Élite (2018) s04e08 Episode Script

Antes de irme (2ª parte)

Tell me again what her message was.
"Is that all you have to tell me,
as though last night never happened?"
So, you still smelled
of her, you bastard.
- Guzmán!
- Let me tell you something.
You're a goddamn liar.
You pretend that you're a good
dude, that you're my friend,
but, of course, you have no goddamn idea
what being a friend means, do you?
I'm not gonna punch you here
'cause we're in a restaurant.
What's with the look?
Is this you sticking your neck out?
Guzmán. Guzmán. Guzmán!
Look, this isn't a competition for
me or just a fucking whim, okay?
You're my friend, above all.
The last thing I want is to
hurt you or fuck you over.
Let me make something clear.
You go to hell!
You get that?
- Okay, listen
- You seriously need to shut the fuck up.
- I'm finally gonna read it.
- I only gave it to you a year ago, man.
Sure, but now I'll finally have time.
You know what? I think
I might go with you.
You serious?
I don't know why I'm here, honestly.
You shouldn't have stayed this long.
You should've left when you wanted.
Well, I had my reasons.
- That one-track mind.
- Such a dipshit.
I love seein' the two of you together.
Even if it's to say goodbye.
You're telling the principal
and your classmates today?
You're leaving halfway through the year?
Can't you wait until the summer?
But this summer, who knows
where I'll be? Life's short.
Ander. Oh.
Okay, enough. Stop. C'mon.
You said you'd be supportive.
Of course I am.
But let me have my moment to
play the suffering mother.
C'mon. Off you go.
- Ciao.
- See ya.
Yeah. She really is pretty.
To be honest, this year, I'm really
looking forward to a vacation.
I've always liked spending
time with my family.
For the holidays, we're gonna go away
Ari? Ari, I need to talk to you.
Me? About what?
Your sister won't listen to me,
but I thought you would.
So, you're trying to solve
your personal issues
with me as the middleman?
Merry Christmas, Rebeka.
I need your help.
I'll be right back.
Look, hon, my best advice is
that you forget about my sister.
You can avoid some sleepless
nights, I assure you.
Great, so she has to stay
with that sleazy old man
because you won't help her?
What old man? Armando?
Sweetheart, Armando and
her are just friends.
Why are you interfering?
Are you crazy or just jealous?
Yeah, they're great pals.
Did she tell you how they first met?
- Having drinks, you mean?
- Expensive drinks.
Maybe too expensive.
Look, Ari, I'm not telling you
this about Mencía out of spite
or to try to get her back,
'cause I know this means I'll
probably lose her forever.
I'm telling this to you in
case you can help her,
'cause she won't let me.
- Just one second
- No. Get out.
- But But let me
- I said no. Don't. You're too close.
Let me explain myself.
Outside, where there are cameras.
You're a fan of those, aren't you?
I had no intention of
upsetting you, okay?
We were partying, and we had
a lot to drink, you know?
Yeah. And that's no excuse, Phillipe.
Cayetana, come on. Don't
act like it's so surprising
I misinterpreted your signals.
Exactly which signals
did you misinterpret?
Because I sent plenty, and
none of them were mixed.
I don't know, but we
were making out, and
And I told you the fact
that we were making out
is no excuse.
I told you no more than once, Phillipe.
Would those be the signals
you might have misinterpreted?
Because you only got the picture
when I bolted out of your limousine.
I'm sorry.
I really am sorry.
Fuck no. Just fucking ignore her.
She made all this up because
she's upset with me. That's all.
She's upset, but I don't see her
pulling this out of thin air.
Ari, please. Just ignore her.
Mencía, are you sure?
Get your nose out of
my business, all right?
Babe, listen.
Um, whatever might be going on
with Armando or whoever it is
It's my fucking problem, and
I can handle my own shit.
Stop, Mencía, you say that all the time.
And in the end, all you accomplish
is leave a mess in your wake
the rest of us get stuck taking care of.
Trust your family a bit more.
Give us some damn credit.
- Maybe we should tell Dad about it.
- No way.
For once, can you stop being
mad at Dad and everyone else?
No, not a fucking word
to Benjamín. I mean it.
Do you not realize Dad can fix any
problem with the snap of a finger?
I said no, Ari!
Not a thing to him,
Patrick, any of them.
I'm dead serious right now, Ari.
If you say a single word to Benjamín,
I promise you'll never
see me ever again.
Do you fucking understand me?
I've done everything possible
to try to forget about you.
But I realized it's useless
because I can't.
It's absurd, but I love you.
I can't forgive myself for giving
up on you 'cause I never have.
Not even when I thought you were dying.
So, I'm not gonna start now.
Giving up on you, I mean.
And if you're open to it, I'd
like to give us another shot.
Ander, what are you thinking?
Look, you almost went
to New York with Malick.
And you stayed here because of me.
Don't you wonder where you'd be if
only you'd been true to yourself?
Except I didn't stay here for
you. I stayed here for me.
I can only see a life if it's with you.
I want us to be together.
But if you I get it
if you don't want that.
I I won't make a big deal of it
and hold it against you or anything.
