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No puedes comprar mi amor

1 - How're you doing? - Okay.
Yeah, I'm all right.
I'm sitting here with one of my lawyers who is also listening in.
Are they gonna take my case? No.
You'll have to request a court-appointed lawyer.
What? But Benjamín said Request one.
Keep denying the accusations.
What? You don't know why you said it.
Say it was temporary insanity.
That I was outta my mind? You were out of your mind.
- Yeah.
All right.
- Just deny it.
Since there's no evidence They only have your word.
You're going to retract.
Then I imagine they'll release you on bail.
And the bail? I'll get the bail money for you.
I promise you.
What do you mean, you're not bailing him out? Not for now.
The lawyers say the perception of Samuel as a noble and humble kid is his best shot.
And if he were able to quickly get a large sum of money to pay the bond What? He'd no longer be noble and humble? It would arouse suspicions.
Samuel turned himself in for Dad? He was that stupid? And expects Dad to help him out? I wouldn't have done that even as a joke.
Did you ever think maybe he was protecting someone else, and not just Dad? Come on, Dad.
You gave him your word.
But this is the best way to help him get out.
I'll tell him that.
When he gets out, he won't have to worry about anything for the rest of his life.
Mencía - Why did he confess? - It's complicated.
- Was he protecting someone? - No.
I don't know.
I mean, what I do know is that Samuel isn't guilty.
And he needs bail money so we can get him out of jail until the trial.
How much are we talking about? Twenty-five thousand euros.
Well, I'll see what I can do.
Seriously? Yeah.
After all, Samuel's one of the few worthwhile people in school.
Wow, Phillipe, I don't know what to say.
You're not one of those people.
You don't need to say anything.
I know that Armando kept some files that prove my association with him.
He tried to blackmail me because I was having doubts.
And if you get rid of them? Of Armando's files? Then you'd pay the bail bond? Of course.
That's the idea.
I don't understand why he hid the SIM card in the phone he gave me, y'know? Well, because what place could be as far removed and unreachable for me as you? I mean, so are these all the documents you wanted to get rid of? Well, we'll have to see, but I think so.
Now that that's done, when are you gonna bail Samuel out? Um, well, first, I would need to talk with my lawyers.
You're not bailing him out, are you? Honey, um there are a lot of files to read through, and we need to sit down and carefully think through our strategy and make sure there are no copies of the SIM card first.
Strategies and copies, my ass! Mencía, you haven't made a copy of the SIM card? Please tell me you haven't made a copy of that card.
The minute I start trusting, you suddenly do some shady shit, and I feel like a complete dumbass.
Everything Samuel and I did was to protect you, Ari, and ourselves.
And, of course, Guzmán.
It was the lesser of two evils, kid.
You kept your mouth shut because it was the lesser evil, even if it incriminated my dad in the process? Well, yes.
I won't lie to you.
I was so here for that.
But Samuel chose to sacrifice himself for everyone, including your dad.
Look, man, we've more than accepted that you and I aren't goin' anywhere.
Not together.
And I'm not gonna keep fighting or pushing to change things or tryin' to make you forgive me or stop giving me that death stare.
But make sure Benjamín moves his ass and gets Samuel outta there.
I really don't think he's gonna do that.
Why not? Remember the cell phone? You know, the one from Armando? Well, as it turns out, there was a SIM card with some sort of documents on it incriminating my father.
I had to hand the card over to him in exchange for him paying the bail bond.
And, well, I don't think he'll pay for it.
And you wonder why I kept my mouth shut to bring your dad down? What I don't get is how you can still trust him.
Because someone once told me I had to 'cause that's the whole deal with with being his daughter.
Guess you don't remember.
And, uh, you haven't, by any chance, made a copy of that SIM card? Oh, also? I never really accepted it.
What you said about how you and I basically aren't going anywhere together and all that.
I told you it's not a good idea.
I want to do a classmate a favor, Mom.
Phillipe, I spoke to Benjamín, and he told me not to pay.
Why did you ask him? How is it his business? I've arranged it so you can't withdraw more than 300 euros from your accounts.
End of discussion.
Even if my dad doesn't pay, I'm working on it.
Phillipe offered to.
But they went and cut him off, just like they did to my siblings and me.
It's all 'cause of my father.
He believes it's better for the strategy and for you.
Well, if he says it's better Do you hear yourself? Your dad wouldn't leave me hanging.
He's not a liar like you are.
- We're not talking about that.
- How's it going with Iván? - Good? - Samuel.
We are not gonna be doing this right now.
I came here to help you.
Why'd you go and turn yourself in? You really let my dad get to you that much? Doesn't matter.
I won't stop until I get you out of here.
