Empire (2015) s05e10 Episode Script

My Fault Is Past

1 Previously on Empire I don't know what's worse the data mining or selling customer info to the government.
I had nothing to do with this.
This is entirely Lucious Lyon.
Cookie, I was wondering if I could stay here.
COOKIE: You can stay.
So you're asking me to choose between what's right and what's right for your family? I think I need time to think about our story.
I have something to tell you about Jeff Kingsley.
What if I told you I could have him out of Empire for good and get you back running the company you built, with me as co-partner? Lucious Lyon is my father.
- (CROWD MURMURING) - You better tell me this is not true.
So, what, you gonna leave Let's get it straight, girl You don't need a for nothing LUCIOUS: Baby baby.
We need this room, please.
Hello! We need this room! Get the hell out! Look, baby.
Baby, baby, I didn't know What? Where to find the rubbers back in the day? No, I didn't know he was Your son? Your own flesh and blood? Really? I mean, it's not like I took a paternity test or knew for certain or s But you knew.
How? Hmm? I went to see her.
(CHUCKLES) His mother, and I remembered her, baby, I re - We were young and - Screwing like rabbits.
No, we were I was How much more trouble is this man meat of yours - gonna cause me? - Baby, I was s 16 years old.
I was young and dumb and Don't you say it.
We have bigger problems than some damn paternity test, okay? If we let Jeff Kingsley run around telling people that you stole information from people's phones, he could destroy everything we've built.
- I know.
- Shut your ass up! We got to take him down.
And I don't care if he's your damn son.
I need to know you're with me, Lucious.
Of course I am.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) All right, boys.
It's time for us to have a grown-up talk.
COOKIE: Giselle told us she thinks that she can convince Kelly Patel to sell us part of Empire.
If we can pull enough together.
LUCIOUS: Patel is rather upset about his share prices tanking as a result of the bad press right now.
So he wants to reduce his risk by cutting his stake in Empire? That's an opportunity for us.
- Exact - Exactly.
That's why Giselle was able to convince him that whole data mining thing was about Kingsley and not about me.
Now, if I can prove my innocence, then Giselle is willing to go and be a third partner with me and your mother.
She inherited all those shares from Eddie.
Yeah, well, you know, a good gold digger always keeps a few coins in her bra.
Here we go again, just going back to something that just brings out the worst in us.
Oh, no, no, we're not going backwards.
We are taking what's ours and we're moving forward.
ANDRE: Empire is built on Lyon blood, sweat and tears.
It belongs to us.
- That's right.
- Thank you, Andre.
Maybe you can help me find out how Kingsley was able to pin that data mining on me.
I got you, Pop.
- And Jamal.
- Yeah? Look, man, I'm gonna need you to talk to Kai and ask him to get some of the people he interviewed to help me and your mother in this.
Yo, if you're gonna backslide into a place that destroyed our family, I think y'all need to do that yourself.
Boy, did you forget your last name is Lyon? The Lyons are Empire.
You are Empire.
So no matter what you think or how you feel about it, or how I feel about it, if it's tainted, we're all tainted.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
What about me? LUCIOUS: We need you to get in the studio and knock out some raw bangers, so that when we take back Empire, we'll be able to prove that we still got it.
- I got you.
- LUCIOUS: All right.
Thank you, guys.
So, we not just gonna ignore that little long-lost DeBarge - says he's our brother? - No.
(CHUCKLES) - I'm sorry.
- We should beat his ass.
We ain't gonna beat nobody's ass.
I'm worried about Mom.
She up in here acting like everything is okay.
Just No point in that, man.
You know she'd rather fight than feel.
(ANDRE SIGHS) Look, I'm not letting some white boy shouting "poor me" stake a claim to my birthright.
Now, if he's telling the truth, I say we treat him like family.
Tear his ass down.
KAI: And then I fly out to London at the end of the week.
Kai, what are we doing? I mean, you love me, I love you.
There's none of this stuff we can't figure out.
