Empire (2015) s04e18 Episode Script

The Empire Unpossess'd

1 Previously on Empire Welcome back, Eddie.
ANDRE: He's gonna convince the board members to sell Empire to Kelly Patel.
We'll buy Empire back from the shareholders.
I'm going $700 million.
BLAKE: That photo is not what you think.
my son Blake's head with so much stuff, he don't know he's white anymore.
And I ain't seen or heard from this dude in 15 years! I need a favor, all right? Can y'all just hop onstage with me? You guys can go ahead, but I'm out.
This is your scarf.
You were wearing it the night that you killed Shine.
(GUNSHOTS) EDDIE: Either you withdraw your bid for Empire, or you spend the rest of your life in prison.
After all these years, Eddie, this is what you're doing? I brought you the deal of a lifetime, and you just spit in my face.
Because I didn't want your deal.
Empire don't belong to you.
There wouldn't be no Empire if I hadn't of paved the way.
(SCOFFS) Every door that you walk through, I opened that for you.
That's it, right there.
Then I got bigger than you.
I sold more records, went public, and you were no longer the head Negro.
- That's your problem.
- No, you the problem.
What if I killed Shine after 30 years of friendship? If I did that to him, what do you think COOKIE: No! Not here.
EDDIE: Whoa.
You think I came up in-in the Lyon's den without without a gun? What you gonna do? You gonna stab me? Go ahead, stab me.
Stab me! All right, that gets you out the door, then what? Anything happens to me or to mine, and my lawyer releases a statement that puts out all of your little ghetto deeds, your little ghettocides.
You know what? The hundreds of millions of dollars that you were gonna get from the sale of Empire, you're gonna sign that over to me.
- (SCOFFS) - 'Cause you didn't want it.
- And you don't deserve it.
- COOKIE: Oh, I see.
So you a snitch, bitch, and a thief.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
So take your little sleezer slut and get the hell out of my house.
Nobody's scared of your guns around here.
- Stop.
Let's go.
- (LAUGHS) - You better laugh.
- Let's go, Eddie.
COOKIE: Yeah, laugh, laugh now.
The joke's on you 'cause you should've pulled the trigger, bitch.
(EDDIE LAUGHS) All right, here.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
It doesn't matter if your father pulled the trigger.
If the D.
can prove that he ordered a hit on Shine, it's a wrap.
So if Eddie takes the scarf to the police, I can't beat it.
I can work miracles, you know that.
But they've been coming at you for a long time, and now with this supposedly hard physical evidence, they'll lock you up and throw away the key.
We need leverage.
Who has ideas? Yo, we could throw some distortion on the kick.
Keep it clean.
I'll bring the distortion.
Well, can we pay Eddie off? No.
He wants blood.
THIRSTY: Then we snatch something he cares about.
- Giselle? - He doesn't care about her.
I been on a roll Since I walked up in the building Now they can't forget the face Everything I do is fast You can't forget the pace Yelling, "Who that young fella Dripping, need an umbrella" Um, tell 'em, I'm coming Like a fortune teller One better, don't exist, I admit I'm clever When you walk into the bank, you not know one teller Oh, my goodness, boy I'm back - And I'm winning - And I'm winning - That's a fact - That's a fact - I told 'em I'm-a do it - I'm-a do it - That's a wrap - That's a wrap Said they coming for my spot - But where they at? - Where they at? - Where they at? - Where they at? - Where they at? - Where they at Where they at? I have a way in, but it disgusts me just thinking about it.
Why does it feel like December? Lately your touch has been colder than winter And I can remember it differently, baby It ain't been warm in forever But that's what we get when we can't seem To figure it out Really what we fighting about? When I see you I see a stranger with one foot out the door And I try and try to read you What can I do to reach you? Oh, oh But I ain't come this far To lose you It's never been this hard.
(PIANO FLOURISH) JAMAL: All right, piano lady.
That was beautiful.
Where is everybody? Aren't we supposed to rehearse? Well, Preacher is doing some sort of "Breakfast Club" interview, and everybody else got great gig offers, so it's just you and me.
All right, well, I guess they ain't tripping over being in the spotlight no more.
Well, it's not exactly like we can be Anonymous when the entire world knows who we are.
Come on, don't act like you didn't enjoy yourself at the rent party.
Yeah, and I know exactly what comes after that.
All of the tabloids and the media, and that's exactly what I didn't want.
But we've dealt with that before, Tory.
- You know, I mean - You were willing to sacrifice me and the entire band the second that your family came calling.
Look, if everybody else wants to chase fame, cool, let them.
