Engrenages (2005) s03e10 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 10

Previously on Spiral About time! I could have your identity papers by tomorrow morning.
Bring me a photo.
Don't fuck with me or I'll kill you.
Captain Berthaud, this is Arnaud Ledorè.
He's beating her to death, please do something! I can't believe it.
What do you think of my intern? I won't go into details but we messed up a case because of him.
I suspect he may be giving out to associates of the mayor of Villedieu details about an investigation I am currently leading.
I can't do that.
You should have realised that before fucking a 15-year-old girl.
I don't know who that man is, though.
He's my brother! He's been trying to wreck my investigation for weeks, I'm going to crush him.
- He grew up in the streets.
- Bastard! - His mother used to - Stop with the violins, you're a lawyer, not a social worker.
- Don't talk to me like that, bitch! - Get lost! Mr Clèment, you are in police custody as of 8:40pm for aggravated rape of a minor.
I am sorry, sir, but you know the procedure.
We need to carry out a strip search.
There is a room for that, isn't there? Yes, but it's being cleaned.
A bloke just spewed his guts out there.
Let's do it here instead.
Fabien! This is ridiculous.
Dylan Gautier is my client, I didn't rape him.
Don't worry, sir.
We will check that.
He is being examined by a doctor now.
What do you think you will find? Seminal fluid, hair.
- It's sordid.
- It is, indeed.
Do you want me to take that off too? Sir, you're not hiding anything on you, are you? Captain, you got me at home.
Do you really think I walk around in my own home with a gun up my arse? You wouldn't be the first notable to commit suicide in custody.
Why would I kill myself? I didn't do anything.
- Would you like to call a lawyer? - I don't need one, thanks.
It might be in your best interest to have one.
I am sure this matter will be sorted out very quickly.
If you say so, sir What is that moron doing? I hope he didn't get caught by the cops.
If he did, we'll find out soon.
Otherwise I have to wait for that bitch to call back.
Let's move.
Aren't you tired of spending your nights chasing Ronaldo? It's not every night.
Oh, yeah, the other nights you're sleeping with the other bloke.
Damn it, Gilou, cut the crap.
You're pissing me off.
Tintin to Laure.
The last girl is getting into a client's car now.
It's 5.
00am, what do we do now? Let's follow the car.
It's all we can do if we want to find Niko.
Gilou, start the car.
What car is it? - A blue Scènic.
- OK.
Go, go, faster, faster! They're stopping on a parking lot.
Alex and Tintin, stay on standby.
- OK, Laure, got it.
- Let's wait until they're finished.
Yeah, a blow-job, that's that should take about 10 minutes.
The full package, 20 minutes.
I'm sure we can trust your experience on that one, darling.
Stick it up your arse.
They're moving now.
Wow, six minutes, the guy's quick! All units, he's dropped her off near Corentin Cariou station.
Tintin, follow her! Same to you, Gilou! - Are you married, sir? - Divorced.
- How long? - Two years.
On what grounds? We weren't getting on anymore.
How long did the marriage last? About six years.
- Any children? - No.
Why, did you not want any? My wife had a busy job, so did I, so we thought it'd be best to wait.
- Who requested the divorce? - It doesn't matter, I can't remember.
It does matter! Do you think your ex-wife remembers? - She requested the divorce.
- She did.
She did.
Have you had any affairs since the separation? Two or three, very brief.
With women? Yes, with women! I am straight.
- Do you ever hire prostitutes? - No.
Why are you asking me this? Because said that you had a couple of "very brief" affairs.
That's not a lot, in two years, is it? - Do you watch pornographic films? - No.
Do you resort to masturbation? Yes, like everyone else! What do you mean, like everyone else? That's enough! I'm not answering these personal questions! It's none of your business! Mr Clèment refuses to answer the question.
Bitch! Gilou to Laure.
She's playing the carriage trick.
We're waiting.
All units, we're heading towards La Courneuve.
I repeat, towards La Courneuve.
OK, she's heading towards La Courneuve.
Line 7 on the metro.
Alex, are you with us? We're coming into Porte de la Villette station.
The girl isn't moving.
We're heading off again.
Heads up, everyone, change of plan.
The girl is getting off at Aubervilliers-Pantin-Quatre Chemins.
She's got back on the train.
