Empire (2015) s04e03 Episode Script

Evil Manners

1 - Previously on Empire - I broke the law for your ass! The illegal handgun! The parole violation! - Angelo.
-that you still have feelings for that greasy Hot mic, baby! You saved my life.
That is why I'm fighting so hard to get you back.
While Lucious continues his sabbatical, we will produce a new album for every year we have been in operation.
Detective Pamela Rose.
I'm the NYPD liaison.
- You trying to set me up? - No.
I didn't even know who you were.
- So it was a coincidence.
Calhoun has been afraid to come forward because she fears for her life.
There's not a jury in the world that will find her guilty.
Well, there he is.
Looking good.
Exercising while Claudia has a day off.
(panting): Claudia prescribed that I do this for 30 minutes a day.
I've already knocked out 45.
That is excellent.
Yeah, we're all here to support you and help you with your rehab while she's gone.
She left us an extensive list.
Believe that.
Yeah, how's the, uh, leg, Pop? It's getting strong, son.
Looking good, Dad.
Thank you.
Who's really looking good is your mother.
You're looking especially lovely today.
(laughing): Oh.
Well, I have a photo shoot.
Ma just made Forbes magazine's 100 Most Powerful Women in Business.
Just pictures in magazines, y'all.
Uh-uh, don't sell yourself short.
You should own it, Ma.
Yeah, well, while I'm taking pretty pictures, I need to be getting 20 For 20 on its feet.
LUCIOUS: Well, congratulations - with Forbes.
- Thank you.
But what I think y'all need to y'all see that, I did a conjugation of "you" and "all"? Like Lucious.
What I need you guys to do is to stop tiptoeing around me.
If I'm gonna get any better, I need you guys Leah said that I was a m said I was a monster, so I need to know what I did to each of you individually that made you guys call me a monster.
We're not gonna do this right now, Lucious.
You need to finish your rehab.
You're doing so good.
Well, you punched me in the face.
One shot, square.
I'm so sorry, but I mean why would I punch you in the face? Mm-mm.
(laughs softly) I mean, Dad, it's not gonna help anything.
It's gonna help me.
- Tell him the trash can story.
- Hakeem, shut up.
No, boy, we are not doing that.
Look, okay, Cookie, you keep saying, uh, you were gone for 17 years.
Why'd you leave? I-I got to go to work.
Just think of it as an inverse Wizard of Oz, and the Lyon brothers are the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.
We will deprive each of the thing he cherishes most.
I'm assuming Andre is the Scarecrow.
And his brain is his most prized possession, so your charge, Lana, is to disabuse him of it.
Well, as for the Tin Man, I think I finally got him to open up his heart.
I am going to enjoy watching Miss Cookie stand helplessly by as you snatch it from his chest.
Good job.
I'll meet with Hakeem later today.
Oh, he so aptly fits the role of the Cowardly Lion.
Now, what's left for me to do? Take out Toto? (laughs) (mumbling): Take out Angelo, you are drunk.
Well least I ain't no whore.
You little slut.
(scoffs) You know, Scotch and jealousy are making you show your ass, Angelo.
It's pretty, ain't it? You know what? Maybe I need to kick yours - back to San Diego wh - That's enough.
- Mama.
- It is time for you to put this floundering self-pity to rest.
You are responsible for this family's involvement with these loathsome creatures.
So get a grip, Angelo.
Find a place in the universe and create a role for yourself.
Now let's get you in the chair.
Uh N That's Lucious' chair.
Empire is the hottest company in the entertainment space, and you are the shooting star.
Revel in it, girl, you belong here.
Ah, perfect.
Now let's get a profile.
Turn to your left.
WOMAN: Turn to the left.
(camera shutter clicks) Uh, I'm sorry, I have a meeting.
You got an empire to run.
- What? -We'll see you later with the other Power Women.
Ah, Cookie, these are gonna be fabulous.
- Great.
-So, after your meeting, you go to the bank, right? - Mm-hmm.
-'Cause 20 For 20 might've got you into Forbes, but when you sign for that $100 million line of credit, we'll have the horsepower to pay for it.
(sighs) I don't understand why we have to take out a loan when we're loaded.
Yeah, loaded, not liquid.
The board will never approve of us spending our own money, Ma.
Now, don't worry, I know my way around bankers.
You just follow my lead.
Yeah, yeah.
(piano playing) JAMAL: Come here, Dad.
