Élite (2018) s04e06 Episode Script

Te quiero mal

Patrick, no one could find you.
Where were you when it happened?
Samuel shouldn't prepare at our house.
We should separate our
academic and personal lives.
I offered to work at the Lake Club
and the other venues whenever
they needed an extra hand.
To be honest, I can use the money.
I have to go change, so
let's pick up tomorrow.
Why are you leaving?
I'm late for work.
Okay, well, don't forget to go
over your arguments for tomorrow.
Got it. Later.
Well, I guess if Samuel says we're
done here, then we're done.
Good job today, sweetheart.
Well, thanks.
I'm very proud of you, Ari.
Wait for me in the car?
García left his keys behind.
What are you doing here?
I guess these are yours.
Mm, um, I'll just
I'll leave this right over here.
Don't be in such a rush to go away.
Don't rush to cover yourself up.
Nothing you haven't already seen.
I don't remember.
Yeah, no. I imagine you wouldn't.
Or maybe it wasn't worth remembering?
- No?
- No.
Oh, my God.
Why don't you just get a
bullhorn and get it over with?
Your mother's been calling you all
night, and I didn't say anything.
If you weren't so stubborn,
you could have slept in my bed.
Sure, first we invade your
house, then it's your bed.
No way, dude. Okay?
I can find somewhere to sleep tonight,
so don't worry about it, kay?
No. You're going back
home. I'll stay here.
The sofa's not so bad
for just one person.
Rebe, I'm not about to
leave you all alone.
End of discussion.
You two. What are you doin'?
Omar, exams are just around the corner.
You can't keep skipping school,
'cause Benjamín's gonna
Benjamín can go fuck himself.
You know you can't avoid Ander forever.
Maybe not forever.
I'm going one day at a time.
And today, I'm avoiding him.
Well, it's gonna be a
super-exclusive party.
Ambar Lucid might be singing.
You like her? Wanna see her?
I'd kill to see her.
Uh, is Ambar Lucid
gonna be singing there?
No idea.
No way I buy that.
You're buddies. I've seen you
liking each other's posts.
If you'll excuse me.
- Patrick, don't be annoying.
- Shh.
Your Highness, if you're
able to get us tickets,
this humble servant before you will
do whatever Your Grace desires.
Okay, I'll make some calls.
I really hope Phillipe
manages to get us tickets.
Of course he will.
But just for the record,
I'm the one who got them.
You just make sure to wear
a cute tie so I can yank on it.
Do you think this is any
way to behave in class?
I've sent you a document
containing a questionnaire
about your career preferences
for the future.
This is for an internship program
we'll be using in the second semester.
Please fill it out.
So, not quite as bold
when your old man's around.
"Honestly," what?
Well, you think you have
way more power than you do.
You don't.
What the fuck are you up to?
Just so it's clear to you
that I always get my way,
whether in front of a
prince or my father.
How's Omar?
It's your life. You can do
whatever the fuck you want,
but be a little more careful in class.
'Cause this might cost
him the school year.
- García?
- Yeah?
The book I told you about. I'd
really love to hear your thoughts
They get along 'cause of
the debate team. That's all.
Come on.
- What are you doing?
- Benjamín, do you have a minute?
Yes. What's up, Nunier?
Well, I wanted to take you and your
children out for dinner tonight.
Hmm. And, uh, what would
be the reason behind it?
Well, uh, Ari's important to me,
and you're important to Ari,
so I thought we could get
to know each other better.
Problem is, it would be inappropriate
for the principal to let
a student invite him.
- Got it.
- But Guzmán's my boyfriend, Dad.
- Uh-huh.
- What I mean is,
we wanted to get the family together
and make a formal introduction.
Well, uh, then maybe, in that case,
it's my obligation to accept.
That's perfect. Then I'll see you
all tonight at the Lake Club.
- Mm.
- Bye.
You can't come in.
Phillipe, you can't just come
in when you feel like it.
Like you with my computer?
What was that little
look earlier all about?
Uh, what little look?
The one you gave me after
walking across the hallway
to eavesdrop on our
Ambar Lucid conversation.
You wanna go too?
Look, I already told you.
Playing hard to get so I'll go
after you, that's played out,
and it doesn't work on me.
Yet here you are.
Don't act all high and mighty.
Accept the fact that you
can't go without asking me.
No, I actually can't go, thanks.
- Really.
- Yeah. Sure.
Just so you don't have to ask me.
Oh, that's right.
I'm that gold-digging groupie
only interested in
getting stuff from you.
Hey, you told me you didn't know
how to separate me from the prince.
Yeah, unlike your friends, who are
clearly doing a great job at it.
Excuse me?
