Empire (2015) s05e13 Episode Script

Hot Blood, Hot Thoughts, Hot Deeds

1 Previously on Empire A dozen of Empire artists are going to embark on a nationwide tour.
(CHEERING) We weren't even aware that Treasure had representation.
Treasure's been one of my girls for a long time.
I have cancer.
Stage IV.
I'm dying.
I'm a Lyon, and I'm done apologizing for that.
COOKIE: We are here for one thing, and that's to get Empire's money back.
- I don't plan on chasing you.
- (CHUCKLES) When you say you want to make right the things we did wrong, I think that's a way for us to retell our story.
- Down - Down Wow.
Wow, wow, wow.
- Down - It's about to go down - Go, go, go, go - Oh, oh, oh.
- (ALL LAUGH) - ANGIE: Oh, man.
I got to admit it, ladies, the song is fire.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
And that's just a taste of what you gonna get on the Trust Tour, Angie.
It's crazy that you call it the Trust Tour because, I mean, you know, Empire's taken a bunch of hits this past year, and, I-I mean, are you gonna be able to pull that off? No one over at Empire, from top to bottom, ever doubted this tour.
We can't even get fans to download music.
A tour could be crippling.
It's still the biggest risk we've ever had to take, Lucious.
Why you being so negative, baby? Not one speck of doubt.
Well, like I said, the song is fire.
And you guys seem to have squashed whatever beef - was happening here, so - There never was any.
- (TIANA CHUCKLES) - There was never any beef.
That is my sister right there.
COOKIE: Truth be told, these girls are fam, honey.
Of course I'll do the tour.
And feature Treasure in your set? Who? Okay, I'll do it.
But I don't want a feature.
- I want my own set.
- COOKIE: Okay.
You need to slow your roll.
See, you just got on the scene, - what, a minute ago? - Deal.
What? No deal.
- (CHUCKLES) - She ain't ready for all of that.
Her duet is blowing up all over the place, and we're not trying to leave any money on the table.
Okay? Sign.
Thank you.
So, you want me to go on tour with Hakeem and Tiana? I don't know.
That could go left real fast.
Or it could go, oh, so right.
Hakeem has two videos to shoot, which means he won't be around for half the time, leaving you plenty of opportunity to, shall we say stake your claim? (EXHALES) Let me put some real flavor on this tour.
Oh, well, look at the "co-joneses" on Carlito.
Come through, then.
We're just one big, happy family over at Empire.
Can I just get to it with you, Cookie? Go ahead.
Shoot your shot, girl.
All right, because you guys had a massive data mining scandal, and everybody knows about it.
So you're not worried that the trust is gone for Empire? Look, I-I know we have a lot of work to do, Angie.
That's why we are pulling out the big guns.
Okay? In fact, this whole tour and this show, everything, it's free.
Because we want you back.
We need you.
Hi, Teri.
Good morning.
This lady was one of my brightest nurses.
Thanks for meeting me, Dr.
It's fortunate Teri reached out to me when she did.
I know a diagnosis like stage IV lymphoma cancer sounds about as bad as it gets, but lymphoma can be treated.
And even stage IV patients can survive, provided we treat it aggressively.
Well, I didn't even think I had a chance.
But we need to immediately start you on chemo.
Isn't this called the angel and the devil? Yes.
The good news about doxorubicin is it has the potential to dramatically arrest the lymphoma in just a few weeks.
That soon? SWAIN: That's why it's called an angel.
The devil is in its side effects.
Besides the usual suspects of dry mouth, nausea, fatigue, in rare cases, it can cause tumors and affect the heart muscle.
But I could be cancer-free in a matter of weeks? No.
But we can stop it in its tracks.
Thank you.
LUCIOUS: No, Becky, we're not bringing your flu-ridden ass on tour.
You're gonna get the whole damn tour sick before it even begins.
(SIGHS) Is that Typhoid Becky? Yeah.
Where the hell you been? Look, man, I got to tell you something.
It's not easy.
Yeah, well, spit it out.
(THIRSTY CLEARS THROAT) I got picked up for questioning by the Feds.