- Mal, I need time.
- You've had time.
Two days? Whatever, take your CP time, then, with your slow ass.
(KAI CHUCKLES) Well Let me have this.
- How's Becky? - She's scared.
Kingsley damn near had her arrested.
You know, the whole thing could kind of ruin her.
(EXHALES) That's why I was-I was thinking, um Trust me, I feel stupid even bringing this up.
But would you consider, um, talking to my dad about your sources? He's just trying to figure some stuff Wow.
Okay, Jamal.
- Uh, is this why we're here? - I'm sorry.
To do this for your daddy? Again? (SCOFFS) I'll text you when I get back.
Why don't you take this time and see if you want to be my husband - or Cookie and Lucious' son.
- I can be both.
- Can you? - You know what, Kai? Don't help my dad.
You know, kind of like I told you already.
But Becky, she didn't do anything.
And the fact of the matter is, is that this is your story, so you could fix it.
Take care.
(MUTTERING) - (SIGHS) - So are you gonna let me talk now, or are you gonna keep telling me to shut up? I told you, we have bigger problems than your little Look, I know, but how are you gonna blame me and hold me responsible for something that I did before I even met you, baby? - Please, man, I t - (THIRSTY WHISTLES) Please tell me you have good news.
Oh, I wish I did.
It looks like the victims of Empire's data mining are about to file a $100 million lawsuit - against you and Becky.
- What?! - For what?! - For the whole data mining scheme.
LUCIOUS: $100 million lawsuit.
Man, that'll take LFM.
The house.
It would it will ruin us.
Here's what Kingsley's got on you, Pop.
E-mails between you and Becky telling her to change the terms of service and to begin stealing Empire's user data.
Wait, well, how did he get my e-mails in the first place? Did you fill anything out? You know, give anybody your password or Hell no, I'd never do something like that.
Look, we'll figure it out, Pop.
Okay? If we can prove that you didn't send these e-mails, we'll be in the clear.
Okay, well, whatever you're gonna do, you got to do it quickly.
After the lawsuit files on Friday, we're not gonna be able to stop this train.
And then, uh, I got to go, uh, calm Becky down, 'cause she's freaking out.
Yeah, just let her know that we got her, man.
- THIRSTY: Okay.
- Listen, Andre, um, I know we got things we need to talk about.
What, Kingsley's little pity party? I know who my father is, and I know who he's not.
We're good, Pop.
There you are.
- Oh.
Future son-in-law.
Tell me you've got something for us.
Um, I-I don't know if it'll help or not, but, uh, it's a source maybe y'all should look at? Come on.
Come here.
Uh, now, this guy used to be irrelevant.
Then somehow, magically, he found your e-mails, leaked the whole thing.
Now he's WikiLeaks 2.
0 and he's got millions of followers.
And you think that this guy is working for Kingsley? Let's ask him.
I'm kind of in the middle of something here.
Couldn't you be in the middle of some headphones? We're trying to sleep.
I'm sorry.
Does the superstar need her beauty rest? It don't take that much for me to look this sexy.
(SIGHS) - Why are you even up? - Because I'm trying - to get back to ballet.
- Aren't you over trying to be black ballerina Barbie? Aren't you over trying to make the sixth remix to "Drip Drop"? - (CHUCKLES) - You know, for your sake, I really hope that your fans never gain taste.
You might want to try something new or step outside of your box before you tell me what to do.
- Excuse me.
- (MUSIC SWITCHES BACK ON) - PAPARAZZO: Here she comes! - Cookie! - Cookie! - Cookie, is Jeff Kingsley a "break baby" or did Lucious cheat on you? Cookie, what would you tell women all over the world who have been lied to by their men? Black Twitter's calling you "Chickenhead of the Decade.
" - Any comment? - Bet you won't say that to her face, ho! Mrs.
Lyon has no comment.
- Just one comment! - (PAPARAZZI SHOUTING) - Cookie! - One comment! Becky, we can't just sit here sad all day.