But guess what, my friend, we have fans that are waiting for new music from Anonymous.
Why don't you get some rest.
We'll meet later at Laviticus, and we'll figure it out.
(JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING) Well, well, it's just like you to pick the bougie-est place in town.
- What do you want, Cookie? - It's not what I want, it's what you want.
You have proven to be quite the opportunist who will bust it open for anyone, to get ahead.
And here you are, yet again, sucking up to Eddie.
And for what? To go back to being head of A&R? That's your dream? I'm gonna be CEO.
(GASPS, LAUGHS) Is that That's what Eddie told you, huh? Eddie is using you, just like he used all of us.
And when he is done with you, he will kick your ass to the curb.
What's your offer? Get me that scarf, and you will have your independent imprint, all your own, no strings attached.
You will never hear from us again.
Besides, don't you want to run something of your own? Instead of working under a man all your life? I had something of my own, Cookie.
A career.
The love of my life.
But then you came along and proceeded to take it all from me.
And now you walk in here and act like you're doing me a favor by offering me what you took from me.
So now you get to sit back and watch while I sit on the throne all by myself, and there is nothing you can do about it.
You cannot bribe me or threaten me because I am not afraid of you or your family anymore.
This is my time.
allowances, finesse a with some counterfeits But now I'm countin' this Parmesan where my accountant lives In fact, I'm downin' this D'USSÉ with my boo bae Tastes like Kool-Aid for the analysts Yo, I'm sorry I'm late.
That is good, won't you sit it on my taste bloods? I get way too petty (LINE RINGING) (PHONE VIBRATING NEARBY) A.
to the P.
to the A.
, funk out your diem, you just got to hate 'em, funk If I quit your BM Tory? Tory.
What the? Tory? Tory? Come on, come on.
Why would you? Come on, come on.
No, no.
Somebody help us! Somebody! (JAMAL VOCALIZING) Are we back at rehab? Hey.
Was that all a dream? No, it wasn't a dream, Tory.
What were you thinking? (CRYING): I wasn't.
I can't do this anymore, Jamal.
Being in the spotlight, it just It hurts too bad.
We just - We should we do need to slow down - Jamal.
Haven't you ever just wanted to be nobody? Yeah, sometimes.
But we also don't have to be high to be nobody.
We don't We don't have to be dead, you know.
You're never gonna be nobody.
You're Jamal Lyon.
Renee? Lucious.
I'm-I'm meeting my daughter for lunch.
Yeah, you were supposed to, but, um, something came up, and she asked me to Actually, I offered.
I thought it was about time you and I met face-to-face.
Well, I I'm thoroughly acquainted with your face.
I mean, it's plastered all over the walls.
It is all very impressive.
"20 For 20," huh? Must feel good to have a body of work to let you know that all those years of toil wasn't in vain.
Or in my daughter's case, rotting in prison.
Cookie said you would be tough.
You surprised? I'm Cookie's mama.
She's your daughter, but you weren't always her mother, were you? Now, me and Cookie, we've been through a lot over the years, and, I mean, some of the things we went through wasn't that pretty.
But I never judged you for your choices.
I'm asking you that you don't judge us for ours.
I'm not gonna rehash the past with you.
Cookie gave up her freedom, years with her boys, because she thinks she loves you.
Uh, whether I believe that or not, it really doesn't matter.
What does matter is that you love her just as much, in return.
I love her with all of my heart.
I promise.
Pretty words from a pretty man.
You tell my daughter to call me.
LUCIOUS: Listen, baby, turning myself in is the only way to save Empire.
Will you please sit down and just talk to me? No.
Not if you're talking crazy.
Well, you act like there's some other way out of this.
We have until tomorrow to figure something out.
Anything we do will either jeopardize you, or jeopardize our family; I'm not gonna allow it.
What do you want me to do, huh? You want me to make a choice between you or Empire? - You sound crazy! - What, you think I want some has-been to determine my fate? To tear down my legacy? It's my choice, it's not his, and it's not yours.
(SIGHS) We need to come up with some dirt on Eddie.
Fabricate something.
I've already made my choice.
You know what? Give me a gun, I'll put two bullets in that bitch's skull.
You can't hear him squawking - from six feet under.
- Stop, stop, stop.
Look at me.
Now, you've spent half of your life in prison for our family.
It's my turn.
Let me be the man that's worthy of your love.
- Please.
- No.
Lucious, there's got to be a different way, come on.
Yo, what's the word? Anything we need to know? I need to talk to you, son.
(SIGHS) I've decided to turn myself in for Shine's murder.
