Empire (2015) s05e03 Episode Script


1 Previously on Empire The new chief executive officer - of Empire, Jeff Kingsley.
- (APPLAUSE) It's not like you've taken any real assignments since Jamal domesticated you.
ANDRE: Gusto.
Leave Quincy alone.
GUSTO: I take Princess here till I'm done with him.
- (SHOUTING) - (ALARM BUZZES) Jeff Kingsley is nothing but a number cruncher.
So step up with us, the Lyons, with our brand-new management company.
We are going to put you first and your music first.
My life flashes Ahead is my desertion His trigger finger makes me contemplate if I deserve it I'd be damned if my family would take the hit So be a man and step in front of this angry man Without a purpose, ah Tell me this ain't a conclusion My body can barely react I'm thinking it's just an illusion But the bullet is telling me facts 'Cause that's my girl, and that's my kid If they ain't breathing, I ain't living Can't express the feeling, praying - Give me one more minute - going through my mind I can't even define Got to put up a fight, 'cause I ain't ready to die (PANTING) (COUGHING) COOKIE (IN DISTANCE): Boy, get your ass down here! (SIGHS) Mom, why are you screaming so loud in the morning? COOKIE: Ooh, you better watch your tone.
Look at this: "Lucious Lyon, broke.
" And this one: "Lyons with no pride.
" They ain't nothing but trolls, all of them.
Dad put all of our asses on blast.
I had a homeless person trying to give me a dollar when we was leaving.
Oh, my goodness.
Mom, can I have that? Y'all fix your faces and wait for Dad to come back with Andre.
You know what? You're right.
Today is not the day for doubters.
Today is the day that the Lyon family are reunited, - and we prove the haters wrong.
- Say it.
Where are you? What? What do you? Okay, where the hell is Andre, then? (SIGHS) MARK: Stupid move, Lyon, losing it this close to your release date.
It's a few days.
I'll live.
A lot can happen to a man in a few days.
Especially down here.
(NECK CRACKS) So, the bad news is Andre ain't coming home for a bit.
But the good news is we don't have time to be sad about none of that.
We got work to do.
Now, the Empire that we knew and love, that's dead.
Now it's time for us to build an entirely new Empire.
Me and your mama, we found some office space uptown.
I'm meeting with some money men later on.
That's gonna shore up our capital.
COOKIE: And I'm gonna staff this bitch from the ground up.
See, if we build this company, then the artists will come to us.
And we would like to start with the first two artists being you two.
We would like for you to sign with Lyon Family Management.
I mean, you know I'm down, but there's no way that Empire's gonna let y'all just manage us while we're still under contract to them.
Well, go ahead.
I've taken the liberty to go through your contracts.
I want you guys to read them word for word.
You'll notice where I've highlighted individual clauses that will allow us to break these contracts without us being sued.
They ain't gonna let us go without a fight.
Then we got to do whatever it takes.
Get busy doing it, 'cause we got contracts to break and some money to make.
- Bye, baby.
I love you.
- Bye.
Love you, too.
Okay, y'all heard him.
(BUZZER SOUNDS IN DISTANCE) Now, how you gonna come for me and miss? When you first got here, you thought you was so smart, didn't you? You should've taken me out when you had the chance.
(GRUNTS) What the hell?! You've been eyeballing me since you got here.
Like you got something you want to say.
So how about I open your mouth, so you can say it.
(MEN SHOUTING) Here's how it's gonna work from here on out.
I'm gonna go my way, and you're gonna go yours.
If you step to me, I will end you.
You understand me? - Yeah? Talk to me.
- Ooh.
(CHUCKLES) Little rich girl's got a pair, y'all.
- Do you understand me?! - Boy, I understand! (MEN MURMURING) MAN: Yeah, my man surprised him.
(MUTTERS) Red wine, sin-stained sheets The sound of you Come here, help me tie this.
- I need help.
- Okay.
See? All right.
See? - (RINGTONE PLAYING) - Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm.
Yeah, Chief? Right now at your pleasure (MOUTHS) When? Oh, yeah.
Emirates nonstop would be my preference, but I know that, uh, Bryson will need a layover in, uh, Paris.
Send a car for me in an hour? All right.
He needs me to cover the Sub-Saharan desk.
In Lagos.
You used to be a good man I thought that this was a home desk job.
