Elkhorn (2024) s01e10 Episode Script

A Man for All Seasons

ANNOUNCER: Previously
on Elkhorn.
PACKARD: What’s a New
York reformer doing
in the Dakota territory?
ROOSEVELT: We are here to mak
cattle ranching our business.
SEWALL: And what of
your life back east?
Where’s Alice?
BAMIE: You need to
go to your wife.
There might not be another
chance to tell her goodbye.
MARQUIS: It is inevitable
we meet, you know.
The world is too small
for great men such as ourselves.
Seems I’ve caught the
gentleman staring.
- This here’s our property!
- Not yet it ain’t.
Auntie, Wilmot here’s the one
I was tellin’ you about.
The handsome fella?
DOW: Every time
I look at Rosie,
I swear
Miss Medora, uh
DOW: At that dance,
I’m gonna ask her for her hand.
- You’re not to see him again.
- I love him
MEDORA: Don’t cast aside
what I have done for you.
ROOSEVELT: I sent word back
to New York, I’ll be returning
in the winter, spend
Christmas with my daughter.
MEDORA: The roundup
will soon be upon us.
Bad things happen all the time.
MARQUIS: Take him
down, Paddock.
SEWALL: I think we may
be on the wrong end
of someone’s rifle.
PADDOCK: I got ’im in my sights.
SEWALL: They make it to
those northern cliffs
we’ll lose half the herd!
♪[TENSE] ♪♪
SEWALL: They’re runnin’
scared, Mister Roosevelt!
We’re wasting time.
Get back to Merrifield
and get every man we can get.
DOW: Yes sir, yah!
Yah, yah!
Come on, get mounted, we’ve
got to stop that herd!
My investment is about to
stampede off a cliff
And your payday along with it!
Or have you truly
lost your mind!?
Or maybe you’ve lost your nerve!
Those steers go
off that cliff
then the greenhorn and his
whole ranch are finished.
MARQUIS: Enough!
That is not just
Elkhorn stock, you fool.
That herd spans half
a dozen ranches!
The entire industry of
Medora would be finished!
Well maybe if you
weren’t such a coward!
Our business is
concluded, Paddock.
So it seems.
DOW: Stampede!
We got a stampede! MERRIFIELD:
What on earth are you
squawking about, kid?
DOW: There’s a stampede!
The storm-Cattle-
We gotta go!
get your stuff!
Come on! Move!
Let’s go, go, go!
SEWALL: It’s what I feared.
How do we control ’em?
MARQUIS: By guiding them!
You ride even on
both sides and try
to steer them away
from danger
And hope they tire
themselves out.
And if they don’t grow tired?
If they remain stubborn?
Then I will ride to the
front and stop them myself.
Not alone you won’t.
Bill, join the men and
do what you can to keep
the herd from harm’s way.
The Marquis and I shall
ride to the front, together.
♪[TENSE] ♪♪
Hey, hey, hey!
Come on, come on!
Get movin’ here!
Hyah, hyah, hyah!
MARQUIS: Make for
the cliff, Roosevelt!
MERRIFIELD: Keep ’em even, boys!
SEWALL: How’s the arm?
ROOSEVELT: Tolerable.
Well, you know I don’t
have much expertise, but
that looked like some fine
riding today, Mister Roosevelt.
Thank you.
I merely did what
needed to be done.
Y’know, we’d never be
able to prove it, but
I’m pretty sure a certain
someone was out there today
when you showed up.
And I’m pretty sure that you
showing up saved our bacon.
Well Wilmot and
I won’t forget it.
Well, that’ll be one for ages
’cause it will be a story
to tell the grandkids.
ROOSEVELT: How’s the
herd, Merrifield?
MERRIFIELD: Have ’em sorted by
ranch tomorrow morning and
shoot I think we got 800 of
our own already rounded up.
The other two hundred
though not so much.
They’re still scattered
out there somewhere.
I want you to take what
men you need and drive
the herd into Medora tomorrow.
Mister Roosevelt,
I’ll get you them
drifter steers
trust me on that-
You’ve been the finest
partner that I could’ve
asked for which is why I’m
now asking you to deliver
the cattle that we do have,
to ensure their safe
delivery to market.
