Élite (2018) s06e02 Episode Script


My parents'll hear us.
Then don't eat me out so well.
Okay, never mind. Keep going.
I'll just try not to scream.
- Yeah?
- Dinner's ready.
Be right there.
Ask your friend if she
wants to stay for dinner too.
- No. Tell her no.
- No, you.
- Well, no, I mean
- I should?
Yes. Seriously, please. You tell her.
Oh, no, thanks. I have dinner waiting.
I'll go see her off, Mom!
Great, honey. But don't wait
too long. It'll get cold.
Your folks really go with the flow, huh?
They're pretty great.
It'll get cold if I wait too long.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Well, I can't help worrying about him.
- But why?
He's doing better than ever.
Well, that's the reason.
It's been so tough for him.
For all of us, you know?
I'm afraid he'll cross paths with
someone who's not doing as well,
who'll hurt him
and destroy all the good things
he's been working towards.
He'll be fine, María. You'll see.
Now, thanks to awful girls like Isadora
who make up shit just to
get a little attention,
people won't believe girls
who report real things.
One lie's remembered more
than a thousand truths.
The queen who sits
on her throne of lies.
- Anything to say?
- Why don't you record your asshole?
- And we hit it off so well.
- Mencía, that's enough.
- No! We won't be silent.
- I'm serious, guys. Please don't.
We're not apologizing
or asking permission.
We just want justice to be done.
Yeah, except we all know
justice has already been served.
Listen, babe. Abuse doesn't always come
from strangers in a
dark alley at knifepoint.
You can't sit on the fence here.
This situation requires taking
sides, and you should be on ours.
Look, Rocío, I'm hearing this now,
and I'd like more of this from you.
So there you have it. Blah, blah, blah.
Lie after lie after
lie. Sham after sham.
We've had a tough fucking
time. Not gonna lie.
We even doubted ourselves
at one point just because.
We had too much to drink,
but we were all drunk.
All of us.
We didn't force anyone to do anything.
In fact, we were guests.
They invited us to everything.
We got a warm welcome there.
Cheer up, man. It's over now.
- Our word was up against
- Against hers and the goddamn world's.
Because now, as it turns out,
just being a guy is
enough to make you guilty.
What Álex is trying to say
is that it's been really
hard to feel singled out.
And now that justice
has ruled in our favor
Thank you.
Thank you to to those of you
who never had any doubts about us,
even when we ourselves
were full of them.
Hey! Over here!
- Hey! Javi! Javi!
- I got it!
- That was some game.
- Thanks.
- What're you up to tonight?
- Why?
In case you wanna hang tonight.
To get to know me
better over some drinks.
So you'll realize I'm not
the girl you think you know.
Instead, I'm the one you thought
I was. The one you fell for.
The one you just couldn't
get out of your head.
Yeah, I no longer have any interest.
Plus, I'm getting to know
that girl from the other day.
But all I'm asking
from you is one night.
If you get tired, tell
me to leave, and I will.
Okay. But the night's gonna be short.
It'll be super short.
Is this for real?
Even if the pope himself
told me that my Cruz
No way in hell.
What're you talking about?
What do you mean, Raúl?
You can't be serious.
It's a trending topic.
There's a video of Cruz
making out with a guy.
But it's probably fake, though.
I'm sure someone from another
team posted it to screw him over.
For sure.
Or it was posted by the guy
in the video. He's in my class.
Get this. He's Cruz's son's boyfriend.
He's the boyfriend of
Hold on. I'm lost here.
You're always talkin' about people,
and I have no idea who they are.
Maybe he wanted to skip over the son
so he could catch the wealthy father.
What a complete jerk.
- What the hell?
- Oops. My bad.
The thing about us jerks
is we do jerky things.
A complete jerk.
- We didn't do that bad.
- Hmm, I mean, a little.
You complain about how Isa's
supposedly false allegations
don't help our cause.
Yet, I think you're
the one holding us back
with your shitty live streams.
Oh, come on.