Mm-mmm, no, yes, we can.
'Cause we are going through it, okay? I'm gonna have to work at a beauty supply when this lawsuit is done with me.
Do you understand what that means? I ain't going back to synthetic hair.
I've been living the Remy life too long, and do you even know how expensive it is to go natural? Oh, calm your ass down.
You got to think about my edges, Mal.
You know what's gonna make you feel better? - Nothing.
- Music.
I just made this.
(UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) I'm probably, I'm probably gon' lose some battles You're so dumb.
(CHUCKLES) But, see, you can't feel sad listening to the beat.
You actually might be right.
This is really dope.
When you putting this out as a single? Oh, it's not for me.
It's for Devon.
He's gonna kill it.
Devon? Are you serious? This needs to be a Jamal solo.
Besides, Kai says it's reductive.
Oh, Kai says it Ugh.
I didn't realize that Kai was doing A&R down in Afghanistan, huh? You need to stop letting your man come between you and your music.
You're losing yourself.
That's an urban legend.
- Is it? - Okay? (JAMAL SIGHS) Whatever.
I guess you can be sad listening to this.
Well, no, no, no.
Hold on.
Let's not give up so easily.
All right, I'm gonna take you someplace that's gonna cheer you up.
Come on.
- Where we going? - Where we going? I said I'm-a take you someplace to cheer you up.
Like I said, I have no idea - what you're talking about.
- Look, we know you know, Mr.
All right, now, you can talk to us, or you can talk to the FBI.
Your choice.
Anyone but you three.
Don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out.
Look, I'm sorry.
I don't know what else we can do.
It's all right, Kai.
We tried it your way.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm burning up.
I'm about to die from this heat.
ANDRE: Scorching.
LUCIOUS: Now, are you sure you don't want to answer this gentleman's nice questions? Are you deaf and dumb? Please leave.
Apparently, I'm both.
We got this.
- (MIKE GRUNTING) - Hey! Hey! Hey! - Wait! Wait! Wait! - (SCREAMS) Oh, please! - Dre, Dre, Dre, Dre! - LUCIOUS: No, no, no, no, no.
- We tried it your way.
- MIKE: Please! No! I-I I-I don't know anything! Yeah, talk! Or the next time you go viral - is gonna be at your funeral.
- KAI: What are you doing? - Stop! Pull him up! - Come on.
Hey, hey.
Give him a minute.
- I-I don't know anything! - I think I'm losing my grip, Pop.
Okay, I'll talk, I'll talk, I'll talk, I'll talk! Who do you work for? Kingsley gave me these documents to leak.
Th-They made me relevant again.
He faked all the e-mails, I put them out.
Yeah, well, we need proof.
Documents, e-mails, what do you got? Um, uh uh Check your source.
You don't want to be getting out some fake news.
Come on.
(LUCIOUS CHUCKLES) Welcome to the family, son.
That was a blast.
Well, let me know what the next step is.
Let me know how it goes.
Cookie? - Someone's here for you.
- CANDACE: Thank you, Juanita.
- Mm-hmm.
- COOKIE: Uh-uh.
Hell, no.
The last time you was here, you told me I wasn't your sister, so get the hell out my house! - We both said a lot of things.
- You tried to ruin - my marriage.
- You could've killed my son.
- Look, you know that's not why - Look here, look here.
Stop it.
Stop! Look, I don't know if we're good yet.
But you're my sister, and you're hurting.
So I'm here.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Old stank-ass.
Settle down.
We have a special performance about to begin.
Y'all all right? (SCREAMING AND CHEERING) Let's go! ("JUMP" PLAYING) I'm probably, I'm probably gon' lose some battles I'm probably, I'm probably gon' have to fight But know it ain't nothing that I can't handle Eventually I will be all right I'm climbing, I'm shining I'm goin' all the way to the top Goin' all the way, yeah Decided I'm finally gonna give it everything I got Give it all or nothing, nothing, yeah Lose your problems Go get whatever you want Don't feel sorry No time for weak, so be strong What's your reaction When life got you in a funk Are you gonna stay down, are you gonna get up? I hope that you jump, jump, oh Are you gonna jump, jump, oh Let go and jump, jump, oh Jump, jump, oh.
