Empire (2015) s06e11 Episode Script

Can't Truss 'Em

1 Previously on Empire I'm available to be your ASA partner.
I'm not tryin' to be all up under your shadow Come on, let's get out of here.
No one else can go to Uncle Ray's.
I shouldn't have let you come this far as it is.
- How long before Damon arrive? - Hour, maybe less.
There's always a third alternative, Ray.
We just gotta get creative about it.
Lucious wanted to hurt Damon, so what better way to screw over Damon than to screw his daughter? You can't control me.
You can't make me do things.
Really? I love you, and you still love me! What the hell you think you're doing, Tracy? For 35 years, I have lived in the shadow of Cookie and Lucious When I was the real love story.
I mean, I'm the mother of your firstborn son.
But you don't see me.
Tracy, I see you.
Tracy, look.
We're divorcing.
Here are the papers right here.
We're signing the I don't wanna hear from you.
This is all your fault.
I mean, you just swooped on in with your slutty little schoolgirl uniform and you stole him from me.
You stole him! And then you took my son's heart.
Tracy, you gotta let me talk to you right now.
- Please.
- No, just shut up! Just shut up, Lucious! I am the one who is talking now, and you are finally gonna listen both of you.
Hmm? Mine is the last voice you're ever gonna hear.
Daddy, I made such a huge mistake.
But listen, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Whatever it is, we'll fix it together, sweetheart.
Understand? But I'ma need you to go home.
You go home.
I'll finish the business I have to finish inside here.
Then I'll come see you.
Okay? Hey.
Ryan? Ryan, Ryan! Oh, God.
What the hell is going on here? Hey.
Ryan, I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Why would you hurt him? He's family.
He's looking for my dad.
Uncle Ray? Why? He's gonna kill him.
Oh, now you wanna run your mouth? - I'm so sorry.
- You should go, Yana.
You're a monster! - I'm so sorry.
- You should go, Yana.
Are you out of your rabbit-ass mind?! What the hell you think paid for all these little ashrams and these jewels? No.
What paid for cancer treatment? What paid for it, huh? Business.
And this is what my business looks like.
You Hey.
Be cool.
I'm so sorry.
- Go on.
- I'm okay.
I am done.
Yeah, you'll be back once that rent is due.
No, I don't want anything from you ever again.
I love you too, baby.
Move aside, Lucious.
- Tracy, Tracy.
- Hey, hey, hey.
I can't let you do that.
Look, I don't want any of this.
You can have this house.
You can have him.
I'm done, Tracy.
I promise you, I'm done.
Cookie You're in his blood.
And when you're gone, then there's room for me, so Look, I can't let you do that.
I can't.
I can't let you do that, Tracy.
We're not doing that now, you hear me? Oh.
Now I get it.
I just want you to know, I will never blame you.
We'll be a family when we're with our boy.
- Hey! - Move! You okay, Andre? Yeah.
No, no.
No! What did you do? Mom! Come back.
I'm here.
What did you do? Cookie, that's terrifying.
She shot my son.
My grandson was upstairs.
I mean, what was I supposed to do? Anyway the cops cleared us.
Apparently she left a a note.
Tracy was planning on, um, killing Lucious and then killing herself, and I guess I was a bonus.
Crazy bitch.
I am so sorry.
I just need to rest, you know? Um I'm having problems sleeping again, so Just because what you did may have been justified doesn't mean - it wasn't traumatizing.
- You took a life.
- Yeah, I'm not I'm not traumatized, though.
You know, I'm just tired.
- Cookie.
- That's what I just said.
- I said I'm tired.
- Cookie.
It is okay to admit that you are scared or that you feel guilty.
I'm not It's not that! Sorry.
With Tracy, I didn't have a choice.
But what happened is, um Is dredging up some stuff that I you know, I buried.
I-I didn't wanna think about it again, you know? So coming in here and talking to you and? That's not surprising.
In therapy, you may come in for one question or one issue, but this process, it gives you tools to make right other areas in your life.
I did some things Mm-mm, I don't know if I can make them right.
Let's go! That's hype.
That is lit.
I can gif the hell out of that.
Go tell the world the Empire movie is coming.
We're gonna turn the trailer drop into an event with an Empire concert featuring a Hakeem and Tiana duet.
