Emergency Couple (Eunggeubnamnyeo) (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Song Ji Hyo Choi Jin Hyeok Choi Yeo Jin Lee Pil Mo Clara Emergency Couple Episode 1 ♫ There's a place I dream about, where the sun never goes out, ♫ ♫ And the sky is deep and blue.
Won't you take me there with you? ♫ ♫ Ooh, we can begin again.
Shed our skin let the sunshine in, ♫ ♫ At the edge of the ocean we can start over again, ♫ Not being able to see further than one's nose is our life.
Once in a while, there are unexpected blessings,
but sudden struggles and hardships can shake our lives down to the roots.
And, unlike what we expect and plan, one day suddenly, if something we didn't expect were to arise, it would seem very confusing.
And how should we get over this confusing matter? Truthfully, nothing really comes to our mind.
In the current slang, it's "mind blowing.
" If this kind of thing were to arise,
not only a priest like me, but anyone would fall into a state of total bewilderment.
Oh Chang Min, you really We wish to get married here.
We have a situation, so all of you who have been blessed by God, please understand us generously, and I ask that you watch over us with the encompassing love of God.
Right there.
The groom who stands before me, Oh Chang Min, is a medical student who before my calling to serve, I knew as one of my most precious disciples
during my days as a professor.
With good looks, he is bright and has always kept high grades These two people who stand before me here,
no matter what the situation is, until their black hair becomes white, no matter
what circumstances they face, they swear, in front of you,
that they will love each other to their deaths.
- Amen.

- Amen! Amen.
♫ The fragrance of flowers is being emitted, ♫ ♫ Where is it coming from, ♫ I'm sorry.
Thank you.
♫ There is no flower here, ♫ ♫ Except for you, ♫ ♫ I feel good, ♫ ♫ My heart is at peace, ♫ ♫ Continue as you did ♫ ♫ to gaze at me, ♫ Buddhism says that marriage only happens
after a relationship has gone through 7000 kalpas.
Here, kalpa is the time that drops of water that fall only once per 1000 years take to bore a hole in a boulder.
That's why marriage is something close to a miracle.
But still, while you live together as a couple, that miracle at some point disappears into the Andromeda Galaxy.
There's only half a glass of water, right? But how can you say that it's half full? When my throat is parched and I'm dying, drinking this won't even be close to enough, but 'there's a half full glass of water.
' Isn't she crazy? Now, I don't even have the energy to fight.

I'm continually drained of energy, and I seem like a worthless leech.
No matter how I try to look at it nicely, I really, really can't.
The positive mindset just doesn't come to me.
She's lazy, ignorant and sloppy.

She doesn't know how to do anything.
She has nothing that she wants to do.
Even if I tell her to do something, she doesn't.
On top of that, everything is in the wrong place.
Even the dog bowl has to be in front of the dog.
It's strange if it's on top of the kitchen table.
But why do I have to remove it every morning? As soon as I open my eyes, why of all things, does it have to be clearing the dog bowl?! In that small amount of time, the size that used to be comparable to a quarter, has grown to the size of a half dollar piece.
Did you show it to your husband? No, I don't want to show it to him.
I can do about that much for her, but because I complained a bit, she sent the dog away for adoption.
And so she clutches the dog bowl and wails.
The problem is because of her constant disorder
and lack of common sense.
Why do I have to live until I die, so worn-out? I heard that you were a medical student? In the food that I eat, he might be dosing it with medication to dilate my blood vessels.
But why did your husband, that person, stop going to University? Because the financial support from his household stopped.
That he married a woman like me The household is all full of doctors.
Doctor family.
Oh, doctor family? That's what it is.
Then from the in-laws still Of course they don't acknowledge me.