Yo, yo, yo.
I'm so happy to be here.
Thank you so much.
I don't know if y'all been reading the blogs and all that foolishness, but it's kind of been a tough week, so I had to come home to my own high school! - I love you! - (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) What, what, what! I love y'all so much.
Stick together, yeah? (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (LAUGHS) What's that? More stolen user data? No, we found your leaker.
Now, I've got to be honest with you.
I don't know the first thing about programming nothing.
I couldn't figure out what it was that you did.
But my really smart son Andre did.
Now, he says the app that gave all those millions of followers to that journalist the same journalist who released all those fake e-mails supposedly from me it had your digital DNA all over it.
Doesn't prove anything.
It proves you were covering.
Why would you cover unless you had something to hide? So now you've got one of two choices.
Now, you can sign this press release, accepting full responsibility for everything you did and clearing Becky and my name.
Or you can get you a switch and you and me can go outside, and I can give you a public ass-whuping that you deserve.
I'm giving you a choice because you are my son.
I took the thing that you value most, I toyed with it for my own personal entertainment, and I still made it better than you ever could.
I guess that makes me better than any Lyon.
(PAPER CRUMPLES) (SIGHS) All right, so, are you sure you good, Cook? So Lucious chopped down some simple white bitch.
It is what it is.
You know, she was probably just the neighborhood bicycle.
(CHUCKLES) All the little boys had a ride.
I mean, I don't know if it's like all that.
I mean, I knew her.
- You did?! - You did?! Uh, well, I-I Yeah, I knew her from the block.
We used to get high together.
Name was Tracy.
We used to call her White Tracy so Black Tracy wouldn't get mad.
These little white girls with fast asses.
They get caught up, and then, you know There were these little rumors about her, though, that she had some kid.
That's why she disappeared.
Well, did you know it was Lucious'? Cookie, are you kidding me? No, I would've told you.
Well, damn.
What else I didn't know, huh? You knew her.
Lucious knew her.
(SIGHS) And now that damn son is running around trying to ruin our lives.
I told myself this story about our lives that I believed was true.
But I don't know what that is anymore.
Look, I never said anything about my son because I told myself a story about how everything was fine.
Now Franklin's in the hospital, and a whole lot of people got hurt when that lie blew up in my face.
Don't run from the truth, Cookie.
Go find it.
I'm Cookie Lyon.
I know who you are.
You don't remember me, do you? Um no, I can't say that I do.
I remember you.
I remember you very well.
Strutting around on the corner in your big hoops.
(TRACY CHUCKLES) What happened? If-if you don't mind.
I was a junkie.
And then I had a stroke.
And another stroke.
Now I'm here.
- I'm sorry.
- I don't need your pity, Cookie.
Oh, it's not pity.
I had a heart attack, so I know what it's like when your body turns on you.
So I'm truly sorry.
Yeah, you seem real sorry.
So you think this is a a walk in the park for me? The world is talking about me like I'm a gap-toothed, three-legged dog.
I don't even know what happened.
I know Lucious has a story.
You have one.
I'd like to know it please.
When Cookie met Lucious When Cookie met Lucious, I was already pregnant with Lucious' baby.
Thank you.
I won't, uh I won't take up any more of your time.
Oh, you're done? You don't care? I couldn't raise that kid.
I couldn't be a daughter.
I couldn't be a mom.
All because of what you people took from me.
You people? (CHUCKLES) I didn't put that crack pipe in your hand, sweetheart.
That was a choice.
Yeah, but you always had the good stuff.
You just k-kept me coming back for more.
(SNIFFLES) I lost everything.
I lost everything.
I lost my husband.
