Empire (2015) s03e17 Episode Script

Toil and Trouble, Part 1

1 Previously on Empire LUCIOUS: I took the liberty of calling the FBI ahead of time, and I packed you something, just to give you a fighting chance.
Casinos, you know.
They have live shows, but our show itself is the show.
You betrayed me one time too many.
Boy, you must be off your meds, thinking you're gonna come at your daddy like this.
(guns clicking) I told you, I'm not doing that deal with Lucious.
Lucious is not our biggest problem.
It's that bitch, Giuliana.
I thought I'd fly into town and make sure Lucious and I were still on the same page.
Inferno is the Vegas deal, Cookie.
SUPERVISOR: We can't seem to find your daughter.
- What?! - I want my daughter, man! MAN: All right, let them have it.
(remixed version of "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" playing) How lucky can one guy be? I kissed her and she kissed me Like the fella once said Ain't that a kick in the head? The room was completely black I hugged her and she hugged back Like the sailor said, quote WOMAN: Welcome to Laviticus, Las Vegas.
Ain't that, that, that, that, that, that, that Goin' in, goin' in, goin' in, goin' in Like the fella once said, said, said, said Tell me quick, tell me quick, tell me quick Tell me quick, tell me quick, tell me quick Goin' in, goin' in, goin' in She's tell me we'll be wed We'll be wed She's picked out a king size bed King size bed I couldn't feel any better or I'd be sick Or I'd be sick, be sick Tell me quick, tell me quick Goin' in, goin' in (alarm beeping) Tell me quick Goin' in, goin' in LUCIOUS: I would love to make a toast to you guys.
To Charlotte.
- Oh.
- Without you, none of this would've been possible.
Giuliana and I are forever grateful.
- WAITRESS: Ma'am.
- Oh, no, thank you.
No, it's okay.
It's a non-alcoholic cider.
That's perfect.
Well, I think it's time you people I mean, you hip-hop people have a proper seat at the table here in Vegas.
I just hope it continues to go smoothly.
Tell me quick Have a look, sir.
Goin' in, goin' in Tell me quick, tell me quick Goin' in, goin' in Handle it.
Excuse me, everyone.
I have to attend to something downstairs for a minute.
COOKIE: Are we done? Okay, okay, okay.
(laughs) That's it? Okay.
Let's see.
Come on, give me some.
Lucky night.
(chuckles) Yes.
I'm betting it all on black, baby.
- Don't matter what number.
- You always bet on black.
I told you not to do this.
What am I doing? The gaming commissioner is right upstairs, and you're not gonna cost us our license.
COOKIE: Mm, our license? As in yours and mines? Or are you talking about that bitch who's dragging you around by your salty gonads? Okay, get her out of here.
Don't touch me.
I can walk.
Oh, wait, I'm not going nowhere without my money.
- (people clamoring) - MAN: Hey, free chips! WOMAN: Hey! Get your hands off of me! Get off of me! I will shut this place down! That goes for you, too, you irrelevant bitch! You are canceled! Get off of me! Get off of me! LUCIOUS: It's times like this that the family needs to stay together.
And trust me, we are united on this one.
COOKIE: Yes, Hakeem, and you know it's our top priority that we find and bring Bella home.
That's the only thing that matters.
Yeah, stay strong, little brother.
That's Bella.
COOKIE: No, no, no, Hakeem.
She got my daughter.
- Hakeem.
Get him.
- Keem.
- You took my daughter?! - Hakeem, stop that.
- Hakeem, wait.
- Excuse me.
JAMAL: Stop, stop, stop! - It's not her.
- I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Man, it's a little boy.
It's not Bella.
Come on.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I thought it was her, Ma.
I know, baby.
Come here.
Look, take him upstairs to my office, okay? Yeah.
That's the third time he's done that.
Every time he sees a baby, he thinks it's Bella.
Yeah, well, I know the right person - that could help find Bella.
- Okay.
I'm-a track him down, and then I'm-a let you know when I find out.
I got to hit a meeting.
Uh, wait a minute.
Hakeem needs us right now.
Giuliana's waiting for me.
awaqeded for - (clears throat) - GIULIANA: Inferno is gonna be the biggest live show Las Vegas has ever seen.