I'd rather see you hate me to my face than stuck here in jail.
Garçon! Two more.
Well should we have dinner together? Huh? - So? - For a change.
You and me, me and you.
Okay, fine.
And then we can call some girls They'll come home with us, we'll have a few drinks, and party! - Of course.
- How about it? I thought you meant just you and me.
It struck me as odd.
We could do that.
You and I, alone, sad, and abandoned Or like a normal father and son, right? For a change.
Okay, fine.
I'll get a table.
Garçon! Table for two.
Ari? Oh, uh I just got back from seeing Samuel, and So I should probably leave you alone, huh? Well, stay if you want to.
It's just, I don't know what to do to help him.
I don't know.
And I feel bad 'cause I really hurt him.
And I wasn't there to stop him from doing what he did, you know what I mean? You really love him, don't you? I do.
I won't stop till I get him out.
And once he's outta there, I'll be with him all the time.
All the time.
Then let me help you out, okay? It'd be sad if the son of the best soccer player in the world couldn't get that money together.
Yeah, but why do you wanna help me, though? Because if you're happy, Ari, then I am too.
How are your classes, school, and stuff? Fine.
If you want a normal father-and-son dinner, you gotta do your part.
Don't just use "monosyllabs.
" - Mono what? - "Otonanopeias"? You're right, Dad.
Everything is great.
- Yeah? - I'm happy.
I hope it lasts.
How come? Why's that? Huh? Huh? Huh? - Son of a bitch.
- You're asking if there's someone? Yeah, I've got someone on the brain.
Really? Who is she? What? Is it a he? No.
Is it Patrick? It's a she and a he.
It's both.
And the guy is Patrick, yeah.
Who is the girl? His sister.
What are you now? Iván, your son.
My pleasure.
I don't understand.
What's up with you? I don't understand you either, to be honest.
I don't know.
Ari drives me crazy, you know? Turns my whole world upside down.
As for Patrick, he brings me peace.
He soothes me.
I feel great when I'm with him.
He makes my world right again.
And they're both okay with that? Ari doesn't know I was with Patrick.
It happened at home.
And it was amazing.
But because it was him.
It wouldn't be the same with someone else.
Well that's just kids' games.
It's only natural to experiment, but it leads nowhere.
And I know what I'm talking about.
- Did you experiment? - Me? Never.
Kids today are nuts.
What's with that? "Nuts," as in less prejudiced? - Maybe? - Jesus Christ! Fuck.
Does Patrick know that you're with his sister too? I should tell you that Ari has a boyfriend.
The guy who was arrested.
They're raising money to bail him out.
I promised her I'd help.
That I'd talk to you.
Those 25,000 euros are peanuts.
You can spend twice that on a party.
Will you help us? Focus on that girl, Ori.
- Ari.
- Right.
Focus on her.
- Uh, did you hear what I said? - And did you hear what I said? Just get the check and let's go.
You can call all those girls who are gagging for you! Is that what you want, Macho Man? What's up, Héctor? See ya.
- Iván? - Fala galera! This Friday night, there'll be a very special pink party.
We all know you can't buy love.
But can you buy a date with the person you like the most? Of course you can.
Hey! Look.
And trust me, it'll be for a good cause.
The proceeds from the party will be used to bail out our classmate Samuel García.
I don't know him very well, but he makes some people who are important to me very happy.
Let's enjoy the party, guys.
Isa! - I need to ask you for a huge favor.
- Me? You got this.
How do I? You're like Sugar on my tongue But it left a bitter taste I start Start to feel Babes? How's it going, guys? Let me explain a little bit to you about how this whole thing works, okay? Everyone here tonight has an app on our phones.
Mingle and keep an eye out for the person you like the most and make a note of the number they're wearing.
Next up, you go back into the app and enter that number.
That's how you're going to put bids in for that person.
Basically, whoever drops the most coin gets to nab the sexy main character of their wettest dreams.
How do I? Every time - Ah.
I mean, of course.
- I fall How do I get back up for more - So, I'm gonna have to bid on you? - No.
Just on a date with me.
And spoiler alert.
I'm bidding on you too.
I mean, you and I can't possibly have something normal together, can we? - There's no way.
- No way.
Uh, no, it's impossible.
But it's for a good cause, right? Hey, you know, weren't you kinda into good causes and stuff? Yeah? Totally.
I'm super into them.
I'm donating my paycheck to getting our first kiss.
All right, well, let's just bid, and we'll see what happens, okay? - Hmm? - Hmm.
Until that happens, I'm gonna get drunk if that's not a problem.
What are we tryin' to prove? Let's cut this thing loose Or will it be my last breath? And somehow Every time TOTAL EARNINGS €2,670 How do I? Every time Isadora.
