Elkhorn (2024) s01e07 Episode Script


ANNOUNCER: Previously,
on Elkhorn.
Arthur Packard of the
Bad Lands Cow Boy.
MERRIFIELD: No lawyers
here and no law,
not for a hundred miles.
ARTHUR: The Marquis de Mores is
not a man to be trifled with.
Heck, he owns practically
every building in
this town including this one.
SEWALL: What about
your daughter?
She’s beautiful, isn’t she?
ROOSEVELT: Baby Lee, her life
will be better without me.
SEWALL: What child is better
off without their father?
MAY: You said there
would be sightseeing.
RUSSEL: C’mon, now, May.
It’s, it’s an authentic
Western experience.
It’s a scam is what it is,
and you fell right for it.
"Come and see the natural
beauty of Pyramid Park."
You know what the locals
call this place, Russel?
The Badlands.
RUSSEL: Well, you won’t have
to complain much longer.
We’ll be in town
before you know it and
on the next train to Boston.
See now?
- DRIVER: Whoa.
I’ll bet we’ve come
upon a grand sight.
ROBBER: Cash and jewelry.
Russel, just do as he says.
RUSSEL: I’m just
reachin’ for my wallet.
ROBBER: Get out!
It’s okay, it’s okay.
It’s okay, it’s okay.
Russel, don’t.
No, no, no. no.
Please, please!
♪[SALOON] ♪♪
Bob Roberts!
I’ll take a pour of
your finest whiskey.
Red, we don’t want no problems.
You already owe on the broken
window and the card table.
I ain’t gonna be no trouble.
Not only am I payin’ my tab.
I’m buyin’ a round for everyone.
Had some good fortune, then?
You could say that.
And I got a feelin’
there’s plenty more to come.
Should we do it?
Do you know how I
spent my morning?
Consoling the wife
of a dead man.
MAUNDERS: Fail to see
how that’s my fault.
Tenderfoots die
out here every day,
a hazard of the territory.
When I hired you to run
my stagecoach company,
my company,
the idea was to transport
goods, not tourists.
It’s not just a man who’s dead.
It is a customer.
Even a dullard should understand
that is not good for business.
A dullard?
MARQUIS: Your little scheme to
conceal the lockbox did not
even stump a common thief.
MAUNDERS: If you’re
frettin’ over security,
you shoulda hired a
gun to ride along.
But it’s gonna cost ya.
MARQUIS: Paying off a widow
is what is going to cost me.
Our business is concluded.
Never set foot in here again.
You ain’t ever gonna find
another soul who knows
this territory better than me.
Terrain can be taught.
Common sense, it seems, cannot.
And now, I bid you
adieu, Monsieur Maunders.
Good luck.
This is great Joe.
How about a blue as well?
- JOE: Alright.
Exactly the man I
was looking for!
I could use a spot of advice.
What trouble have you
gotten yourself into now,
Mister Roosevelt?
A quagmire of cookery.
Baking, to be precise.
You see, Bill and the men do
such a fine job with grub,
I thought that today I
would surprise them with
a hearty meal of my own making.
Trouble is, I’ve been trying
to recall my mother’s biscuit
recipe, and I cannot remember
for the life of me whether
it called for baking
powder or baking soda.
I wired Elliott, but he’s
yet to respond, and, well,
I can’t very well wait
around all day, now can I?
Afraid I’m not so
knowledgeable on such things.
JOE: Got a simple solution
for you, Mister Roosevelt.
What you do is you make
yourself two batches,
one with baking soda, the
other with baking powder.
Danged gunslingers!
Stray round perhaps?
Shall we see?
I guess.
Redhead Finnegan’s back.
ARTHUR: Local nuisance.
Thief mostly though nobody
can seem to prove it.
Temperamental fellow but never
seemed quite so agitated.
Wonder what’s set
him off this morning?
Ah, looks like the boys
gave ol’ Red a close shave.
A spot of advice,
Mister Roosevelt,
never fall asleep
at Bob Roberts’ bar.
