Empire (2015) s04e01 Episode Script

Noble Memory

1 Previously on Empire Your entire family will burn to the ground.
We are happy to reunite you with your daughter.
But, it comes at a price.
WARREN: Jamal Lyon thinks I'm gorgeous.
- Fabulous.
- MAN: This is Franco.
- He's the best at blowing stuff up.
- Boom.
I want to see the world with you, Cook.
I want to write a new page in our story.
- Hey, I'm calling it off.
- You started this.
I'm gonna finish it.
Oh, Lucious! COOKIE: Look, I know you're some kind of special nurse, but it's been three months.
Lucious! (gasps) Lucious! Who are you? (applause and cheering) Are y'all ready for this? COOKIE: We're making this TV special, shooting interviews and rehearsals so the audience can see all the work and love that goes into building Empire.
Thank you.
Look, there's a lot of me in Empire.
All right? My blood, my sweat and my tears.
INTERVIEWER: And Lucious will he be a part of the special? This year is Empire's 20th anniversary, so - (cheering) - You can't speak about Empire's legacy without Lucious.
There would be none of this without Lucious.
EMCEE: I said, are y'all ready for this? He is our legacy.
You know how I get down.
Funk Flex I'm in the building.
Act like you want it.
This is what New York City sounds like! This is gonna be on TV in about a month.
I need y'all to look live, act live and be live, you hear me? INTERVIEWER: You and your family have suffered a great deal of pain in the last five months.
Is this anniversary bittersweet? (Cookie sighs) It sure ain't sweet (laughs) when that kind of pain comes at you, and it came at us fast and hard.
And you just do what you got to do.
You stick together, 'cause that's what family does, right? (shouting) They don't call us Lyons for nothing.
(chuckles) COOKIE: How many of you are old enough to remember Motown's 25th Anniversary, 1983? ANDRE: Yeah, we grew up on it.
Our dad would play it over and over.
They had Stevie, Marvin, Smokey, The Jackson Five.
BECKY: Mm-hmm, it was the first time anyone had ever seen Michael Jackson moonwalk to "Billie Jean.
" It was the big bang of pop.
JAMAL: Our television special will make this 20th anniversary be our big bang.
And it's gonna be hot, so, to the Empire! ALL: To the Empire! To my father.
(camera shutter clicking) ALL: Lucious! - (whoops) - 20 years never looked better Bought a brand-new panorama, sold my soul to the devil You can call me Mr.
Greatest on a whole nother level Uh, now you got me in my element - All of you others irrelevant - (whoops) Well, my parents made the sacrifices to build this company, and, uh, they looked forward to the day when they would hand it over to one of us.
- Jamal! - Everybody want to build an empire But don't nobody want to go through hellfire Say they working harder, they a damn liar - Because we hit the two - ANDRE: But if I had a choice between having Empire or, uh or having my father I, uh (sighs) I'm sorry.
Um, don't don't print that.
Let's start over again, please.
(applause and cheering) (plays dramatic melody) (crying): Can we stop? I can't do this again.
- (applause and cheering) - EMCEE: Tonight, at Laviticus for the Empire 20th Anniversary Special, making his first public appearance since that fateful night in Las Vegas when we almost lost him, Lucious Lyon will be here! (applause and cheering) Ready? Okay.
(music playing, crowd chatter) WOMAN: Hey, Cookie! Hey.
WOMAN 2: Looking good.
Yes, he's back.
He looks good, right? - (laughs quietly) - Mm-hmm.
WOMAN 3: Welcome back, boss! All here for you.
- Okay? - CARLOTTA: Lucious.
- Ma'am.
- It's okay, Webb.
Really? It's me Carlotta.
You're looking damn good, brother.
LUCIOUS (laughs): Mmm! And you're wearing that dress, Cookie.
Thank you Carlotta.
Were you in that girl group that duo with that white girl? - Mm-hmm.
- Carlotta What was it? - Brown.
- Yes.
- Mixed Harmony.
Me and Mary Davis.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, we sang the hook on a couple of Lucious's tracks back in the day.
Remember how you used to tell Mary how much you loved her voice? It was her tone.
Her tone.
Well, she passed.
- Drugs.
- Oh, we are so sorry to hear that.
But you look good, girl, but we gots to get on.
Well, I'm managing her daughters now.
