Élite (2018) s06e05 Episode Script


Guys, I don't know if I can do it.
'Cause I mean, he just lost his father.
- Why are you here?
- To tell you about Iván.
No. I don't wanna hear it.
He's going through something
horrible, and he needs me to be there.
Hey, suit yourself.
But you can't change reality.
The truth'll still be there.
Why are you pushing this so damn hard?
Because it's not fair that
you're only taking it out on us.
All right. Go ahead.
That night in Ibiza
Yeah, we were there, true.
Álex, Hugo, and me.
But remember that Iván and
Phillipe were also there.
I know. What about it?
They didn't do anything.
Well, uh, that's what they told you.
Oh, no.
No. Just no. I'm not gonna
fall for this. Seriously.
I know perfectly well that
they didn't do anything.
Don't you think it's strange
they came up with this story
about a video that only they've seen?
That was never found,
even by the police.
That's the alibi they offered
you, and you believed it because
Well, obviously, because
they're your friends.
That's normal. I would've
believed them too.
What are you insinuating?
And Phillipe runs off
to his principality.
And meanwhile, Iván stays here,
playing the role of of your BFF.
If you're trying to say
something, spit it out.
Iván and Phillipe took part in it.
No. No, that's not true.
No. I trust them wholeheartedly,
and I know that isn't true.
What choice did they have?
To incriminate themselves?
With Phillipe's past record?
Iván and Phillipe did it too.
And full disclosure,
they were the ringleaders.
They didn't care that
you were unconscious.
They got the party started.
The "party"?
- It was a "party" to you?
- Well, you know what I mean.
No, I really don't. How
you refer to it matters.
What's important is that the
two of them were the ringleaders.
Especially Iván.
He was high out of his
mind. Acted like an animal.
He was the first to jump on top of you.
Iván and Phillipe
got the party started.
Especially Iván.
He was high out of his mind on drugs.
Acted like an animal.
And in fact, he was the
first to jump on top of you.
You didn't come to my father's funeral.
Mm, no.
Sorry, I couldn't go.
Well, I get it's hard to know
what to do in these situations.
But I can't get through this
without my best friends here.
Seems Patrick's taking care
of you the way you deserve.
Hold on.
I mean, yeah.
He looks out for me all
day, and I appreciate it.
I do.
But, truth is, it's kinda smothering.
Having Patrick on top of me all day
just reminds me of all the
awful shit that happened.
I know what it's like
to have shit on your mind
that takes away your will to move on.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are ya?
Did you not sleep again?
He messaged you again.
Nonstop. What can I do?
Well, you could finally report the guy,
or at least hit him
with the block button.
You don't know Raúl.
That would be worse.
Worse than what, Sara?
The constant harassment?
Tearing you down?
Beating you?
You'll do it, and you'll
do it at your own pace,
whenever you feel ready, okay?
But you can't stay in limbo.
You have to make a decision.
Hey. Come here.
- Did Iván stay in bed again?
- Yeah.
He spent the night awake, watching
news stories about the arrest.
It's not good for him, honestly.
He probably couldn't avoid
it even if he wanted to.
Everyone's talking about it.
"Denial, bargaining, depression."
Iván's gonna have to go
through all the phases of grief
until he accepts it
and can live with it.
Quick question. When did you
become a psych major? Huh?
What's with the bitchy attitude?
You just saw me google it.
There you go.
- What's her problem with me lately?
- Anger.
She drunk right now? This
early in the day? Hmm?
Huh? No, no, no.
What I'm saying is she's going
through the anger stage of grief.
Do you think she's drunk?
- What's wrong?
- I don't know about the machine,
but I know what's wrong with you.
It's because of all this, right?
Cruz's death, the funeral,
Iván feeling shitty.
All this reminds you
of Samuel, doesn't it?
Mencía, what are you on?
What about you? Because
lately, I rarely see you sober.
And I'm not judging you, okay?
I swear, this whole situation
is super complicated for me too.
- Ah, fuck.
- You and Samuel were close
Mencía, drop it.
I said his name. You can't even hear it?
Look, Ari, I know I've been
very focused on Sara lately
because she needed me,
but I don't want you
to let this affect you
the way I let the thing with
Mom affect me, all right?
Okay. The day you care to listen to me,
or dare stop denying
everything that happened
- I'll be here to help you, all right?
