Endgame s01e04 Episode Script

The Other Side of Summer

You played well I suck, dad.
Don't lie.
What are you talking about? You stopped six shots.
And let in two.
Aw, come on Stephen! Happy anniversary.
20 years today.
Who's that? What's your hurry? I just want to talk.
Dad? About the same age Kim was when she was murdered.
Who's Kim? Get in the car, Maisie.
It's time you paid for that.
Dad, call the cops! Get in the car.
I am a cop.
Four more days.
After that, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Oh, Bobby, didn't think I would make the same mistake twice, did you? Oh, yes? Well, prepare for the maelstrom, geezer.
Aw, maelstrom? It is just a minor error, Bobby, and I can come back with a hurricane of my own.
Oh, yeah? Well, look at this.
Oh, pfft! Your Knight sacrifice? It's so 1956 Okay! What's the big dessert emergency? Did you even taste it? Mm, yes, with my eyes.
It is inedible.
It is a modern re-imagining of an antiquated dessert! It's a culinary catastrophe drowned in red syrup! Raspberry coulis! Raspberry coulis? I should have known a Russian pashka was beyond your Macedonian imagination! Stick to baklava! Keep it down! Hey, go back to work! Whoa.
I need you.
You need me? I need a drink.
Just Whoa, chess-boy, wait, wait, wait, wait, I gotta talk to you hold on.
Look, my buddy Walt Varga's retiring.
They rented a ballroom, I'm giving a speech.
Ah, what a thoughtful gift, an oratorical assault.
Look, Walt is a good cop, but he's been messed up over this old case.
I'm afraid he's starting to lose it.
Yeah, well, 20 years ago, a girl disappeared.
Body was never found, but Walt knows who killed her.
Guy named Stephen Abramyk.
Well, here is what he should do Arrest him.
Well, he never had enough evidence to charge him, but he would never let it go.
Now that he's about to hand in his badge, I'm worried he's gonna do something stupid.
From the thorn-bush comes forth a rose.
Thank you, Arkady.
Okay, Walt just needs one piece of evidence to put this Stephen guy away.
The one he's been unable to find in 20 years.
Yeah, and I was thinking that maybe that twisted brain of yours could come up with something he might have missed.
Ah! 5,000 a day plus expenses.
I can't pay you.
Danni, would you tend the bar for free? No.
Free doesn't pay the rent.
And the rent in this gulag is exorbitant.
A favour.
Favors are good.
Favor’s sometimes better than cash.
Pen? A substantial favour.
To be determined, by me, when the time comes.
A substantial favour.
Kim Sharland.
Beautiful, smart, good family.
Why are you so convinced Stephen Abramyk killed her? He was already on probation for vandalism, b&e, shoplifting.
Scum, just like his old man.
He and Kim dated on and off.
Night she disappeared, they were at a party in the park.
Stephen lured her down to the river.
He told you he never saw Kim after leaving the party.
When we went to talk to him, we found the clothes he was wearing that night, covered in bleach.
Yeah, he was trying to get Kim's blood out.
So, fantastic.
The lab detected her blood under the bleach and that's all the proof you need.
Well, the clothes never actually made it to the lab.
No Oh, Hugo, it sounds like your crack police work.
Are you sure you weren't on this case? Ha, ha, that's very funny.
You gonna help us, or not? Oh, we have a deal.
Just as Stephen was admitting he took Kim to the river, his mother stumbled in, raging alcoholic.
She lied.
Said he came home to help her with housework, laundry.
You interrogated a minor without his parents? He just started talking.
Prosecutor said it was all inadmissible.
When I came back with a search warrant, the clothes were gone.
So that is why you're holding onto this? Because of your big mistake? I looked into Stephen's eyes, and I saw a killer.
I know it in my gut.
Oh Police And their prodigious guts.
So so, where are we gonna start? Well, I'm going to watch some quality tv while you gentlemen leave my suite.
I will be in touch.
Sam Hey, Mr.
Balagan, I'm just playing.
Get me Stephen Abramyk.
Um, okay.