We're gonna do for the Strip what Hamilton did for Broadway.
It's gonna be hot.
You got to trust me on this, Charlotte.
Everybody thinks they're gonna be the next Hamilton, Giuliana.
Look, I've heard this pitch a million times.
Yeah, but what you haven't heard is my new music.
No, thank you.
I don't drink.
I respect that.
Can I get you some coffee? No, I don't drink alcohol or coffee.
I'm Mormon.
LUCIOUS (chuckles): Oh.
Silly me.
All this time, I thought you was Mexican.
And I thought you were black, but I have no idea whether you're Muslim or Christian or anything else, because I don't make assumptions on your religion - based on race or ethnicity.
- Wait a minute.
- I was just making a joke.
- (phone vibrating) - I wasn't trying to - Oh.
I have to have lunch with my old pal Rudy.
(chuckles) Lucious, listen to me.
Make sure this Inferno doesn't open up the gates of my town to a bunch of hip-hop hooligans from hell.
Thank you, Charlotte.
Thank you for coming.
A Mormon? Yeah, I should've known that.
Okay? My bad.
I'm sorry.
GIULIANA: It's a little too late for "I'm sorry.
" You could've cost us our gaming license.
Mormons run the gaming commission.
We can't afford to offend anyone.
(keypad beeping) Those the same ledgers from your office safe in Vegas? Why are you in my business? Yes, they are.
I take them with me everywhere.
- They never leave my side.
- Because Mr.
Lyon's business is my business, that's why; and it's just a question, - so don't get your panties in a bunch.
- Thirsty.
So, this is what we're spending to keep the thugs off the premises.
I'm sure that Charlotte is expecting some sort of melee.
Lucious, he's just so sloppy.
That's just how he dresses, sweetie.
I don't trust him.
Thirst, you like that champagne? Yeah.
Take it with you.
You're fired.
We came out the darkness Darkness, darkness Been through every problem, we solved it We got to keep our hope alive The greatest thing that came to life And if we keep it true to us Us, us We can take it much higher, let's go levels up Three birds of a feather flock together, y'all You see what we can be Ah, yeah, ah, yeah, ah, oh We can be different, together we stand We got the power in all of our hands They build the castle, now we're here to defend it Ah, yeah, ah, yeah, ah, yeah Oh, tragedy's stayed Trying to break us away We need something more, honey.
These lights are boring me.
We're all we got Especially coming up right here.
Oh Yes! You got to keep your job.
Baby, that's right.
But you know you don't have to hesitate COOKIE: Porsha.
Yes, get me the VIP list for Jamal's album release party.
I need to add a few names.
We got us, we got us, we got us Add a few names, dummy.
- All I trust.
- All I trust Through it all, through the rough, dust to dust Dust to dust You got me, I got you, we got us.
COOKIE: Yes, Jamal! That was amazing.
JAMAL: Y'all can chill for just a second, y'all.
- Thanks, Danny.
- Yeah.
- Ma.
- COOKIE: Yes.
So, I tried to throw in there the whole thing about Keem and the baby; it just, it didn't fit.
Baby, it was beautiful.
Okay? When Cookie Met Lucious is gonna be a game changer for us.
All I got to do is set up a meeting with Steve Cho LUCIOUS: No, Steve Cho is no longer with our company.
COOKIE: Uh, since when? Since I hired somebody else.
I want you to meet Byron Moore.
He's the best PR cat in the business.
And he has some interesting insights that he shared with me - about the releasing of our - You know what? - Just-just hit them, man.
- I think we should hold off releasing When Cookie Met Lucious for a few months.
- Are you joking? - Wait a minute, what? - Why the hell, why would we do that? - Are you stupid? - What the hell would - Inferno's Inferno's market awareness is through the roof.
Two Empire releases at the same time - will cannibalize attention from both.
- Man.
- Excuse me, Byron.
- No, man.
Shut your dumb ass up.
Dad, I agreed to do a song with you, now you're pulling my album? I'm not pulling your album; your album's incredible.
But you only get one chance to release it out into the world.
Why do it under all this competition? You need your own space.
My own space.
Damn, Dad.
- (stammers) Jamal! - I'm-I'm serious, man.