Um, before I do this, I need you to prepare a bid to buy Empire back, exterminate the rats, and I need you to make sure that there's a Lyon that's seated on that throne.
I'm the one that should be locked away, not you.
If I hadn't brought Shine into my plans, - you wouldn't be - Oh, no, no.
You Let me take the fall, Pop.
All I've ever done is disappoint you.
Disappoint me? You helped me build Empire.
You took it from the Philly streets to Wall Street.
You did this, Andre! I mean, she needs you.
I don't care about running the company anymore, Pop! I'm not talking about the company.
I'm talking about your mother.
She's gonna need you more than ever, because I'm not gonna be there.
And out of all of them, you're the one that's most like me.
What'd you say? That fire in you? I put that there.
I did that.
That's the Lyon.
That's me.
And maybe you got sick, because all those years, you've been trying to suppress your real nature.
I mean, you are a Lyon.
A Lyon roars, and I put you in those schools with white people it's my fault, because I was trying to make you less threatening.
I did that.
And more than the others, you have me in you.
You're the Lyon, son.
Pop, I I need you to promise me that you're gonna look after your mother, and look after this family.
I promise.
(SNIFFLES) I love you, son.
(CRYING): I-I love you too, Pop.
(SNIFFLES) Andre, you got the bid prepared? $750 million.
So that seals it.
We can get Empire back.
It's not that easy, son.
LUCIOUS: Look here.
You all need to know something.
Um Eddie's trying to blackmail me.
He says if the bid doesn't go to him, he's gonna pin Shine's murder on me.
What the hell is wrong with him? What, he's pulling crimes out of thin air now? To hell with him, Dad.
You need proof, first of all, to convict somebody.
He's got it.
I killed Shine.
What the hell you just say? Mom, you knew about this? Shine came after your father, son.
Everybody comes after Dad.
How's that possibly a reason to ANDRE: Shine helped me plant the bomb in Vegas.
You lying.
COOKIE: Calm down, boy.
Shine was nothing but a thug who used every opportunity to steal from this family.
HAKEEM: Yeah, but he might have been a thug, but while you were finger painting with your nurse, he had my back.
Sit down, Hakeem.
So, we lost Mom for 17 years, now we lose you for the rest of your life, all to continue to save some company that does nothing but destroy our family? Mal has a point.
Maybe we should think about this.
Yeah, maybe we need to think about all that Empire consistently takes from us.
Dad, if it's gonna save you, then let Eddie have it.
What Empire has taken from us? What about what it's given us? What about all the artists that we create that make music which comforts people, that helps them through the worst of times.
Look at what it's given everybody here at this table.
I mean, we we make music that will live eternally.
It's worth any sacrifice that any of us will ever have to make.
It's good to see you.
The Patel bid.
Thank you.
Thank you.
LEONARD: As you all know, the highest bidder, whom we deem credible and responsible, will win Empire.
Now the Eddie Barker, Kelly Patel bid.
$700 million.
(ALL MURMURING) We made way more than that with the rent party.
- We got this.
- Yes! I'll now open the bid from the Lyon family.
Zero dollars? - What? - What? What? This is rigged.
No, it's not.
You did this? Yeah, I did it.
Damn right, I did it.
See, what y'all don't understand is that Empire is not just a building.
It's not even just its artists.
It's us, the Lyons, and we shouldn't pay another dime for the Empire we built when Empire's most valuable asset is this family.
Does the board accept our bid? The board accepts Eddie Barker and Kelly Patel's $700 million bid for Empire.
EDNA: Congratulations.
KELLY: Thank you.
Why would you do that?! You just gave away Empire! I did it for that.
Yes, Empire is precious, but your freedom means more to me.
That wasn't your call.
Our sons need their father, and I need my man.
JAMAL: Hey, y'all can always rebuild Empire, but you can't get that time back.
We still got the money from the rent party, so we good.
All the money we raised with the rent party has to be returned, since our bid didn't go through.
- Those were the conditions.
- Look, we still gonna make a killing off of selling the Empire shares to Patel.
ANDRE: Yeah, well, Eddie is forcing us to hand over that money in exchange for keeping quiet about Shine.
You just the one with the good news today, huh? Shut up! All I hear is fear.
I didn't marry a scared man, and I damn sure did not bring three scared men into this world.
Yes! We will have to rebuild Empire from scratch.
Is it scary? Hell yeah! Is it gonna be hard? Yes! But you know what the difference is? This time, I'm here, and I done been through way too much to give up now, so we have each other.
We made a plan and a promise that we would not make a move without the other person.
You didn't have that right.
