Endgame s01e13 Episode Script

Deadman Talking

Pippa, Pippa, people scream at each other all the time.
In my family, that is That is what we would call conversation.
Wait, one second Sam, Pippa has been acting without any deference to protocol or propriety Pippa, disregard what I am saying.
One second.
So, Sam, she has boycotted me for over a week.
I will give you five games if you can call her and convince her to give me a truce, and come visit me, and end this idiocy! I mean, Sam, I've-I've left 50 voice messages for this person Which is much more than you deserve! And I'm telling you, Sam, I'm very worried about I mean, I'm not worried about you, Pippa! I'm not worried, okay! Anyway, just call and confirm, Sam.
[Beeps phone off] And Sam Or, is this Pippa Ah! Sooka.
Ah, Danni! Oh, so ravishing.
What time do you get off? Uh-huh.
Why? I need your help.
I can't.
What, at night? No All night.
Too many of the staff have sticky fingers.
Head office is freaking out.
But Ah, Alcina! Alcina! Alcina.
[Camera shutter clicking] I can't help you, Mr.
That crazy Barbara thinks the maids are stealing Always us! And now we have an emergency meeting What are you doing? Welcome to the Huxley hotel, sir.
[Barbara]: We ordered a hundred banquet tables, we received a hundred banquet tables, but food and beverage only has 60! Barb 400 steaks missing! 30 cases of wine! Food and beverage are all thieves.
- So do something! - I'm investigating I'm getting close.
Relax! No, no, Barbara, it's right! Hugo and the thieves are very close.
Balagan, this is a private conversation.
$100,000 in one quarter! How do we even begin to explain that kind of loss? Professionals! The Huxleys are going to clean house, and if I go down, you go down.
Come on.
Your investigation file.
My office.
- Five minutes! - Hugs? This is ridiculous, Barb! Good evening.
[Grumbles] See, Hugo, you should have been a priest.
Then you'd only have to kiss your boss's ring.
What the hell do you want, Balagan? I have an assignment that only you can accomplish.
Yeah, well, I am not your errand boy, and you heard her.
You do everything that your boss asks to? Of course not.
I just pretend to.
Hey, Hugo, Hugo! The special was on special.
Only 2.
Know what? I lost my appetite.
Don't cry, Hugo.
Hey, Mr.
What's up with him? Inter-species communication is fraught with challenges.
Gurjit, if I give you an address, and I write it in big, bold, simple letters, do you think you could manage to find it and send an urgent message for me? 50 bucks.
It is for my friend, Pippa.
$30? Pippa? Yeah, sure.
40 bucks is fine.
Uh, I get off at 7:00.
Payment upon completion, yes? Uh-uh, half up front.
You want some chicken? Smells foul.
No, half now, or you can deliver it yourself! Sam too slow.
no games for you! [] Pippa, did Gurjit not deliver my note? [Dialing other cell phone] I will strangle him.
Sam, your doctoral thesis is trivial compared to my urgent needs.
You are becoming self-absorbed.
Where did you learn this? [Ringing] Pick up, Gurjit.
[Cell phone vibrating] [] [Crowd roaring with applause] [Elevator dings] [Hum of murmured concern] We'll have to get somebody else, but it just feels so callous Who died? Gurjit.
What? He died last night.
Seriously? Yeah.
He was like a son to me.
I taught him about work, life, love.
What happened? The police say it was an accident.
He had been drinking down at the seawall, right near here, and they say he hit his head, he fell, he drowned.
My last words to him were, "I lost my appetite"? I mean, if I'd have known, who knows what I would have said? Did this happen right after work, or was it later? Was anybody with him? No, nobody saw anything.
Left work by 7:00, dead by 9:00.
The humanity.
And here I was worried about missing inventory, and one of our family dies.
[Sighs heavily] [Starts to speak, then sighs] Barbara? Something else? When Gurjit was hired, there was a bit of an insurance issue He had hepatitis C, so in order to get him onto our policy, he had to sign a rider saying he didn't drink alcohol.
The police found him with an empty bottle.
People have been known to lie, Barbara.
[Telephones ring] Excuse me.
[Sobbing pitifully] Danni Hey, can you believe this? I mean, what was he thinking? A whole bottle of rum.
The guy would sit and nurse a light beer for hours, and all of a sudden, he's just downing a 2-6? Was Gurjit depressed? Didn't you notice how happy he was? The dimwitted always look happy.