Spare me the lecture.
Not all girls are damsels in distress,
and not all dudes are monsters.
Because things aren't black and white.
In this case, and many
others, you'd be mistaken.
C'mon, seriously. Don't be like that.
Justice isn't a science
or some math equation.
There can be errors.
Oh. And you're the one who gets to
decide whether it's right or wrong?
I mean, I'm new here. I
don't know you. I get that.
But I've followed Isadora forever.
And she's a big enough public figure
that it's not a secret to anyone anymore
how much she likes to
be the main character
and draw attention to herself.
She's the baby at the baptism,
the bride at the wedding, and
the dead one at the funeral.
She'll die without attention.
Okay, so according to you, she
randomly made up something this awful
'cause she's starving for attention?
I make a whole living getting
attention. I know what she's about.
You okay?
Yeah. Why?
I dunno. You seemed very upset
when Hugo was giving his speech.
You do know for sure
what went down, right?
Even if a judge thinks different.
It's good to feel guilt and
remorse. It makes you human.
Ignore her, dude.
- And you've never doubted your friend?
- Never.
Known him all my life,
from summer vacation.
He's a noble guy.
- Always sees the best in everyone.
- Oh, sure. It's the same old spiel.
"He was an angel."
"Smiled and waved from his door.
Helped me bring up groceries."
I'm telling you, I've been close friends
with this guy for many years, okay?
He's never given me a reason
to think he could do something
like what you're accusing him of.
Whereas you, who I've
literally just met,
has already managed to fire me
and accuse me of something I'd never do
just because I didn't
wanna hook up with you.
These claims kinda seem like your thing.
Well, your childhood friend's a
piece of shit around the other two.
He would do anything just to
fit in. Literally anything.
But I'm sure you know that, don't you?
- Was this place your idea?
- Yeah.
Hi, guys. Welcome. Do
you have a reservation?
Yes. Ariadna Blanco.
Ariadna Blanco, party
of two. Right this way.
Not really your kind of place.
Or at least, I never would've imagined
it, but I don't really know you.
I've never been here before.
But I don't know, I felt like
it. Also, I knew you'd like it.
And why did you assume I'd like it?
'Cause it's "trans"?
Like "transvestites"?
Obviously not. I know
it's not the same thing.
But I mean, my brother
likes coming here, and
Oh! So, since your brother's
in the G, and I'm in the T,
we must all like the same kind of bars?
I'm really trying here.
What exactly are you trying?
I'm trying to make you
feel more comfortable.
Then stop doing things you
wouldn't do with other dudes.
Yeah, right.
That's a really great point.
Anyway, since we're here,
should we get a drink?
I mean, the thing is that
one of my favorite parts
about going out on dates with guys
is is discovering cool new spots.
Are you two coming or not?
- Yeah?
- Okay.
I'm Patrick.
And, um
And I've read on the Internet
I'm the disgusting queer
who dared shove his tongue in
Cruz's mouth against his will.
Or whom he allowed to kiss
him because he was drunk,
as I've also read somewhere.
Or that he hooked up with as a bet.
In other words, it was all my fault.
Cruz didn't do anything.
Because Cruz isn't gay.
I'm the one who went after him.
And And I'm dating his son.
Or dated, because honestly,
at this point, I have no idea.
The thing is that Cruz was
He was very drunk, and, well,
I was pretty drunk myself, and
Well, just imagine, a legend like Cruz.
Who wouldn't be turned on?
So I took a chance
and made out with him.
But it was all on me.
So I'm asking you to
to please leave Cruz alone and
don't think he's something he's not.
I'm the only one to blame.
Yeah, I thought so.
If you need me, you
know where to find me.
All right.
Direct your hatred at me and not at him.
You don't know what to say now, do you?
I just had this urge to, um,
ring you up. I don't know.
Now I I'm not sure why.
Well, I'll make it easy for you then.
You don't have to do or say anything.
Um, see you at school, okay?
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
No. Wait.
Please don't hang up. Hold on.