My mother-in-law is so very Anyway, I suddenly felt so short of breath that not long ago my husband brought me something that he said was heart medication to take, but I can't believe him.
Hair loss due to stress is mostly up to the patient's mindset.
It can be fixed according to the patient's will.
First, I think that it might be the right sequence to receive psychiatric treatment.
These days I can't even urinate comfortably.
Symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy can also occur due to stress.
So first, in my opinion, what I recommend is for you to try receiving some psychiatric treatment.
Aigoo, I'm getting tired.
Oh, yes.
What is wrong with the patients these days? It's so hard to just prescribe cold medicine.
Fighting! What does that mean? You want to cancel the contract? In America, this medicine is so popular that they can't sell enough of it.
In Germany, it even got the Presidential Award.
One minute.
What? Okay, I've got it.
Right now I have a surgery.
I'm sorry.
A surgery? Are you joking me? You're doing this to me when we were
supposed to sign the contract today? - It's not that, but
- You've really grown up.
What class did you say you were in? Surgery? Do you think that someone is selling drugs because they can't do surgery? Who do you think you're treating so poorly? - Sunbaenim.

- Sunbae? Don't call me that you jerk.
I don't even remember a Hoobae (junior) like you! Some house fly that can't even recognize such a precious drug, Where do you get off saying that you're a doctor and sit here? What do you take a Sunbae for? - Hey?!
- What, what? What I'm saying is to not cut me off so coldly, as if you were cutting radishes.
I'm sorry.
You were a warm fellow.
At least I thought so.
- Can't you review it once more
- Just let go of this as you talk.
I don't have the power to decide.
If you really want to do this, why don't you meet the director.
Director? Petition for Divorce Fine, this time is the last.
I'll try my best for the last time.
Go for it! Cheers! I'm sorry.
I don't think this is the right room.
It is.
it is.
You see the director has a strong personality.
Try to bear with it a bit more.
Come on, let's go in.
Are you sure? Good shot! Director.
- Oh, you came?
- Yes, the person that I mentioned last time.
Oh really? Come in.
come in.
Hurry and have some alcohol.
Suh, move over.
You have surgery to perform.
Give me a glass.
Oh my, take a drink.
Wow, you're really good looking.
You should have brought him earlier.
Hello, I'm Oh Chang Min.
You are Dr.
Gong's subae from school, right? Oh, yes.
Have you heard about our company's product? How can it be so firm? You must be very athletic.
Wow, it's a killer.
- The reason why I'm here
- My head really hurts.
Talking about work makes my head hurt.
Since this is our first encounter, let's enjoy and drink.
Okay? We doctors have so much stress.
Isn't it true? Oh, yes.
Let's have a drink.
Bravo! - He says to step on it.

- Sunbae have a glass.
- Bravo!
- Bravo! Love shot, love shot, love shot! A little bit fell over here.
Yes, Mother-in-law? The ones who truly know how to enjoy themselves
are the champions of this nation.
Oh, yeah! You did great.
♫ Around and around goes the waterwheel.
♫ ♫ Life? We're all the same, human.
♫ ♫ While clapping your hands and singing
without factions nor regarding gender, ♫ ♫ just shake your body back and forth.
♫ ♫ Champion! Me that's screaming out loud! Champion! You that's going crazy, ♫ ♫ Champion! You're going crazy.
Champion! ♫ ♫ Me that's screaming out loud! Champion! You who is going crazy.
Champion! ♫ Mother-in-law, just listen to what I'm say Mother-in-law? Hey.
- Go safely.

- Have a good night.
Everyone, great job today.
Go home safely.
Get in safely.
I really liked it today.
He's the sacrificial lamb, the sacrificial lamb.
Let's go, the rest of us.
Sunbae, you did well.
Customer, this, that you checked earlier.
It's a drug for your heart.
You said that your chest
suddenly felt tight and you felt short of breath.
Try them.
Oh, really.
You get one shot at life.
I can't catch a taxi, and it's raining Punk! I'm home.
Get me a towel.
A towel! Oh Jin Hee.
Aishh! Didn't you hear what I said? Are you sleeping? When someone comes in, shouldn't you at least look at them? Hey! I told you to take the umbrella this morning, didn't I? Couldn't you have bought one at a convenient store? Why do you live like that? What would you know? All you do is stay at home and waste food.
Why did you have your phone turned off? I had a reason to.
What is this? - Curry?
- Curry? Not poop? Aish, did you study nutrition just to impress? Aish.
What is this? Oh my How did that happen? Why aren't you getting up? Why are all the fish dead?! Get up.
Hurry and get up! What happened? Tell me.