Hakeem, why don't you give us a little taste of what you prepared for the soundtrack? Look what you made me do Whip out the sauce, it ain't drippin' over you Pretty eyes on me when I step out of the coupe Looking like, I hit the lotto I could make her lucky too Girl, I got the juice I got the juice Girl, I got the juice I got the juice Girl, I got the juice Yo, bro, what you think? You like the song? Bro.
Bro! Do you like it? Yeah, no.
It was great, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Great work, Hakeem.
That's the perfect, perfect single for the Empire movie companion album perfect.
Just the perfect companion to my dumpster fire movie.
All right.
Great job, Hakeem.
Yes, sir.
All right, those are your marching orders.
Let me know if you have any questions.
And, uh, see you all when it's done.
What did you do to me? That song? No, Hakeem should stick to acting.
What did you do? You killed my mother.
I didn't.
She was trying to kill my mother.
She shot me.
I blame you so you need to understand something now, brother mine.
I'm in control.
Those little blackouts you're having, I can do that whenever I want.
Remind me, when's Walker's bedtime again? You touch my son and I'll What's up with you? I mean, you ain't returning my calls, none of my texts.
I'm concerned about you.
I'm fine, okay? I'm fine.
And thank both of you for coming over here.
- Baby, how's your arm? - I'm good, Ma.
- It's just a graze.
- Okay.
But Pop's right, you know.
I hope you're talking to your therapist about what happened.
Therapist? That's none of your business, Lucious.
Yes, I am.
You know what? Thank you both for coming.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Since I have you both here Pop, things are rough between us, I get it, but we're still family, man.
You pushed me out of the company I built, and you're gonna call us family? Let me tell you something: that crown you're wearing, it gets heavy.
Pop, everything I do at Empire is to honor the legacy that you built.
I need you both at the premiere for the Empire movie trailer.
Of course, honey.
Yeah, I'ma check my schedule.
- His ass'll be there.
- Okay.
I gotta get back to the office.
- Love you, Mom.
- I love you too.
Love you, Pop.
- You been sleeping? - Yes, Lucious.
I'm fine.
I'm sleeping.
Everything's great.
Well, I haven't been.
I mean, ever since that thing happened with Tracy, you know, I'm I thought we was No, no.
We're fine.
She didn't, okay? I meant what I said.
I still love you, Cook.
I love you too, Lucious.
But aren't you tired of me? Damn, you don't even wanna try? We Lucious, we've tried and tried.
Look, I don't wanna have the same fight over and over again.
Lucious, I'm tired.
Man, I'm tired.
All right.
This is what you want? Please.
Tell you one thing: ain't nobody gonna love you the way I did.
Going to the park? That's a great idea.
We'll tire Walker out before the party.
I'm going to my cousin Trisha's.
To pick her up? - For the weekend, Andre.
- For the weekend? Teri, we have events, baby.
We have plans this weekend Look, this is a lot, okay? Someone was killed ten feet away from where Walker sleeps.
- I understand.
- This isn't even our house.
I got people telling me that my husband's doing horrible things, and Mouse.
- I-I want to believe you.
- I'll call the broker, okay? We'll start looking for a home of our own tomorrow, Teri.
- Look, I-I just - You don't need to leave.
I just need a few days to clear my head, so no to the party.
And we can talk about everything when I get back, okay? Teri, you don't you don't have to leave, babe.
Teri, come on.
You don't have to leave.
Teri! you don't you don't have to leave, babe.
She's leaving your ass.
Serves you right.
- You guys.
- Yeah? Since Melody's performance, she is rising up the chart.
- Speeding up there.
- Yeah? Also, we have a really good cash infusion coming in and the world is done hating Tiana now.
Yay, Bossy is finally bossing up.
- It's not enough.
- Not enough? We can finally hear Lala without the help of a megaphone.
What do you mean it's not enough? - We are winning.
- That doesn't matter.
Nobody knows who we are.
We need something.
We need, um, brand identity, a sound.
We have a brand identity.
Female artists taking control, boom.
Okay, listen! When I was in jail, there was this one bitch on the cell block and she had one radio, and when she would turn it on we heard Master P go, "Unh!" The whole cell block would light up.
Now, how is it that a bunch of bitches in prison know what No Limit Records is? It's the same as Cash Money.
It's the same as Death Row.
