Élite (2018) s05e08 Episode Script

Tu lado del mundo y el mío

1 What matters is we have this now.
Who could it be this late? Samuel, I need to speak with you.
Ever since my mother died, my family's been on the verge of falling apart.
It is true that there is a thread, um, binding us, connecting us all, and that even when it seems about to break, in the end, it always prevails.
But if you hand that card over to the police, that thread will forever be broken, Samuel.
But I will accept whatever you decide.
If you decide to protect yourself, I'll understand it.
Okay? Oh, I know Samuel, and I know the way he looked at me when we were talking.
He's fond of you, and he loves me.
He won't hand the card in.
We can relax.
I don't remember a thing.
Yeah? That's because we all had a great time.
The Ibiza paradox.
The less you remember, the better.
So, always live in the present.
Remember anything about Ibiza? No.
We did too many drugs.
Iván, I don't understand.
Why are you so worried? You had a great time.
Just look at your Stories, right? No? But was there anything strange? What are ? Come on.
All that happened is we went to my empire and had a fucking great time there.
But hey, don't thank me.
I don't know.
You try to remember something.
Because I'm trying, and I can't.
Come on, dude.
Join us.
What was I doing? And you? Did you join them? The thing is just, I think Isadora seems - I don't know.
She seems fine, right? - Fine? I mean, if anything bad had happened, she wouldn't be like that, right? Come on, Iván.
No fucking way, Phillipe.
I could never do that, man.
I'm not that kind of guy.
Oh, and I am? Is that it? I'm that kind of guy? No, man.
Uh, I mean That's not what I meant.
I need you to disappear.
I need to fucking erase you once and for all from my mind, Patrick.
You two hooked up? Come on, you coulda told me.
I mean, really.
- Just like you told me you fucked him? - Sorry, what? Am I the only one of us who hasn't fucked this guy? Is he just really good in bed? Stick to Rebeka, sweetie.
Rebeka's history.
I mean, come on.
He messaged you, though.
No, he got mixed up because he was on drugs.
Okay, but maybe what he mixed up was the name, and what he wanted to say was, "I need to erase you from my mind, Ari.
" I don't think so.
It wasn't for her.
- Yeah.
- For sure.
Uh All right.
Fuck you both.
I won't fuck up their lives or Ari's.
Benjamín will help me with the trial, like he promised, and he'll secure my future.
- Done.
We all win.
- You're right.
That's how integrity dies.
By chasing empty promises.
That's great.
Yeah, I love Ari.
I also want to survive and get what's mine.
So, does that make me a shitty person? Rebe, give the card back to Mencía.
And while you're at it, cut the shit and win her back.
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
- You're not fucking serious.
- What? I won't let you go to jail if you're not guilty, dude.
You really wanna see the Benjamíns as your family? 'Cause they blinded you with their pools and promises and shit? Know where your real family is? In Morocco.
And with Omar, who's there supporting you, no matter what you decide.
And me too.
I stuck my neck out for you.
I gave up the fucking love of my life.
You didn't ask me to.
I did it willingly.
Because lovers come and go, Samuel, but friends are what stay.
And I consider you my best friend.
Know what you are to Benjamín? You're a fucking pebble in his shoe, and all he wants is to dispose of you as soon as he can.
Get that through your fuckin' head.
Yeah? Caye, I need your help.
I can't.
- I'm fired.
I'm picking up my stuff.
- It's urgent.
She denies that anything strange happened, but I know that it did.
I mean, I don't know.
The thing is, I can't remember.
What makes you think that? Well, we were all super wasted around her, and, honestly, I don't think we were in control of our actions.
Caye, please don't look at me like that.
Maybe it's all in my mind, Nothing like that happened.
Sure, now that I'm reacting, maybe it's all in your mind? What the fuck, Phillipe? I'm trying to do the right thing, I promise you.
Where is she? I want to talk to her.
Yeah, that's what I wanted to ask you.
Maybe she'll open up to you more than me.
And you can talk things out more.
