Empire (2015) s04e12 Episode Script

Sweet Sorrow

1 Previously on Empire We're broke.
- You, me, the other ex-wife - Let me handle this.
Want to introduce you to Kelly Patel.
The king of Silicon Valley? When do we tell the Lyons that I'm buying Empire? Leave the Lyons to me.
I am pregnant.
What did J Poppa say? I don't think that we should see each other anymore.
And so I'm really sorry.
The car bomb.
It was me.
(YELLS) Lucious I can't-can't catch my breath.
Juanita! - (SIREN WAILING) - EMT: Get the doors.
Easy! What do we got? Patient is a 47-year-old African-American woman.
Sudden onset of extreme nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath.
There they go with all that talking; get her inside! - Don't worry, we'll handle it.
Let's go.
- What's happening to her? - Where are they taking me? - I don't know.
What's happening to her?! - I'm sorry, sir.
- Let's go! - Everybody move! - Lucious? - NURSE: Watch your back! - Make a hole, coming through! EMT 2: Clear bay two, please.
Daddy, please, please! Wake up, Dad.
- Candace, what happened? - Daddy had a heart attack.
CANDACE: I'm gonna go with him to the hospital.
EMT: Get the levels.
Clear the room.
Page Dr.
EMT 2: Let's go, move her.
Saturation's 100, - BP 136/92, heart rate 100.
- DOCTOR: What were you doing when this started? Were you under any stress? Probably arguing with Lucious, but that ain't nothing new.
Here's the EKG.
ST elevations in the anterior lateral leads.
All right, she's having an MI.
Let's get her to the cath lab, stat.
(GASPING) Look here, man, you been singing that same song for an hour.
- I need some info - Please, sir, be patient.
Let the doctors do their job.
You don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you.
I will call in a helicopter and move her to a real hospital.
Lyon! Finally, some answers.
Lyon had a heart attack.
What? We don't know how serious or whether she's suffered permanent damage.
Now, we've taken her to the cath lab.
She gonna be all right, though, right? The good news is that you got her here quickly.
Now, I'll update you when I know something.
But you better call your family.
It's gonna be a long night.
How is she? Congratulations, Andre.
Excuse me? Isn't this what you wanted? What the hell are you talking What I-what I wanted? When we were in Vegas, and you wanted me and your mother dead.
- Oh, come on, man, I - Hold on, hold on, just stop.
Dre, why don't you just leave, man? I'm not going nowhere, man.
She's my mother, too.
Go home, Dre.
Somebody will call your ass.
I swear, Mama's like a superhero.
How the hell did this happen? I don't know.
I just wish that there was something that we could do.
You want to pray? You pray? Every night, with Bella.
Yeah, okay.
Dad, you want to Y'all keep that to y'all selves.
) (EXHALES) You and me ain't said much to each other.
I mean, you took my daddy from me, my mother's love, my leg, my memory.
So now what? You couldn't get me, so now you turned your wrath on her? (SNIFFLES) I never asked you for anything.
Everything I've accomplished in this world, I've done it without you.
But I'm gonna tell you something.
If you take Cookie from me, if you take her from my boys, I'm gonna rain down hell on your world like you have never seen.
I'm Dr.
Stein, the cardiologist Mr.
Lyon requested.
You got lucky.
I don't feel lucky.
You had what's known as a STEMI.
A mild heart attack.
But we were able to balloon open the artery, so you didn't need a stent.
Now, you have to pass a stress test first, - but you should be home within a week.
- In a week? This is very much related to diet and stress.
Without some major lifestyle changes, it could happen again, and you might not be so lucky the next time.
I'll have plenty of time to lecture you later, but for now, do you want to see your family? Yes.
Thank you.
Do you have a mirror? Oh, let me check for you.
Here you go.
HAKEEM: There she is.
- Ma.
- Oh, my babies.
Oh, my babies.
Pick up them long faces.
Yeah? I'll be all right.
I'm-a get through this.
(CHUCKLES) We Lyons.
CELESTE: Cannot beat that view, Lupe.
It's nice.
Neighbors mind a little music? It's more of a classical music crowd.
But they can always broaden their horizons.
Trust me, this is the perfect spot to unwind when you wrap your tour.