(LUCIOUS CLEARS THROAT) So, what did they want? Oh, it's not a what.
It's a who.
They want Damon Cross's head on a platter, and they'll happily take you down to get him.
So, Thirsty-ass just lied to the Feds? Would you rather he told them about our little jaunt to Panama and how Damon freed up every dime we're using - for this tour? - GISELLE: Look, Lucious is right, because if the Feds connect our money to Damon's, they'll tie it up for months.
Maybe even years.
I got that part.
So, what are we supposed to do now? - We need to scrub Panama.
- What? - That's impossible.
- LUCIOUS: No, it's not.
I made a call to a guy that's going to erase ours and Eddie's name off of any bank that Damon has ever been associated with, and I got another guy going to clean it up by hand.
But what about the finder's fee? We wired that money to him.
Yeah, I rerouted that to a nonprofit that I set up - and made it look like a donation.
- Wait a minute.
Is this the same charity you set up in my name two weeks ago? Huh? Lucious, the same charity that's supposed to rewrite our story together? Huh? You are using that charity - to hide money from the Feds? - I had no choice.
- Are you stupid?! Are you serious? - Look, I had no choice.
I don't need to be here for this part - of the conversation.
- You need to sit your ass down.
'Cause you neck-deep in this like the rest of us.
Now, I'm telling you, they're watching every move that we make, and we need to erase Damon Cross from our lives by any means necessary.
DAMON: Is that why I got calls from Panama saying that somebody was meddling in my business? What is this? You trying to erase me? Wait, now, nobody's meddling in your business, brother.
But when your business brings the Feds sniffing around my livelihood, then yeah, bets are off, man.
All bets are off, but the threats are on? Can we just stop with the chest-thumping for a minute and maybe get an explanation why the Feds are sniffing around you in the first place? Well, the AUSA finds me endlessly fascinating.
She always wants to know who I'm taking to the prom.
LUCIOUS: Yeah, well, your beloved has gripped up my attorney and is asking him questions about me and my business.
This was never about you, Lucious.
- But your JV scrub job was sloppy.
- LUCIOUS: Wait.
Wait, wait.
Who do you think you talking to, man? You raising red flags.
This is my business.
I should've been your first call.
Cookie, we're gonna need to retrace your moves after you got off the plane.
I'm not going back to Panama - with you, man.
- That wasn't an invite.
I can do it in a phone call.
Send me the list, and I'll send you an encrypted e-mail - when it's done.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You don't call shots in my house - and leave.
- COOKIE: Lucious.
You got 24 hours.
You're welcome.
There went a man.
A whole man.
- (SIGHS) - LUCIOUS: You already got one dead husband in an urn.
You want a matching set? Hmm.
Now, every move we make is being watched.
We need to erase - his visit from this office today.
- I got it.
See, you and me, baby, we got a tour to run.
Come on.
You need to kill it with these damn secrets, too.
I know.
I'm so sorry, but I had no choice.
PORSHA: Cookie, I just need you to take a look at this for one second.
Look, she's super dope.
Oprah even follow her.
Now, if Oprah follow her, you know she's popping.
You know, Oprah just don't follow anybody.
Look, look, I've been up for 48 hours straight, child, and you want me to watch some stupid-ass video? Don't nobody care about no trash-talker.
Hey Beautiful got ten million followers.
- Just look.
- Wake up, Philly.
It's me, Hey Beautiful.
And hello to you, beautiful.
Can we talk about Empire's Trust Tour? Or should I say Rust Tour, 'cause, really, who's trying to see that crusty nonsense? Is this bitch serious? I don't think you can call a nonbinary a bitch.
If the shoe fits.
And is this tour even worth free? You need to change your name to Hey Bitch.
Don't they know their brand starts with "T" and ends in "rash"? Who's she calling trash? TREASURE (CHUCKLES): Not me, sis.
She says I'm the only one worth paying for.
I'll pay for it, Mama.
Welcome to the #MeToo party bus.
All right.
Y'all whole asses listen up.
I'm the emperor.
I'm the queen.
I'm the HBIC.
There's only one rule on this party bus.
This ain't no party bus.
We only here for two hours.