We cannot risk another stampede,
not this close to the end.
I’ll see to it then.
We’ll take the remaining
ranch hands and bring in
the stragglers soon after.
Yes sir.
Oh, Sewall.
Next time you’re
saggin’ in the saddle,
rub some of that tobacco
juice on your eyes.
It’ll be a rude awakenin’,
but I guarantee you will
be awake, whether
you wanna be or not.
Heard what you
did, Mr. Roosevelt.
Wanna say thank you,
for savin’ our herd too.
I’m sure the other ranchmen
would’ve done the same thing.
PACKARD: Forty hours in the
saddle and he’s still out there?
Riding as we speak,
broken shoulder and all.
Far cry from the greenhorn
who arrived last summer.
- That’s for sure.
- Sure to make quite the story
front page in Medora
at the very least.
Would you care to give a quote?
Y’know what?
This coffee’s real decent
Oh, and that man
Mister Theodore Roosevelt, well.
I’d say one day if he wants it,
that man could be president.
Come inside.
Antoine baked your
favorite dessert.
Crêêpes suzette.
I’ve no appetite.
I’ve not seen Paddock
since your return.
Probably sulking somewhere,
as a child would.
Should we be concerned of him?
Roosevelt on the other hand
You misjudged him, yes?
But there will be
time for such talk.
For now,
you’ve ensured our survival,
and I’m grateful.
ROOSEVELT: Just delivered the rest
of the herd to your stockyard.
Here’s the tally.
Tres bien.
I trust you’ll honor our deal?
Six cents a pound, in
case you’ve forgotten.
Oh, I remember
quite well.
A good year for you, then.
A good year for all
of us, in the end.
Well, we can only hope next
year is equally as fruitful.
Who can say what the
future will hold?
Strange, isn’t it?
You being there, just
after the stampede
And I could say
the same about you.
The world is simply too small.
go home, Manitou.
♪[TENSE] ♪♪
done, Mister Roosevelt!
I had a feeling about you!
Well thank you, I’m honored.
Congrats, congrats.
Thank you.
I heard about what you did-
Alright, you can
take the man out of
the statehouse, but
40 hours in the saddle-
Thank you!
Would you just
take it easy, Wil?
Uncle, you are not the one
getting down on
one knee, alright?
It’s gotta be perfect.
It’ll be what it’ll be.
MADDOX: Evenin’ fellas!
Ma’am, it’s good
to see you again.
DOW: Uh, would you happen
to know where Rosie’s at?
MADDOX: Well, she’s probably off
somewhere fussin’ with her garb.
Same as you!
A friendly warning.
She ain’t no fool,
so don’t ever be
treatin’ her as such.
Oh no, no, I-
MADDOX: Not this day,
or any other.
You got that?
I won’t.
Well go on and find her then!
Oh, I uh,
I got two left feet.
Well that’s alright
I barely got one!
[LAUGHS] Come on.
SEWALL: Alright.
Well it’s the man of the hour.
Well, good press
goes a long way.
Well, I just print it sir,
whether the people
believe it is up to them.
FERRIS: Friends!
Please, if I can have
your attention please.
If you could just spare me
a moment of your time
Here we are.
Another round-up ended.
Another season come and gone.
And what a season it’s been,
I’m proud to stand up here
and say that our
town is thriving.
Our ranches are thriving.
So enjoy the night, folks.
It belongs to all of ya.
ROOSEVELT: Here, here!
Would the finest seamstress in
the Badlands do me the honor?
So long as you
don’t slow me down.
Ladies & gentlemen of Medora,
may you please welcome
the most beautiful
woman in the world:
my wife.
A ballade, s’il vou plait.
♪[BALLAD] ♪♪
Hello Rosie.
Hi there.
You look, um
Oh no.
That won’t do it.
Truth is, I don’t think
I’ve ever seen
anything as beautiful.
Well, you’re not
so bad yourself.
Oh well, I did it for you.
Have you been dancin’?
No, uh, I-I-
I’m not much of a dancer
Come on.