- That's enough. False alarm.
The machine's not
broken. And me neither.
And so, Friday we'll start
with chapter three, okay?
Be ready.
What do you need this for?
And don't forget that you
have to choose a partner
for next week's project.
Wanna do it together?
Of course.
And the project too.
Patrick! So, Iván's doctor's note?
I told him, but he won't go to one.
He won't do anything.
Yeah. But without that doctor's note,
he can't really keep missing school.
I know you're trying to
take charge of the situation,
but we're not superheroes.
We can't handle everything. No one can.
So if you're overwhelmed and
maybe need some help, feel free
I'll get him to come back.
You have to exchange
this table for that one.
He likes to be in the corner.
If he isn't, he makes trouble, and
he's a pain in the ass for everyone.
We just need to move things around.
Isadora and I are just good friends.
That's all. That's all.
She did me a favor and
intervened to get me my job back.
Yeah, sure.
Okay, so we spend a lot
of time together, yes.
- As friends, though.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, so maybe I'd like
us to be something more.
I don't know.
I won't confirm or deny it.
What is clear is that
she isn't ready for that.
- Hmm.
- And I'm not gonna pressure her.
Okay. You take care of it.
Excuse me a moment.
A bit young for a boss, isn't she?
The bosses' daughter.
She acts like she's in
charge, but she isn't.
Yeah, so she's just gotta snitch
to her parents, and it's over.
You handsome bastard!
Oh yeah, you're a hottie.
A handsome dude.
As always, hmm?
I was starting to forget
what your face looked like.
- Yeah.
- Since you never come to Jávea.
You want nothing to do with us.
You're here on your own, doing
your thing, painting your nails.
What is this, man?
- What is this?
- I've been busy, Pau.
But I spoke with Dad yesterday,
and he didn't say you were coming.
- Surprise, then.
- How long are you staying?
I'm moving here.
Wait a minute, did Dad send
you here to handle the business?
Shit, Pau.
I told you guys to stay there
and leave me alone in
Madrid to do whatever I want.
- Yes, I know. But business is business.
- I told you.
I know what you asked for.
There's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
that's come up in Madrid, kiddo.
And we're not the only
ones to try to snap it up.
But we have to be the ones that do.
Hey, look at me. Look at me.
Dad will let you do your
own thing. I swear to you.
That's why I'm here. To
take care of everything.
To protect you and make sure
he leaves you alone, y'know?
- You know that? Yeah?
- Yeah.
All right.
Don't worry. You'll still
be able to be independent.
Do what you do, uh Being a
waiter, serving drinks and stuff.
Keep being poor if you want.
I called, but you weren't answering.
We only see each other in class.
You didn't even go to Cruz's funeral.
This whole time, you haven't stopped
by to see Iván. I don't get it.
- I have a lot going on, baby.
- Yeah, but he's your friend.
Oh, look. Dídac! Can I buy you a drink?
No. No, thanks. I just came
to ask for help with Iván.
I don't know how you want me to help.
I'm completely out of options
here, so anyway you fucking can.
He just stays in bed
all day. He barely talks.
He doesn't wanna go home, but
at my house, he's like a zombie.
And he won't go and
pick up Cruz's stuff.
He's basically just
delaying his grieving.
I understand it's hard, but I
can't do anything. I don't know.
What if we were to organize
a memorial for Cruz here?
With people who loved
him and remember him?
It's just an idea.
- No, I mean, it's a very good idea.
- Maybe I missed something.
Since when does the waiter
propose events at my venue?
Yeah, it's not your
venue. It's your parents'.
Maybe it would be
good for him, you know?
I think it might help him
get closure and turn the page.
We don't have enough time.
- It's too rushed.
- No, Isadora, don't worry.
I'll talk to the waiters, and
I'm sure it won't be a problem.
Anything for Iván.
Thank you, Isa. For real.
- It's a good idea, right?
- Yeah.
Iván? Are you sure?
No. I'm not sure of anything.
I mean, it's hard to
believe he'd do that to you.
Well, you found it hard with
Javi too, and in the end
I don't know.
I really can't tell
which parts are memories,
and which parts are dreams or
- I honestly think I'm going nuts.
- No.
No, you're not going nuts.
And you're not alone here.