We need a Bossy sound, something that's gonna cut through the noise, let these hos know we coming for they necks.
Something that is us, you know? Exactly.
Pharrell, Timbaland.
We need a sound.
There's nothing wrong with having an identifier, okay? A vibe that says, "You are listening to Bossy.
" A'ight.
See, girl? So we need a Yo-You and me, always.
- "Unh.
" - Yeah, or maybe like, maybe - Not that.
- Yeah, that's taken.
I think we should do a "Ooh!" one of those Forgive me, ladies.
Uh, Giselle, I have this paperwork, and you are all set to sign.
Thank you, Julian.
Who is this, and why doesn't he have any paperwork for me to sign? Back off, Becky Weinstein.
This is my little brother Julian.
I told you he was coming to visit.
Oh, I didn't know that it was Bring Your Little Brother To Work Day.
Well, our mother just passed away, so - Oh, I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.
I told Becky not to say anything, but we're fine.
Yeah, I took some time off of law school to hang out with big sis.
Oh, well, welcome.
Also, what if I had some legal questions? Could I maybe ask you for some advice, like, over I mean, I will bring the Hennessy, obviously.
He's a law student, and he will sue you just for class credit.
Okay, please, can we get back on track, ladies? - Thank you, ladies.
- Thank you.
- Sorry for your loss.
- Thanks for coming in.
Hey, uh, legally it's not harassment if you want it.
- I need some more coffee.
- Oh, my God.
What? I'm real sorry to hear about you and Cookie.
I am.
One thing I know, though: Lucious Lyon will figure it out.
Just don't forget me when you do, bro.
Lucious, this very young woman is back here to see you.
I'll let you.
Miss Juanita.
Hey, sexy.
Why don't you walk me out? How are ya? When you said, "I will never see you again," I believed you, and yet here we are.
Here we are.
What you and I once were is done, and I don't ever wanna have to depend on a man like you or a man like my father ever again.
So with that said, we're gonna start a new business relationship.
These are my songs.
You told me they were good.
You're gonna help me sell these.
- Really? - Yes.
You owe me that.
Okay, I gave you all of my lyrics.
Why do I need to record the song? 'Cause that's not how the music business works.
You need a publishing deal.
You need placements.
Okay, great.
So you're gonna get me those? Yeah, I can get all of that, but I can't sell scraps of paper.
- You got a track? - No, I just have the melody.
I got a mic.
Step up.
Hum a few bars.
Hold on.
Go ahead.
Am I an easy target? Tell me, is that how you managed to get in? Doomed before we started 'Cause you knew I would lead with my heart, not my head Throwing off my vibe You messing with my chakras, this drama's like an opera This ain't what I signed up for You hate it.
No, it's inspiring.
Do it again.
I thought I was above this I know this ain't what love is How could you Make me look so stupid? How'd you get so ruthless? How could you Lie just like you're breathing? Why is it so easy for you? How could you? Oh-oh-oh-oh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Whoa, whoa How could you Lie just like you're breathing? Oh, oh How could you? So a Bossy sound, something that says feminine, powerful, beauty, woman.
Here's what I'm thinking.
Yeah, come on, child.
Uh, child, that sounds like a tampon commercial with a beat.
Get yo' ass outta here.
Thank you.
- Too sensitive, child.
- Too much estrogen in that.
Come on in here, honey.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Yeah, see, you doing something with that.
Yeah, I was about to bust a twerk real quick.
Okay, just one question.
Do you have any females on your producing team? We are, um, redefining gender.
And we only hire female Postmates.
But you're doing what, child? - You're doing what? - We're redefining gender.
Get your ass outta here, all three of you! - Gross.
- Damn three blind mi Next! I have a question.
Did you think to call any female producers for our all-female label, or was that too hard? No, Cookie, I called all three of them.
Ester Dean is on a yacht with Rihanna, and Makeba Riddick is also on that yacht.
And Sia is lost in a wig somewhere, so Them bitches ain't call me to go on a yacht.
Anyway, good thing I made some calls.
Come on, honey.
Hey, girl.
Come in.
- Hey, boo.
- Porsha.
Heard y'all was looking for some in-house producers.
Wait, aren't you still an Empire employee? Okay, everybody need a side hustle.
Plus, y'all know I'm good.
So just listen.