Man, check this out.
This is a song that you and me wrote together.
When? When? Well, like a year ago.
(piano playing) That's really nice.
- (piano stops) - See, I find this whole songwriting thing so fascinating.
I mean, how does it happen? Do you just, you know, sit down at the piano, - and it just happen, or you? - I mean, sometimes.
I mean, other times, it's comes from when you're running or walking or driving or sleeping.
And I write, so it's-it's a lyric or a melody, and you just stack it, and start adding instruments and What's all of this for? That's sheet music.
Well, how do you get it to be in the record? In order to make a, a record, you-you got to go into a studio and record it.
I want to see that.
Take me to the studio, then.
(laughs softly) No, man, it that's-that's at Empire.
Then take me to Empire.
Come on.
We good, right? 'Cause no one can see him, no one can know that he's here.
This is what I do, all right? - All right.
- Looking good, Lucious.
Thirsty? Thirsty.
- That's a wonderful name.
- Yeah.
(chuckles) Look, you really don't remember me, boss? Or are you just, you know, rocking us all to sleep, pulling the Lucious Lyon move? Well, I would think if I remembered anyone, it would be someone dressed as smooth as you dress.
Yeah, okay.
We good, come on.
(whispering): Does he always dress like that? Every damn day.
And, so if you'll turn your attention to the chart, you'll see the way we intend to track progress on every album in 20 For 20.
We are tracking artists, producers, budgets and more importantly, whether or not you are hitting your milestones.
And you better damn well hit 'em.
Or you're gonna hit bricks.
Look, people, we don't have time to waste here or room for error.
You got to think about this like a, a military operation.
- BECKY: Absolutely.
- Like Operation Cookie, huh? (laughs softly) Shine, you know they say you shouldn't show up to a meeting that can start without you.
- (laughs softly) - But since you and your goons are here, there's your spot.
One album? What's? Nah.
You may have a chart and a schedule full of ones, but I ain't a one.
Ask Lucious, he know.
And Lucious ain't here.
I'm running this.
Look, I'm-a get back to running my empire.
That'll give you plenty of time to get that mangy mutt out of my workplace.
- Hey, he goes where I go.
- Yeah.
I was talking to the dog, Shine.
Hey, I own a stake in this company.
I got a seat on the board, Cookie.
One album is not enough! PRISON GUARD: I give this speech to all the newbies.
It's not complicated, but still, only some of you get it, most of you don't.
- (women clamoring) -If you're in the former, you'll do all right.
You're in the latter, you won't.
Trust me, you'll learn the hard way.
Hey, quiet down now! Hey! You're cute.
But you're a street chick, you know the drill.
Keep your head down, nose clean and your mouth shut.
Most important: tiny little thing like you wants to survive in here, do not ever forget that every last one of those ladies will just as soon smile at you as slice a buck 50 across your pretty little face.
And if you need anything, just dial nine for room service.
Look, Shine, this ain't got to be a pissing contest, okay? Well, you made it one.
Coming at me with that one album nonsense.
You know, Lucious wouldn't disrespect me like that.
Lucious ain't here right now, is he? Yeah, apparently not.
How come he ain't shown his face since that concert? Because nunya, that's why.
Look, since you're acting all concerned, he is focusing on his rehabilitation right now.
What you want, Shine? - Ten albums.
- (laughs) Boy, this meeting is over.
Ain't nobody got time for your nonsense.
We both know 20 For 20 is just a roll of the dice.
I'm the only one you got left here that knows how to produce a banger.
Okay, three.
Something wrong with your calculator.
How's that? That's nowhere next to my 25% of the company.
And Studio 3 on permanent lockdown until I'm done.
And that's a quarter, since you want to throw percentages around.
First dibs on Studio 3, no lock.
I got 15 other albums to produce.
Are we good? That's that biblical wisdom I'm talking about.
- I'm impressed.
- (chuckles) I can live with five.
You're gonna do fine here, Cookie.
And tell Lucious not to hurry back.
- I like working with you.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I hope I like these five you got.
(knock on door) (Thirsty groans) You ready for the weekend update? My-my people had the incorrect Intel on Giuliana.
I mean we-we looked under every rock, nook and cranny.
Even went through a couple of crack houses.
Now I don't know, it's like somebody beat us to the punch.
I mean, this chick is ghost.
Maybe you need new people.
(chuckles) Yeah, you ain't lying on that.