Just tell me what you want,
and we'll do it together.
- Want to cancel the memorial?
- No. No, no, no, no.
We'll do it for Cruz.
The poor guy. What they did
to him was absolutely awful.
You know what my problem is?
My problem is I can't trust anyone.
And I would love to be able
to trust someone and be calm
and at peace.
Hold on.
I'd love it if you stayed. If you can.
I'm still blown away that
you rented this suite.
I've always wanted to
invite someone special here.
Oh, so does that mean
I should feel special?
You got this suite just to finger me?
No. But we're doing it my way.
- Why the condom?
- For hygiene.
And, well, for experience,
to be honest with you.
You wanna do it?
Hold on, hold on.
- Fuck, I'm sorry.
- No.
It's no big deal.
Hold on.
Try it like this.
Why don't you just take that
off? We can just do other things.
I don't need it.
Nico, what's the matter?
You used to be into it.
Not anymore.
I want the surgery.
- Why this sudden change of heart?
- Is it because of that girl you're seeing?
Sonia? Is she the one who
put that idea in your mind?
- No.
- Then what's the matter?
Because at the start of the school year,
you were so happy and
so sure of yourself.
What's going on?
Mom, no one's convinced me
of anything. It's my decision.
Your mother and I are concerned
this might be a rash decision.
I'm not being rash.
Nico, gender confirmation surgery
is very delicate, very complicated.
With a difficult recovery.
I don't care. You've
done everything else, Dad.
- But you won't do this?
- He's not going to.
This isn't something you do on a whim.
- It's not a whim, though!
- It is.
And it's all because of that girl.
- Alfonso, please help me out.
- C'mon, Dad!
Until you finish school
and think it through,
or come of age and decide for
yourself, I won't operate on you again.
As a doctor and as a father,
I think that's what's best.
- I decide for me, not you.
- When you're an adult, honey.
- If you won't, I'll find another doctor.
- Do you know how much that costs?
Nico, come back to the table, please.
- Nico!
- Nico, come on.
Come on.
Eat something. Let's go to school. Mm?
It's nonstop.
From journalists?
And from fans.
And haters.
Even dead, he has haters.
But only those who loved him
will be at the memorial today.
And those who love you.
- Your father's team confirmed
- Patrick! Stop it.
It's, "Let's go to your place,
and I'll help you clean it."
"Let's go for a walk, and
don't think about your father."
"Let's organize a memorial for him."
Fuck, you keep talking about him!
While trying to distract
me from thinking of him.
Iván, I want you to feel better.
Then don't keep reminding
me of him all the time!
And no, I don't want a fucking memorial!
- Okay, tell me what to do because
- Nothing! Nothing, Patrick!
Don't do anything!
I appreciate it, but stop doing things.
- Oh, sorry.
- Ari, leave me alone.
Shark or dolphin. Pick one.
In order to breathe,
a dolphin has to rise
to the surface, once in a while.
A shark has to keep swimming
if it wants to fill its gills,
no matter what happens.
You have to choose one of the
two if you want to breathe.
I can't.
I can't either.
But not breathing
isn't really an option.
And how do you do it?
- How do you keep breathing after Samuel
- No.
Not his name.
Your secret is to keep swimming
without stopping, no matter what.
- I've been talking with Iván
- And it looks like it worked.
That's great, Patrick.
I'm choosing shark too.
Okay then, let's start the class.
Take out your notebooks.
Page 31.
Messing with Isadora and Iván
just when they're going through
hell and need each other
- What're you talkin' about?
- Fuck.
I wonder if maybe we're
making a mistake with you,
and you're who we should pin it on.
Pau! How are you? What a surprise.
Well, shit, Javi! It's been a minute!
Hey, this is some school you have here.
You know, you were the reason
my brother wanted to come.
Hmm. So we could be together.
Like summers in Jávea.
Dude, can we talk?
I don't want to talk to you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey. What's the matter?
Nothing. Uh, we just have
to sort something out.
Dude, I miss you.
I can't undo what happened with Isa,
but I'm paying for
it, I can promise you.
I just don't understand
how you sleep at night.
And on top of that, now you're
telling lies about Iván?
You're so full of shit.
Dídac, what the hell's goin' on here?
Just that he and I are
not friends anymore.
These things happen.
Let's go.
