Engrenages (2005) s04e04 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 4

Previously on Spiral SPIRAL 4 State of Terror At our last hearing you stated that you saw Fromentin and Escoffier enter the depot after the shots Yes, I stand by that My client’s been in prison for six months.
He’s innocent I’m asking for a cross-examination between him and the victims Didn’t Mr Raulic’s first lawyer demand a cross-examination? -It’s not my business to judge -Why not? Who’s that? What’s she doing here? If you’re here illegally, you should leave The police are coming She’s a criminal lawyer who deals with illegal immigrants How are you and Riffaut connected? We’re not.
We’re fighting different fights It’s revolution.
We have to destroy, and rebuild, victims or not My biggest problem is that Kurd who torched himself What matters is what happened next.
I want total transparency We have proof that Sophie Mazerat rents a garage in the 20th We think it’s where she’s storing the explosives If we wait, they’ll have time to hide the evidence We want to do it off the record tonight And? We’ll need the endoscope and a tracker Then get them from Services Shut the door on your way out.
I want to talk to Escoffier Any progress on the Kurd’s suicide? He’d been to a café when he was arrested We’ll stake it out and wait Very good I wanted to warn you I’ll be making some changes Berthaud’s going north Have you spoken to Wagner? No But can you see her working with Pujade? Don’t even go there So Pujade stays? If you’re wondering who’ll take over, I’ve someone in mind And who would that be? You, you idiot You’ve got the experience and the attitude Berthaud has her good points but you’re better Much better Can we discuss it? Sure, yes SPIRAL 4 State of Terror I ask you in advance to forgive me if I ask you some painful questions that you’ve answered before I’m afraid it’s unavoidable Miss Borel, sixteen months ago you were the victim of a rape Can you describe to me the circumstance of the attack? It was a Thursday night I was watching television and I’d left the balcony window open Suddenly, I saw a man come into my flat Over the balcony? Yes I screamed but he told me he just wanted to hide from the police And you believed him? Not entirely I thought that if I stayed calm, he’d leave sooner Then he asked you to close the curtain? I I did as he said and when I turned round he was wearing a balaclava He was holding a knife He told me he’d killed before Then the man pushed you against a wall and forced you to fellate him holding a knife to your ear I thought he was going to kill me Once he ejaculated, you went to spit in the sink He wiped your mouth clean with a tissue, which he put in his pocket Then he told you to bleach the sink After that he turned on the TV and forced you to watch it with him While you were bleaching the sink, what was he doing? Did he watch you? She’s answered these questions He touched me He pulled down my trousers and masturbated, touching me everywhere Did any form of penetration take place? Yes, with the fingers I was facing away because I was at the sink It went on for a long time Then he forced you to watch TV with him on the sofa while he channel-hopped He told me to make him some food, then he changed his mind He took all my jewellery and also took 40 euros from my bag Did he remove his balaclava or gloves? No.
Never -Did he leave by the balcony? -By the door And what did you do? Nothing My client lay there for five hours before calling her parents They immediately took her to the police Miss Borel do you recognise your attacker? I saw him as he came in.
I’d know him anywhere When the police asked you to come and identify him, how did you react? I didn’t want to go But they said they’d found other victims and they needed my help so I forced myself to go I stood behind the glass and recognised him immediately I wish I could forget him But now, he’s always there Always Thank you for listening so intently You’ve been very brave I’ll keep you informed Madam, do you have a couple of minutes? Yes, of course.
See you in a second, Marie -Is there a problem? -Raulic has an alibi The day Miss Borel was raped, he was with his brother in Cherbourg Is this a joke? Sixteen months later, and he suddenly has an alibi? He gave the alibi when he was arrested but Judge Garnier decided not to check it He probably thought that the alibi was fake and his brother was lying Yes, that seems obvious I’ve seen the map of Raulic’s phone use on that day He really was in Cherbourg He could have lent it to someone Maybe There’s also a psychiatric analysis that’s not in the case file The psychiatrist who examined the victims during the cross-examination never submitted his report The case is full of irregularities I’m looking into it but there’s real doubt So make sure Miss Borel is psychologically prepared Marie can only get up in the morning because her attacker’s behind bars We know he killed himself Why are we bothering with this dump? Don’t speak so loud Tintin, why doesn’t Gilou have his own team? -He must be as good as Laure -You reckon? He’s a great policeman He’s really impressive He’s got sources everywhere.
He knows a lot I don’t get it He’s a follower, not a leader And I think he’s too unstable to lead a team well That’s why women are good at it Shut up You wanted action? Go on.