What? He was getting married.
He was? To whom? Lucinda, from the spa.
The massage therapist? Yeah.
Gurjit and Lucinda? You know Lucinda.
Hot, sweet, flaky [Dialing cell phone] Hmm.
Sounds like a pie.
One massage, she insisted I point my head north.
Hmm, it felt good.
You think Gurjit's death and the hotel thefts are related? You don't think it was an accident? I'm not thinking anything yet.
Gurjit was on his way to your house and now he is dead.
[Beeps cell phone off] Perhaps that will get your attention.
I don't know what to say, but, um, she doesn't want to go home.
No, she can stay here as long as she wants.
Tom, I'd like to talk to you later about a memorial for Gurjit.
Yeah, yeah, I'd love to help out.
No rush.
Anything I can do, Lucinda? Oh, Lucinda, it's going to be okay.
Shh, shh My heartfelt sympathies.
Gurjit was A very unique person.
[Sobbing] Who are you? Uh, Tom Mody.
I'm huh I was, uh, Gurjit's roommate.
[Sobbing] You know, man, I just I can't believe it.
Maybe Lucinda needs a-a water? Or No.
Tom? Maybe a coffee? [Sniffling and blowing nose] Tissues.
She needs a tissue.
Aw Aw I lost my fiancee.
The pain is real, as is the loss, but Time is your friend.
[Clears throat] I am concerned about the nature of Gurjit's demise.
Do you mind if I ask you some questions? Was he upset about something? [Sobbing] Did you ever see him drink? Maybe when you announced your engagement.
[Sobbing] Did he have any enemies? Any family trouble? [Sobbing] Okay.
Uh Maybe they did not approve of your engagement? My parents loved him.
That is nice.
And Gurjit's family? Never met them.
They did not approve? They lived in Phoenix.
There you go, luce.
[Sobbing] Maybe she's had enough.
Yes, yes, Tom is right.
For now, tears are best.
[Elevator dings] Mr.
Balagan, I was looking for you.
And I have been looking for you.
You know me.
I hate gossip.
Of course.
But last night, I went to talk to Hugo about a watch I found in room 813.
One of those silly watches where you can't even tell the time, and, well Mm-hmm.
[Voices approaching] Yes? Gurjit and Hugo were fighting.
Well, they are like father and son.
I mean fighting fighting.
Doing like this, and they were swearing at each other.
Fighting You turd! [Bleep] Piece of [Bleep]! Get off me you big [Bleep bleep]! And there were punches.
Punches? Really? Mm-hmm.
Gentlemen What were they arguing about? I don't know.
I came too late, but it was like a cowboy movie.
[] What time was this? 6:45.
Right before Gurjit got off work.
Yet Hugo said the last time they spoke was earlier.
Balagan, did that bully, Hugo, kill poor Gurjit? Kill me? You bastard! I'm gonna beat the [Bleep] out of you, you mother [Bleep]! [] I have a puzzle to solve.
Thank you, Alcina.
[Knocking on door] Go away! [Knocking insistently] I said go away! Jesus, who is it! Knock, knock! Open the gate! I have something for you from Masha.
What the hell are you talking about? It's from my childhood.
A big, stupid beast is outsmarted by a little child.
How are you holding up, Hugo? It's a tough day for security professionals whenever one of our own goes down.
Mm Just getting Gurjit's stuff together.
With the door locked? Mourning is private, okay? He was He was like a son to you, yes.
How long did Gurjit work here? Two years.
He trained at the best hotel security college on the continent.
Yeah, he spent a while in D.
, he had good references, so I hired him.
He said he was born six blocks from here.
Yeah, but his family moved everybody back east.
I think they live in Phoenix now.
What else? He was a Dolphins fan.
An animal lover? The Miami Dolphins.
The football team? Balagan, do you live under a rock? Happily.
I see you're left holding the bag.
Ah, it's just, uh Gurjit's crap.
Yet you cling to it like a relic of Saint Nikolai.
It's nothing.
I like nothing.
Come on, Balagan, seriously.
A dead man's private effects? You really gonna go there? No, you are correct.
Hugo Which stage of grief is this? This isn't my money.
I found it in Gurjit's desk.
Like father, like son, yes? It was taped under the top drawer.
I was clearing it out for when his uncle came.
That is a lot of money, Hugo, for an assistant to a simpleton.
Maybe he didn't believe in banks? Or maybe he sold the 30 cases of wine? Maybe you should shut your trap.