Isadora! - How do I get back up for more - Isadora, we gotta do something.
People look like they're fallin' asleep.
I dunno.
Change the music.
You gotta wake 'em up.
All right.
- Cool.
- Got it.
Hey! You planning on dancing any time soon? You look like the walking dead.
Remember, we're here for a good cause.
We gotta dance, put out good vibes, bid, okay? BID FOR #37 YOUR BID €200 Everybody, do the funk face BID FOR #26 YOUR BID €200 Hands up, everybody Do the funk face, funk face Everybody, do the funk face - Okay.
- Everybody, do the funk face Hands up, everybody Do the funk face, funk face Everybody, do the funk face Hands up, everybody Do the funk face, funk face Everybody, do the funk face Hands up, everybody Do the funk face, funk face Everybody, do the funk face Hands up, everybody Do the funk face, funk face Everybody, do the funk face Hands up, everybody, do the funk face Hey, friend.
I need a favor.
Come with me.
- What do you have? - Molly.
Know what? I'll just leave it right here for you.
You know what you're doing.
You look really great.
On it, y'know? Mm-hmm.
All day, every day, baby.
- What're you doing? - Is this a fucking joke? - What are you doing? - Couldn't you have waited? What's the problem? Oh great.
You know what? I hope you shit your pants and die.
Okay, move! Excuse me.
- Hey, Isadora! - You gotta be kidding.
I put in all this effort, and he bids for the other girl.
That fucking - Hey, stop! It's occupied! - Yeah, yeah.
All right.
- Ah.
- What's that? I thought you were gonna quit that shit.
Did you and me not see the same thing? He's bidding on you! You won! Leave! Go away! - Give me that.
- No! - What are you doing? - Show an ounce of self-respect.
Seriously? You'll take drugs based on if Phillipe gives you attention? That's not why.
That's not the reason.
It's just - Can't you see it? - What? Don't you realize I'm not the real Isadora if I don't take this shit? I'm not the one they adore, who charms them all.
- Didn't you hear what he just said to me? - Isadora.
"You're very clearheaded" or whatever shit he said to me in there.
I don't know why I'm making the effort.
- I don't like you.
At all.
- I don't like you either.
- And you're really obnoxious.
- You're a nasty-ass busybody, know that? - A busybody.
- Look in the mirror much? Now that's out of the way, you think the Empress of Ibiza appears out of nowhere because of these magic powders? Of course she doesn't.
- Give me that.
- No.
Come on.
Go out there right now and become the badass empress.
Do what you came here to do, okay? Bring this place back to life.
Go out there and flex, bitch.
You don't need any guy's approval.
- Come on.
- No.
No, I can't.
- Hey, get out there! - Okay, fine! I'll go! - All right.
I'm going.
I'm gone.
- Okay! Babes, I want everyone to pay special attention to me because this Valentine's Day party is about to get real spicy right about fuckin' now.
Yo' mami Cupid's in attendance, and I gotta say, I'm so excited.
Very, very excited to ask him this first question.
Cupid? Who's your first target? Rebe! Yes, Rebe! I love it! Of course.
What? What? Aren't you Samuel's friend? Okay, okay, okay.
What do we think about this lovely creature? She's hot, isn't she? - And actually, I have a gift for you, you know? - What? Baby, I'm gonna give you the runway.
Give it all you've got, queen! Mami - Bid on Rebe.
- What? You bid on her, rich girl.
My dad froze our accounts so we wouldn't pay for Samuel's bail.
I'm likin' your dad better and better.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on.
Please bid on her.
I have no money, Mencía.
Don't you play that poor-kid card, Omar.
- You owe me, all right? - Yeah, totally.
BID FOR #13 YOUR BID €100 Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Dude, some girl's bidding.
No name, but she keeps bidding.
She's relentless.
All right, party people! There you have it in lights.
Lucky number 13, okay? The only bad luck this number might bring you tonight is if someone takes her home and that special someone isn't you.
Let's see.
You! Give me a number.
- Uh, thirty-seven? - Thirty-seven, it is! Oh.
My dear friend Patrick.
Please, baby girl.
Stop playing shy.
You love the stage.
Get your ass up here.
Patrick! Work it, baby! Patrick! Patrick! - Yeah! - Patrick! If you were to fire up Wikipedia and look up God himself, you'll see this hottie's face smiling back at you.
Yo' mami Mami Mami Take him! Get this serial sinner away from my virgin eyes, please! Cupid, dear Just wanna feel you My next question's the one I've asked all night.
And that question is, "Who's your next victim gonna be, huh?" I love it! - Well, well, well! - Yes, yes, yes.
- Cayetana! Your time has come.
