too bad the new guy
didn't end up in our class.
Him? He's not really new.
Apparently, he was here on a scholarship
about three years ago and had to leave.
- His name is Yeray.
- No way.
So he's "Free Yeray"?
- Fuck.
- Yes.
Apparently, they used
to call him "Free Yeray."
- I'm not sure why.
- It's best if you forget about that kid.
I sure have.
Are you hanging those here?
Uh, Samuel, people here shit in
bathrooms as big as your house.
I'm just printing. I can't afford toner.
Rebe to the rescue, as
always. I'm fine, thanks.
Sure, like hell you are. You wish.
Your mom up and leaves,
you have to cover rent,
Carla's ignoring you and making
trouble, and Polo's out of jail.
Are you here to help or to
make me feel even shittier?
Problems should be
handled like fuck buddies:
one per day.
- What are you doing?
- Take this.
I have the perfect roommate for you.
Hey, buddy!
Sell the car, and you can
afford to live with him all year.
You know what, babe?
My dignity is not for sale.
You lost your dignity about
200 lines of coke ago, sweetie.
Excuse me.
Living with dignity means having
a roof over your head, idiot,
no matter how good the car looks.
It looks amazing. You know what?
I prefer to keep seeing the
world in my own color palette,
which is more interesting
than his gray scale.
No offense. Thanks anyway.
You're a huge idiot.
- Yeah, a giant one.
- Here.
For you, sir.
- What's this?
- This guy's number.
Yesterday, the school
established a study program
with Columbia University in New York
that guarantees
acceptance to that school.
The program and tuition
will be fully funded.
Candidates will present
individual academic projects
- by the end of the year, and the winner
- Who's funding this?
A generous sponsor.
- As I was saying
- This happened yesterday?
- Because I saw Polo's mother in your office yesterday.
- Look
if Polo's mom's publishing house
wants to sponsor it, so what?
You're always
They've already bought you
off. Not the rest of us.
They don't need to buy
us off. Polo was released.
Thank you.
You want to take the scholarship
without feeling guilty, right?
If Nadia wants to apply for that
scholarship, that's her business.
Maybe we should all put this behind us.
- You're not serious.
- I believed you, but the court didn't.
I believed you over my friend Polo,
my best friend since we were kids.
Maybe I fucked up again.
Drop it already.
Mesmerizing ♪
Were you serious?
- About what?
- Putting all this behind us
and believing me.
we've been friends for years.
Do this for us.
Look me in the eye. Did
you kill Marina or not?
I-I didn't do it, Guzmán.
Then maybe I was serious.
I don't know. One day,
Guzmán's hungry for revenge
like a viking, and
the next it's all over?
What do you mean? Should
I not believe him now?
I know you wish everything
would go back to the way it was,
but that won't happen. Ever.
He's trying his best, and
I'm going to do the same.
If he believes me, I believe him.
Ander, how are you going
to the hospital on your own?
- On foot, by bus, a ridesharing app
- Right.
- What about your mom? And Omar?
- They don't know and won't find out.
- But
- Is that clear?
Okay, fine. Fine.
- I won't tell if I can go with you.
- Not a chance.
No? Well, that's a
shame because yours truly
will go to the principal's
office, your mom's office,
and tell her everything faster
than you can buy that Coke.
Your call, hot shot.
Good morning. I'm here to
fill out the application
for the scholarship program.
And it's about time, too.
Can I come in?
Nadia. Are you applying too?
Very well.
The more the merrier.
I thought you wanted
to go to St Andrews.
And I do.
Then why are you applying?
This is for Columbia.
Why not?
You shouldn't put all your
eggs in the same basket, right?
With your academic
record and references,
you could go to any university you want.
Let's see if I understand.
You're telling me not to apply?
- The call for applications is open to anyone.
- Hm.
I'm just saying that
those who, fortunately,
can gain access to the best
education through other means
could perhaps leave this opportunity
for people who are less fortunate.
My application. Have a good day.
- Hi.
- Azucena's right.
- You don't need the scholarship.
- That's not your business or hers.
Are you doing it just to annoy me?
Because I love to beat you.
It's much more fun.
And that pleasure is priceless.
Welcome to the competition,
hon. Let the Hunger Games begin.
You don't need to keep pretending.
You can come back to class anytime.
- I don't need your permission.
- I know.
But don't do it for me.
I'm sick of you saying
what I want to hear
and then double-crossing me later.
- What do you want now?
- I want you to come back.
It's all over.
Even Guzmán thinks Polo is innocent.
I guess that, when you feel lonely,
you don't want to keep losing people.
That's how I feel, at least.
I just want to get on with my life,
but all the people I care
about keep leaving me.
Even my mom's gone.
Polo is out, Guzmán is
getting close to him again
You two started so much shit, and
everything's the same as it was.
No, not everything.
- What has changed?