Drinking in the afternoon, huh? You all right? You're good? What else, Thirsty? Well, I mean, you know, Vegas Metro can't find her, either.
So the investigation continues, which is good.
But they-they want someone to corroborate your statement.
There is nobody else.
Just me and Giuliana.
And the guy she was popping off to, right? Yeah, man, I copy.
I get it.
I mean, you know, but this is, this is a high-profile case.
All right? The police are under a lot of pressure.
They're not saying you're lying, but they just want some confirmation that they're on the right track.
How about the fact that Giuliana is missing? How about that? How about that? All right.
I mean, you you're preaching to the converted, boss man.
I will relay the message to 'em, without the attitude, of course.
But we're on the same page, right? Absolutely.
All right.
I'm on it.
(Thirsty sighs) (sighs) May I talk to you, Detective? Right outside the station.
My, aren't we bold? So, you don't like it when I show up at your office, huh? I wonder what would happen if one of your colleagues saw you talking to a suspect.
Who says you're a suspect? Fine.
You want to know why Giuliana Green is missing, I'll tell you why.
Because anyone who is stupid enough to try and kill my father is safer in hiding than facing his kind of justice.
Now, I told the Vegas Police everything I know.
You're the one pushing them to keep questioning me when they should be trying to find my father's would-be killer.
You're perspiring.
Out of breath.
All behaviors associated with someone telling a lie.
Care to explain? (indistinct chatter nearby and over radio) (sighs) Yo, where you from? Philly.
We got a Philly girl down here.
You got new peoples.
Hold up.
You from Philly? What part? What's your name? Why you asking so many questions? (inmates exclaim) Uh-uh.
- Bitch.
- (inmates yelling) Break it up! Come on.
(indistinct shouting) Crazy bitch! I was trying to give you some shower shoes! I was expecting Whit Houseworth.
Whit's been called away last minute.
I'm Morris Loach, executive vice president of corporate lending.
This way.
I have examined your request in conjunction with the Empire portfolio and, while impressive, I'm afraid we cannot extend you a line of credit.
Pardon? Empire has had our best quarter in the last ten We're exercising a position of caution in the entertainment sector right now.
- I'm sorry.
- COOKIE: No, you're not sorry.
In fact, you're over there enjoying yourself, aren't you? Because you can't wait to tell your little friends how you declined Empire and reminded us of where we belong, right? Ms.
Lyon, I assure you, our bank takes pride in servicing every client.
Empire has had steady growth for damn near 20 years.
And since going public, we've increased market share and doubled revenue.
You saw that in the file.
(chuckles) But you made up your mind before it hit your desk, didn't you? I would call you a bougie coward, but I am the chief executive officer of Empire Enterprises, so I'll leave you with good day.
So, here's your plaques and your awards.
It's not all of 'em, not even near, but it's some of 'em.
This is the green room.
It's basically where the artists come and chill or write or drink or eat in between or before they go into the studio.
I built all of this? Dad, literally every single thing in here, this is all you.
- All this is mine? - Yes, everything.
Even these? (laughing): Everything.
(laughs) - It's mine.
- It's all you, man.
- It's all you.
- (laughs) And this (sighs) is one of your studios.
How many of these do I have? A lot, Dad.
Not just here L.
, everywhere.
(phone rings) RECEPTIONIST (over intercom): Jamal, Warren Hall is on his way up to see you.
JAMAL: Why would you let? Never mind.
Uh, Dad, chill, all right? Webb, watch, watch my dad.
Chill, Dad, all right? - Hey.
- Hey, baby.
My meeting ended early, so I came to take you to lunch.
Oh, that's, um, that's so nice.
I, I got, um, I got to record and I'm trying to lay down these, these vocals, so I just I only got like an hour and a half.
It's cool.
I can wait with you.
No, no, why don't we, why don't we catch dinner tonight? 'Cause then that way we can just really chill, you know? Wait, is that your father right there? No, man, that's-that's the engineer.
He's a legend.
Are you crazy? I, um I think it's so sweet that you-you came to surprise me, - but I really need to - You know what, don't worry.
Nah, I just need to lay down these lyrics.
- So it's a I'm having - Okay.
I should have called.
- Nah, it's-it's all good, though.
- That's okay.
I'm happy to see you, you know? All right, I'll surprise you another time.
All right.
So this right here, this is it.
This is Studio 3, nicknamed The Hitmaker.
I record here.
You recorded your best-selling album here.