She's still going towards La Courneuve.
Laure, come get me.
I copy, Tintin, I'll be right there.
Tintin, I can't hear you.
Tintin! Only two stations left! We're getting off at Fort d'Aubervilliers.
- Getting off at Fort d'Aubervilliers.
- Got it.
- Faster, it's the next turn! - What the hell is he doing? We're taking the Place Ornano exit, she's taking the Place Ornano exit.
I can see the Cayenne parked on Place Ornano.
I'm parking nearby.
OK, I can see the girl.
Gilou, I can see the girl.
She's going into the restaurant.
On the left on the way out, Gilou.
Walk around first, then check inside.
Nounours, where are you? I'm in the area, I'll be right therel Right, everyone, hurry up.
I want everyone positioned around Place Ornano.
Do you all copy? - We're nearly there.
- We're nearly there.
I'll let you know when things get moving.
Tintin, as soon as you see Nadia, get into her car.
- They're all there.
- Yes.
- Nounours to Laure, I'm in position.
- OK, Nounours, I copy.
You're saying that that night, Dylan Gautier was desperate.
Since he didn't know where to sleep, you offered to put him up.
You unfolded the sofa bed in the living room, and went to bed.
It was about 11:00pm by then, is that correct? - Yes, it is.
- Good.
Did you have a drink, sir? Yes, a beer, I think.
What about Dylan? He may have had one or two, yes.
He's used to drinking.
He helped himself from my fridge.
We found five beer cans at your place.
I can show you the search report.
Well, he may have drunk four beers, yes! It's not my job to make him give up drinking or smoking.
I'm not his doctor, I'm his lawyer.
In order to help him, I needed to gain his confidence.
I needed to gain Dylan's confidence.
Dylan told us that before going to bed, he had a shower, can you confirm that? Yes.
He said he took off his shirt and you saw his bare chest.
Can you confirm that? Yes.
He's 17 years old.
I don't see what's wrong with that.
He was feeling dirty, I suggested that he took a shower, I didn't touch him! Did you suggest he had a shower, or did he ask? What's the bloody difference, as long as there's nothing sexual involved? Incitement, sir.
That's the difference.
But that's absurd! Whether I suggested it or not, there was nothing wrong with him having a shower.
There was nothing ambiguous about it.
Things happened naturally.
What things? Sir, you are tired.
I want you to have a rest.
Let's resume this hearing later.
Shit, now they're arguing, it could take hours.
Tintin, they're having an argument.
Could be a while till bedtime.
Mr Clèment, let's get back to it.
Laure, something's happening.
Heads up, everyone, they're moving! They're going towards the Cayenne.
There's also a metallic-grey BMW.
All right, let's go.
Right, we're on now, we need everyone in position, please.
Nounours, you stay at the back, all right? OK, fine.
Let's follow them.
Tintin, follow us, stay behind us.
OK, Laure, got it.
Everyone, it seems Iike we're taking the motorway towards Bobigny.
Alex and Dany, stay in third position, ahead of Nounours, do you copy? All right, we copy.
Laure to everyone, please remain in single file.
Don't get too close, remember the Albanian pimp is paranoid.
Tintin, go in front.
Laure, I copy.
Dany, follow me.
All right, Laure, I've got them.
Nounours, I can see you, please stay back.
Alex and Dany, your turn to overtake.
They're slowing down.
Shall I go close? No, keep your distance.
Keep your distance.
Do you need that in Albanian, or what? Shit, they're splitting now.
Alex, Tintin, follow the BMW.
We'll take care of the Cayenne.
Nounours, follow us.
- All right.
- We copy.
No problem, Laure.
That photo was on Dylan's mobile phone.
He claims he took it after sleeping with you.
I can't believe it.
Was it not taken in your bedroom? Yes, but he must have taken it while I was sleeping.
Can't you see it's a setup? It's obvious! Do you find it normal to sleep naked with a teenager in the next room? I wasn't naked, I had boxer shorts! They were hidden by the blanket! Mr Clèment, did you and Dylan Gautier have a sexual intercourse in your home? Nothing happened.
Go fuck yourself with your questions, I'm done talking now.
Very well.
It's a shame you're taking it this way.
Fabien, take him back to his cell.
I want a lawyer now.
