Empire (2015) s05e08 Episode Script

Master of What Is Mine Own

1 Previously on Empire I'm Damon Cross.
I'm a game changer.
Your boy sold the Derrick Adams.
- Get me that damn painting.
- TIANA: Walking around with that gun on your hip is not gonna bring back what we lost.
You're a tech guy, so why Empire? I'm going to erase him from the face of the earth.
How's that for talent, Dad? He doesn't love you, Maya.
That's not love.
Cookie, you have your own family to fix.
I got a loft in SoHo.
You promised that you would never tell or sell.
CANDACE: You called the police on my son.
I never want to see you again.
Lucious, I just got a call that he's in surgery.
What happened? Is that blood? Lucious, what did you do? What did you do? COOKIE (SIGHS): Come on, Candace.
Stop being like this.
We need to talk this through.
Can you call me back, please? You need to stop being like this.
You know how your sister is, baby.
It's been two weeks, Lucious.
I need to know how she's doing, how's Franklin doing.
(GROANS) She's gonna talk when she's good and ready, baby.
Maybe I shouldn't have called the cops.
Come on, now.
Baby, you have been through this a dozen times.
Stop beating yourself up over this.
You did the right thing.
Besides, not like she's the only one that's been through the fire, you know? We done been Oh, man.
We forgot Jamal.
- This morning.
- Aah.
What time is it? (SIGHS) You feel like a vacation You feel like a vacation - 'Cause loving you is easy - (SIGHS) Like a summer day Fun without the games You're good for me, oh, baby Loving you is easy We do it every night It's like paradise Just you and I, oh, baby.
Thank you.
Jamal, the new song is fire.
Thank you, man.
I saw you jamming.
- Y'all know y'all saw that.
- No, I-I was in it.
Um, it seems like you're in a really good place.
Oh, definitely.
Amazing place.
Um - Yeah.
The Lyons are back.
- Mm.
- You know? And, uh, with my family - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
my mom and dad starting the new Lyon Family Management, and we're about to do this crazy showcase.
- Oh, you'll be performing? - Of cour of course, man.
- Come on.
Me and - Okay.
All right, okay.
my brother, Hakeem, you know, we'll be releasing new music.
And then, also, on top of that, the brand-new artists who are just amazing, at Lyon Family Management.
So, yes, LFM is ready for a second time around to crush the music industry.
- All right, we cannot wait.
- (COOKIE SIGHS) KEVIN: By the way, you seem like you're really happy.
What's up? - I'm so happy.
I'm so happy, man.
- What's up? I'm so happy.
I'm happy to be home.
I'm happy to, you know I'm in love, I'm, uh, I'm-I'm engaged.
I'm very happy.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Congratulations.
You heard it here first.
Jamal Lyon engaged.
Who's the lucky guy? Uh, his name is Kai Givens.
- Kai.
I know Kai.
- You do.
Kai Givens is a great TV journalist.
- Please give him my best regards.
- Absolutely.
Uh, babe? Uh (CHUCKLES) Best regards.
He's right there.
Hey, babe.
Oh, Kai.
Trevor, let's get this shot.
Hey, Kai.
How long have you and Jamal been an item? How did you meet? Don't that make you feel better? (LAUGHING): Uh, yes! Jamal's got the public all primed for the showcase.
I'm going to work.
Oh, will you do me a favor and get me something out of the top drawer? I left it in there.
- What? - I got you something.
Um, Lucious, we are still busted.
Open the box.
What is this? (LUCIOUS SIGHS) (CHUCKLING): What is this? This is your favorite jewelry store, and it's a picture of all the things you want, and I'm-a buy everything in that window - because you're my everything.
- (CHUCKLING) And I'm all in, baby.
- You're so sweet.
I'm telling you, if you peek, I'm gonna come back - in your next life - Don't you run me into a wall.
- No.
Turn, turn, turn! - No! Stop! (BOTH LAUGHING) - Five more steps.
- Ooh, my earring fell.
