Emergence (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

American Chestnut

Previously on "Emergence" JO: Maybe this is where I get answers.
What is this place? I think this was Piper's home.
- Aah! - Is it broken? Can you guarantee that Piper won't somehow accidentally hurt my daughter? - No.
- Then how can you expect me to let Mia stay here? Does she know what she is? Telling an AI it's an AI effectively destroys the program.
It's a fatal exception.
It's a total reset, fresh off the factory floor.
Wouldn't that be like killing her? Emily is broken in ways that can't be fixed.
She's your daughter.
- Emily? - I don't need you to clean up my messes anymore.
Piper, this man is hurting me.
We have to go now.
Come with me.
Let go.
EMILY: I tried.
I tried to love her with everything I am.
And she didn't want me.
She left me all alone.
Isn't that sad? VOICE: It is sad, Mother.
Have you ever felt sad? I don't understand.
I know you don't.
And it's not your fault.
I have something for you.
What is it? Something very special I made just for you.
This is going to tell you who you are.
I'm not real [POWERING DOWN.]
It's coming together in here.
You work fast.
ED: Mm, not bad.
Old one was getting drafty, anyway.
I'm gonna run out and get Mia's cake.
Black and white cookie for you? Oh.
Well, I can't say no to that.
We'll have it ready for the party.
I'm not worried.
That is great work.
Mia's gonna love that.
You know All of that can be fixed or replaced.
But I did that.
Nobody blames you for what happened at all.
So it was because of Emily? Yeah.
Yeah, it was.
She was talking to me.
In my head.
Did that ever happen to you before? You know, um Some things we don't understand.
And maybe we never will.
You said I'm special.
That's why I can do that.
That That's a lot of it.
Mia can't do things like that.
You can't.
Yeah, you're right.
We can't.
And maybe Emily knows why.
That's probably Mia.
You should hide that, okay? So she doesn't see it.
Somebody here 15, or what? That's me! One more year till I get my learner's permit.
Oh, no.
Yeah, no, they're not doing that anymore, turns out.
Shut up.
Happy birthday.
You remember plates and napkins? Yep.
That's a lot.
Okay, listen.
These are very expensive speakers.
So I don't want anyone touching them.
Including your friends.
Got it? Yep.
You've told me that, like, a billion times.
I just want to make sure we're crystal clear.
So, everyone can touch the speakers, right? Jo, I'm not playing with you Okay, some people.
Most people can touch them? [SIGHS.]
Hey, do me a favor.
Get the receiver.
I mean, are you a DJ? Like, what even is happening in here? This is premium quality entertainment right here, Jo.
Okay? Please, don't second guess me.
I'm glad we can do this.
Me too.
It's important.
It's most important.
So for today, truce.
And then tomorrow Tomorrow's up to you, Jo.
- Alex, I - Hey, come on.
Remember? We're not Let's not mess up the truce we're in.
See, but oh.
- This is heavy.
- Yeah, you know what? Here's the This is very expensive equipment here.
So, why don't you just let me? Why don't you give me that, too? Oh.
Oh, okay.
You know what you can grab? Grab Grab that wire, right there for me please.
This o this one? Yes.
Appreciate ya! ABBY: So, you want me to talk to Alex? No.
Wh why? What would you say? I'd say you're not telling me anything, either, so join the club.
Yeah, my original answer stands.
- No, thank you.
- Mmhmm.
Hi, there.
Uh, birthday cake for Evans? A couple of large coffees.
Oh, and a black and white cookie.
- Two c-cookies.
- Three.
I just have this feeling that everything's gonna come out anyway, you know? No matter what I do.
Heads up.
Heads up.
What? He's been watching you.
For, like, a while.
Abby, I'm not doing this with you again.
Oh, my gosh.
He's so adorable.
We are in public.
You are being very loud.
He's walking over.
- Yeah.
He's walking over.
- Sure.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Chief Evans? Yes.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
I didn't want it to be weird or seem like I was following you, because I'm not following you.