You know, based on the stories I heard about the partying you two do, you should come to the next tour stop.
Ah, you must have me confused with Eddie's ratchet third wife, Giselle.
The one he left me for.
No offense.
- No offense.
- No.
None taken.
I'm still the one Eddie calls when he needs to close a deal.
But I see that I'm dealing with a man who knows himself.
The type of man who should be living here.
I like wifey number two.
- Celeste.
- Celeste.
Know what? I'll take it.
All right, Lupe.
My manager will hit you later with the details.
- Good.
- Cool.
(DOOR CLOSES) Selling this place is a desperate move.
You know that, right? "Desperate" is what you've made us.
You think I don't understand what's at stake here? - Come on.
- (STAMMERS) Look, not t-the way you and that Giselle are running out there, racking up more debt.
And the type of people you two are borrowing from? Eddie.
I'm scared.
Everyone will be paid once I push this deal through at Empire.
And we'll all be back where we belong.
I promise.
Uh, who told you to do all of this? You need to be taken care of, and I'm not taking any chances.
Excuse me.
Well, I hope you had good enough sense not to call my sisters.
(LUCIOUS CHUCKLES) - I want to save you, not kill you.
- (CHUCKLES) At least you got that part right.
Had you asked me before you did all of this, I would've told you all I need to feel better is to go back to work.
Yeah, I know that, but right now, that's my domain.
Now, I've flown in the best cardiologists, nutritionists and trainer from across the country.
All you need to think about doing is just getting healthy.
(SIGHS) I done sent Lucious on a wild goose chase so I could get some me time, and here y'all are, breathing on me.
Ma, the only reason why we all up under you is because we love you.
You would do the same.
How you feeling, anyway? Out of the loop.
What's going on at Empire? What about my 20 For 20? HAKEEM: Well, Lucious got Empire handled.
Why we caring about the 20 For 20 right now, anyway? Because it keeps me sane.
Look, if y'all want to help me get better, you can continue to keep our legacy alive.
How about that? (SIGHS) All right, yeah, we could do that, especially since - it's so important to you.
- Yes.
Thank you.
Oh, Hakeem? Lucious and I still want you to do that duet with Tiana.
So what are we, rewarding chicks for dumping me, now, Ma? Boy, just do it.
Your father and I already approved the song.
You need to huddle up with publicity, you need to figure out what kind of reputation you can salvage.
- All right.
- HAKEEM: Love you, Ma.
COOKIE: And I love y'all, too.
Go be productive.
JAMAL: Dre, come on, man.
I really don't think she needs the stress right now.
I just I need to see that she's okay with my own eyes.
Go on, let him in, y'all.
Is this my fault? My heart? (LAUGHS) Boy, you wish you were that important.
(CHUCKLES) I broke the family, Ma.
I had a million chances to change things, but I didn't.
(CHUCKLING): I know Lucious can drive people to murder, but what you did hurt me, Andre.
It hurt me to the core.
(SIGHS) I'm sorry, Ma.
I know you are, son.
I just hope it's enough.
So, corporate has decided to pull your ads, temporarily, because of the DuBois situation, and if we don't respond to this perfectly, it can become permanent.
I understand.
So, I'll just I'm gonna have to get back into the studio, drop a record and change the conversation.
Okay, but any music you put out right now will be tainted, and so we've set up an interview with Robin Roberts so that you can apologize for your actions.
Wait, apolo (SCOFFS) Why? Y'all do know that if it wasn't for me a whole other human being would be-would be dead.
No, honey, I know that.
We-we all know that.
It's just that corporate doesn't want consumers thinking about murder when they're picking out their toaster.
That's all Well, tell you what.
Tell corporate to find another artist that's willing to tap dance.
It ain't me.
Honey, it really isn't personal.
It's just that COOKIE (OVER SPEAKER): Boy, do you know how much revenue Empire's corporate partners generate? Wait, I'm sorry Wha Mom? Aren't you supposed to be resting? Don't make me use - my heart attack - (MOUTHING SILENTLY) to guilt you into this, boy.
Jewish mothers ain't got nothing on Cookie.
Yeah, all right.
Fine, but I'm not happy about it.
You ain't got to be.
Love you.