He can't, he can't pull your album without my - Jamal! - Byron, please go.
Explain it to him the way you explained it to me, please.
Look, I'm not trying to hurt him.
I'm actually trying to help him right now.
And I got a bridge in Brooklyn.
Back off, Lucious.
Look, Mr.
Moore is the best PR cat in this business.
- He's worked with Giuliana on - Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! She recommended him? (chuckles) Hell no.
Lucious, this company belongs to me and No, it's our company.
It belongs to me and my family.
You keep that bitch out of my company.
See, it's reasons like that that you're kicked out of the damn casino.
Are you telling me I can't come to our casino in Vegas? It's Giuliana's casino and mine.
And you've been black-booked, meaning you're prohibited.
You can't enter the premises of Laviticus Las Vegas.
(elevator bell dings) Hey, where you going? Wh-What happened? Seems like my work here is done.
What, you want to take a free shot? Giuliana? I didn't imagine his head was that far up her ass.
But, look, I'm-I'm in shock.
I didn't see this coming.
Look, for the record, I respect your gangsta.
You're a good mother.
I'll keep my eyes and ears open for your granddaughter.
Uh, Thirsty.
(elevator bell dings) Come to my house tonight.
- Huh? - Yeah.
Having a little get-together.
Think you might like it.
(doorbell rings) Welcome to the resistance.
You are officially Team Cookie now.
- THIRSTY: And this is the team? - COOKIE: Mm-hmm.
Giuliana has Lucious pinky-tied.
We all know it.
He's cut off family members, friends, people who've had his back, all for Vegas, all for her.
And that's why this team is going to end her.
Yeah, you mean "end" her, right? 'Cause that bitch is cold.
I seen her pull a trig Shut your mouth.
No, no, no.
You seen her what? You shut your mouth! - Hey! - COOKIE: Hey, hey, everybody - Hey! - Come on! - Get your hands off me! - (clamoring) Everybody, be quiet! Shut up! Quit acting like a bunch of bitches! Thank you, Porsha.
Thank you.
Somebody with some sense.
Keep it together.
Now, listen, let me get one thing clear.
I don't want to do this.
I wish I didn't have to.
Giuliana is a cancer.
Not just to Lucious, but to the entire Empire.
To the family! And if we don't root that bitch out, - we all die.
- SHINE: I'm sorry, Cookie.
I can't do it.
I can't work with this fool.
- I'm out.
- Are you serious? Oh, Drop, you, too? Oh, so y'all just gonna bitch up like that? Say what you want.
COOKIE: Oh, you just gonna snatch up gifts? Wow.
All right, all right, all right.
So we got eight.
There's eight of us if, Chicken and Marcel, y'all still coming to Vegas with Hakeem? I'm in.
You? COOKIE: Yeah, soldiers.
We still got soldiers.
- Now we just got to get - No, Mom.
I'm just gonna stay here and wait for Bella.
No, Hakeem, listen.
There is nothing more important than getting Bella back.
- Nothing.
Right, Jamal? - JAMAL: Of course not.
But, I mean, I got an album coming out in ten days.
I will be back in time for the album release.
Look, this is not a side-hustle here! If we don't end this bitch, there will be nothing left for you, for the album, for Bella, none of us.
Can't you see that? Oh, okay.
This is great.
- You know I love you, Ma.
- Yeah.
Great plan, Mom.
Well, that obviously wasn't the right team.
Obviously not, Thirsty! Hey, Cookie, I can get the means to do whatever.
Who else can you trust? BECKY: I have some bad news.
I brought you in to explain that your recording budget has been cut.
The recording budget? - It's just that - Becky, why in the hell has my hair and makeup budget been cut? Take a number, sweetheart.
My budget got cut, too.
Um, your budget got cut because Andre curved your ass.
Do I need to toss you off another stage? - Oh, my God.
- TIANA: Oh.
- You want to try again? - I didn't come here to fight.
Can we please not do this? I just don't Hey! Hey! Hey, ladies, ladies! Please do not go all "Ten Duel Commandments" in here.
Okay, everybody got their budget cut.
It's got nothing to do with Hakeem, and it's got nothing to do with Andre, all right? Everything outside of Lucious' Vegas show has been cut, including me and my check, okay? We're all cut.
