Emily in Paris (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Boiling Point

Le Chef Hot? Really? What's the problem? This is my restaurant opening, and this feels a little lazy, to be honest.
Or maybe you don't care because you're only here temporarily.
Look, no one at Savoir cares more about this restaurant opening, or you, more than I do.
It's all I've been doing for the past week.
I don't know how you've been helping the restaurant, but I've been propositioned by half the women in Paris.
Well, you're welcome.
And we've also reached out to tastemakers, influencers, bloggers and every food publication in France.
And created a highly curated guest list for tomorrow night.
No more than 50 covers.
That's all the restaurant can handle.
I know.
I've got it under control.
Meet our newest client.
I love it.
You know, when I was 15, my mom and I took one on a fudge tour around Mackinac Island.
It was awesome.
That's nice! What is fudge? Well, this Vespa is an exclusive limited release design by the creative directors of Dior's women's collections.
They want to market it as the next must-have accessory for women.
Yes, and they've given us quite a budget, so we should market it like we'd market any high-fashion bag.
It's like a purse you can ride.
I'll make a list of all the photographers who have shot women straddling things.
I'm surprised you don't have that already.
I'm going to see Pierre.
French Vogue is doing a piece on him and he wants moral support.
You know that's publicity, right? Not marketing.
You don't have to do that.
Don't be jealous.
You're lucky he won't have anything to do with you.
He's so high-maintenance.
What are those? Oh, just photos from the Chopard party.
Please, delete anything with me and Benoît.
I don't want to be reminded of the humiliation.
Yes, okay.
Have you seen our Chopard pictures? I think our bateau-mouche photographer had a little crush on you.
I saw you two getting familiar.
Thought there might have been a bateau smooch.
He's way too young.
And young people tend to annoy me.
Anything else? No.
That's it.
Erik? Yes, it's Sylvie Grateau from Savoir.
How are you? I'm fine.
I was just looking at the photos from the Chopard event.
- I hope you're not disappointed.
- Oh, no, no.
But I seem to have gotten in the way of your camera on quite a few occasions.
Those are my favorite ones.
We'll see what the client has to say.
We're speaking with them later today.
You'll have to let me know.
Maybe over a drink? Tonight? Of course.
Yeah, we'll discuss the feedback.
I hope you don't mind coming to St.
Germain? It'd be my pleasure.
This space is so big.
A big space for a big personality.
Oh, I really hope you're talking about my personality, and not my ass! Oh, Ellen! Oh, my God, are you joking? Ellen von Unwerth is shooting this campaign? Please, I practically made her career.
Oh! Hello! - It's so good to see you.
- Yes! Sorry it's taken such a long time.
No apologies necessary, Mrs.
von Unwerth.
You are so amazing.
- I absolutely love your work.
- Oh, thank you.
Your book Fräulein made me appreciate breasts for the first time.
Oh, that's sweet.
- Is there a problem? - Uh, not at all.
- He's a fan.
- Ah.
I see.
I'm Gerhard.
Ellen's agent.
A word? Um Fawning makes us all uncomfortable.
You're Pierre's assistant? No, I work for his marketing firm, Savoir? - Mmm.
- I just wanted to come and take a look.
And? Looks good? Really.
- Bon.
- Toll.
A little more crazy? Play the part.
Yes! That's fantastic! - Gerhard.
- Ja? Savoir is looking for someone to shoot a Vespa campaign for us.
Oh, the scooter? - Oui.
- Ah.
In collaboration with Dior.
It's very chic.
As long as Ellen is in Paris, do you think she might be interested? Uh Ellen's extremely busy, but, uh, send me the information.
I will.
And just so you know, there's quite a budget.
With Ellen it's always about the creative.
Not the budget.
My partner is Alfie.
Alfie was born in Hampshire.
He has three brothers and a dog named Clover.
Alfie works at a bank and he loves football.
Alfie is short for Alfred.
Thank you! Emily has a job in marketing.
Emily wears silly clothes.
Emily likes to work.
Emily doesn't like to have fun.
Excuse me.