If you don't mind, I have
to finish getting changed.
You know?
Von Triesenberg.
What were you doing
in the janitor's room?
Nothing wrong.
Listen, I saved your hide
by bringing you here.
Yours and your family's.
Do you really think I'm not
watching your every move?
I was just talking to her.
In here, you are my responsibility.
I'm not risking my neck for
you to revive certain rumors
you're supposed to have buried.
Is that clear?
Excuse me?
Benjamín, don't use that
tone with me, okay?
Is that clear? Yes or no?
You weren't that sick, huh?
I can't miss work.
You can't miss school, either.
Benjamín asked about you.
He's hoping to get rid of you.
Just like his son.
Fine. You won't have
to worry much longer.
I'm gonna quit school.
I'm happy behind a bar.
It pays well, and I'm good at it.
You don't wanna quit studying
just to stop seeing me.
Omar, just 'cause we're not together
doesn't mean I don't love you.
You know that, right?
I love you, and that's
all that really matters.
- I'm not so sure anymore.
- Yeah, well, I am.
I'll be here whenever you need.
Hey. Come here.
- You like portrait mode, huh?
- It's really cool.
Plus, it came out, like,
super masculine, see?
- Oh, damn it.
- What's the matter?
Pfft. A guy from class was
gonna try to get us tickets
to this really exclusive party
where Ambar Lucid might
possibly be singing,
but I guess he couldn't.
Don't worry. We can find a solution.
I guess. Maybe.
What's this guy doin' here?
- Hmm.
- The three of us are meeting for a drink.
- Okay? What would you like?
- He's paying for it.
And for the cell phone,
too. Of course. Snatch.
Could you try not being against things?
- What'd she offer? A three-way?
- I'd better leave you two here to
- Yeah, you'd better.
- Armando, no. Stay.
Kid, why do you keep doing that shit?
- What shit?
- What?
Making progress, then backsliding.
But Rebe
- Can I ask what's going on?
- Wait here a sec. I'll be right back.
Can you wait a minute and hear me out?
Actually, fine.
You'll get literally a minute
so you can fucking explain.
Look, I'm just trying to help you, okay?
You really think I'm that
much of a fucking idiot?
I told you I quit because
I quit. I'm not a liar.
So do me a favor and come back
down there and listen to me.
Kay? Please do it for me.
Well, if you don't wanna accept
his offer of the hotel room,
what do you think we should do?
Because you were quick
to run away from home,
but as far as looking for
alternatives, not so much.
Come on, kid.
I left my mom's house for
you. You realize that?
Just saying, the room's available
to you for as long as you need it.
It's on me, of course.
Like a cannibal, it's eating me away ♪
- Should we wait for Mencía, or ?
- No.
All right.
- Don't call her. What's the point?
- She was invited too.
Watch its light ♪
Fine. It's the host that calls
the shots. Ring her up.
Disconnected or out of area.
Well, uh, Nunier, do you
want us to keep waiting?
Because, uh, I understand they
serve breakfast here as well.
Sorry, I was just trying to help.
- Didn't mean to interfere.
- Help with what?
It's obvious your relationship
with Mencía isn't the best.
I mean, fuck, these things should
be discussed openly, right?
No, no, no, no. It's all right.
I'd like to hear what this dear
Nunier of yours has to say.
Mencía's a lot like my sister.
She was intelligent, rebellious,
very passionate,
and very special.
The more my parents butted heads
with her, the more she rebelled.
Are you giving me parenting advice?
No, really. I mean, this is interesting.
Uh, please, tell me how I
should raise my daughter.
Well, I don't know.
All I'm saying is that maybe
you should cut her some slack
and let her make her own decisions,
even if she'll screw up.
'Cause she has a right to screw up.
Mm. We all have that right. Hmm.
The thing is, you can cut kids some
slack when they actually behave.
But what if they can't?
What's the point?
The slack you cut them
is the rope they'll use to hang
themselves in the end.
It's like a swimming pool.
Someone's drowning, and
you jump in to save them
on impulse, with your best intentions,
your strength, and knowing how to swim.
But because of your desperation
to save her and her panic,
which keeps her from cooperating,
you'll end up sinking,
and she'll drown.
But if you had taught
that person how to swim,
to breathe,
to stay in control,
or if you'd just thrown
them a flotation device,
they probably would've saved themselves.
So, you gonna let this
guy on the debate team?
Or what?
I'd rather be the guy
waiting outside for Ari.
Were you thinking of us
all sharing something,
or should we each order our own thing?
I want some as well.
You're gonna drink?
Tonight's a night to celebrate.
Well, I swear, when you first
began talking about Mencía,
I wanted to kill you.
But then, holy shit, you won him over.