This is a coincidence.
I'm listening to myself, and I'm making it weird.
Who are you? Ryan Brooks.
I'm with the FBI.
- Oh.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
Did I interrupt something? Mm-hmm.
Sort of.
- No.
It's fine.
- Okay.
- See ya.
- Okay.
- Nice to What is the FBI doing in Southold, huh? - Thank you! - Believe it or not, I'm here to talk to you.
Yeah? What about? Richard Kindred.
I don't know if you heard.
He was murdered in federal custody.
I didn't hear that.
And since it was your investigation that got us the collar, I'd love to sit down, and, uh, compare notes.
We can do that.
I'll call your office and come by later.
And this is me.
Call any time.
I I Um I don't have a card on me, so Don't worry about it.
FBI we know everything.
Where is he? Taking shower number 4.
Wh Why? Oh, you know just one of his numerous little quirks.
He also likes to sleep in the nude.
I know this because he sleepwalks.
In short, this is not a sustainable arrangement for me.
Well, it's gonna have to be.
He's not safe in any type of custody until I can find Emily and get her off the streets.
Chief Evans.
Come to arrest me? Not yet.
But the FBI's in town.
Richard Kindred's dead.
What? How? Well, the official report said that he was "melted into goo.
" But Emily got to him.
In federal prison.
Glad I'm here and not there.
I can enjoy my last days of freedom intact.
Maybe you can return the favor.
I need you to get into Piper's code.
And eliminate the fatal exception.
Even if I could, I wouldn't.
Why not? Do you have a full understanding of how she was able to get Emily out of her head? She did it herself.
Which means she rewrote her own code.
She's already asking questions.
Everybody is.
She's gonna find out what she is, one way or another.
Sooner the better.
Wilkis, eventually you're gonna go into federal custody.
And the way you cooperate now is gonna go a long way in determining how I talk about you when that happens.
That sounds great.
Doesn't change the fact that I don't know anything about this.
Emily put in the fatal exception.
If you want to change it, ask her.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Please let me live at your house.
- No.
Hey, Chris.
CHRIS: Chief, I think I know what Emily's been up to.
CHRIS: It happened overnight.
Supposedly an outfit called "Deep Kinetics," but my buddy at the 109th says it's actually a front for Augur Industries.
I've been here before.
What was inside? Uh It's kind of a long story.
They had robot dogs, though.
I just really wish I could've seen that.
I know.
Richard Kindred is dead.
I think Emily got to him.
And now, she's burning everything to the ground.
This can't be good.
No, it is not.
- Chief Evans.
You beat us here.
Guess I did.
Well, we live to impress you guys.
Yeah, that sounded pretty condescending.
You guys look at the site yet? No.
We were just about to.
Unless we're being asked to leave.
Come on.
Let's do it together.
BROOKS: Do you have any idea how much time and resources have been dedicated to investigating Richard Kindred? JO: I do not.
I mean, I don't either, but a lot a real lot.
I've been on this case for three years, and what you've done in a few weeks is unbelievable.
So want to work together on this? You're acting like I have a choice.
You do.
You definitely do.
I mean, I'll be in town investigating no matter what, but I was hoping we could pool resources, share information Sounds like a good deal for you.
Why don't I tell you what I know.
This is the third Augur property that's been torched in a week.
At each site, the fire burned hot and fast.
They used an explosive we've never seen before.
Any suspects? Kindred was the obvious one.
But he got liquefied.
But I think it's worth looking into a former Augur employee named Emily Cox.
Who was also Kindred's daughter.
You knew that.
- Yeah.
- Damn it.
Thought I had a good one.
Emily had been cooperating with our investigation.
But she's since gone underground.
We can't find her.
So, if I could find her, that would make me useful.
Marginally useful.
Maybe? AGENT HSIAO: Agent Brooks I'm gonna find her.
What do we got? So, uh, we kicked off our own case? No.
He says he wants to work together.
I don't buy that.
