Élite (2018) s05e04 Episode Script

El cuerpo

1 If personal data is the modern equivalent of oil, the data of the most influential families is gold.
I understand, but the risk isn't worth the profit.
The profit is immeasurable, Benjamín.
What? You want it all for yourself? For you and your precious holding, right? I don't know what you're talking about.
I have evidence, Benjamín.
Evidence that could destroy you in a second.
You and all your companies.
Just share the wealth with me, and nothing will go wrong.
CHARITY AUCTION LAS ENCINAS AND LAKE CLUB Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to our auction.
The proceeds of which will be put towards funding scholarships for for students who show promise but who might not have the financial means to attend Las Encinas.
The ones who are truly deserving.
Because we all know those who change the world do so with their talent, regardless of their background.
So I'm appealing to your generosity.
And I hope, together, we can make this fundraiser truly unforgettable.
Thank you all.
Patrick? No idea.
Morning Omar? The guests' party favors are ? - In the storeroom.
- And the canapés? - In ten minutes.
- Great.
- You see where the dossiers got placed? - I think over there.
- All right.
- No problem.
Everyone's asleep But I'm still groovin' Tuesday morning Oh man.
Uh, hey there.
Uh, Mencía, this is Jess.
And Jess, Mencía.
Ah, so this is Menci, is it? "Menci," huh? - You told her about me? - Nah.
Just gave her context.
- Right.
- Mm.
Well, it's a pleasure, Jessie.
- Right.
- Mm.
Found them.
Thank you.
- Give me the phone.
- Let go.
- The phone.
- Don't have one.
Hand it over.
No, I I don't - Excuse me.
- Oh.
- You dropped this.
- Thanks.
Of course.
- I was gonna give back the phone.
- Give back my laptop too.
Fuck you.
Omar stuck his neck out to help you, and you just stabbed him in the back.
Today's really important for him professionally.
So don't you dare fuck this up for him.
Clear? - What were you doing? - Kicking Bilal out.
- Was he here? - Stealing.
He pickpocketed a phone.
You made that up.
Just admit you were dickin' around.
Think whatever you want.
I can separate our work and our personal shit.
You clearly can't.
Are you here to see me? - I can't stay long.
I only have a minute.
- Only one? I just had a fight with Omar, and if he sees me here, he'll kill me.
When you're not studying, you're working.
When you're not working, you're worn out.
Look, I'd love to hang out with you all the time and study, but I can't do it.
Pretty please? See you later, okay? Thanks.
For you.
Well? What? Let's meet new people today.
You first.
What are you into? Businessmen? - Ugh, so boring.
- You're not wrong.
- Okay.
What about students, for example? - No, no, no.
Yeah, no.
- No more students, please.
- Okay, um Well, then, over in the back, the uh What are they? Drug dealers, I guess.
I mean, look at them.
- Close enough.
They're soccer players.
- We're in trouble.
The one in the middle is Iván Carvalho's father.
Know who that is? - No way.
- Mm.
As far as eye candy that won't make us think too hard, they're not bad, right? Yeah.
Who needs interesting conversation? - Maybe they could surprise us, right? - You never know.
What's up, guys? - What's up? - You boys care if we join you, or ? Of course not, gatinhas.
Sorry, what? Sorry.
He said, um, "You're beautiful.
" - Ah.
- Oh.
Literally, "cats.
" Little ones.
So, we're little kittens, huh? Okay.
You soccer players sure are direct, aren't you? There you are, already scoring goals.
Ooh! I think, like, even a little bit.
You know? Excuse me.
I hate seeing so much potential go to waste because you don't believe in yourself.
- My potential isn't paying my bills.
- You mean you're scared? I'm not scared.
I'm realistic.
That makes me unreal? Hmm? What I've achieved, coming from the same place as you, - is that unreal too? - You know what I meant by that, though.
No, I don't know, but you can explain it.
Summer love Coming to need Not only are you scared, you're making excuses.
That's a shame.