I couldn't raise my three sons.
I spent 17 years behind bars while your little white ass was free.
So we both lost.
I guess the day Cookie met Lucious wasn't so pretty after all.
(TRACY SNIFFLES) All right, so let's just stick to the script and not say much more, especially if we're asked about our brother from another mother.
Speak of the devil.
What would Lucious and Cookie say? "The most valuable asset to Empire is family.
" - And here we all are.
- You're not family.
I won't claim to be family just because we share the same blood.
If I were a real Lyon, would I walk away? Would I accept defeat? Would I curl up and die? JAMAL: But you're not.
So you should walk away quietly.
While you still can.
Nature versus nurture.
Let's see which one wins.
That sounded like a threat.
Oh, most definitely.
(SCOFFS) Just like they did in a small garage in North Philadelphia, Lucious and Cookie Lyon built a stunning roster of exceptional talent under the Lyon Family Management banner.
Now, you combine that with the technological talents of Kelly Patel, and you're about to watch Empire soar to new heights in a new age.
So help me welcome the heart and the soul of Empire, and, yes, the face of the company Lucious Lyon! (CHEERING, WHOOPING) I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to be here, in the same place where, just only a little while ago I had to announce that we were broke but we weren't broken.
You see, thanks to the support of my incredible wife and my lovely family, we managed to rise, 'cause that's what we do.
Now the Empire is bigger and stronger than ever.
So this is to the Empire! OTHERS: To the Empire! LUCIOUS: To the Empire! OTHERS: To the Empire! LUCIOUS (DISTORTED): To the Empire! - Please.
- What have you been using? LUCIOUS: To the Empire! Get down! LUCIOUS: To the Empire! (EXHALES) LUCIOUS: To the Empire! To the Empire! OTHERS: To the Empire! Excuse me.
Um, how many times have we stood in front of you and put our fists in the air and chanted, "To the Empire"? Well, it's been you the people, the fans, our family that has come to our aid when we needed it most.
And I think it's time that we give back just as much as we take, because you all are the Empire.
So I'm gonna ask that everyone hold hands right now, just link up.
Look, I know y'all, y'all not too sexy and and gangsta to do that, are you? Everyone up here is in service to you.
To inspire you.
To lift you up.
To heal.
- And to party! - (CLAPPING, CHEERING) 'Cause that's what we about to do.
So we're inviting each and every one of you to the Lyons Are Back Bash.
Hug somebody, because our family has been reunited! (CHEERING, CLAPPING) JAMAL: Congrats, Dad.
- You got it back.
- No.
Congrats to Kai, man.
I mean, without him, we wouldn't have been able to do this.
Wait, what? He got Becky's name clear, my name clear.
He's a good man.
MAYA: And five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
I know Hakeem likes to jump off stage sometimes, - but we're not doing that.
- Maya.
You helped me get outside the box.
Meet Lil Buck.
Show her what you do, bro.
LIL BUCK: Where'd you study, Maya? I studied at Tisch in NYU.
Where did you study ballet? Memphis.
HAKEEM: Play that beat, Chicken.
You're you're-you're incredible.
It's like you've created something completely new.
That's Memphis Jookin.
Now, we know ballet is who you are.
Don't be afraid to try something new.
You still leaving? Yeah.
My flight leaves in a couple hours.
I thought maybe you, uh, changed your mind.
My dad told me what you did.
Did he tell you what happened? Yeah.
He said that you you cleared his name.
Thank you.
Did he tell you how he and Andre dangled a man out of a window - and threatened to kill him? - No.
Doesn't really surprise me, though.
I don't know why I expected anything less.
You know, the first day that I got into this apartment, your brother put a gun to my head, right there.
- I know - Look, I-I've seen violence.
I've been threatened by drug cartels and-and third world dictators.
Violence doesn't scare me.
(SCOFFS) But, man, your-your family does.
No, they scare me because of-of what they do to you.
We were so happy in London.
Away from them.
You are nothing like them.