I mean, they're a girl group, and I thought you might want to help 'em out.
You know, as a favor to Mary.
Maybe lend one of your producers to do a couple tracks for 'em.
I mean, y'all got the best ones.
- Well - Yeah, we got the best, and they very busy.
Yeah, but I'm sure we can do something for them.
I mean, even if it's just for for Mary.
Okay, I tell you what.
Call the office, and we'll see what we can do for you.
- Webb? Come on.
- Thanks.
- No, thank you.
- Uh-huh.
Thank you.
Watch yourself now.
LUCIOUS: I I didn't know who that was.
That's okay, baby.
You're doing good.
- Hey, Lucious.
Welcome back.
- Hiya, boss.
COOKIE: Okay, wait a minute.
Back up.
How's it going? What's up, Lucious? drinking in your honor.
- MAN: We missed you, man.
- COOKIE: Okay.
- Right here, Lucious.
- COOKIE: All right, back up.
(camera shutters clicking loudly) Okay, back up.
Back up.
Hey! Hey, Lucious! I can't believe Hi! (chatter, camera shutters clicking) (loud, distorted voices) Aah! Get away from me! Get me out of here! Hey, boss man, I got some I got some news.
- I'm not your boss.
- Look, Las Vegas PD is coming back for one more round.
- All right, just pro forma, no biggie.
- It's been five months.
I already gave them my statement, Thirsty.
Well, give it to 'em again verbatim, all right? You overheard Giuliana in the alley behind the club, popping off at somebody about how Lucious betrayed her, and now he was gonna pay with his life.
She said something about his car.
Yeah, and that's when you ran to warn him.
- Have they found her yet? - My people are telling me Vegas PD is getting ready to bring her in.
- All right? This is good news, right? - (door opens) BECKY: I told them we're just giving news divisions access for five minutes, and they're exclusive for everything else.
THIRSTY: I'll work it out.
Well, you can tell MTV and BE they can threaten to pull coverage all they want.
I'm not the one bluffing here.
I want every network to catch Lucious walking out on that stage, live and in the flesh.
Cookie, I pushed back your investment review so you could do that press briefing.
(sighs) Child, did you run it by Andre? Because I can't do all that financial, high-English double-talk with him.
I'm here, Mom.
Thank you.
It's mainly business press.
They'll throw you some questions about when Lucious plans - on coming back to work.
- Why? Our share prices are high, our revenue is strong.
Lucious's back catalogue is more valuable than ever.
Wall Street just likes to be reassured.
They'll chill after they see him at the anniversary - concert tomorrow night.
- I hope so.
I got to run.
I got to do something real quick.
I'll, uh, be back in half an hour? Uh, wait, wait.
I want you to look at something.
Thank you.
This pitch from Big Ten? Oh, yeah.
Um, I say we play hard-to-get until after the anniversary, then reevaluate.
I say so, too.
Have you heard from Pop? Are they back from Stanford yet? Claudia said, um, everything went well.
They should be landing in 20.
Thank you.
HAKEEM: I break the rules like the government I do it just for the fun of it.
What do you think about that, baby? You like that song? The old man might like it, right? What about Auntie Di Di? May I come in? You didn't show up for our visit, Hakeem.
I got a lot going on.
I heard about your family's Empire Anniversary extravaganza.
So nice to know that your father's doing so well.
Well, he is, isn't he? - Yeah, he doing good.
- (Bella coos) Oh, and what about Bella's mother, Anika? Still incarcerated? They denied her bail again.
That was harsh, but I'm not surprised.
Look, I've been bringing Bella to you for the last five months every Tuesday, and I still don't know what you want from me.
Maybe I just want you to keep bringing Bella to see me.
We done.
I don't think so, dear.
You threatening to take my baby again? Now don't get that twisted.
I'm the one who gave your baby back to you.
(Bella cooing) But tell me, Hakeem, what do you think your mother would do if she were to see this? Or this? She'd probably beat my ass like she always do.
But it would hurt her, wouldn't it? Consorting with the enemy.
That's the definition of treason.
That's like taking a knife and stabbing her in the heart.
I'll see you on Tuesday.
And I'll see you, too, little - boobala.
- (makes kissing sound, laughs) (door closes) When I pull up, they notice me Come and talk to me like Jodeci But don't you be too close to me Thirsty tells me the Vegas cops are about to arrest Giuliana.