That was your presentation? After everything that I told you.
That my clothes are "amusants"? You know that that means funny-looking.
And more importantly, I do like to have fun.
Okay? I am a fun person.
Which, had you gotten to know me at all, you would know.
Well, I apologize.
Do you want a ride? What? No, you can't fit two people on that thing.
Just like I said.
No fun.
So, they were happy with the pictures? They were.
You're very talented.
Did they say that, or are you saying that? Well, actually, I am.
I used to be a photographer.
In a past life.
- Really? - Mmm-hmm.
I used to take candid shots of people in St Tropez.
But that was a very long time ago.
Well, I'd love to see your work sometime.
Oh, you're a fan of vintage photography? Actually, I am.
Bonjour! There is only one reason Sylvie breaks the "no food at work" rule.
It's if she's had sex the night before.
I think it might be Erik, the bateau-mouche photographer.
Half the photos he took at the event were of her.
Really? The photographer? Antoine has added some guests for the restaurant's opening tonight.
- I'll forward it to you.
- Great.
Emily, we really shouldn't be discussing Sylvie's private life.
Um We're supposed to have 50 reservations tonight.
This is like 150.
We can't possibly seat this many people for dinner.
Well, not everyone will be coming to eat.
Some come to drink, and some probably won't come at all.
I guess we can just deal with it when we get there.
No, my work for the restaurant is done.
You can hand-hold your chef on opening night.
I have plans.
Well, I really hope you enjoy your plans.
You deserve plans, Sylvie.
So don't worry about tonight.
It's under control.
Hey there.
- Camille.
- The place looks great.
Yeah, not bad.
My family couldn't make it, so they sent a gift.
Oh, they didn't have to do that.
That's so nice.
It's also a peace offering from me.
This is nice.
I'm really happy for you.
This has been your dream for so long, and I knew it would happen.
Thank you, Camille.
This means a lot.
My pleasure.
I care about you.
It doesn't matter whether or not we're together.
I feel the same way.
So I hope this means you're coming tonight? Yes.
I wouldn't miss it.
- Oui? - Mmm.
See you tonight.
See you tonight.
- That's an attractive crowd.
- It sure is.
And so far, all the guests who've booked have arrived.
Okay, so the blog Paris By Mouth is here.
They're seated next to 24 Hours in Paris.
And then over there are Sybile and Mathilde Ichou.
The sisters and models - who have a combined following of 140,000.
- Huh.
In the corner is Mr.
Kim from Mr.
Kim Shoots Food.
His Instagram is art, and he was shortlisted in the Pink Lady Food Photo Awards 2020.
How do you keep all this in your head? It's my job.
And at your two o'clock is Madame Mange.
She's been food blogging since food blogging started.
She is old-school.
Not really sure who she's dining with, - but they look très serious.
- Hmm.
- I'll go say hello.
- Good idea.
- Alfie? - Emily, what's going on? Listen, I feel really bad about what happened the other day.
You were telling me about what I got wrong about you and I cut you off.
So I was thinking, maybe you come down to the pub, and I'd buy you a beer.
I'm actually at a work event and I think it's going to run late.
See? I knew it.
No fun.
My work is fun! I spoke to Madame Mange.
Her guest is Caroline Duclos, the reviewer from Le Figaro.
What? Oh, my God, no way.
Wait, I thought they were supposed to be anonymous? Some people find me charming, Emily.
Hey, lady.
Wow, this place looks great.
Antoine, this is my friend, Mindy.
How have you been keeping - this beautiful woman from me? - Oh.
Delightful to meet you, Mindy.
Okay, you're a charmer.
What was I saying? Wait, that's Antoine? The Antoine? Yep.
- Well - Okay, I'm going to go check on Gabriel.
- I'll meet you at the table.
- Okay.
Ooh! That looks beautiful! How are you feeling? - All good.
- You look good.
I mean, you look like you're in a good zone with the food.
What are you doing here? The reviewer from Le Figaro has joined us this evening.
She snuck in with Madame Mange, so you'd better sauce her duck good.