Oh, oh okay.
♪[TENSE] ♪♪
♪[TENSE] ♪♪
Y’all know I like
to follow the rules.
♪[TENSE] ♪♪
Whats’a matter?
Ain’t I invited to
your little soiree?
It’s French!
Speakin’ of
Go home, Paddock.
Or what?
You gonna slap me?
settles his
grievances in private.
Do not disgrace yourself.
I ain’t seekin’ no grievance
from you, not tonight!
But you!
It’s about high time someone
put you in your place-
I won’t tell you twice.
Walk outta here.
Or get dragged out.
You ain’t even
gotta tell me once.
Stay down!
ROSIE: No no no no
ROSIE: No no no no
Come on, Joe, make
yourself useful!
That was long overdue.
And, I guess I gotta admit it,
you did good.
Bringin’ that woodsman out here.
I’m happy to hear you say that.
You’ll be alright managing
things this winter?
There ain’t a Dakota winter yet
that can ruffle this Canadian.
Good man.
Back to New York, then?
For a spell.
There is
something important
that needs my attention.
Don’t worry.
I’ll keep Elkhorn ship-shape
for when you get back.
DOW: Uh, Rosie?
ROSIE: Yes, Wilmot?
I, uh, whoa-
W-would you, um eh
Would you like
some, uh, lemonade?
This dancin’ is just makin’
me all parched and uh,
it’s a lot.
Why, that’d be just fine.
Alright well, I’ll
go grab it then.
Come on, Wilmot!
You look happy.
I am.
That’s good.
We should try to be happy
with the choices we make.
I’ll place an ad tomorrow, for
a new manager at the hotel.
No, Medora.
I love him.
Please don’t make me choose.
- Rosie- - ROSIE: Please.
MEDORA: You misunderstood.
I would never make you choose.
But the fact is, you will
soon be far too busy.
- I- - MEDORA: Living
in a sod house,
raising his children
while he works the ranch
from dawn til dusk.
It won’t be like that, alright?
It won’t.
MEDORA: Some parting advice.
When the happiness fades
and it will fade
you must learn to lie
much better than that.
there is somethin’ that I’ve
been wantin’ to say to you.
Well, uhm, ask, really.
Could we step outside,
get some fresh air?
DOW: Great.
Uh, uhm.
I am, not as good with my
words as Mister Roosevelt.
But, I’ve been thinkin’
about them, really hard
and uh, to come up with
the right ones and uh, -
Uh Wilmot-
DOW: No, please just,
let me- - ROSIE: Alright.
Okay alright.
Seven months back,
my uncle he,
he said to me "Wil,
we are going to Dakota"
and I said "Alright."
And I figured that we’d come
out here, make some money,
have some fun, and go home.
And the thing is
I don’t wanna go back.
I don’t wanna go anywhere
if it means leaving you.
So Rosie
Will you marry me?
Where would we live?
ROSIE: If I marry you,
where would we live?
Oh, uh, Elkhorn I suppose.
All of us together?
You and me and
your uncle and Mister Roosevelt?
Well, truth is
I-I haven’t really
thought about that.
One day, I’m gonna make
a place of our own.
A sod house?
No, No.
A home.
What is this?
I love you Rosie, it’s
as simple as that.
There’s nothin’ simple
about this, Wil.
What else is there to think
about if we wanna be together?
Oh, it just seems
uh, an easy choice.
It’s not so easy when
someone’s makin’ you choose.
Wait, wait,
if I said somethin’
wrong I am so sorry,
I uh-
You said what you meant.
And it was real nice.
if you’re askin’ me to
choose right here, right now.
Then I’m sorry but
I can’t marry you.
- Rosie- - I have to go.
DOW: Please, please
I suspect you would
like to kill me.
Although to kill a
man of my esteem
would mean you would be hunted
until the end of your days.
You may speak freely.
PADDOCK: How’s it feel
Knowin’ Roosevelt bested
us both at every turn?
Shall I admit to you
I was wrong?
I shall.
But only in this regard:
I was wrong to
misuse you, Paddock.
To not see your full potential.
In Algeria,
I commanded many fine soldiers.