(laughs) It's not possible.
Unless she's on some kind of zombie tip.
And even then, zombies don't talk.
Hey, who wants it bloody? Just one? You guys are a bunch of weenies.
Then why are they still investigating? Somebody is talking, Shine.
I got my side of things.
We had a plan.
I cancelled the plan.
See, we took Lucious out 'cause you said we'd be running things.
All I see is Cookie calling the shots.
The board asked Cookie to stay on until Lucious gets back on his feet.
Then they can both announce they're handing Empire over to me.
It's gonna happen.
- You better hope so.
- 1.
8, the option is the roof Greens is a secret to the youth Your goals are malnourished Please, spit the juice Y'all be Bapein' I be human-made and (grunts) Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh Say it like you really mean it Oh, oh, oh-oh Gotta see us to believe it - (chuckles) - Hey.
- What's up, handsome? - Hey.
Here's your father's notebook.
Don't know why I keep on leaving stuff at your house.
It's textbook psychology.
You clearly wanted to stay a little while longer.
Like until the sun came up this morning.
Ain't nobody stuntin' you.
- Get up out of here.
- (chuckles) All right, I got to go.
I got a deposition this morning.
Yo, Warren.
Thank you.
Thank you for what? I don't know.
Bringing the book.
(both chuckle) But, you know, y-you didn't know me like that.
And you didn't have to stick around, but you did.
Haven't asked for anything, so thank you.
Well, your dad almost died.
And I'm glad I just could be the one to be there for you.
CLAUDIA: Hello, Juanita.
Welcome back, Miss Claudia.
You should have informed me if the family was gonna be waiting - so that I can prepare him.
- JUANITA: Oh, I'm sorry.
I wasn't aware.
- Hey.
- What's up, Dad? ANDRE: Welcome back, Pop.
CLAUDIA: All right, Dwight.
Nice and slow.
Where's his new leg? Well, it was bothering him, so he took it off on the plane.
(Lucious grunts) Uh, Lucious.
What's up, Dad? Lucious, Thirsty Try "Dwight.
" Huh? Dwight.
Thirsty said it was an emergency.
(grunts) Oh.
Um, I'm really sorry, Cookie, but I've I'm afraid I've changed my mind.
I won't be able to participate in your show.
No, no.
Uh, we made this announcement weeks ago.
Look, there are millions of people waiting to watch Lucious Lyon walk out on that stage.
That's not me.
I don't even know who that is.
- (sighs) - Sorry.
(grunting): All right.
LUCIOUS: Physically, I can't walk that far yet.
And my leg hurts too much.
Well, use your crutches, or we'll wheel your ass out there.
(sighs) Lucious, if you don't show up on that stage, the board will have questions.
CLAUDIA: It's okay.
Maybe, um, let's not make this about your board.
It's not my board, okay? It's mine and Lucious's.
Uh, look.
Can I talk to you for a minute? I thought you said he'd be ready for this.
I said it could be possible, Cookie.
But that's up to Dwight.
Now, see, Dwight He calls himself Dwight, but that not wanting to walk out on stage talk? That is Lucious's bullheaded pride coming through.
Cognitive rehabilitation is an unpredictable process.
It's about him setting the pace.
And I've told you this before, if you push too hard, it could backfire.
HAKEEM: You know that word.
He keeps saying he won't walk out on stage because he can't pretend.
He doesn't remember anything.
Is it possible that we can just make him remember something? this about electricity and magnetism Please.
Say it like you really mean it Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh They got to see it to believe it Baby, we're still undefeated - Ah-ah - (door opening) You sound fantastic.
Look, I just wanted to I've been working on the 12 steps and I just wanted to come and make amends, okay? - I'm sorry.
- Please.
I am trying to work right now, and I cannot do this.
I got her.
Now is not a good time, okay? I had a dream about you last night.
- You were licking my - BECKY: Mm-mm.
- my toes.
- Uh-uh.
Come on.
Here, start at the top.
Let's do it again.
CLAUDIA: You know, hearing your music might spark a memory for you.
Would you like to try listening to this? What I would like is one of those cookies.
The little ones.
I think we can arrange that.
But, Dad, this right here, this is OG, old-school Lucious Lyon.