- Us.
What about us?
"Us," Samuel? There is no us.
Let's change that. I
don't want to lose you too.
Come back, please.
Can I sit here?
Yeah, sure.
I can't get used to it.
I just want to get out of
here and avoid the stares.
- What?
- Let's go.
I don't feel like being here either.
I never do, but even less so today.
Where do you want to go?
I don't know. Out.
Maybe to my place. My folks are out.
We could play video games.
Great. That sounds perfect.
It's important that you tell
us everything you've seen,
anything you think might be useful.
Everything. Any detail could be key.
Lu, since you're always saying
you didn't send the
video of me and Guzmán
to the whole school,
I wanted to tell you I won't tell
everyone about you and Valerio.
How would you prefer me not to tell?
A meme with the gradient background?
A GIF and little colored letters?
I need that scholarship.
You don't.
Withdraw from the
competition immediately.
Wow. You really are smart.
It takes a very special person
to carry out that sort of threat.
My dear, I don't think
you have it in you.
May the best one win.
Beer at this hour?
Who cares what time it is?
It's the plan that matters.
Nothing, just
I didn't think we'd ever do this again.
Sorry if I'm getting all soppy, but
you don't know how much I wanted
things to go back to normal.
Thank you.
Come on, you're getting too soppy now.
Drink your beer.
You're back.
I have the world's best
reheated macaroni at home.
When are you coming over for lunch?
- Do I know you?
- Sorry.
Shit. What?
Ander, fucking say something.
Sing, dance, whatever,
but lighten up a bit.
Don't be a pain in the
ass. I'm just not talkative.
- You're the definition of pigheaded.
- And you shouldn't be here.
- You're right. Your mom should be
- Enough.
They'll tell me what the treatment is.
It'll be no big deal, and I'll go home.
I don't see the fucking
need to tell anyone.
Well, you told me.
- I mean the people who love me.
- Hey, I love you.
- You don't love me. I just turn you on.
- It's a form of love, hot stuff.
See how good it feels
when you just relax a bit?
Tell me about you.
Tell me a secret that
nobody knows. You know mine.
I mean, it's something, but it's not
I think that sometimes,
some girls turn me on, too.
Ah. Congratulations.
- Nadia, right?
- No way.
Worse. The marchioness.
Of course. She turns me on
too. She even turns Omar on.
What about guys?
- I don't believe you.
- It's true, man.
I mean, he's hot.
I'd do him.
Ander Muñoz? You can come in.
Acute lymphocytic leukemia
is a fast-growing cancer.
That means we have to be even faster.
We'll start with chemo this week.
I promise we'll hit it
with everything we've got.
It'll be two six-week cycles,
but they'll feel longer
than that, to be honest.
With such intensive treatment, the
side effects will also be intense.
It's all in that brochure,
but I'm telling you now, it
won't be easy to prevent fatigue,
nausea, vomiting, dizziness
and also nerve pain in the joints.
You won't feel like eating, going
out, or doing practically anything.
And, yes, your hair
will probably fall out.
It's the first thing everyone asks.
Over the next few months
Yes, Rebe. I'll tell them.
Okay? As soon as I get home. I promise.
Yes, that too.
But what I meant is
you'll die of old age.
You know that, right?
- Uh are you okay?
- Excuse me?
You were never one to skip
so many days of school, and
- Well, I'm here if you need anything.
- Let's see.
You keep staring at me in the hallway,
you know I don't skip
class, you know my name
You've only been here for two minutes,
and you're already creeping me out.
Sorry, I didn't want to make
you uncomfortable, but
- do you really not remember me?
- Creeping me out big time.
Three years ago, I uploaded
a picture to Instagram,
and I got ridiculed and
body-shamed by half the school.
Body-shamed? You?
No. I used to be
Is this you?
- Yes.
- Shit.
"You disgusting fat fuck."
"I'd donate some clothes,
but they wouldn't fit."
- Okay, I get the picture.
- Wait.
Read this comment.
"You are the ones who are disgusting.
When we hate someone, it's
because they represent something
we hate in ourselves.
Yeray, ignore them and keep
showing yourself as you are."
Did I write this?
Shit. I didn't know I was so intense.
When I saw a girl like you
defending me in public
What do you mean, "a girl like me"?
- Pretty.
- Right.
- I mean, a marchioness!
- I can't take credit for any of that.
But for defending me,
you can. It helped a lot.
Well, I'm glad I helped
you three years ago.
You bet it all on black, and you won.
What I meant to say is
it's time to collect your prize, right?
Uh I'm not too into
prizes right now, but, hey,
I'm happy to see you again, Yeray.
We had made up.
I realized there was no
real evidence against him
and that I had just wanted to blame him.
So we talked it over and gave
each other a second chance.
We were childhood friends, after all.
I never would have hurt him.
I'm going to make it, right?