Just what I fuckin' needed.
How was Ibiza? Fuckin' awesome.
Thank you.
Man, I told you yesterday, and I'm telling you now, okay? Leave me alone.
I see.
So, now that you've come down from that huge high of all the drugs you did in Ibiza, you've forgotten the message.
What message? The one you sent Ari.
By mistake.
Because it was meant for me, huh? "I need to fucking erase you once and all from my mind, Patrick.
" I got the names mixed up, okay? Because I'd taken a bunch of drugs and because you really hurt me, Patrick.
But it was for Ari, okay? In any case, it makes no difference who I sent it to because I'm moving to Qatar with my father.
What? To be honest, I'm looking forward to the sun and beach all year round.
I'm sick of this fucking cold weather.
Isadora? - Don't come in, babe.
I'm naked.
- You're good.
Don't worry.
I kinda assumed you weren't showering in a wet suit.
I'll talk to you from here, okay? - What do you want? - Um I just I just wanted to tell you that I'm with you.
And that that you can count on me for whatever you need because I'll believe you.
I'll support you until the end.
What's wrong with you? What, are you the one doing drugs at school now? I'm talking about Ibiza.
So, you've been gossiping with Phillipe behind my back.
He was worried about you, so he came to talk to me.
I've told him 1,000 times, and with you, this will make 1,001.
Nothing went on.
You got that? Okay? Nothing.
No pressure.
You don't have to say anything to anyone.
But I just want you to know that you also have a right to talk, if that's what you want.
Whatever you do, it's fine if that's what you want to do.
Isa? Baby? I know you can't wait to get your revenge on me.
That you're just dying to have that "I told you so" moment and paint me as a victim like you.
But not only am I not one, I won't give you the satisfaction.
- You sure about that? - Yeah.
If Phillipe doesn't remember, it's because he passed out in the middle of the party like everyone.
That's it.
Can you drop it, please? I'm so over it.
Okay, okay.
All right.
It's okay.
And just know my offer to support you has no expiration date.
I'm no longer the cleaning lady because Benjamín fired me for sneaking into his office last night.
And so, if you want, I'll tell you about it over a drink.
We can be friends whenever you want.
Or whenever you need it.
Just call me, okay? Give me the SIM card.
I'm gonna go give it to the cops.
I don't trust you.
You're gonna trick me to help Ari.
She said she'd accept whatever I did, right? Let's see if that's true.
Where are you off to in such a hurry? Samuel? Samuel! Samuel.
Where are you now? I'm over at the police station.
I see.
Listen to me.
Before you hand it over, I'm gonna ask you to please give me the opportunity to talk to you in person.
Do it in honor of the relationship of mutual trust we've built, even though you think I've betrayed you.
But I'm pleading.
I'm begging you.
Do it for me and for my family.
I'm hoping that we can maybe talk face to face.
Samuel? All right, then.
See you at your place.
I'm gonna need you to take your siblings and go and entertain them for the evening.
And don't come back until I call you, okay? I need to talk to Samuel alone.
Guys, I think she's unconscious.
I think Isadora's passed out.
Come on, dude.
Join us.
It was fuckin' awesome.
Come on.
Tell me it wasn't awesome, guys.
What are you doing, you idiot? Stop filming her! Calm down, Your Highness.
This is fucking mind-blowing.
Stop, guys! Iván.
We need to reach Isadora, man.
I'm gonna put this on the door.
Hey, she had passed out already.
So, what? She was totally into it.
We were all wasted and partying and - "So, what?" That doesn't excuse it.
- Oh, come on.
She was the one who said to strip naked and make ourselves at home.
She was horny.
That's no excuse, okay? It doesn't matter if she was into it! Once she passed out, it should have stopped! Seriously? Of all people, you think you have any right to lecture me on nuances? Get this nuance, you bastard! Phillipe, stop! - Phillipe, stop! - You're a dead man! - I swear! - Know what? You were also at that party.