I have nothin' to say to you. Let's go.
I'm glad to see you.
- Javi had something to do with it?
- He told me himself.
Wanna listen to it?
Pau, what do you think?
That it didn't hurt me to find out
that Javi really had the capac
Exactly. Javi. Your
Javi. Your friend here.
Dídac, in this life,
money doesn't stick around.
Or health. Or youth either.
But there's something that does.
That's your family. And your
friends. The ones you can count on.
That is why our love and loyalty to them
has to always come before
anything and everything else.
- You're taking his side now?
- Listen to me. This is important.
Nobody gives second chances.
These days, you're forced
to always pick sides,
and if you screw up only once,
you're wiped off the map, with no
trial or evidence, just like that.
Do you know what it's like to screw up?
To have everyone turn their back on you?
To feel that alone?
Javi screwed up.
Big time. Maybe as badly as
anyone can possibly fuck up.
But what should he do? Commit suicide?
Huh? Move to a deserted island?
"Sorry, kid you fucked up."
"You're not perfect anymore,
so take a rocket and
go into fucking space
and keep orbiting till you die."
Is that what he should do?
I just can't forgive him.
I'm sorry. Don't want to.
Don't then.
You don't want to,
don't do it. That's fine.
But hear him out.
You've decided to take the girl's side
because you like her. I get that.
- Fine with me. Uh, kiddo.
- That's not why.
You like her. It's obvious. It's okay.
We've all fallen head
over heels for a girl.
It's happened to all of
us. I get it. it's cool.
But Javi's your buddy.
He's your friend, man.
He's asking you to listen to him.
So just find a way to support the girl
while making sure to
give your buddy a hand.
What are you doing here?
Please. Five minutes, m'kay?
- Alone.
- You can't just show up at my school.
Yeah, but you won't take
my calls or anything.
You can't break everything
off without a conversation.
Of course she can.
In fact, if you keep this shit up,
we're gonna have to get a restraining
order against you, won't we?
Is that what you want?
'Cause if that's what
you want, I'll leave.
But I need to hear it from you.
Your personality is way too strong
to let someone else talk for you.
That's not who you are.
She's manipulating you.
- What?
- Yes.
No matter what I do, I can't bulk up.
But you're makin' progress.
I mean, gaining muscles
takes time, dude.
Sure. Because all you had to
do was drink shakes, right?
No, seriously.
There must be something I can
do to speed up the process.
Maybe um I can help you build muscle.
I got some great shit.
At a modest price, of course.
- You?
- Well, maybe not that modest, honestly.
But I can assure you,
this shit is top tier.
Legit. Medical-grade.
And why don't you use it to
help yourself grow a foot taller?
My father's a surgeon.
I have access to hormones that
can get you the results you want.
And I need the money.
We can help each other out.
So, do we have a deal?
You get the hormones
first. Then we'll talk.
Hey, hey.
If you know anyone else
who's interested, hit me up.
Many of you have asked me
why it's been weeks
since we posted anything.
And I think I owe you an explanation.
Sara left me.
That's why it's taken me so
long to answer you, because
I didn't have an answer.
See, I even wrote her a letter.
I didn't know where to send it.
Sara, if you're listening to this,
I'm not even going to try to read
it because I know it by heart,
just like I know every
mole on your back by heart.
Sara, I want you to know
that I don't hold a grudge.
That I cherished every moment
with you. Cherished your love.
And I am truly sorry for all the times
I have failed to love you properly.
But this channel,
this house, and I
will always be your home.
I swear I I will spend
every second of my life
trying to become a better person
so that, if one day
you decide to come back,
you will have the boyfriend
you deserve by your side.
This'll only take a second.
Okay, look.
If the friends you made
now so you could act cool
always treat you like shit and
are just a bunch of assholes,
that's your problem.
But if you miss me so
much, then I need proof.
You gotta clean up the piles of shit
you dumped between Iván and Isadora.
Listen, love, if Iván wants to
cancel, I need you to tell me now.
I told you already, Isa. I
don't know what the fuck to do.
I either do nothing or too much.
Either way, I feel shitty.
I don't know.
I'll help them out.
What's the matter?
Call my chauffeur.
Right away.
Isadora, I lied to you.
Hugo and Álex forced me.
Iván had nothing to do
with what happened in Ibiza.