Well, of course you are.
I'm crying because I'm still
shocked, but of course you'll make it.
You're not saying that
because you're my mom, right?
Yes, I'm saying that
because I'm your mom.
I won't leave you alone for a second.
But you are going to make
it. You'll get better.
Go on, honey. Tell him.
This is about teamwork,
and we need to get on it.
Fuck, Ander, I asked you yesterday.
I didn't want to say anything.
But it'll get obvious,
and my mom will have to
deal with it, so I told her.
- Like I won't have to deal with it?
- No.
- What?
- This doesn't affect you, Omar.
Okay, yeah, it affects
you because we're together.
But we haven't known each other long.
We hooked up because we were less
than 500 meters apart in the app.
Otherwise, we wouldn't have met.
Two days later, you fucking moved in.
Am I right?
Are you pushing me away
to play the romantic hero?
To save me from the pain
or some shit like that?
I'm telling you that this
isn't your responsibility.
That's all!
You should be out and about, fucking!
That's what you should be doing.
You said it yourself.
You should be in a
constant hormone party,
and not here with me like this.
Do you want me to leave now?
Whenever's best for you.
This is some party you're
having here, huh? I love it.
My mom's business
meetings turn into parties.
Happens every week. Typical.
- What do you want?
- A quick favor.
- I need a loan.
- Money?
- No way. Sell the car.
- Not money.
It's coca-ine.
You're kidding, right?
No, Rebe. You'd be doing me a
favor, and I always return a favor,
so don't worry.
I know shady dealings
go down at your house.
Rebe, get the good gin from the cellar.
Baby, I've told you to let me
know if you're bringing a date.
- A date? He's not a date.
- Valerio, ma'am. Nice to meet you.
- I'm Rebe's classmate.
- I'm Sandra.
And don't call me "ma'am."
We're practically family.
Family? You just met him.
A pleasure, Sandra. What
are we celebrating, then?
It's nothing. Just drinks
and snacks with friends.
Sounds like fun.
- Why didn't you mention it?
- That's enough. I'll get the gin.
- And you, get the fuck out of here.
- Language!
I taught you some fucking manners!
Valerio, just ignore her.
I'm the one in charge here.
- Would you like a drink?
- Don't even think about it.
Of course I would.
How could I say no to such
a wonderful invitation?
It really does look like she's
the one in charge here, hm?
Guzmán, listen to me.
School's out for the day.
They'll notice he's missing.
When they see you and I are
gone We're not exactly
We need him to tell
us where the trophy is.
If we get the trophy, he'll go to jail.
How do we make him talk?
With the towel,
we won't leave marks.
Did you plan this?
You had no choice but to make
your mom believe you were dead.
Well, I had no choice but to plan this.
Wake up! Come on, wake up.
Some of your classmates
say that you were
very aggressive with him tonight.
I didn't do it.
But if I knew who did,
I wouldn't tell you.
That means you know who did it.
That means I'd never tell you.
- How are you? Fully recovered?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm going upstairs. I'm a bit tired.
One thing, darling.
- That kid uh, Samuel.
- What?
You talked to the police when
you thought he was missing.
You went back to school
when he asked you to
He's controlling you.
How unlike you.
He's not good for you.
And it won't be good for
him if I catch him near you.
Get some rest.
One, two, three, four ♪
I got the loner boogie ♪
And it's comin' for you ♪
Yeah, it's comin' for you ♪
Ah, it's comin' for you ♪
One, two, kung fu ♪
I got the loner boogie ♪
And it's comin' for you ♪
I've got a screwed-up heart ♪
And my head's fucked too ♪
I've gotta check it ♪
And I really, really, really ♪
Really, really, wah! ♪
I got the loner boogie ♪
And it's comin' for you ♪
Yeah, it's coming for you ♪
Ah, it's coming for you ♪
One, two, kung fu ♪
I don't wanna, I don't wanna ♪
I don't wanna, I don't wanna ♪
I don't wanna, I don't wanna ♪
I don't wanna go outside ♪
Tell me where the trophy is.
Polo, tell me where the trophy
is, and this hell will be over.
For you and me. Over for good.
Put it on silent.
Polo, tell me where the trophy is.
Polo, please, tell me
where the trophy is.
- Tell me!
- Guzmán!
Guzmán! Holy shit! stop!
Kill me.
didn't want to kill Marina.
It was an accident,
Guzmán. It was an accident.
Son of a
But you're doing this to me on purpose.
- You're capable of killing me.
- Guzmán!
Guzmán, stop, damn it!
- I am not a killer!
- Enough! Stop!
Let him go!
Guzmán, let him go!
- Let him go! Let him go!
- Fuck!
Mesmerizing ♪
Mesmerizing ♪
- Psst. Where are you going?
- Let go!
- What are you going to do?
- Are you protecting him?
