Élite (2018) s04e02 Episode Script

5 segundos

Did you team up with his
family to bring him here
and shield him from the
rumors in his country?
What rumors?
Is there something I should
know? Care to maybe enlighten me?
- No, nothing.
- Where's Mencía?
She won't pick up. I've texted
and called a thousand times.
She's not even here?
I expressly asked you to make sure
this kind of thing didn't happen.
I'm sorry, but I can't keep
an eye on her 24 hours a day.
We can stop if you need to.
I want you to feel comfortable.
So you don't get the wrong idea,
this is our last time doing this.
See what happens.
Yes, Mom.
Benjamín said he'd be
here with his three kids.
They'll be in my class.
Don't worry.
Thanks. I love you.
Let's talk tomorrow.
It's a pleasure to meet you in person.
The pleasure is mine. Welcome.
I'll introduce you to
my children. Patrick.
- Hello. How are you?
- A pleasure.
- The pleasure's mine.
- Ariadna.
How are you?
Nice to meet you.
Her blood alcohol content
is three milligrams.
And if she's not used to drinking
Did she fall, or did someone push her?
Well, we actually don't know for sure.
These first 48 hours will be the
most critical for your daughter.
Phillipe Florian von Triesenberg
is the second youngest heir in Europe.
- He opened le Bal two years ago.
- Wow. Hmm.
- The debutante ball in Paris.
- Hmm.
- You know?
- No.
But above all, I mean,
come on. Isn't he so pretty?
Not only is he a babe,
he's a fashion icon
and a patron of all the
best international designers.
And I bet you didn't know
he's fluent in four languages.
He grew up in the best
boarding schools here,
in the UK, and Switzerland, so
he's super elegant. He's handsome,
and he's got royal and commoner,
French and Spanish blood.
It's in his blood.
Let me see if I'm right.
Are you putting together some
animated fantasy in your head
where this dude, this Florence,
is gonna make you a famous designer
and give you some kind of
royal happily ever after?
Florian, not Florence. And no. I
just wanted to share this information.
Great. I'd like to share
that you'd better get
your helmet on, Cinderella.
You're in for a head-on collision, kid.
That's why they set up
the gate and the cameras?
Because this guy's coming to study here?
Yeah, that's exactly what it is.
And the measures aren't
gonna stop there either.
Look. A better picture of him.
- Gee, thanks.
- I'll be right back.
So, this necktie is a choice. Okay.
What's goin' on?
You have a minute?
What do you want?
Sweet-talk me into convincing
my dad to remove the cameras?
I came to tell you I'm sorry.
It wasn't all a game. I promise.
What part wasn't?
I really enjoyed our
walk around the reservoir.
Walk? I remember you calling it a date.
Okay, our date.
So, the date was real, then?
And what else was real?
- The connection between us.
- Yeah, I thought it was real too.
- The laughs about my guinea pig.
- Your girlfriend?
My girlfriend is very real.
I'm really sorry.
I'm gonna let this slide
but don't have a connection
with anyone else as long
as you have a girlfriend.
It's a deal.
Hey, there's been a weird vibe between
you and Ari ever since the date.
Flirty banter at the
pool, talking alone,
staring deep into each other's
eyes. It's all a little
We had a misunderstanding,
but that's cleared up.
Aren't you going to try
to get together with her?
Samuel, I have a girlfriend.
- Oh, all right. Wasn't sure there.
- What's the matter? You into her?
Who, me? No way. Don't worry. I'm
not gonna hit on her or anything.
Oh, okay, all right.
"Oh, okay, all right," what?
Would you lose it if I
did make a move on her?
No, I don't give a shit.
- Good, 'cause you have a girlfriend.
- Yeah.
- But I'm saying this for you, not for me.
- What?
I say this as a friend. You're
out of your league with her.
Oh, I see what you're doing.
You're either jealous, or you've gone
back to being the
classist prick you were.
