Engrenages (2005) s04e02 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 2

Previously on Spiral SPIRAL 4 State of Terror Gentlemen, I’m confused Either you saw Berthaud fire in self-defence or no one did and we have a problem We went in after the shots and you know it If you tell this to the judge, it’s murder and we’ll be fired This is Chief Superintendent Herville who will be in charge of our district from now on More work, less navel-gazing We have 48 hours to prove to the judge that deportation would harm your family life Free Moussa Koné! Judging by his lack of hands, he was holding the explosive The lungs and chest have collapsed.
We call it a blast effect We can’t leave him at the morgue By now the police will have identified him and told his family Violence is a part of life It’s a shame about Hugo but we have to keep going Nobody move! Get out! Don’t move! Who’s the bitch that snitched on the African? Was it you, you little bitch? Did you snitch on the African? Her.
Take the rest downstairs Shut up! Move it! COLLABORATOR SPIRAL 4 State of Terror Where’s the secretary’s office? -Third floor.
Staircase A -Thanks -Hello -Sorry.
I’ll be back in half an hour -Police -What do you want? We need the records of one of your students, Sophie Mazerat That’s confidential.
Why should I? We could always arrest her for obstruction? You could but Why don’t we let the lady decide? Come in Thank you SECRETARY MODERN HISTORY Got her! Maybe, but her only address is in the Gers It must be her parents’ It’s not much help, but still Her grades are all excellent, though It looks like she’s top of the class There are millions of students here.
It’s not like we’ll bump into her We have her timetable.
We can check the lectures At ten, she’s got civil law in hall three If she’s building bombs, I doubt she goes to class With grades like that, she must do Here Let me summarise the situation, Your Honour For ten years my client has paid his monthly salary into this bank For ten years he’s been a respectable man Then suddenly the woman responsible for his account calls the Gestapo and destroys his life Madam, the bench does not appreciate your grandiloquence! In any case, it has no effect on me It’s not grandiloquence, Your Honour, it’s the truth Mr Koné was betrayed out of pure racism Nowhere is it written that bank employees must check the validity of their clients’ ID They’re not police informers This woman did it because Mr Koné’s black It’s as simple as that And if all citizens are equal before the law this woman should appear in court for discrimination and racist behaviour Are you saying that your client will be pressing charges? My client’s in shock, Your Honour Speaking of shock a bank employee was assaulted in retaliation this morning So please, don’t try to play the victim You use images from a dark time in our history so allow me to extend the metaphor This morning, a bank worker was tied up and called a collaborator I think we’re losing our way, Your Honour My client, Moussa Koné is a chef with a pregnant wife He clearly has no connection to these activists Your Honour all we’re asking for is a little common sense Mr Koné has no previous convictions He isn’t a threat He’s a citizen of the world that’s been chewed up by the system Pierre, how are you? I was about to put this in your pigeonhole John Antoine Jorkal wants you to represent him Johnny Jorkal? He already has lawyers Several.
And good ones too The type you see on TV And no offence, but you’re hardly What? A celebrity? Is that it? Exactly You don’t usually work for major criminals Well, I don’t know him You’d be wise to accept Between you and me, Jorkal pays extremely well -If he’s happy he’s very generous -OK -Hello -Hello, Marianne -Is Judge Roban back? -Not for two days yet I came to fetch his files I’m sick of being by myself, actually I’m very busy, but But we miss him -Have you spoken? -Not at all.
You? No.
He hasn’t returned my calls -Sounds like he’s feeling better -I hope so -Have a good day -You too -Well? -No luck Why don’t we check the canteen? She’ll want lunch after class I tried to call Pujade and find out how it went with the judge -And? -He’s pulled a sickie What’s his number? I'l ring him He’ll see it’s you and hang up JP, it’s Laure.
I know you saw the judge this morning We need to talk.
Ring me back Laure -Sophie Mazerat? -Yes, that’s me Hello.
I’d like you to come with me OK, see you.
It’s happening tomorrow -What’s this about? -We’ll explain -What’s going on? -It won’t take long The judge only extended your stay by fifteen days Fifteen days? I won’t last that long Try to see the glass half full, not half empty Madam, the glass is empty.
I’m still a prisoner But you haven’t been deported and we’ve bought some time I’ve submitted a plea to the court that could succeed I’m sorry This place drives you mad Some people hurt themselves on purpose, so they go to hospital Or they go on a hunger strike You name it Anything to get sent out of here I know Magali? She’s doing well and doing all she can to get you out of here So sit tight We demand the repeal of these xenophobic laws! We demand the freedom to go and live where we choose! Every human is a citizen of the world! Did you attack the bank? No, but whoever did had the right idea You idiot! Moussa got fifteen days thanks to you At least he wasn’t deported Is this them? Did they attack the bank? -No -Yes What’s the point in smashing windows? You missed the hearing But you don’t give a shit about him! Your bloke isn’t the only one behind bars It’s not about him.