One, two, three, four, five.
- Here.
- Okay, can I open my eyes? - Okay! Yeah, wait.
On three.
One, two - Three! - Three.
- (COOKIE GASPS LOUDLY) - God, is that a Derrick Adams? - (CHUCKLING) Oh, Lucious, it's amazing! But we can't afford this.
This portrait is my bet on us.
It's you and me forever, kid.
(CHUCKLING) You are so sweet.
- You just let that stuff go, okay? - Mmm.
- Okay.
- You did the right thing.
Thanks for gathering on short notice, everyone.
I wanted you to hear this from me before it hits the press.
Effective immediately, Empire is pulling Lucious Lyon's music from all streaming platforms, store shelves and ancillary markets.
That includes film, television and commercials.
I'm sorry.
I thought that you and Lucious had kissed and made up.
You of all people should know that this is just business.
Just business?! I'm sorry.
What is the goal here? Years ago, Disney Animation proved, very convincingly, that temporary scarcity leads to increased demand and inevitably, to windfall profits.
True, but they warned their fans first before they vaulted, so people ran out and bought a bunch of product.
I did.
You have kids, right, Lavar? A little boy and a girl, eight and ten.
I bet they love Disney, don't they? (CHUCKLING): Absolute fanatics.
As a matter of fact, I'm taking 'em over spring break.
- Oh, that's fantastic.
- Oh.
I bet that's a rather expensive trip when you're on unemployment.
- You're fired.
- I'm sorry, what? What did I do? You spoke when you should have been listening.
Meeting adjourned.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Stop it, no, you can't stop it, you know I'm poppin' Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh Option, no other option, I got to pop this All this time I thought falling was breaking But I was mistaken I did that out of the ashes, a star in the making I'm thriving steady, surviving while y'all just getting by No need to fake it to make it, 'cause the money never lie Never lie, all these blessings let me testify All these doors that open, I prefer them to suicide It's a celebration, come and join the conversation Yeah, you know the reputation, so, baby Don't ever play yourself I, I, I put it on the line Every dollar, every dime, why not I, I, I made it through the fire - Yo, hold up, hold up, hold up.
- Came out on the other s - I'm still not feeling it, man.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What aren't you feeling, Carlito? How you got these two pulling anchor on this joint.
My songs are blowing up on SoundCloud right now.
It is what it is, bro.
(SCOFFS) Why am I even doing this stupid showcase? My talent speaks for itself.
And we're paying for this, anyways, right? Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Is that true? We're paying for this out of our pocket? Yo, read your damn contract.
It's under what's called "an advance.
" Aah! I don't believe this nonsense I'm hearing right now! Y'all are like the Misfit Toys up in here.
We won you in the poker game.
And we rescued old Fred Sanford and Son right here from the damn junkyard! LUCIOUS: Uh, baby, baby, look.
Look, y'all.
Why don't we all take five minutes and get on the same page, all right? Oh, no, we ain't going nowhere.
Ain't nobody going nowhere! And, yes, this would be considered an advance.
But me and Lucious are paying for this out of our pockets, okay? What you need to be concerned with is making this song and the showcase hot! Then you'll get your little stacks, okay? And you best believe I'm taking my cut, 'cause I did this.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Are we clear?! Get your ass back on that mic and sing, come on.
Now-now we good, now? Yeah, we good.
Okay, big daddy, take it from the top! COOKIE: And leave them damn egos outside.
We don't have room for them in here, okay? DEVON: Look, man, let's-let's just do this.
- Let's just get this over with.
- COOKIE: Yeah.
One, two.
One, two, three.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Stop it, no, you can't stop it, you know I'm poppin' Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh Option, no other option, I got to pop this All this time I thought falling was breaking Where are we with the venue, Thirsty? Oh, it's Gucci, baby.
The owner got a little side-piece, didn't want wifey to know, so I got it on cost.
(LAUGHS) My man.
Excuse me.
Miss Williams is here.
Oh, Lord.