Who? Huge will explain.
Good game.
1991, it was Thanksgiving, and the teens of this small, close-knit community were happy to be home from college, but 18-year-old Kim Sharland would never make it back to campus.
So, this is the village.
It's, um, like a small town inside the city.
Nobody ever thought something like this could happen here.
That's where Kim worked part-time.
Um, hello? Uh, hi.
I'm, uh, Sam Besht.
I'm with grand master Arkady Balagan.
We're atheists.
Thanks anyways.
Oh, no, we're not, um He's a former world champion chess player and he's wicked at puzzles, and he just wants to talk to you about the murder of Kim Sharland? I said everything 20 years ago.
Is this what that psycho cop was talking about? If you change your mind, he's, uh, penthouse one, huxley hotel.
Do people think you killed someone? Come on.
This right here is where they found her blood-stained sweater, and they never found her body.
I like to come down here and remember her.
Lisa Jarvis never got to say goodbye to her best friend, Kim You know, we made that show five years ago, but people still come up to me in the mall.
I'm sure.
Like I was telling Sam, everyone loved Kim.
I mean, the whole town died when she disappeared, but I was her best friend, so I kind of died more.
This is my yearbook.
You should totally read what Kim wrote.
She was so sweet.
Why do you believe Stephen Abramyk killed her? He was so mean to her.
She was always crying on my shoulder.
Oh, my God, this outfit is so cute! I love the '90s! Oh, uh, right.
So anyway, Stephen took off, and Kim was really upset.
Why didn't you call me back? I left you 10 messages.
You're gonna be sorry.
Shut up.
Up yours.
He just wanted to talk to me.
Maybe I should go after him No.
You're not going anywhere with that burnout.
That guy scares me.
Come on, this party's tight! So later, you left the party alone.
That's what everybody says.
But why didn't you take your best friend with you? What are you hiding? If you thought Stephen was so dangerous, why didn't you leave with Kim and make sure she got home safely? Well, how was I supposed to know he'd kill her? You knew she was upset.
Why no late-night girl-talk? I thought you said you two were close.
Right, Danni? You know, maybe you should talk to someone who knew Kim a little bit better.
Clearly, you've exaggerated your relationship with the dead girl.
It's my mistake No, wait.
Okay, well The reason I didn't see Kim leave is 'cause I was at the river.
I saw Stephen there on his motorcycle.
Right where Kim's sweater was found.
That's how I know he did it.
So why didn't you tell the police about this 20 years ago? Or mention it in the tv show? Well, um, I was with my sister's boyfriend, and she married him, so But, no, it-it's fine, they're divorced now, so No, no, but still, I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell her, 'cause that would be bad for me.
I have no intention of speaking to anyone related to you.
My dad wouldn't talk to you 'cause he did it.
He killed her.
Uh, Mr.
Balagan This is Maisie, Stephen's daughter.
It all suddenly makes sense.
He's completely obsessed with true crime stories.
He's convinced I'm gonna be murdered if I go anywhere alone.
We have moved, like, six times since I was born Whoa.
Nice digs.
None of that means that your father He forbid me to talk to you.
Why would he care if he was innocent? Because I'm a stranger in a strange hotel.
I always wondered why he never talked about his past.
Now I know.
He killed a girl.
You see all this? The police have tried for 20 years to build a case against your father and failed.
Oh, my God Maybe you shouldn't.
Stephen Abramyk? That was your father's name.
He changed it to McDonald in '93.
My name isn't even my name? What? This is Steve McDonald.
Is my daughter, Maisie, with you? Is that my dad? I'm not here.
She says she's not here.
Don't let him up.
I'd like to speak to you.
Well then, come up to my suite, please.
Why would you do that? He says he's here to talk.
He's lying! He lies all the time.
I like lies.
They often reveal more than truth.
Arkady Balagan.
Can I offer you something? Coffee, or tea, or brewski I've got nothing to say to you.
I'm not I'm not going with you.
What the hell is this? I've been hired to prove you killed Kim Sharland.
Have a seat.