- It's your very first CD.
- It's still one of the best rap records of all time, Dad.
COOKIE: Here's all the family photo albums.
Oh, I need to look those over before.
Make sure there isn't anything that's disruptive.
Ah, I already did.
We good.
"I hear that sound, I look around.
Her body's on the floor, blood all around.
" Are all my songs this violent and hateful? W-Why would I write something like this? Would you like to see Bella? Yes.
Where's Bella? She's very soothing for him.
Yeah, we already know that.
Um, Hakeem, why don't you go get Juanita and tell her to bring the baby down if she's finished napping.
- Yo, Juanita! - COOKIE: Hey.
Bring Bella down! I coulda did that, boy.
I like her mother.
Who's she? I think he means Tiana.
HAKEEM: She's rehearsing, Dad.
She's performing with us tomorrow.
(Cookie clears her throat) I know you didn't bring Tiana over here.
Nobody's supposed to see him in that condition except family.
It's Tiana.
I trust her.
CLAUDIA: Well, look who's here.
- Hey, boo-boo.
- Somebody's standing.
- Hi, boo.
Did you sleep well? - (Lucious babbles) Come on.
Show me.
Yay, clap for me.
- Clap for this.
- Yay.
It's on you, now.
It's all you.
- Come here.
- COOKIE: Lucious, why don't you take a look at those pictures? Hakeem, grab Bella.
You know what I notice in all of these albums, I don't see your picture in most of them.
Were you taking them? Remember, I told you, there was a, um, great chunk of time that we spent apart.
How long? 17 years.
17 years, huh? BECKY: I hope this has been helpful.
THIRSTY: Got everything we need.
Thank you so much, Becky.
Car bombing.
I don't know about you guys, but that, that seems like a terrorist attack, no? I mean, who does car bombing anymore? - Hey, Becky.
What's good? - Hey.
Are those the Las Vegas cops you were in there talking to? Yeah.
I told them you did it.
(chuckles) You funny.
What'd they ask you, for real? Same as before.
Um, except this time, they were pressing me - about some wannabe pop stars.
- Hmm.
They thought I might have scouted them.
Like who? I don't know.
Uh, Jimmy Partridge, Bug Masters and Franco Gianni.
Oh, you know him? - Franco? - Uh, nah.
Uh, you know I don't do pop stars.
I'm into that hardcore hip-hop.
But, anyway, you're looking good, woman.
What's up? Let's get some drinks some time, you and me.
No, thanks.
But you are welcome to watch the view as I walk away.
(chuckles) WARREN: All right, I'm getting closer, but he's still got some barriers up.
Please, it's been five months.
You promised to have him mesmerized by your prowess by now.
He's still preoccupied by what's happening with his father - and then they got this concert - Excuses, excuses.
Tools of the incompetent used to build monuments to nothingness.
You reminding me of your father, Warren.
I'm nothing like my father! Alex, would you wait for me in the next room, please? Just so we're clear, I don't give a flying fig about complications with his father.
Cookie Lyon ruined my life's work and my son's future and sullied the family name.
Now, I intend to see that she suffers threefold for that by destroying each of her offspring.
I will pick the meat from their bones as she watches helplessly.
You got that? Yeah.
I won't let, I won't let you down.
Alex, you can come back now.
SHINE: Becky said the cops are asking about the bomb maker.
ANDRE: Franco? I thought you said he was cool.
"You're not supposed to hear about guys like me if we do our jobs right.
" Hey, cheap seats.
You don't get to give me orders.
Hold up.
You do your job and I'll do mine.
(exhales) Damn it.
Okay, so we need three rows of reserved seats for the board of directors.
Becky, let me call you back.
You-you got this.
(sighs) - Can I kiss you? - (laughs) Okay.
You got 30 minutes to pack your bags and kick rocks, bitch.
- Excuse me? - No, no, no.
You are not excused.
I know what you're up to.
I saw you and Lucious.
I don't think you understand what you saw.
Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a PhD to figure out you're up to something.
Look, it's a common occurrence.
It's called "transference.
" He's redirecting his feelings and his desires onto me in order to explore them safely.
Can you speak English? His memories are blocked because well, they're ugly, and he can't face them.
Oh, so all his memories are ugly, that's what you're saying.
He don't have no good memories rattling 'round in there.