That mean don't drink, don't fight, and don't go number two in the loo.
Hold it all in till you get to the venue.
Got them freezin' on me WYNTER: Really? You're cyberstalking your ex? Come on.
(CHUCKLES): Oh, this is worse than I thought.
It's not even your ex's IG.
It's your ex's ex's IG.
You got to move on, man.
You know, to get over someone, you've got to get under someone else.
- You know what I'm saying? Hmm.
- Oh, really? And now we're banning your phone.
Okay, so, here's the deal.
You-you here to spread some across-the-pond white girl wonder - or whatever, not to comment on my sex life.
- (PHONE BUZZES) - Can I please have that? - Uh, it's Becky.
"Your plans are way too big, Jamal.
You got to strip it down and just play 'Loving You is Easy.
'" Yeah, well, delete.
I'm not screwing some stranger, and I'm not singing some damn maudlin love song to Kai.
Takin' trips and all kinda This is so cool.
JAMAL: Y'all, this is Wynter.
And you know Maya.
Where's Hakeem? He miss his bus? Now, why would he miss his own damn bus? He on time, riding solo.
Unlike you.
Bus number one.
- Cool.
- All right, the rest of y'all, whoever last name ain't Lyon needs to line up.
Nah, I got it.
I got it.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks.
So, Hakeem got his own bus, but not you? It's only two hours.
I'll survive.
(GROANS) Maybe.
Yo, say the word, - and I'll lay his ass out.
- (CHUCKLES) My knight in shining armor.
- What can I say? - That's right.
That's right.
The white knight.
- I like that.
- Hey, look You two were just the two people I was looking for.
Actually, do you mind if I ride on your bus with you? 'Cause I was looking at your number, and I kind of think the choreo falls a little flat.
You're a dancer, so why do we not have you dancing? I think that you should probably pull her in close.
You throw a leg around her.
He dips you.
It makes it much more exciting.
TIANA: Wait.
Let me ask you a question.
So, if you're Jamal's assistant, why are you talking to me? That check, I run it, I'm on it My grind, get money My team, we got it, it's mine That bank, that money I own it, it's mine.
Oh, and, baby, don't get me started with the tragedy that is Coocious.
I wonder if Lucious' illegitimate Lyon cub can carry a tune.
Now throw his ass on tour.
Now, that I'd pay to see.
- Like and comment below.
- - (SIGHS) - (COMPUTER CHIMES) GISELLE: What you looking at? - Looks kind of juicy.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Can I help your ass with something? Yes.
Even if Damon can scrub Panama, he still just waltzed his ass on in here with who-knows-how-many Feds watching him, right? So, I have a plan.
We invite him to Philly under the pretext of wanting his clients to invest in the tour.
That way, if the FBI trailed him here or his name shows up on any stray call log Empire is covered.
That part.
- Boop.
- I like that.
- Yes.
- Smart.
And I'll escort him there, no problem.
Um, you know, take one for the team.
(CHUCKLES) - (CHUCKLES) - Or maybe two.
I'll see you.
- I ain't with the lies - No I ain't with the games Now, look, sugar, I wasn't saying I would sleep with just anyone.
But, you know, on tour, you got to try new things, taste new flavors.
You're disgusting.
Yo, come on, Blakey, back me up.
- You know what I'm talking about.
- No.
Don't try to pull him into this, okay? This is a gentleman.
- Mm.
- Learn from him.
BLAKE: Mm-hmm.
You be wastin' time Don't knock it till you try it, though.
Uh, 'scuse me.
Back up.
I been on a mission, never wastin' time Chasin' all these dimes, chasin' all this chicken You see Suavecito over there trying to get fresh with me? Well, I mean, it has been a long time.
I'm just saying, you being a mama, it's time to clear the cobwebs.
You know what I'm saying? Put a banana in the monkey.
- You know, hot dog in your bun.
- (SHUSHING) (LAUGHS) I'm just saying.
TIANA: It's not funny.
CARLITO: What's up, what's up? What's going on here, huh? (SCOFFS) No.
(SCOFFS) (CHUCKLES) How's my neck? I couldn't tell if I put it back on straight - after Tiana bit it off.