Did you kill them, or did they die? You could have done nothing else, but
I told you to at least feed them! Feed them? I was at the verge of dying, so I couldn't feed them.
What? What do you even do at home that you can't feed them? Did I ask you make them a warm dinner
or to make First Full Moon ogokbab for them? All you had to do was put a couple of spoonfuls
in for them, yet you starved them to death? - What's with the medicine?
- What medicine? The heart disease medicine that you brought
to me was a different medicine.
Because you didn't want to take them, I took that medicine.

Why are you talking about that right now? Was it that? Or did you try to kill me? What is she talking about right now? Who killed whom? You tried to kill my babies! I almost died, I said.
How many times do I have to say this? It's not
your heart that's the problem.
It's your head.
Got it? What about you? You're mad because some fish died? Over some fish? Okay then, should I also destroy your things? Not that! Don't touch Mickie's stuff.
If you put your hands on it, you're going to die! You! You, aish! You! Oh, no! Are you crazy? Okay, Jin Hee.
Let's be calm and Be calm!
Right now, I'm being calm! Hey! Hey! No! Hey, don't you know how much this was?! This is a one of a kind! Oh my God.
You piece of sh*t! Hey, you worthless woman! You, aish.
That's not paid off yet.
There's only one like it.
You, aish.
How do you feel, you worthless, ignorant wench?! Must you end every sentence with ignorant, ignorant! I'm going to erase all the pictures you have of me stored in here! Hey Jin Yee, if you want to erase the pictures, you can just pull out the memory stick and erase them, just the memory! I'm ignorant, so I don't know those types of things! 6 years later Don't be nervous, and do well.
Why am I so nervous? - Fighting!
- Fighting! You can do well.
Why is she not coming when it's already starting.
She said that she's here on her way up.
-Jin Hee, why are you only coming now?
- There were no parking spots.
Let's go quickly, quickly.
You know right.

You're playing the accompaniment to the wedding song.
Ye Eun gets married not once, but twice,
and she still asks me to do this kind of thing.
Thank you.
Today, I'm the groom's friend who was given the role
of singing the congratulatory song, Oh Chang Min.
I'm actually a little nervous.
He was my roommate during my time in America, my best friend.
I sincerely congratulate the marriage of Yoo Sang Cheol.
Today the bride and groom's friends doing
the congratulatory song, I think has meaning also.
The song I was going to sing is "It's Fortunate" because it's fortunate that Yoo Sang Cheol is getting married.
But looking at the beautiful bride,
I changed the song selection to "To the Bride.
" The accompaniment is doable, right? - What do we do? What are we going to do?
- Omo, that's crazy.
It looks like divorced kids are going to congratulate a remarriage.
Accompanist? I'm not asking you to play me Chopin or Mozart, Accompanist ? What is Jin Hee going to do? Hey, hey! ♫ I will promise you, it's stranger, ♫ There will be no more tears.
Oh, I'm really packaging this whole disaster nicely.
Why? I thought he was doing well.
His voice is killer.
How can you meet like this,
and as the congratulatory singer and accompanist.
Even if he had lived according to the lyrics that he sang.

Aiyoo, it's so embarrassing to see him like this.
Hey Chang Min, why are you leaving already.

You're not going to eat? Hey, my appetite has completely fallen away.
It's so ridiculous.
How can you ask a divorcee to be your wedding accompanist? - Let's just quit.

- Hey, then what about you? Hey that's That's fine.
Anyway, I can't stay longer.
I'm leaving first.
Ahhhman seriously! Look here, how can you leave your car
in front of another person's, blocking them in like this? Please hurry and move it.
You, what you Oh Chang Min? Oh Jin Hee? Aiyoo, you ignorant Hurry up and pull the car out! You even have the emergency brakes on.