Mal please, let's let's just go home.
Baby, anybody who I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with has to understand me.
All of me.
I'm a Lyon.
And I'm done apologizing for that.
(SNIFFLING) I've been feeling kind of cooped up, cooped up Hey, Ma.
There's someone I want you to meet.
I don't feel like schmoozing and small-talking with nobody tonight.
I don't have no business till - Are you Teri? - Mm.
Well, is Andre treating you right tonight? Because if he's not, I'll whup his ass into shape.
- (CHUCKLES) - I wanted to thank you, mother to mother, for raising such a good man.
What Andre has done for my son, I I can't express how grateful I am.
He's my number one son.
- My number one.
- (CHEERING, WHISTLING) This next artist is the physical manifestation of the very spirit of Empire itself.
He was critically wounded.
And like the fiery phoenix, he rose from his own ashes.
He is my son.
He is from my blood.
He is Hakeem - Lyon! - (CHEERING) ("RUMBLE" PLAYING) HAKEEM: Yeah.
You know this.
- Yeah.
- (CHEERING, WHISTLING) Heavy is the head with the crown I see they tryna take me down They don't know I came up from the ground Never break, never bend, never fold, never frown Lion in the jungle, lion in the jungle Rumble young man, rumble young man, rumble Lion in the jungle, lion in the jungle Rumble young man, rumble young man, rumble I'm a mix of my daddy and my mama Fightin' through the trauma, I'm a knight in shining armor Tryna save my baby from my vices and my karma If you don't respect my come up Eat you up like Jeffrey Dahmer I'm-a grind to get my life together Be the greatest, shine my light forever I'm the baddest Michael Jackson Moonwalking on the sun, I'm the one I'm-a run the whole empire when it's done Nah, the devil can't have me Just call me crazy I can't leave my loving family Forsake my baby I'm lionhearted and hardheaded They can't move me Like diabetics, I'm lightheaded Feeling woozy Prove me wrong I need to record this for Bella, you know.
She loves to see her daddy dance.
Heavy is the head with the crown I see they tryna take me down They don't know I came up from the ground Never break, never bend, never fold, never frown Lion in the jungle, lion in the jungle Rumble young man, rumble young man, rumble Lion in the jungle, lion in the jungle Rumble young man, rumble young man, rumble.
We got the company back.
Our family's back together.
Come on, what's it gonna take to turn that frown upside down? Just because I'm not twerking doesn't mean I'm tuned out.
What's wrong, baby? I mean, when you were doing the press conference, you said something about you and me needing to do better at giving back.
I mean, what was that? Just what I said.
Do you need to tell me something? (PHONE DINGS) Oh.
- It's Kingsley.
- Yeah.
He wants to meet.
Enjoy your father-son time.
- All right.
- All right.
How does it feel to be back? Actually, it feels quite good.
So what are you up to, man? What do you want? I'm trying to connect, I guess.
In my own way.
When you stream music on individual devices, you guys using AIFF file format? Mostly.
Some is converted to MP3s and then the rest is compressed and What about the masters? At 24 bit? Nah.
Plus, it's got a 96 kilohertz.
You're talking about the highest quality.
That's why they call it the master.
It gives birth to the other files.
Father of the song.
(CHUCKLES) Touché.
Here's my version of a master file.
It's a program that searches and destroys.
And right now it's on the Empire network, finding all of your early albums and deleting the master files, one by one.
Look, son, I know you blame me for a lot of things in your life.
Especially your mother.
But she was a user long before she ever met me.
I mean, her addiction that's not my doing.
No, I am your doing.
You made me.
And now I'm erasing you.
Go home, son.
Oh, I get it.
You're a hustler.
You can't be a hustler without a secret stash, right? That's why you're acting so cool, but you think I don't know about your secret server in London.
This is real.
Just like I am real.
"Roll Up Heavy.
" I remember that song.
That came out - when I was in grade school.
- Stop this.