Snap them Him.
Get him good They’re not here for coffee Gilou, it’s Tintin.
I need ID on a numberplate Go ahead Alpha, Bravo, six, six, two, X-ray, X-ray -I’ll get back to you -Thanks, sweetheart What’s all this? It’s got dodgy written all over it They’re definitely illegal Is he injured? What are they up to? Right no hospital for you Fuckers! -Hi.
Tintin -Yeah? The vehicle belongs to Umit Çetin.
He’s Kurdish -He’s known for people-smuggling -Thanks Got it Happy now you’ve grassed on your colleagues? -You feel like a man? -I told the truth You know what? I hope one day you get into deep shit and you’re surrounded by men like you Then you’ll see why a team matters What are you on about? You’re always sniping at each other Listen, you little shit you’re going to ask for a transfer Not soon, but right now Fuck off, Escoffier.
That’s not your decision That’s what you think.
I’ll make it hell for you Not a minute’s peace Now pack up and disappear I was going to charge you with perjury but Ballistics has examined the shots that killed Fuentes and now I’m not so sure We’re listening, Your Honour You say you shot Ronaldo Fuentes from a horizontal angle as he stood in front of you Exactly Now, the ballistics show the trajectories inside the body are sloping downwards and aren’t flat Which means the man you shot couldn’t have been standing It happened so fast, Your Honour I can’t remember if he was standing or getting up Quite frankly, Chief Inspector, I don’t think you were at risk So I’m going to charge you with murder If I may interject, Your Honour Chief Inspector, do you have your weapon with you? Please place it on the floor Now, if you could bend down, as if to pick it up Stop there Does the angle of this laser match the ballistics report? -Yes, more or less -OK Take your gun and stand up slowly, please And stop Is this the same angle? Yes Only now, the Chief Inspector is armed What are you getting at? It’s impossible to say if Fuentes was bending to pick up the gun or standing up, gun in hand It’s impossible Thank you, Chief Inspector If this goes to Court the jury will spot what anyone with common sense would Which is? That she was a lone woman, defending the life of another woman What else could she do? Wait for him to finish? Ask him to stop? I’d love to display some of this common sense, as you put it But you’re forgetting this You’ll notice the killer’s weapon is beside his right hand Surely he dropped it as he fell? Ronaldo Fuentes was left-handed Your Honour, do you think Fuentes put his gun down gently, then died? We know that he was moving He could have stumbled, tripped, turned around before falling His gun could have bounced on the ground Your Honour, to be brutally honest this case doesn’t stand up and you know it So? Is that it? Is over? Have we won? He still has to dismiss the case but you won’t be charged with murder or perjury That’s great You’re amazing! Thank you I’ll call Vincent -Just one thing -What? It changes nothing but between you and me was Ronaldo really going to kill you or did you just shoot? Do you normally ask that? I don’t normally defend my friends Christophe Vasseur’s out of custody -The assault charges were dismissed -Well done Well, the police can’t always win You’re starting to think like her What makes you say that? You used to see our side and didn’t ask stupid questions Thanks Evening, all I’m collecting for a funeral.
A chap got torn up by a bomb -Does that sound familiar? -Calm down.
It was an accident, OK? What do you nutcases need a bomb for? Hugo wasn’t a victim.
He knew the risk he was taking -I think he’d be proud -Proud? Sophie, are you listening to yourself? Proud? Proud to die for nothing? He’s turning in his grave.
Can’t you hear it? You’re getting boring, Vasseur.
Get lost Whatever you’re up to, I don’t want you in the squat or at the demos or anywhere I’m not getting involved You’re sick Thomas, stop it! We’re leaving You OK? Get off me, OK? -Right, are we ready for tomorrow? -We have to fetch the door pass -Why? -The man won’t be seen with us Then we’ll send Sophie She’ll love that For fuck’s sake What are they doing? If Sophie Mazerat comes for her car, it’s over Here we go -Evening -Everyone, this is Gégé -Have we met? -Yes Are you on record? What did you bring him for? Services was empty.
I had to get someone It’ll fine -Got your radio? -Yeah Wait in the car.
Tell us if anyone comes It’s on row C, 37B Here.
37B That’ll peel open like a can of sardines Gégé, can you talk more quietly, please? There’s a car inside Check the numberplate It’s three, two, one, D, X, Z, nine, one That’s right Go ahead, Gégé Working for the police.
Who’d have thought it? Tintin, a scooter’s in the car park.
Driver and passenger -What’s that? I can’t hear you -Try your phone No signal There we go.