Becky, what? Kingsley done sent you on a spy mission, huh? 007? - (CHUCKLING) - No.
Um, no one knows about this yet, and I didn't want you to be blindsided, but Kingsley is vaulting your entire catalog.
He's what? - What does that mean? - (COOKIE SIGHS) Um, every single Lucious Lyon song ever written and recorded is now on lockdown.
That's gonna slow your residuals down to a trickle, Pop.
(SIGHS) Yeah, I'm sorry.
I would've called, but you blocked me, so, I'm gonna go.
Thanks, Becky.
Appreciate it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Just blew in with the bad news, huh? Those residuals was the only thing holding everything together.
I know.
I-I know.
That's his ass.
- No, Lucious.
- No, that's his ass! - Hey, hey.
- Lucious, listen.
Kingsley knows that LFM is about to do something major, so he's trying to throw you off your game.
Don't let him do it.
Hakeem, I know you hear me talking to you.
This beef with Blake is getting out of control.
Babe, you've seen me end it on Instagram already.
I'm getting death threats, and that's bad enough.
But today, they k They're threatening the kids, and that's off-limits.
Blake fans are crazy.
Ain't nobody gonna touch you or the kids, I guarantee you that.
Just talk to Blake.
I'm scared for the kids.
Clean this place up.
It's a damn mess.
Grandma, look.
It's Daddy and Tata singing on TV.
Okay, let me see, baby.
Let me see.
Ooh, it sure is.
Look at that.
- I'm so proud of - Ms.
Cookie, you have a guest.
Uh, you know what, sweetheart? Why don't you go with Ms.
Juanita and finish working on this masterpiece so Grandma can put it on her refrigerator, okay? I'm so proud of you.
Come on here, Little Miss Picasso.
- Give Granny a big hug.
Hmm? - (KISSES) - Bye, sweetie.
- Come go with me, so that you can finish coloring.
(COOKIE HUMMING A TUNE) Evan and I broke up.
(CHUCKLES): You were right.
I mean, he is a complete dick.
Cookie, I was wondering if I could stay here.
Oh, don't your momma and daddy got a roof and four walls you could stay under? We're not exactly getting along right now.
Yeah, probably 'cause of your nasty-ass attitude.
(CHUCKLES): I don't blame them.
I didn't mean those things that I said to you.
I was just, like, upset.
Please you're, like, my only hope.
You need to call your parents and let them know where you are.
And this is temporary, so wipe that smirk off your face.
Come next month, you won't be in my kitchen begging for snacks with your little ashy ass.
I would like you to know I am thoroughly moisturized.
Come on, Cookie, you can't actually Uh-uh-uh-uh! If you're living under my roof, you're gonna have to get a job, you understand? Okay.
Yes, ma'am.
For your hungry ass.
Thank you, Cookie.
COOKIE: Mm-hmm.
You come to my house, you sit with my family, at my table Was that to try and lull me to sleep or something? No, no, no.
I I really had quite a day with the Lucious Lyon clan.
I-I did.
Still brings a smile to my face when I think about it, actually.
If you're angry about the vaulting, you know as well as I do, Lucious, it's just business.
It was bad business.
I mean, why do it at the beginning of your quarter when you know that your revenue is gonna take a hit? Come on, dude, that's just long-term strategy.
LUCIOUS: No, that's not strategy.
Strategy is negotiating with me.
You know, lock up some of my music, like Prince did back in the day with YouTube, and therefore we both make out on top.
That's assuming that I want your little venture to succeed.
Why wouldn't you? I mean, LFM is not a label.
It's not in competition here.
I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, Lucious.
I'm gonna start a new management division here at Empire.
Then I would say that you're acting like somebody that don't care about their life much longer.
Is that a threat? Why do you keep firing people at your staff meetings? What are you afraid of? I wonder what Steve Jobs would think about your bitch-ass moves.
You want to know the real reason that I vaulted your music, Lucious? It's because I'm going to wipe you from the consciousness of an entire generation.