Out of all the people around, they got to have you dodging bullets in Nigeria? I've dodged bullets right here in this very room, - if you remember.
- Mm.
I can handle myself.
Yeah, you gonna handle Bryson, too? Lately you've been searching Longing for something Let's not do that.
Your armor's in place; now I need to go pack mine.
I'm-a need ya - I'll call you from Paris.
- Yeah.
Take me right now at your pleasure Take me to another level.
Do you expect for us to answer the phones, collect the mail, wrangle up your little artists and keep a schedule for free? Yes, because I want you all in this from the ground floor.
Okay, because this is gonna be bigger than Empire.
Trust me.
And I want this built by family, with family tears, family blood, family sweat - And family reaping the back end? - Amen.
Of course.
Come on.
Holloway sisters united.
- Okay.
- Um, look, church finger.
I'm not a Holloway or a Lyon, so 97% of this speech ain't got nothing to do with why I should work for free.
I need you to work A&R.
Can I be head of A&R? Ain't nobody else in that department, so yes, of course.
(LAUGHS) Look at that.
Promotions already.
That's a yes for Porsha.
What about you two heifers? I want a title.
(SIGHS) Your title is "recovering crack ho.
" - Ooh! - (LAUGHS) Yeah, a dollar bill Where them hundreds at? Blow it like a fan - Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh - Yeah, yeah.
I brought you Jamal and Hakeem's contracts.
(PHONE VIBRATING) So first, Ludicrous the Lyon hands me my ass in public, now his sons want out.
Are you next? I haven't received any realistic offers lately.
I need you, Becky.
I need allies around here.
Right this way, please.
Gentlemen, have a seat.
You up for a game? Nah, nah.
Let's just get right to business, yeah? All right.
Well, just because your father cut ties with Empire - doesn't mean that you have to.
- No, I definitely think that all Lyons need to make a clean break.
Yeah, you see that physical impairment clause on page 40? Who would've thought that artists read the fine print? JAMAL: I will complete all six unfinished songs on Empire's server, and then I'm done, too.
All just to help out your dad? Hey, yo, my dad don't need no help.
He's actually right down the street, making things better and better for us.
JAMAL: This is about our family sticking together.
- That's what's important.
- Family? The three Lyon brothers used to be the pillars of Empire.
Now one of them's in jail, and one of them is reduced to begging for scraps on behalf of his daddy's little venture.
And the third, broken beyond repair.
Who's this lame calling broken? - (COUGHS) - JAMAL: Calm down.
KINGSLEY: Calm down, little man, before you cough up another lung.
Your value is in your back catalog.
So this version of you is free to hit the bricks if you want to.
And as for you, Jamal, the album that you owe Empire must consist of new material, per your contract.
You'll never get one note.
Then you'll never sing again.
Because until I get my album, your music belongs to me.
LUCIOUS: Welcome to the offices of Lyon Family Management.
I'll invite you back two nights from now to see it in its full glory.
If you've looked over the portfolio, you'll see that we can guarantee to triple your investment in two years' time.
(CHUCKLES): That's a pretty bold claim.
LUCIOUS: Well, you know, I've been at this for 20 years, man.
: Well, your track record isn't in artist management.
And due to your well-publicized financial state, - you're a credit risk.
- I'm a what? Look, we all respect Andre, but frankly I'm glad he's not here.
Associating with a known felon is not a good look.
Do you hear yourself, J? You're a known felon.
I mean, you just got your ankle monitor off - from your tax fraud case.
Oh, I get it.
So you can dust yourself off after a fall and reinvent yourself, but people like me, I got to stay in my lane.
Is that what y'all are saying? You're taking this the wrong way, okay? You need to calm down for a second No, no, no.
I don't need to calm down.
We've been doing business for 20 years.
I've always been good on a loan.
Now I've guaranteed y'all three times your investment in two years.
This is the part where you either take it or leave it.
We're gonna leave it, Lucious.
Are you serious, man? - (SIGHS) - So, Cookie, my guy has agreed to shoot the grand opening.
All I need is a credit card to reserve.
Yeah, yeah.
Put-put a hold on all of that.
Lucious didn't get the VC money.
Hey, hey, hey.
You okay? Yeah.
It's just, uh, you know, Lucious and I, we got to rethink some things money-wise.