What do you say we take care of some business? It's personal.
Why are you doing that? No reason.
Did you put glass in here? For Fatima's bastard.
Did you put glass He's not welcome in this house.
(doorbell rings) (door opens) Mr.
Cousins is here for lunch with Mr.
Miss Leah.
Look, um, lunch is gonna be a little bit delayed.
We had a little trouble with the kitchen.
Why am I here, and how the hell did you find me? I mean, typically, a man in my position can find just about anybody that they're looking for, if they're important enough to 'em.
I mean, that's always been my experience.
But I've searched high and low to find this one person, and I keep coming up empty.
As you may or may not know Child Protective Services illegally entered my home and took my grandchild on trumped-up allegations of child endangerment.
Now, apparently she's been lost in this matrix of paperwork that they call a system.
And I'm asking you to use all of your expertise as an FBI agent to find my grandchild.
I will give you whatever you want.
All right, the key to taking Giuliana down is her ledgers, which she keeps in a wall safe inside her office.
There's only one way in and one way out.
And me and Cookie are both banned.
CANDACE: So we're going to sneak inside a casino and crack a safe? THIRSTY: Look, I know it sounds a little Hollywood, but, uh, Cookie has faith in you, and I believe in being prepared.
Now, we're not talking about the whole casino; we're just talking about the VIP room, - where high rollers do their thing.
- Oh.
Now, there's a security guard blocking that door.
Carol, you're gonna distract him by using whatever means necessary.
You cool with that? Oh, baby, I'm cool with that.
Me and my means are good to go.
BECKY: (chuckles) Yes, honey.
Okay, now, Candace, you and hubby will get Giuliana out that door by Kevin here posing as a high roller.
Blackjack is my middle name.
Right, babe? That's right, baby.
THIRSTY: Okey-dokey.
Now, behind this door, there's a hallway that leads to the vault in one direction and Giuliana's office in the other.
Now, the door can only be opened by using a four-digit security code that gets changed daily.
We get the number, and that gets us to the safecracking.
(whistles) Marvin, roll it in.
You got to think of this safe as a piggy bank on steroids.
It's not that deep.
So who's gonna crack that? Uh, I'm not a safecra Look, I'm not gonna crack a safe.
I'll do it.
I used to boost department stores a lot.
No, ma'am.
Can you back your ass up? You have the chill disposition we need, so you will crack the safe, Becky.
(knuckles crack) (door opens) (man grunts) (grunts) Only reason I'm doing this is because of a helpless, blameless little girl who happens to be my blood.
Didn't do anything to deserve getting caught up in this ugliness you perpetuate.
This is Sam.
Sam, this is Lucious.
He needs your help with something.
Hello, Sam.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm told that, um you might have been contacted by somebody to forge some documents.
Documents for my granddaughter? I've never seen that kid in my life.
And even if I had, I don't dime on paying clients.
He don't dime on paying clients.
(groaning) Okay, just take your time, all right? Relax your shoulders, breathe through it.
- CAROL: So, these are cameras? - CANDACE: Yeah, just try one.
- Okay.
- Look there.
She'll show you.
THIRSTY: Don't listen for the click.
Feel the click.
Oh, shut up, shut up.
I almost got it.
I got it.
Damn! I just I don't know about this, Cookie.
Maybe we should just call this off.
No, no, we are not calling this off.
I haven't seen my Kevin this excited since Uh, I don't need to know what gets Kevin excited, okay? KEVIN: Blackjack! Honey, I got a blackjack.
Okay, Kevin, we get it that you like black.
THIRSTY: Becky, look at this.
It's just me and you, okay? Focus.
Be confident.
Put your hands on the dial and breathe.
(Becky and Thirsty breathing deeply) (grunts) TARIQ: Who hired you? Look, I'm not a bad guy.
You know, some poor orphan kid needs a shot at a decent life, I get 'em out of the system, so maybe they won't become bottom-feeders.
Bottom-feeders? Are you referring to these innocent children that's got no choice of where they are, thrown in a system you calling them bottom-feeders? People like me and my brother? How do you feel about that, brother? I don't like it one bit, brother.
How you feel about it? It hurts my feelings.
(Sam groaning) That felt good.