You know what I mean.
- What table? - Let me show you.
There she is.
It looks like she's enjoying her appetizer.
Not appetizer.
- But it's her first course.
- Exactly.
I'm so confused.
- What a success already.
- Camille.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
Camille brought over cases of her family's champagne.
Oh, that's so nice.
You're doing a great job with this opening.
It's crowded.
There were only 50 reservations.
Doesn't feel like that.
Antoine added more people than we were expecting.
Without consulting me? Restaurant openings are crowded, especially when a place is hot.
Well, we won't be hot for long if people can't get a table.
Um Why don't I give out complimentary champagne to the people who are waiting? Oh, my God, that's brilliant.
- Thank you, Camille.
- You're welcome.
- Who are you? - Camille.
Let me give you a hand.
Natalie, I'll take it.
Who wants champagne? - Finally! - Sorry, it's been crazy.
Now you've got to catch up.
- So, guess who's super not gay? - Mmm.
He's not into men, he's into me.
But I'm not going to do anything that's gonna ruin the band dynamics.
Yeah, no, take it from me, if there's any concern that it will disrupt the workplace, don't do it.
Mmm, now I'm not so sure because my workplace could use some disrupting.
I haven't been done in a while, you know.
Ooh! These drinks are strong! How is everyone? So good! But, um, the food should probably come here soon, because the drinks came and went.
Am I screaming? Uh, yeah, did it get a little loud in here? No.
It's getting fun, not loud.
Look around, people are enjoying themselves.
- Uh, maybe a little too much.
Excuse me.
- Okay.
I can barely hear the orders.
You had everything under control.
I don't have control over the volume.
But you're doing great.
Looks like Caroline from Le Figaro is finished.
Now might be a good time to say "hi.
" This is ridiculous.
Opening night.
Maybe just treat it more like a party.
You may have talent, but no dish is worth this chaos.
My apologies.
This isn't a restaurant.
This is a fucking nightclub, which is exactly what Antoine wanted all along.
Do you know what? I'm done.
Wait! Did my chef just walk out the door? - He's pretty upset.
- Upset? Well, you can tell him to keep walking.
Chefs are a dime a dozen in Paris.
What's going on? Well, Gabriel just quit, and I think Antoine just fired him at the same time.
This is a mess.
Um I've been there before, okay? It's a combination of ego and fear, it will pass.
You talk to Antoine, I'll talk to Gabriel.
Right? Thank you.
Gabriel! I can't believe Antoine! He doesn't know what he's doing! He's arrogant! He's never run a restaurant before! Okay.
You're right.
Of course you know more about running a restaurant, but you need him.
Don't ruin this opportunity.
I know this is what you've always wanted.
Unless it has changed.
But I don't think it has.
Hey, listen.
The biggest mistake would be throwing away something that means so much to you because things are hard right now.
Look, Antoine, I just don't want you to make a mistake.
You could've bought any building and hired any cook and pumped music in.
But you bought this place because of Gabriel.
Maybe he's too young and this isn't something he can handle.
Or maybe he wants a quiet little restaurant.
This is what I want.
Your friend seems to like it.
We have a sexy, fun crowd.
This is the Lavaux brand.
Okay, here's an idea.
Um, we keep it a restaurant until 11:00, and then it's a club.
It's the best of both worlds.
That sounds reasonable.
If Gabriel decides to come back, we'll have something to discuss.
Get down! Oh.
Sorry, sorry.
I was, uh, taking a break outside.
The kitchen is too hot.
I understand.
What a successful night, right? Yeah.
So many more people than we were expecting.
Yes, but the music is too loud.
I was just telling the DJ to turn it down.
And from now on, it won't get turned up until the dinner service ends at 11:00.
I like that idea.
Thank you so much for being here.
- Of course.
- Of course.
Thank you.
I like your apartment.
I like you in my apartment.
Is that you, back when you were modeling? No, that's not me.
I took that.
A friend of mine opened a motorcycle café in Amsterdam and, uh Yeah, he asked me to take some pictures of him to display.