You know, this has got to work for us, because if it doesn't, there is no starting from square one.
We are at zero.
What else you gonna do, Cookie, huh? Sell your kidneys? You've already given everything for this man.
Well, not everything.
No, Cookie.
Now, you told me if you ever ask, I should shut you down.
Well, I didn't ask yet.
(WHISPERS): Shut your ass up.
And I told you not to say nothing.
She Um, excuse me, but this little secret sound juicy as hell.
- (SIGHS) - So you may as well spill it.
I'm all up in it now.
What's happening? I got a loft in SoHo.
And I got it when I thought Lucious was gonna run off with that bitch Giuliana and give her all my money.
So I convinced her to buy a loft.
She needed a safety net, something separate and apart from Lucious.
And you promised that you would never tell or sell.
Yeah, well, one out of two ain't bad.
But Lucious, he doesn't know about it, right? - Mm.
- So why don't you just sell it? Move.
I can't breathe.
(SIGHS) Look, a lot has happened since I got that loft, okay? It's a safety net, right? A safety net is supposed to catch you when you fall.
And we've fallen.
I need that damn money.
Sell it.
(THIRSTY MUTTERING) Lookee, lookee.
Captain Ahab himself.
Chased any white whales lately? Yeah, well, you know how it is.
How you been, partner? Oh, well, you know, I'm Gucci, baby.
Now what brings you by? Seen a couple of my, uh, ads for the bus benches? LUCIOUS: Actually, I saw a bum wrap himself up with one of them a couple days ago.
(CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) You got jokes.
I'll have you know, those ads are doing me just fine.
They made me the number three Slip-and-Fall Guy in all of Greenpoint and the number two #MeToo Guy in Queens.
So I'm doing fine.
Well, how'd you like to come back and be my number one in a new music venture that we're doing with me and Cookie? You can bring your client list, too, to invest in our new venture.
We can all win.
So let me get this straight.
You don't call me for, like, a year, and you think it's all right you just drop by - and ask me for my client list? - Look, man, um, it ain't never been like that, Thirst.
No? What's it like? You know how it was for us, man.
We had our challenges and, um but Cookie and I, we-we're trying to put the band back together.
So, we would like for you to help.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) I thought you'd be out slangin' Henny, celebrating your freedom.
Oh, so I'm supposed to be at a club 'cause a chump said I was a loser? I guess not.
Here's the lyrics to prove it.
I need you to help me with this.
It's beautiful, Keem.
It's dark as hell, but damn.
For months, I could barely breathe, let alone talk.
But I be having these crazy dreams I can't tell nobody about.
But you put it all in here.
There's more where that came from, if you help me.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) What you standing there for then, boy? Come on.
Let's lay it down.
(EXHALES) (WHISTLES) It's about how a group of numbers nerds crack an uncrackable system.
A team of misfits save the day? Now who's pushing fantasies? Well, you're smart.
That could be you.
(SCOFFS) Like I have a future.
You know, Quincy, most people are who they are, not what they've done.
Look, I didn't do anything.
(MEN CHATTERING) Old, white lady got jacked, and two days later, the cops roll up saying I match the description.
How long? Five years.
I missed my high school graduation, so I just pretend this is the worst college ever.
Keep my head down.
Keep reading.
You like economics, Quincy? - I'm a numbers guy, too.
- CFO of Empire.
MBA from Wharton.
Man, I was set up to go straight there when I got locked up.
Read the book.
My life flashes, ahead is my desertion His trigger finger makes me contemplate if I deser - (COUGHING) - (MUSIC STOPS) Come on, man.
Show the beast.
One more time.
- (MUSIC RESUMES) - Ahead is my desertion His trigger finger makes me contemplate that I deserve it I'd be damned if my family would take a hit (COUGHING) Without a purpose (COUGHS) Hey, yo, Mal, I can't breathe, man.
(MUSIC STOPS) Just, you know, take a second.
All right? I just took a second! - Man, come on.
- No.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (COUGHS) What up, bro? What's up? (SIGHS) Yeah, make yourself comfortable.
When does it hit you that you're living at home, bro? Like, do Lucious and Cookie, like, send you to bed and, like, pack your lunch in the morning? (LAUGHS) Shut up.
I want you to see something.
I'm still finishing it up.
If you want it, it's yours.
It's a new song.