All right.
We're done, guys.
Thank you.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (SIGHS) This woman I heard she was rolling calls from the ER.
I swear if I even think about her in that hospital bed, - I'll never stop.
- Yeah.
How you holding up? My situation is not getting any easier, but I have decided to terminate.
You still not gonna tell J Poppa? (CLICKS TONGUE) I really don't see what good telling him would do for him or me, for that matter.
And since this is my body, it's my choice.
I completely agree.
I'm just saying, are you really gonna be able to work with him, keeping that type of secret? I'm not keeping a secret.
I'm actually just keeping it private.
That's it.
It's private.
And I know that you are fragile right now, but so am I.
And I really cannot have this fight with you anymore - 'cause the thing is - No, no, no.
Come on.
- I've already made my decision.
It's - I promise you.
No, I promise.
I know.
I'm not I'm not trying to fight.
I'm actually just letting you know that you don't have to have it all handled, and it's okay for Boss Becky to be scared.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Thank you, Jamal, but Boss Becky ain't never scared.
TIANA: You said no collaborations.
It's practically a bonus track, T.
- Then why do it? - (GROANS) Plus he's gonna probably think this means I want to get back together.
If we make the best possible Tiana-Hakeem duet and it still pales in comparison to your solo outings, no one will be able to deny that you're Empire's reigning star.
Besides Cookie asked us to.
I'll do it for Cookie.
But on one condition.
I am not gonna record in the same booth as Hakeem.
Him and all of his problems can go work themselves out in one of the smaller studios.
All right.
Getting kind of tough.
Cookie, this is Micah.
He's your new personal chef.
I understand that we're making some heart-healthy dietary changes.
This is a simple antioxidant kale salad.
Now, if you notice, we have three juices here Eh.
Can you take that kale down to Juanita and have her fry it? LUCIOUS: Come on.
Will you give him a chance? This is what the doctor said you should be eating.
Oh, so you talking to my doctors without me now? Micah, will you give us a moment? You gonna have to do better than that, Micah.
I ain't no damn rabbit.
You're not taking this seriously.
You won't even give me a chance to help you.
I don't need you to help me, Lucious.
I can help myself and everybody else like I've always done.
Don't need no Nurse Claudia helping me through this.
ANDRE: We need to talk, Shine.
What are you still doing here? I thought your crazy ass was put on sabbatical.
I told Lucious everything.
About me.
That I tried to kill him, that the car bomb was all my fault.
I left your name out of it.
They finally lobotomize you or should I? No more, Shine.
No more yelling.
No more threats.
No more blood.
If I told my father your role, he'd kill you, then somebody from your clan would clap back and it wouldn't be over until we were all dead.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you? I wiped your slate clean.
Are we done with this? I need to hear you say it, Shine.
(SIGHS) We're done.
CANDACE: Don't even think about it, Loretha.
Candace, what the hell are you doing here? CAROL: Lucious needed some backup.
And you know, you really need to stop pushing yourself so hard, Cook.
CANDACE: A heart attack at your age? You're gonna mess around and end up like Daddy.
LUCIOUS: Wow, is that not the sweet sound of sirens that I hear? And I thought I told you not to call them.
Yeah, well, you wouldn't listen to me, so I decided to call in some reinforcements.
Ladies, you know the rules.
Yes, Lucious.
No red meat, no cheeses.
No liquor (CHUCKLES) for her.
No carbs and a whole lot of water.
We got this.
I'll leave y'all to it.
Don't be surprised if I'm the only one still alive when you get back.
I hear I have you to thank for Shine handing over his numbers.
Well, he was underreporting his sales figures.
You know, Shine, you know, it's a common occurrence around here, but I took the measure to keep it from happening again.
Everything's detailed there.
Thank you.
I will miss you around here.
Well, actually, Eddie, actually, um (CHUCKLES) as I was checking Shine's math, there was something I couldn't figure out.
It's a small thing.
Um why did you need his numbers to move forward with the phone deal? I love that you don't even allow even the smallest detail to go unnoticed, Andre.
You're exactly what this company needs if it's gonna move forward in this marketplace.
I don't know what Empire's gonna do when you're not here.
Thank you.
Thank you very much for that.