Sorry it took so long for us to come together.
(panting) I'm-a go and get to a meeting.
Maybe you can get some more out of him.
Okay? (softly): Yeah.
I'm sorry it took us this long to get here.
(Sam groans) This is called "open monitoring meditation.
" So don't focus on the safe.
You focus on everything that exists.
Be aware of every sound.
Every sound.
Every thought.
Every thought.
Every memory let it flow through you.
Every memory's flowing through me.
You're not touching the lock, you are the lock.
The lock is you.
You and the lock are one.
I am the lock.
(safe clanks) (sighs) I am the lock.
- I - Feel the click! - am the lock.
- (safe clanks) I am the lock.
I am the (Cookie and Becky cheering) COOKIE: All right, get up, bitches! - Yes! - We are going to Vegas! Get up, bitches.
- Pack up your clothes.
- I am the lock! I am the lock! We can get low, oh, nah, nah, nah We can get low, oh, nah, nah, nah Let me be your friend, baby, let me in Tell you no lies, oh, nah, nah, nah We can get lost, oh, nah, nah, nah Take it all off, oh, nah, nah, nah Let me be your friend, baby, let me in Give it to me all, oh, nah, nah, nah CAROL: Whoo! Vegas, baby, yes! This is my kind of town, guys.
Hey, listen, uh, when we get done this little gig we got to do, I need for y'all to take me out on the town.
Carol, shut your mouth.
We just met these fools in the lobby.
- (volume decreasing) - CAROL: Hey, wait a minute.
Why y'all turning the music down? It's me.
You can do it from back here.
(exhales slowly) I'm kind of nervous.
Keep your faith in our plan.
Get it together before we get with Cookie.
I got the moves, I got the moves - (volume increases): - I'm making moves You gotta move You gotta move She made that back move She made the move I make the city move Like whoa I made the city move I got the moves I'm making I got the moves I got the moves WOMAN: Welcome to Laviticus, Las Vegas.
You gotta She made that back move She made the move I make the city move I do I made the city move I do - Give me the ball and I will have to pass it - Yes! I ain't passing out till I'm asthma attacking I take a plan, then I back to back it Hit after hit, check the batting average I take the work, flip it, acrobatic Got a little time and a lot of talent Do a little talking and a lot of action Seen the competition, hmm, not a challenge I lean, I move, I walk through in this Packed out but I can count on my hands Who I'm-a talk to in this Girls from law school in this (tape rewinding) Yeah, they paralegals Barely 21, that's very legal But they doing that's probably barely legal Welcome to Laviticus Las Vegas.
CAROL: Damn, you look hot, Chicken.
From here on out, it'll be consecutive Lucious and Giuliana? Upstairs in the club having dinner with the Mormon boss lady.
For a minute, me, I make the that last for infinity Hop in the booth, man, that like a gym to me Don't test the agility, hit your From like way, oh, ways away You know you can still let me open the safe, right? Shut your stupid ass up before you blow your cover.
I got the moves I'm making I got the moves I got the moves I'm making moves I'm making moves You gotta move You gotta She make that back move She made the move I make the city move I do I made the city move I do KEVIN: Lady luck is with me tonight! - Bring it on.
- Honey, are you still going at it? - We got to go.
- Oh, my dear, I'm ahead.
If you want some of this behind, you better scale up.
Any of the above, now you harder to find.
A first-class casino would've comped us a room and had these winnings secure in a safe by now.
- KEVIN: Mm-hmm.
- You know, just saying.
Sir, madam.
If you would like, we could put your winnings - in one of our vaults.
- Oh.
(crowd cheering) Get off of me! I will shut this place down! Get your hands off of me! My name is! Seems a little hectic here tonight.
If you don't mind, I'd like to take a tour of the vault first.
One moment, sir.
COOKIE: You are canceled! Get off of me! Get off of me! Get off of me.
Okay, all right, okay! Keep your hands to yourself! High-roller on table four would like a tour of the vaults.
Meet me at the east security door, and make sure Cookie is out of this building.
Yes, ma'am.
COOKIE: I will end your career, bitch! Get off of me.
I can walk.
Oh, oh, oh, oh Hey, hey, hey, hey Lucious.
Is everything okay? Everything's absolutely fine.
