Engelbert with the Young Generation (21972) s01e01 Episode Script


The Goodies "We do anything anytime" When will we finally find a filthy rich sucker with a nice rewarding job for us? Morning! - Ready? - Ready! - Oh, mighty adored one! - Do you train pets? Oh sure, your majesty.
For you, everything.
What do you have? Dog, cat, budgie, water buffalo? Yeah, bring them in.
So, what do we have there? Oh, isn't he cute! Really lovely.
They can be left entirely to us, almighty.
We always go for a nice walk with them.
But be gentle with them.
We treat them like our beloveds.
You will get them back safely.
Not a scratch.
Or else.
One less to worry about.
- What else is there? - Let's see.
It says "chicken" and "snake".
The snake is here, but where the devil has the chicken got to? Look what it says here, there's a mongoose in here.
Mongooses are cute little guys.
Well, now and then they give you a push.
It is always meant to be harmless and friendly, they do not do anything.
So, where is he? He says he does not want to leave right now.
Always fooling around.
Get them out, let them train.
Finally a break.
A job where the others sweating!