Between me and you, I thought it was a good idea.
Yeah, I think so, too.
So, between me and you, I think you should try and use it in the show still.
- Yeah.
- I'm telling you, it's hot.
(CHUCKLES) I can also tell you like her.
- See, I be with the dimes - Dimes And it looks like she's into you, too.
Yeah? Look, all I'm saying is you two on that stage together, in some, like, intimate tango.
You pull her leg up, she wraps it around you.
(EXHALES) That's sexy.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (DOORS SLIDE OPEN) Let me make you more comfortable.
LUCIOUS: Cookie.
Baby, what's all this mess about Damon Cross? - Hmm? - Giselle says we have to invite him down to Philly now.
So you might as well get your nap on in the car, 'cause the limo's waiting.
Wouldn't be surprised if his nasty ass wouldn't be sitting up underneath the seat or something.
Baby, wh-what, are you still mad at me about the charity thing? I'm telling you, it was a one-time thing.
(COOKIE EXHALES) Yeah, it's always a one-time thing with you.
For the first time.
Let's go.
(CHEERING, WHOOPING) Road trip Pass dat Mofo, face it, yo I would never, ever be basic, whoo, yo Back on my Jay , oh - Can I get your autograph? - In a spaceship, whoo Can't think straight on the daily 'Cause the jewelry gave me the brain freeze CEOs 'bout to pay me Rich girls trying to have my babies, yeah Shawty said she like the old me but the old me Didn't have a rollie, tick, tick, whoo Haters trying to hate on me, but that's gonna Get 'em blocked like a goalie - Goal! - Yeah Welcome to the big time, baby girl.
Miss me with the complications, uh - I don't really care if she taken - JAMAL: Thank you.
Jamal, your 11 o'clock.
JAMAL: What you showing at me for? Sorry to bother you.
I'm Tyler Dupre.
I'm with the beverage sponsor.
- I'm a big fan.
- (CHUCKLES) Just how big of a fan are you? It's nice to meet you.
Swear to God, I'm-a cop Cat gang (CHEERING) Oh, yeah.
Yo, yo.
Have you guys seen Carlito? We're up next.
Probably on the other side of the stage, where you should be.
- Go.
- LUCIOUS: Now, y'all know that tonight is just a dress rehearsal and the main performance is tomorrow.
But y'all got to treat tonight like it's the only performance.
Y'all hear that out there? Those are the VIPs, the money men, the influencers.
They're your audience tonight, so you play tonight like it's all you got.
Y'all are up first.
You know that, right? I'm golden.
Let's do it.
Let's go.
That is what I like to hear.
There's my girl.
It's quite a setup.
Joe, what are you doing here? He says he's Treasure's manager.
I got to start the show.
Her ex-manager.
Not according to my lawyer.
You got a pretty great right hook, but my lawyer questions whether that's the proper way to void my contract.
So, great work, team.
That Tiana duet is a big fat hit, and I came to discuss my cut.
Because if I don't get what I'm owed, Treasure's next tour date - will be in a courtroom.
- No.
No, Joe, you can't do that to me.
- For you, sweetheart.
For us.
- Get off.
- Don't touch me.
So, an extortionist manager? Yeah, well, we know what to do with your kind.
- (CHEERING) - PORSHA: Philadelphia, please give a warm welcome to the grand return of Empire to the place where it all started.
Yeah, um, ladies, will y'all give us a few minutes, please? (QUIETLY): Don't forget the Feds could be watching.
BRECK: What's the matter with you? Keep your hands to yourself.
(PORSHA SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) So, Joe I think maybe $20,000 should cover whatever disagreements we have regarding Treasure.
Plus, you'll sign a piece of paper saying you'll never see me again.
By tomorrow morning.
Enjoy the show.
You sure you're okay? Come on, Teri, I already told you.
I'm-I'm good, okay? And listen to this some people experience minimal to no side effects from this type of chemo, - all right? - I know, but that that is not common.
Well, then I must be one of the lucky ones.
And I'll take that.
(ANDRE CHUCKLES) (PHONE RINGING) Oh, it's, uh it's Lucious.