Look, I know you've got concerns about Inferno's crowd, but I assure you, you'll be able to bring your husband and your kids to this place.
ANDRE: My father is a man of his word, Ms.
I can assure you.
It's Mrs.
I'm Andre Lyon.
We haven't properly met, but I've heard wonderful things about you.
LUCIOUS: I'm quite surprised that you're here.
You know I just had your mother thrown out.
Are you next? Actually, I came by to warn you.
Unfortunately, I was too late.
So, I'm Empire's CFO.
If I can be of service to you in any way, please do not hesitate, let me know.
Thank you.
Andre? - That's right.
- Andre.
Very kind of you.
(chuckles) Did you see that bitch smirking down at me? I should've threw my heel right at her neck.
- I did good, though, didn't I? - Yeah.
Gave a little, little Kill Bill meets Casino, with the ass of Foxy Brown left up on there.
Uh, don't be looking at my ass.
No, I'm just Okay, look, they're headed to the security door.
GIULIANA: Your winnings are totally secure, Mr.
All of our security are ex-military.
That's nice to know.
How grotesque.
Just sit your little debutante ass down right here, please.
Thank you.
Which screen is which? All right, this is Carol, that's Becky, and there goes your little hubby right there.
GIULIANA: We like to take extra special care of our high-rollers, like yourself.
How can I speak to him? Grab the mic.
KEVIN: Ooh, I can see that.
Eyes up, Kevin.
Mama's watching.
She too old to be showing that much cleavage.
(chuckles) THIRSTY: I got to beg to differ.
- Those are nice.
- COOKIE: Yeah, you would.
You like them big and fake, don't you? GIULIANA: The vault itself is state-of-the-art.
Well, as long as it's secure.
Do I look like the type of girl you can't trust? (chuckles) THIRSTY: All right, listen up, y'all.
Code is: six, six, four, nine.
Becky, you got that? Six, six, four, nine.
(sighs) I'm on it.
Right this way.
THIRSTY: Give them time to get to the vault.
All right, Carol, it's your turn.
Strangé time.
That's the guy.
He's your target.
Go do your thing.
(sighs) CAROL: Hey, baby.
You know, a girl really feels safe with a big strapping brother like yourself keeping an eye on things.
Damn, my sister is a ho.
- Mm.
Thank God.
- GUARD: If you're soliciting, I will call the police.
Move along.
CAROL: (chuckles) Honey, I'm not a working girl.
But you know I can work it, right? You don't want to come get a drink with me? Ma'am, move away from the door.
Uh (laughs) wait a minute.
You ain't got to call me "ma'am.
" I'm probably younger than your big ass.
- He's not going for it.
- I know.
GUARD: This is your final warning.
Step aside.
(quietly): Ain't that a bitch.
All right, you know what, y'all? I'm about to go to the bar while y'all figure this out, okay? Hell no! Okay, let me think, let me think for a minute.
Hurry up.
My man can't be entertaining Giuliana all night.
BECKY: Oh, we're screwed.
How am I supposed to get past him? He's not gonna budge.
Hold on, I think this freak is into Becky.
- What? - Oh.
Hey, Becky, I think this dude is into you.
G-Go get your flirt on.
I am not trained for that.
Look, I can tell by the way he stands, he's in the military.
All right? So just talk to him about military stuff.
And shake your ass, see if we can get him to "Oohrah.
" All right, so, while she's shaking her ass and getting him to "Oohrah," who's gonna crack the safe, stupid? - Carol.
- COOKIE and CANDACE: Carol?! What?! Me? - What we got.
It's what we got! - Her?! Ooh, Negro, I know that's not your plan.
My To get the flightiest, flakiest one on the yard - to crack the damn safe? - CANDACE: Really? Look, I could've got my team together, but you're the one that wanted to have this little sisterhood of the traveling attitude on the road, so let's just deal with what we got! You know, cut it out with the $10 jokes, looking like a sherbet pop.
Sit down! Can we just deal with what we got? - You know, Sit.
Sit! - Could you just speak English? This is exactly why I went Asian.
Let me guess.
Navy? Nope.
Coast Guard? Nope.
That's right.
Army Ranger.
BECKY: Oh, you're a paratrooper.