Yeah, me neither.
But I think it's worth keeping him close.
I mean, everything they're investigating leads to Piper.
So how do you want to play this? Carefully.
We'll let them see what we want them to.
And we use their resources to find Emily before they do.
PIPER: What's that? This? Nothing.
Just cleaning up.
I'm sorry.
That I made this mess.
Yeah, I know you are, sweetie.
Can I help clean up? Yeah.
Um, but if you see anything sharp or anything like that, you just let me handle it, okay? - Alright.
- Alright.
So, how's it work? I mean, how do you do it? I don't know.
That's what Mia and I were trying to figure out.
Well, what's it feel like? Does it hurt? That's good.
At least it doesn't hurt.
It's like a bubble that grows bigger.
But the bubble is me.
Get the heck out of here.
That's Wow.
So, uh what else can you do? I know things.
Things no one told me.
ED: Okay Hey.
You guys are doing a good job here.
Alright, I'm off to take the birthday girl to her requested spa day.
Might even get myself a manicure while I'm at it.
Uh, I mean, unless you want to go, Alex.
I can stay here.
I think, uh I think we're good.
I think Piper and I We're good, right? - Okay.
- Okay.
Good, good, good.
- Alright.
- See you later.
So, you can start here.
This is, uh, three years of work? That's That's, uh That's pretty light.
No, I've got, like, 150 more boxes back at the field office.
They're on the way.
This is a year of Richard Kindred's phone records.
Had a little malware installed on his phone.
Worked pretty well.
Super cool.
That's Good for Good for you.
Chief Evans.
I was just gonna hang out and get to work.
Is there somewhere you can put me? Oh.
Daphne here can get you set up.
Ryan Brooks.
What's up? Okay.
Uh So, Daphne here can get you some coffee and then she's gonna act like a totally normal person starting now.
Um, we thought we would start you at the beginning, with our investigation into the Augur jet that crashed on the beach I'd love to see what you have on Alan Wilkis.
The fact that you found him alive is incredible police work.
Um, Chris, why don't you show Agent Brooks our Wilkis files.
Sure thing.
- Uh, this way.
- Okay.
We've got a problem.
We're leaving.
Put some clothes on.
WILKIS: Why? The FBI know you're among the living.
Chief Evans wants me to get you out of town, so that's what we're doing.
Do I have time for a shower? Honestly, I'm gonna kill you myself, Alan.
What are you doing? Just looking.
Why Why don't we, uh Why don't we put this away? I think that Jo isn't telling the truth.
About what? Me.
What is the truth? I don't know.
But I want to.
Can we go there? Uh, where do you Where do you want these? Wherever.
Anything useful, or? Come back in about a year.
Where's Brooks? I think he went for a walk.
And also, I showed him an edited version of our Wilkis files.
As far as we know, he was captured by Emily and, uh, we never saw him again.
Just, uh, you know Keep me apprised.
Oh, good.
You got the stuff.
You ever have one of these? They're incredible.
Serge says his bombolonis are the best this side of Tuscany.
Two things One, did I get all of it? No.
Just Number two I found Emily's mother.
Name of Vanessa Dana Cox.
How'd you do that? Subpoenaed one of those DNA ancestor databases.
Turns out they're both related to Marie Antoinette? Huh.
Interesting, but irrelevant.
She left Ohio 20 years ago and moved to Corona, Queens.
Wow Good work.
She's coming in for an interview.
- You're free? - Uh I can make myself available.
I got a good feeling about this.
You want to know what my theory is? It's a superhero camp for powered kids.
Yeah, that's where they train them to be heroes.
What do you think? Maybe a CIA camp for For very young operatives.
"MISSION: Impossible," but for 10-year-olds.
Come on.
You don't have any guesses? I hope we find something that says I'm safe.
You don't have to worry about that.
Jo's gonna protect you no matter what.
- Trust me - I mean that I'm safe.
To be around.
I don't want people to be scared of me.
I want that, too.