- This is about the - The shooting.
Why don't you just do it? Be honest with you, I can't even breathe right.
My lung all messed up.
But that track right there, the world need to hear it.
And you went through it.
(SCOFFS) I don't know what to say, Keem.
I mean, this is incredible.
I Yeah.
I'll do it.
I'll do your words justice, bro, I promise you.
How's Paris? Just a layover.
Then we do a little piece in rural Nigeria before Lagos.
How's New York? Um, Kingsley is holding me hostage at Empire.
And I think that I killed the last hope for Hakeem - to be back to normal.
- (SIGHS) Sounds tough, my man.
Come hang out with me when I head to Mogadishu.
(SCOFFS) That's what we're gonna do now? What? Act like the things I'm talking about are unimportant because I'm not running off chasing civil wars? I did not mean it like that.
Is that what you think I did? Run off? Well, yeah.
I mean, we were starting a life here, then the first little carrot that gets dangled in front of you, you dip out.
Ah, is that what you're gonna do now? Just act like we're starting a life when what we're really doing is just is picking back up your old one.
That's not true.
I told you that my whole family needed me.
That's why I agreed to stay, but I-I never said I'd give up my career because you did.
Bye, babe.
Be safe.
(MUSIC RESUMES) - Hey! Baby boy? -WOMAN: Excuse me! You can't just walk in there.
- Man, get your hands off of me.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What kind of game are you playing, man? Oh.
You're upset about the place that you were considering leasing? The place you stole from under me.
Well, I got some advice for you: maybe you should tell Hakeem to stop blabbing your business in the street.
You know, why are you so interested in my family, anyway? (CHUCKLES): No, Lucious.
You mistake me.
It's not personal.
I was in a calculus final my freshman year at Stanford.
The kid next to me, he breaks his pencil and asks me if he can borrow one.
I refused.
If he finishes the test, he raises the curve for all of us.
So you think this is just business, huh? Look, Empire is growing.
I need more space to record.
Maybe Jamal can record the album he owes me there.
Look here.
Stronger, hungrier, more capable men have come for me.
Every one of them has failed.
Preventing you from starting a rival venture it's not a vendetta, Lucious.
It's a business strategy.
See, you got me mistaken.
Where I come from, we don't play black eyes and bloody noses, or schoolyard tits for tats.
It's life or death.
A strategy like yours can make a man meet his maker.
(LAUGHS) - I'll see you soon.
- (LAUGHS): Yeah.
Touch me again.
Where are we gonna have this launch event? Could you sit down before you give yourself - another heart attack? - I don't think you get it.
I have an event tomorrow with nowhere to host it.
Hey, what about using your secret little condo? Shut your dumb ass up! Well, can we? Y'all about to give me whiplash.
First of all, it is not zoned for commercial use.
So what? So now we care about some rules? And I have gotten three offers since you told me to list it.
- One of them, all cash.
- Get that cash offer.
- Done.
- Yes.
(CLEARS THROAT) - Lucious.
- Hey.
You didn't kill Jeff Kingsley, did you? Not yet, but he's definitely on my list.
What's this gathering of the witches of Eastwick for? - CANDACE: Oh, please.
- Shut your bum-leg ass up.
We are trying to figure out where to have this party, since we've been kicked to the curb.
You got any bright ideas, nubby? - (LAUGHS) - To hell with the dumb stuff.
Why don't we just build it right here? In the house? I mean, this whole company is about family, and we got the boys back.
I talked to Thirsty.
I even talked to Becky, and Becky's talking about coming back home.
Let's build it right here at home.
Come on, bro, that's your best idea? Breathe? - I can barely get one breath in.
- Okay.
It's because your lyrics don't allow you to.
You know what I'm saying? So why not add a breath? Add shorter lyrics, more staccato.
You want me to break my verse? I can't break my verse like that.
Okay, look, everything that you wrote is beautiful.
I love it, but you need to sit that down for a second.
'Cause all that does is trigger PTSD.
And, look, you know that I know what I'm talking about.
You got to change the tone, up here and here.
You feel me? Look.
This right here is my track.
My track, okay? (MUSIC PLAYING) I mean, I don't really know what it's missing, but it's missing something, and it might just be missing you.
You know? Look.