What were you thinking? Being clumsy can't even be cured with medicine,
so you should just live your life like that.
What? What did you say? You sh*t?! You! Aish! Pull out this clunker immediately.
Clunker? You were the clunker in my life! You, really aish! You didn't even get through the Czerny 30s, yet you're accompanying on the piano? You failed the driving exam three times What do you have to do that you take a car around.

You're a nuisance, a nuisance! You're still the same.
That rude speaking tone of yours.
If you went to the U.
S, you should have stayed.

Why are you back and hanging around me? - As a divorcee, what's so great about you that you come to a friend's wedding?
- That's what I'm saying.
Speaking of which, you should not show up at a friend's wedding, much less a funeral, because you are bad luck.
Got it? You're really without any manners.
Wait a minute.
Why? What? - Those clothes
- Clothes? Did you still not throw that away? Those are the best clothes you've had in your whole life, right? Do you wear that every time you go to a wedding?
Is it your uniform? - Hey!
- What? You're still unemployed, so you don't have
one cent to buy clothes with? If you've grown older, at least wear some proper clothes.
Oh, hi Crystal, what's up? That jerk! But parosmia, it was hard to tell what the cause was.

Plus, there wasn't really a treatment for it.
So I don't think parosmia is a problem only for the Otorhinolaryngology Department.
It is an incurable disease.
But Professor Hong presented his thesis, and he solved that problem.
He received highest praises from the judges.
So my Oppa's stomach hurts, huh?
(saying that he's feeling jealous of his colleague) That's true.
If your intestines are twisted, get the surgery from me, Oppa.
It's dangerous if you lose the time to treat
acute diverticulosis or intussusception.
Get rid of it! I won't know even if I see it.

(message ring tone) I'm almost there.
Why did you come here? Do know that that seat
was your husband, Tae Suk's, place? I know, of course.
So what if I sit in an empty seat? That seat has been empty for quite a while, Unnie.
You should have studied more when you were younger.

You paid too much attention to only your looks And because of that she caught herself a doctor better than you.
So what? When he's stopped being a doctor at such a well paying insitution and has lost himself in research.
If he had lost himself in some woman, she could divorce him at least.
- What?!
- He's a researcher only if we say it nicely.
He's probably fishing on some beach somewhere.
You, really are you done talking? Hello, Uncle and Aunts.
Oh, Son.
Come here and sit down.
Chang Min.
What are you doing here? What are you talking about? Did he come somewhere he shouldn't? Have you all been well? Yes.
I heard that you've been accepted as an intern.
Yes, Uncle.
It's a bit late, but work hard from now on.
Is it only a little late? You're very late.
You know right? Oppa, from now on, include our Chang Min at the family gatherings.
You two also give him his respect as a doctor.
Mom, I'm only an intern now.
Is an intern not a doctor? Plus this is your father's seat.
If you come from now on, sit there.
We can eat together and share information.
What information? Hey, can you even memorize all the bones? Stop with the useless worries and just include him.
- What kind of secret scheme is this, Unnie?
- Are you saying that because you don't know? She's implying that since Oppa doesn't have any children,
he should pass the hospital on to his nephew.
Yoo Sung Mi!
Your choice of words is really shi**y! What are you doing? Nothing.
Nothing at all.
Kids, cheers! It's really been a while, right? - Hey, stop drinking.

- Don't you have to work tomorrow? Work? Of course I have to go to work.
How did I come here?! Then of course I have to.
Son, you are finally realizing my dream.
- You should have listened to me earlier.
Why did you go through that?
- Mom.
If it weren't for that wench, you would have
more than already been a doctor.
Because of that wench, how many useless years did you spend?
She ruined my son's life like this, and where that wench is stretching out her legs
to sleep at night, I don't know.
Must you still be talking about that? Since you're going to work at the hospital now,
it's the last time I'm saying it.
Gosh, that mean bit**.
I'm always reminded of her
just when I'm about to forget about.
The car is here.
Let's go.
Be careful.
Hey, this won't do.
We should hurry and take her home.
Hey, don't worry.
Who am I? I'll just have one more before I go.
I'm going to dust myself off and go to sleep.
Ahjussi, over here! Give us exactly one glass
of the strongest thing you have here.
One that we'll get drunk by drinking.
Where are you trying to go drunk like that? Hey.
In your eyes I look strange, right? When we were immature we made such a fuss about loving each other to death in a marriage that everyone was against, and within one year we broke up.