Just like you did me.
That you talking, or half
the bottle of wine in you?
- Okay, it's the half a bottle.
- Mm.
Ari, please, we're in
a restaurant. Don't.
Oh, I don't even care.
- Oh, shit.
- You can't do that in here.
Hey, Samuel. Could you get lost?
Ari, please.
We're heading out, man.
Sorry about that.
- Hmm?
- I'll go get our coats.
Samuel, is it this way?
Good morning.
Good morning.
How long have you been awake?
Well, just to give you an idea,
basically the entire night, thereabout.
I don't know if it's a good
idea for me to stay here.
Can't you enjoy something
for two minutes
without freaking out?
A selfless john-slash-sugar
daddy? Doesn't add up.
- Did you order something?
- Why would I?
- Stop showin' off, you.
- No, I didn't order it. I swear.
He got us two tickets to
the Ambar Lucid concert.
No fuckin' way.
I told him I was bummed we
couldn't get tickets, and then
- Pop!
- Okay, okay, hold on.
Calm your tits.
It's just a rumor that she'll be there.
Who knows who'll show up in the end.
You're really pissed off
that you're starting to
like Armando, right?
Stop. I said no.
You know someone.
Like, you're a fucking prince.
You're the son of one of the
most important businessmen
in Europe, and here you are, begging.
Phillipe, come on.
It's a way that we can all hang
together. You don't want that?
I would rather have had
dinner with you last night,
but we can't always get what we want.
- Oh, shit.
- Hello.
- Hey. What's up?
- Hey.
You could let Dad know
where you've been.
I already told Patrick, Ari.
Man, I really missed you douchebags.
- Right on.
- Well, well, look who's returned.
Oh, this is great, man!
- Hey.
- Good to see you.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah?
It's okay. We can do it. It's our place.
I like it that way. Yeah.
When we get there,
let's make sure we have time
to do everything we planned
- Morning, ladies.
- Oh, hi.
All right, I should
probably go to class.
No, no, no, please. Parrilla, stay.
I want you to sleep at home.
And if Parrilla has nowhere
to go, if she wants, then,
well, she can come over
and stay in a guest room.
Hmm. I was wondering where
you had the hidden camera,
as if we didn't already
have enough cameras.
- What?
- I mean, it's better than where we are.
I'll have you know we're just
fine sleeping in the same bed.
But thanks a lot, Benjamín.
We can listen to his offer
- and consider
- Let's go.
Anyway, thanks a lot. It was very
thoughtful, Ben Benjamín.
Sorry I couldn't meet up.
Or reply, from what I saw.
Slipped my mind. I'm sorry.
But you don't forget the tickets.
You'll hunt me to the ends
of the earth for those.
But anyway, it it doesn't matter.
In fact, I'm the one who has to change
the way he interacts with
people moving forward.
I have to lose the fanfare
and stop treating everyone.
I want to see how many
friends I have left
if I get rid of the prince.
But what's the problem
with being who you are?
You were born to your station.
This Phillipe is the
result of his palace,
his fortune, his education,
his family and his friends.
All his riches.
And his wonderful royal
genes played a part.
Why would you get rid of all that?
To see who really
wants to be in my life.
What am I?
Am I a fake friend?
All this is is a friend
asking a friend for a favor
that I know he can pull
off because of who he is.
A little bit like, well,
I guess, my father.
Because of who he is, he can help you
and bring you here to keep you away
from the rumors in your country.
Excuse me?
If you haven't noticed,
it's always the same four
people at every event.
But hey, don't worry. Here,
only my dad and I know.
Well, and Ari, because I told her.
And as a person with the
privilege of being your pal,
I'm asking you kindly to
please help me get tickets
to the Ambar Lucid concert for Ander.
I just want to make him happy.
I don't give a fuck about they ♪
- I don't give a fuck about they ♪
- Who's they? ♪
- Who gives a fuck about they? ♪
- Who's they? ♪
- I don't give a fuck ♪
- They don't even give a fuck ♪
Who's they anyway? ♪
- I don't give a fuck about they ♪
- Who's they? ♪
- Who gives a fuck about they? ♪
- Who's they? ♪
- I don't give a fuck ♪
- They don't give a fuck ♪
- I don't give a fuck about they ♪
- Who's they? ♪
- Who gives a fuck about they? ♪
- Who's they? ♪
- I don't give a fuck ♪
- They don't even give a fuck ♪
Who's they anyway? ♪
- I don't give a fuck about they ♪
- Who's they? ♪
- Who gives a fuck about they? ♪
- Who's they? ♪
- I don't give a fuck ♪
- They don't give a fuck ♪
Oh, my ♪
What a time, what a vibe ♪
And we are hardly ♪
Check this out. Who needs Grindr
when you have my gaydar?
