Endlings (2020) s01e10 Episode Script


Previously on Endlings You may want to check on the alien.
I think it's starting to thaw out.
- What do you think it wants? - I think it collects things.
The last of things, like Tuku and the creature from last night.
Someone's been holding out on us.
What are you doing in here? Who's Henry? Thanks, Dad.
Before Mr.
Leopold took me in, I used to get into trouble.
No, you need to stay out of this one, Johnny.
You're staying here where you're safe.
I said it's not your choice! - Used to be way angrier, you know? - Mr.
Leopold? - Yeah, when I first met him, he, uh - What changed? I don't know.
Let's see what this thing does.
Aha! Look who's trying to hide from me.
That's another one for the Tabster! Which means four for me, three for Julia, one for Finn, and he was in the wheelbarrow, so, impressive, and Wait, how many did you find, Johnny? You know how many.
Yes, of course.
How could I forget? Zero.
Okay, you know what, that's not true.
Already opened ones don't count.
- It's not a competition, Tabby.
- Of course it is.
And he's losing badly.
If the snow melts by this afternoon, maybe we And I'll continue my winning streak? Why don't we go drop these off at the ship and then see if our alien friend is awake? Stuck again? Okay.
Wait! Shouldn't the person who found the most traps get to decide what we do? Okay, well, then what do you want to do? Well, I guess I kind of want to see the alien.
Ehh! No, Tuku! These will keep you warm.
Or it should.
For a little while longer, at least.
Until we get you back to Zambia.
We can't stay here forever.
- Who won this time? - Who do you think? That's three days in a row, if anyone's keeping count.
First one to the ship wins! How's Tuku? She'll manage.
Elephants live in a much warmer climate.
And when they do get cold, they huddle together.
Unfortunately She doesn't have anyone to huddle with.
Not anymore.
I'll huddle with her.
I think Tuku would like that.
- Any word on the alien? - Let's check.
Abiona to Kenneth.
Go ahead, Abiona.
Any update on the alien? Eh, sound asleep.
And still snoring.
At least I think that's snoring.
Thank you.
Wait, wait, hold on a sec.
Something's happening.
He's starting to move.
Tell him we're coming.
They're on their way.
The alien's waking up! Come on! You, too.
- Update.
- This should fit together.
What are we missing? Explain.
Uh Maybe it only responds to organic material.
Living things.
Let's test that.
- Going somewhere? - We're running low on feed.
And I'm still not quite used to getting into a cold car.
- Hello! I missed you so much! - Is he awake? - You okay? - Didn't even know if you'd be back.
- We tried to help.
- Okay, okay, guys.
Let's-Let's give our guests some space, okay? Tabby? Deep breaths.
We've just been waiting for this for a while.
I know, I know.
Can I put this on you? I just want to check that you've healed.
It's okay.
You can trust us.
Is it a secret? Tell us.
The alien appears to have fully recovered.
Oh, wow! Good job, a What are we gonna name it now that it's awake? We can't just keep calling it "alien.
" - "Alie Lin"? - Real original.
No, we're not naming it after you, Finn.
If we're gonna name it after anyone, it would be me.
Well, it protects Endlings.
Maybe we could name it after that.
What's an Endling? An Endling is a last of its kind.
Like Tuku? Ling.
That's a great name, Finn.
I like it.
- I love it.
- Yeah, it's okay.
But really, shouldn't the trap master finder choose? Tabs.
Ling it is.
We'll go check it out.
Stay here, Ling.
Gotta tell ya, getting really tired of fixing windows.
Do it.
It appears to be in some form of suspended animation.
Let's see if we can crack it open.
Looks like the feed is gonna have to wait.
What did this? Whatever it is, it's probably still close by.
How did that happen? Stay back, Tabby.
Ohh! - Johnny.
- I'm okay.
It just got my face.
Looks like a unicorn.
No way.
Unicorns are white and have straight horns.
Everyone knows that.