You Dutch like your coffee and your bikes, huh? It was also the first time I got paid taking photos, so I display it.
You know what? We have a fashion shoot next week and we're still looking for someone.
- Oh, yeah? - Yep.
It's Vespa in collaboration with Dior.
It's a very big budget.
- You think you can handle that? - I think I could.
Then it's yours.
- Really? - Mmm-hmm.
That's amazing, Sylvie.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Pictures of opening night came out in Voici! I guess it went well.
Oh, I know.
No complaints.
How was your night? Pain au chocolat and apple turnover.
She must be very satisfied.
Hello, Julien? It's Gerhard.
- Guten Tag.
- Bonjour.
It wasn't easy, but I convinced Ellen to do the shoot.
- Ah, that's wonderful.
I'm so happy.
- I know.
I already called Vespa to check about the budget.
Well, not that Ellen cares, but it's suitable.
- So the client's on board? - Of course! Why wouldn't they be? - Oh, yeah, Julien? - Yes.
You must come to Hamburg sometime.
It's an absolute treasure.
I've got some very big news.
I ran into Ellen von Unwerth at Pierre's magazine shoot and talked her into doing the Vespa campaign! Really? That's huge! Ellen was on my list.
She shot Adriana Lima straddling a broom.
Sorry, I forgot to tell you, we already have a photographer for the shoot.
- Who? - Erik DeGroot.
You mean the party photographer from the bateau-mouche? - Yes.
- But I have Ellen I believe I made myself clear.
Why on earth Sylvie would choose that amateur over Ellen von Unwerth? He's one step up from a paparazzi.
The viennoiserie.
Did you see what she brought this morning? Is she sleeping with him? Ah, unbelievable! Ellen's agent thinks it's a done deal.
He's already called Vespa.
- Where are you going? - To throw myself in the Seine.
Yes, what is it? I wanted to follow up on that photographer discussion.
What discussion? Given that we might have Ellen von Unwerth, I would hope your judgment isn't being clouded by the obvious interest that another less world-famous photographer is taking in you.
Careful, Emily.
I don't like what you're implying.
- Sylvie? - Yes? I have Vespa on the phone.
Line one.
How are you? We are so excited about the campaign.
Yes, so are we.
And you should know, we've had a lot of discussions internally, and we found the perfect photographer for the shoot.
We heard.
Ellen von Unwerth.
We couldn't think of a better person to shoot the scooter.
She's sexy and feminine, just like the bike.
Can you give me a minute? How do they know about Ellen? Are we meeting in here? All of you, out! Yes, it's me again.
Um Yes, I'm glad you're happy 'cause we're thrilled about Ellen too.
Great, that's fantastic.
You'd better enjoy it now because we are not getting any more.
Hey! Sorry I'm so gay, I couldn't decide what to wear.
Did I say "gay"? I meant "late.
" Sorry I'm so late.
Don't worry about it.
You always look amazing.
- Oh.
- And you usually are late.
Sorry, I don't know why I'm so nervous.
I think the nerves will go away when you start singing.
Um, how about we try this one? Really? We've only rehearsed this once.
Yeah, but we nailed it.
- Okay.
- Cool.
I don't know you but I want you All the more for that Words fall through me And always fool me And I can't react And games that never amount To more than they're meant Will play themselves out Take this sinking boat And point it home We've still got time Raise your hopeful voice You have a choice You'll make it now Falling slowly, eyes that know me And I can't go back I know you wanted to talk about the shoot, so I brought some storyboards.
Yeah, about that, Erik, um, the client wants to go in a different direction.
- I'm very sorry.
- Oh.
I see.
But I do think you're very talented and I'm very sorry we won't be working together, really.
I am too.
But I hope that doesn't mean we won't see each other again.
Well, no, it doesn't have to mean that.
The Vespa's here.
Come look.
Very sexy.
Okay, take my picture.
Gerhard is going to love it.
Hmm! Uh, may I? What are you doing? I'm late for French class.
Oh, be careful! This is not Mackinac Island! Want a ride to class? Cooper.

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