Call Ms Josèphine Karlsson immediately.
Yes, sir, I will call her.
But I have written on the report that you didn't want a lawyer.
So we're in no hurry to call her.
I'll confront you with Dylan Gautier before she arrives.
Right, Nounours, we've been following them for a while, so we'll come off.
You take them now.
Copy that.
I've got them.
Nounours to Laure.
They just entered the parking lot of a hotel.
The name is Alhotel, I repeat, Alhotel.
I'm off the tail.
Alex to Laure, the BMW is arriving at the hotel.
We're off the taiI.
Tintin to Laure, we're going to the parking lot next to the hotel.
We're in position.
The girls and one of the pimps are going into the hotel.
Alex to Laure.
We're in position.
We have a visual of the Cayenne and BMW.
Got it.
We're in position at the petrol station opposite the hotel.
I want you all ready for action.
Good morning, Your Honour.
Good morning, Marianne.
- Marianne? - Yes? I can't keep this to myself.
Would you mind having a look? Arnaud? And your brother? And who is the third man? That's Delcourt, a close friend of the mayor of Villedieu.
He's probably involved in the secret funding.
Like my brother.
Your brother? You'll probably be taken off the case.
I don't understand.
Why would Arnaud be involved in this? - Why would he have betrayed you? - I don't know yet.
My brother must have manipulated or blackmailed him somehow, but Arnaud provided the information about the search.
Your Honour, that's very serious.
We need to inform the School of Magistracy.
Arnaud should be expelled.
I need to think about it.
Anyway, it gives us a new lead on Delcourt.
I will talk to one of my colleagues in the finance department.
When is Arnaud coming back to the office? In two days.
You need to sign his internship report.
You can't tell anyone about this, François.
I'm only giving you this because I'm your friend.
The only one, it seems.
Well Etienne Delcourt owns a big maintenance and CCTV company, and one of his main clients is the Villedieu town council.
Yes, they've installed a lot of cameras.
But I have just learned that Delcourt was a compulsive gambler.
He spends all his money that way, although he's keeping it secret from his family - a wife and three kids.
I suspect Delcourt of getting rid of his company's books in order to file a petition for bankruptcy.
His personal account is as flat as the account of the company, which is inconsistent with the number of deals he made.
I think Delcourt has embezzled the company's money, although so far I haven't found any evidence for that.
He's got friends in high places.
Where are his accounts held? With a private bank.
He holds his personal account as well as his company's.
I learned that he also had a safe which he's just closed, unfortunately.
And you think he was hiding his real accounts.
Most probably.
He probably transferred it somewhere, in another safe, under another name.
I've searched with the name of his wife and children but couldn't find anything.
That's as far as I've managed Thank you.
Tintin, a car just entered the hotel parking lot, can you see it? Yeah, Laure, it's coming in now.
I think a woman is driving it.
Shit, it's Patricia! I repeat, it's Patricia! - Shit, what's she doing here? - It's Patricia.
What's she doing? She's using the fire escape.
She's knocking on the door.
One of the hookers has come out.
They're talking.
It looks like they're having an argument.
Shit, they're fighting.
Patricia's being pushed away, she's leaving.
She's going back into her car.
Should I taiI her? No, stay at the hotel.
- We'll taiI her.
- OK, I copy.
What's the connection between Patricia and the Eastern girls? All right, let's go! That fucking Russky is pissing me off.
Not that lunatic again! - Get out of the car! - It wasn't me, I haven't done anything! What were you doing at the hotel? I was visiting an old client.
He's a rep in lingerie, he's the guy I buy my knickers from.
You sell drugs to the hookers, don't you? - No, I stopped that, I'm clean.
- What's this, then? Chicory? No, that's my personal stuff! - Come with us.
- What are you doing? Have a look.
Oh, no, Gilou, please.
You should have thought about it.
What am I supposed to do? My market value keeps going down, I'm not 20 any more.
Plus I've got my kid to take care of Stop it! What we want is everything you know about the network.
The names of the pimps, how it works, everything.
OK? We'll discuss later on about your ways to make ends meet.
And if I talk, will you leave me alone? Move your arse and give us the fucking information! Well, they get girls in Bulgaria and Russia, and in Poland too.
Then they take them to Germany and keep them in Eros Centres.