Let's go.
Why won't you just talk to him? I'm just as happy proving you didn't kill Kim Sharland.
If you didn't do it, why not let him help you? What are you hiding? Let's go! Don't touch me! You killed a girl! I hate you! Maisie! Go to hell! What did you tell her? She came to her own conclusions.
Like hell.
Oh! Thank you, Danni.
Can I offer you something to settle your nerves? Yeah.
Um Double crown, rocks, please.
I'm sorry, but when it comes to Maisie, I You lose your temper easily, yes, I see.
Uh, hotel narc, 3:00.
Stephen Abramyk.
He assault you? Astute as always, Hugo.
Nice, but guest security is my priority, so if you'd like to come with me Oh, brilliant tactic.
Toss him out before I have a chance to talk to him.
That's good.
Please, my spot.
Don't forget your purse.
Thank you.
There you go.
So, after you were kicked out of the party, did you see Kim? No.
I went home and did laundry with my mom.
Really? I didn't kill Kim.
So, who did? How the hell should I know? I'm sure you've thought about it.
There was Brad.
His dad and Kim's dad worked at the same firm.
All the parents thought that they'd make the perfect couple.
Are arranged marriages common here in this backwater? He had a thing for Kim, but she wasn't into him.
So Brad was jealous of you? He, uh, was pissed off at the world.
Spring break, he got wasted, wrecked his knee jumping off a roof trying to impress a girl.
Lost his basketball scholarship.
So he's an angry young man.
That doesn't make him any more of a killer than you are.
He had every hot girl except for Kim.
If he couldn't have her, no one could.
So, did you share this Theory with the police? Of course.
Walt Varga already made up his mind that I was guilty.
He wouldn't listen.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
It would have been faster to fly to Moscow.
So, uh, Mr.
Balagan, I was going over the case notes I ordered a pashka, not a flower arrangement.
There's no Brad Harvey in Walt's notes.
I said, there's no Brad Harvey in Walt's notes.
Nice work, Sam.
Stephen and Lisa both said that Kim spent a lot of time with Brad.
So why didn't Walt mention him? He must have known Brad bought Ed's shop.
I can't even get down to the river.
Forget throwing a body in it.
Poor guy couldn't have killed Kim.
It's just Stephen's lame attempt to pin the murder on his rival.
He had the whole team to do whatever he asked.
He was the Captain! I'll tell you how it is.
Brad isn't jealous of that burnout.
Stephen's jealous of Brad.
He hates how much time Brad and Kim spend together.
I never liked Brad, not in that way.
My parents wanted me to date him, but, come on, Brad was a total pretty boy.
I can have any chick I want.
We need to speak with this Brad.
Sure, I can go tomorrow.
Well, Sam, obviously he's a Casanova You want me to wear heels? Or we could send Danni.
Oh, sorry.
I thought Mr.
Balagan sent that back? He did.
George! How do you put up with that Russian? He has a good heart.
Ah, he tips you well.
I think you try too hard.
I won the silver medal at meilleurs ouvriers de France! He wants what he remembers as a boy, the way his mother made it.
What, cheap Vania a extract and Soviet era flour? Now, listen, you come by the kitchen before you leave, okay? I have some sweets for your granddaughter.
You are a kind man, George.
Go away! Hey! My friends suck.
I had to leave Rebecca's.
Her parents came home from the cabin, and she wasn't supposed to have anybody over.
Didn't you tell Rebecca about the situation with your father? Yeah, but her parents are mean.
Look, I can't deal with my dad right now, and my mom lives 10 hours away.
Can I please just crash here? You won't even know I'm here! It's not like I'm going to party.
Yes, I need a room.
For a guest.
Not even one of your closets? Inexplicably, people still choose to stay here.
Every room is-is booked.
Uh, she will have to stay with you.
Uh, engineers, the New Zealand ultimate team crashing, it's not gonna work.
That's okay.
I'm good.
Oh This used to be viagage ice cream! Ed had crazy flavours, like honey lavender and green tea I'm going swimming.
This is where the party was that night.