I appreciate that, but, uh, doesn't answer my question.
What's this really about, Eddie? I'm not sure I know what you mean, but I do know this it's a shame.
It's a damn shame that your parents didn't allow you to run this company.
Because with your brains, there's no limit to what you could achieve.
Thank you, my brother.
You outdid yourself on this.
- Hey, sis.
- Yes.
I wasn't sure which one you wanted, - so I just grabbed all of them.
- Ooh, that's amazing.
All right.
You know, this is ridiculous.
They expect you to buy a new cord every six months when they come out with some new gidgy-gadget.
Bigger scam than the drug game.
(LAUGHS) You ain't never lie.
Doesn't look like resting to me.
Don't you see me in bed? CANDACE: Well, I'll take this and this and this.
- Oh, and especially this.
- No, no.
G-G-Give me that.
Give me the phone, Loretha.
Kiss my ass, Candace.
CAROL: All right.
Can you guys please stop it? - She just had a heart attack.
- COOKIE: Yes.
CAROL: Okay, all we got to do is keep her alive until Lucious gets back.
If she wants to do a little bit of work, it's on her.
- She a grown-ass woman.
- I'm a grown-ass woman over here.
I know it's in our DNA to take care of everything and everybody, but you have got to learn to put you first for once.
- It's called self-care.
- COOKIE: Okay.
- Look it up! - I will, soon as I find a cord.
Self-care? (MOCKING): I just want a little self-care.
(NORMAL VOICE): That is some rich, white-woman nonsense.
Maybe that's why they live longer than us, Carol.
Uh, no.
They live longer than us because they have all the wealth and the insurance.
I know.
That's why I married one.
- Oh, you married a white woman? - (CAROL AND COOKIE LAUGHING) CANDACE: You know what I meant.
Okay, y'all sit on over there and act childish and irresponsible.
Maybe Mom should be here.
She heard what happened.
She wants to see you.
I don't care.
That bitch left us.
I don't want nothin' to do with her.
I don't know why y'all still dealing with her.
Because she's our mother.
Okay, Candace.
You know what? I'm-a need you to leave, 'cause you finna give me another heart attack.
Yeah, I feel my blood rising right now.
- I'll go.
- COOKIE: Thank you.
But I'm taking your gadgets with me.
Sorry about the plug.
You just let her get away with everything.
I don't need these now.
And so the whole team agrees that it would be really, really great if you start testing out headlining in some larger markets, but also we don't want to neglect the opportunity to have you open up for some more established acts.
All right.
Do you maybe want to pretend to be invested in your career? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not excited to be here while you gloat about dumping me.
I am not gloating about any This is really awkward for me, too, okay? So let's just get through this.
No, we can't just finish, because I can't pretend like you.
I need to understand what happened.
Sometimes relationships don't work out, okay? It is what it is.
Our relationship was perfect.
It was better than ever.
You know it was! Our relationship was great, and ever since you've ended things with me, Becky, my brain has been on a loop.
I can't eat.
I can't write, Becky.
What did I do? - Just tell me.
- You know, I actually have a lot of meetings to do today, so can we just I'm pregnant.
What? I'm pregnant.
You're pregnant? Okay.
Okay We could be We could figure this No, no, no Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't start planning anything, because I'm not keeping it.
I don't get to have a say? You know, I-I knew that this would be really hard on you, and that's why I didn't want to tell you, but I can't be pregnant right now.
I can't have a kid.
I'm sorry.
Don't walk away from me right now.
Don't (SIGHS) Damn it.
(RECORD PLAYING OVER PHONE): Big shoes, big shoes My new one got some really big shoes to fill Made moves, made moves I moved on but I think about you for real Porsha, turn it off.
Turn it off! Why did Eddie change the song, hmm? No, you tell him he needs to call me and get I got to call you back.
I'm about to get phone-checked.
Why are you standing there looking like that? I still have a company to run.
Give it here.
What? Man You got five seconds to get back in that bed before I raise hell.
ROBIN ROBERTS: This video of you beating your boyfriend, Warren Hall Everyone's seen it.
- It's gone viral.
- Yeah, um JAMAL (ON VIDEO): Why?! Huh? Huh?! Maybe we could, uh - we could stop playing it, please? - Oh, sure.