There are influential people here today I wanted to introduce you to for future internships, but since you're dressed like a waiter and not like a guest What do you think I should do? Hang up my uniform? Priorities, Samuel.
Benjamín, I hope everything's good so far.
If you'll excuse us - Do I have to be on your back all day? - He pulled me aside.
What should I do? Your job, dude.
Or were you just on another break of yours? Since you'll make my life miserable anyway - What's this? - I quit.
Let's see how you get by today with one less waiter, Omar.
Hey, Samuel! Dammit, dude! You little sh Sir? You okay? Hello.
I'd like a sparkling water.
With lime, not lemon.
And a little baby sprinkle of turmeric.
- Cynthia - Hey, sweetie.
I can't send to ya - What's wrong? - I quit.
I mean, fuck this shitty job.
I'm out, you know? - Seriously? - Yes.
Oh, honey.
That's great! - Baby, let's order something to celebrate.
- Not now.
Gotta return the uniform, tell the manager, and find your dad.
He's introducing me to important people.
Know where he is? - My father? - Yeah.
- He's someplace.
- Okay.
Hey, but why can't you just stay with me? Later, all right? We'll celebrate later.
But I get that you feel I'm wrong You feel that I know All the pain you showed me Actually, I don't want a sparkling water.
I want a gin and tonic.
Any brand will work.
No, make that two gin and tonics.
Uh, um Can I come up for air? I mean, just so just so so I don't die.
Like, not suffocate.
I mean, that kinda thing.
Yeah, but every minute I'm not kissing you is one I can't get back.
Which Twilight film did you escape from, dude? Has no one shown strong feelings for you before? It's not that.
No, no.
But just pace yourself, okay? Pace yourself a smidge.
- Smidge? I'm pacing myself.
- Yeah.
Let me grab you one.
Okay? - I want a gin and tonic.
- No.
Absolutely not.
- I am getting you some water.
- No, not water.
Your sobriety's as existent as your filter right now, all right? - Wait for me here.
- I'll wait forever, boo.
Jesus H.
Why the computer? To organize the auction.
The bids, the purchases and sales, the participants Your dad went from not trusting you to total trust.
That's because I have earned it.
It's what you always wanted.
To be daddy's little girl.
How's your little girl doing? I mean, wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a box of suction cups and just, like, get it over with? Then you wouldn't have to try to speak to her.
She's like glue to your boo.
I think the word you're looking for is "affectionate.
" And super thoughtful, and she's basically all over me.
- She's smothering? - She's not smothering.
- Oh, no? - No, I did not say that.
It's just I'm not used to having someone give me all the attention that I deserve.
You know what? Don't want that drink anymore.
Good luck with the auction, all right? I've been lookin' for you.
Something wrong? No, nothing.
Just the stress and pressure of all this stuff.
It's nothing.
Of course.
Well, you're doin' great.
You think so? Mm-hmm.
I'm proud of your work today.
I didn't know you drank.
Only once in a while.
Why'd you text me, Ari? To come get fresh air.
- Iván, can I ask you a question? - Yeah.
Your father and you are filthy rich, isn't that right? What? I meant that you don't have more only because there aren't enough days in the year.
What's this all about? Just tell me.
Are you and your father filthy stinking rich or not? Well, obviously, my dad is.
I knew it.
Why ask? Is that what you want? A rich guy? Oh, no, no, no.
What I want is a guy who doesn't need anything.
Who doesn't need me.
Understand that? Mm.
Let's go.
- Come here.
- What are you doin'? - This isn't yours, is it? - No.
- Do you know how to drive it? - Not at all.
Whoo-hoo! Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Whoo! Sir? Hello? Hey! Hey! You're not supposed to use the boats! What the fuck, guys! Bilal! Well, what what I'm interested in at Las Encinas is trying to remove the barriers that challenge so many young artists that have lots of talent but, uh, not the resources.
That's interesting and very necessary.
So, Dad, I have to go organize the auction items now.
- It's about to start, okay? - Mm-hmm.
Better? I am.
And that's pretty much been my line of work over the last few months.