I'm no dark poet like you, but (CHUCKLES) Come in after the hook, 'cause, like (VOCALIZES) Feel like I'm talking foreign (VOCALIZING) Uh, really? I feel the same way - Oh, oh - Tryin' to talk to you - You do the same thing - Yeah You be twisting up my words like a Backwood Then you try to play the victim like I knew you would.
- Mal, this might work.
- (MUSIC STOPS) Uh, I don't see no cough, son.
Like, what-what? (BOTH LAUGH) - Whoa, whoa, whoa - Get out the way - Get out the way, get out the way, yeah - Yeah Get out the way, get the up - Out my way, yeah - Yeah You either with me or against me, though You either with me or - Wait - Win - Win, win, win, win - Win.
It ain't Carol's garage, but I guess it'll have to do.
(CHUCKLES) Have to do.
I love you.
THIRSTY: So, just so you know.
And the woman by the shrimp cocktails, that's Mabel Watkins, the Slip-and-Fall Queen.
5 million judgment against the city.
Never met a sidewalk she didn't sue.
The shrimp cocktail queen, too.
She been over there since she got here.
- Stop it.
- (LAUGHS) Let her eat.
She need to leave some for the guests.
We broke.
The dude with the neck brace, that's, uh, Kenny Simon.
He has a little workman's comp situation, S&M.
- S&M? - Worth about 1.
4 million.
Now, I told them they can invest in your company, they came running.
Uh, tell them to walk, 'cause we don't have insurance.
- Hi.
- Mm.
- Hey.
Hey, Becky.
- Hi.
- Hey, you.
- Thank you for making it.
Well, I didn't think I had a choice; you called me 110 times.
(LUCIOUS LAUGHS) Well, okay.
(MUSIC FADES OUT) Well, first and foremost, I would like to welcome everyone to the Lyon Family Management first event.
I couldn't imagine being at a happier place than I am right here at home, because this is where it all began.
- Then - Wait.
This is it? This is the whole company? I didn't come here to invest in no living room.
Excuse me, Weezy Jefferson.
You've been, uh, aggressive with my shrimp cocktail, a little too much to waltz your ass up out of here.
So I'm gonna need you to sit your ass down and let this man finish.
And then go easy on the shrimp, 'cause other people here want to eat.
- MABEL: Mm-hmm.
- Thank you, Cookie.
Uh, Mrs.
Watkins, I'm sure you can understand the passion that my wife has.
Our entire business started in a living room just like this.
Went on to take over the streets, and next thing you know, we took over the entire world.
COOKIE: That's right.
Now, a very wise woman once said that the greatest asset that Empire had all had the last name Lyon.
I want to demonstrate that.
Actually, little brother is gonna lead this one.
Nah, man, no.
JAMAL: It's fine.
He's ready.
You got it.
You can do it.
You can do it.
- (MOUTHING) - He's fine.
You can do it, baby.
- Go ahead.
- Hey, look.
It's just like we practiced.
You got this.
- My lung, bro.
- You got it.
- Is he ready? - Uh JAMAL: Prince Hakeem.
(CHUCKLES) Come on, man.
Kill it.
- Yeah - (MUSIC BEGINS) - First things first - Okay - I think you be really acting immature - Say what? I think you be blowing this out of proportion That's you I think you be making worse things worse I feel like I'm talking foreign - Telling you something important - What you tell 'em, bro? But you take my words and ignore 'em, no - Really? I feel the same way - Oh Tryin' to talk to you, you do the same thing No, I don't You be twisting up my words like a Backwood Then you try to play the victim like I knew you would - I'm a mess - I'm a mess? - You a mess - You a mess And we both gotta give this here a rest Yeah All we do is point the blame, right? Point the blame, right? We're both yelling at the same time You don't hear me, you don't hear me, you don't hear me - You don't hear me like I want you to - Nah Be quiet, we both yelling at the same time - I'm a mess - I'm a mess? - You a mess - You a mess And we both gotta give this here a rest Yeah - All we do is point the blame, right? - Point the blame, right? We both yelling at the same time You don't hear me, you don't hear me, you don't hear me - You don't hear me like I want you to - Nah Be quiet, we both yelling at the same time.
- (MUSIC ENDS) - (CHEERING) - Yes! How you like that, Weezy? - I'm loving it! Have all the shrimp you want.
I told you.
- Did we do that? - We did that.
- We did that.