They make them work in slaughterhouses to slim them down.
After that, they send them to France and Italy.
OK, who takes care of the girls? A woman, a blonde.
Her name's Mila.
That's her.
Her job is to train the girls on the streets.
And to make sure they don't make any mistakes.
Tatiana used to be in charge, the girl who was killed.
Now tell us the names of these guys.
- His too.
- He's Zef.
These two? That one is Tani, and the third one, he's a complete arsehole.
He's the boss, his name is Niko.
He fucks the girls, he smacks them in the face.
He's scum! And above him, who controls the network? An Albanian guy.
The blokes call him Vlad.
Nobody's ever seen him, but everyone's afraid of him.
He must be managing the whole business from Albania.
It's hard to get them when those motherfuckers are pulling the strings in the distance! We'll forget about the coke if you get us Niko's mobile number.
Your mate Mila must have it.
I can't do that, we just had a fight, she'll never agree.
Well, go back, apologise, do what you have to do! Get us that number or we're taking you down.
You choose.
Gilou! Captain Berthaud, is Miss Morin in your custody for a case you are dealing with? No, she's here willingly.
She's helping us on a prostitution case.
In that case, I have no choice but to put her in custody today, now at 9:40am.
- What? - She is suspected of assault with a firearm.
I haven't done anything! Keep your mouth shut and I'll get you out of this.
She's coming with us to the Crime Squad.
Hey, Berthaud! Have a good day.
Dylan, can you confirm that this man, Pierre Clèment, raped you? - That's him.
- Say that again.
Look at me in the eyes and say that again! Keep silent, sir.
You may speak when I ask you to.
Look, Dylan, Mr Clèment doesn't agree.
He claims that he didn't rape you.
Perhaps that word is too strong.
Perhaps you could describe to us what happened, in other words.
It's true that rape is a little harsh He was cool, it didn't hurt.
There's something I don't quite understand.
We couldn't find any sperm or hair on you.
How do you explain that? He used a condom.
And the next day, I was feeling dirty, so I had another shower.
After that, he gave me 30 euros, as if I were a whore.
- Guess he thought I wasn't worth more.
- You sure aren't worth more! - That's enough, sir.
- What are you worth, arsehole? Calm down, Dylan! I don't give a shit if that faggot is a lawyer! He thought he could fuck me and I wouldn't tell anyone! But I'm telling them what you did to me! You raped me! Several times, even And I'll say that to the judge! - Can you confirm that, sir? - Certainly not.
Of course I am not confirming.
He's clearly talking nonsense.
He's utterly desperate.
He's angry with me because I didn't touch him.
How could Brèmont know that Patricia was here? You owned up about the squat, now that bastard wants to use Patricia's confession to take us both down.
No, no, he won't do that.
And I thought he could be a good guy.
How could you sleep with such an arsehole? Gilou, I don't need your permission to sleep with anyone! And it's your fault if we're in this shit.
All right, you two, enough now! You're both acting like children.
Laure, go over to number 36.
Find Brèmont and ask him what he wants.
He'll tell you.
Fuck's sake.
Can't you keep your mouth shut? Why did you come and get Patricia Morin at the DPJ? Who told you she was with us? First of all, calm down.
I'd sent one of my lieutenants as a mole among your guys.
Since you're constantly lying to me, I'm finding new channels of information.
So, did you get the information you were looking for? Has she told you anything interesting? You know, if you believe her, she's not a hooker, she's a saint! Your little protègèe doesn't know the squat dealer, and she's never tried drugs So, let her go, if she's a saint.
First tell me the truth.
I didn't shoot at the squat.
I lied to you to protect Gilou.
I admit it, I used you to cover him.
That doesn't have anything to do with what happened between us the first time.
I was attracted to you.
If I hadn't been, I'd never have gone that far, and I wouldn't have to want it so badly every time I see you.
Are you satisfied? OK.
I'm not taking my investigations with Patricia any further.
I'll just keep the file open for lack of evidence.
Thank you.
But no more dirty tricks.
Sir, have you heard? We've got a lawyer in the minors' division.
An ex-prosecutor.
Renaud is taking care of him.
That bloke is going to suffer.
An ex-prosecutor? - What's he charged with? - Rape of a minor.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
That's an excellent product.
Very slender blade, rustproof.