I never thought it would be the last time I saw Kim.
I thought we were going to lunch.
I I just want o talk to him.
Two minutes.
Walt Real nice set-up you got here, don't ya? Fixing 'er up for your daughter? You know, Kim's parents were going to surprise her with a car when she came home from college, you know that? Get the hell off my property What kind of life you think Kim would've had? A smart girl like that? Probably graduates top of her class, becomes a doctor, gets married, couple of kids.
That what you want for Maisie? This is harassment.
It's gonna be tough for rr when you're gone.
Are you threatening me? I know what a threat is Stephen.
I didn't threaten you.
You've wasted 20 years on me instead of finding Kim's killer! How many divorces? Two? Three? You're right, I have wasted too much time.
Walt say it! Say it was you.
Put the gun down.
Back off, Hugo.
We got a plan, remember? Okay, just stick to the plan Tell me how you bashed her head in with a rock.
How you threw her body in the river! What difference does it ma what I say to yo you've got one more try to bust him, Walt, okay? Just hold on.
We'll nail him, I promise you that.
Just put the gun away.
Come on.
Just do it.
That's right.
Don't let him win.
One more day! Walt! You ruined my life! Back off! No, no! What are you doing? I'm in the middle of a game! With yourself? With Bobby Fischer.
Isn't he dead? Yes, he's dead.
I'm replaying his 1956 match with Donald Byrne.
Game of the century.
Fischer was 13.
But you know how it turned out.
He trounced Byrne in 41 moves.
I've made a different choice at a critical point in the middle game to see what could have happened.
You see? I don't get it.
It's like this cop didn't even ask if anyone else could have done it.
Walt Varga came up with own hypothesis and set out to prove it.
He wasn't interested in alternatives.
But that's so unfair! The whole town was against my dad.
Of course, they're going to say it was him.
So now you think he's innocent? Yeah! No Okay, I don't know.
I don't think my dad could kill someone now, but When he was 18? Hey, ark.
Pippa! So, uh, you're not going to believe this.
You would not believe what I believe.
You know I've been trying to track this guy down, right? Well, the police have had him locked up for six weeks.
What guy? The arsonist.
Jason says he set the fire that killed the witness to Rosemary's murder.
It was not a witness.
KGB spotter, and who is Jason? Jason Evans The homicide Detective assigned to Rosemary's case Oh! Jason now, is he? Remind me again, he's handsome and single? Big feet? We used to hang out here all the time back when it was village ice cream.
Then I bought it from ed in '99, and went the gelato route.
It's more European.
Tripled the profits within the first year.
Really? What's your book called? "Murder" Uh, "by the river.
" Ouch.
You need something catchier, trust me.
I'm like the Einstein of marketing.
So, you saw Kim the night that she disappeared.
I was stoned on pain-killers, and probably a case of beer Don't put that in your book.
No And, uh, and then Stephen showed up at the park where the party was? Oh, yeah.
We threw him out, on his face.
You were jealous that Kim chose him over you.
Oh, please.
Kim wasn't my type.
Really? I heard that you weren't hers.
Well, it doesn't matter much now, does it? Are you married? Hmm.
If we weren't looking into Rosemary's murder, no one would be.
How did this get to be our job? They didn't know her.
Arkady! Hey, sorry, is this a bad time? No, of course not.
Hey, Pippa.
Okay, uh, this is Brad.
Ah Ah! High School was Brad's biggest achievement, yes? Yes, and he's overcompensating for the fact it's been downhill ever since, but if he did kill Kim, he's a really good actor.
He's had 20 years to Polish his act.
Well, Brad's a liar and a dick, but I did not get a danger vibe from him.
He's about as scary as a glass of milk.
Hey, you, kids! You're dripping that stuff all over the floor.
Where are your pare Hey! Hey, Abramyk! Yeah, you, you'd better not be bringing any trouble.
Your buddy's the one that pulled the gun on me And I stopped him, and I'll stop you, too, if you get outta hand.
Come in.
Not you.
Hey, I'm head of guest security, all right.