But you know that was followed by your involvement in the shooting death of former New York City mayoral candidate Angelo DuBois.
So how do you explain all this violence? Well, first of all, that was self-defense.
You know? Uh, but it certainly was a-an unfortunate set of events that took place.
But I think, honestly, if you if you talked to anybody that knows me, they would all say that I'm not a violent person.
I'm-I'm sorry, Jamal.
I got to stop you there, because the evidence indicates otherwise, and I want to ask you this.
Have you ever considered anger management counseling? No.
I'm sorry.
I think that what I would want everybody to know about me, - Robin, is that, - Okay.
Uh Um (WHISPERING): When you're born into a certain set of circumstances When you're born into a certain set of circumstances, you, uh you just, you (JAMAL SIGHS) I'm sorry.
I have rehearsed all of this foolishness with-with all of my handlers, you know, but-but it's just not true.
- So, what is true? - What's true is that the entire DuBois family tried to take mine down.
And I mean literally take us down.
You know, so, yes, Angelo DuBois is dead, but I would be lying if I said that I was sorry about something that he brought on himself.
You know, I almost lost my brother, but I don't see none of the press talking about this.
Like, not once.
And most recently I almost lost the person that literally means more to me than anybody in the world.
So, you know, what I've learned is that life is very short, and I'm just, uh I don't know.
I just I'm I'm done.
I'm done with all of this, and-and I apologize, because I respect you a great deal, but I'm-I'm done.
I'm done apologizing, I'm done doing stupid interviews, - and I don't want to it.
- ROBIN: Guess we are done.
That boy had one damn job.
(CHUCKLES) (EXHALES HEAVILY) You are exhausting me, Loretha.
Why must you be so damn stubborn? Jamal just embarrassed himself on national TV.
Look, that song that Hakeem and Tiana got ain't tracking.
I Empire just ain't gonna make it without me.
Now, it pains me to say this, but Lucious knows what he is doing.
You are not leaving this house to fix some song.
Back in bed.
You pain my ass.
- Well, back in bed.
- You're a pain in my - B-Back in bed.
- You know what, Cookie, back in the day, you didn't need no little fancy studio to make good music.
You did it right in my garage, remember that? - So? - So? So, maybe you need to think outside the box on this one.
What have I told you about enabling her behavior? CAROL: Look, it ain't no use in trying to fight it.
She gon' do what she gon' do.
Plus, I already looked up her little symptoms on that WebMD thing, and she need to walk her ass around.
- Get up and walk.
- No, she does not No! Are you crazy? No, you do not.
- Carol is right.
- Thank you.
(SCOFFS) "Carol is right," said no one ever.
If I can't go to Empire, then Empire's coming to me.
Juanita what in the hell is all those trucks - doing in my driveway? - I wanted to call you, but Miss Cookie wouldn't let me.
Look, uh, can you put those two mics closer together? - Okay.
- They might not fit, but we can make it work.
What are you doing? I'm saving Tiana's album.
Look, this place is not gonna fall apart in a week if you're just resting it's worked for 17 years.
I know, Lucious.
Please, let me do Oh.
I tried to stop her.
Don't look like you tried hard enough.
Okay, what you are not gonna do is disappear all day, and then come back in here and criticize a person - that's been holding down the fort.
- This ain't no fort! - She's supposed to be in bed resting! - Excuse me.
Look, if you can't do what I asked you to do, maybe you need to get the hell on out of here.
Whoa, whoa.
Don't be hollering at my sister like that.
We dropped everything to come over here and help your ass out.
This is the thanks we get? You haven't done anything, Carol.
I'm the one that's been trying to get her back in bed.
All you've been talking about is, "Cookie gon' do - what Cookie gon' do.
" You - COOKIE: Candace, I'm-a need you to calm down before you pass out.
Now, look, I have better doctors than Daddy had, okay? I'm-a be all right.
I-I'm not doing this for anybody else.
I'm doing this for me.
See this music is what's gonna heal me.
Please, Lucious.
You get one song.
One song.
That's all I need.
Thank you.
Okay, bye-bye.
'Cause all your arguing - is gonna give me another heart attack.
- That's it.
Okay, um What do you want me to say? Uh, I don't know.