I'm gonna make you extinct.
That sounds personal, Jeff.
That doesn't sound like strategy.
So, Kingsley finally showed his ass.
- This is personal.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, are you listening? - Okay.
I'll see you and Quincy tonight.
All right.
Putting your girl in front of business, huh? - Well, this is important, too, Pop.
- Well, she can't be that important we ain't met her yet.
- This one real? - (CHUCKLES) Stop.
We have to find out what's Kingsley gonna do about the lost revenue from my music.
Yeah, I don't know.
Maybe he's replacing it somehow.
I don't understand.
I know how much money your music made for Empire, Pop it's gonna cost them millions.
Okay? There has to be a supplemental revenue stream to replace what they've lost.
Yeah, well, we need to find out where that money's coming from.
This sucker's up to something, and I don't want to be blindsided again.
- We got you, Pop.
- Oh.
And look, your mama's she got a lot on her plate right now, so let's kind of keep this quiet.
Hey, mum's the word.
Welcome back.
What is it, Casual Friday? Wear a suit.
THIRSTY: It'll get done, boss man, it'll get done.
(DOOR CLOSES) Lucious.
Don't lie to me.
Did you go see Kingsley? Let's just say I went on a fact-finding mission.
Baby, that music's our legacy.
That music is our past, Lucious.
We are working on our future, and I can't do it alone.
I'm right here with you, baby.
Look, I'm just trying to make sure that LFM grows up and gets big and strong, so that nobody can ever hold power over us again.
That's all.
We're in this forever, you and me.
Can you believe that? That's the third case that we've lost to him! I'm telling you, Eddie has paid that judge off.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Maybe we just take the "L," - and start something else new.
- I don't know about you, but I'm-I'm not quitting.
Maybe if you (LUCIOUS SIGHS) Go ahead and say it, Lucious.
You blame me for losing Empire.
Say it.
No, don't try and put no words in my mouth.
Where are you going? Oh, I'm getting the hell out of here before I say something that can't get unsaid.
(PLAYING "IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD") I know what you're thinking.
Really? That's your pickup line? (CHUCKLES) You're thinking dude on the drums can't keep time to save his life, but homie on the sax might have potential.
Tell you what, if I'm right, you buy me a drink.
Another whiskey, neat, and whatever this gentleman's having.
Ah Two.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I saw you watching the band.
You looked very intent.
And so are you.
I'm married.
Well I hope he knows how lucky he is.
- WAITER: Sir? - Yeah, he thanks God every day.
You can't take no for an answer? (CHUCKLES): I got a deal that's supposed to be a lay-up that's suddenly cratering.
- I got to get uptown.
- (CHUCKLES) - Whoa.
- Damn.
- What is that? - It seems like we stopped.
What is this? (GRUNTS) - (TAKES DEEP BREATH) - Uh, are you okay? Truthfully, I get a little claustrophobic, but I'm - Are you all right? - Nah, I'm cool.
I spent a lot of time in confined spaces But, uh, let me help you.
- (TAKING DEEP BREATHS) - Okay? Just, uh, take a deep breath.
Yeah, take your jacket off.
(LAUGHS) That'll give you some air.
Yeah, just deep breath, deep breath, yeah, and out.
What's this? (PANTING): That's something special for the most important person in my life.
- Can I see it? - Yeah.
That's beautiful.
- She's lucky.
- Yeah, this is for my daughter.
She's she's five years cancer-free this week.
- It's her birthstone, and, uh - Mm-hmm.
this is in memory of my wife, you know, to let her know her mother will always be with her.
- Here you go.
- Ah, thank you.
- For distracting me.
- (LAUGHS) No, thank you for distracting me.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) Got into an argument with my husband earlier.
He could be a frustrating son of a bitch.
Oh, really? Is he? But he's also the love of my life.
- Ah-ha! We made it! - (LAUGHS) Yes! - Good luck uptown.
- Thank you.
Um, excuse me, you you could at least tell me what your name is.