Hmm? Why wait Could I borrow you? Mm, yes.
Ah, excuse me, please.
I did it.
I just quit my job.
I'm going all in on Las Encinas.
On any internship or whatever it takes.
Why wait That's if you still wanna help.
Uh uh, yes.
Can you bring me a blue pinstripe suit to the Lake Club? Size? This guy's been dead a really long time.
That's impossible.
He disappeared.
They said he ran off.
Huh? This guy, I know who he is.
Well, at the time, it was such a big scandal because if my father married my mother, it would be the first time a a commoner married Am I boring you or something? - Huh? - I said, am I boring you? No.
No, no.
I'm listening.
I'm sending a super important text, but but it's done now.
- Go on.
Tell me.
- What was I speaking about? Huh? Your family and all that stuff.
"All that stuff.
" I'm gonna go get something to drink.
- You checked out, didn't you? - No, no.
I was paying attention.
Do you want a Rum? Vodka? - What do you want? - Nothing.
I'm avoiding alcohol.
- A Long Island.
To make you less uptight.
- I said no.
Were you not listening? Okay, baby.
How about an orange juice, then? An orange juice, yeah.
All right, then.
Thanks a ton.
Well, let's move on, without further ado, to the first lot in the auction.
A rather unique sculpture.
Made of Murano glass, of course.
- By the artist Angelo Davide - Hey, excuse me.
Dad! I'm sorry.
Generously donated by the Monte family.
Dad, I'm sorry.
I'm here now.
Hey! Sorry.
I'm sorry.
The starting price for the bidding is set at 10,000 euros.
- C'mon.
- It's Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
- Patrick.
- Ooh.
I'm sorry.
Oh my God.
Have them clean this up and settle the payment for the sculpture.
How am I supposed to ? Samuel really kicked you out of the house because of me? No, Bilal.
I made that up.
I'm gonna call the police.
Uh, please wait until I leave.
Or else they're gonna pin this on me.
Ah, fuck! My cell must have died in the water.
Do you have one? No.
Otherwise, you wouldn't steal one.
I can't go back to the club like this, with my uniform wet.
I can sneak in and maybe find someone.
Look for Rebeka.
Brunette, in a tracksuit, long nails, tacky jewelry.
Um, uh, likely with another chick, making out.
With another chick? For real? Save the homophobia for later, when there aren't dead bodies lying around.
Okay, man? Okay? - Sorry.
- Thank you.
Find Rebeka.
Why don't I find Samuel? It really bugs me you're not talking 'cause of me.
- And he's your best friend.
- Find Rebeka.
- Go on.
- Okay.
So you're totally gonna deny that you're here with me because I'm a young woman.
One that you can Uh, I mean, potentially take to bed so you can keep thinking you're still an energetic, young 20-year-old, right? I am not in the habit of, uh, sleeping with girls in my son's circle.
Oh, well, that's too bad.
You even have a moral code.
- Yeah, I do.
- Hmm? Yeah, for sure.
Well, maybe I should throw mine out the window, and then I can start setting my sights on mature, older men with their heads screwed on straight, like yours is maybe.
That's a great idea.
And stop setting my sights on these lost, messed-up, and confused spoiled brats all the time.
Hmm? Well, I finished my drink.
Have you gone to see the pier? No.
No? Oh, it's beautiful.
You have to see it.
If you wanna head over there, I'll get a couple of drinks and show it to you.
Right now? Yeah, now, if it's okay with you.
I think that'd be great.
You sit down! - Know the price of that sculpture? - You'll pay for it.
Well, I'm sure for you, it's like peanuts.
- Are you high right now? - No.
Have you seen your eyes? It's a reaction.
A reaction to what? To being a disgrace? As if any of this affects you.
'Cause now you have that suck-up, Samuel.
The perfect son you can play daddy to.
Since you can't stand the selfish queer you got as a real son.
- Come on.
- That you're ashamed of every day.
You gonna cry about it? Right now? You're such a child.