Look, I'm saying this
to protect you, okay?
I know you got a taste of
a marquise, but be real,
Carla was the best you're gonna do.
Ari isn't just out of your
orbit. She's fucking Pluto.
You're Earth. Understand?
- Like fucking Pluto, huh?
- Yeah.
Come on. Don't be pissed at me.
Where were you last night?
Can I at least ask who with?
A friend of mine.
Okay. Which friend?
Benjamín, I'm leaving.
Otherwise, I'll be late for class,
and you'll get upset with me.
Mencía. Mencía!
Uh, excuse me.
It's saying, "Criminal record"?
Which part don't you understand,
"criminal" or "record"?
Because they're both pretty
common words, Parrilla.
No, I got that part.
What I don't understand is why
they're asking about our personal
and immediate family's records.
Isn't that private information?
Hmm. Actually, in your
case and your mother's case,
that info's public and well known.
You can leave it blank.
The Principality of Triesen
is asking for information about
their heir's classmates, not me.
Though it doesn't seem unreasonable
that they would want to assess
who is taking classes and
sharing this space with him.
Are you all right?
Fuckin' peachy.
Come on. Stop stressing
yourself out about it.
Are you serious right now?
He's kicking people out.
That's not exactly what he said.
Cool. Shut up. I wasn't talking to you.
- Okay.
- You said it yourself.
This dude pretends to be polite,
but he came here looking for blood.
Who will be the first
to go, huh? Go ahead.
My mom spent last semester in the
clink. I was dealing with stuff here.
We're two for the price of one
for that son of a bitch Benjamín.
Okay, I get that we wanna
blame those around us
rather than accepting
responsibility for our mistakes,
but in this case, as you all heard,
this is the royal house's
decision, not my father's.
Don't worry, Rebeka. You're not the
only family with criminal records.
Take Samuel's brother.
What about your dad?
Did you forget? Though he's rich,
they know him by name at the precinct.
Right now, as far as the royals
and Benjamín are concerned,
you and I are no different, dude.
Same level of total bullshit.
I really like you.
And I have this sneaking
suspicion that you like me too.
So I don't understand why you keep
running away from me like that.
And what makes you think I
like you in that way? Hmm?
Well, I mean, for
starters, the last time I
I did this to you
it also took you
a while to pull away.
Look, I'm sorry, but I just don't
You need to get out of here.
The room needs to be
searched top to bottom.
So, tell me. Has the world
ended since I kissed you?
Huh? Tell me.
Has anything changed regarding
the way things were
just five minutes ago?
Your dad's face. Now he's got
a reason to kick me to the curb.
Okay, so now you're gonna use my dad
as an excuse to avoid dealing with this?
Mencía, please drop it.
Let's just go about our separate ways.
It's really not that hard. No.
Could you just do me this favor?
We'd better not go near her,
'cause her shock waves might
blow us right into next week.
- They have a little something going on?
- Sure seems like it.
Think Rebeka went off on
her just 'cause she's a girl?
- No, she's not like that.
- That's not it.
I know what the problem
is. I mean, I can imagine.
Why don't you ask her to the
Lake Club for dinner tonight
so I can talk with her?
Because if I ask her, she'll
tell me to go fuck myself.
Be my witness ♪
Walkin' blind ♪
Talk me through this ♪
For my love ♪
For my love, for my ♪
Dad says when you disappear all night,
it's 'cause you're off with Rebeka.
Oh, well, if Benjamín says
it, then it must be true.
And he also says that
she pays for you.
Mencía, do you know where
Rebeka gets that money from?
From the ATM.
Exactly like you.
Benjamín caught us kissing earlier.
Got a problem with that?
Are you serious?
'Kay, so you're a lesbian now, or what?
Who cares?
I'm really not into labeling myself.
Not in what I do or what I feel.
- I don't know. You get what I mean?
- Sure.
That you're a bit of an attention whore.
Mencía, I, um I hope you understand
I'm not gonna let you
get with this girl.