That’s when cowboys
can get a little
creative with their mischief.
Alright, let’s put a stop to
this before someone gets hurt.
Be careful, now!
FINNEGAN: A man treats
y’all to drinks,
and this is how you repay ’em?
Don’t shoot, Marquis!
So many bullets have
hit my property already.
I would be well
within my rights.
ARTHUR: Perhaps you would.
But give us a chance to
quell this without bloodshed.
FINNEGAN: Whoever did
this better come out here!
- FINNEGAN: By the time
- Very well, Packard.
I count to five,
someone better be standing here
- Alright, let’s say
- FINNEGAN: and confessin’
you distract him while I go
around and get the drop on him?
How do you intend I do that?
Polite conversation, perhaps?
Good morning!
FINNEGAN: Are you the
fella who ruined my looks?
No, but perhaps I could help
you find the perpetrator.
What might he look like?
FINNEGAN: I don’t need help.
I’ve got no business with you
unless you’re hidin’ that man.
Are you hidin’ ’em
from me, rawheel?
Cause that ain’t gonna
go so well for you.
Cause that ain’t gonna
go so well for you.
wait just a moment-!
Bastille with him, then.
ARTHUR: Sleep tight, Red.
MARQUIS: You have shown great
initiative today, Packard,
a soldier’s resolve.
It is to be commended.
Well, thank you, Marquis.
I appreciate that.
There is a business opportunity
I would like to
discuss with you.
Just opened up, in fact.
I believe you might be the
exact man I’m looking for.
ARTHUR: I’m flattered, Sir,
but I don’t know the first thing
about managing stagecoaches.
I’m a newspaper editor as
you’re certainly aware.
You’re a businessman.
"The Cow Boy is not
published for fun but for
two dollars a year."
I always liked that
little touch, Packard.
And I couldn’t
agree with you more.
For even endeavors of passion
must turn a profit if
they are to endure.
Now, I know we’ve had
our disagreements.
But do not let that blind
you to an opportunity.
At the moment, the people of
Deadwood must ship their goods
from a train depot three
hundred miles away.
A coach line in Medora would
cut that distance by half
and position our town, not
just the center of cattle trade
in the Badlands, but the
center of trade itself.
And you, Packard,
would be at the helm.
It’s a generous
proposal, Marquis,
truly, but you
should know I have
no aspirations of grand wealth.
And what about independence?
How do you mean?
Well, this building is a
fine base of operations,
but as long as I own it, your
fortunes are tied to mine.
Think of it, Packard, an
independent enterprise?
So to be clear, you would
hand the deed over to me?
And expand the paper’s reach.
Consider my offer.
But should you decide
against it, well then,
please run this in
tomorrow’s edition.
Someone let me outta here!
Ah. You.
Uncle, I am starved.
How much longer on those
biscuits do you think?
I wouldn’t be in no rush.
Oh, I wanted to
show you something.
I traded for it in town.
Not much your style.
It’s for Rosie,
for the next time I see her.
Well, what do you think?
You’re really smitten
with this girl.
Well, I a-
Lunch is served!
Unfortunately, the baking
powder took a bullet this
morning, so I had to
gamble with baking soda.
Somebody shot the baking powder?
Not on purpose.
Well, that clears
it right up, then.
DOW: Either way,
this is a wonderful surprise
Mister Roosevelt, thank you.
Shall I fetch some jam?
Oh, no need, Wilmot.
Mother always intended them
to be savored as they are.
DOW: Ah, a,
Mr. Roosevelt,
they’re quite firm.
ROOSEVELT: Well then,
perhaps they could use
a spot of jam after all.
Yes, Sir.
- ARTHUR: Hey there, Joe?
- JOE: Arthur?
You playin’ warden, Packard?
Just being neighborly, Jake.
Heard you were workin’
for the Frenchman now.
Take it from me.
That don’t work out
well for no one.
JOE: I’m closin’ after this,
so you’re either buyin’
and goin’ or just goin’, Jake.