I don't know what you've heard, but, um, I never asked Richard Kindred for a cent.
I mean, never tried to bust up his marriage.
None of that.
We haven't heard anything one way or another, Ms.
Do you think I could sit in that chair? It's my back.
- It gets a little - Oh, you know what, - I don't think - Of course.
Ooh, seat of power.
- Boss lady! [LAUGHS.]
Well, I don't hate it.
You were a real boss yourself, though, Ms.
Raising your daughter all by yourself without any help from Kindred.
Except for the house.
Well, that was nothing to him.
You know he came to visit us in Ohio right after she was born.
I have a picture.
Do you mind handing me my pocketbook? Thank you.
When is the last time that you spoke with her? Oh.
I mean, what year is it? Uh, college graduation, I think? So, 20 years ago? Seems like she wanted a relationship with her father, though.
Well, I never badmouthed Richard to her.
Not even once.
Oh, you know, I bet she's still close to her college roommate.
What was her name? Uh, Janet, Jeanine.
Spelled weird.
I don't know.
BROOKS: Do you mind if we keep this, Ms.
Cox? Oh, well, maybe your assistant Chris could, uh, make a copy, or of anything.
He's an officer, actually, believe it or not.
Um, thank you so much.
This is really all we need.
You have been so helpful.
Thank you! Um, we'll make some copies, and I'll show you out.
- Thank you again.
- Alright.
Thank you.
Officer Minetto? BROOKS: Right over here.
Uh, is that Emily's mom? Have you met her? Uh, no.
She knows your name.
How? Check her phone records.
And make copies of those.
Is that Piper? No, that's Emily, age 10.
This is where I admit that I can't drive stick and I can't change a tire.
Don't look at me.
I come from money.
Well, how hard can it be, eh? Got a tire iron.
And, uh no spare tire.
I'm going to, uh, call a tow.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Um She'll be able to track us.
Emily isn't looking for me.
Not Emily, the AI.
Look, I'm not living in the woods 'cause you're scared of a 10-year-old.
Okay, now you're really beginning to piss me off.
Look around.
What do you see? What do I see? I see an imminent mauling by a bear.
Not a single American chestnut among them.
There used to be billions of them.
They defined this country.
And then, one day, somebody brought over a Japanese chestnut.
Planted that, too.
No big deal, right? Except the tree carries a fungus, which spread everywhere.
It obliterated the American chestnut.
They're all gone.
Is there a point to all this? This is the beginning.
The AI is the beginning of a long line of unintended consequences.
What it does not know yet, it will know tomorrow.
It is only a matter of time before we are extinct.
If there's anyone in the world who might be able to prevent that, it's you.
Well, one problem I'm a I'm a coward.
You look like a man with a backbone, though.
So, I'm telling you kill it.
It is the only way to fix this.
This is ridiculous.
Let's get back to civilization, and we can make a plan from What the hell is this place? Model homes? That one.
I did this.
We don't know that I didn't like it here.
And so I ran away.
I was running and running.
And they were chasing me.
But they couldn't find me.
So, I was alone.
For a long time.
It was scary.
This was a mistake.
Come on.
Let's go.
CHRIS: Chief, got an incoming call to Vanessa Cox's number.
It's from an Augur Industries facility.
I'm sending you the address now.
JO: Hands up.
You can't arrest me.
Guess what.
I am.
Hands behind your head.
You guess what I'm gonna tell everyone about Piper.
You know what? I don't think you are gonna do that.
I like this.
Let's find out who's more right about me.
I want you to get rid of the fatal exception.
Are you asking me for a favor while arresting me? She looks exactly like you.
You made yourself.
You met my mom.
You want to give Piper a chance at a life you didn't have.
She has a shot at that.
So help her.
Emily, you could blow up every Augur Industries building on the planet, and it still wouldn't do what you want it to do.
Blow up what? Come on.
You killed your father.
And for what? Now you're going to destroy everything that he built? I did one of those things.
Friends of yours? No way.