I have something to say.
You were right.
I lost it.
I didn't believe in your love.
I was blindsided by it.
And I ruined it.
But on the bright side,
at least this helped me to, um,
to stop blaming people outside myself
and realize all this is my doing.
Thank you, Iván.
For helping me to figure that out.
For being my first real love.
I love you.
Forget it. You're really bad.
- But we're 2-0. - No.
I told you, I'm winning.
No, I'm winning.
How'd that song go? "Party, party"?
That doesn't exist.
- I won again.
- Pfft. Nah.
- Another bottle?
- Yes.
Uh, no. You got a second one?
- Oh, while you were in the bathroom.
- Uh, I'm already tipsy. I don't want any.
Oh, really?
I mean, I feel totally fine, and
I'm not used to drinking at all.
Would you like me to leave it?
Yeah, leave it. We'll finish it.
Can I take this for you?
- Yeah, thanks.
- Hm.
- A double espresso, please.
- Okay.
What are you looking for in a woman?
- Straight shooter, huh?
- So you don't have time to think.
- I want a partner.
- Mm-hmm.
- A friend. My best friend.
- Mm-hmm.
And your best lover, right?
- Well, yeah. Of course.
- Ah.
I want to have exactly
what my parents have.
Yeah. To be like my father.
- He's my role model.
- Mm-hmm.
I want to be exactly like him
and find someone
that's like my mother.
You're not trying to
think too hard about it.
I just want wine for now.
You sure you're all right?
I'm great.
You haven't answered yet.
What you're looking for in a guy.
Hmm. I don't know, honestly.
I mean, I always, um
I think I know for sure.
I look for it, I find it, and
once I have it, it's never
It's never what I pictured.
Hmm. I guess it's all in my head.
Or it's the guys you
choose to go out with.
Yeah. That too.
Hey, why don't we go to Isadora's?
- Right now?
- Mm-hmm.
That's what I'd do with any
of the very good-looking men
I go out with, so you know.
Some drinks, some dancing
I just need the very good-looking
man to want to go with me.
All right.
Perfect then.
Is it true?
It was me who kissed
him. It wasn't his fault.
Do you know why he posted that video?
He did it for himself.
Because he felt guilty.
- Because he's selfish.
- No.
He did it for you.
For us.
Even though he knew he might lose you.
I don't think we're together anymore.
I mean, I know we're not together.
You really stirred the shit.
We couldn't let this go on, Iván.
You know how much I
depend on my sponsors.
Seriously, Dad?
I don't give a shit about sponsors.
That's easy to say when you've
always had everything handed to you.
- You've never wanted for anything.
- That's not true.
You know what I needed?
A decent father.
Have you ever really thought about me?
Now you'll say I don't love you.
Dad, I know you love me.
Of course I know. That's not the point.
I'm talking about respect.
You've never respected me.
I feel like I'm just another
guy in your entourage.
I've never been your priority.
It was always all about you.
Just like with Patrick.
You're two of a kind.
And there's ten marks on this cross ♪
And you're talkin' pretty fast ♪
I can't keep up, I can't keep up ♪
But there's been ten girls ♪
Here before me ♪
Their names have lost all meaning ♪
It's all I'm feelin' ♪
It's all I'm feelin' ♪
- Hi. Do you have a reservation?
- Yes, under Hugo Múler, please.
- Beneath your bed ♪
- Hold on a moment, please.
I see your face ♪
I'm the best thing about your day ♪
I will not be a plague ♪
- Aren't these Isadora's guys here?
- Well, they were all found innocent.
- They have nothing to do with Isadora.
- Does it feel right for you to come here?
- I will not be a plague ♪
- They can do whatever they want to.
I don't care. Coming here
is immature and just cruel.
And it's unnecessary. I'm
surprised you don't see that.
Hey. I think we better
go somewhere else, okay?
Why? What'd he say to you?
That being here might start some
drama, and I think he's not wrong.
Look, we just wanna do
what any guy would do.
Have a drink. That's all.