Rebeka's bad news.
- Hey, a message from Mencía.
- The hell are you doin'?
Fuck. Nadia pushed our
video call back another hour.
Why am I always the
one who has to adapt?
Sometimes I think I'm the only
one who's making an effort here.
Swallow my wish ♪
I wanna be drunk till tomorrow ♪
Drink my memory ♪
It's cool. I'll just be
here, slowly losing my mind.
Come on. Chill out, dude. I mean,
you guys are cool, though, right?
We're fine. Thanks, Omar.
Shit, the only way we
see each other in a bar
is if you visit us at work.
- Things have changed this school year.
- I almost miss the old days.
Well, actually, I'm still
serving you guys drinks,
so I haven't really noticed
a difference personally, but
You know what we should do?
Do like before and throw a real banger.
- All right. Please.
- Yes. So, what's the overall vibe?
High-class or low-class?
This will be strictly for us old-timers.
We can have the party
at our house, right?
Although, why are we only
inviting the old-timers?
Who do you want to invite?
Who do you not want to?
- Well, Benjamín's kids, for one.
- Yeah. No, Benjamín's kids are out.
See? So now I'm curious who it
was you wanted to invite to it.
Samuel, just the
old-timers. No one else.
All right. Okay.
Drink my memory ♪
Swallow my wish ♪
- I wanna be drunk till tomorrow ♪
- Hey, have you seen the lake?
I haven't, but it's not like
my life depended on it, either.
It's beautiful. Come on. Check it out,
and I'll go and meet
you in five minutes.
Great. Just what I needed.
- Move, or you're in the water.
- Not until you hear me out.
We've been like this for several months.
And that's not long enough.
I know I really hurt you,
but how can I make things go back
to the way they were before with us?
Look at me.
Anything else? Whatever you want.
Okay, look, Samuel.
What do you think? That
with a couple hugs and kisses
and "I'm sorry," everything's
gonna be the way it was?
I already know you're sorry. No
shit. You goddamn better be sorry.
Then please, just tell me what to do.
Don't do anything. You
did more than enough.
You've royally fucked me. You
lied to and humiliated me, dude.
What else could you do to me?
So after all of this, it's up to me,
and not you, whether we can be friends.
Is there more to this
besties heart-to-heart chat,
or are we done here? Okay, then.
I'm just askin' that you
don't shut yourself off
from other people.
Just 'cause I'm a dick and fucked you
over doesn't mean
everyone else will too.
You're new here, honey.
Mm, yeah. I don't come here much.
He looks familiar. He a friend of yours?
He regularly comes here
with girls like you.
What do you mean, "like me"?
Aren't you a bit young to
be doing this, sweetheart?
Doing what, exactly?
Look, lady, you've no fucking
clue what's going on between us.
Of course I know, dear. I'm
sure it's an awesome hourly rate.
At least I hope it's awesome because
young skin is worth twice as much.
Although, I've always felt like
experience should be worth more, but
Get your hands off me.
I just hope you know what you're doing,
if you really think you're so grown up.
- Is the little guy still sleeping?
- Shh, I'm tryin' to concentrate.
Omar, could we talk for a sec?
Great. Just what I needed.
A verbal play-by-play.
Well, it's just that well,
sex isn't just shoving it in.
- Oh, it's not?
- No.
What do you mean?
It's about skin.
And wordplay.
Mm and fantasies.
What are these fantasies of yours?
Well, the other day, with
Patrick, he made a move.
I thought you said
all you did was dance.
Well, you know. The
usual horsing around.
Sure, the usual stuff.
- 'Cause that's the norm.
- Shut up and listen.
At one point during the
night, we were super high.
We were dancing, sweating,
rubbing against each other.
And he started kissing
me over my clothes.
He said, "It's not cheating
if your clothes are on."
I let him for a sec.
Then I stopped him because of the guilt.
You felt guilty 'cause
he made you horny?