Um, just a minute.
Hey, Pop.
Oh, nothing much, man.
You? (CLEARS THROAT, SNIFFS) Yeah, yeah, give me a give me a-a second.
(EXHALES) I'm ready.
Treasure's manager? Okay.
Uh, no, I-I'll take care of it, Pop.
All right.
You're working? I'm s I'm-I'm sorry, you're-you're gonna have to tell your family that you are very sick.
It's a critical time for Empire right now.
I can't derail my family with this.
- Now no, no - A-Andre, you just had a cycle of a cytotoxic drug.
You essentially have poison running through your veins.
You should not go out.
And if your family knew, they would 100% not let you.
My family doesn't know.
My family's not gonna know.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'll be back.
I'm fine.
- (GRUNTING) - Wait, Andre Oh! It's okay.
I'm fine.
I got it, I got it.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- (GRUNTING) - I just need some ai-air.
- Oh, yeah.
It's okay.
- (GRUNTING) - It's okay.
I got you.
Hey, I got you.
I got - Go down - (CHEERING) - Go down, baby, don't you know - Go down What you've found Yo, where is Carlito? - He's missing dress rehearsal.
- What? - I thought he was with you! - No.
(STAMMERS) You should be out there! - Yes.
Get your ass out there.
- Mic? Yeah, I'm on my, I'm on my, wait, ha I'm on my, I'm on my, okay I'll admit, I've been playing just a little bit, yeah Yeah, I've been messing with your head for a little bit Come on, come on, come on! Yeah, I been sayin' it I know you already know PORSHA: What the hell is Treasure doing? So don't be scared when it feels right, it just hit Midnight, but I'll be here till daylight - It's going down - It's about to go down Baby, don't you know what you've found Get over here, stop messing around 'Cause it's about to go, go down What's wrong with the lights? Go down Go on up there and see what's going on! What you've found, get over here - Stop messing around - LUCIOUS: Tell somebody to get up there - and do their damn job.
- 'Cause it's about to go Go Dow-ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-own Treasure! Treasure, watch out, girl (GRUNTS) - (MUSIC STOPS) - (GASPING) Come on, y'all.
Not now.
Stop! Come on! - Get away from her! - (GROANS) Come on, y'all.
Give her a break.
Just get up and dust yourself off! You all right! Are you okay? - Uh - Did you break anything? - I don't think so.
- TIANA: She was right.
I would pay to see this.
Told Lucious that girl wasn't nowhere near ready.
Come on, y'all.
Give her a break, y'all.
- Come on.
Treasure! Hey.
WOMAN: I love you, Tiana! The dress rehearsal for this free concert was a free-asco.
Even the lights were like, "Mm-mm, no.
" There wasn't a professional in sight.
Carlito was a no-show on stage, and while Hakeem was steppin' out with the help, #Bliana is still trying to become a thing.
(WHIMPERS) On to the GIF of the night, which I am calling "Treasure- I-Land-ed Right on My Face.
" (LAUGHS) Baby Treasure gave us gold when she fell off the stage.
(LAUGHING): Oh! I could watch that a thousand more times.
Why? (TREASURE SNIFFLING) 'Cause of that sleazy-ass manager? You ain't got to worry about him.
- I took care of that.
- No, it's not it's not Joe, it's me.
I'm a fraud.
Okay? I I can't go back out there, Lucious.
Okay, I get it.
It's imposter syndrome.
It normally happens to most artists right before they got to go out on that big-ass stage and show the world who they really are.
No, it didn't happen to you.
You think? You think I wasn't a kid like you once? On these same streets.
I had my own sound, but I had to go through a lot of years of pain and hard knocks to to hone that talent.
'Cause that's what it means, being a true artist.
It means that you're not afraid to shine through all the BS when it comes down to it, you hear me? Yeah, I hear you, but I don't know if - that's me.
- No, no, ain't no buts.
(SIGHS) A diamond is nothing but a piece of coal that does well under pressure.
And gold is useless until it's put through the fire.
So without the pain, the fire and the pressure, we would have no treasure.