It’s about breaking the system -You think we like the system? -That’s how it looks You want to legalise them so they can work like slaves? There are 25,000 people waiting to be deported At twelve per month, it’ll take 2,000 years So good luck with that We need to burn down the detention centres! Magali, come with me Down with prisons! Down with the racist state! Free Moussa Koné! Free Moussa Koné! All they need are some scented candles Forget it.
We don’t need them No, to the xenophobic state! -Did your contact call you? -Yeah.
He has the maps Hello? Yeah OK Sophie’s been nicked -Shit! -How the hell did they find her? We were wearing balaclavas It wasn’t the bank They’ve found Hugo Great! We have to call it off.
The police will be waiting for us We ditch our phones and continue as planned, OK? Wait here.
I’ll be right back OK.
Amina? Go on.
Get dressed We’ve wasted enough time.
Bring her through Are you thirsty? Here Thanks I’m sorry Being strip-searched is never nice It’s useful for addicts, robbers, dealers but you shouldn’t be here You’re a good student.
You have excellent results You know my grades? Have you told my parents? -No.
Why? -Don’t you have to? No I want a lawyer No problem.
Do you know one? No, I don’t Fine.
We’ll bring in the duty lawyer So, what was the bomb for? What bomb? Sophie, a man is dead You’re in custody for the possession and trafficking of explosives as an organised group That’s a 500,000 euro fine and ten years in prison So please, make an effort! This is Hugo Rozier He was your friend.
Look That’s after the explosion See? Before and after I don’t know what you thought you were doing But we tracked you down in an hour You and your dimwit friends Look.
Here’s your call list At 10:30pm you took a call through a transmitter in Montreuil, where the explosion was Then here at 3:21am another call near the Vincennes Forest That’s where we found Rozier and it’s roughly the time he died And this is a video Look closely That’s you You know what we call that in court? Proof It’s not what you think.
I didn’t want to do it I didn’t want to What is it? Ms Karlsson’s here.
She wants to see her client She said she didn’t have a lawyer Oh, shit! Ten minutes.
I need ten minutes.
Do whatever you can Sophie, I know it wasn’t your fault Hugo was your friend.
You wouldn’t want him to die The man with you in the video he’s the one who let him die, I know it What’s his name? Tell me his name and you can go -What are you doing here? -Replacing the duty lawyer She said she had no lawyer.
Why should I believe you? You’re welcome to check, if you have time Otherwise, I promise it won’t take long Come with me -Did Thomas send you? -Yes So, tell me, were you mistreated? They stripped me, took my prints That’s normal procedure Did they mention you had the right to see a doctor? Fine Was a man present during your search? Shame Could I really get ten years in prison? Ten years for a bank window? They’ve got a nerve! What about the bomb? Sorry? You have two minutes to tell me about the bomb or I’m walking out So, what? From now on, we’re going to be up to our arses in lawyers? -It’s ridiculous -There’ll be no space to work By the way, Laure this is for you -Who gave you this? -No one.
It was on my desk SUMMONS I’ve been summoned for a head-to-head with Pujade The bastard stuck to his story We don’t know that for sure Come on.
Pujade stayed at home.
What do you think happened? She’s all yours Right, Sophie.
Let’s go through what we know so far You own a Citroën ZX, numberplate -764 EDF 95? -Yes But it was stolen two days ago and I never had the time to come to the station and report it I don’t see how it was stolen The doors weren’t forced It’s obvious.
The thief had the keys, didn’t he? I never lock my car I always leave the keys in the glove box OK And the calls from your mobile I forgot to mention, I lent it to a friend that night She was babysitting and forgot her charger -And this friend is called -Marie I don’t know her surname.
She’s a friend of a friend I’m impressed, Sophie.
Really You’re a fast learner But did your lawyer tell you? The more you deny it, the worse it gets You know that What did you do with your friend’s arm? Eat it? Hit yourself? I’ll ask you one last question If you answer it I’ll let you go straight away This bomb, what was it for? Amina? Lock her up.
Make sure she doesn’t sleep Come on, you Come on! We’ll get her tomorrow She has to talk, otherwise she’ll go free and we’ll have nothing That’s the main entrance to the building Cameras everywhere And here’s the staff entrance.
That’s what we want The first employee comes in between 8:15am and 8:30am The door has ball cameras on both sides We can’t touch them.