It took three days.
Nobody slept for 72 hours, not even my ass, and I was a kid.
- (laughs) - But but it went on to sell over eight million copies, and now everybody wants to record here 'cause they feel like the Lucious Lyon magic will, like, sprinkle on them or something.
You know, I'm the one with the Lucious Lyon magic, so Listen to this.
("Chasing the Sky" playing) This is the song that I said that we wrote together.
These the keys.
(piano playing) And the strings.
(strings playing with piano) Come here.
- (whispering): Wow.
- Look.
Then the bass drops.
(both laugh) It's dope, right? What is this? "Chasing the Sky.
" No, I mean this.
What is this? Oh, this is the, um, the mixing board.
It's basically how the engineer takes the song to completion.
And I worked on this? Man, you used to work on all of this.
You didn't even need an engineer.
You just rolled up in the studio and was like, "I'm the king.
" (chuckles) Go ahead.
(music blaring) Ha, that's a little too that's a little too loud.
It's all right.
It's all right, Dad.
I don't feel connected to none of this stuff.
(music stops) Can we, um, maybe just talk for a minute? Of course.
Hakeem said something earlier about a trash can - (overlapping chatter) - Come on, man.
- Relax, man, relax, I'm good.
- Sir.
Yo, what's up, Webb? WEBB: I tried to explain to him this area's off-limits right now.
Moonshine? We on it like that now? He's a friend of mine, right? Moonshine.
Yeah, but you know what, we better get up out of here.
So, Dad, let's Come on, let's hit it.
But Moonshine and I have been friends a long time.
Day ones.
Yeah, we made rap music together.
Okay, so you're gonna throw that in my face now.
Nah, Lucious, we didn't make rap music together.
Well, we'd do a few jams, made a lot of money in the street.
Meaning, like, uh, street parties.
'Cause before there was Empire or anything, y'all used to throw it's just, uh these these dope block parties.
Everybody who was anybody from Philly was there.
Will Smith.
The Roots.
Rocky Balboa.
Remember that? To be perfectly honest with you, Moonshine, I don't.
But I'm curious, um w-we were friends since we were kids, and you make music and I make music.
Why didn't he and I ever make a song together? (sighs) I don't know, brother.
But like I said, it's all good.
We're here now, right? Empire's 20 years strong and we've been friends longer than that.
So that's why you're here.
To make music.
But nothing like the soft-ass R&B your boy here's making.
(laughs) Man, get your ass up out of here with that.
Listen, in honor of your 20th, we got something for you.
It's something we worked on together.
Before you took it for one of your B-sides.
But I remixed it.
Check this out.
(music playing) It's bangin', right? - (speaks indistinctly) - (screams) - No.
- (screams) - No.
- (gunshot) No! No! - No! - Dad.
- No.
-Wait, Dad.
No, Webb, grab him, man.
What's wrong with him? Man, get your damn hands off me.
He slow now, huh? A few things.
I need you to get my mom's signature and, uh, make sure Morales in Accounts Payable gets cc'd.
Okay? Thank you.
Who let you in here? Get it right, Mr.
Lyon, I'm NYPD, not Vegas Po-Po you can keep off your ass with a couple of tickets to The Lion King.
You said Giuliana Green is in hiding because she's afraid of your father.
Now, I take it your father is a pretty scary guy.
But how about you? Are you scary Andre? Next time we speak, I think it's best my attorney be present.
Know the difference between fear and excitement? It's all in how your brain interprets it.
Earlier today, when you heard the uniforms coming around the corner, were you afraid we were going to get caught? Caught? Well, see, I wasn't.
It made me hot.
(door shuts) Just the way you like it.
You promise? (chuckles) Thanks, Juanita.
It's like that fellow, Moonshine I looked in his eye and I could see that he was a violent, violent man.
And I knew that him and I had some kind of history.
He was looking for it in my eyes.
Is that what drove my music? Was it dark? Was I a violent man like him? I mean, I know you guys are trying to protect me, but it seems like y'all are trying to protect me from me.
When I was six years old, you threw me in a trash can.
I what? It was a party, and I came downstairs in Mom's heels and scarf or whatever.
And a lot of the, you know, like friends and family were over, so it freaked you out.
I was intolerant? (laughs) Yeah, that's a nice way of saying it, yeah.
That's (sighs) a hateful, ugly thing to do to somebody.
I rejected you for who you are.
That's wrong.