(PLAYING MELANCHOLY MELODY) No other music company has ever accomplished what Don't forget to thank me, baby.
Let's talk business, shall we? None of this would have existed without me! Not those gold records! Not those plaques! (CRYING): I did 17 years for this family.
You built this company on my back! Found a love I can lean on LUCIOUS: Empire has been around for almost 20 years because of the love and support of family.
LUCIOUS: I want you to know that I would trade this company and everything I've ever had to make sure I never lose you again.
(CHUCKLES) (COOKIE LAUGHING) (PLAYS FINAL NOTE) Uh where's our car? I forgot.
That's, um, Empire's car.
- Yeah? Will you get us a cab or something? Yes, sir.
Lord, have mercy I know I should be angry after all that's happened, but, man thinking about what you said in there about that just being a building without Lyons in it Empire's in the heart.
You were really willing to go to prison so we could keep Empire? I was gonna go to prison for you.
You know, you been talking a lot of smack about us getting back together, you wanting me back and respecting me.
For the first time, I can feel it.
Hey, we gonna take this place back.
Hi, um, Jamal Lyon to see Tory Ash.
We tried to call you earlier.
I'm sorry, I kind of got wrapped up in some family stuff.
How's she doing? Tory suffered a grand mal seizure.
It's not uncommon for people suffering with addiction.
We tried to resuscitate her Wait, what do you mean "resuscitate her"? She's gone, Jamal.
I'm sorry.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) I heard what happened to Tory.
I'm so sorry, baby.
Yeah, it's really sad.
Why are you packing? 'Cause I'm leaving, Ma.
I need to get out of here and go somewhere.
Oh, I get it.
You need a vacation.
I (EXHALES SHARPLY) No, Ma, it's not like that.
I'm really leaving.
I need to be nobody for a minute.
And I can't do that here.
But, Jamal, it's more important now than ever that the family sticks together.
That's what I've always done but th-there's always gonna be something, Mom.
Where you gonna go? I don't even know, I just, I I just want to disappear.
No, Jamal.
You are a part of my heart.
You can't disappear.
Ma, I need for you to let me go.
All right? Please.
No, no.
No, no JAMAL: I love you.
I love you so much.
(SNIFFLES) I want two maybe three security guys.
- Okay.
- Guide these people along.
Ha! I can't believe that this day is finally here.
- I mean, we did it.
- Finally.
We actually beat them.
Look, I think, for the press conference, you should be a little less gleeful - Okay.
- and focus more on the future of Empire under our new leadership.
- Okay? - Okay, I know, girl, I know, but you don't know my history with this family.
- I can only imagine.
- You just got to give me this moment.
All right.
Just little moment.
(LAUGHS) - GISELLE: I'll see you in there.
- I'll be right there.
(CHUCKLES) Congratulations, Anika.
I just wanted to wish you the best.
Do I need to call security? Oh, no.
No need.
You bested the Lyons at business.
You won.
I'm done blaming you, Anika.
I don't have to.
You know, I know what it's like to have a guilty conscience.
How it can haunt you.
It's time for both of us to move on.
We got a lot more life to live without holding on to the past.
Good luck.
You, too.
(EXHALES) You're just gonna give it all up? Ma, you don't understand.
You're damn right, I do not understand.
You gave up prime years of your life, you said so your magnificent Empire could be built, and now you're just gonna toss it away to somebody? We had no choice.
I get it.
Got something to do with old yella, don't it? Lucious is a changed man, okay? I love him.
- Okay? So just - Girl.
I can't fight you on this.
But do not let your love for a grown man who is not your son make a fool out of you, again.
I'm sorry, am I interrupting something? No.
No, you didn't.
I got to go.
- We'll see you.
- Okay.
- Soon.
- Yes.
- All right, Cookie.
- Okay.
(COOKIE SIGHS HEAVILY) (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) How much of that did you hear? I heard enough.
Listen if we're gonna start over, I think we should do it the right way.
Yes, you're right.
That is why we have to get on this talent, because, you know, Jamal is What are you doing down there? (LUCIOUS SIGHS) Cookie, I want you to be my wife, and I want to start over as your husband.
(LAUGHING) Lucious, get off the floor, with that gimp leg and I thought that might shut you up.
Now, baby, I know, um I've given you more than enough reasons to to doubt me, and I'm sorry for that.
But with this ring, I promise that I'm going to love you for the rest of my life and that I want you to marry me.
Cookie, will you marry me? Okay, I mean, if-if-if this is real, then I really need you to put us first, Lucious, put me first, put me before Empire, before anybody.