Isn't that true?
Yeah, but we could have a
drink somewhere else, you know?
I'm so very high when I'm low ♪
Uh, I don't care. Up
to you guys, though.
I'm staying here.
We have nothing to be ashamed
of, and the sooner we normalize it
and start acting like
nothing happened, the better.
Yeah, fuck that shit. We're free
men. We can do whatever we want.
I know. But I'm saying,
it doesn't have to be here.
Javi, what do you say?
Javi doesn't like provoking
people for no reason.
Well, I wanna have a drink here as well.
I'm a free guy too, and
I can do what I want.
That's my Javier! Come here.
So, can we please get a table now?
Yeah. Follow me, please.
There will not be ten girls after me ♪
I will break this fantasy ♪
- I was everything I seemed ♪
- Are you coming?
- Sure.
- Broken crosses, opened dreams ♪
I will not, I will not ♪
Hey ♪
Ooh ♪
Oh ♪
All my senses are on fire ♪
Thirty feet above the floor ♪
Only wanna get you higher ♪
Higher than we've been before ♪
Love in motion ♪
Yeah ♪
I tried to stop them from coming in.
Not your fault.
It would've happened eventually.
They've been waiting. I knew they would.
Dancin' on a telephone wire ♪
Amplifiers all aglow ♪
But that was one of your best nights.
I gotta say.
Hey, what's this?
It's on me.
Thank you for making me feel so
welcome to Madrid and Las Encinas.
Uh, no. Thanks for this.
And welcome. A friend of
Javi's is a friend of ours.
Should I do the honors?
Please, go ahead.
- Wow. Straight up, then?
- Straight up.
You trying to knock
us out here, or what?
Come on. Let's go.
- To us.
- To us.
To us, guys.
Jesus. Oof.
Man. Another?
- Another one?
- One more.
All right, let's go for it.
- Fill it up.
- Man, that burns.
Let's go.
- You're gonna fall down the stairs.
- I'm not falling, honey.
- Where are we going? You're very drunk.
- Ah.
Come on.
- You booked a suite?
- Well, yeah.
I mean, this is an important part
of any of the super
special dates I go on
with with all the
gorgeous men that I date.
And I get a discount as Isa's friend.
You good?
Yeah, I'm great.
Uh, hey, I have an idea. Why
Why, uh, don't we order a a
bottle of whiskey or of rum?
Or maybe I'll I'll take anything.
What'd I do?
Wow, you will drink anything
to get over the awkwardness
of seeing me naked, won't you?
No, I'm No, no.
It has nothing to do with that.
Take them off.
Take off my underwear.
No. No. It has nothing
to do with that, I swear.
Wait, don't leave.
- Nico, I promise you
- That really blew up on you.
- Not as progressive as you thought.
- No, Nico, I didn't
It has nothing to do with
Whoa, man. It was incredible.
We took the helicopter to Ibiza and
took all sorts of drugs and shit.
And then after that, we
went to the Imperial Suite,
or whatever they called it.
- A total blast, dude.
- Right.
Dude, Isadora was so fuckin' hot.
We all ended up just
ba-bam, ba-bam, ba-bam,
ba-bam, ba-bam, ba-bam.
Ba-bam, ba-bam, ba-bam!
Was she, uh, on drugs?
I mean, of course. We all were.
Man, we were all super high.
Wow, it was so hot.
Dude, it was so awesome.
Yeah, and Isa? Was she a
screamer? Don't hold out on me.
Not even, dude.
She couldn't stand up,
man. She passed out.
But that didn't matter to you.
Since up till then,
she'd been all horny.
Yeah, sure.
Your insides ♪
Turning inside and out? ♪
Upside down, your intestines ♪
Lift your soul to the clouds ♪
Up above, we are floating ♪
Across the sky to the ground ♪
Here we go ♪
Floating ♪
We are ♪
Know that we're floating ♪
From the sky to the ground ♪
Here we go ♪
Ah, great. Wonderful.
Isadora, wait. Don't leave.