And your credit’s
long-spent here.
paid-up, Ferris.
Never thought I’d see the day.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Red.
You were quite
the menace this
Better for keeping
people out than in.
I just hope Finnegan’s
learned his lesson.
No paper today, Arthur?
I wouldn’t expect one tomorrow
either, Mister Roosevelt.
Too many contracts to finish up
and books that need squaring.
Jake Maunder’s stagecoach
records were inconsistent
to say the least.
Lot of missing sums I
expect will remain missing.
Oh, but on the upside,
I was able to work out a
deal with the mining company.
Turns out when you offer to ship
their goods in half the time,
ears tend to perk up.
And pens get ready
to sign, no doubt.
You know, you’re a
skilled man, Arthur,
sure to succeed at any endeavor.
Just be sure to keep sight
of what brought you out
here in the first place.
Of course, Sir.
Oh, how’d those
biscuits turn out?
Poorly, I’m afraid.
Received the recipe this
morning from my brother.
Of course, we needed our
dearly departed baking powder.
Ah, I see.
Well, you’ll have to
give it another go once
Joe Ferris restocks.
Oh, your brother’s
expecting, is he?
Ah, yes.
His wife Anna’s expecting
their first born any day now,
sooner than anticipated.
Or perhaps I’ve just lost
track of time out here.
He’s hoping for a girl,
but they’ve yet
to choose a name.
And do you plan on visiting
your daughter soon?
Why do you ask?
Mentions it here.
Your brother inquires
when you’ll be back
to visit Baby Lee.
He did, didn’t he?
I’m looking into that
when I can visit New York.
But it’s tough to leave when
there’s so much work yet to do.
Quite right, Sir.
A lot work to do for both of us.
But we can’t lose sight of why
we came out here
in the first place.
My apologies, Mister Roosevelt,
but I have a lot of
contracts to tend to.
Of course.
Good luck, Arthur.
ARTHUR: Oh, Mister Roosevelt?
MEDORA: A quick jaunt there
and back and home before dark.
Deadwood is not a town
you want to dally.
Trust me.
I don’t mind the trip.
It’s just, wouldn’t it be
best if you sent someone
with a little more experience?
I mean, running a hotel is one
thing, but contracts and trade
and such, I don’t even
know where to begin-
MEDORA: I’m not asking
you to write the contracts
or even understand them.
I am asking you to make
sure they sign them,
regardless of whether
or not they agree.
Consider it an exercise
in negotiation,
in persuasion.
But, Medora, I don’t-
Rosie, do you think
I’m spending all this
time an effort on you
so you can run
some tourist hotel?
Well, I-
This place has its
charm, but it’s one small
thread in the grand
tapestry of my enterprises.
So I need you to learn now,
and I need you to learn fast.
And whatever happens,
don’t ever forget,
we are bigger than this place.
You are bigger than this place.
Or at least, I’ll make
sure you are soon enough.
A lady shouldn’t travel alone.
Surely, I should have
someone to protect me,
shouldn’t I?
Smart girl.
I’m having Paddock escort-
I’m sorry, perhaps
someone I’m a little more
comfortable with?
You have a person in mind?
Well, I was thinking
maybe Wilmot Dow?
The woodsman?
He’s Roosevelt’s man, is he not?
He’s very dependable.
I trust you’ll choose wisely.
ROSIE: Think they’ll
be missin’ you today?
Well, Mister Roosevelt,
he was cordial enough, but
will the ranch fall
apart in my absence,
without a strong and
steady hand to guide it?
Who can know such things?
Well, all the same, I
appreciate the company.
How could I turn down a ride
with such a pretty view?
Uh, Rosie,
I wanted to give you something.
ROSIE: Why are we stopping?
What’s goin’ on?
Lift up the couch.
Lift it up, now!
Just give him what he wants.
- You alright?
- Yeah.
No, no stay.
Please stay.
I’m so sorry, Rosie.
I was meant to protect
you, and, well,
I couldn’t of failed
more than that.
Hey, hey, no.