It must have been real torture for you to outlive Mom and have to always lug us around with you, right? You think everyone is so mediocre.
Even your family, beginning with your children.
You even thought Mom was weak.
But she chose to see the good in everyone.
In her children! Even in a pathetic man with delusions of grandeur like you.
Stop it! Hey! I said stop it! You've never laid a hand on us before this.
Benjamín's having me consider a career in law.
Right now we're just trying to find the right university for me.
Excuse me just a moment.
I'll be, uh, right back.
Just a sec.
Excuse me.
Why are you here? - Samuel, I'm sorry.
- I told you to leave.
- Listen to me - Leave, or I'll call the police.
- Omar needs your help.
- Okay.
So what? I quit.
What's the problem? We found a dead guy's body floating in the lake, and Omar knows who he is.
Huh? It's so cold! Let me help you.
Ah, it's so cold.
- Just to warm us up a bit.
- Yeah.
Better? What? Huh? Patrick.
What's wrong? Can I help? Leave me the fuck alone, all right? Uh, excuse the interruption.
It's time that we continue on with the next lot, which is a unique donation from one of our most illustrious guests.
Uh, from Cruz Carvalho, who's actually here with us right now.
Uh, Cruz? Okay.
I can't see him right now, but I assure you, he's here.
As I was saying, this is a sculpture by contemporary artist Carlos Moncas.
It's signed by the artist and comes with - Hey.
- Hey.
How's your evening going? Well? Super happy.
It's just great.
Fucking awesome.
You feeling a little too fucking awesome? - No.
- No? I'm fine.
Are you on drugs? Oh, Caye, Caye, Caye.
Can I not be doing well unless I'm with you? The royal arrogance.
Two points.
- And you? - What about me? You can't have a prince, so you chase the king of soccer? No? Ah, I figured it out.
That's what this is.
Two Long Island iced teas.
They don't have anything with more alcohol? You don't control me.
- No, never.
- Getting anything? - I ordered two gin and tonics.
- Mm! Two gin and tonics.
Perfect for getting to know someone.
Oh wow.
You got it.
Ah, thanks.
I mean, maybe that's what we have to do.
- What is? - Open up more to other people.
Stop being so stuck on each other.
Caye, what you and I feel is very special.
But I don't think it's going anywhere, honestly.
Because you're held back by your need to look after me.
And I'm held back by the constant need to never disappoint you.
So, it's probably best we go our separate ways.
And and breathe freer.
No? Sure.
- Hmm? - Mm-hmm.
Do I hear 15,000? 15,000.
Going once.
Going twice.
Thank you, sir.
What the fuck, Bilal? Hey.
Now that you're both here, I feel awful you guys are fighting because of me.
Shut up.
I need to think.
I've tried to figure out what to do.
Should I tell Ari and Mencía or maybe call the police directly? I don't know, man.
I'm lost.
This is way above my pay grade.
Maybe we should call the police.
Don't you think? Fuck it.
Of course we should call.
Come on.
Don't call them.
Then who? Fucking Benjamín? No way.
She and I helped Guzmán dump this guy in the lake.
Excuse me? This very beautiful Bohemian glass goblet, property of our beloved Herrera de Miguel family for over six generations, which has a starting price of 15,000 euros.
Who will offer 15,000? Ah? Sold.
The next lot.
Mixed-media oil and collage.
The work of the virtuosic hands of Argentinean artist Gabriela Rosales.
A starting price of 12,000 euros.
One-of-a-kind diamond necklace, crafted with olivine from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, inspired by the extinct Russian Czarist Empire.
With a starting price of 200,000 euros.
What's cookin', Samuel? What? And it's sold.
Charge this for me and keep an eye on it.
Excuse me, sir.
Please, can you charge this phone? Yeah? Thank you.
Uh, I have a favor to ask you.
I'm busy enough with the auction.
Yeah, uh, the thing is, this is an emergency, you know? I need to pop out for a moment.
It'll be just a sec, but I'll be back.
Could be longer, or it might be quick, but I'll be back.