I don't know what to call this Endling, but I do know I wanna ride it.
Eh-eh! I don't think so, Tabby.
We don't know if it's dangerous or not.
If it was dangerous, it would have attacked us by now.
- She's got a point.
- Hey, unicorn thing! You gonna let me ride you? That's a no! Okay.
You two go get the blasters, I'll keep an eye on our new friend.
Or I'll go get the blasters and you two follow it.
Well? All vital signs appear normal.
Think of the applications.
Think of the money.
Get me something bigger.
What's wrong? You cold, Betty? You cold, too, Tuku? Okay, but we have to hurry.
How is this supposed to work, again? Well, it's never gonna work if you keep talking.
The unicorn isn't the only thing that can camouflage itself.
All we have to do is stay still and wait.
Okay, I'm bored.
She could be anywhere.
Can I ask you something? Is it about me? - No.
- Then yes.
What did you find in that room downstairs? Just some boxes and a stuffed elephant.
Who do you think they belong to? I don't know.
Maybe they were Mr.
Leopold's when he was a kid.
I hate remembering that grownups used to be kids.
How many kids did Mr.
Leopold foster? I'm pretty sure Johnny was his first.
- Why did he take Johnny? - Less talk, more search.
- Finn drew those.
That's, uh, Betty, our cow.
That's Tuku, the elephant.
And that's you.
Yes, you.
That is a lion and a rhinoceros.
They're not here anymore.
We've lost a lot of animals lately.
I don't know why.
I really don't.
But shouldn't we complete our tests before we move on? Time and tide wait for no man or woman.
Bring it in.
Stay warm, you two.
W-What are you doing? Playing zombies.
What do you think we're doing? How would you look for an invisible Endling? Found it.
Come on, let's go.
What happened to my car? - Tuku? - Come on! People can be cruel sometimes.
So you wanna press charges? Yes, of course I do.
He stole my watch.
Yeah, he's been bouncing around foster homes for a while now.
Can't save 'em all, right? I'll be right back.
Did you do that? D-Did Ling do that? Why? Ehh? - You might hit Tuku or Betty! - Well, then how are we gonna trap it? - We'll have to lead it away first.
- Uh, how did Betty get here? She looked cold.
Maybe our unicorn friend is, too.
That's why she's huddled.
Is that it? Are you cold? Maybe she was lying on your car to get warm from the engine.
We don't wanna hurt you.
Julia! Let nature take its course.
Both vital signs appear to be normal.
Complete your scans and crack them out.
Where'd she go, what did you do with her? I'm right here.
- Fascinating! - I get to go next! It looks like this Endling can pass on its camouflaging abilities through its horn.
Remind me to never play hide-and-go-seek with you.
Ah, that's not the only reason animals change their colors.
Some animals, like chameleons, change their colors to show their moods, so that all the chameleons can know how they're feeling.
I think she's happy.
I think you're right.
Watch out! She's gonna freeze out there.
We gotta get to her before the cold does.
Why did you show me that? What do you want? An apology, I guess.
I'm not sorry.
- You know, I knew a kid like you - Okay, I'm not a kid! You wanna know a secret? We're all kids.
We never really quite leave behind all the stuff that happens to us when we're younger.
The trick is, not repeating it, not letting it own you.
As hard as that can be at times.
That's quite the bruise.
You should see the other guy.
All right, Jonathan, let's go.
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
Leopold? Mr.
Leopold? Uh, you okay? Yeah.
Um, an Endling escaped into the woods.
We're going after it.
Uh, Johnny Uh Be careful.
I will.
Come on, Finn.
We have the results you've requested.
Show me.
There appears to be no residual damage to our technician or the horse from the miniaturization.
That's great to hear.
What do you think it's for? This technology? There's multiple applications.
Compact storage, timeless travel Storing what? The trigger mechanism suggests that it may have been used as more of a trap.
Traps, huh? Well they're not the only ones with traps.

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