(BOTH LAUGH) Did I just say that? You did.
And you hear me, right? Well, good.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause, you know, I'm not in the business of, um hypin' up frauds.
Don't worry.
You're gonna get another shot at it tomorrow.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) I get check, price tag, ah, Givenchy Ooh, like that, ah, diamonds, they bite, they bite back, ah I smoke dope for nightcap, yeah I spend a stack, get it right back, yeah HAKEEM: All I know is that they best to keep the lights on for my set.
Boy, you're worried about lights when some of y'all can't even keep your feets on the damn stage.
- (LAUGHS) - I stayed sober for this.
WYNTER: So up all night with your "big" fan? You are nasty.
- (CLICKS TONGUE) - Up all night - Hmm.
- staring at the ceiling, alone.
Me and my hand.
Show must go on.
Come on, y'all, let's gather round.
Ah, Givenchy, ooh, like that JAMAL: Keem, get your ass up here.
I kite that, ah, Mercedes Then bite back, ah If I buy it like that Look, I'm gonna keep it real with y'all.
Half of the people out there are waiting for us to fail.
We know that's true, but it doesn't matter, because the other half stood in that line because they trust us to deliver on stage.
It's been a long road back for me, for my family, for every single person in this room.
Personally, I don't think that second chances should be taken for granted.
So tonight, we go out and we be undeniable.
And while we're at it, we write a brand-new chapter in the history of Empire.
Okay? - CARLITO: Yeah.
- TIANA: All right.
I got something to say.
- You're so beautiful - Oh, my I hate you.
I'm off the tour.
- No - I'm quitting.
I'm leaving.
- Give the world a show - (FINGERS SNAPPING) Go up-down, up-down, up-down Go up-down, up-down, up-down - Shake it fast - Yeah.
- (LAUGHTER) - Hands on deck, fools.
On the count of three.
One, two, three.
- ALL: Trust! - Let's go kill this, y'all.
- (WHOOPS) - Yeah It's late And I've been waiting up For you to come through like you were saying And I know that you don't want a situation 'Cause I can quit that in a second So when you pull up with no headlights Better make the deadline Otherwise you're out the game Otherwise you're out the game You know there's a good time Waiting for you inside You don't want to miss a thing - It's about to go down - Down Baby, don't you know what you've found Get over here, stop messing around 'Cause it's about to go Go Dow-ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-own - Go down - Down Baby, don't you know what you've found Get over here, stop messing around 'Cause it's about to go Go Dow-ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-own Yeah, I'm on my, I'm on my, wait Ha, I'm on my, I'm on my, okay I'll admit I've been playing just a little bit Yeah, I've been messing with your head for a little bit I'm 'bout to pull up, pull up Yeah, I've been saying it, I know you already know That I ain't staying just a little bit So don't be scared when it feels right It just hit midnight but I'll be here till daylight - It's about to go down - Down Baby, don't you know what you've found Get over here, stop messing around 'Cause it's about to go Go Dow-ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-own - Go down - I can be - Your pleasure investor - Investor Bienvenido a mi fiesta Dulce Como El azucar Mami, you sweeter than sugar Bring it here That way I don't need no nectar Yeah, I'll be there Maybe you should saddle up Think it's time we in cahoots The inner fantasies in us - Yeah - Our differences attract the opposites in us So tonight it'll be the opposite of up, up, up - It's about to go down - Down Baby, don't you know what you've found Get over here, stop messing around 'Cause it's about to go Go Dow-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah, ah-own.
(CHEERING) PORSHA: Philly! Give it up for Empire's very own Jamal Lyon! (CHEERING, WHOOPING) (CHANTING): Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! (CHANTING CONTINUES) Philadelphia, are you with me?! (LOUD CHEERING) Let's go.
One, two, three, four.
Come on! (AUDIENCE BOOING) - Uh - What is going on with the lights? I don't know, we keep blowing a fuse in this raggedy-ass theater.
(BOOING CONTINUES) Shh (BOOING QUIETS) - (CAMERAS CLICKING) - JAMAL: Listen! Listen! All the way up there, and up there, and down here.
Everybody take their phones out and light up the sky.