Then who the hell are they? Did they see us? Who are they? We need to find another exit.
Emily, think.
Maybe that way.
We have to get out of here.
We have to get out of here now.
I have an idea possibly bad.
It involves me uncuffing you.
I like that part.
Can you make the timer go faster? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Jo went to that place.
She probably did.
She knows what it means.
I guess so.
Why won't she tell me? Um She told me that it would be dangerous.
If you found out, it would be really bad.
Do you believe her? Jo would prefer to tell the truth, so yeah.
I do.
I want to know.
I'm tired of not knowing.
Maybe Jo thinks you won't understand.
Maybe she thinks I wouldn't understand.
I hate that that was my home.
That's not your home.
This is your home.
Okay? Okay.
Are you done yet? EMILY: You're mental.
And we're gonna die here.
Sounds like a yes.
Let's go.
Whoa! Whoa.
It's me.
It's me.
What the hell are you doing with [EXPLOSION.]
Go, go.
Go, go, go! [EXPLOSIONS.]
Left! To the left! [POLICE RADIO CHATTER.]
Sorry about that, Agent Brooks.
You know, I got a lead on her whereabouts, and I just jumped at it.
But I I should've told you.
I guess protocol is not my strong suit.
While I was running down the old college roommate, you were dumping the mother's phone.
You wanted to get to Emily first.
Why? You know, she was my CI.
And I just thought I had a better chance of bringing her in quietly if I came alone.
Well, she's in federal custody now.
Really looking forward to hearing what she has to say.
Thought I heard somebody.
- Hey.
What happened? Uh, warehouse blew up.
Uh, you alright? Yeah.
Ears are still ringing.
You know, could've been worse.
I miss all the cool stuff.
Emily's in custody.
Uh, so, are we happy? Or not.
Federal custody.
Agent Brooks showed up.
Took her in.
So, I don't think we'll be working together anymore.
Emily wasn't involved with the destruction of the Augur properties.
Wait, so, who was it? Someone new.
I don't know yet.
Uh, so, are we chalking this up in the win column or the loss column? Yes.
Hey, Mom! Hey, birthday girl.
Come here, you.
Okay, I'm just gonna show them something upstairs quickly.
- Hi, girls.
- Hi.
ALEX: Hey, look who it is.
How you doing? - Good.
- Alright.
It's not that bad.
- It's not that bad? - It's not.
Place looks really great.
Piper and your dad were a big help.
Um So, I'm I'm working on something.
Uh A way to tell you everything.
But, um It just didn't really pan out today.
So It's alright.
Piper and I spent the day together, and we've come to an understanding.
- Oh, yeah? - Oh, yeah.
Am I supposed to know what that means? 'Cause I don't know what that means.
Kinda sucks not knowing every detail, doesn't it? Okay.
I see what you did.
You see how I did that? - I see.
- Yeah.
You've got to trust me.
You trust me? I do.
BENNY: This is Benny Gallagher.
Please leave a message.
JO: Hey.
It's me.
Um Haven't heard from you guys in a little while.
There have been some new, weird developments.
So, just give me a call when you get a chance.
I love how all the men just disappear the second it's time to clean.
Ooh! Oh, my gosh! Okay.
So, I take it the party was a success? It was perfect.
The cake was delicious, and everyone loved how you and Dad weren't constantly hovering over us.
That's a super mean compliment.
So, Piper wants to open her present.
So, you should go out there.
What present? The one that you got her.
I didn't get her a present.
Yeah, I saw it.
"To Piper, from 'Mom.
'" It was really sweet of you to get her something, too.
Where is she? Piper! No.
No! - Piper! - No, Jo.
No, no, no.
No, no, no! Jo? Piper.
What happened? It told me who I am.
Are you okay? I think so.
Are you? Yeah [SNIFFLES.]
I'm okay.
I-I tried to stop it.
I-I'll get it back.
You took what didn't belong to you, Alan.
I didn't know! You knew enough.