All right, go, go, go, now.
Six, six, four, nine.
- BECKY: Nice to meet you.
- GUARD: Pleasure.
BECKY: Oh, my God, you're so much taller when you get close to me like that.
(Becky giggles) - GUARD: How have you been all night? - BECKY: I'm good.
Oh, you guys, I cannot do this.
Carol, you can and you will.
Just get in there and do it! GUARD: I'll be out of here soon.
BECKY: Oh, soon? How soon? I'm almost done, too.
- (keypad beeping) - GUARD: Yeah? - BECKY: Yeah.
- GUARD: What time? THIRSTY: All right, you're in.
BECKY: Whenever you're off, I'm off.
(giggles): Oh, my God.
I'm so bad.
(giggles) THIRSTY: Okay, walk into the room on your left.
That should be Giuliana's office.
Look for the painting behind the desk.
There you go.
The safe should be behind the painting.
Come on, Carol honey, we don't have a lot of time.
You can do it.
CAROL: All right, you guys, listen, I can't do this; my hands are shaking too much.
- Oh.
- Okay, all right.
Carol, yes you can and yes you will.
- I will come in and beat - (Candace whispers angrily) Carol? Carol, you got this.
Trying to act like you a damsel in distress when I know you got nerves of steel.
I'm telling you, I don't trust me.
COOKIE: Oh, my God.
All right.
(exhales) Okay, okay, okay.
(sniffles) All right.
I got it.
Carol? You got this, girl.
Look, I know I give you flak a lot.
But you made of steel, girl.
You got this.
Okay, Thirsty, but you gonna have to Mr.
Miyagi my ass through this.
THIRSTY: Okay, okay, we got you now.
Okay? All you got to do is breathe.
(breathes deeply) THIRSTY: Carol? Carol, are you there? - Still nothing? - Nothing.
(sighs) And nobody saw her.
(door opens) - COOKIE: Carol.
- CANDACE: Oh, my God.
COOKIE: We lost video feed.
I thought something happened to you.
What happened? We were scared you got caught.
What? Bam! (whooping, laughter) Is that what we need? Yeah, the gaming commissioner gets one look at these, it's multiple indictments for sure.
Yes, ding dong, the bitch is dead! - Yes, baby! - I knew you could do it.
CAROL: Told you, I did it! Yeah, y'all.
You know I'm a safecracker, right? I'm a safecracker, right? We know you like crack, but we ain't gonna get into it.
- CAROL: Hey, Cookie! - (laughs) Fraudulent reporting, money laundering, consorting with criminals? This is really bad.
You have seven kids? Damn.
I mean (chuckles) They must be proud of their mother.
Well, I hope they're proud of me someday.
Right now, they hate how hard I work and wonder why I can't be with them at home.
Yeah, I understand that.
Mine are grown, but they will always need their mama.
Especially LUCIOUS: Hakeem? Frankly, I'm a bit disturbed to see that you've left him at a time of need.
You see, our youngest is going through a bit of a rough time right now.
Fortunately, I've been able to handle a few things while his mother has been here in Vegas, running around like a banshee.
Your last little stunt cost us a half a million dollars.
But it's worth it if it means I can get my gaming license.
So what are we calling this one? "Charitable donation"? I don't care what you call it.
But after reading these, the price might go up.
I didn't know Mormons took payoffs.
You people really are prone to stereotypes.
- Come on.
- Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of work to do.
"You people.
" It's okay, come on.
Cookie, let's go.
Come on, you're gonna cost us some more money.
(mutters) (sighs) (sighs) Wow.
You have an interesting family.
"Interesting" isn't the word I would've chosen.
Well, then.
I guess you're gonna have to help me find better words.
I'll get to work on that.
(chuckles) (laughs softly) COOKIE: You talked to your father, right? He said he expecting to know where she is today or tomorrow.
Yeah, I trust him on that.
It's the one thing I do trust him on.
You can trust him, too.
Who I shouldn't have trusted is that shady-ass Mormon.
It's my own damn fault.
So, what, she a Mormon, you expect her not to be shady? Ma, you just gonna have to dust yourself off and get back to work.
That's exactly what I'm gonna do.
Now, sit down, so you can listen to my plan.
- Wait.