They're just tied up with the bad ones.
I mean, if he trusts me, he'll let me lead him back to those memories.
But for a while, he may confuse that trust with something else.
(chuckles) Lucious has had a lot of something elses in his life.
He's had a hard time keeping 'em in his pants.
(Cookie sighs) Hey.
How are you? Good.
Look, uh I didn't mean to disappoint you.
It's all right.
You can't help it.
(sniffles) It's just, I see you trying and working so hard.
I just don't understand it.
It's because that's who we are, Lucious.
Or who we were.
We're fighters.
We get knocked down, we get back up.
It's just how we do.
It's I really thought that we had won, that night in Vegas.
Was that the night of the accident? You gave me everything I've ever wanted that night.
I know you don't remember, but You could tell me about it, if you like.
I'd like to hear it.
You sang me this song just to me.
And it made me feel really blessed.
Then you asked me to travel the world with you.
And you, um, you told our sons how much you love them.
And we gave Andre the company.
- Andre.
- Yeah.
He's a strong one.
He's a good son.
I like him.
Then what happened? Did somebody do this to me? Did I do something to make this happen to me? I can't remember.
Why can't I remember? Lucious.
You saved my life.
Okay? When you could have chosen your own life, you saved mine.
You did a good thing.
And so that's how this happened to you.
And that is why I'm fighting so hard to get you back.
It's okay.
Don't cry, Cookie.
JUANITA: Will there be anything else, sir? COOKIE: Uh, do you have - some real food? 'Cause I'm not a rabbit.
- (classical music playing) I'm sorry, that's what Ms.
Claudia likes - for him to eat.
- Ms.
I'm getting sick of Ms.
Claudia's ass, okay? (scoffs) Is she always like this? Always.
I like that.
COOKIE: Well, now that she's letting us talk for real, what do you want to know, Lucious? It's funny, I look, and it's I see, Hakeem, you have your daughter Bella and Tiana.
Who do you have? Do you have someone special? I had a wife.
She died.
I'm sorry.
That's sad.
When did that happen? Long time ago.
What about you, Jamal? Someone special in your life? Yeah, I'm, uh I'm seeing someone.
Have I met him? What makes you think it's a him? I'm sorry.
It's not? No, it's a him, Dad, it's fine.
It's, uh uh, you never met him.
I like him.
But I'm taking it slow, you know? Why? I mean, if you like him and he likes you, and you're good for each other Do you know how short life is? Is it because of me? You see, love is, um love is, um, uh It's love.
Uh Dwight.
Have you, uh, had a chance to listen to any of your music? Did it bring back any memories? See, that's the problem.
You know, I've I try, I try to listen to 'em, but most of the songs, they just they gave me a most terrible headache.
Like a migraine.
But there was this one song, man, there was one song that Mr.
Webb, um, can-can you, um what's have whoever's in charge of the music play that song that I love, you know, over the loudspeaker? The one from that album where I've got the l-lipstick on.
Um, and bring that album cover for me, please.
Will do.
I'll have them play it right away, sir.
Music change.
Play album four, track five.
Yesterday I had a dream that we were family Yeah, that's it.
I woke up, you weren't next to me - What happened to you - Tell me about when I wrote this one.
We're like ivory and ebony I should be next to you-ou-ou-ou Okay, okay - What's wrong? - Thank you.
(whooshing) Oh, oh, oh Okay, we gon' stop listenin' COOKIE: Yesterday I had a dream we were a family.
(sniffs) And I woke up and you weren't next to me.
No more fighting, fighting (sighs deeply) (sniffles) Love me Love me.
I just want Why can't you just love me? Family I woke up Mom wrote this song.
Why can't he know it? I'm saying it's-it's a happy memory.
- Thank you.
- JAMAL: You were working on your fourth album and you had this massive block.
And it was driving you crazy.
ANDRE: Well, not crazy, uh, literally, - but - (chuckles) - you were very frustrated.
- JAMAL: Anyway.
It was Mom's idea to change your sound.
She was all like, (imitates Cookie): "Ain't no reason why a rapper can't sing a love song.
" (Lucious laughs) So, she wrote you a love song.
This love song.
LUCIOUS: It's a Bunkie and Vernon Turner record.
I don't see your n Where's your name on the credits? COOKIE: That's because it, um, it was important for Empire and for your fans to think the song was written by you.