Say something distracting.
Uh, talk about work.
I don't care.
I'm sorry that I ruined the interview for you.
I'm not really that sorry.
I probably ruined my career, though, 'cause I'm free now.
Well, I'm free to never book another live interview for you ever again.
- Deal.
I didn't want to do it to begin with.
- Never.
Rebecca Williams? Hi.
Just remember it's your choice.
You can go in there, or we can get the car.
It's whatever.
I'm here.
If you want me to be.
What are you doing here? I prayed on this, and I do not agree with what you are doing, but Becky Of course, I I love you, and I do not want you to go through this without me.
BECKY: Thank you.
I'll be waiting.
We're gonna come right in here.
Are you sure about this, Cookie? I am positive.
You are not going to get the same outcome if y'all are not in the same room, feeding off of each other.
You get it? Trust me.
Hit it.
("BIG SHOES" BEGINS PLAYING) - Big shoes, big shoes - Big shoes My new one got some really big shoes to fill - Made moves, made moves - Moves I moved on, but I think about you for real Big shoes, big shoes My new one got some really big shoes to fill Cut it, cut it.
Cut it, cut it, cut it! I need y'all to perform, like, uh be profess - (GROANS) - Wait, wait, baby.
- Mom! - LUCIOUS: Baby.
- Sit down, sit down.
- HAKEEM: This is stupid, Dad.
- We got to stop.
- COOKIE: I'm okay.
- I just got up too fast.
- Be calm.
I'm okay, boy.
Stop overreacting.
Mom, you can't work.
The doctor said you're supposed to be resting right now.
- Look - I'm not doing this if this mean she wind up back in the hospital.
Boy, finish the song, and learn how to put your differences aside and be professional! Come on.
- You need to stay seated.
- I'm okay.
I just got up too fast.
- LUCIOUS: Okay, don't get up - Come on, let's let's kill this song.
For her.
Okay, enough of that talking.
Sell this song.
Be professional.
Energy, energy.
TaKeem What up, baby? - Big shoes, big shoes - Shoes My new one got some really big shoes to fill - Made moves, made moves - Moves I moved on but I think about you for real - Big shoes, big shoes - Shoes My new one got some really big shoes to fill - Made moves, made moves - Moves I moved on, but I think about you, I still - Think about you - About you For real, think about you, I still - Think about you for real - For real Think about you, about you Been thinking about your body in the worst way Like, good God Almighty, Lord, have mercy That birthday sex like every day Reminiscing over you like Mary J.
I still thinking about you touching on my body Still thinking about you, I don't want to fight it You the one that got me thinking about calling I'm a sexaholic, sexaholic for you - Big shoes, big shoes - Shoes My new one got some really big shoes to fill Made moves, made moves I moved on, but I think about you for real Big shoes, big shoes My new one got some really big shoes to fill - Made moves, made moves - Made moves I moved on, but I think about you, I still Think about you, for real Think about you I still think about you for real Think about you, 'bout you CELESTE: Why the 911 text? Did Lupe pull out of the deal? I called his overpaid ass.
I told him we weren't selling.
Why in the hell would you do that? Your favorite.
W-We can't afford that anymore.
We're celebrating.
Celebrating what? I got the final piece of the puzzle.
We're about to be flush with cash.
Please tell me this is real.
It's real.
It's definitely real.
I mean, it's not so bad.
It could use some bacon bits, though.
(LUCIOUS CHUCKLES) We need to talk.
- Not now, Andre.
- This can't wait, Pop.
Okay? Now, listen to me.
I've been going over the Patel deal Eddie's been running.
Hey, hey, hey, Andre, nobody asked you to do that.
Be glad I did, Ma.
You let Eddie into Empire and he is about to steal it from under you.
You guys wanted to see me? What's going on? You feeling okay, Cook? Um, Andre tells us that, uh, the numbers you're looking at are way too expansive for a phone deal.
He thinks you're putting together a portfolio to make Empire look attractive to a buyer.
LUCIOUS: Yeah, now, I was telling Cookie earlier that I think (LAUGHS) that's-that's insane, right? Eddie? It's crazy, right? I wanted to be the one to tell you.