Can I be honest with you?
I mean, yeah. We're always honest.
Not horny.
Horny as hell.
And he wouldn't stop. I kept saying,
"Stop, stop," but he
kept having his way.
He started kissing me all over my neck
and then very slowly
working his way down.
And when he got down to my fly,
I could feel his breath.
A hard-on? What does that mean?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh. It's just how's your shoulder?
That's fine. Leave her.
- Recover from that accident?
- I did.
- Yeah?
- I'm fine. It was nothing.
- Oh.
- Thanks.
That accident.
I'm sorry for straight-up
jumping you, like, phew.
I just had to say hi to you.
If If I didn't, I wouldn't have
I wouldn't have slept
for, I don't know, weeks.
Um, Cayetana. An honor.
Enchanté. And keeping you up at
night's the last thing I want to do.
I was told people in Spain give
each other two kisses on the cheek.
Yeah, we do. But are
you allowed to do that?
- Of course. Nice to meet you.
- Yeah?
- Phillipe?
- Nice to meet you.
- Welcome to Las Encinas.
- Thank you.
Cayetana, I'm so glad you're here.
Someone spilled coffee in the
computer lab, and it's gross.
Can you go clean it up?
Was the cleaning lady bothering you?
Uh, no. Not at all. I was just
introducing myself to everyone.
Employees included.
Au revoir.
Cayetana. Trust me. I
get the concept that,
for a cleaning lady, one
day becoming a princess
is as alluring as honey is to flies.
But remember, honey isn't
meant for the donkey's mouth.
Don't go after someone
who isn't for you.
Did they throw her in there on purpose?
Who was it?
They don't know a thing.
Or they don't want us to know anything.
Are you okay?
I'm gonna uh, splash
my face with water.
- He turns you on. Admit it.
- Jesus. No, he doesn't.
All right. Ander, he's
attractive. Anyone can see that.
I didn't get hard 'cause he turns me on.
I got hard 'cause he turned you on.
So, yes, I mean, I guess it turns me on,
imagining you being turned on by him.
So fine, that's true.
Yeah, you see how fantasies work?
Let's get in the shower.
So, if you're turned on by Patrick,
and maybe it turns me on
that he turns you on
What? Ask him to join us?
I mean, if we establish it
would still always be you and me
with another person.
Like a couples' deal. That's all.
Oh, now it's your
turn getting a hard-on.
Well, of course.
I mean, as long as we promise each
other it stays me and you, then
We'll always stay us.
- How the hell do we pop the question?
- I don't know. Just try asking the guy.
People must do it all the time.
Boys, I need you to vacate this area.
Come on.
Why, Dad? Uh, I mean, Benjamín.
It'll only be for 15 minutes,
so out you go, please.
Come on.
I wonder if this guy's balls
are as blue as his blood.
Okay, let me get this straight.
Your father kicked us out of the showers
so the fucking little
prince can be by himself?
Hey. Go complain to Benjamín.
I'm out here half-naked,
just like the rest of you.
I think that was a bit over-the-top.
Look, I can't take credit for it.
That was all your father.
You serious?
Can I ask what you're doing out here?
We thought if His Royal Douchiness
is too good to share the showers
with all of our plebeian asses,
he probably won't want
to share the class.
Maybe it's not the poor dude's
fault. Maybe it's his parents, or
I I mean, it's probably
hard being royalty.
So now you're taking his
side just to suck up to Ari?
No. I know what it's like to be shat on
for having less than everyone. We're
shitting on him for having more.
Jesus, Samuel, you're
so quick to sell out.
What do you mean? I'm not selling out
Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
You're really bustin' my balls, man.
I am? I wonder why.
- Don't test my patience. Okay? Bye now.
- Unbunch your panties.
Two cocky guys fighting over you.
They're fighting over Phillipe.
Um uh, I don't know. Am I allowed
to look you in the eyes or ?