It has a very good cutting quality.
- I've also got similar items - That's the one I want.
Would you also have string and adhesive tape? Yes, of course.
Come on, Gilou, Brèmont is closing the case.
He'll do nothing against you.
For a total bastard, he's pretty nice, isn't he? And you don't even need to thank him.
Hey, I got into the BRI! - Great! - Pretty good day, right? That's brilliant, well done, Gilou! - Aren't you happy? - I am, and you're all invited to the restaurant.
Sorry, I'm meeting someone in five minutes.
And I'm baby-sitting tonight, my wife's going out.
I'm taking Brèmont out to dinner.
It's the least I can do.
So, have a lovely evening, see you tomorrow.
We could have lunch tomorrow instead.
All right, lunch, then.
That's fine.
- Bye! - Bye! It's Patricia.
She got Niko's mobile number.
We can wire-tap him.
That's great news.
There you go, madam.
Thanks for coming.
I don't understand.
I thought I was nothing and respected nothing either.
So why me? Because in this kind of situation, you're the best.
You mean your case is so pathetic that only my despicable methods can get you out of here? I didn't rape him.
Mind you, considering the divorce, no girlfriends, being defrocked, I can understand why you got fed up.
You thought a dirty little suburban faggot would spice up your grim bourgeois existence.
Something new, thrilling, miles away from your moral principles You're not actually thinking all that, are you? Perhaps not.
But get used to these insinuations as you'll hear them from Dylan's lawyer.
And be more defensive or you're done for.
Will you defend me? That's up to you.
I may need to resort to my dodgy methods to save your arse, shatter Dylan's image, explain that the kid's a little shit, basically undo all you've done for him.
If I need to do a really dirty trick, which is just what you hate, will you allow me to do it or not? Do I get a green light? Get me out of this.
Right, you should know it won't be easy.
Especially because the deputy prosecutor in charge hasn't had the opportunity to say anything about the case.
It was taken off him.
By whom? By someone who wanted to deal with you personally Machard himself.
How's Pierre? I am not obliged to talk to you.
Pierre is now my client.
And I'm one of his few friends here.
You know I'm not allowed to talk to him.
Just tell me if it's serious.
It is serious.
The bastard who's pressed charges against him won't give up.
He's an offender, a client of Pierre's.
He's got nothing to lose.
Pierre didn't do it, did he? Of course he didn't.
But he will need to convince Captain Renaud, Prosecutor Machard, as well as the investigating judge on the case.
- Is it really going that far? - Perhaps.
I haven't seen Pierre much since he became a lawyer.
But please tell him I'm thinking of him.
I will.
- Thank you.
- He'll appreciate it.
Captain, I'll do everything in my power to get him out of this.
I know your clients can count on you.
I'll remand you to the court.
The medical examination hasn't given any conclusive results.
That's good news for you, Pierre.
However, you're not stupid, better than that, you're a lawyer, you know that Dylan Gautier's lawyer will argue that you were probably extremely careful.
I was more than careful.
I didn't touch him.
Given the let's say borderline personality of that young man, and the lack of evidence, do you deem it necessary to initiate a formal investigation? Absolutely.
This is a serious case.
If I were to do a favour to a former prosecutor, the matter would be taken up by the Chancellery.
Let me appoint an excellent, impartial judge, Judge Wagner.
Judge Wagner? Impartial? The whole court knows that he's gay and particularly severe with rape cases.
All the better.
The more ruthless the judge, the better you will be cleared of any suspicion.
If you are not guilty, that is.
When can we meet Judge Wagner? He is very busy, as you know, so not until this evening.
Gentlemen, please lead Mr Clèment back to his cell.
I can see now where that passion for gay rights came from.
You've really hit a new low.
So have you, my dear Pierre.
Niko is very violent, he probably killed Tatiana.
Then he paid Jèsus Berrondo to mutilate her following what must be Ronaldo Fuentes' instructions.
Good work.
I'm sending a request to the telecoms company.
Niko's mobile will be wire-tapped in a couple of hours.
Thank you, Your Honour.
Defeating an organisation of this size will advance your career.
I'm not interested in that.
What I want is to get Ronaldo.
Commissioner Brèmont may succeed before you.
Why? Has he got some new information? I don't know.