She's a dangerous woman I'm every woman - Is that a Chaka sample? - Uh-huh.
Better go off.
Yes! Now, see, that, I can do something with.
I just need to hear it on its feet.
What? What that mean? That mean get your ass over here and we gonna put it on.
We gonna rehearse the song, girl.
Come on.
Porsha, welcome to Bossy.
Ah! Porsha! Back off.
Back up.
It's too hot.
You want me to go turn down the heat? Nah, I just want you to stay on your side of the couch.
Who wiped their ass on your towel this morning? Did you let 'Keem hit or not? Oh, my God.
How many times do I have to tell you? I took the father of my kids to go see his kids, that's it.
Then why they ain't say nothing about they dad? Prince or Bella ain't said nothing about him.
You have a lot of black-ass nerve asking me these questions.
First of all, I'm supposed to be your girl, right? You're sounding real guilty right now.
- But now you're mad at me? - Nah, it's cool.
It's all good.
It is what it is.
If you don't trust me, then you don't need to be here.
You're right.
If What's that, anthrax? It's the last bit of paperwork for your shares in the Empire Trust.
Sign those, you ain't ever gotta talk to me again.
Thank you.
Is that a bomb? It's, uh a way of saying welcome into your next life.
You wrap it yourself? Ooh.
"Shut up, stupid.
Love always, Lucious.
" You know, the post office is open, so why are you here, Lucious? I don't know, man.
I'm just thinking about this next chapter in our lives, you know? I'm getting offers to go anywhere in the world and do basically whatever I want for hundreds of millions of dollars Oh, so you came in here to brag.
Man, good-bye.
No, none of it none of it gives me that that jolt like when we started Empire, you know? Look, you can't compare what you're gonna do next to Empire, okay? It's once in a lifetime.
Look, um, I want you to listen to something.
I thought I was above this I know this ain't what love is How could you Make me look so stupid? How'd you get so ruthless? How could you Lie just like you're breathing? Why is it so easy for you? How could you Oh-oh-oh-oh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Whoa, whoa How could you You know, the track needs to be mixed and she needs to sing out on the chorus, but Hey, look, that voice? Superstar quality.
And I know she didn't come with a lot of money, so Yeah, but she could be You know, Lucious, Empire will always be in your blood, okay? You can't replace it.
I can't replace it.
But if this voice is sparking something in you that's gonna lead you to the next chapter in life, then that's more valuable than any amount of money ever.
That's just my opinion.
Never forget what time it is, Cook.
Never forget what time it is, Lucious.
Thank you.
Brownouts? It's like I lose time and I don't know what's happened.
And is there anything else? I keep seeing him.
Is he here now? Tell Doc I like that color on him.
I see.
Well, this is more serious than your previous episodes.
Look, I'll do whatever it takes, Doc.
You know, I'll change meds.
I'll up the dosage.
Under normal circumstances, yes, but you're having dissociative states, ongoing interactive hallucinations.
You need to be monitored until these symptoms subside.
I'm thinking six months.
Okay, no.
Let's go, Andre.
Let's get out of here.
And then I'd be stable? We won't know till we get started.
I could admit you today.
You do this, and you lose everything, We won't know till everything we've built.
Put the pen down, Andre.
Damn it, Andre.
Put the pen down.
I need to get my head straight.
I'll do whatever's necessary.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, You've worked too hard rebranding Empire, making this movie to throw it all away now.
And after six months in here, you'll lose Teri and your son.
Just just think about Teri expecting to come home to you, not news that her crazy husband is in here with this idiot.
Come on, Andre.
Walk away now, and we can find a way to coexist.
Made a mistake, Doc.
Uh I think I can handle this without inpatient treatment.
I'm afraid it's not that simple, Andre.
This indecision raises further concern.
I'll take it from here.
I've in no way said that I'm a danger to myself or others, which is what's required for involuntary commitment.
- Well, that's true, but - So I'll be leaving now.
Any additional concerns you have, you'll keep to yourself.
Andre, are you sure? Absolutely.
Thank you, Doctor.
I thought I was above this I know this ain't what love is Oh, how could you Made me look so stupid? How'd you get so ruthless? How could you Lie just like you're breathing Oh, oh How could you? All right, so come on.
What do you think? Do you think we can sell this to Rihanna? I think you are so much more than just a songwriter.