We got us, we got they,
we got an army ♪
Oh, 'cause we know ♪
Oh, that one.
What about him?
Look, there's your boy toy.
- Evening.
- Hey.
Oof! No, no, no.
- I totally overdid it yesterday.
- For you, then.
Thanks so much for defending
me in front of Benjamín.
Hey, you'd do the same.
Lie down in the concrete heap ♪
Waiting for the sunshine ♪
Hello there.
- How are you, Rebeka?
- I'm fine, thanks.
And thanks for the tickets.
And also for the hotel
room. Nice of you.
My pleasure.
I'd like a sparkling water.
What, are you afraid of
losing control again?
You just wanna give me another
dressing down, babe?
Undressing, more like it.
Maybe what you're afraid of
is losing control with me.
Do you know your problem?
You're not as important as you think.
I'll tell you in public and in private.
- Thanks for bringing us.
- Well, thank you for coming.
- Okay, can I ask you something?
- Sure.
Why isn't Cayetana here?
Well, we're kind of going
through a rough spot.
She doesn't trust me.
And with good reason.
Destiny left ♪
Its mark in the room ♪
It's got me open wide ♪
Now I'm waking at noon ♪
How can I ♪
Forget your presence ♪
When having you around ♪
Just isn't so pleasant? ♪
I've seen ♪
Somewhere in between ♪
I think we both know ♪
You've noticed it too ♪
It isn't just you and me ♪
Alone in this room ♪
Why can't I forget ♪
Your presence ♪
Isn't so pleasant? ♪
Hey, I'm gonna go get a beer.
- Want one?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna need a beer to be
able to put up with this asshat.
Can you give me two, please?
Somewhere in between ♪
I love being here with you.
Why'd it take so long ♪
For you to see? ♪
- Did I misread your signals?
- Misread what signals?
I don't know. You accepted my
gifts. You asked me for more.
A room for you and your girlfriend.
You used to cost me way less.
Mencía, we're not children here.
I don't do favors for free,
and neither do you.
I literally am a child.
- Come on.
- Don't touch me!
Whoa, whoa. Hey.
You okay?
Oh, no ♪
Where did I let myself go? ♪
That hurt ♪
We drifted from our home ♪
I've met a couple other different ♪
Where'd your buddy run off to?
Uh, I don't know. He had an
emergency and had to go.
Are you feelin' okay?
Are you sure?
Yeah, it's all good.
Let's enjoy it.
Oh, what a violent game ♪
Stole, but I still remain ♪
Man be my enemy ♪
- Oh, but he knows my needs ♪
- My needs, my needs, my needs ♪
My needs ♪
Tremble, tremble at the taste of ♪
Patrick. You okay?
I'll see you on the
dance floor in a minute.
- Of his hands ♪
- Of his hands ♪
Tremble, tremble at the taste of ♪
Tremble, tremble at the taste of ♪
Taste of, taste of, taste of ♪
Oh, what a violent game ♪
Stole, but I still remain ♪
Man ♪
- Ari, what happened?
- Nothing.
Hey, you need to chill out.
- Both of you, fuck off!
- Hey.
You want me to kick his ass?
- No, my brother just has these outbursts.
- He split your lip.
- That's not an outburst.
- I'll get ice.
- You better talk to him.
- Just stay here.
Let me look at it. Come here.
Just some ice, please.
Oh, my God.
So, um, what what got into Patrick?
That did.
Tremble, tremble ♪
At the taste of his hands ♪
Tremble, tremble at the taste of ♪
Oh, shit.
I have to go. I have a lot of work.
Of his hands ♪
Tremble, tremble at the taste of ♪
- I think I understand Patrick.
- Excuse you?
Not the violence, the pain.
What kind of pain can justify
hurting someone you care about?
It doesn't justify it, but I
get how such terrible pain
could make you lose control.
Like my pain every time you look
at Guzmán like you look at me.
Sorry, that's the truth.
It pisses you off, that's your deal.
Of his hands ♪
Are you sure you're okay?
I've had better days, but yeah.
It's all good.
All right, man.
- See ya.
- Later.
Did you forget the keys?
Forget something?
Where's Guzmán?
At home, I would assume.
Did you end up drinking after all?
I wish.
Please, I don't wanna see him.
But why? What's the
matter? Did he do it?
I just wanna go home now.
I'm sorry. We can't yet.
We have to be patient.
I understand, sweetheart.
Yeah, you're not going anywhere.
I should beat it.
She doesn't wanna see me.
No? And why is that?
What's that?
So then, who'd you hit? Huh?
I have to go.
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