Give it to me.
- (LAUGHING) We did that.
But it's not what those venture capitalists would've given us.
- But it's okay, we'll take it.
- You know what? The hell with them white boys, man.
Them the same fools that undervalued me in the beginning.
Said I wouldn't sell one album.
I sold 100 million albums.
They said that a man like me couldn't run a company.
Man, I ran my company straight to Wall Street.
Man, I built Empire.
And I'm gonna do it again, 'cause that's what I do.
(CHUCKLES): That's what I do, baby.
- We do.
- Well, you know what I meant.
(CHUCKLES) We did it.
- We did it.
- Becky.
Thanks for coming, Mama.
- Yeah.
- You look amazing.
We did it, baby.
Okay, so I can't even be snarky.
That was really amazing.
I'm really excited for you.
Thank you.
Now, when you quitting? - Quit? - Yeah.
I need you here.
You expect me to give up my job? Kingsley's about to promote me.
I'm not gonna quit.
Kingsley's my enemy.
How you gonna be loyal to me working with Kingsley? Loyalty is what, choosing you over my career? Are you serious? You wouldn't even have a career if it wasn't for me, Becky.
Because you gave me one job, just one job, an assistant job, and then you repeatedly looked me over after that.
Any promotion I got had nothing to do with you.
Am I supposed to have undying loyalty for you? That's what loyalty is! It's-it's unconditional! Undivided.
It's ride or die, Becky.
If you don't know that, what the hell are you doing in my house? Honestly.
Get the hell out my house.
I don't need you.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Are you okay? Is something wrong, Cook? Mm-mm.
- CANDACE: You feeling all right? - Yes.
We need to take your blood pressure.
It's not like that.
Uh, Candace, did the sale to the condo go through yet? I haven't formally accepted.
Why? Uh Well, I just, um, I-I don't think it's a good time now, you know? I can put a pause in it.
You want me to take it off the market? Yeah.
Why? Why are you doing this? Why are you changing your mind about needing a safety net? What happened? Did Lucious do something? No.
Oh, come on.
You know it's ride or die with us.
It's just, you know, I've been thinking, and it's what Candace always says about real estate is that it always appreciates, so I just think it's silly to sell it right now with all that's going on.
So You know, you never know what could happen.
might go out again.
Why are y'all looking like that? - You don't hear me - You don't hear me You don't hear me like I want you to - Nah - Be quiet - We both yelling at the same time.
- (MUSIC STOPS) I have fulfilled my contractual obligation.
You've outdone yourself on this one.
Oh, this'll be the lead single.
There's nine more just like it.
Should we talk release dates? Yeah, but before we do that, you might want to call up your accounting department.
You're gonna have to cut a lot of checks to my family.
Every song on the album, including the one that you just heard, samples a Lyon on it, so you'll have to cut royalty checks for every sale, every performance, every use, forever.
- Samples can be stripped out.
- Mm-mm.
Not mine.
Check my contract.
I have full creative control over my music.
So go ahead, release the album.
Lyons gonna count our coins.
- (INTERCOM BEEPS) - LINDA: Yes, sir? Linda, I need you to arrange a visit for me.
- Sure.
- To a correctional facility.
Hey, Andre.
You all right? (DOOR OPENS) Hey.
You have to stay strong, baby.
We're gonna get you out of here.
You understand? Yes, Mom.
Yo, Quincy.
- For the eye.
- We're fine.
- Thank you.
- Well, I'm not trying to cause no trouble, you know, I just want to help him.
Thank you.
I'm talking to my son now.
Thank you.
Don't you take a damn thing from those people.
LUCIOUS: How you doing, son? I'm holding up, Pop.
How are you? - You good? - I'm good, but you know you gonna have to give me something more than "I'm holding up, Pop.
" You know, your mama wants a complete dossier.
Tell Ma don't worry, you know, I'm doing my time in peace.
Yeah, it's hard, though, man.
We I just I feel responsible 'cause I told you to protect the family, - and it got you up in here.
- Pop, Pop, Pop.
I don't blame you for speaking truth, Pop.
And, if anything, you know, this place is good for me.
Come again? - Explain that.
- Well, you sent me to Wharton to learn how the business world operates.
And now I'm here learning how the street operates.
With that combination, I'll be unstoppable, Pop.