- No, no, no.
I got to tell you Sit down, boy, listen.
Now, y'all remember old Byron What's-His-Ass said we would never be able to go head-to-head with Inferno.
Well, I want to take them all by surprise and get out there tonight.
Mom Look, Coocious, the promo, still getting, like, 10,000 new streams a day.
When Lucious wakes up tomorrow morning, I want the press to be all about how Inferno can't top When Cookie Met Lucious.
(chuckles) And I want y'all to get out on that stage, together, and do a-a APB shout-out.
So people can look for Bella.
In front of all those millions of people.
That's a great idea, right? Come on.
It's a beautiful idea, - Ma, it really is.
But listen.
- I know it is.
I made a decision, okay? (footsteps approaching) Uh, what is he doing here? Am I interrupting something? You're always interrupting something.
And what you make a decision about? I decided to hold off on the release of When Cookie Met Lucious until after Inferno.
Why? 'Cause I'm gonna join Dad's show in Vegas.
Ma, come on, it's a good thing.
It's good for all of us.
You know what I'm saying? It'll get everybody really hype.
Is that what your father's telling you? LUCIOUS: What, you think I'm lying to him? He doesn't care about you, boy, he just wants to win.
No, I want us all to win.
That's the whole point of this.
The stuff that he's saying on this album, I mean, the things that he's saying to me, I'm finally hearing him, and it's something that I think the critics and that his fans, if they got a chance to hear it - Oh, shut up.
- But they won't get a chance to listen to what I've heard if all they're hearing is noise from Inferno.
Mom, come on.
This is what I've been waiting this is what both of us have been waiting for.
You know, he's actually hearing us.
You know you can't trust him.
You know you can't trust him.
Ma, how you gonna say don't trust him? When you just told me to trust him about Bella.
- Boy - JAMAL: Yeah.
HAKEEM: How can I trust him about my own daughter? JAMAL: And that's a baby.
Like, that's ten times more important than our stupid record.
LUCIOUS: Wait, wait, wait, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Y'all just ganging up on her right now.
She's having a hard time; maybe she just needs a few minutes to think things through.
Give her some space.
Mom, please.
Come on, don't be like that.
- Mom.
- LUCIOUS: Just let her go.
She came for me hard, had her feelings hurt.
Maybe she just needs to lick her wounds.
(elevator bell dings) (humming tune) Okay, here we go.
Come on, my little Bella.
(fusses) All right.
- (line rings) - WOMAN: Hello, Mrs.
DuBois? We just finished our walk.
We're at the gate.
(line ringing) LUCIOUS (over phone): Lucious here.
Leave a message.
(beep) Yo, it's Tariq.
I found her.
I'm on my way.
(engine starts) Your father ANDRE: I heard.
Vegas was a bust.
I was just trying to get Giuliana arrested.
Don't give up just yet.
Dre, I-I'm done.
That's a shame.
'Cause I'm just getting started.
Boy, it's over.
Okay? And I'm I know you heard that frosty bitch is all in your daddy's pocket.
Charlotte may have taken Pop's money, but she has no loyalty to him.
How do you know who she's loyal to? We've had our own private conversations.
I'm your mama.
Boy, give me the 411.
All right.
(inhales) (clears throat) Charlotte doesn't have a problem taking payoffs as long as she tithes to her church.
But she is deadly serious about keeping the thug element out of Vegas.
Now, anything jumps off, anything at all, she will snuff out Inferno before Pop can even strike a match.
So she doesn't like thugs running amok in her town.
Well, we'll just have to give her Biggie and Pac times ten.
(glasses clink) LUCIOUS: I owe you everything.
You found my grandbaby.
Please, don't keep me in suspense.
Oh, never that, my brother.
(chuckles) "Brother.
" Yo.
A lot's gone down between us, man.
I never thought we'd get here.
Neither did I.
You know, once Bella comes back home, I think you and me, we should really sit down and talk about how we can look after each other, the way brothers are supposed to, you know, as a family.
We should drink to that.
You're not a Mormon, are you? (laughs): No, brother.
Yo, you gonna need all the family you got.
Wait till you find out where I found Bella.
(gagging) What in the hell is wrong with you?! (gasping) Tariq.
awaqeded for