Don’t talk like that,
not even for an instant.
You did exactly what
you needed to do.
You kept a level head, and
you kept us both alive.
Hey, I’m the one who
dragged you out here.
Maybe it’s best if you plan
our outings from here on out.
That locket was
really beautiful.
Thank you.
MARQUIS: You do realize I
insure our client’s cargo?
So every one of these incidents
comes directly out of my pocket.
And I’m working on it.
Deadwood is sending a proper
deputy to help nab this crook.
I could’ve ended
this with one shot.
Instead, you spared his life.
And you hired me because of it.
I hired you to right the ship.
Instead, it’s only
sinking faster.
Then perhaps it’s time
to print this after all?
WARD: Mister Packard?
Deputy Ward.
Been a while, Marquis.
Yes, I suppose it has.
WARD: Better part of a year
since that unfortunate
business with Riley Luffsey.
What’s unfortunate
is when men let their
passions spoil good business.
Fix this.
Must be pretty bad
if you sent for me.
It is, Ward.
I’ve done everything
that I can think of,
changed shipment times,
alternated routes.
We even removed the lockboxes
from the stagecoaches because we
can’t be trusted with
people’s valuables,
not to mention their well-being.
Are you certain it’s Red?
He’s a pestilent runt,
but I’ve never known him
to be the violent sort, much
less a cold-blooded killer.
What I do know is that he
was waving cash all over
town the night of the robbery.
Well, that is quite the
pest but a reliable one.
So we’ll send out another coach
as a decoy and see if he bites.
What do you need?
A posse you can trust.
Thank you.
I’m relieved to see
you back in one piece.
Well, that was my first
stickup, and I would not mind
it being my last.
It’s easy to forget,
between changing linens and
serving breakfast to
businessmen that this place
still has its wild side.
It won’t forever.
But that criminal still runs
free because your woodsman
failed to act and failed
to protect our contracts.
Hard to imagine Paddock
letting that happen.
He, a, I asked him not to.
Perhaps he’s not as
dependable as you thought.
I should get back to work.
we must be careful in
whom we place our trust.
Our lives often depend upon it.
That’s all.
She looks just like her mother.
Like a tiny reflection.
Now, you tell me you got
that yellow son of a gun.
We will with your help.
Deputy Ward is gonna assist
us in setting a trap.
DOW: Well, then, what
are we waiting’ for?
Let’s go, Sir.
ARTHUR: You could bring
her here, you know?
Your daughter, I mean,
instead of traveling
all the way back east.
Well, I’m not sure an
infant would find stagecoach
robberies as appealing.
Plus, with all the
work to be done,
that wouldn’t be fair to
her, not yet at least.
You once told me we have
to make an honest stand
if we want this place to change.
And that means bringing
families out here,
making this a town
worth living in.
I’d leave her in New
York if I were you,
Mister Roosevelt.
It’s too hard to protect the
people you care about just now.
SEWALL: Everyone
hold your fire!
What are you doing here?
There’s been an incident
back at the cabin.
You might want to see it for
yourself, Mister Roosevelt.
Got the silverware too.
Whole place has been
picked-through good.
Baby Lee.
SEWALL: Well, it ain’t much
of a silver lining, but
at least your contracts with
the Marquis are still here.
They didn’t take the contracts?
DOW: Rosie!
What are you doing here?
- Well, I was-
Don’t worry, Rosie.
We’re gonna get the
guys who did this.
Well, actually,
that’s why I’m here.
Guess who’s down at Bob
Roberts’ place just now,
flush with cash,
drinking whiskey like
there’s not a care in the world?
DOW: I’ll ride ahead
and fetch the deputy.
Mister Roosevelt,
I’ve only just now figured
out who the killer is.
If you’ll allow me a moment,
I think I can explain.
Another round, if you please?
WARD: Evening, Red.
Well, now.
Evenin’, Deputy.
What are you drinking?
Bob, get this man a drink.
You hold that drink, Bob.
Red, you’ll be
coming with us, now.