I-I have to Come on, man, you gonna say yes or no? (SIGHS) Yes.
- Make you sweat a little.
- (LAUGHING) It's beautiful.
- Come on.
- Come on where? - I want to call the judge.
- No, not now.
We need the boys.
- The boys have to witness this.
- No Wait.
My babies got to see this.
This moment I don't want to lose it.
(SOFTLY): Okay.
- Come on.
- Okay.
You're not answering your phone.
Well, I ain't got nowhere I got to be.
Nobody I got to see.
Thanks to your man Eddie taking my Empire.
Thank you.
Look, Hakeem, my head has been all switched up in every which way lately, with my-my career and my album, with Eddie.
Look, I ain't got time for whatever this is.
I'm pregnant.
And it's yours.
I haven't been with anyone else, because I can't seem to be with anyone else but you.
And right now I am so scared, and I don't know what to do.
(WHISPERS): Wow Wait.
You're pregnant with my baby? - Don't worry.
- (SNIFFLES) We're gonna figure this out.
It's always been me and you, Tiana.
Leading Empire into the future is our new CEO Anika Calhoun.
Thank you.
Thank you, Eddie.
Thank you so much.
This is surreal, to be able to return to the Empire family and, um, to I guess, sit on the throne.
- (LAUGHTER) - Um, but with my amazing team behind me, I just know that there is nothing that - we won't be able t - (BABY CRYING) (BABY CONTINUES CRYING) (QUIET CHATTER) (EXHALES) Okay, um (CHUCKLES) I'm sorry.
Any questions? (REPORTERS SHOUTING) - Ms.
- Yes? What are your goals for Empire as CEO? Well, um, the first goal that we were thinking about implementing - that we think will really - WOMAN: I have a question.
Are you aware of the remarkably high number of CEOs who are clinical psychopaths? (WHISPERS): What is happening? Ms.
Calhoun? This is your new CEO? Can this bitch even pass a drug test? - Okay.
- Mm-mm.
- Let me step in for a second.
- Mm-mm.
I'm good.
- Okay.
- I am good.
Um - Ms.
Calhoun! Ms.
Calhoun! - Ms.
Calhoun! Yes? Can there even be an Empire without the Lyons? Well, um, during Empire's most profitable years, I was the head of A&R, and so I have no doubt that How many lives did you destroy to get your little come-up (MOCKINGLY): Anika? (WHISPERING): I have to go.
I have to go.
I have to go.
Uh, Ms.
Calhoun just needed to get some fresh air.
But I just wanted to say that this-this moment is surreal for me because I grew up with (GASPS) What did you do to me? Smile for the cameras.
LUCIOUS: I need you to promise me that you're gonna look after this family.
You are a Lyon.
A Lyon roars.
(GASPING) (KELLY CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) (PANTING) ANDRE: I know what it's like to have a guilty conscience.
How it can haunt you.
(GASPING) Karma's a bitch.
(SCREAMS) (SCREAMS) What the hell? (WEAK, WHEEZING BREATHS) You know, when we did this the first time they just checked the I.
s to make sure we were legal, then voilà, we were married.
I want more this time.
Well, I can poot out some vows (CHUCKLES) right off the dome, if you'd like.
Oh, well, did you bring a DJ? You gonna strike up a beat, - gonna freestyle? - (CHUCKLES) JUDGE: I've found simple works best.
Just speak from your heart.
Are you ready? ("AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH" BY MARVIN GAYE PLAYING) You are my breath.
You're my song.
You're the chorus that plays in my head.
You're the lights that I see when I close my eyes.
You're my everything, Cookie.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) We've been through the fire and I know our future holds more storms, but what I do know is that with you by my side, I can get through anything.
JUDGE: No other human ties are more tender, no other vows more sacred than those you assume now.
'Cause, baby, there ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley JUDGE: In your journey through this life, I require and charge you both to remember that love and loyalty alone will avail as the foundation of a happy home and meaningful life.
It's time to be a man now I don't need it, you can keep your money I don't want it If you're gonna throw it up in my face Makes the world go round If you're ever in trouble, I'll be there on the double If these solemn vows be kept inviolate, your life will be full of joy and peace.
Two separate souls joined together as one, to share desires, dreams, memories and all uncertainties.
Don't you know that there ain't no.
Hakeem he's got a gun! - Dad, what are you doing?! - (GUN COCKS) - No! - (THREE GUNSHOTS) (ECHOING GUNSHOT FADES) JUDGE: Lucious and Cookie I now pronounce you husband and wife.
'Cause, baby, there ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river.