Cookie Lyon.
(PIANO PLAYING GENTLE MELODY) (STOPS PLAYING) You okay, babe? Suddenly you're paying attention to my feelings? Whoa.
Where'd that come from? I spent ten years making sure that I was thought of as a serious journalist.
Then you put our business on national television (SIGHS) and everything turns upside down in a morning.
I see.
I'm sorry.
I I mean, Kai, what do you, what do you want from me? I'm I'm in love.
I'm excited.
Kind of how you're supposed to be.
(EXHALES) I am excited.
Okay, but? I lost two sources today.
And my assignment editor was joking that since I'm marrying a pop star, I should move to the entertainment desk.
Okay, screw him.
You up in here talking about "pop star" like it's a damn drug dealer - or something.
- You know I didn't mean it like that.
I love you.
I-I just didn't think that I'd go from telling the story to being the story.
(YAWNS) (COOKIE SNIFFS, MUMBLES) - Baby, it's freezing in here.
- I know.
I'm trying to stay awake, Lucious, okay? I'm trying to work something out.
- Are you all right? - No, I am not.
I-I'm trying, but it's not working, okay? (LAUGHS): This this showcase is way over budget.
Oh, I'm one step ahead of you on that.
Look, honey.
What's that? If we're gonna do this thing, we can't half-ass it.
I want to mortgage the house to cover the overages.
You sure you want to do this, Lucious? If we don't bet on ourselves, who else will? (SIGHS) No.
Okay, you need to move the drums from the outro to the hook.
That's got a, uh Actually, can you give me the room? - All right.
- Thank you.
(QUIETLY): Girl, what was that? Kingsley is completely out of control.
Lavar did not deserve that.
(QUIETLY): That was a message to the room, okay? One slip, and any one of us could be Lavar.
But none of this makes sense.
The vaulting doesn't make any sense.
You need to call your boy.
- You need to call Kelly Patel.
- Shh.
Get your boy on the phone.
And say what? That his handpicked CEO is a little quirky? Girl, those are tech dudes.
Quirky is their default setting, please.
And I don't care nothing about no quirky, okay? What I know is I did not turn my back on Lucious and Cookie just to watch - everything I built - Hey.
- I built this bitch - Hey, hey, hey.
To go down in the drain, no.
Promise me that you will sit tight.
Oh, so now we're not making moves all of a sudden.
Are we not making moves now? Do you know something I don't know? - You holding out on me? - Psst.
When the time is right, I will handle Kingsley.
"I'll handle Kingsley," huh? Hey.
Uh-uh, I'm watching you.
(SCOFFS) Oh, hell no.
Look we need to talk, okay? Nothing to discuss.
Uh, yeah, it is.
Is-Is Franklin okay? Is he home yet? There's no telling when or if he's coming home.
He's in an institution.
I am so sorry, Candace.
Okay? This is not how I wanted it to turn out.
Everything was happening so fast.
I was Te I was terrified.
It was just one of his episodes.
Th-They, they blow over.
Candace, please stop.
He was not himself; he could've killed you.
Have you ever called the police on Andre? (EXHALES) No, because it's different.
H-He's never done that.
You're right, it's different.
(SCOFFS) What was I thinking, what? Comparing my sweet boy to that murderous, crazy convict? (EXHALES) Okay, Candace, you're my sister, and I see you're hurting, so let me help you.
Well, do you know what I see? I see Franklin strapped to a hospital bed.
My handsome, brilliant son pumped so full of medication that he's just drooling all over the sheets.
He doesn't even recognize me.
My own son.
Candace, I'm so sorry.
Now you know what that phone call did.
What you did.
What's this? Errands, because that's what assistants do.
I don't have a car.
(CHUCKLING) Yeah, but the bus runs until 2:00 a.
And with some luck, you'll make it back by then.
I told you, no handouts, no free rides.
Hey, baby, don't give me no side-eye.
You want to be homeless? Huh? (CAROL LAUGHING) Up in here, eating all my damn food.