It's it's hateful.
I mean, it wasn't easy, and, you know, I spent some time hating you, but Dad, you were a product a product of, you know, where you grew up.
No, no, no, there's no excuse for that.
I mean, here I was, unable to see my own son because of some prejudice I had.
I'm so sorry.
Dad, it's okay, as long as you see me now.
And you do.
Thank you for trusting me with the truth.
(chuckles) (indistinct chatter) Nice of you to have it all ready.
That kind of day, huh? You have no idea.
Don't worry, we'll get you glammed up.
Annie is just getting some compositions up with the others.
- Okay.
- WOMAN: Yeah.
(indistinct chatter and laughter) Cookie, darling.
How nice to see you.
They call me Hakeem Triple Beam Money Green Lyon If ya ain't for my team, need to be quiet Gimme that money and run it, hey I punch you right in the stomach, hey I only keep it 100, I'm aiming it right at your head like a - (gunshot) - This the theme song - (Bella crying) - Beat on my chest, King Kong Tell me, what the hell is your empire Without me to lean on? - Nowadays I'm way, way - Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Babe, what you think of this? Be careful, Keem.
HAKEEM: Come on, you know I'm not gonna curse in front of Bella.
(knock on door) Zoe, you mind getting that for me? Hello.
Mama's here.
(singsongy): Look at my pretty, little princess.
(laughs) Hi.
HAKEEM: Hey, Anika.
You coming home with Mama tonight, right? Yes.
HAKEEM: Going where? She's coming home with me tonight.
Right? She's not going with you anywhere, Anika.
- Excuse me? - (Bella cries) She has a play date tomorrow and I have to take her shopping for her birthday.
That's okay, I will take her.
I mean, Lucious want me to bring her over there.
You were just over there today, right? Ah, you are a terrible liar, Hakeem.
Oh, come to Mama.
She's on a routine now.
Babies is supposed to be on that.
Right, T? (Bella crying) Come, come Oh, oh, come here.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
HAKEEM: See? She's not used to you yet.
Got to give her some time.
You were gone five months.
And your mother was gone for 17 years, Hakeem, but she is still your mother.
And I am still Bella's.
Now, she might not remember but you better not forget.
WOMAN: Didn't her stylist get the memo? WOMAN 2: Turned down for a line of credit.
Poor thing.
WOMAN 3: But the company is solid.
DIANA: That's rap.
Black pathology always sells.
WOMAN 3: Wasn't she with your son? WOMAN 2: Doesn't have a degree, does she? Oh, not even an education, except for federal prison.
You have something you need to say to me? Right here.
You can say it to my face.
I was just talking to my friends about the recidivism rates.
I'm a firm believer that as long as people resort to crime and violence to solve problems, that, well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you about the vicious cycle thing.
CHYNA: Yo, Cookie.
Cookie, right? What do you want? Uh, ladies, you about ready? I should've known how a new jack would respond to a gift just out the blue like that, especially one of y'all north Philly chicks.
Look, I'm from Southwest.
See that? That's Philly every day, all day.
Well, except for Ilene.
She's from Camden, but she reps hard.
Anyway, look, you don't want to be stepping barefoot in them shower stalls with the nasty asses we got up in here, okay? I'm supposed to believe that's it, huh? Oh, we got lotion.
Baby powder.
Write your peeps, let 'em know you're good.
Just until you get money on your books and can get your own.
Just put a little bit back in the stash for the next chick.
Know what I mean? So, how many years you get? Oh, no, don't tell me.
Conspiracy, new law, you got more than ten, that's for sure.
- Thirty.
- Hmm.
So you'll be doing, what? 25 and a half? You see Ashanti over there, that skinny one? She got 30.
LaDonna, she got life.
Not one of 'em got less than ten.
I'm-a let you guess how many of them are not in here because of their man.
What about you? Where your man at? Out there on the streets.
My man was a don.
You heard of him, trust me.
Talking that "get down or lay down.
" Feds ran up on him, he laid his ass down.
What man? I'm in here with you and them.
We live together or we die alone.
- ANNIE: And right here.
- I'm sorry.
I-I got to say something.
I'm sorry.
Um, look, it's no secret that there's bad blood between us.
But I'd like to put that behind us, because I have so many other things I need to be concerned with.
(sighs) I got turned down for a line of credit today.
Every "T" was crossed, every "I" was dotted.