You’re under arrest.
For what?
For killing a man in cold blood.
FINNEGAN: Killin’?
I’ve never killed
a soul in my life!
What are you talkin’
about deputy?
Are you sayin’ you never
robbed those stagecoaches?
Are you crazy?
Only a fool courtin’
death would try that!
You might as well
come clean, Red.
We’re taking you in
one way or the other.
I ain’t admittin’ to
things I ain’t done!
FINNEGAN: Get offa me!
Well, now, I might’ve helped
myself to a few things.
WARD: As I said, we’re taking
you in one way or the other.
Hold up there, Deputy.
Things aren’t quite
as they appear.
Now, Red, obviously,
you’ve always been our
number one suspect.
Why wouldn’t you be?
You’re a professional thief.
Right after the robberies,
you came into this very
bar with a wad of cash,
buying everybody drinks.
I’m a friendly guy.
ARTHUR: Sure you are,
but you got to admit,
it’s mighty suspicious
being that flush with cash
right after the robberies.
I earned that money
fair and square.
ARTHUR: Stealing goods and
selling stolen property.
Now, the one thing I
couldn’t figure out
was why would you steal
the contracts of Marquis.
That’s worthless
paper to a thief.
I never stole no
contracts from no one.
ARTHUR: No, you didn’t.
Because the person that did
did so because he has a
grudge with the Marquis.
Isn’t that right,
What are you talking about?
You took those contracts right
after you stole the money.
Those contracts are
of no value to you.
That’s not the
actions of a thief.
That’s sabotage.
That’s personal.
See, a man like Finnegan,
given the chance he would
empty the pockets of
every single man in this room
except his own,
so I had to think.
How would a thief
stay two steps ahead?
By picking his own pockets,
knowing his boss
will refill them.
And those lockboxes
on the stagecoach,
well, that was your
idea, wasn’t it?
Yet somehow the bandit always
knew exactly where they were.
WARD: Arthur, you
sure about this?
ARTHUR: We were too
focused on Finnegan because
we wanted it to be Finnegan.
But Maunders here, well, he’s
been flush with cash as well.
Heck, just the
other day, I saw him
pay off his entire
debt to Joe Ferris.
You have no idea what you’re
talkin’ about, Packard!
The way I see it,
you had a pretty good
racket goin, ’ Maunders.
You were bleeding the
Marquis books on one end
and stealing from the
tourists in the other.
Until you got sloppy with
your stagecoach robberies,
killed a man, and got
fired from the job.
WARD: That’s making
a lot of sense, men.
You ain’t got a lick of proof.
’Fraid I’d intended
this for someone else.
You’re under arrest Maunders,
for robbery and murder.
Did you catch the thief?!
I owe you, Sir.
Well done, deputy.
Justice is served.
Now, what to do
with Mr. Finnegan?
Congratulations, Packard,
excellent work.
Thank you, Sir.
I’m afraid, however,
that I must scale back
the stagecoach company.
I’ve had some unforeseen
circumstances with some
investments and must prioritize
other ventures for a time.
So it’s done, then?
Scaling back, I said.
I remain confident
in its potential, but
the expansion will have to wait.
I’ll keep a single
line to the Black Hills
under your management.
I won’t just hand
you the building
for such meager effort
but perhaps in time.
I’ll manage it for now.
Tres bien.
You know,
in light of recent events,
I think my expertise
might lie elsewhere.
And where is that?
Law enforcement.
Law must come to Medora
some day, mustn’t it?
Some day.
But not today.
Well, I’ll be.
ARTHUR: Mister Roosevelt?
My brother, Elliott,
got his wish,
a beautiful baby girl.
That’s wonderful, sir
I thought I’d let you know.
I sent word back to New York.
I’ll be returning in the winter,
just after the round up to
spend Christmas
with my daughter.
That’s a fine plan, a fine
plan indeed, Mister Roosevelt.
Oh, what was the name?
Your niece, did they
decide upon a name?
They did.
Eleanor Roosevelt.
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