I'm just a cleaning lady. I get it
if His Highness doesn't want his,
um, cool friends to see
him with the janitor.
Oh, you don't have any.
But actually, I'm thinking of
starting a special little club
for everyone getting the
silent treatment at this school.
- Oh yeah? And who would be in it?
- You.
Me, depending on the day.
Well, this club doesn't sound very fun.
- No?
- How do I quit?
Hmm. It's complicated.
Well, to start, you'd have to
win over the club's founder.
That would be me.
And second, you'd need to tone down
that royal cockiness
just a couple of notches.
I accept.
As long as you tone
down the groupie behavior
a couple notches as well.
I'm sorry.
The founder's kind of been
a lifelong fan of yours
and knows too much, honestly.
And now it feels like
she knows you personally.
Look, if you want, we can start over.
Yes, that's better. Let's do it.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
- I'm Phillipe.
- Cayetana.
Although, um, I was told people in Spain
give each other two kisses on the cheek.
I mean, half the planet
would kill to have
Phillipe von Triesenberg at their party.
What happened to old-timers only?
Guys, the only thing Phillipe wants
is the same as any normal
person, rich or poor.
He just wants to fit in.
Can he come or not?
- Sure, invite him. Why not?
- Yeah?
You comin' tonight?
- Where?
- There's a party at my place.
Hmm. You won't like it.
- It's not on-brand for you.
- Guzmán.
I've been to humble homes before.
Yeah, but it's not the
house. It's the theme.
What theme?
To celebrate that us OGs
don't mind sharing everything,
including the showers,
unlike the little prince,
we're gonna have a party, and it's, uh,
a good old towel party.
- What do you mean?
- No, shut up. That's cool.
Each person is only
allowed to bring one towel.
And to be honest, I don't see
the prince or you being into it.
What? No way. Phillipe doesn't mind
getting undressed in front of whoever.
The thing with the
showers was imposed on him.
Well, I'm bringing my best towel.
Unless you don't want me there,
'cause I get the feeling you don't.
Me? No, it's good. Since
you're officially invited now.
So, there's no possible reason
you wouldn't want me there, right?
- None at all.
- Great.
- Thanks, Samuel.
- Don't mention it.
- See you there.
- That's right.
We'd love for you to come to a party
at my house tonight. Are you up for it?
Uh, yeah, sure. Thank you.
You got it.
It's on me. What do you want?
- Let's do shots.
- Right now?
Of course. To warm things up.
Go big or go home. You go this
full-out on everything, or ?
After spending two years
in bed, unable to move,
I'm not really someone who sits around
waiting for things to just happen.
I see what I want,
go for it, and get it.
Cheers to us.
- Ugh, that's nasty.
- Ugh.
All right, I'm going to the john.
You've got a better way with words.
So, what were you saying earlier?
You go after what you
want, and you always get it?
I want it all.
Like, all the time.
You mean you want everyone all the time?
A slight difference there.
Listen, don't get it twisted here.
The libertine lifestyle and
partying doesn't make me happy.
What I actually want is something
really worthwhile, you know?
But that feels practically impossible.
Why's that?
Okay, well, assuming your soulmate
hasn't already died
or not been born yet,
the possibilities of finding
them are one in 10,000 lifetimes.
Honestly, I don't buy
the whole soulmates thing.
It means just a marketing gimmick to me.
But sure, all right. I'll humor you.
So, what do you call
you and Ander, then?
I mean, call it whatever you want.
But, uh
you know when you fuck
somebody and look 'em in the eyes,
and in that moment, time stands still?
And for five seconds,
you get this feeling.
There's nothing else but them.
And you can't help
yourself but to smile.
Of course you know it.
Because you got to have that
with each other in this lifetime.
Hey. Welcome.
- Hi.
- Come in.
Check it out. That there's the bathroom.
And my room, in case you want to change.
- You want a drink?
- What?
- Do you want a drink?