(CHUCKLES) But shame on me for-for thinking that I could hide something from your number one son.
He's right? This is great news, great news.
Kelly Patel is putting together a formal offer to buy Empire.
His company wants to, uh, break into the creative space, and I was able to get them to agree to a dollar amount that you wouldn't even believe.
I'm really confused, Eddie.
Because you were the one who convinced me not to sell Empire XStream, so A different situation.
You were gonna gut the company.
This-this deal helps to keep it together, with the two of you still in charge.
Wait, but, wait, who in the hell gave you permission to make deals on my behalf? Don't let your ego get in the way of this deal.
My ego.
Maybe you should check yours right now.
You know what? This is a now or never opportunity.
Well, then, it's easy for us, 'cause it's never.
- Nev what are you talk Seriously? - ANDRE: Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.
Eddie, look, it's a good deal on paper.
No, it's a great deal G-Get your hands off of me.
- (SIGHS) - I was out there, living my life.
Happily retired.
And you guys, you-you pulled me back in.
And, like a fool, I said yes.
And then I negotiate a deal that would make Empire bigger than ever, and y'all don't even want to consider it.
Eddie, you gonna have to tell me where all this is coming from.
Let me talk, I'm trying to tell you where it's coming from.
I stepped in when you needed me.
I saved your ass.
And after months months of damn near killing myself to save this company, y'all won't even give me the benefit of the doubt.
Or is the problem that you're scared? - (SCOFFS) - You want to keep this company small 'cause the thought of having to compete with the big boys - COOKIE: Hey, uh - (CLAPS HANDS) Watch your mouth, Eddie.
(CHUCKLES) Empire ain't small.
Yeah, but it's nothing compared to what it could be, Cook.
I'm on the phone every damn day, talking to these major labels.
And they laugh at this place.
You should hear what these white folks are saying behind your back.
They think that Empire is a joke.
And y'all ain't nothing but a bunch of shucking and jiving North Philly monkeys to them.
And you know what? I-I If you don't take this deal, maybe they're right.
Well, you know what, Eddie, because you and me, we're we're old friends, I think that maybe you're just, um you're tired, and you need some rest.
So, as your friend, I'm going to give you ten seconds to get the hell out of my house.
I need to fly out to Palo Alto tonight.
Better that I, uh, give the bad news to Kelly Patel myself.
COOKIE: That's a good idea, Eddie, and you know what? While you're there, why don't you take some time for yourself? You know? Get some rest.
- Yeah.
- COOKIE: Take a couple days off.
Mm-hmm? Relax.
Track him, Thirsty.
I want to know the moment he gets his black ass on that plane to San Francisco.
LUCIOUS: Hey, wait, wait.
Andre's already taking care of that.
Cook, will you get off the phone? You text me with any updates, okay? Will you hang up the phone? (SIGHS) This is all my fault.
I let him in.
So it's up to me to make sure that door closes behind him.
(SIGHS) I'll see what I can do about Jamal in the morning.
I should've been there for that Robin Roberts interview.
Will you stop? Honey, there's nothing left for you to fix you fixed everything all day.
There's The only thing you won't fix is yourself.
- I mean, look at me.
- So much to do I've been sitting here, worried about you, - 'cause you keep pushing yourself - It's okay.
- and pushing yourself into the - It's okay.
You're in the (TEXTING) It's all right, you know? Your sister was right.
Cookie does what Cookie does, and that's all that Cookie does.
Regardless of who she leaves behind, even though you're the love of my l (EXHALES) You need to get some rest, baby.
I just need some sleep, that's all.
I don't want to die, Lucious.
I don't want to die.
I just got everything back.
I got you back, I got my family back, I got my life, and I-I I'm not I'm not ready to leave it.
I got too much to do, Lucious, I got too much love to give.
I'm not I-I don't want to I'm I'm so scared, Lucious.
No, don't you ever be afraid of nothing, 'cause the other night, I had some harsh words with God.
And I made it clear to him, so it'll be a long time before he'll ever try and take you away from me, do you understand that? It's okay.
(SNIFFLES) I-I just need to get some rest.
- I think all of this stress is just - Cookie.
- is-is getting to me, you know? - Cookie.
I love you.
I love you, too, Lucious.
That's all that matters.