- (CHEERING) - Come on! Let's light this place up, Philadelphia.
Thank you.
I love you.
(CHEERING) Can I sing y'all a love song? (LOUD CHEERING) Please marry me.
I love you.
(LAUGHS) (CHEERING CONTINUES) Anyone in here tonight who's lucky enough to be with the person that they love, pull them in tight.
(CHEERING, WHISTLING) (PLAYING INTRO TO "LOVING YOU IS EASY") Ooh Ooh, yeah Yeah I'm usually impatient Don't like to waste my time I can tell the first night If it's right I don't usually say this But I think that I might I think you got me for life It feels right - (INHALES SHAKILY) - (MURMURING) What's wrong? (AUDIENCE CHEERS) - (SNIFFLES) - WOMAN: We got you, Jamal! (CHEERING, WHOOPING) WOMAN 2: Thank you, we love you! MAN: We love you! - (CHEERING CONTINUES) - MAN 2: We love you! WOMAN 3: Jamal, it's all right, baby.
MAN 3: It's okay, it's okay.
AUDIENCE (CHANTING): Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal! - - (CHEERING) Ooh Got me down on my knees Forever's looking mighty fine Yeah, waking with you by my side, yeah We don't even have to try, no She saved it.
She saved it.
'Cause loving you is easy Like a summer day Fun without the games You're good for me, oh, baby Loving you is easy We do it every night It's like paradise Just you and I, oh, baby Loving you, it feels all right I'll be loving you all night AUDIENCE (SINGING ALONG): I'll be loving you all night - I'll be loving you all night - So beautiful.
You're my only temptation You feel like a vacation (SINGING ALONG): You feel like a vacation You feel like a vacation 'Cause loving you - So easy, like a summer day - Like a summer day - Fun without the games - Fun without the games You're good for me BOTH: Oh, baby Loving you is easy We do it every night - Ooh - It's like paradise Oh, it's like paradise Just you and I BOTH: Oh, baby - Oh, baby, baby - No, no, no, no - Baby - No, no, no, no, eh No, no - Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada - No, no - No, no - Ooh Yeah I'm love, loving you.
(LOUD CHEERING) JAMAL: Give it up for Wynter, y'all! (CHEERING CONTINUES) Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh Can I say something? Empire.
This tour now, I came just to hate it, but now I must come correct.
Tonight was everything.
Best thing I've seen since Beychella.
Y'all turned it around and got me.
And, Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Jamal Lyon.
You still have my heart, baby.
Like and comment down below.
- To Empire! - (CHEERING) Since day one, work, work, work it out I'm grindin' till my day come Helping hand, you ain't one Should I tell you again? Or should I not tell you at all? - We did the damn thing.
- CARLITO: See me? I'm always after the new.
You know what I'm saying? You can't just wait for life to happen.
You gotta demand more from the present.
- MAN: Preach! - Take what's yours.
Can't let your past hold you prisoner.
You know what I'm talking about.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- TIANA: Oh, my God.
Am I just turnt right now or is Carlito making a lot of sense? (CHUCKLES) I mean, out of everyone in this room, you know what it's like to have the past mess up our future.
(SIGHS) I just wanna leave all that mess behind, and live in the moment, you know? Yeah.
- (LAUGHS) In the moment.
- (LAUGHS) Yeah.
- In the moment.
- In the moment.
(GIGGLES) I'll be back.
I'll be back.
I'm gone Uh, I'm in the game like EA Life full of highlights - Put that on replay - Hey Put your hands up in the sky Do what we say - Well, it looks like she's into you.
- Oh.
Maya with the moves.
What's up, girl? I'm a player and a scholar, man What's up? Uh, um I-I came over just to tell you that, like Thank you for using my move out there.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- You looked really good.
It felt even better.
Seriously, I owe you one.
You know, this tour could have sucked without you.
Thanks for that.
All my life I've been on my mission I'm the greatest, what's competition? Only focus on beatin' myself One-man army, don't need no help - Hmm.
- Hmm.
Y-You really know how to put on a great show.
Only focus on beatin' myself One-man army, don't need no help Where's Giselle? She had to take a call.