- I don't drink alcohol.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Ari. Come on. Get your
towel and drink up.
- Patrick, I don't drink. You know that.
- Yeah, except for when you do.
Come on. I want Ira to come
to the party. She's awesome.
Who is Ira?
She's like your cool alter ego
when you're drunk. Your dark side.
Ari, Ira.
That's the dream team.
Hey there.
Here, come on. Let's summon Ira.
Okay, I'll have a little, but
just 'cause my mouth is dry.
Sure, whatever.
Unfortunately, there's no garbagemen
here for your amusement this time.
Garbagemen who?
About seven in the morning?
It was August, in Biarritz.
Want me to show you the video?
- No.
- I figured.
I'm a nice girl too ♪
I'm a naughty girl ♪
I came up with the towel party idea.
- Hi.
- And I said, "Why not?"
Hello. How you doing?
I'm great. How are you tonight?
I'm great.
I have an idea. Wanna dance?
Or chitchat a bit?
Or chitchat while dancing?
Excuse me.
- Is Nadia your girlfriend?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Hey. How are you, sweetie?
Mm, are you naked right now?
No, I'm wearing a towel.
Hi. Look.
We're dressed in towels
at your brother's house.
He's having a party.
There they are.
You know you never gonna find ♪
A better pum-pum ♪
Tell me you in heaven ♪
When we makin' boom-boom ♪
And that girl is?
Oh, she's one of the new kids
here. They just joined our class.
Guzmán, I can barely hear you.
Can you please find a quieter spot?
You can't hear me? Wait, one minute.
Anything for you ♪
Fly with me ♪
Are you just gonna stare at me, or
are you gonna come out and say it?
- Do I really look that bad in a towel?
- Not at all. You look fuckin' awesome.
It's just that, once
it gets to be this late,
between the hot outfits
and the buzz, well
- What do you expect?
- What?
Well, so It's just we
wanted to ask you if, uh
- What?
- Let's see.
Mm, well, would you like to, um,
join us to uh, to, like
Go on a a night out?
- No.
- A party?
I mean, to like
You mean a three-way?
Well, why didn't you just
come out and say that?
'Cause of what you said earlier.
That now you're looking to settle down.
The thing about the five seconds
versus going around,
having meaningless sex.
This late and dressed in a towel?
Now is not when you settle down.
- So, to your room?
- Now? Already?
I'm a nice girl too ♪
- Come on.
- I'm a naughty girl ♪
Anything for you ♪
I'm a naughty girl ♪
I'm a nice girl too ♪
I'm a naughty girl ♪
Anything for you ♪
- I think we should talk.
- Hold on.
Nadia, are you seriously gonna
get mad at me for partying?
You're in New York. You
can do what you want,
and I'm fine with that.
Well, I'm not angry or anything.
It's just that I'm here
studying, and you're
And I'm partying. Say it.
Look, um I mean,
don't you realize that
this only goes to show that our
lives are like night and day?
Like, literally.
Does this seem like a normal,
healthy relationship that's
going somewhere to you?
To me, it does. Yeah.
Be together ♪
Can we just be together? ♪
Be together ♪
Be together ♪
She don't really please ya ♪
No, it ain't the same with me ♪
I can think of something ♪
Okay, look, I'm sorry.
But, really, I'm very sorry.
I I just have a lot
of baggage. A shit ton.
Just packed full of of
insecurities, full of fears, full of
It It's hot, but it
bums me out just a smidge
when you keep shutting me
up like that. Just sayin'.
I want you to forget your fears, okay?
Like, I'm in a towel.
I can't be that scary.
- We're in love ♪
- We should be together ♪
Don't you look sweet ♪
But you look better with me ♪
Tell you, baby ♪
I'll make you complete ♪
Can we just ♪
Yes, queens! Bravo, bravo, bravo!
Long live love. I'm so here for it!
Oh, Mencía, I'm so over the moon
for you. Honestly, girl. It's true.
