Engelbert with the Young Generation (21972) s01e12 Episode Script


The Goodies "We do anything anytime" Bullseye! See if you can do better! You must aim for the throat.
Let me show you! One one more and another one.
- Exactly in the middle - Congratulations! Nice welcome I get! - Our dearest Engelbert! - You're our favourite target! - Sit down! - Cigar? No thanks, I get mind from the press.
Tom Jones likes them, never mind.
We've got something for you.
How about three, big, strong men? No thanks.
People just never know what's good for them! Every time that you're on tour, hundreds of women harass you.
- Correct? - Yes, but I like it.
Never mind.
Listen: To keep you safe from enthusiasm, you will get three big, strong bodyguards, okay? - I don't want them.
- Yes, you do.
Now pay attention: we may not be very big - And perhaps not very strong.
- And we may not be bodyguards.
- But we are three.
- Precisely! Consider that we will train for the job until we are the best.
Jiu Jitsu and all that.
And if we can protect the paper against attacks of the masses, we get the job.
Deal? - Of course! - Naturally! Oh no.
It's not okay.
Getting harassed is so nice