You should be a recording artist yourself.
Lucious, we have already had this conversation.
I really don't wanna revisit No, I could make you a star.
That is so typical of you.
You helping me is you helping you.
Hey, wait, wait.
Why can't it be both? You said this is business, right? Well, this is business, baby.
I could show you about it better than trying to tell you about it.
Stay tuned.
She's not scared of danger, no She knows what she deserves She knows just what she's worth There's power in her beauty It's deeper than what you see Don't ever confuse it No She's a dangerous woman, yeah I'm every woman It's all in me She's a dangerous, dangerous woman She knows she's a dangerous, dangerous woman I'm every woman Cut.
Shut this down.
All right.
What? Come on, Cookie.
This song, this is your new sound.
This is a seed, honey.
I need the whole damn tree.
- All right - Okay? Cookie, we are still tweaking it, okay? We're gonna bring in the bass.
What we're gonna do Yeah, y'all all tweaking.
But what you gonna do is, you gonna start from scratch, 'cause this ain't it, all right? And I need you to keep going until I get the sound that I need for my label.
Whose label? Our la you you know what I meant.
My point is, is that nobody sleeps until you get it right.
You can sleep when you in that box, honey.
Okay, that shooting is really messing with her.
- Yeah, her ears especially.
- It's unfortunate.
Scuse me? You got something to say? We just thought you should take a nap.
You don't get it.
No one sleeps.
I said that, damn it.
- She seriously need to chill.
- Wow.
Or I'm gonna Who in here doing white people drugs in my black-owned business? Wow.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
It's not cocaine, okay? It's it's Adderall.
Oh, it's Adderall? Girl, we been working so hard.
And we just needed to, like, you know, stay sharp and and ready and awake.
I have a prescription.
- Oh, you have a prescription? - Mm-hmm.
To crush it and then snort it in a bathroom stall like you ain't got no home training.
You have a prescription for that? I'm so sorry.
Can't you just go - do your drugs at your desk like a normal person? God.
Harriet did not free a bunch of us for this.
Ooh, the youth.
In a bathroom stall.
Lil' Kev there? Hey, hey, hey, Lil' Kev.
Nah, this is, um this is Becky.
Let me ask you a question.
Uh oh, no, no, no.
I don't want any edibles right now.
But do you have do you have Adderall? Hello, Miss Teri.
Hi, Walker.
- I got that.
- Okay.
Juanita, would you mind putting Walker down for me, please? Of course, Miss Teri.
- Thank you, Juanita.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Hey, baby.
Teri, please talk to me.
I've been distant because I was hallucinating And dissociating.
And, Teri, I've been seeing Kingsley.
Why haven't you told me this? 'Cause of how you're looking at me right now.
Like I'm not the same man you fell in love with, Teri.
I went to the doctor, and he told me that the anti-rejection meds for my heart could interfere with my bipolar medication.
We we adjusted it.
We adjusted it.
And I'm fine.
I know the only reason that I was seeing him is because I love you and I love Walker so much.
The thought of losing you, Teri, it it would kill me.
It kills me now, and I You're never gonna lose us.
Baby, I will always love you.
I will always do everything in my power to make sure that you are okay.
You just have to tell me the truth.
That's what you're doing, right? Yes, baby.
This way, Mr.
Travis is so excited to have you on.
Thank you.
All right, Lucious.
You can call in favors, big deal.
Nah, this is show, not tell.
Our next guest is a music maverick.
He instructed me, like the Godfather, to slot time for the premiere of an artist the world needs right now.
When we come back, we'll welcome Lucious Lyon to debut the national performance of Yana.
I'm excited.
We'll see you guys in a few.
No, I'm not doing it.
Yana, come back here.
Come back here.
This is crazy.
Yana, If I had told you, would you have come? No, I don't want this.
I don't want this.
I don't want you to focus on the stage.
I don't want you to focus on the lights or the audience.
I just want you to go Look at me.
- Oh, God.
- You were born for that stage.
And that gift that makes you beautiful, that was not meant just for you.
It was meant for you to share on that stage.
- This is - Now, I'm going to go and introduce you, darling.
- I'm gonna introduce you.
- Lucious.
It's gonna happen.
This is happening.
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen, this young woman coming to the stage is the physical manifestation of light itself.