Should've been a shoo-in, but before I could get a "how do you do, ma'am?" that bougie-ass banker told me to kick rocks.
Look, I may not know business like all of you do, but I know music, and it's priceless.
And I need to go find a bank that understands that, - so I'm sorry.
I'm so - The same thing happened to me.
My husband had a heart attack.
Left me to care for two teenagers.
My company was teetering, my job was on the line.
I mean, all I needed was a, a bridge loan to take me through the quarter.
I got turned down, 'cause I don't have an appendage between my legs.
(laughs) Cookie.
I'm gonna spot you $10 mil for your 20 For 20.
And not just because my kids love your music.
- $10 million? - Mm-hmm.
(laughing): Thank you.
- Count me in! - I got you.
The boys on Wall Street sure as hell don't have our backs.
We got to stick together.
Now come take one of these flicks with us, new jack.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
I guess I'm staying.
Fire that camera up.
(laughs) Thank you.
That's girl power.
I am impressed.
You were clearly the better woman today.
And you're right.
It's time that we put these hostilities behind us.
- Ma'am.
- Thank you, Charles.
When she drop it low, when she drop it low When-When-When she drop it low Drip, drop, drip, drippity drop Delicious in its irony, eh, cousin? Turn that trash off.
(music stops) You'll be glad to know, I separated Cookie, the fool, from her money.
(sirens wailing, helicopter whirring, tires screeching) (beat playing) (air horn blowing in song) Yo, Keem.
It's your world.
You need to handle that.
(dog barks, gun fires) Copy that - 100,000, let's go, baby - Yeah Uh They call me Hakeem Triple Beam Money Green Lyon If you ain't for my team, need to be quiet Give me that money and run it, hey I punch you right in the stomach, hey I only keep it 100, I'm aiming it right at your head like a - (gunshot) - This the theme song Beat on my chest, King Kong Tell me what the hell is your empire Without me to lean on? Nowadays I'm way, way, way, way Too far gone to phone home Nowadays, I'm way, way, way, way, wait a minute, hold on Shut up, trick - Ah, shut up, trick - Shut up Yeah, whoo Shut up, shut up, shh, shut up, trick.
(sighs) Don't count When I'm with you Ooh You've got liquid gold You don't need your attorney.
I'm off duty.
There's a truth I can't ignore I spent so many years wandering from myself Until you came along Keep going.
Oh Like this? Yeah, you got it I have never needed nobody Nobody but you Nobody but you Ooh Yeah, you got it I have never needed nobody Nobody but you Nobody but you.
This some hood-ass Chinese food.
That's the way it's supposed to be, you know? You all right? Yeah, I'm good.
(chuckles) I'm good.
Oh, Lord.
Don't do that, babe.
What is it? Look.
I don't know what's going on, or what the deal is with you and your father.
And it's none of my business.
I just don't understand why I haven't met him yet.
'Cause I told you a million different times, Warren, that it's-it's complicated.
"It's complicated.
" Come on, boy.
You embarrassed of me? Are you joking? Why would I be embarrassed of you? Well, then, are you embarrassed of your father? I just don't understand why we're keeping secrets, that's all.
"We"? I mean, are you keeping secrets? (quietly): All right.
I got daddy issues, too.
My father's an attorney.
Was an attorney.
(exhales) But now he's a degenerate gambler and a drunk.
I got accepted to Stanford.
My father paid my tuition to a whole bunch of casinos in Vegas.
Jamal, one of the things that made me fall hard for you is when your father had his accident, how you loved him.
I'll always wonder what that felt like.
Maybe, maybe I was just hanging around, trying to be a part of that.
But if you don't trust me baby, what are we doing? I do trust you, though.
Warren, come on, man.
Ju stop, stop all that.
I trust you, all right? This is a lot.
And-and my My family, we got to keep it under wraps.
My father has a serious brain injury and he, he don't really remember us too much and he doesn't really remember himself.
Come here.
(kisses) (door closes) (spraying) Lucious, what are you doing? They're Bella's paints.
(sighs) It relaxes me.
(blows) (spraying continues) All right, I'll leave you to it.
(Lucious panting) Lucious, um The reason why I was gone for 17 years is because I was in prison.
Was it because of me? Women back then, who were in prison, they just complained about how they were there because of their men.
(chuckles) Yeah, Lucious, it's because of you.
Good night.
Um, Cookie.
I'd like to hear about it.
The whys and where.
The reasons it was my fault.
I want to know everything.