Got it Bike! Bike! It’s a bike! Gégé, you have a fucking ankle tag! -Don’t worry about it -That’s just great! We’re tagging a car and he’s already tagged! They don’t work underground.
Just like your mobile I’ll tell them it was on the blink -Why didn’t you tell us, you twat? -You never asked Pack your things and shove off Go on! Move! -Shouldn’t I lock up? -We’ll do it! Now go! Quickly! What? I had no idea, did I? Tag the car Serge, Tintin, search the garage Get a move on You idiot.
We’re breaking the law and you bring a man who’s tagged? Gégé won’t tell.
I know him You think he’d go back to prison for you? He’ll grass on us at the first sign of trouble Look, Gilou you can’t do that There’s a difference between a risk and dropping us all in the shit Are you off your head? I know.
You’re right Get some sleep -What happened to Pujade? -Nothing Nothing? Suddenly, he couldn’t wait to get out of here Really? I had no idea I’m disappointed in you.
You’re happy taking orders from a woman? Look, Chief -Berthaud’s a great officer -Maybe But not many people are willing to bank on you like I would Thanks Moussa.
I got them to cancel the order so you won’t be deported but you can’t stay in France What about Magali and my job? We’ll see but until then don’t get stopped Don’t travel without a ticket, don’t go out drunk be as good as gold Do you understand? Look at that bitch She lost us Riffaut.
We’ll never find him now Don’t worry.
I’m used to sniffing out lefties She’ll soon find out who she’s messing with Yes, that’s right.
That’s right Yes, of course, of course Certainly.
I Yes, yes I’ll call you back -Mr Garnier, it’s good to see you -How are you, my friend? Congratulations on your promotion, President -Please -It’s well deserved I’m glad I caught you.
I’ve inherited one of your cases I never burden my memory with cases once they’re finished Of course.
The upper echelons must be terribly busy But this one’s special.
The Raulic case? You must remember.
It was in the papers For me, heavily publicised cases aren’t necessarily interesting or memorable No, I’m afraid I have no recollection of the Raulic case That’s a shame.
I was hoping to get through this quickly Get through what quickly? Going over the elements of the case or rather the missing elements Tell your clerk to arrange a meeting, if it’s possible Come in -Prosecutor -President Hello, Garnier -Would you like some coffee? -No I’ve just seen François Roban He’s completely lost his mind He’s washed up now Broken, but still vicious Is cruelty not the cure for injured pride? True But he’s starting to nit-pick around the Raulic case Isn’t that over and done with? It is, but I still have to go and meet Roban The media caused a real stir.
It can’t happen again Just indulge him I’ll make sure it goes nowhere Thank you, my friend.
I’m most grateful for that I’ll have that coffee I heard your station is on a bomb case -You could have told me -Come on Three no-marks playing bombs? We’ve tagged the car.
There’s nothing to be alarmed about What do you take me for? Why tag them if they’re no-marks? -You think I’d -I know what I see And I see a pack of lies Well, that’s all over with now This is CID So behave yourself I spoke to the prosecutor Your station is off the Rozier case You’ve got it all wrong Counterterrorism told us to keep going Well, that’s perfect Then you can send them all your evidence today You’ve been giving me a lot of advice.
It’s really kind Of course I’ll try to be there but Sorry, Chief, I’ll call you back Here we go.
The tag’s transmitting Amina, Gilou, they’re heading for Cergy station You take the bypass.
We’ll go right If they go into the station, follow them Roger We’ve got them! We’re off to the police headquarters.
They’ve passed the station.
Pass the town hall Shit.
We’ve lost the signal They must be close I don’t believe it! Unbelievable! The police headquaters.
Seen them? Negative.
There’s nothing here There! There! That’s her! Sophie’s going to the police headquarters Amina, get out and follow her.
Don’t be seen We’ll wait outside the main entrance Roger.
We’re not far now.
I have her in sight.
She’s walking quickly We’ll find the car later Amina, where are you? Heading there now.
Where is she ? Nearly at the police headquarters Got you.
I see you Hurry up, Amina Miss, sign a petition for undocumented immigrants Get rid of them! Get rid of them! Please, just sign Your bag, please That’s fine She’s not in the hall.
I’m going up She’s lost her I’ll find the CCTV.
Stay here just in case OK Hello.
I’m looking for a vehicle -Be my guest -Thank you I’m in the security office.
Have you got anything, Amina? Negative Tell Marc my colleague comes back tomorrow morning When he sees his badge is gone, he’ll get it cancelled I see her Has she seen you? -No -Don’t lose her Shit I’m at some stairs going up to the car park Go up to the car park -How many exits? -One on Constellation, one on Gemini It was crawling with police -It’s the police headquarters -I know But when I came out of the toilet, one looked at me He kept staring.