Perhaps this is why the two of you came to blows last night? What blows? Were you fighting because of Barbara's audit? Or because he wasn't giving you your cut? Neither.
Well, you have your cut now.
I'm not a thief.
[Sighs] Gurjit trained at the Bill Landers School of hotel security, and I asked him to call Bill to convince him to speak at a convention I'm organizing The guy's a living legend And he wouldn't do it.
And this is why you resorted to pugilism.
He was being a stubborn turd.
Those were your last words to him? You have no idea where the money came from? Hey, Mr.
B! So much money, Gurjit.
But do you have it in you to rob this hotel blind? Is that why you're dead? The horsie moves like this, right? Knight.
It's called a knight.
Well, hey, you wanna know more about me, talk to my roommate.
- Hmm [Knock on door] Go away.
[Pounding on door] [Pippa]: I thought you wanted to see me.
Pippa? Pippa, wait! - I apologize.
- I'm sorry.
[Chuckles] I can't believe it.
He was on my porch last night.
What time? 7:30? "Apology accepted.
" Hilarious note.
He said that he wanted to invite you to his wedding, but they weren't going to have it at the Huxley.
What did you say? I told him to invite you anyway.
I can't believe he's dead.
He was starting to grow on me.
Like a barnacle, yes.
Hmm, another death you can pretend you don't care about.
I only care about the living, Pippa.
Hmm, come.
Gurjit was drunk, but he didn't drink.
There's a theft ring operating in the hotel.
Oh, and hidden money, and all this makes me ask Did he fall off the seawall, or was he pushed? Could this have something to do with Rosemary? Pippa don't ruin my day, please.
Emil shirt said that he met someone at the Huxley.
Maybe Gurjit was the one who paid him to Gurjit the inside man? No, that's ridiculous, Pippa.
When I was talking to him, I saw a guy in a black car across from my house.
He was just sitting there.
So, when Gurjit left, did the car go? It was already gone.
So then Gurjit and the car are unrelated.
Are you becoming paranoid now? Coming from you? That's funny.
Where we going? Well, you're going to the seawall.
Hopefully, you'll have better luck than Gurjit.
My roommate moved out, and I was about to Craig's list for another one when Gurjit told me that he needed a place.
He was moving here from the east? Yeah.
Yeah, he was a great roommate.
We were close.
I'm really going to miss him.
We were tight.
What else can you tell me about him? Uh, his parents live in Phoenix.
No brothers and sisters.
He studied hotel security at Landers.
Um, worked in Washington for a little bit before he came out here.
And-and he's a Dolphins fan.
Oh, right, the team.
Yes, I know all about it.
Any enemies? Was he in trouble? The police said it was an accident.
Maybe it was.
Tell me about Lucinda.
I don't know what to say.
Did she and Gurjit fight? No, no, she couldn't hurt a fly.
She's a vegetarian.
So was Hitler.
What were you doing last night between 7:00 and 9:00? Going over the numbers with Barbara.
[Knock on door] You don't think that, um? Do you? [Opens office door] Hey, right, thank you.
Thanks very much.
So, what do you do here? [Imitates clacking keystrokes] I'm the hotel buyer.
Whatever the hotel needs, I source out and cost.
And what about the hotel thefts? Well, it's all my fault.
I buy such nice things, that the guests can't help but help themselves.
Or maybe it was the hotel staff? We found cash taped underneath Gurjit's desk.
[Clears throat awkwardly] Uh Yeah, about that, uh Whenever celebrities would stay at the hotel, Gurjit would sell their room numbers and stuff to, uh, paparazzi.
I think I might need to look into Gurjit's things.
His desk and his room, and I thought you couldn't leave the hotel.
A king has pawns.
[Snoring] I like this one.
It's good.
Don't worry, I won't look in your room.
[Keys jangling] No, no, it's okay, why don't you knock yourself out? A dead guy's stuff? I don't know.
He did not die of leprosy, Sam.
He was murdered, relax.
Pippa Jason.
You solving another murder? So he was murdered.
I'll wait for the autopsy.
Arkady knew him.
He's curious.
Well, let me know when he solves it.
Hey, what are we going to do about Sebastian Wilks? Nothing.
Look, I told you, our hands are tied for a while.
He killed my sister, and I'm supposed to wait five years for some federal task force to pull its thumb out of its ass and make an arrest? Yeah.