We didn't do anything! We didn't touch her! You would have if you hadn't been so high! - Fucking stop it! - Get off! We're gonna do things right, okay? Relax.
Son of a bitch.
Let's go.
Oh, my shady Barbie.
Hey, dude, I'm gonna miss you like bonkers.
- Me too.
- Mm-hmm.
Without you, these hallways just aren't - I'll see you out in the world, won't I? - I mean, I'd hope so.
Right? Yeah, of course.
Well, now I'm gonna follow my dreams.
But we'll see each other, absolutely.
Hey, you and I should start something together, y'know? Got a plan? - Maybe doing porcelain nails? - Porcelain nails, huh? - Don't laugh, Caye.
I'm being serious.
- Okay.
- No, no, no.
Hit me.
- So, fuck.
Hear me out.
I'll put up the bread, or my old lady will.
I'm straight broke.
- You'll design them.
- Uh-huh.
We'll strike it rich.
You're a genius.
- Stop laughin'.
I'm fuckin' serious.
- Know what? I've actually never thought of that, but maybe we should My God.
- Shit.
Fuckin' crazy.
- Yeah, I know.
Okay, but anyway So, you and Mencía ? - Rebe, come on.
Life is short.
- I know.
Don't waste your time wondering how things could've been.
Text her.
Imagine you've just started liking guys, and then you move to Qatar? Iván's in for a shock.
- How about a sibling afternoon? - Oh, yes.
- Wait for me outside, okay? - Okay.
WANT TO JOIN US? - Should we go? - Mm-hmm.
She's coming this way.
I am such a dumbass.
So, Qatar, huh? - Yeah.
- Can I sit with you? I don't think that's a good idea, Patrick.
When are you leaving? This weekend.
I'd like to say goodbye to you.
To say our goodbyes together.
I'll be outside.
We weren't discussing anything special.
To what do I owe the surprise? Well let's see.
You told me to text when I'm ready to come to your side of town.
Well, I kinda skipped over the texting part.
Weren't you working today? Um, I got fired.
Seriously? I can explain over drinks if you want me to.
Uh, but to sum it up for you, I think it happened 'cause it was meant to happen.
I wasn't happy.
But I was sometimes.
Well, I don't know.
But I feel like I was getting into a rut, you know? Like I wasn't fighting for what I wanted and believed in.
It's a good thing I said, "To sum it up for you.
" I just talked your ear off big time.
Well then, welcome, Cayetana.
Welcome back.
There's nothing I want more than to do something normal with you.
Have a normal coffee or a normal beer.
Well, there's nothing I want more than to have you talking my ear off, actually.
So, that's perfect.
You know what? There's a tapas bar near here that serves tapas the size of a normal meal.
Wanna go? - Yeah, I do.
- Yeah? Mm-hmm.
Look, uh - What? - Let's go for it.
I mean, let's get this out of the way because we can't take this tension.
I mean, at least, I can't anymore.
I'm here.
Hey, Patrick.
Hasn't my father given you the keys yet? Because, I mean, that's all he's got left to do now.
Thanks for coming and hearing him out.
- He's waiting for you by the pool.
- Okay.
- Girls, something important just came up.
- What? - Get another taxi.
I'll call you later.
- Are you serious? - Patrick.
- Come on, Patrick! - Ugh, that's just typical Patrick! - Hundred percent.
Well, let's get another taxi.
Where are we going? I have an idea.
What's up, sexy? - Not here.
- Okay, where, then? In there.
Taking release Taking release Taking release What's he doing here? We all need to stop running away.
Don't you think? Yeah, good thing you gave me your keys.
'Cause I don't know what he's doin', but he isn't here.
He's taking way too long, and it's seriously stressing me out.
Jesus, that is some storm.
Yeah, it's about to break here.
- Samuel? - I'm at Benjamín's.
- Can't talk now.
- What? Why the fuck are you there? - I'll call you later.
- Samuel? - All good? - Yeah.
It was nothing.
- He's at Benjamín's house.
- You see that? I told you, dude.