Fierce men.
Effective men.
But not
A simpleton thinks only of
wins and losses in battle.
A general, on the other hand
thinks of winning the war.
And in good time.
After all, if Napoleon
taught us anything
You do not launch a war
in the middle of winter.
Loiter too long and
you’re gonna miss
your train this afternoon.
ROOSEVELT: Just wanted
to see it one more time.
It’s a fine hunting
lodge you built,
it’s a fine home.
Yeah, well, I hope
Mary sees it that way.
How’s Dow this morning?
He’ll be fine.
He’s from tough stock.
Broken plenty of bones, just
ain’t used to women
breakin’ his heart yet.
Guess we all had a lot of
lessons to learn out here.
And you, Theodore,
you find what
you’re lookin’ for?
I believe so.
You can take it back with you.
Back to your daughter.
Yes indeed.
One more thing, before I depart.
It’s a matter of
great importance.
I’m relieving you as manager
of Elkhorn, Dow as well.
How’s that now?
I’ve drawn up new contracts.
You’ll both be
promoted to partner,
with a share of the profits.
Well that’s uh,
that’s awful kind’a you.
Out there on the roundup,
you claimed that
I saved your life.
But you comin’ here
the way that you did
I can’t help but feel it
was you who saved mine.
Here’s hopin’ for
a gentle winter.
Well, it’s out of our hands now.
MEDORA: Seems I’ve caught
the gentleman staring.
Wintering in New York, then?
And on to Paris.
Family obligations
on such things.
And yourself Theodore?
Something similar, I suppose.
MEDORA: I always find something
bittersweet on the ride back.
As if all of this
were some great game,
none of it real,
like coming out of a dream.
You think all of
this was a game?
MEDORA: Dakota has
its excitements.
But it is not the world.
Not our world, at least.
You know that’s the difference,
between you and I.
You shed your skin
when it suits you most.
In different places,
in different company.
And the politician does not?
Whatever I may be,
may I always be it.
And this place, well,
New York is the game.
This place is real.
As are the people who
call Dakota their home.
Their lives, their
struggles are
as valid as any.
I have our tickets.
All aboard the 3:15!
Fargo, St. Cloud,
Minneapolis and Chicago!
Until our next round.
I’m home.
BAMIE: I scarcely
recognized you.
They actually made a cowboy
out of you didn’t they?
Oh Bamie, there is so much
that I want to tell you that
letters could not ever convey.
It has been
quite, the adventure.
In due course.
But for now,
there is somebody you’ll
be wanting to see.
BAMIE: She looks
like her mother.
ROOSEVELT: Yes, she’s beautiful.
BAMIE: She’s spirited,
joyful stubborn.
She looks like her mother,
but there is no doubt
she is her father’s daughter.
Thank you, Bamie.
Have you kept up on politics?
I’ve tried to avoid them, yet
somehow they find a
way back to my ear.
BAMIE: Quite something.
The Republicans losing
the presidency so soundly.
ROOSEVELT: I did warn them about
nominating such a blowhard.
BAMIE: They say the
old guard is dead.
That the party is crying
out for something new.
Someone new, someone who will
stand up against corruption.
Who can bridge the
East, and the West.
Is this a pitch?
BAMIE: It’s a reason to stay.
I’ve heard your name spoken as
a strong candidate for mayor.
It’s not finished.
It barely lasted the year.
It won’t last
another without me.
You have another reason to stay.
A baby girl.
I love her Teedie,
as though she were my own.
After the loss of mother,
caring for Baby Lee has
lifted my soul.
If you need to
return to your
ranch in the spring,
I’ll continue to care for her.
Keep her happy.
While you finish
what you started.
But for now?
Let’s spend the
holidays as a family.
What became of my room?
It’s just as you left it.
I went away.
I couldn’t stand being in
this house a moment longer.
I went west.
To build
You’d love it.
Watching the sun rise
over the badlands.
It’s beautiful.
And sad.
Our daughter is here.
She is
so full of light.
Like her mother.
I didn’t know
if I would find my way back.
But I will always come back.
I promise you.
Goodbye, my light.
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