Nice pad [Shutter clicking] [Patting drum pads] Hmm, is that Gurjit's? Yup.
Gurjit was gonna be a dad.
[Sharp knock on door] One sec! [Insistent banging] Coming! Hi Think you're some kinda smart guy? No, no, no, no [Blows thud] Stay outta other people's private business, pathetic pervert.
[Groans in pain] We are trying to send a sympathy card to Gurjit's parents, but no one knows how to contact them.
Maybe Lucinda I can't stop thinking about that poor girl.
[Door opens] When I lost my husband Sammy Maybe you should talk to her.
What happened? I got my ass kicked, literally.
Who would do such a thing? Did you get a haircut? Some guy just came into Gurjit's apartment and he started hitting me, and he said, "stay outta other people's business, you pathetic pervert.
" Poor Sammy.
Hey, what you brought? Your hair, it [Clears throat] Ah, Gurjit was going to be a father.
Lucinda is pregnant? I will definitely talk to her.
Maybe that's why Gurjit was drinking? Forced into a marriage 'cause of a baby he didn't want? Possibly.
Tom did not mention that Gurjit was going to be a father.
Maybe he was told not to tell anyone.
She's only 12 weeks.
[Tapping keyboard] Huh Browser history's been wiped.
A guy with a fiancee's gotta cover his tracks.
Check his recent files.
What's this? Gurjit is a pervert.
You see? Porn.
Hey, that's that jerk that beat me up.
Oh, my That is Trent Karlson.
He's a friend of yours? He is a famous hockey player.
Right, he plays for Toronto.
No, no, he was traded to Dallas for draft picks and future considerations, and that is not his wife.
His wife is a famous country singer.
Alcina, do you like hockey? Trent is staying on the fourth floor.
They all checked in Tuesday.
Big game tomorrow, and we will triumph.
So, Gurjit, he's not a pervert, he's an entrepreneur.
Paparazzi, blackmail.
[] Maybe you wronged the wrong person? Dance with the devil, gonna get burned.
There is more to you, Gurjit, than I thought.
Check! Mate.
I must talk to this Trent Karlson.
What? Gurjit was blackmailing Trent.
Trent went to beat him up.
Why would Trent want to beat up somebody he already killed? Logically, Trent has nothing to do with killing Gurjit.
So, who am I missing? Coffee for me.
For you, Lucinda? Um, no, thank you.
You sure? Maybe a tea? Um, do you have ginger tea? No, sorry.
Uh, Tulsi tea? Linden flower? Uh, peppermint? It's organic.
No, thanks.
You can never be too careful.
So, tell me about Gurjit.
He He asked me out, like, 18 times before I said yes.
[Chuckling] He wore me down, he was so cute.
He would have to.
I-I don't really know what you want to know You're doing fine.
Just, anything.
[Clearing throat] He was, um, born here.
His parents moved the family back east.
Gurjit studied hotel security at Landers and then moved here.
We became friends, and I hung out a lot with him and Tom but Then about six months ago Was Gurjit happy about becoming a father? How did you? I know that the timing is terrible, but your baby will flourish and give you a reason to live.
It is Gurjit's baby? Of course.
Gurjit was so happy.
He was going to stay home with indigo when I became a nurse.
A nurse? Yeah, I'm halfway there.
I'm done giving massages to ungrateful rich a-holes.
No offense.
None taken.
So, you weren't worried about the baby? Why would I be? Someone with nurse's training would obviously know that hepatitis c complicates pregnancy.
Hep C? I don't Gurjit had? Hepatitis C.
[Exhales in disbelief] Why wouldn't he tell me? It is rarely communicated in sexual relations.
Just blood, so maybe Another secret.
You know of more? Um, I have to go.
My mom's waiting.
Are you referring to Gurjit extorting the hockey players? Pardon? Or selling information to the paparazzi? Any of What? [Stammers awkwardly, cell phone warbles] Never mind.
Thank you, Pippa.
[] Does she really not know you have hep C? Maybe.
Or maybe she's a really good actress.
Ow! [Wincing] I cut myself.
You're using my razor? I always do when I stay over.
I have hepatitis c! Oh, God! And now so do you! [Groans in pain] Ew.
No, it's ridiculous.
It does not explain his drunkenness.
[Cell phone ringing] Hugo.
What new nonsense? Right there.
Do you Ah, so you must be Gurjit's Uncle.
He was quite a character.
He will be remembered for a long time.
I did not get your name.
Uh, Smith.