Protecting your rights to life, liberty and, uh Security, so Good.
Well, secure the other side of my door.
Today, Sherlock, please! Fine.
Good comeback.
So, Walt threatened you with a gun? Why didn't you call the police? Because they're useless.
Of course.
Never mind.
Is Maisie here? She wants to believe you're innocent, but all she has is Walt Varga's version.
What do you want? Come home.
Not until you stop lying.
How are we supposed to help you if you won't tell us anything? Lisa Jarvis says she saw you by the river Lisa? No She was there with her sister's boyfriend.
After I left the party, I waited for Kim.
We walked down to the river.
She broke up with me.
Said she was in love with someone else.
Who? She wouldn't say.
I got mad, and I pushed her.
I know how awful it sounds.
It's the way it was with us.
It used to get physical You stupid slut! I'm sorry, I'm sorry Don't you ever, ever, ever touch me again! Look, I'm sorry! Just stop it! Stop! I'm sorry! Stop it! Let go of me! No, tell me! Tell me who it is! Tell me who it is! Stay the hell away from me! Kim! I'll find him! I'll find you! You were not on your motorcycle? No.
It was at my buddy Gerry's.
He was helping me rebuild it.
And where was Kim going? What was in that direction? The village.
And you? I was going to steal bleach.
To cover up Kim's blood on your clothes.
No! Look, I was 18, I was pissed off.
I wanted to blow something up So I stole bleach and drain crystals.
Sodium hypochlorite and aluminum.
Used to do it all the time.
See? Bleach stains.
So why throw away your clothes? Lab tests would have detected that there was no blood on them.
I didn't throw them away.
My mom burned them.
She didn't even ask me how I got bleach on them.
She was afraid of the answer.
She thought I did it, just like everybody else.
So, why didn't you just tell the cops the truth? That I was stealing and throwing bombs? I was already on probation.
I would have gone to jail anyway.
That cop wasted 20 years screwing me, instead of doing his job.
Never even found Kim's body.
Tell them my dad didn't do it.
We have a witness who saw your father down by the river where Kim's sweater was found.
Lisa's lying.
Talk to my friend, Gerry.
He'll tell you, I couldn't have been on my motorcycle that night.
Hey, breaker- breaker, old buddy.
You left your security gak upstairs, over.
Sam? 10-4, boss.
Find this Gerry.
Talk to him.
Thank you.
Well, your name is no clearer than when we first met.
It is to Maisie, and that's all that matters to me Stephen McDonald.
You're under arrest for the murder of Kim Sharland.
What? Come on No, it's okay, it's okay Maisie, calm down.
You have no evidence.
Oh, I got plenty, thanks to you.
Hugo, this is a mistake.
I knew that fat head of yours would figure this out.
You found Walt an eye-witness and got Stephen to admit his alibi was a lie.
Nice job, Arkady.
We were listening.
You know, anything you do for that iou, it'll be worth it.
Oh, maybe you can send Sam down with the case notes.
Maisie, Maisie, Maisie.
No Mr.
Balagan, I talked to Stephen's friend, Gerry, and it's true.
The motorcycle was in a zillion pieces in his garage.
Hard to believe, but Hugo made a cunning move, didn't he? Well, you did do what he asked.
You found what Walt needed to charge Stephen, and you did it before Walt could shoot him, so problem solved, I guess.
Walt Varga's making the same mistake he made 20 years ago, but this time, I'm playing the game.
Where did Kim go after fighting with Stephen.
The heritage area.
What did Lisa call it, the village.
Why? All the shops would have been closed, and it was not on her way home.
I don't even know who Kim was.
Lisa and Walt say she was a girl next door, but according to Stephen, she was a wild child.
She is just memories projected on her by the people she left behind.
This is what happens to the dead.
Hey! I've been waiting for you.
You do know my dad's still in jail, right? Sorry about your father.
I should have known that idiot security guard would have played cop.
He claims he used to be one.
Well, what are we going to do to prove my dad didn't do it now? When you asked me if you could stay here, you lied.