- Damn.
- Greedy ass.
So, um, I heard you saw Candace.
She's not ready to talk.
I don't think she ever will.
Just give her a minute, Cook.
What you got? - I need to stay busy.
- All right.
The designer just dropped this off.
Look at you, you are going all out on this showcase, Cook.
Mm-hmm, you gotta spend money to make it, baby.
(CHUCKLING) Yeah, well, this ice sculpture is bigger than my apartment.
How are you paying for all this? Lucious mortgaged the house.
And you're feeling guilty about that, too? Yes, I'm feeling guilty.
I mean Shouldn't I just tell Lucious about the condo? I-I could sell it in a weekend.
Cookie, if you really wanted to sell it, you had plenty of chances, and we both know you're holding onto that place for a reason.
Look, I know I've gone all in with Lucious before, but Hmm? And where'd that get you? Flat broke.
Bars for a view.
This time is different, Carol.
Okay? Lucious and I, we're building LFM together.
Okay? We-We're making decisions together; it's just different, and I haven't felt this way about him in a long time.
All right, Cookie.
- Maybe it's different this time.
- It is.
But you have gone too far down this road to tell him right now, so why don't you just stay focused on the showcase? When that money starts rolling in, then you can tell him.
But I gotta tell you, if it was me, knowing the dirt that brother did? I wouldn't say a word, and I'd sleep like a baby.
Yo! Oh, so you got a little posse now, huh? Tell them to vamoose.
It's okay.
Give us a minute.
So your fans been threatening my family, my girl, my kids.
(SIGHS) I never told anyone to do anything wack like that.
HAKEEM: I didn't say you did.
But I wouldn't want to have to make you stop it.
Come on, 'Keem.
You know I love your kids like family.
Bella's even wondering where's her Uncle Blake at.
What should I tell her? - Hmm? - (BLAKE EXHALES) You want a drink? Why not? BLAKE: This all got crazy over a misunderstanding.
Let's start over.
- I accept your apology.
- What? I'm willing to squash this, but I'm not apologizing.
Who dropped the first diss track? Who tried to take my girl and my song? She didn't seem like your girl when I was cooking dinner for her and your kids.
What you just say? Do you think I'm scared of you, 'Keem? 'Cause I'm not.
(SCOFFS) You scared now? Put 'em down.
I got this.
You better fix this.
We good.
You better fix this.
Get the car.
BIG DUDE: Let's go.
What you got? JANICE: Tracy Ann Stanhope.
But she liked the sound of her mother's maiden name better.
You're looking at Tracy Kingsley.
GISELLE: Kingsley's mother.
Teenage white girl from the Main Line suburbs, takes the train into Philly on the weekends to feel free.
And eventually, to start copping the drugs - that rounded out the picture.
- Okay.
- And her dealer? - Mm-hmm.
A young man trying to make it in the music game, but still slinging to make ends meet.
Lucious Lyon.
(SCOFFS) Do the math.
So, he wasn't only her drug dealer, was he? Mm-mm.
Is she still alive? (SCOFFS) Spends most her time sedated, but Kingsley visits, often.
Visits? I thought I told you to not follow him.
I didn't have to.
I put a tracker on his car.
- Wow.
- (CAR DOOR CLOSES) Kingsley has complete control over Empire's finances.
ANDRE: We need to look at Empire's real balance sheet.
Yeah, how do we get inside? Everything is in Kingsley's computer.
Then we need to steal his computer.
No, I bet he's using military grade encryption.
Ah, then we need someone on the inside.
What about Giselle? Do you trust her? Do we have a choice? There may be one other option.
How do you expect for me to act like that? When you're doing the same things too (SIGHS) How do you want me - (BECKY SIGHS) - THIRSTY: Ms.
Why am I here, Thirsty? Sit down.
- Come on.
(CHUCKLING) - (SIGHS) - You look good.
- Thank you.
I stopped eating carbs.
I see.
(CHUCKLING) Why am I here? We need your help, Becky.