Jerry Smith.
May we have a word? You live in? Arizona.
Where Gurjit's parents live.
Yeah, that's right, yeah.
Could you tell me about Gurjit? Uh, Gurjit, he was born here.
His folks moved the family out east.
They live in Phoenix now.
He studied hotel security at Landers.
He worked in Washington for a while, and then he moved back here.
Dolphins fan.
Close family? Yes.
[] Hey, Gurjit.
You studied at Landers, right? Do me a big favour, ask Bill Landers if he'll speak at my hotel security convention.
Why the hell not? Stop asking me so many questions, you Cro-Magnon moron! Yeah, well, you're the missing dink! Please, Hugo.
He cannot ask Bill Landers.
Why not? Because he has never met the man.
Are you staying here at the Huxley, in case we need to talk again? No, I'm staying out near the airport, but why don't you, uh Take my card.
Real estate.
That's good.
Thank you.
Who's that? Anytime anyone says anything about Gurjit, they always say the same things.
Hugo, Tom, Lucinda, Uncle Jerry, it is always the same He was born here, he moved east, he's an only child, his parents live in Phoenix, Landers, Washington, loves Dolphins.
Yeah? You play an alleged sport called ultimate.
You have eight engineers as roommates.
You wash in a sink.
You have a life to draw on, Sam.
He does not.
So, why? Because he's making it up.
And he recites it just the way he learned it, as does everyone else.
The question is what is he hiding from? Maybe he's a spy.
What country would hire Gurjit? Absurdistan? No, he's a criminal on the run.
Or he's future-Gurjit fallen through the wormhole.
His Uncle would know the truth.
Why would he lie? Either he's in on the lie, or he's not an Uncle.
Or both? Hello, Hugo.
Outta my face, Balagan.
You're not very chipper this evening.
Toxicology came back.
Alcohol in the blood? No, more like blood in his alcohol.
He was .
That's way more than one bottle.
Yeah and get this There was no alcohol in his stomach.
Yeah [] Way to go, muffin! You're going to be the best nurse ever.
Hmm Have them check for needle marks in the arms.
They already found one.
Somebody bashed Gurjit over the head, injected him with alcohol, then threw him over the seawall? Clearly, a professional job, which means Gurjit was involved in the theft ring.
He betrayed me, he betrayed the hotel, he betrayed everything that we stand for.
Or maybe not.
You don't have a clue, Balagan.
You know what, Gurjit is lucky somebody killed him, otherwise I would have wrung his scrawny neck.
"Password" isn't his password.
Have you tried "password" with one "s"? Nope.
"Dolphins"? Tried it.
" We're in.
Sam, well done.
Let's see if this romantic has deleted his browser history or not.
No, it's still here.
Let's see.
We got football, hockey, porn, football, porn.
Porn, porn, porn Oh, he's got some mixer hits.
Mixer? It's a social networking site.
Let's see the people he's been looking at.
A lot of people named Bhatti.
Gurjit's family? Where do they live? Miami, Tampa Miami, Jacksonville, Ft.
Lauderdale Miami Dolphins.
And Gurjit's name is Bhatti.
Google "Gurjit Bhatti" and "Miami.
" See if I'm right.
No hits.
Hugo! I'm mopping! Stay there.
Hugo! Since when do you mop? Hugo? Where are you, Hugo? What are you doing here? Oh, there you are.
We've been looking for you.
What do you want? You took too long! I forgot! You know, one day, Balagan, you're gonna be bala Gone! Danni Uh-huh? Business or pleasure? It is the art of my life to combine the two.
Vodka and Milk.
Danni, I need you to use your considerable expertise to see if a man named Bhatti, matching Gurjit's description, worked in a hotel in the Miami area, because Gurjit is not Gurjit.
- What? - Yeah, yeah And you think he worked at a hotel in Miami? Most people who run away from their pasts end up recreating their old lives.
He was still a Dolphins fan.
You want me to cold-call a bunch of hotels looking for a South Asian guy with the last name Bhatti? Just say you're from the Huxley Which you are He's applied for a job, and would they recommend him? We find about Gurjit's past, who he was, we might find the killer.
Danni Fine.
I'll do it.
Thank you, Dannichka.
Uh Just go.
[Elevator dings] Aw I'll have to get the next one then.
Hey! Hey, hey, you work for that chess champion, right? Yeah, where's my computer? Oh, um I don't have it.
I just have Gurjit's.