I'm just so glad to see you
super happy and, like, content.
Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah! Ah You
deserve the absolute best, honey.
And so do you, Rebeka.
What are you doin'?
I'm making an executive decision.
No more looking for the
perfect place and time.
The place is here.
The time is now.
But you look better with me ♪
Tell you, baby ♪
I'll make you complete ♪
Can we just be together? ♪
Can we just be together? ♪
Can we just ♪
Be together? ♪
Can we just be together? ♪
Up on your feet now ♪
La, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪
Baby, more boom for the beat now ♪
La, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪
Leave it on the floor ♪
Who wants some more?
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
- Whoo! ♪
- Go on, get ready ♪
Get ready ♪
Get ready ♪
I thought you didn't drink.
Funny, and I thought you
didn't undress in public
'cause your nipples
are too fancy and royal.
- Oh.
- Oh, fuck.
Who's that hunk over there?
He's in our class, I think.
- Really?
- Pretty sure this is his party.
Oh yeah, he opened the door for me.
- Hi.
- Hi there. How are you?
- Great, how are you?
- I'm great now.
Oh, I'm so glad.
I didn't think you'd come.
- Why not?
- Because we're not part of the same class.
What do you mean?
Phillipe just told me we
were. You are messing with me.
No. We're not part of
the same social class.
- Not like our school.
- Oh, all right. I get you.
Well, when I drink, I forget
all about stupid old class.
- Really?
- Yeah. In every sense of the word.
- Yeah.
- Because "class" is super polysemic.
And polysyllabic.
So, when I drink, I
forget every last bit.
- Mm.
- That's why I don't drink.
I get the feeling she
prefers waiters to princes.
- Tough break.
- It's possible.
- I know.
- Mm-hmm.
- Wanna dance with me?
- Sure.
Come on, then.
I really admire what you do.
But why? What have I done in
my life to make you admire me?
Shit, where do I start?
You can wear whatever you want,
but you gamble on young designers
who normally get zero exposure,
and you give them just that.
Yeah, that's it. Who
was your seed designer?
- Huh?
- Those of us who like fashion
all have that one special designer
who planted that first seed.
For example, mine is
Silvio Alessandro
de la Guardia. Sadelagu.
- You're kidding me. He's yours as well?
- Of course.
What's the matter?
You're used to smiling and all the girls
falling at your feet, aren't you?
Well, just maybe, that
tactic won't work with me.
Sure. Let me see if I
get this right, okay?
What you want is to play
it cool and reject me
so that eventually, I'll end
up falling in love with you.
- Oh.
- I can tell you how that tactic ends.
Badly, right?
Best scenario, you
are in the friend zone.
Oof. Friend zone?
- Mm-hmm.
- Fatal.
- Isn't it?
- We don't like the friend zone at all.
- We don't like it?
- No.
- Here's the problem.
- What?
I wanna kiss you, but I won't
take advantage of a drunk girl.
- Are you drunk right now?
- No.
- You're not?
- No.
- Then I'll kiss you.
- Okay.
Hey, listen.
I've been thinking.
And you're right.
We're in over our heads, and
we can't get them above water.
It doesn't make any
sense to keep trying.
Let's give each other a couple
days to think it over, okay?
Okay. That would be good. Get some rest.
Oh no, the garbagemen.
Now the alcohol's out of your
system, you've remembered class again.
What? What class? You mean at school?
Uh, no, I don't I don't drink.
I don't know what alcohol
you're talking about.
Don't worry. I'm good at
staying in the background.
It's where I live.
I don't want anyone
to get expelled because of me.
No one should pay for their family's
sins because of who my family is.
It's a matter of control and security.
My family didn't ask for even half
of the measures you put in place.
Besides, I've had the
chance to meet my classmates,
and I feel welcome.
I don't see any danger in them.
Very well.
Which measures should I get rid of?
The cameras, perhaps?
No, not the cameras.
I'd prefer it if you kept them.
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