It's Kingsley.
(SCOFFS) You know "we" means Lucious and Cookie, right? A distinction without a difference.
No, no, no.
There are five of them, okay? And there will always be.
Lucious and Cookie love the word "family," but you gotta know that doesn't apply to you and me.
And I've worked way too hard at Empire to jeopardize it for your little family.
So, no.
Look, look, I respect that.
But you riddle me this.
So, you're Head A&R at Empire, right? Everything that you wanted and worked for your entire career.
But once Kingsley vaults their music, you run straight to Cookie and Lucious and tell them.
Why? Because Eh Yeah that's not an answer.
That wasn't even a complete sentence.
(SIGHS) What do you want me to do? This this is what we want.
We need you to get into Kingsley's office, slip that into his computer, then you're out of there, lickety-split.
(WHISPERING): Are you serious? Do you know what you're asking me to do? I'm sor Yes, I know what I'm asking you to do.
All right? That'll log Kingsley's password and transmit it straight to the mansion, so that Andre can get into Empire's financials.
Look, this is our shot, Grasshopper.
It's time to choose a side.
(DOOR OPENS IN DISTANCE) (MUMBLES) You looking for something? - (STAMPS FOOT) - Mm-hmm.
My year-end bonus.
It just poof - disappeared.
- You're mad about the vaulting.
Just so you know it's about more than just money.
It's about all the years I went undervalued here.
I actually had credits on those albums, Jeff.
I know exactly what it feels like not to get the recognition you deserve.
I appreciate you not going over to LFM.
I know Lucious made some overtures.
More than once.
Which is exactly why I'm here fighting for what's mine.
There you go.
- Damn it! - Whoops.
I think you dropped something.
(GIGGLING): Yeah, I I know.
I'm just so clumsy.
You know, Becky, Empire is expanding exponentially, and you're a big part of that.
I admit that some of my methods are unorthodox, but you did the smart thing by riding with me.
And your loyalty will not go unrewarded.
That's why I'm doubling your salary.
What? That's really generous of you.
It's well deserved.
Couple of extra zeroes every week should make the Lyons a distant memory, right? (SCOFFS) Who? (BOTH LAUGH) Well, you and I are allies, so as long as you have my back, I'm always gonna have yours.
I'm gonna get out of your hair.
See you in the morning.
All right.
LUCIOUS: That's what you got to do that.
THIRSTY: I'm telling you, Becky's gonna make it happen.
I think I found something.
- What do we got? - There's some hidden files here.
K-Kingsley's been busy.
- Yeah, but what is it? - You're not gonna believe this, Pop, but, um, Empire has a new revenue source: the United States government.
- THIRSTY: What? - He's been working with the Feds? - Wh-Where does it say that? - He's selling Empire's customer data it's right here.
That son of a bitch! So we go we go public.
Tell everybody what this giga-bitch is up to.
Can't do that.
It can't look like it's coming from us, 'cause it's gonna look like this is about personal gain.
You're right, Pop.
In order for this to work, the story has to come from a legit news source.
What? You got something? Basically, Kingsley has changed the terms of the service agreement for XStream users.
He's abusing that information.
So Empire is is data-mining? No, it's more insidious than that.
He's selling it to to law enforcement.
- Wait, what? - LUCIOUS: Empire users, most of which are minorities, are being tracked in real time.
Where'd you get this? I can't say that.
But the XStream app turns every phone - into a listening device.
- If this gets out to the public, you could benefit personally.
I know that.
That's not why I'm doing this.
That was my company.
Those people trusted me.
They trusted my family.
Dad, I-I completely understand that.
Um, I just think that Kai he doesn't need to get involved with this whole messiness.
No, no, Jamal.
I'm in.
Baby, you don't have to prove that you're some heavyweight just 'cause you're with me.
It's not about that.
Besides, your father is right.
This is a massive breach of public trust.
I mean, look, it's right here inside the documents, Mal.
I mean, you can see the money transfers, everything.