I'll respect your answer.
I'd better leave you alone.
Omar, wait.
Come in.
Excuse me. You wanted to see me, sir?
Benjamín, would you give us a moment?
I know that you're trying
to defend your son.
No matter what gender theories
or passing fads may say,
every man is naturally born with
a biological type of hardwiring.
And we women have the
capacity to tame it.
And that is a gift.
It's uniquely powerful.
There's no need to beat
your head against a wall,
trying to change that reality.
Forget about his history
with these girls, Cayetana.
And about any nasty rumors you
may have heard about Phillipe.
Because my son has chosen you.
Above everything.
And everyone.
Do you realize how many things
will no longer be a problem
for you or your family?
Don't be stupid.
Don't refuse this gift that life
has graciously handed you.
I would love it if you came
to the New Year's Eve party
with Phillipe.
Ah! Don't you look like a
handsome little gentleman!
Come in.
Ander's in the shower.
We have, like, a million plans
together for after graduation.
We deserve it.
You mind if I ask you
a personal question?
Go for it.
Why'd you reunite?
Well, because we love each
other. I mean, obviously.
But that's not enough, though.
I love my ex a lot.
I mean, he's Ander's dad.
I'll never quit loving him,
but you need to have a shared
purpose in your relationship.
I don't mean a house
with kids running around.
I'm not that crazy.
But you do have to be on the
same page about what you want.
Wait a minute. I just told you
that we both have a million plans.
- That it's, uh
- You both have? Or just you?
He's staying again for you.
I didn't force him before,
and I'm not forcing him now.
In fact, I told him that if he
didn't want to get back together,
I'd accept it.
What's the matter?
You look great.
If you'll excuse me.
- Hey. How are you?
- Hey. Great.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You look incredible.
Ah. This is your moment.
Be sure to enjoy it.
Excuse me.
Your son's impulsiveness
isn't really a matter of
biology, Your Highness.
It's a matter of education.
Fuck 'em, right?
What do you intend to do?
I organized this to celebrate
the New Year with my guests.
And Cayetana is my
guest in her own right.
As a friend and as a designer.
You are a fool
and an ingrate.
And whose fault is it?
Who raised me this way?
I brought you into this world.
I raised you.
I never took my eyes off you,
except when it was better
to look the other way.
Something that happened quite often.
My role has been to
love and protect you,
and I have done that impeccably.
If now, all of a sudden,
you want to be an adult
and walk on alone, do it.
Accept the consequences of your choices.
That's all.
Ari, calm down, girl.
We all know how you get when you drink.
I don't "get" any way
because I'm barely a drinker.
Well, now we've gone
from "never" to "barely."
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Go talk to her.
I'll pass.
Then wallow in your pride, and
see how well that works out.
Yeah, spare me the lecture.
You were gonna go travel, and yet
again, you bowed down to Omar.
Well, I'll go eventually.
A little word of advice?
Don't give up things for others,
'cause they won't do the same for you.
Feel me?
Look at Nadia. Chose her future over me.
But I kept pursuing her
like a real dickhead.
What about Ari?
What about Ari?
Honestly, you're still angry
that Nadia prioritized her future
over staying with you.
Whereas Ari wants you in her
life, and you threw that away.
Look, Ari's one thing,
Nadia's another, all right?
Ari loves me and Samuel
and the football and
basketball team, probably.
Okay? They're two different things.
Look, you've told me millions of times
that you'd love a relationship
like the one I have with Omar.
Well, this is how our
relationship works.
Compromise, dude. We both have to.
Sure, she fucked up.
But do you really wanna
lose Ari or Samuel?
I wouldn't wanna lose Omar over that.
Go talk to her. Come on.
Come on.
Thanks a lot, handsome.
Have a minute?
It's impossible to talk in there.
No, thank you, honestly.
I don't wanna finish the
year with an argument.
One minute. I promise.
This isn't really how I thought I'd
start the year either, you know.
With you and all that.
I never thought you'd fall for someone
like me, if I'm being honest.
Yeah, well you were clearly mistaken.
Was I mistaken, Ari?
Because that whole routine about
how you can't give me or Guzmán up
was the most cowardly possible way
to try and let either
one of us down easy.
I know you love Guzmán.
Admit it. It's not that big a deal.
It makes perfect sense.
He's the rational choice.
But you must leave me alone if you care.
You're used to having
everything you want in life,
but that's not how it works.
You can't have everything.
But you gotta stop roping me in.
And don't tempt me every time you
wanna indulge some whim of yours.
Forget all about me.
For me, it's not worth
the damage we've done
and that we'll keep doing together.
Sorry. It's not worth it at all.
All right, party people!
Seven minutes until the end of the year!
Let's go. Come on.
Even on Grindr, we introduce ourselves.
Patrick. A local, but raised in London.
Versatile. More submissive.
Coming or not?
I don't know what came over me
or what in the world I was thinking.
I'll meet you in half an hour
at the pier on the lake.
Please come and hear me out.
Is it me you're smiling at?
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Should we end the year right?
Okay, what's the matter? I know you.