Can you stay with Jess? You're kidding, right? Look at her.
So drunk, she doesn't know where she is.
Stumbling all over.
I can't leave her along because she might crack her head, crash Rebeka, you're asking your ex to look after your I don't know.
- I don't know.
Your girlfriend? - We're just friends.
Your "just friend.
" No.
I mean, I don't care.
I wouldn't ask you to do it if it weren't important.
Please, Menci.
I'll go get her.
Sorry about earlier.
Ah, no problem.
Don't worry.
You feeling better? Yeah.
What happened with your father? I always felt like an outsider in this family.
You know? As if I had to apologize for having survived the accident that killed my mother.
Clearly, my dad wanted a different type of son.
They all want a different type of Patrick.
- Nobody loves me as I am.
- Come on.
Don't say that.
No, seriously.
I'm over it.
No one ever notices me.
Like, I do my own fucking thing, I keep not needing anyone, and I can still get whatever I want.
And I'm sick of it.
That's not true.
That no one notices you.
No one.
Not possible.
Holy shit.
- You seem kinda intelligent.
- Yeah.
That's 'cause I am intelligent.
That's 'cause you're an intelligent bitch.
Why'd you let her get away, then? Hmm? What do you mean? You still seem to like her a bit.
A little.
You know, she won't stop talking about you.
It's like, "Menci this.
" It's like, "Menci that.
" You know? - "Menci.
" She calls you that.
- Yeah, I know.
She calls me Menci.
- You can imagine that gets under my skin - Listen.
I have to work, okay? So would you mind not ? Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Excuse me? Can I please have another one of these? Thanks.
You like that she talks about you, right? I mean, if you like her, she's all yours, dude.
No problemo.
If you wanna be with her, I'll step aside, hundo P.
But say it, you know? Be clear.
But what you can't do is reject her and be there, constantly just orbiting around her.
Tell her you're out of the picture because I'm already fed up with her talking about you all day.
What? Not gonna say anything? I mean, like, if you'd rather go on doing damage but playing the victim Well, great, sugar.
Like, what can I say? But be careful, okay? Yeah.
Because you might have to deal with me.
And if you come between Rebe and me I'll get you out of the picture.
Yeah, sure.
I'll make sure she finds out what a shit person you are.
So you won't fucking see her ever again.
I swear.
Understand? I gotta pee.
I've been holdin' it for a while.
Holy That's a fuckin' smell.
- Rebe, c'mon.
- Absolutely not.
Man, that smell is seeping into my bone marrow.
- I can't.
Let Omar help.
- No.
Don't drag Omar into this.
At least try.
No, I can't do it, dude.
I can't.
Rebe, we did it once before.
Then he had just died.
Now he might decompose in our hands.
- Who knows? - Just try.
Don't think about it.
Just grab.
Grab that.
I told you, man.
I can't, Samuel.
I told you that.
Omar's fucking upset.
Oh God.
Omar, hon.
We wanted to keep you out of it to protect you.
Who knew about this? Guzmán, Rebe, and I.
And Ander? Who knows? Guzmán might've told him, but it's hard to say.
Dude! When exactly did you guys become a bunch of murderers? - Hey.
We didn't kill him, okay? - And? You're accomplices.
Uh, sorry, but let's not lose perspective here.
The world's way better without this piece of shit in it, okay? I mean, he was a victimizer, abuser, rapist.
Should I go on? And you gave me shit because of a computer? Can you help us? We really need you, man.
For what? Are we sinking him again? Ten-hut.
We're just a bunch of fucking kids! We don't know what we're doing with our lives, never mind how to handle a body! That's it.
- We're gonna call the police now.
- No.
- Think about Guzmán and the two of us.
- Can you think about me? Huh? What about me, dude? - I found him.
I know everything now.
- I'm sorry, Omar.
Things just are how they are, okay? You're my best friend.
You always will be.
Well, now your best friend is telling you to call the police, okay? A FRESH START.
I'll call them.
But I'm asking you one last favor.
You don't know anything.
Hurry up.
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