Right around the time that the courts took custody away from my mother because she was hooked on your crack.
Oh, there goes "Street King.
" Yeah, I remember that one, too.
I was in high school.
Do you know how surreal that was, to watch all of my friends dancing to that song at prom? Your music my own father's music and I couldn't say a word about it.
Why are you doing this? I mean, what do you want from me? - You want my blood? - I am your blood.
I am your flesh and blood, and you don't give a damn.
- You never did! - You think if I had known you were out there that I wouldn't have used all of my power to find you? So that I could be a father to you? To raise you? You're my son.
You're a terrible liar.
No, you think You've got this picture in your mind of who you think you are and who you think I am.
And I know what you're going through, 'cause I had the same picture in my mind of my father.
It drove me.
But I was wrong.
I see me in you, son.
I see a fire in you of a young man that pulled himself up from nothing by himself, just like me.
That's the Lyon in you.
And if I had known that, I would've would've never let you wander this earth by yourself.
You're a Lyon.
A Lyon.
Now I'm nothing.
Don't say that.
You're my son.
(SIGHS) I know that this must be business as usual for you, but it was so special for me.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
You're very special to me.
Andre, whenever I ask you to come to church with me, you-you always have something to do.
I want you to meet my family, my friends.
You have Empire.
I have the church.
But if, you know, if it's a lot to Teri, it has nothing to do with you.
My relationship to God is complicated.
Complicated? But Tell me more.
Another time.
- Okay? - (CHUCKLES) Another time.
Well, whenever you're ready, I'll be right here, holding your hand.
Andre, your nose is bleeding.
It-it's nothing.
- I'd get them in prison every once in - Stop the car.
- It's bleeding a lot, Andre.
- It's okay.
I'm fine.
- (COUGHING) - (SCREAMS) Andre! - (CHOKING) - (HORNS HONKING) - Andre! - (CHOKING) And I run for miles just to get a taste I-I need an ambulance.
Hold on.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) (PLAYING SOMBER MELODY) I could see the signs Although you tried To blur the lines Your eyes gave you away If we meet outside - Just walk on by - (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Well that's the end of Kingsley.
Whatever you think you should hear You want a drink? No, I'm fine.
I went to see her today.
You what? Why? I'm seeing it clearer now Don't come around I'm filling spaces Over you now 'Cause love is moving out - It's easy to see it now - COOKIE: I needed to see for myself.
I wanted to get some answers.
Baby, I told you the truth.
(SIGHS) You know, when I saw you rapping on that corner back in the day, I thought you were a king.
Even though you ain't had nothing, you carried yourself like a mack.
(CHUCKLES) But that was the rose-tinted memories.
What's playing in my mind now is something else.
I see a broken woman in a hospital bed, who was too cracked-out to take care of her own child.
I don't need none of this stuff.
Yeah, just walk away.
Like men do.
'Cause see, that's what y'all get to do turn these hoes off like a light switch.
What do you want me to say? What, "I was young, I didn't-I didn't know, I was a kid"? We used to tell people that we did what we had to do to survive.
That's bull.
We wanted that paper.
LUCIOUS: I'm not gonna sit here and-and have to justify what I did three decades ago in order to feed my family in an unfair world.
Hell, the Kennedys, man th-they were involved in illegal substances.
It didn't stop them from becoming a world friggin' dynasty.
Why can't we do that? Empire was built on drugs, Lucious.
On people's pain.
My pain.
Jamal's pain.
My sister's pain.
A-And we-we keep coming back to it, over and over and over and over again, like that junkie chasing that first high! Baby, we are not the same people we were 30 years ago.
I'm not the same man that-that left you in prison for 17 years.
I mean, we've Baby, we've done it.
We're here.
We-We figured it out.
We did bad things, Lucious, and it's coming back to collect with a living, breathing man.
Furious man who calls you Daddy.
We're here.
We're right here.
Our future's now.
Are you with me? Yeah, Lucious.
I'm filling your spaces Our love is done.