You had this plan to see the world.
You did.
And you put that plan
on hold for me twice.
Look, it was just an idea I was
tossing around. That's all.
- Leave.
- But I don't want to.
I'm telling you, please.
Omar, I'm happy here with you.
I know, and I have no doubts about that.
I'll feel better if you follow
your dreams and get out there.
Yeah. I really mean it.
If you want me to, I can wait.
We can see people on the side,
'cause I'm not my sister,
and you're not Guzmán.
I'm happy if you're happy.
Rebeka, how do I know
you're not lying to me?
I just don't know.
I can't be sure if the thing
with Armando's real or not.
If what you told me is true or not.
I have no way of knowing.
What I know for certain
is that Mencía told me
that if I do anything at all to
help her, like tattling to my dad,
she said she'd never see or speak to me.
I told you the truth, Ari.
That goddamn motherfucker.
What's the matter?
The fuck are you doing?
You made your way into my house
and my fucking relationship.
What more could you possibly want?
To spend New Year's Eve with you, Menci.
You don't get to call me
Menci. What's your deal?
You're fucking psychotic!
You better not call me
psycho, you little shit.
Rebe, this is dangerous.
Don't you get it? I always come back.
And if I know you need help,
even if you don't ask,
I'll be there. See?
I'd like to start the year
giving my friend a hug.
Forgive me, man. I swear,
Ari's got nothing to do with this.
Three minutes until the end of the year!
That's why you were talking
with her by the lake now?
No, all I was doing
Stop fucking lying to me, Samuel!
I don't care if my sister
won't tell the truth about you.
The fuck do you want?
I'm telling my father
everything, Armando.
And he'll snap his fingers
and fuck up your life forever.
Because you're a disgusting,
rapey motherfucker.
And you're not gonna be able
to fuck up my sister's life
or anyone else's, because my
family will fuck up yours first.
- I'm gonna call my father.
- What'd you say?
I told you. I'm calling my father.
Give me the phone.
Ari? Ari, can you hear me?
Help me Dad!
Someone help!
Elodie, I know it's probably
too late now, but
forgive me.
- Asshole!
- You're a son of a bitch!
Now you have a voice message from me
admitting what I did.
Use it as you deem fit.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
You okay?
I don't know what came over me
or what I was thinking.
I'll meet you in half an hour
at the pier on the lake.
Please come and hear me out.
Ari. No, no, no, no, no. Ari.
Are you all right? What'd he do to you?
What happened? Who is that guy?
Get him for me, Guzmán.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. You stay here.
You son of a bitch!
Have you seen Ari?
What happened?
You haven't seen her?
Oh, God!
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
That fucking pig was
blackmailing Mencía,
so he could keep abusing her.
And Ari found out because I told her.
- Fuck.
- It'll be all right.
The last time I saw her,
she was so out of it,
she probably went for him,
and that's why he beat her up.
But you can't feel guilty, Guzmán.
That guy's a son of a bitch.
Call the police. I wanna
tell 'em what happened.
Okay, so we are gonna call the police,
but we're not gonna
tell the whole story.
We're just gonna tell them
that Ari disappeared
and that we have no goddamn
idea where she is, 'kay?
And I don't confess what I've done?
Guzmán, I need you to tell me
what you saw here tonight.
The girl is alive.
I repeat, the girl is alive.
If you go to jail, your life is over.
Even when you get out.
I mean, look at my brother, man.
And your brother's innocent.
So are you, Guzmán.
Until they can prove it beyond
a doubt, okay? You're good.
He knocked me out and ran off.
I couldn't do anything.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you wanna see me?
Because I was too embarrassed
to even look you in the eye
after what I did to you.
I honestly don't know
what got into me, Guzmán.
I mean, I swear I've
never let my feelings
get the better of me before.
And I know you'll always
be there for me,
and I wanna reciprocate that.
But Samuel's the one you love.
No. It's not that.
- I understand.
- No.
That message you sent to Samuel,
that's why I went to the
lake to look for you.
So you could tell me
to my face, I guess.
But it's okay.
Forgive me for all the bad moments.
I just hope the good times
outnumbered them.
Take care of yourself, Ari.
And just like that we're done?
Should've punched you
harder, you bastard.
Take care of yourself, dude.
You made a worthy opponent,
you know that?
Thanks for everything you did.
Don't say anything to Cayetana and Omar.
Jesus, I would never. I'm not a snitch.
I love you.
Love you more.
Well, everyone.
I'm sure gonna miss you.
Come in.
Any news from Armando?
Not a trace.
It's as if the earth just
kinda swallowed him up.
Well maybe it's for the best.
Are you upset about that?
I'm actually more scared he'll
suddenly reappear at any moment.
I'm gonna tell Dad about everything.
Because enough's enough.
It was my fault we don't
have a mom anymore.
It was my fault Patrick almost died.
And it's my fault, again,
that we almost lost you too.
Get that crap outta your head, Mencía.
You're not to blame for any of that.
- Okay?
- All right.
You know I'm never gonna believe it.
Hey, can you be there with me
when I tell Dad what happened?
Right by your side.
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