'Cause it's gone.
[Elevator dings] I don't Sorry.
Hey, hold the elevator! Thanks, bud.
[Elevator dings] Where is it? It wasn't on the laptop, you little skidmark.
I don't have it But I think I know where it is.
I want it today! Right-o.
Okay, so I called nine hotels.
No one had heard of a Gurjit Bhatti, but then someone said maybe I was looking for "Jag" Bhatti.
Security guard, always on the take, big flirt, Dolphins fan.
Gurjit was once Jag.
Then the guy said there was a theft ring there, and Jag was suspected until he disappeared, and then the thefts stopped.
So Gurjit was on the run because he was a thief.
Google "Jag Bhatti.
" Me? [Snapping fingers] Sam He's not going to Google himself he was wounded in a nightclub shooting.
Two others dead.
But he was not the target, he was just a bystander.
Witness Protection.
He was in hiding here.
So did the bad guys find him? Possibly.
What confuses me is the method of death.
The needle suggests Lucinda, yes? Why would she kill Gurjit? Well, she did love him.
I have not found a convincing reason, but there are people out there now who might want to kill Gurjit.
How did they know he was here? What about the uncle? He's either one of those people, or he's the agent handling his case.
And he's not going to tell us.
Who would know the truth? I wanted to inform you that my suspicions have been substantiated.
Gurjit's death was no accident.
Someone killed him? I'm working on two theories.
You are in nursing school, yes? Part-time.
Were you trained in intravenous injection? Yes.
Gurjit was injected with alcohol to make his fall look accidental.
Oh, my God.
Police did not tell you this? I'm going to be sick.
Maybe they think you're a suspect.
I am going to be sick.
Was it you? [Gasping in distress] Would you like a pail, or? How could you think such a thing? I loved Gurjit.
I didn't kill him! All right, all right, theory two He was in Witness Protection.
[Inhales sharply] Pail? Would you like a pail? Well, maybe that is why the police did not tell you he was murdered.
They think you don't know about the Witness Protection, but you do, right? He told me right after he proposed.
Right after I said "yes".
He was an eyewitness.
His trial has been delayed and delayed.
That's all he said.
Why did you not mention this earlier? I'm not supposed to tell anyone.
But did you? No! No one knows, I swear! I'm going to be sick.
[Car engine starts] [Tires squealing] [Gasps] [Tires squealing] [Gasping in shock] Are you okay? You'd better watch where you're stepping.
No one is trying to kill you, Pippa You weren't there.
Pedestrians are struck on a daily basis It was Sebastian Wilks.
Pippa, you've only seen a tiny picture of him.
It was him.
The car, the car was the same one sitting outside my door when Gurjit was there.
Sebastian Wilks killed Gurjit, just like he killed my sister.
Gurjit's murder has nothing to do with Rosemary.
He was in Witness Protection.
[Voices approach] [Whispering] Are you serious? Come in.
Come in, we're working on the puzzle.
Maybe it was bad luck.
Maybe someone connected to the Miami bad guys was here and saw Gurjit.
I don't like that answer.
Why? We cannot solve it.
Well, the police can.
Don't hold your breath.
It could also have been someone doing it for a bounty.
Bad guys putting up a reward There's nothing we can do about that either.
Lucinda? I don't think so.
Well, there's rewards other than money.
Yeah, like getting revenge on a guy that kicked the crap out of you twice.
[Laughs] Listen, whoever exposed Gurjit knew he was in Witness Protection, and who knew that? Who sold him out? Barbara didn't know that.
Hugo didn't know that.
Only Lucinda knew that.
Maybe someone overheard Gurjit telling Lucinda.
[Lucinda]: Witness Protection? [Gurjit]: Yeah, in Miami.
I saw this guy shoot up a club.
Took a bullet in my ass.
[Lucinda]: Oh, my God, you poor thing.
[Headboard pounding, gasping in passion] How long will this go on? All night long.
So kill Gurjit, and maybe we can finish our game in peace.
It's not the game I want to win.
Hello, Miami? Yeah, spread the word.
You know the guy everyone's been looking for? The one in Wit Pro? He's at the Huxley.
But Lucinda's pregnant.
Yeah, and with Gurjit out of the way, she'll be desperate, too.
So, apparently, are you.
It's love, man.
Maybe Gurjit's roommate coveted Lucinda.
Tom? How are you going to prove that? Ooh! [Knocking politely] Wait, wait, wait.