But that's the only song, in a-all of your albums, that-that you didn't write.
Baby, that that's-that's not right.
How'd that make you feel not being given credit for what you did? It's wrong.
Is everything - all right over here? - We're fine, Claudia.
Uh, just-just answer the question.
- Do you think you need to take a break? - No, no.
I want you to answer the question, please.
Why we can't just tell him - the damn truth? - Because we're not supposed to talk about anything painful, Hakeem.
- What's wrong with you? - What's wrong with you? All right? You always pretending that you better than us.
- But you just as shady as him.
- COOKIE: Hey, hey, - come on, come on.
- Let's be real.
- God, no.
Come on.
- Right.
- Okay, let's-let's - I know.
- No, no, no, it's just - I know, I know, okay, okay.
I get it, I understand.
I-I understand.
- I understand.
- We're limited to a shallow well - of pleasant memories.
- It's okay.
ANDRE: Leaves us with nothing to talk about.
That's okay.
I just think maybe this isn't the time.
Don't tell us what to do in this house, okay? Lucious Lyon was a mack.
The biggest don in the game.
Not this bitch-ass hopping on one leg, singing love songs.
- COOKIE: Hakeem! - JAMAL: God, are you seriously doing this right now? Okay, so - here we go again.
- I think we should Little stupid-ass gangsta wannabe we should Hakeem, but you gonna call out the man that's the reason why you got that damn silver spoon hanging from your - ugly-ass chain.
- Can we please I think - we need - Stop! Stop! Enough! Shut up! I don't want to be here! CLAUDIA: Okay, just - I don't want to be here.
- J Okay.
- Dad - CLAUDIA: It's all right.
It's all right.
- LUCIOUS: Want to go.
- Okay.
I've got this.
No, I got this.
- JAMAL: Dad! - ANDRE: Dad, come on.
COOKIE: Lucious, be careful! - JAMAL: Dad.
- HAKEEM: Come on, Dad! COOKIE: Lucious, be careful, you can't swim! - HAKEEM: Dad! - CLAUDIA: Don't crowd him.
Just move slow.
Y'all keep trying to tell me who I'm supposed to be, and y'all don't even like yourselves! Wait, wait.
I'm stuck here in a place in the dark and confused! And y'all keep telling me to stand up or, or walk or be, - and I don't - Pop? Dad, we didn't mean to hurt you, all right? Dad, I'm sorry for getting loud.
- COOKIE: No, go, go! Go get him.
- (all clamoring) Dad! Pop, Pop, Pop! I got you, I got you, I got you, I got you.
I got you.
- You okay? - We're sorry we're so messy, all right? HAKEEM: Listen, Dad, you don't have to remember nothing no more, okay? Look at me, Lucious.
This is your family.
And we love you.
We got you, okay? (voice breaking): My family.
This is your family.
Come on.
- Are y'all ready for this? This is gonna be on TV - (cheering) in about a month.
I need y'all to look live, act live and be live.
You hear me? Hiya, boss.
COOKIE: Okay, wait a minute.
Back up.
- Right here, Lucious! - COOKIE: All right, all right.
(shouts) Get away from me! - Get me out of here! - Lucious! I want to go home.
Just get away Just get away from me! Get away! HAKEEM: I ain't comin' out till y'all make - some more noise.
- (cheering) Y'all can do better than that, right? Yeah! (grunts) Yeah, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight Yeah, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14 15, 16 - 17, 18 - (whoops) 19 20 years, never looked better Bought a brand-new panorama, sold my soul to the devil You can call me Mr.
Greatest, on a whole nother level Uh, I break the rules like the government - I do it just for the fun of it - Jamal! Everybody want to build an empire But don't nobody want to go through hellfire Say they working harder, they a damn liar Because we hit the two - Yeah, yeah - Oh Say it like you really mean it Come on Oh Oh They got to see us to believe it Oh Hey Oh, say it like you really mean it Oh Oh-oh-oh-oh Baby, we're still undefeated Lucious, it's okay.
It's okay, baby.
You don't have to do this if you don't want to, okay? Calm down.