If someone looked at it, they'd say that I was the crazy b*tch.
But you guys don't know.
That pervert like punk.
Oh, pervert.
How, how? Not that kind of pervert.
Acting so uppity with every sentence he spoke.

He'd disrespect a person so easily.
Hey, I'd have withstood it if only my in-laws were doing it.
As a set, they would lay a person down and crush them down.
Hey, have you still not thrown those clothes away?
Are those the nicest clothes you've ever had in your life? Hey, having grown older, at least take care to dress properly.
Oh, customer, you shouldn't just drink it like that.
- Jin Hee!
- Jin Hee! Oh Jin Yee, 33 year old woman.
In an anesthetized state.

She drank a strong liquor and collapsed.
BP 90/60, pulse 96, we'll arrive in approximately 5 minutes.
Please be quiet! Doctor Guk, a seizure patient is arriving in 5 minutes.
The interval between seizures has shortened,
her oxygen saturation has fallen as well.
- Move her to emergency room No.
2 immediately.

- Yes.
Jin Hee! Jin Hee! Oh Jin Hee! We're going to move her.
One, two, three.
Is she going to die? What should we do? Please save her.
What should we do? Send these people out.
How's the patient? Blood pressure 160/100.
Oxygen saturation 90%.

Both sides are moving air.
- Exactly how much did she drink?
- The oxygen saturation is dropping to 85.
Please prepare to bag her,
and lets give her oxygen at 10 L/min.
It won't work since she's resisting.
She needs to be intubated.
- She still has her gag reflex.

- Barely.

- It seems like she's trying to say something.
This is enough to be seen as unconscious.

It's going to be a mess if something obstructs her airway.
We need to intubate to prevent pneumonia, and it'll be easy
to monitor her later.
Please prepare for intubation.
- Please save her.

- Why are those people still here?! Yes.
Please wait outside.
You cannot be like this in here.
The patient vomited during intubation.
There's something in her throat.
I can't see the carina.
Oxygen saturation is dropping, and the patient is not responding to pain.
- Doctor!
- Stay still.
Oxygen saturation dropped to 75.
The capillaries are not refilling blood either.
We can't wait any longer.
Nurse Choi, please prepare for a cricothyrotomy.
Oh, what can we do.
She's so young,
and now she's going to have a cut on her neck.
Doctor, if we keep delaying I got it.
Wait a moment.
Mussel shell? Size 7.
5 tube, quickly! A little bit more.
A bit more.
That's right.
I see it.
Done! It's done.
- Please bag her.

- Okay.
She's breathing again.
- Oxygen saturation has gone up too.

- Good work.
She almost got a surgical scar on her neck.
It's really fortunate.
- Would she even know when she's drunk like this?
- Should we start an IV drip too? Start with 30% glucose and add 500cc CBZ(anticonvulsant).
Yes, Doctor.
Please sign this.
What time is it? It's three.
How is that drunk woman that was sent here? Oh.
She's conscious now, but Are you awake? I'm going to remove the tube on the count of three.