I’m sure he spotted me -See anything, Amina? -No -I’ve got them! -Don’t let them get away They’re driving out of the car park Where the hell Got them.
It’s him! He’s got the badge I see them, leaving on Gemini Street.
Gilou, block them off Tintin, south door! -Still no signal -It’ll come back soon Let’s get out of the car park Shit.
Move over.
Move over! Police! Out of the road! Police! I said move! OK, so you lost them and they had time to clean the car Did you identify the man in the video? There’s no proof but I saw the badge on his arm So you’ve got a man who hopefully won’t change his jacket? What is this, the fucking Keystone Cops? Luckily, I planned ahead Counterterrorism are taking this over -What? You can’t! -Don’t push me, Berthaud! Control your hormones She means that we’re getting results.
Like tomorrow’s bust What are you busting? Fine.
I’ll do the talking One of my narks knows about the Pommeray jewel robbery The jewels are being sold to a Dutch buyer but we’ll bag them first There you go Source, tip-off, bust.
Everyone’s happy -What team? -The Crime Unit -Is this for real? -The Crime Unit doesn’t mess around I said you’d make a good leader He’s a nightmare He brings in Counterterrorism the minute we find the man You never told us about tomorrow One of my narks knows the Sarahouis and I’m in their good books And the icing on the cake, he thinks you’d make a good leader You? We should him about the ankle tag He’d love that Been shopping? I’m going to my sister’s wedding You have a sister? Yes, I have a sister A family even Are you sulking because I’m defending Berthaud? I don’t care what you do with Berthaud I’m preoccupied What about? Anyway, the fact you’re defending her isn’t the problem But you’re defending her because she’s part of your little clique That doesn’t explain anything No Pierre Will you come to the wedding with me? -No, thanks -Yes, please I said those earrings were too much And why not? I’m not ashamed of my success.
It’s no thanks to them Jo, you came! I’m so happy! Thank you -You look gorgeous -No, you’re gorgeous -Hi -Hi.
Congratulations Is this your fiancé? Jacotte will love this.
Jacotte! Joséphine’s brought her fiancé How wonderful! -Good evening -Good evening You’ve certainly changed You all look just the same -Where did you meet? -The first time was in court I was the prosecutor She was defending a client who was guilty She defended him with such passion.
It was enchanting -So you let her win? -No no.
Far from it But I made sure we met again Here’s Dad.
Dad, Joséphine’s here He couldn’t see who you were He saw me.
He’s just the same old piece of shit Please, Jo -Joséphine.
Jo disappeared long ago -Make an effort, please I’m the one who insisted you should come OK I promise We’ll see if that bastard talks to me How about a drink? Your Honour Remember you had another daughter? It’s funny you’re still here After Mum went I thought you’d die of shame Are you sorry? I’m talking to you, Dad I don’t forget a thing, you know And I don’t forgive either Every day, knowing you’re alive makes me sick Do you hear me? Every day Richard? -Are you coming, darling? -Yes, I am Madam, does he beat you too? I defend battered women, you know You want my card? -What’s going on? -Madam! It’s nothing Did you see his face? He never expected that He thought he’d got rid of me.
If that old cow hadn’t come out Can you tell me what’s going on? You want to hear about my childhood? It’s bloody dull.
You’ll be asleep in seconds Don’t touch me What are you doing? Look at me Come on I don’t get it Herville asked Gilou to be head of my team My team! You know Gilou.
It’s a joke So I slagged him off in front of everyone I probably shouldn’t have Yes, that was a bit clumsy What is it with Herville? Is he misogynist? Or is he trying to divide and conquer us? What’s this, the Saint Vincent? No It’ll be the Saint Vincent the day you move your stuff in All your stuff I’m asking you to come and live with me This would be a good time to look delighted Even a polite smile would be nice -Pick us up on the other side -OK FOREIGN NATIONALS Why is it funny that I could be leader? Fire at the Cergy police headquarters last night The blaze was started deliberately on the second floor causing thousands of euros of damage It began in the police headquarters central computer server room taking down the entire IT system They torched the police headquarters Calling all units.
The Dutchman’s just arrived Let’s go, everyone Come on You can see the quality Tintin to Laure.
We’re in place Let’s do it Police, don’t move! Don’t move! Don’t move! Down on the ground! Stay there! Show me your hands! Laure! Oh, shit Shit Extracted from BBC