I got what you want.
Then gimme it.
Don't make me put you on injured reserve.
You got the wrong roommate's laptop.
This is the one you want.
I'll trade you? [Sighs heavily] Oh, um, I just need the hard drive.
See? Isn't this a better way to resolve conflict? [Ping] [Laughs] Samuel? Did you hack the log-in screen? Nope, figured out the password.
" Yup.
Lucinda, Lucinda, Lucinda, Lucinda, Lucinda.
Tom's obsessed.
Very good.
[Patting back] Sam, very good.
You have to come, Hugo.
You knew Gurjit better than most of us.
Turns out I didn't know that little twerp at all.
What about you, Mr.
Balagan? Are you coming to Gurjit's memorial? It's about to start.
First, I have some news for Hugo.
Hugurt, your friend, Gurjit, worked in a hotel in Miami.
He was being investigated for some thefts, and after he left, the thefts stopped.
So he was behind thefts at another hotel, too? That's your news? I don't know, maybe the real thief used his departure as an excuse to stop from being caught, but Okay, okay, so what you're saying is maybe Gurjit was a thief, and maybe he wasn't.
You're a retired genius, right? My point is that Gurjit was not who he said he was.
No kidding, Sherlock He was in Witness Protection.
He witnessed a crime.
He was trying to put the bad guys away.
Gurjit? Jag.
His real name was Jag.
Jag Bhatti, and he's a hero.
So, wait a second.
That's why he wouldn't call Bill Landers from the hotel security school, because he never met him.
Of course.
That makes sense now.
Poor Gurjit.
If he was in Wit Pro, could be the scumbags caught up with him.
Hugo, I think you may be on to something, and you know who may have betrayed him? Who? Tom His roommate? He was in love with Lucinda, too.
So, Tom dropped the dime on Gurjit? Do you have proof? No, but you can tell your homicidal friends at the police department to start with this hard drive.
It contains pictures of Lucinda.
And bad poetry.
Bad poetry's not a crime.
Unfortunately, but accessory to murder is.
He probably doesn't even realize he's responsible, but I suspect that Tom led the killers to Gurjit.
You "suspect"? So you're guessing.
That is why I prefer chess over people puzzles.
In chess, there is always a right answer.
Someone wins.
Well, Balagan, you know how cops deal with uncertainty? They lie.
Watch how a pro works.
Excuse me.
This is for little Gurjit.
Listen, Tom, I need to talk to you for a second [Whispering] [Elevator dings] Hey! Get Ah, Gurjit, you look well.
Death suits you.
Thanks, Mr.
And thanks for all your help in solving this.
Because of you, indigo won't think I'm a clumsy drunk.
That's true, you'll be remembered as a hero.
And now Tom can't play dad to my kid.
That would have been sick.
So, tell me, were you the hotel thief? Does it matter now? Funny thing about all my lies.
It was finally telling the truth that got me killed.
[Key card warbles] Well, I'll see you soon.
Not too soon.
[Flicking switch] [Shouting in alarm] Whoa! Who is this? Who are you? Gentlemen, I am beginning to lose my temper! I must warn you, I bruise easily! Come on, at least can we not take the elevator? Gentlemen, I am not going to Gurjit's memorial Tell me what this is about.
I will cooperate, but please tell me what you want! Please! Please, I beg of you, you cannot do this.
I have a medical condition! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me, please! Don't! Don't do this! No! No! No! [Gasping in panic] [Hyperventilating] I'm here to prevent another tragedy.
[Gasping for air] Back to hotel.
Calm down, you're inside.
[Hyperventilating] Hotel! You know who I am, Mr.
Balagan? That's right, I'm Sebastian Wilks.
You killed Rosemary.
I make things happen.
[Shouting in rage] Get him under control now! [Balagan screaming in rage] [Gasping for air] I will kill you! [Struggling and kicking] Calm down.
Listen, a guy came to me, needed something taken care of.
I did what I do.
[Grunting and struggling] Now that guy's dead.
I don't know why.
Maybe he made a mistake.
I don't know, I don't care.
It was just a deal.
You see your friend, Pippa, here? If she doesn't stop, if you don't stop, I'll have to do what I do, Pro Bono.
Don't make me do that.
Your little pal, Sam? That maid? The sexy little bartender who slices your pickles just right? Do we have an understanding here? Do we? Enjoy the fresh air.
[] [Tires squealing] [] [Hyperventilating] []