You were not kicked out of Rebecca's house.
How do you know? Rebecca's parents would have been sympathetic to what you'd learned about your father.
What were you really doing? I was with my boyfriend.
Ah, so, after your traumatic experience, you sought comfort in a boy's arms.
Perhaps Kim did, too.
Yeah, if you believe she had a boyfriend.
We only have Stephen's word.
What would make you keep your lover a secret from everyone, even your best friend? I had a friend who wouldn't tell anyone about her boyfriend 'cause he was married.
She told you.
Yeah, 'cause I said I wouldn't tell.
Told me.
You think Kim dumped my dad for a married guy? Well, who would be the married men in Kim's life? Maybe one of her teachers? A friend's dad? What about her boss? She was on her way to the village when she left Stephen, yeah? She had a part-time job at a bakery.
Maybe she was meeting her boss for a little roll in the dough.
Sam, find out.
Jason! Hey, Pippa, look, I'm just heading out Hey, look Um, the arsonist you've got locked up didn't set the fire that killed the spotter.
All these yuppie palaces, yeah, sure, but this one's a crack shack.
I think whoever did kill the spotter was trying to make it look like the firebug's work Hey, you know what, Pippa, just stop.
Whoever killed my sister is still out there, and this guy is just Look, forget about the arsonist, okay? We may have caught a break.
What kind of a break? We got a tip.
I'm on my way to check it out.
When? When did you get From who? I'll call you later, okay? But I I'll call you later.
This guy was voted most likely to become a rock-star.
Probably works in a best-buy.
Cucumber field night-watchman.
For sure.
Does anyone end up doing what they want? I did, for a while.
Kim's boss was a woman.
I knew her pretty well, too.
She wasn't sleeping with her.
So, Kim chose Stephen over Brad.
She liked danger, the forbidden fruit.
Were there any attractive, married men in the village who might have appealed to her dark side? Yeah, we-we all had a thing for ed.
He owned the ice-cream shop.
Kim never ate anything.
Oh, she was so skinny.
I always thought she was anorexic.
Do you have a photo of this ed? Yeah, in the yearbook.
Let me have that.
Ah He had an ad in here Oh.
Oh so sexy.
Mm-mm Was Kim sleeping with him? No way.
His wife was seven months pregnant.
Nobody is this naive.
So, what do you say, hot? Hmm Uh, kinda, in, like, a sorta '90s way.
Who are you? Remember the man you lied about seeing on his motorcycle when you were stopping your sister's boyfriend, the man you're helping the police keep in jail? This is his daughter.
Nice to meet you.
Where can we find ed? In the cemetery.
Motorcycle accident.
That's why Brad bought the ice-cream shop.
It makes total sense.
Ed was married, with a pregnant wife, so Kim wouldn't have said anything.
And ed had a motorcycle, so maybe that's who Lisa saw by the river.
Ed killed her.
Now, can we please get my dad out of jail! Unbelievable! Fischer wins again.
You're only looking at the piece in front of you.
You have to consider your opponent's overall strategy.
Why would ed have killed Kim? Ed! Thank God, you're still here.
What happened to you? I broke up with Stephen.
For good.
Now we can be together.
Kim, my wife is pregnant.
I'm not about to throw my life away for a teenager.
But you said that you loved me.
Just get off of me! He breaks her heart.
It's too bad, but she would get over it.
He needs a more compelling reason to silence her.
Ed I'm late.
No, baby, I just locked the front door.
It's perfect.
I'm late.
You told me you were on the pill.
I can't have two babies.
Sam, check Kim's medical records.
Was she on birth control? Uh, yes.
Was Lisa correct in the anorexia? Uh, she had her tonsils out, dust allergy Carried an epi-pen for bee pollen Maybe that's how she died.
Bee sting? Yeah, I'd like to see the bee that leaves a blood-stained sweater behind.
Bee venom and bee pollen are two different things Anorexia, please! Anorexia No mention of any eating disorder.
I'll get it.
Hello, George.
Come in.
My final attempt.