See, I've learned to allow people to underestimate me, think they got me boxed in.
And that's the moment I strike.
No warning, no threats.
Pure annihilation.
It's time.
Get it done.
Find someplace else to look, boy.
Who knows? Maybe you'll like it.
(MEN GRUNTING) Hold him up! Get him up, get him up.
): We got an inmate down, D-Block rec room.
Repeat, inmate down.
MATTHEW (IN DISTANCE): Hey, what's going on out there? (ALARM BLARING IN DISTANCE) You want a souvenir? (ANDRE CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Give it to one of his apostles.
Aw, you ain't no good.
MATTHEW (IN DISTANCE): No! What have you done?! (MATTHEW CONTINUES SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) (PHONE VIBRATES) (LAPTOP RINGING) Hey, Jamal, I have, uh, a couple of my friends here with me, and they want to give you a little performance.
Y'all ready? Yeah, warm 'em up, warm 'em up.
You know it.
There you go.
All right.
One, two, three, go.
ALL: You're so beautiful Shake it, shake it and I don't care who knows Move it, move it, go up, down, up, down, up, down Go up, down, up, down, up, uh-huh Go up, down, up, down Up, down, go up, down, up, down, up, down Go up, down, up, down, up, down Go up, down, up, down, up, down, shake it fast.
- (CHUCKLES) - KAI: Kids, say hi to Jamal Lyon.
KIDS: Hi! Hi, everybody.
I love you.
So you just gonna take all those beautiful children, try to get back on my good side? - (BOY CHATTERS) - (CHUCKLES) - Well, did it work? - Course it did.
One more week, and I will be back by your side.
Yeah, I'm-a hold you to that.
KAI: One more time, guys.
One, two, three, four.
ALL: You're so beautiful - (BOY SHOUTS HAPPILY) - Shake it, shake it - I don't care who knows.
- (LAUGHS) BLAKE: My life flashes Ahead is my desertion His trigger finger makes me contemplate if I deserve it I'd be damned if my family Would take the hit, so be a man and step in front Of this angry man without a Wow.
- What's that? - Hi.
Uh, nothing.
It's nothing.
Nothing? Doesn't sound like nothing.
- (CHUCKLES) - Go play, baby.
Stay close so I can see you.
I really appreciate you watching Prince.
What are you working on? - Was it about the shooting? - Yeah.
- I could stop if it bothers you.
- No, no, come on.
Come on.
What you wrote, that's how it felt.
I still relive it every day, you know.
Me, too.
If Hakeem could just put out his emotions on the page like you did, maybe he wouldn't be so I should go.
Come over for dinner.
What, you cooking? - I have some prepared meals.
- Oh.
- I can't cook to save my life.
- Oh, you know, - I could chef it up a little bit.
- Oh, really? Okay.
Just don't let your mouth write checks you can't cash.
Come on, none of that.
I'm a good cook, for real.
We'll see.
Come on, baby.
(CHUCKLES) - You ready? 'Sup, little man? - Ready? - Let's go get some dinner.
- Hey, Bella.
'Sup, Bella? All right, I'm following you.
- All right.
- You got groceries, right? Wait here.
I'll get the inmate.
Much appreciated.
You made it out in one piece, Lyon.
More than we can say for Gusto.
I'm guessing that the warden doesn't like that his number one suspect has a rock solid alibi.
I've got some packing to do.
I'm going home.
Not yet.
You got a visitor.
Oh, you're Quincy's mom.
Um, I think they made a mistake.
No, I I'm here to see you, Andre.
I'm Teri.
It kills me not to be able to protect my son in there.
I pray for him every day.
And now, thank God, that bastard can't hurt him anymore.
Yeah, I heard that.
He said you had your guys handle this.
Why'd you do that? I didn't say I did.
I want to say thank you.
You're a good, good man.
I don't know about that.
I do.
I really appreciate your agreeing to meet with me.
I've denied most requests.
Mostly they've been from tabloid reporters who want to paint me as some modern day Marquise de Merteuil.
Les Liaisons dangereuses.
You are so much more formidable than that.
(BOTH LAUGH) It's been a long time since a young handsome man has tried to flatter me.
You must want something.
You know the expression, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"? Few people know that that is actually an ancient Sanskrit proverb.
From fourth century BCE.
Let's just say I think we're going to be very good friends.