I don't see him confiding anything in me, for fear I'd repeat those words to you.
Why would he be afraid of that? He suspects that you are working on your own.
He doesn't trust you.
He told me that himself.
Laure, before you go, please could you remind me of the name of Delcourt's mistress? You know, that girl who graduated the same year as you did.
- Sophie Lossing.
- Thank you.
Hello, Your Honour.
I was expecting you.
How may I help you? - I'm here to open a safe.
- A safe? Of course, but we have more than 300.
Have you got one in the name of Sophie Lossing? Sophie Lossing.
Let me check.
How do you know about the name? Love often leads to big mistakes.
Yes, we do have one.
These are the books of Delcourt's company.
My colleague in the finance department will be pleased! Take that.
No, these are the cash payments made by Fortex to the company There's something else.
Well, that is interesting.
Gentlemen, you may seal these documents.
Any news? Niko already made two calls this morning.
The first one was in Albanian to his mother.
Dimat translated it.
He only wanted to know how she was doing.
The second one was more interesting, to a man he called "the Dutchman".
The bloke wanted to trade his eight goats.
Niko replied he could only trade seven, because one had died.
- OK, so the dead goat is Tatiana.
- That's possible.
So Niko offered to pay for the eighth goat in cash.
Then the Dutchman got angry.
He started insulting him and said that it wasn't good practice to let goats graze in the same place for too long.
He said the trade should take place soon and he should move his fat Albanian arse.
The Dutchman must be an important guy to speak to Niko like that.
- Is that all? - That's already quite a lot.
- So nobody talked about Ronaldo? - No.
Where the fuck is he? Well, I'm sorry! Damn it! - Hello.
- Hello.
I'd Iike to see the mayor, please.
I'm sorry, but he can't see you.
I'm telling you I want to see the mayor, so get him for me, please.
We can schedule an appointment No, no appointmentsl I want to see the mayor.
I know he's here, so go get him.
Mr Dejean, you really can't see him.
I'm going to shoutl Courcelles, will you please come out? Pleasel I'm asking you to leave, please.
Please, leave us alone, now.
You should phone before dropping by.
Really? Well, when I ring, nobody talks to me.
So I came here to tell you that you are not getting one more pennyl I'm not paying for your wangling any more.
Do you get it? And if you try and force me, I'll tell Judge Roban everything.
Do you get that? Do you? Dejean, you're going to have to learn to hold your tongue.
Otherwise, you're going to have big problems.
Get the hell out of here.
Get out, moronl This document is incredible.
It was filmed by a camera that was not supposed to be there.
Courcelles must have asked Delcourt to install a network of cameras in order to monitor the council's staff.
You remember Mr Dejean's condition at the hospital? He must have been beaten up just after the meeting.
If Delcourt keeps this in his safe, it's either to protect himself or to blackmail Courcelles.
I am taking Dylan Gautier's statement very seriously.
However, since I haven't heard him yet, I will not request your detention.
Thank you, Your Honour.
However, your indictment implies that you are subject to judicial supervision combined with a ban to practise and to get in contact with the victim.
Should you break with these rulings, I would immediately request an order of committal.
Is that clear? My client will of course abide by the supervision.
I certainly hope so.
At least you're not remanded.
That means that now Dylan will need a lawyer, a court-appointed one.
Don't worry, I'll make short work of them.
I will be defending Dylan Gautier.
Not really your usual thing, is it? Defending a young gay criminal against a successful lawyer has certainly got some appeal! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the assizes.
- The case isn't going that far.
- Come on, let's go.
We'll see.
Someone's calling! Dimat! Niko, it's Vlad.
Have you had any news from the footballer? Not yet, he hasn't come to get his identity papers yet Fuck, since that arsehole unveiled his game, the network is threatened.
He will call back.
Without the papers, the footballer can't be transferred.
You'd better find him.
You'd better.
Shit, that's Vlad's number.
It starts with 06.
It's a French mobile! Nadia, do a request on that number, find out where it is.
The footballer must be Ronaldo.
Niko is supposed to give him papers for his transfer, so basically he's leaving the country.
Vlad said that the footballer unveiled his game.
That means that everyone knows now that he's the Butcher of la Villette.
Vlad's afraid he might give away details about the network if he gets caught.
He wants to kill him.