I said, in the end, he was gonna screw us over for Ari.
Just a minute, kid.
Someone's ringin' the doorbell.
Oh, man.
It's Mencía.
And with that fuckin' Ari.
What? At my place? Well, it's not your place anymore.
But, yeah.
- Can I ask what they're doing there? - Let's see.
Hold on.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I came over, after all.
- And "that fucking Ari" came over too.
- Samuel isn't here.
- Ah, I know that.
Samuel's at my house.
Samuel's having a civilized, British conversation with my father, so don't worry about him.
While you two talk, I'm gonna serve myself a drink.
I haven't had a drink in a bit.
So, why not? Hmm.
Omar, I'll call you back.
I can't talk now.
I know it was wrong, sneaking in here to get the card.
Well, those who are desperate do desperate things sometimes.
It was my fault for putting you in that predicament.
You know, for some time now, I've been feeling that my family's falling apart.
And you're the only person who's stuck by my side unconditionally.
And what have I given you in return, Samuel? Other than promises that are unrealistic and favors that never came to fruition? So, here is everything that I owe you in a form that's a bit more tangible.
It's preadmission to Saïd Business School at Oxford University.
Your tuition, as well as room and board, all on my tab.
And there's a 3,000-euro monthly allowance to cover your expenses.
No questions asked, no explanations.
Complete trust.
Trust means hush money now? When you finish your studies, there's a contract awaiting you on the management team of my holding company.
I've signed all the papers.
Samuel, what I'm offering you is a lifetime occupying the place that is rightfully yours.
A place you've earned.
I'll be honest with you, my life's in your hands right now.
But then again, so is yours.
This how the world works? People get an envelope in exchange for their integrity? Come on.
You've only stuck by me all this time because you expected this in return.
And you're the only father figure I've ever known.
You wanna talk about Ibiza? Let's talk about Ibiza.
If what really happened is what you're saying happened then I am a victim.
Right? And you? That makes you what, precisely? A repeat offender? I didn't do anything.
Oh, convenient, no? That you just didn't do anything at all? I'm sure if I go tell that to everybody, they'll believe me right away.
Honestly, Phillipe, the best you can do for both of us is just stop.
And no, nothing went on.
Forget it.
Just move on.
Stop bringing it up, and let's just carry on with our lives.
Isa I don't know if I've ever told you this but I really like you.
Why say this? Why now? Because honestly, I want what's best for you.
I'll do everything in my power to make sure you're all right.
You can trust me, Isadora.
And you can always ask me for help.
No matter what you do, or whatever you may decide, whatever happened or didn't happen there, whether or not you want to forget it.
To me, you'll still be my empress.
Don't ever forget that.
No one's ever told me anything like that.
Thank you.
I honestly mean it, baby.
- Did you sleep together again? - I'm so sorry.
I really screwed up.
Oh, really? Well, thanks a lot, man.
Look, as far as I'm concerned, guys, you can run away to Bali and get married.
I don't care.
Was this your plan? To gang up and hurt me, that right? Patrick, I want to thank you because you've helped me finally see a part of me that that I've been denying a long time.
A part of me that I don't really like and that I'm not sure I'm prepared for.
But thanks to you, it exists.
It's real.
It's made itself known, and and now, it's up to me to deal with it.
Don't know how I'll do it, but I will.
What I won't do again is sleep with you because, please don't be offended, you're just a kid.
And I've reached a certain age, and and I've had enough of this sick game of you running to me whenever my son hurts you because the fact is that, actually, he's the one you're really in love with.
Forgive me Stop, Dad.
I don't care.
Both of you, leave me the hell alone! I don't have feelings for him! He's all yours! - Iván.
- No, no, no.
Stay here.
Don't move.
I turned down Qatar.
We're staying, if that's okay with you.
So, everything you said about staying away from Patrick was only to shut me up.
You want to be with him.
That's not why we're staying.
It's because, for the first time, you're happy somewhere and you have friends.
You found someone special.
Do it for me.
You should experience this.
