Endlings (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Found and Lost

1 Previously on Endlings - She's gonna go meet her mom.
- What happened there? She's my kid.
You can't just come in here and take my kid away.
Did you find a new place to live? It's the second floor of a house.
I don't even have a roommate.
It's all mine.
You could have a roommate.
I just, I gotta focus on myself right now.
- An old tree fort? - Do you know who built it? No.
I don't really know what's going on with you and your mom.
Get out! Why aren't those two sides fitting together? - We're missing a piece.
- I'm gonna name you Tick.
I'll keep you safe.
Tabby could use a hangout.
Arise, Knight Tabitha.
Is it your foot? Do you yield?! Never! How long does this usually go on for? Till we have a victor.
Nice moves.
You haven't seen anything yet.
Finnalot! Traitor! Quick! Another creature in the cornfield.
- Everyone get your blasters.
- Mine's upstairs.
Meet us outside.
Tick, I told you to stay.
It's all right.
It's all right, just stay calm.
Both of you.
That doesn't sound good.
And that doesn't look good.
Do you know exactly how fast can an elephant run? Mr.
Leopold! Johnny, be careful! You're welcome.
Where's Tabby? Tick.
Tick! Where did you go? Find you when I get back, buddy.
Does it have eyes? No, but it has one powerful tongue.
- Hey, Jules! - Took you long enough! Relax.
I'm here now.
Any time now, Tabby.
- Let go of the backpack, Tabby! - No, it's mine! Let go and blast it! Great, it's getting away! Maybe you should sit this one out, Tabs.
Look for the little alien in the house.
There's another one? Yes.
But it's harmless.
We don't even need blasters to trap it.
Hey, Finn, can you keep an eye on Tabby? Looks like you're out of hands.
You like saving animals, right? Why is it taking so long to track the missing piece? The radiation emitted from each leaf is very small.
It's proving hard to detect.
Don't try to humanize it.
It's a specimen, an object of study, nothing more, nothing less.
Except Except what? Deeper scans have revealed a system of veins running through each specimen.
Which means what? They're alive.
Uh, let's split up! I'll look upstairs, you look down! Tick, what did I tell you to do? Stay here.
And what did you do? You didn't! And, then you almost got taken by I don't even know what it's called.
What were you thinking? That thing could have hurt you.
Are you feeling okay? It feels scaly and cold.
You'll get used to it.
Any sign of it? No.
That's not entirely true.
A tree? Look closer.
The branches.
- They're broken.
- How? Like something ran past them.
This way.
Everything leaves a trace, you just have to know how to look for it.
It's okay, Tick.
Not gonna let anyone take you away.
There are no more snapped branches.
Which means we have to look for a different sign.
Like what? We didn't all grow up with elephants.
Well, if you had, you'd know that sometimes you have to think like the animal you're tracking.
How are we supposed to think like something we know nothing about? Nothing? Uh we know it doesn't have eyes.
Good start.
Now, if you couldn't see, where would you go? Somewhere where I wouldn't need to see? Is there a place around here like that? The caves.
Tick! Where are you going?! Come back! Great, you scared Tick! Tick! Where are you? It's okay, Finn won't hurt you.
He'll annoy you, but he won't hurt you.
I can't talk now, Finn, I have to find Tick.
He's scared, he needs me! No! You don't understand.
He's alone! I'm all he has! Uh uh Uh, Finn, I Tick! Now's probably not the best time to tell you I'm afraid of small spaces.
- I love fears.
- Why? Because wouldn't life be boring if there was nothing to overcome? It's okay, Tick, I'm coming to get you.
Don't tell him about Tick.
What's, uh going on here? We were hungry, right, Finn? Oh, you want some lunch? Grilled cheese? Tabby, grab the pan, would you, please? Kazi, set the burner to medium.
Just gonna head to the restroom first.
Oh, uh, Kazi, turn the fan on, please.
Don't wanna smoke the place out again.
I don't think that thing could have fit through here.
Why do you call it a "thing"? 'Cause we don't know what it is.
And just because you don't know what it is, because you don't understand it, that makes it a thing? You don't have to get mad at me.
What do we know about it? Uh, we know that it can't see.
No, think bigger.
We know it's alive.
We know it has feelings.
- Feelings? - Remember when it made that sound? That means it was trying to warn us off.
And when it displayed its headdress.
It was probably trying to make itself look bigger, to be more intimidating.
It's not a thing, it's a living, feeling being.
Okay, okay.
Think I'm just afraid of being in this cave.
Don't ever let your fear of one thing color your view of something else.
Uh how did you make that sound? This? You have to roll your tongue.
You try it.
Think we're getting close.
Come on.
Kazi, turn off the kitchen fan! Tick! Where did he go? He's chewing through the door! Oh! I've gotta get him out! I know Mr.
Leopold said not to go in there, but Tick needs me.
Hey, look! Come on.
How do you use this again? Uh, just open your hand, and hang on for the ride.
Let's blast it.
Let's blast her.
Or him.
Or they.
Let's blast our new friend.
Is it supposed to do that? No, they must be out of energy or something.
I think our new friend is angry.
What now? We usually run.
Kazi, lights.
Old school.
Well, what do we have here? Someone's been holding out on us.
What are you doing in here? Where to? Maybe we can recharge the blasters in the ship.
Give that back.
Who's Henry? None of your business.
Well, you're the one who always says we're supposed to talk about stuff.
No, Tick, stay with me! Now what? I don't know.
I've never recharged alien blasters before.
Well, where did you find them? There.
- Maybe if we put them back? - Okay.
It's working.
That's not good.
Tick! What's happening to you? Is that Tabby? You go, I'll try to get the blasters back.
Don't come any closer! No, Tick, it wants to hurt you! Maybe not, Tabs, look! Tick doesn't look so good, Tabby.
Maybe this friend can help it.
No! No, he needs me! You can't take him away from me! Tabby, wait! Tabby! Let's go around front.
I don't wanna lose you.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Don't worry.
You want me to act Like we've never kissed What am I supposed to do? What is it you want me to do that I'm not already trying to do? Nothing.
You're just standing in my You come to my house, you won't even talk to me and tell me what you want from me.
You're unbelievable.
What are you even doing here? You knew I was coming today, Maria.
- M-Mom? - We talked about this.
You can't just come into my house.
- Mom! - I told you, I told you I'm clean.
I've been clean for like months now.
I'd like to speak with Tabitha.
She's my kid.
You can't just come in here and take her away from me.
And if you try, I swear Mom! It's okay.
Go to your room, Tabitha.
I can handle this! No, you can't! After you get better, you'll be able to.
I don't understand, what are you saying You're saying you wanna go, you wanna leave me? I don't, but I need to.
For both of us.
I'm sorry.
I love you, Mom! Oh, I love you too, baby.
You're gonna help Tick.
Right? Gonna miss you, Tick.
But I can't give you what you need.
Hopefully this other friend can.
You're welcome.
You okay, Tabs? No.
But I will be.
We all will.
We're zeroing in on the fourth specimen.
- Where? - Coming up now.
Access the town's security systems.
Show me a live view of this area.
Is that a police station? Yes, it is.

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