They’re linked to the security office -Bloody hell -Let me finish The safest way to reach the door is here along the wall Once we’re there we have five seconds to swipe the badge and go through the door Five seconds And here, on the third floor is the central server with all the residence applications If we can blow up the central server they won’t be able to deport anyone for six months How do we make bombs without Hugo? I have a plan B What if the cleaners are in? What can they do to us? I’m not worried about us.
I don’t want any victims They’re victims already Now, security always go round at different times so we’ll start the operation as soon as they pass When will Marc get the security card? He’s seeing the man this week Thomas, I need to know if there’ll be cleaners Forget about your bloody cleaners! It’s revolution.
We have to destroy and rebuild, victims or not! Are you with me or against me? I’m with you Thank you, Jean-Claude Have a seat Your reputation precedes you, Mr Clément Not many prosecutors decide to become lawyers Not many prisoners convicted of organised crime choose an unknown lawyer either That’s all in the past If you’d done some research, you’d know I changed my ways long ago In fact, it’s because I abandoned my old friends that I’m under threat They want to pin this murder on me As if I’d be stupid enough to dispatch one of my own colleagues The accusation is absurd As absurd as accusing a man of paedophilia because he helped a troubled child What’s your point, Mr Jorkal? I’m sure you know what a miscarriage of justice is You know that once the trap has closed, you have no chance You’re the one in prison, not me So don’t try to put me in the same boat That’s the reason I want you -Why is that exactly? -Because you’re no fool, Mr Clément You’re not sloppy.
You’re a prosecutor Sharp, cold, and rigorous If I defend you, I want no secrets Nothing you omit to mention, no backtracking no contradictions I want the facts to be coherent and clear And I won’t do anything illegal but I’m sure you knew that Warden, will you see my lawyer out? See you soon -Good Night -Night, you dirty rozzer -Shall I walk you back? -No, I have to go shopping I was going to take you to see my informer I thought it might be interesting -All right.
Let’s go -Yeah? Amina? All right? Get in.
We’ll go together See you tomorrow Happy shopping How was it? Business seems pretty good No, Paris is dead I swear, some days I think London or Malaga would be better Anywhere but this shithole He’s right.
They’ve been refused a late licence twice now Can you imagine? A club that shuts at two? What is this, the Middle East? Even in Saudi Arabia they have all-night clubs -Why won’t the council allow it? -Who knows? They don’t have a reason The neighbours are fine with it We’ve had work done, it meets standards and they still refuse I have to go Chief if you could help us out you won’t regret it I’ll see what I can do Well? The ball’s in his court Come on! Stop dragging your feet! What floor? Fifth Very chic No computer? -I didn’t hear you -I haven’t got one Yeah right, and I’m the fairy godmother! No post either.
Nothing Get up! You’re all alone? No boyfriend? It’s very tidy in here Did you clean the place? Photos everywhere No toothbrush, no underwear, no make-up Did you just move? Fine.
This is fun anyway Let’s go.
Change of tactics Amina, put her in the cell Tintin, check her call list.
Find out if she has a bloke We’ll ask around at the university What’s the point? You know we won’t find anything When’s your summons? -Thursday -And in the meantime? Am I the only one who’s spinning out? We’re all going to be fired and you don’t care What choice do I have? I’m trying to do my job But don’t worry, I’m scared Oh, yeah? Come in Hello, Pierre I gather you wanted to see me It’s about the Jorkal case, Your Honour Jorkal? That’s reassuring.
With you, the poor woman’s in safe hands No, I’m defending Johnny Jorkal, not the victim Really? I thought you were more the widow and orphan type It has more glory and is good for your image Sit down -I’m surprised that even you -Even me? Come on Everyone knows that Jorkal showers his lawyers with cash and that it works He’s racketeered, extorted, robbed, violated even killed people with impunity thanks to his defence, who’ll stoop as low as it takes to get him released I told him I wouldn’t do that and certainly nothing illegal That’s easy to say but Rolexes and nice cars lead to arrogance and contempt for the law I warn you, Pierre.
Once you enter that world, there’s no going back Your Honour, we don’t even know if a crime was committed Bardès’ body was never found Perfect.
You choose money, I choose justice -No, I’m not -Have a good day, Pierre No way, Gilou The Sarahouis can shove their late licence up their arse It’ll never happen.
They’re under two enquiries One for human trafficking and the other for immoral earnings Really? Listen, Bassoni, the Sarahouis are my grassers so I have to give them something Why are you messing around with them? You’ve no idea how dodgy they are Model citizens don’t make good sources You’re right there Look, I just can’t help you, Gilou See you -Hello? -JP? It’s Laure Do you live here? I know what you’re going to say No, you don’t -You want me to cover for you -How? You weren’t there What, you know what happened? Then tell me The man was running away and I shot him? I never said that I’ll tell you what happened He was on top of the girl about to kill her You were outside.