Oh, you will resign after this? That is very honorable.
Taste it this time.
Wait, not yet.
The honey must be added at the very last moment.
This is pashka.
Just like your mother made? No, my mother, she couldn't boil an egg.
Mm She was a poet.
We went to the cafe.
She wrote poetry, I ate pashka.
Well done, chef.
Your approval has renewed my desire to live.
Let me see your hands.
Honey and vanilla.
You made the pashka.
You helped.
A secret rendezvous in the kitchen, with honey.
Lisa said ed made honey lavender ice cream.
Ed Thank God, you're still here.
What happened to you? I broke up with Stephen.
For good.
We had this massive fight at the river, and he threw me to the ground.
He's such an asshole.
Did you tell him about us? No, of course not.
I broke up with him.
We're done.
Are you okay? Now I am.
Baby? You like it? Ed, there's bee pollen in honey.
Kim's allergic.
Kim! Kim! So, bee pollen in the honey lavender ice cream? You think I'm crazy.
Oh, I know you're crazy, but Anaphylactic shock.
Yeah, maybe.
Balagan Mm? Mm Just a token of thanks.
Ah France.
Prosecutor thinks we've got a case.
Why didn't you ever question ed, the ice-cream shop owner? Why would I? He may have been Kim's secret lover, and possibly the last person to see her alive Kim was dead, and ed was about to become a father.
He had to do something.
He took her downstairs to the basement of the ice-cream shop.
He had no car, only a motorcycle, so how to dispose of the body? Kim told him about her fight with Stephen at the river, so I decided make it look like foul play.
Everyone in town hates Stephen.
They'll have no problem blaming him for this.
He didn't know Lisa was at the river with her sister's boyfriend.
Shh! Someone's coming.
So, you put Kim's bloody sweater there to lead the police to Stephen.
Guy's already a criminal.
Gonna end up in jail sooner or later, just like his dad.
No, that's ridiculous.
It's improbable, but not impossible.
We've got the right man behind bars.
Do you? If I am right, you will find Kim's body hidden somewhere in that basement.
The case is solved.
You never found the body.
Can't be late for my own party.
Uh, uh, "the guy solves a 20-year-old homicide in his last 24 hours on duty" Hey, how are ya? "Hey, Walt, leave some crime for the rest of us!" I'm going to pause for laughter and applause there.
Uh, "now time for a guy "with a real sense of humor.
"He'd have to be "to put up with you guys all these years.
My friend and mentor, Walt Varga!" So, what do you think? Walt? Hey, we're closed.
Detective, what are you doing? Can I help you, Detective? You can't just barge in here and start going through my place! You need a warrant.
Not anymore.
I stopped being a cop as of 5:00.
What the hell is going on? You bought this place from ed in '99? Yeah.
Hey, what's going on? You see that? Dents, when the old freezer was put back before the concrete was dry.
Are you crazy? You're wrecking my floor! That's it.
911? Please send someone to village gelato.
He's destroying my place! He's ripping up my floor! Oh, no It's Kim.
So, was it an accident, or did ed kill her on purpose? Did he know she was allergic to bee pollen? Get used to living with uncertainty.
Life is full of it.
I can't express what this means to me.
Then do not try.
Thank you.
Stephen The case is closed.
Let's go.
Arkady Pippa! Mr.
Jason What big feet you have.
Join me for a drink? I hear you solved the Sharland case.
Hmm, who will be around in 20 years to solve Rosemary's? Excuse me? Arkady, just listen, all right, please? To what? We got a break in your fiancee's case.
We have the shooter in custody.
This man killed Rosemary? Yeah, we think so.
Do you know him? What did you do to deserve me, hmm? Oh, I think it must have been something very bad.
Your lover awaits.
He's my lover from High School.
Love is eternal.
Who's that? So, uh, technically, you didn't prove Stephen killed that girl, so why don't we call it even? Ah, Hugo, snooping again? You're going to be very sorry when I use this you-owe-me.
Excuse me, I have Hugo's humiliation to plan.
Perhaps another time.
I think I need a drink.