I'd never forgive myself if you didn't because of me.
I want you to be happy.
And I want us to have a home, like normal fathers and sons do.
You are everything to me, Iván.
I love you.
I love you so much, son.
We're going to stay.
So that you have a shot at happiness.
Happiness I won't allow myself to have.
Get back in there and go get him.
Go, son.
Excuse me.
Patrick? The guy who was sitting at the table with us.
Uh, he paid the bill and left.
Do you know where he went? I'm not your father, Samuel.
But if you give me the SIM card you'll want for nothing.
And And if that's not enough, then well, whatever you want.
There are some things money can't buy.
And then you wonder why you're all alone.
Come on, Samuel.
Give me the fucking card.
Or what? Run out of things to offer me? You gonna take it by force? No.
Dirt on your hands is beneath you.
You're accustomed to others doing your dirty work.
Give me the damn card.
You're making this difficult.
- Let go! - Give me the card! Go ahead, Isadora.
I'm here to, uh I'm here to report a a crime.
I need to report a rape.
Help me get him out.
We were arguing, and he slipped.
It was an accident, I swear.
Call an ambulance! Come on, do something! What are you doing? What are you doing? - Let me think.
- Think about what? We don't have time.
We have to help him.
- Come on.
- Can't you see it's too late? They'll want to pin this on me.
If If they accuse me of this, this family's going to be broken forever! Do you hear me? Patrick, we need to figure this out between the two of us.
Together, father and son.
Huh? Don't leave me alone.
Thank you.
I love you.
Wait for me here.
Okay? Wait.
What's the matter? I think we should stop.
What are we stopping? This here? Us making out? Our relationship? Mencía, I've come to realize that I love myself without needing you.
And I think that, right now, I need to be alone.
Patrick, my love.
What? Yeah, sure.
We We'll be right there.
Ari, not now.
Mencía, I'm sorry.
We have to get back to the house.
Patrick called.
Something happened with Dad and Samuel.
I'm not sure what.
Let's go.
Hi, Rebe? Did Samuel show up? Huh? Fuck.
I'll get changed and come over.
All right.
It's almost ready to go.
We're gonna put him in the car and drop him off at a hospital.
Like some dog? No.
If we don't want to be implicated, that's how it is.
Dad? - What are they doing here? - Patrick? Samuel? We need to hide him.
I called them.
- You did what? - I called them.
Why, goddammit? Go hide the body behind those bushes.
I'll handle the girls.
- Dad! - What's wrong? Where is Samuel? Uh, he left earlier.
What do you mean, he left? Patrick called.
He was worried about him.
He called you? Uh, well, what did he call to say? So, what is it you're keeping from us? Huh? Ari.
Samuel? Samuel! Samuel, are you all right? What happened? Where's Samuel? I told you, he left.
I don't know where he is.
Not sure how since his bike's still outside.
- Dad! Dad! - No.
No, no.
Don't call him over.
Calm down.
You need help.
- Okay? Calm down.
- Your father did it.
- Let me go.
- No.
No, no, no.
You're delirious.
Let me get away.
Samuel! Samuel, wait! Samuel, wait! Samuel! Please, get out of my house.
If you did anything to him, I'll kill you, you son of a bitch! Patrick! Patrick! Patrick! - Samuel! - Samuel! Hey! What the hell did he do to you? It was It was an accident.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
Patrick, tell them.
- Explain that it was - What did you do to him? - I didn't do anything! - What? - I told you.
He fell! - Yes, please.
It's urgent.
- What? He fell.
Samuel! - No! Tell them, Samuel, how you fell and hit your head on the side Stop it, Dad! The police are gonna come.
That's it.
He did it.
He did it.
He did it.
Samuel? Samuel, look at me.
Look at me, man.
Look at me.
No! Samuel, come on.
Samuel? Dude, look at me.
Samuel? Samuel? Ari.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Samuel, look at me.
Hey, Samu.
We're going home, man.
Samuel? Hang in there, okay? We're leaving.
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