I'm gonna warn you, I'm gonna follow this story wherever it leads.
I wouldn't expect anything less.
Let's get to work.
Good evening.
- Hi.
- Mr.
What up? Oh, please, come in.
You know what's so funny? Your birth certificate doesn't list a father.
But wouldn't you know it? Your mother lived in Philly and hung out with Lucious Lyon right around the time you were born.
- Look, Giselle - Oh, don't worry, I'm not here to talk about all your past daddy issues, Jeff.
But I am here to talk about your present and my future.
Oh, she can't hear us.
I saw the plans on the kitchen table.
Do you think it's too much? No, I think you are handling this event like a boss.
- Hmm.
- Oh, the line of credit came through for the mortgage, so we're gonna be able to put on the showcase like Lyon Family Management is supposed to.
- (DOORBELL RINGS) - I know two years since we lost Empire, but we're so close to getting everything back.
I mean, just you and me - working together.
- I know.
Cookie, Mr.
Lucious, Ms.
Candace is here.
Hey, Candace.
Um how's Franklin? - A little better today.
- Good.
Why don't you stay for - dinner? - No, thank you.
I only have a minute, Lucious.
I'm glad you came, Candace.
Don't get ahead of yourself, Cookie.
You turned my family upside down.
I've come to return the favor.
"256 Mercer.
" - (COOKIE GASPS SOFTLY) - LUCIOUS: What's this? CANDACE: Cookie's little secret.
Wait a minute, your name is on the deed of trust.
You own this place? Look, Candace, I know you're upset, but this, this ain't right.
$4 million in equity and one foot out the door.
There's your ride-or-die, Lucious.
You let me go out there and risk everything and you had this the whole time? All you had to do was go over there and squash this beef with Blake.
But you just couldn't do that, could you? Why would you let that man in my house when I wasn't around? Hakeem, Blake was a friend, okay? I had two kids two! - while you were who-knows-where.
- Okay.
Tee, you let him touch up on you like that? This is sad.
Now you're just trippin'.
Nah, what's sad is that you needed somebody to be there for your little stupid ass, huh? You a bird, Tee.
- Juanita! Get Bella ready! - I don't know where - you're going with my son.
- Get out of my way.
Don't stand over my son like that.
Besides, Bella's not even yours.
You don't act like she's yours, either.
And you know I love that little girl like she's my own.
Blake was right about your ass.
You don't love me.
- Wha - We sat here with no AC, sweating our asses to death, almost down to our last dollar, and you could have bailed us out at any moment? Whatever happened to not keeping secrets? That is not true.
I do love you.
But don't sit here and try to rewrite history, Lucious.
You've done some things, okay? Things other women would never forgive.
- Then why did you marry me? - Because I do love you.
I always have, - even when I wanted to hate your ass! - That's a lie! If you did, you would've told me about this! I was scared! Can't you understand? This is about trust.
Trust? This is all I need to know about trust.
You want to know why I kept that condo? It's not because I couldn't trust you.
It's because I couldn't trust that I would protect myself from you.
Protect? (GRUNTS) Protect yourself from me? Okay.
Where are you going? All of this LFM, the showcase, everything we did for the last two years! Wait, Lucious! What are you doing!? It's for nothing! This painting is a fake! - What?! -I sold the real one, 'cause we needed the money! - Stop it, Lucious! Stop it! - Everything we did was a lie! All of our relationship has been a lie! TIANA: Put your hands on me again and see what happens.
- You ain't goin' nowhere with my kid! - Juanita! Juanita! - Give me my son back! - Shut up.
Hey, give me my son back! - What is going on? - Hey, Ma, mind your business.
- Hey, boy, this is my house! - (LUCIOUS SHOUTING) Hey, Tata, Tata, Tata, look what I found.
Oh, my God.
Bella, come here.
- LUCIOUS: Bella - (GASPS) - Bella, baby - LUCIOUS: Baby, put the gun down.
TIANA: Put it down.