Mesmerizing ♪
How's the party going? We're
having a great time, right?
Mrs. Robinson.
Are you trying to seduce
me, or is it just me?
I saw you hogging all the
coke as if it was yours.
There's nothing I enjoy more
than entertaining guests.
And there's nothing I hate more
than being hustled in my own house.
Excuse me, Sandra.
I didn't want to seem
ungrateful or rude.
I wanted some,
and I've been a little
short on cash lately.
All that private school and
fancy clothes, and in the end
- How old are you?
- Nineteen.
Okay, you're old enough to vote.
Do you want it?
- Yes, I'd like some.
- How much do you want it?
It helps me feel better about myself.
- How much?
- A lot.
One gram.
Get undressed.
Come on.
Two grams.
On your knees in front of me.
Didn't you want it a lot?
Let's see how much is a lot.
I'm cutting you a good deal.
Come over here.
Three grams.
Look at yourself.
Do yourself a favor. Look at yourself.
Get out of here.
It'd be your word against ours.
You're bluffing, right?
Ten, nine
Do you want to see if I'm bluffing?
Five, four
You're not withdrawing your application?
I'll start by telling her.
She'll love it.
And she'll waste no
time telling everyone.
Have a good day, darling.
I can't withdraw my application.
I need that scholarship
as much as you do.
My father knows everything.
I'm an embarrassment to my family.
T they cut me off.
I have no money, Nadia.
Right. Am I supposed to believe that?
I'm not lying to you, Nadia.
You don't know how much I hate
for you to see me like this
but I have no choice.
I need
that scholarship, Nadia.
And I won't rest until I get it.
Even if it means losing my dignity.
If you knew about me
what I know about you,
would you use it to destroy me and win?
That's very likely.
But I hope you won't do it
because you're a better
person in that sense.
Only in that sense.
Are you okay, Guzmán?
You applied to Polo's mothers' program.
It didn't bother you the other day.
It's complicated.
With you, everything is.
Like everything's simple with you?
No, I guess not.
You know that feeling when you wake
up and you don't know where you are
or who you are?
I feel like that every day.
And I suddenly remember
my sister's dead.
But I also remember you'll be in
class when I come through the door.
And that's the only reason
why I get out of bed.
You don't make my life complicated.
Actually, you saved it.
That video made me
lose a scholarship.
My future.
I also could have lost my
family, my home, my life
Guzmán, I know it wasn't your fault,
but every time we get together
Good luck with that program, Nadia.
I'm fine.
First time and first session?
I'm Alexis.
If you need any tips or
advice on how to handle this
or need to trash-talk
someone, you know where I am.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
I'll get you some juice.
The nurse said you'll have a metallic
taste in your mouth afterwards.
Are you staying?
I'll see where I end up
tomorrow. But for now, I'm here.
I won't hold your hand. I
know you want to be tough.
It hasn't been long, but
I know you pretty well.
This takes three hours, right?
Did you bring your charger?
My battery is running low.
Roll down the window ♪
On the passenger side ♪
And let the air come through ♪
Looking at you ♪
I forget how to drive ♪
This is a bad place ♪
For us to break down ♪
- So?
- But you had the good sense to ♪
I'm not going to do anything.
I was never going to.
Welcome to the competition.
Let the Hunger Games begin.
- When you go, go ♪
- Hm.
I look at you ♪
And you light up and say ♪
When you lose control ♪
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
- From the walls to wall ♪
- Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
If you need it more ♪
Just breathe for me ♪
- Remember you dress me up ♪
- Dress me up ♪
You explain the science ♪
Of picking a lane ♪
But of course, I couldn't change ♪
How the wind breaks us so clear ♪
Now you go, go ♪
Uh, hey. Yes.
I do feel like collecting my prize.
- Oh.
- Or at least trying it.
Text me, okay?
Would you come with
me to my startup's IPO?
Okay, okay. I don't know
what you're saying, but yes.
- Just text me.
- Okay.
When the color goes ♪
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
Better close our eyes ♪
And if you need it more ♪
Just breathe for me ♪
Hey, still looking for a roommate?
I'm fine now. I have a
roommate. All good. Are you okay?
What's wrong?
I can't say. It's about a friend.
And if I tell you, my friend
will kill me before he dies.
Life flies by, Samu.
We think we'll live
a hell of a long time,
so we spend all day
complaining about shit,
or, in my case, listening
to other people's shit,
which I have no interest in.
What about my shit?
Nobody listens to that.
Even I don't listen.
And by the time I realize
it, maybe it'll be too late.
And there'll be no time left.
And I don't want to
run out of time, man.
I don't want to regret not
doing what I want to do.
Do it. Whatever you want to
do, you have to just do it.
I dived in the pool,
and there was no water.
It happens sometimes.
No, all the time.
Not all the time.
Call an ambulance,
please! Call an ambulance!
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