We did it so you would leave us
alone and focus on someone else.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry I fucked up
your friendship with Iván
when you needed each other the most.
Why're you here?
I can't begin to imagine everything
you must be feeling at this moment.
And I don't have a single
decent excuse to give you
as to why I haven't been
around all this time.
You're my best friend, and
you've always been there for me.
And I'm so ashamed of myself.
Look, Iván.
I know I can't turn back time.
And as much as I'd love to, I
can't give you your dad back either.
But there is something that I can do.
I can go with you to your
house to pick up his belongings.
If you don't feel like
going through them alone,
we'll go through them together.
Or we don't have to. I don't know.
Whatever you want.
The most important part of all of this
is that I want you to know that
I will never again abandon you.
And cry. Crying is so great.
And I'm here, so we can cry together.
No, I can't though.
I'm there, but I can't.
I know. I know, but you'll get there.
But one step at a time.
- So, the memorial?
- No, Isa.
No memorial. Really.
But maybe you need it.
Seems to me, this would
be a really good way
to confront your suffering.
And heal it.
Or begin healing it.
'Cause suffering has to be healed.
Or you'll never find peace.
You wanna go together?
I love you so much.
In the night ♪
It's as if my body
were here, but I'm not.
Like it's happening to someone else.
With voices low ♪
That's great that Isa
convinced you to come.
Okay. I'll go make the rounds.
Since we're acting
like nothing happened.
Let's do it right.
Are off the road ♪
That's when heaven's nail and hammer ♪
How are ya?
- Starts nailing holes in the sky ♪
- I'm sorry, man.
- And I see heaven ♪
- Ugh.
Heaven, heaven ♪
I don't get what he sees in her. Pfft.
That's so 2010 and so sexist.
It's not Sonia's fault things
didn't go well between you and Nico.
No, it was yours.
Sorry, what?
If you hadn't told him about
Bilal, we would've been all right.
But when the guy's the one you like,
then leave the sisterhood
for another day, right?
Because we all know you like Bilal.
Who died long ago ♪
And I'm still down here with the ♪
So, hey. You can just
ignore what Ari said.
Oh. So you don't like me now?
And what if I said I did?
You're not my type.
I only see heaven's nail and hammer ♪
Nailing holes in the sky ♪
Let me guess your type.
Is it white millionaires?
Even if they treat you like shit, right?
And because you already have me,
the sister, to act cocky with,
even though I'm not your type.
That's called
"misogynoir", you know that?
Is it also Swahili?
I'm not going to let
you keep teasing me.
Look, all I know is that you're
on the other side of the bar,
and I'm here.
And I don't want any more
problems with Las Encinas girls.
It's not worth it to me.
On behalf of Cruz's family and friends,
I appreciate each and every
one of you for being here
to honor my father's memory
and the legacy he leaves behind.
My father's team has generously offered
to create a foundation in his name
to promote inclusive sports
so that his name will serve
as an example and all that.
But my dad wasn't an
example of anything.
That's what he would
say if he were here.
He had problems. He was human.
Just trying to live life his way.
And, no.
No one should have to
die for that, y'know?
No one should have killed
him because of who he was.
So I don't want to accept it.
And I don't want to live with
it, but I'm going to anyways.
Patrick, no! No.
Let him.
He needs to cry it out.
I swear, I can't stand
hearing her life lessons
when she should be
taking her own advice.
"Do as I say, not as I do."
I thought you'd be at the
police station and not here.
- You don't understand.
- What don't I understand?
That you're going back to him
because he's blackmailing
you emotionally?
I'm not going back to him.
I'm staying. He's going.
He even gave me space
by going to dinner.
He's doing his part, Mencía.
He's manipulating you, Sara.
That's textbook control.
Because clearly it's better
to be controlled by you. Right?
Is that what you really think of me?
Look, I'm only doing this
to help you out, all right?
As a friend.
I want nothing in
exchange, and I never have.
I know I haven't gone
about it the best way.
It's just that I see you
venturing into danger,
and I can't leave you in the lion's den.
But I just want my life back, okay?
I'm not some puppet.
This is my decision.
I'll send someone over
tomorrow to pick up my things.
I've been talking with Mencía.
It wasn't easy, but we
found it by asking around.
- What is this?
- It's the address where Samuel is buried.
For you.