- Make some noise for Tiana! - (cheering) And it won't stop and it won't stop and it won't stop We do this for the people 'Cause we on top, 'cause we on top 'Cause we on top There'll never be a equal And it won't stop and it won't stop and it won't stop You may want to leave peaceful 'Cause we on top, 'cause we on top 'Cause we on top, top, top, top - COOKIE: Oh, Lucious, don't worry about it.
- What happened? Is that Anika's dress? I-I don't know.
It was in the closet.
I'm right here.
What's going on? I feel lost.
It's okay.
It's okay to feel lost.
Let's take some deep breaths.
Okay? Let's start orienting around the room.
(exhales) Slow that breathing down.
There you go.
Slow it down.
(exhales) Nice.
Remember what we talked about last night? Just focus on what's real, what's right in front of you.
I mean, you've achieved a lot.
You survived an explosion.
Came out of a coma.
You taught yourself to walk again.
I'm real.
I'm real.
So if this is something that you want to do, you can do it.
Or you don't have to do it, Lucious.
We've survived it all.
We can survive this.
I'll take you home, and I will take care of you, okay? Okay? HAKEEM: Yeah TIANA: Oh - Undefeated - Yeah It's Empire.
We came from the bottom all to the top! - (cheering and applause) - Thank you.
Thank you.
Listen, we know why we are all truly here, the true reason why Empire is standing after 20 years.
(cheering and applause) It is because of so many people, but especially this man, our fearless leader, our father, our king, Lucious Lyon.
(cheering and applause) (murmuring) (murmuring) WOMAN: There he is! It's Lucious! (cheering and applause) JAMAL: And here he is.
(murmuring) To the Empire! AUDIENCE: To the Empire! (cheering) AUDIENCE (chanting): Lucious! Lucious! Lucious! Lucious! Lucious! Lucious! Lucious! Lucious! Lucious! Lucious! Lucious! (cheering and applause) As y'all can see, I got lucky.
'Cause the big, bad people upstairs wasn't ready for me to check out yet.
But I will never be the same.
(audience gasping, murmuring) Y'all see this, right? This ain't nothin', because I got the love of my family and the love of the Empire behind me.
(cheering) And I've got a secret for y'all.
Although this song was credited to me many years ago, I did not write this song.
It was written by that lovely woman standing back there, Ms.
Cookie Lyon.
(cheering and applause) So without further ado, I welcome to the stage Jamal and Hakeem Lyon performing "Love Me.
" (cheering and applause) We love you, Lucious! MAN: Lucious! (cheering, whooping) Why can't we see the bigger picture? Mmm Hey I just want love, I just want love - I just want you to love me - Yes! Yesterday, I had a dream that we were family I woke up, you weren't next to me What'd I do to you? Damn, I kind of miss your energy Don't know how you got The best of me, baby, but you do No, I'm not perfect, no, you're not perfect Baby, I know that I can be Petty, petty, petty, petty Baby, I'm worth it, baby, you're worth it I don't know why we got to be messy, messy, messy Messy The way I miss you, it should be against the law I'd do anything to be with you tomorrow It don't matter, 'cause I'm gonna keep it loyal Hold you now, hey - 'Cause you're my life, I just want love - You're my life - I just want love, I just want you to love me - Hakeem! - Is that a crime? - Is that a crime? I just want love, I just want love I just want you to love me What's the matter, woman? You forgot the words? I just want love, I just want love I just want you to love me, yeah, love me, yeah Love, yesterday, I had a dream that we were Uh High school sweetheart valentines, I don't want To leave you, baby, 'cause you took a while to find Make me want to overstay my visit till we're out of time Love you more than people love to see a dollar sign Love is all that we need, love is all that we need Don't be petty, petty, petty, petty (line ringing) - (phone ringing) - (indistinct chatter) I thought you were coming to the taping.
Just handling some business.
I was supposed to go in tomorrow and cut a deal, but I hate office buildings.
I'm going to the Bahamas.
Damn, the Bahamas.
Hey, you know where else is nice this time of year? Hmm? Hell.
I'll call you back.
I hate snitches.
Thank you.
That was that was perfect.
That wasn't me, Cookie.
I was faking, just like you and I practiced last night.
It was you.
Look, I promise you, Lucious, you are still in there.
I wish I could remember.
I just don't.
Where's Claudia? I'm right here.
I'm ready to go home now.
We're ready.
You're gonna remember me.
I'm Cookie Lyon, baby.
I'm unforgettable.