Please keep breathing after that.
Now one, two, three.
You bastard! You bastard Oh Chang Min! Aish! Don't overdo it.
Chang Min Hyung! Yo! Yong Gyoo! Yeah, brother.
It's going to be hell starting from now.
What do you mean hell? We're finally going to wear doctor gowns.
What is this? Oh, this? Ta-da! You know I'm the studious type.
I question whether it can be useful in practice.
By the way, I'm really looking forward to which department we'll go to.
As long as it's not the ER.
Is the ER that bad? Of course.
You can view people working in the ER as giving up being humans.
Beggars during the day, ghosts at night.
It's not a place you could survive with the right mind.
Unless there's a woman like that one.
♫ I am buried alive.
♫ ♫ Self-satisfied.
♫ ♫ Under stagnant waters.
♫ ♫ Think of me there! Think of me there! ♫ ♫ Woman, woman, lotus woman.
♫ ♫ Woman, woman, Lotus Woman.
♫ ♫ Woman, woman, Woman.
♫ ♫ I am buried alive.
♫ She's super hot.
You brat.
- I'll get her contact info for you.

- Really? Aish.
What do you mean? If I get it, are you treating me? Actually no.
Do three on-call shifts for me.
Three? - Deal.

- Deal.
Excuse me.
Can I use your phone to call someone? I left my phone somewhere else.
Thank you.
- Hello?
- Oh, Yong Gyoo.
What? You're going into surgery? It's not anything else.
I have a surgery scheduled for today, but I might not make it because of a conference.
Please do it for me instead.
Thank you.
As expected, you're the most handsome and best doctor.
I know, I know.
Of course, I am.
Do you work here? Are you a resident? Please take it first.
I have to go somewhere.
Goodbye then.
Yeah! Aigoo.
Crazy people.
Gosh, you're born to be a doctor,
so it just looks that much greater on you.
You're born to wear a gown.
Hey, that's because my body is like a hanger.

(looks good wearing clothes) You don't look as bad as I imagined.
Oh Sang Hyuk! Park Sang Hyuk! Yeah baby! - Hey.

-Chang Min Sunbae.

- That's right, you brat.
- I heard you got married a while ago.

- Yes.
It's been a month.
We're newlyweds.
Oh, Honey.
Say hello.
He's our Sunbae.
I told you about him before.
He was amazing in my anatomy class, and he's the legendary, "Hand of God".
Oh! Hello.
I've heard a lot about you.
I'm called Lee Young Ae.
Your name is nice.
By the way, I heard you disappeared right before graduation for a few years.
Oh, about that, when guys disappear, it's normally because of girls.
Things like that don't matter if I've returned to school and graduated.
- What group are you?
- We're Group 4.
We're Group 4 too! This is fate.
Honey, we don't need to worry anymore.
We have Sunbae Chang Min.
I told you to not call me "Honey" in the hospital.
Is this Group 4? I'm Group 4, too.
Oh? Why would a resident be here? That's because You're an intern? My friend likes you so That most handsome and skillful doctor? I thought he should be in surgery right now.
What do you mean? Why are you doing this? Still, you're still doctors.
Please take care of me.
My name is Han Ah Reum.
Emergency Room What is this?! - Oh my god.

- Is there something that went wrong? January, February, March:
Emergency Room - Oh my god!
- What is this? Aish! How annoying.
Aish! Oh my god! Aish! Chang Min.
I heard that the chief of the emergency room's nickname is "Devil".
"Devil"? Yes.
He has awesome skills, enough to bring a
dead patient back to life, but has absolutely no manners.
A notorious devil.
Last year, I heard that two people ran from the devil.
Aish, the Emergency Room is annoying to death, really.
No, isn't the chief's age, around Chang Min's age? I guess if I hadn't taken any breaks,
I'm at the age where I'd be a chief.
Though, if the chief also had any personal issues
that affected his work, he could be older.
Just challenge him with your skills.
But I'm still an intern.
Even if I'm doing well, I'm still going to get cursed at.
Hey, interns! Please hurry and come to the Emergency Room.
Hurry! - Hey, run!
- Run! There is a code blue in treatment room #2.

CPR needs to be done.
Please page the neurosurgeon.
Hurry! A dead patient and even a code blue - I'm dead.