And for me.
You asked me to let Iván
cry for his dad, didn't you?
Well, now I'm asking you
to do the same for Samuel.
Excuse me.
Yeah. Thanks.
I lied to you.
The shark stuff was bullshit.
This is the only thing
that helps me get through.
Does it work?
I thought it did.
That it took away the pain.
But actually, it only hides it.
It takes hold of it here.
If we can't get rid of it
then at the very least, we can share it.
Stop acting like a baby ♪
You're acting like a baby ♪
Most of the time ♪
'Cause I am a good girl ♪
I'm a really good girl ♪
Of the rare kind ♪
'Cause I'm a fool for loving you ♪
Hey, have you seen Iván?
I am a fool ♪
So alone, and yet so pretty.
Whipping out the classics, huh?
Stop acting like a baby ♪
I'm not alone, though.
Uh, I'm with you.
- How much?
- How much what?
How much do you charge?
Hey, hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?
You should be grateful you didn't
get your ass kicked, you racist.
For making a mistake?
- You looked like
- Like what?
Did you ask her how much she
charges? Or her right there?
- What happened?
- This girl just attacked me.
She's the one who was
attacked. Take him away.
- Please come with us.
- Okay, okay.
Calm down, okay?
How are you?
I'm used to it, really.
When they don't mistake me for a
prostitute, it's for a housekeeper.
Not that there's anything wrong
with either of those, but
You know what I mean?
For once, I understand you.
The locals here see my skin,
and they think they know me.
I'm a local.
But you wanted to be from
there. I'm the opposite of you.
That's "hello" in Swahili.
I'm Bilal.
It's always good to meet a sister.
'Cause I'm a fool for loving you ♪
I tried to help you, Ari.
Both of you.
You too, Iván.
I don't know why you've
pulled away from me.
You accept help from everyone,
but from me, you want nothing.
You say you're grateful, but
I feel like you hate my guts.
- I don't hate your guts.
- Yes, you despise me!
Even if you force a smile,
you can't help letting it show.
And I don't know when this
started, but I don't care.
Because I don't deserve it.
And you?
You've turned into a filthy drunk
who has no respect for anything.
I'll be at my parents',
in case you need anything.
And tomorrow, or
whenever, I'll come over,
and we can record some
videos, like we said.
Hold on.
It's just
Maybe it's silly for you to
leave today to come back tomorrow.
Yeah, but that's what we agreed on.
Are you sure?
Little by little.
We won't sleep together, but stay here.
Come on.
Ugh. Can you please call Isadora?
I'll be right back. I'm sorry.
Yeah, no. You have no way
to know if she's sleeping.
You can't fool me like that.
Isadora is "sleeping," apparently.
That's what I deserve. To be alone.
- No.
- Yes.
You should leave me alone too
because of the way I treated you.
I was scared shitless.
But it's not because of what you think.
Well, the thing is, the last time
I liked someone the way I like you
And I like you, as
much as you say I don't,
I really screwed up.
His name was Samuel.
That's the first time
I've said his name.
And I loved him
so much, to be honest.
So much.
But, well, I I destroy
everything I care about.
That's why I'm telling you to stay
away. And you're not listening.
And then you'll come
saying, "Oh!" I told you so.
Your girlfriend's waiting.
That I have ♪
To give ♪
Nico, why are you texting
her? She's right there!
I'm getting a car.
And he's sending me home again. Cool.
No, I want you to come home with me.
Wants to change ♪
- Oh.
- You are the one ♪
Why, Iván? I swear, I don't understand.
- I mean, do you love her? Is that it?
- I'm not in love with anyone.
- See? You do hate me.
- I don't fucking hate you!
Then why pull away?
You avoid being left alone together.
You avoid having me near you.
You avoid being with me.
You're even avoiding looking at me.
Because every time I look,
I remember my father
came out because of you!
And I remember that he
left the house that night
because you called him.
And that if he and I had never
met you, he might still be here.
You can't blame me for that.
Deep down, I know
you're not responsible.
And I know there's no excuse
for what I did tonight.
It doesn't change what
I feel when I see you.
I feel like everything
is your fault, Patrick.
I wish I could control that,
but that's just what I feel.
And I know it's insanely unfair
and I can't do it anymore.
Iván, please tell me
you're not leaving me now.
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