- Go on and do it.
Go on.
- Come with me, girl.
- Bid on me, okay? Get it, get it, get it! You may know her as the cleaning lady, but she's absolutely worth paying all the gold in the world for.
You know! Yeah! - Let's get those bids in.
C'mon! - Yeah, Caye! Go, Cayetana! YOU'VE BEEN OUTBID FOR #39 Do it! Do it! Just wanna feel you Know what I'll do? I'm gonna give a bottle of anything they want to whoever screams loudest on the count of one - Two - Three! Come on.
What's the matter this time? Seven thousand and fifty euros! I mean, that's not even enough to pay half of it.
Okay, calm your tits.
The night's not over yet.
Hey, guys.
I'm here for my date.
Super fuckin' great.
And who won me? Holy shit.
- What are you doing here? - Look, son, I felt bad.
I felt bad for not helping youse with bail money for your friend, so I wanted to make up for it.
Forgive me, son.
You bid for him so that I wouldn't win? Iván, the girl is very pretty.
Look at her.
- What's going on? - So, how's the fundraising going? Bad.
No problem at all.
So, I'll pay the difference, okay? Wait, you serious? Seriously.
For the lady.
Thank you! Cheers.
I appreciate this, what you and your dad did.
- I feel like I'm in your debt.
- No way.
I didn't organize all of this to make you feel even more confused.
If you're with Samuel I want you to enjoy him when he gets out.
Okay, so you bid on me because, mm ? - To help raise more money.
- Ah.
And because I dunno.
If he's freed tomorrow, I was thinkin' maybe you could give me one last night.
Just in case, I dunno Do you know what? I bid on you tonight too.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
- Not here? - No.
Why don't we go? What's wrong? You're upset 'cause of my son? No, no, no.
No way.
"No way.
" Right.
He told me what happened between you.
He did? Fuck.
I mean, he likes you.
But he likes Ari more.
That's it.
Not personal.
I figured it's better you know the truth now and can move on.
Well that's it then.
It's over.
He tried it, and he left.
One day, maybe I'll find a guy who stays, right? And that guy will be the luckiest guy in the world.
You're very quiet.
I have a song stuck in my head.
What song? I wish I could sing better.
It's your last night, and you're not gonna fuck me? I I'd rather just hang if this is my last night with you.
I mean, after all, we can always have sex another day, right? There won't be another day.
- No? - Mm-mm.
Not even like this? Like what? - A bathtub and candles? - Yeah.
Well, I prefer this to sex, still.
We can enjoy both.
They're not mutually exclusive.
Yeah? Yeah.
No way to beat her.
This chick's intense.
Jess, I'm so sorry about this.
You're fuckin' awesome, I swear.
I hadn't found the right time to tell you Go to hell, Rebe.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Shit, looks like she just about knocked your jaw off.
I maybe think I I just won a date with you.
Do you mind if I take a rain check? Sorry, but right now, I just want to go home and climb into bed.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
Rebe! - I'm leaving.
- Why? Because the little prince must've won the date with you, so I'll clear out and let you two enjoy it.
Not so fast.
It's not that easy for you to get rid of me, 'cause I won a date with number five here, which I'm pretty sure is you.
- Right.
- Okay.
What? You don't want a date with me? I mean, ever since I've known you, Phillipe has always been in the way.
He's always showing up in some way or other.
It's impossible for the two of us to have something normal.
Impossible until now because now we can fix it with this date.
Yeah, but I don't want that kind of date.
No? No, and I don't want our first date to be crazy memorable.
I want it just normal.
You know? With some beers or some coffee.
Not, uh, a giant rave full of bougie psychos who won't let you have any privacy and are always up your ass.
Maybe, yeah.
You're not wrong.
Caye, I've come to this side of town twice.
When you wanna come to mine, text me.
- Mm.
- Okay? Okay.
- I'm out.
- Okay.
- Good.
- See you.
Look, there's a girl who really likes you and is giving you everything, so can you just be with her and leave me alone? All right? Want a glass of water? Hmm a really strong drink.
You seduced me into coming all the way here but won't kiss me? I'm thinkin' about my son.
Don't do that.
He's out with my sister, who he likes better than me, right? Tonight, make me feel like you're the luckiest guy in the world.
And in the morning? We'll see tomorrow.
Ari my father's back.
Wait, I thought you said your dad was cool? You should leave, okay? I'll take you home.
Did I make you uncomfortable somehow? No, no.
You didn't.
But you really should leave.
Listen, we'll go out the back door so he won't see you leaving.
Okay? Thanks.
I knew you wouldn't let me down.
It wasn't my father.
It was all Iván.
Good to see you back.
Samuel, wait! Patrick!
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