- Hey, we're in the ER.
It happens more than once.
Let me introduce you.
This is Chief Guk Cheon Su who
will be in charge of you interns from now on.
Is everybody here? What group number are you? The group of death, group 4.
Group of death? We're at the ER for 3 months, back to back.
We'll see if you guys will be the group of death
or the group of disqualifications.
Disqualification? In the Emergency Room, if even just one intern fails the performance evaluation, everyone fails it.
Also No way.
How can there be a rule like that? Here.
In the ER, the decisions I make are the rules.

The truth and your life depends on it.
And you! Did you want to become an
intern just to get a girl's number? If you talk back to me again, cut me off while I'm talking or roll your eyes
while I'm talking, you'll be pronounced dead.
Got it? And you there.
Me me? What shirt are you wearing on top of your coat? Are you going to a party right now? Before you start working, change your clothes.
In this world, there are men and women, but in the Emergency Room, there is the class at the bottom called, "interns".
Their existence is absolutely useless.
So, that's why interns are called, "Three Shins".
Idiots(deung-shin) at working, beggars(geol-shin) at eating,
and experts/ghosts(gwi-shin) at sleeping.
In this world, there are three things that I hate the most.
The first, interns with their feet touching the ground.

Interns who stagger away without knowing.
Interns who don't have a sense of time and are late, and interns who are late to appear before a senior when called.

Out of these three, if you get caught with even just one of these, you're dead.
It's not just simple death, but instant death.
I'm telling you for the last time, but the Emergency Room's interns are not humans but are at the bottom class.
Emergency Room? Intern? What is the bottom class? They're stupid, have no connections, unskilled, and their existence is like
pests that just devour food.
What's an intern? Bottom class.
Raise your voices.
What are interns? - The bottom class!
- The bottom class! Now, I will call the names of the bottom class.
Im Yong Gyoo.
Yes! - Park Sang Hyeok.

- Yes.
Han Ah Reum.
Yes, that's me.
Oh Jin Hee.
Oh Jin Hee? Me? Me, Oh Jin Hee? Oh Jin Hee! Are you Oh Jin Hee? I'm not.
My name is Lee Young Ae.
No way.
Oh Jin Hee, born 1982, Graduated from Hanguk Medical School.
What the She didn't show up? - Contact Oh Jin Hee and tell her not to show up anymore.

- Oh Jin Hee! That's me! Yes, I got it.
Is she late on the first day? Her mentality is rotten! Oh my! Now, I will call the names of the lower class.
- Im Yong Gyoo.

- Yes! - Park Sang Hyeok.

- Yes.
Han Ah Reum.
Yes, that's me.
Oh Jin Hee.
Oh Jin Hee?! Me? Me, Oh Jin Hee? Oh Jin Hee Are you Oh Jin Hee? I'm not.
My name is Lee Young Ae.
Oh Jin Hee, born 1982, Graduated from Hanguk Medical School.
What the She didn't show up? - Contact Oh Jin Hee and tell her not to show up anymore.

- Oh Jin Hee! That's me! Yes.
Is she late from the first day? Her state of mind is totally disorganized.
Oh god! Oh Jin Hee is present.
I was the first one to arrive, but I'm sorry! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! ♫ When the love is true, I'm close to you.
♫ ♫ One again, you're in my life.
♫ ♫ When the world is blue, I'm holding you right now.
♫ ~ Preview ~
This is a dream.
It's a dream! Wake up, you jerk! What sort of a dog bone are you to roll in here?! Do you still have feelings for me? Is this revenge? - Is this coincidence, or what?!
- I don't like this, either.
I'm also disgusted to death! Who are you to say I should leave? I'll do whatever it takes to make her quit.
Aish, really.
♫ Times that I thought were only hard.
♫ Yes, Mother.
We agreed to meet later.

Why did you come to the hospital? A moment ago, you said you'd give me a shot of painkiller! Can't you tell if you're supposed to
draw blood from a vein or artery?! - I'm sorry.

- You can't do this.
Because of you, our team can all fail.
♫ Let yourself in.
♫ Why are you being like this? Why do you want to be a doctor? I'm going to keep working until I get accepted.
Do you know that we call among ourselves someone like you a big rock? I'm crazy, crazy! Big Rock.