I need to talk to you.
- I'm leaving. Don't worry.
- No, you stay too.
You've already said enough about
Isadora on your social media.
Uh, what's all this about?
Yeah, and Isa? Was she a screamer?
Don't hold out on me.
Yeah. Not even, dude.
She couldn't stand up,
man. She passed out.
Of course, but that
didn't matter to you,
since up till then,
she'd been all horny.
Sure. That's right.
That's Javi.
I'm sorry about what you went
through. And not believing you.
I just hope you'll understand
that I'd known Javi all my life.
And not you.
I don't know if you'll need the phone,
or if it's enough for
me to send you the audio.
What about your childhood friend?
He's not my friend.
He's not who I thought.
Thank you.
Hey, babe?
You're awfully quiet.
What's the matter?
I'm just exhausted.
I'll be in bed.
Hi, guys and girls. How's it going?
I'm dead tired, and I just
got back from partying.
Many of you asked why I said what I said
about Isadora in my live earlier.
Hello, everyone.
No one asked me to, but I'm
here to tell you why I said
what I said about Isadora
in my live earlier.
Well, no.
I guess, rather, I'm here
to, um to take it all back.
To say my apologies.
And to revise what I said about her.
Justice didn't rule
her way. That's true.
But we know justice isn't infallible.
Judges are just as human as anyone else.
Human, like me and you.
And I suppose it's hard
to judge a situation
if you're not familiar with it.
If you've never been afraid
walking down the street by yourself.
Or never pretended to
call someone on the phone
so that creepy guy wouldn't harass you.
Or never found yourself in
a crowd of people feeling
extremely alone and
incredibly fragile
because those people terrified you.
Well, I don't know.
If you've never dealt with that, I mean,
it's difficult to comprehend
someone who's been there.
And I have no idea. No idea.
That's all I'm sure of.
I know nothing.
And I fucking ran my mouth
without having a clue.
I'm telling you, that's
exactly what he said.
Trust me. I wouldn't lie to
you about something like that.
You're so full of it.
- Wait. No.
- The doctor. It's obvious.
Hi, honey.
Come on, son. You're
late. Eat something.
- No appetite.
- What's the matter?
Nothing. I'm just exhausted is all.
I'll grab a sandwich at school, okay?
Wait, hold on for a sec.
I'll give you a ride.
Let me go get the car.
We'll talk later.
Look, I've started learning piano.
What's your last post about?
Nothing. I wanted to make a
statement on the Isadora thing.
You already made a statement, though.
Well, I wanted to clarify.
Oh, clarify.
Well, your clarification cost us
a million and a half followers.
Well then, at least we know
that the 10.5 million followers
we still have left are cool people.
Are you fucking joking?
You decided that yourself?
I don't have a say in it?
- That's fucking fantastic!
- Babe!
I have no say about the thing
that puts food on our table
and pays for this
apartment in the center?
- Calm down.
- I'm not!
- You're gonna ruin the piano!
- I'll ruin it!
- What? Stop!
- I'm ruining it.
I'm fucking ruining it,
see? Shut the fuck up!
- Christ!
- Raúl!
Shut up!
Hey. Did you convince him?
Did I convince who about what?
What's going on?
Thank you for coming.
You're all here today 'cause
I want to tell you that, um
that what my son's classmate
said in in that video
It was a lie.
Okay, so then, the video where we
see you two kissing is also a lie?
It's a fake? A fabrication?
No, no, the the
video is It's real.
But I'm telling you that he
wasn't the one who kissed me.
I was the initiator.
I was drunk and
got carried away.
I should never have done
it because the kid is also
my son's boyfriend.
And he loves him. He's
a great guy. Truly.
They both are, and
And they deserve each other.
But what my son
What my son doesn't deserve
is a capricious, selfish,
and cowardly father.
He deserves a father.
One who who will be honest,
who will stand up and
finally admit who he is.
I'm Cruz.
I'm a soccer player.
And I'm homosexual.
Thank you.
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