She is Yana.
We're here now.
I, I, I, I I, I I should have never Ever, ever Made you cry And, girl, since Since you been gone Don't you know I I sit around With my head hanging down And I wonder Who's Loving You I, I I wonder Wonder I wonder Who's lov who's loving you Oh, you, oh, you Who's lov Oh, who's loving Oh, you, You You sure you up to this, sis? You been through a lot.
God been testing your ass a lot.
Ooh, child, tell me about it, honey.
And is a movie trailer premiere even a thing? Oh, come on.
This is Andre's big thing, all right? - I gotta be there for my baby.
- My God, sis.
What made you pull out all these old pictures? Uh Oh! Uh, Andre need needed those for the movie.
They needed to see how things looked back in the day.
I can still smell the pressing comb, honey.
And look at bougie-ass Candace.
We should've known her ass was gonna end up with some white man with perfect credit, right? Yeah.
You know what? We we really should Durrell.
Oh, my goodness.
Sis, it's been so long.
I-I can't even believe you still have this.
God rest his soul.
I will never get over the coward ass that took him away from me.
Yeah, that was, a that was a long time ago.
Come on, Carol.
We gotta go.
Come on.
We gotta go.
Knock, knock.
These are for you.
Babe I owe you an apology.
I was petty and stupid.
Um I don't know what to say.
Say you forgive me for being foolish enough to think that my dope-ass girlfriend would ever cheat on me.
Come here.
I know what we have is real.
Yeah, um, I-I have to go onstage in a little bit, but let's just talk about this afterwards and let's get through this, baby.
- Oh - Priceless Yeah, yeah She the platinum, I'm the gold Like fine wine, we ain't never getting old Shine bright, white diamonds like a ghost Hop in the Ghost, do a hundred on the road Now we invisible, yeah, we invisible - Uh-huh - Yeah, we got a past But we still futuristic She keep me in line like a pastor in the pulpit I put a iced-out grille on her new whip She keep me in line Call that a cool whip pit Top-notch, this feeling is priceless Can't beat this, ain't nothing like it Some things don't need to be spoken Stronger together, we focused Rags to the riches, yeah, we been there, done that Never stay down 'cause we always make a comeback You gotta put in the mileage If you want something that's priceless Something like this Life's good That's the scenario Circles, run 'em around the globe We good no matter where we go We don't care, that's how we cracked the code Oh, yeah Oh, yeah So I got us a room downtown, baby.
I can't.
You can't what? Look, this was a mistake.
Yeah, it's a mistake until it happens again, right? Make nice, Ma.
I'ma get your ass for this.
Thank you! My son Andre poured his entire soul into this film.
I was skeptical at first, but, you know, it can be overwhelming, um, revisiting your past.
And that's exactly what we're here to do tonight.
It's to honor our past.
The tears, the blood, the sweat that made the Lyon legacy, and although life may have knocked us down a few times, we ain't never been knocked out.
The trailer to Birth of an Empire.
I started selling drugs when I was nine years old.
I did it to save my life and because I had a dream.
Dolla, dolla bills But I didn't do it alone.
Boy, that give me chills, I'll take it all Hey.
You're gonna have to let that shooting go, man.
I know you, Cook.
You hold everything inside until it explodes on you.
But Tracy deserved that.
You know, how I'm feeling is not your problem anymore, Lucious.
Look, man, I know we signed divorce papers, but that don't mean you and me ain't family.
You and me gonna always be family.
Okay? Come on, let's get back out there before they start thinking we gettin' back together or something.
Oh, they know I'm not behind that suit, honey.
We don't get out of this, Lucious.
It's just you and me.
Ride or die.
You need to be a man and get it together.
Let's go! We did it.
Damn right, we did it.
I don't know how we did, but we did it.
Yeah, well, your kids are supposed to do better than you, and they did.
They also look better than you.
They're not as pretty as you, though.
Yeah, come on! Y'all gotta get y'all backs off the wall.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- Yeah, come on in here.
Yeah, go on.
Get out there.
Show 'em what you got.
Come on, Pop.
You too, man.
Man, get your hands off of me.
You make me happy This you can bet, yeah You stood right beside me Yeah And I won't forget And I really love you You should know I wanna make sure I'm right They say family is everything.
If only it could last forever.

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