I was alone You couldn’t help me He saw me and stood up And I had a second to decide One second It’s not a lot I didn’t wait for him to point his gun at me -But that’s the law -Yeah, I know Ever met a man who wanted to kill you? You know my job is different to yours I should have waited but I didn’t have the guts Maybe I was scared shitless after seeing what he did to that girl I took him out, JP I’m telling you the truth So what am I supposed to do? Whatever you like I didn’t come to lecture you But we work together and I respect you I respect you too -Have a good day, sir.
Goodbye -Goodbye, Ms Karlsson I’ll be with you in two minutes Come with me Are you taking the piss? I go in for a minor offence and find a murder Not murder.
They have nothing on her Sorry, are you Sophie’s lawyer or am I? All right, drop it.
I don’t know you Did the police tell you? She did.
And she seemed pretty shaky -Have you known her long? -Not really -Did she mention me? -No And don’t worry, I told her what to tell the police Besides, I know them and they’re a pain in the neck Do they have proof? Just a video but neither of you are recognisable How did you know it was me? I didn’t, but I do now Hello I’ll call you as soon as I hear anything Go through.
I’ll be with you in two minutes So, Pierre Clément, you’re defending Jorkal? Yeah, it’s a tough one That’s a new dress, isn’t it? How did you know? It’s really nice Erkan You have to eat -Have you seen the schedule? -Yeah I leave tomorrow You’ll come back You have to believe you’ll come back.
Stay strong I’m a Kurdish militant, Moussa They’ll arrest me off the plane and kill me Then you need to stay in France You don’t get it! If I stay here, I’m dead Listen I have some money It’s hidden on a building site I want you to give it to a man called Yussuf -Tell him it’s from Erkan -Erkan -Erkan -Moussa It’s really important -Erkan, I can’t do it -Please But if I do that, I’ll be It’s so he’ll leave my family alone Otherwise he’ll kill us all Please OK Look That’s the exact address and place where I’ve hidden the money I want you to give it to Yussuf And pass on this message, leave my family alone Yussuf Remember that.
Yussuf Where’s Berthaud? We’ve got the go-ahead The go-ahead for what? You need to wake up.
The go-ahead to tap into Sophie Mazerat’s phone What? But Berthaud’s not up to speed Up to speed with what? She should be at work, then she’d know And Escoffier? -He’s -What a bunch of losers! Unbelievable! Shit! Chief? Oh, shit! Chief? -Bréa? -Yes? -Are you alone? -Yeah I need you to tail someone.
Don’t worry, she’s just a kid Fromentin, when he’s ready, release the girl Get to it! Laure, where are you? Get here now Herville’s releasing Mazerat.
He’s having her tailed Move it! She’s leaving the Metro at Chemin Vert She’s looking through her bag She’s making a call OK.
Got it -Hello? -Mum, it’s Sophie Sophie, darling.
Where were you? Your father and I were worried sick.
Why didn’t you ring? -Who is it? -The mother I was at Capucine’s place Mum, I’m taking my exams I can’t come home yet Oh, and don’t call this number, OK? I’m changing my phone I love you, Mum.
I have to go now See you.
Bye She’s crossing the road She’s ditched her mobile Shit She’s crossing again I’ll hang back a bit -Shit! -What’s happening? She’s jumped into a taxi! I couldn’t do anything about it Great! Bravo! And where were you, while we’re slogging away? Don’t you think this priority case might need you? If you don’t like how we did it -Chief -No bloody excuses! It’s too late! You messed it up! I’m surprised at you I’m starting to think you’re overrated, Berthaud Why the hell would he do that? Have her followed by a bloke from Finance Why did he let Sophie out? He was worried you weren’t fast enough Fast enough for what? He couldn’t wait an hour for me to come back? She was our only lead Do you know Herville well? By reputation.
He’s a slave driver He’s a die-hard policeman What does that mean? “A die-hard policeman”? -Aren’t we all die-hard policemen? -No I have my daughters And you -Herville has no private life -Back in a sec The Sarahouis want to help Remember the robbery on Avenue Montaigne? -Yeah, the Pommeray jewellers? -Yeah They’re going to meet some Dutch buyers.
Interested? Yes, if we know when and where We’ll know tomorrow See you -So what did he say? -Well, he wants money What about the tip-off? He wants the tip-off and some money.
30 grand Your friend’s a greedy boy He says it’s not for him He needs to grease a few palms Who do we give the money to? -Him or you -He doesn’t know you He’ll never take it directly from you Imagine if he’s caught.
Officers are different now They’re always being watched OK.
I passed on the message It’s your call Nabil? Tell him that’s fine Extracted from BBC