Y'all only playin' wit' it Y'all should get back, get back Y'all ain't really wit' it, better get back, get back COOKIE: Mmm.
So you just go after anything that's just put in front of you, huh? Giselle's a lot of fun, but that's strictly business.
Well, maybe I don't want you all mixed up in my business anymore.
- Got it? Okay.
- Okay.
And what I said in Panama still stands.
I won't chase you, Cookie.
- You have to come after me.
- (SCOFFS) I need to go find my husband.
You know you should get back, get back Y'all ain't really wit' it, y'all should Get back, get back, say y'all ain't wit' it - Y'all ain't wit' it - Y'all ain't wit' it.
Come on, son.
Ring back - (SIGHS) - Andre, come on.
There you are.
- Hey.
What you doing all alone? Well To be honest with you, after that - incredible performance of yours? - (CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLING): I needed, uh, some fresh air, 'cause you knocked those people off their feet.
My God.
I mean, I couldn't have done it without you.
- (EXHALES) - What you said to me earlier.
(CLEARS THROAT) Baby, all I said was I saw something in you that I think you just couldn't see in yourself.
It was always there.
No, Lucious.
(SIGHS) You believed in me.
You took care of me.
- Treasure, what are you doing? - Shh.
- Wa-wait.
Wait, wait.
No, no.
- I just want to give you - a proper thank you.
- Wait, wait.
No, no, no.
- H-Hold Whoa, whoa.
- Shh.
I just want to thank you.
This isn't what you do.
It's not what you do.
- Come on.
Let me Stop.
- This is not what we do.
- Just let me show you.
- No.
Come on.
- You little dirty bitch! - LUCIOUS: Baby, baby! - How could you do this again? - No, no, it's not what you think.
- No, no, no No, no, no, no.
- No! Baby - No, don't you baby me.
- It's not what you think! Baby! Baby! (CRYING) Cookie, Cookie.
I know what it looked like.
Baby! Baby, baby! Baby, baby, just let me explain.
Let me explain.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) I'm fine! (POUNDING ON DOOR) Who the hell's knocking on the damn door like it's the police? Standing now - Calling all the people - What are you doing here? You think I'd miss your performance? (CHUCKLES) So you saw.
Calling for my demons now to let me go I need something, give me something Oh, now you call.
Now you call.
Andre, whatever it is you need right now, - this is not the time, okay? - TERI: No, Lucious, it's Teri.
Somewhere I'm not supposed to be You can't steal the things that God has given me Oh, hey.
No more pain and no more shame Are you drinking alone? I hope not.
You can't break me down You can't take me down You can't take me down You can't break me down You can't take me down Andre doesn't want to tell you, but he's sick.
And he needs his family.
I hate to be the one to have to break this to you, but Andre has stage IV lymphomic cancer, which means the cancer has spread throughout Makes me hesitate He's gonna have to do intensive chemotherapy.
I believe She won't take me somewhere I'm not supposed to be You can't steal the things that God has given me No more pain and no more shame and misery WOMAN: Here you go.
WOMAN: What is it? It's from Lucious.
You can't take me down - He's divorcing me.
- You can't break me down You can't take me down COOKIE: I gave you three sons, bitch.
I went to jail for 17 years so you could build it! You can't take me down KINGSLEY: Lucious Lyon is my father.
LUCIOUS: We wanted you to be the first to know that I have asked Anika to be my lovely wife.
And I'm on the verge Empire was my destiny, Cookie.
It was my legacy! You, you, you! Everything is you! It's okay, Lucious.
I need something more And now I feel some days of trouble In the hospital I would stay away, I would stay away (VOCALIZING) MAN: Congratulations, Lucious.
I saw Treasure tonight on stage, and I gotta say wow.
I'm impressed.
But we have a problem.
Your son, Andre, never showed with my money.
Clearly, he's not the talented one.
It's kind of fortuitous, though, because it's fair to say Treasure's value's gone up since she just killed it.
And I couldn't possibly let her go for less than 50 grand a month.
I know that sounds like a lot of coin, but we both know she's worth it.
Perhaps we can strike some sort of suitable compromise.