Engrenages (2005) s04e06 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 6

Previously on Spiral SPIRAL 4 State of Terror What about the Kurd? -A suicide.
The coroner found this -Where’s this from? M-72 rocket launchers, Kalashnikovs You have the photos, the Soliman Find the weapons and whoever brought them -I don’t want these on the estates -He’s giving away his hideout Çetin, it’s Yussuf There’s a problem on the site.
Come quickly No, he’s leaving! If you want to let Raulic out, go ahead I’ll support you He did it When it happened, Raulic was in Cherbourg You think I’d lie? We did you a favour.
Now do what I asked you -I can’t get the licence -You’ll drop me in it I’m sorry, Nabil -We need to talk -Talk about what? There was no 30,000 Take his gun Special Branch came to see me.
They’re watching the squat And they want me to inform on you Give me the officers on Hugo’s case I want names addresses, photos Special Branch will love this SPIRAL 4 State of Terror The victim was a minor, known to the police with multiple drug convictions, suggesting this was a reprisal The attackers used an automatic Uzi pistol so you can imagine, if these are on the streets we need to react immediately The minister will announce a new plan to counter gunrunning Great So after the burglary, the robbery and the custody plans, now it’s the gunrunning plan When a child has been shot on the street we’re expected to react That’s all we ever do Our priorities change every week And we don’t need the minister to remind us that guns are a problem I don’t know about you but my station is already working on a Turkish gunrunning case We were tracking illegal workers and found a stash of guns We’ve traced them back to Iraq via Kurdistan We’re making progress and you can tell the minister we’ll be making arrests -When? -Within 24 hours That’s exactly what the minister wants to hear See, Vincent? Not everyone reacts.
Some people plan ahead Bye.
Have a good day Thank you.
Good bye Thank you for seeing us -We know all this -How was I supposed to know? At least I got something.
I don’t spend my life with Riffaut Have you seen, among Riffaut’s associates a tall man with a limp? Yannis Tzakri A Greek activist suspected of killing a police officer “Suspected”? Is there a warrant on him? No He killed an officer in Greece but was released after a procedural error He entered France via Belgium and as he knows Riffaut, we think they’ve made contact Without a warrant, he can do what he wants He’s dangerous, and we want to know what he’s doing in France I have no idea Now I’m afraid I have to get back to work Do you work with this man? You think you can blackmail me with that? Two consenting adults Both single, by the way No, but you seem very close And? His reputation suffered badly after that pesky paedophilia scandal If we tell the bench you’re in breach of confidentiality and you’re struck off the bar he’s fucked You know what people will say.
Birds of a feather I want to know if Yannis Tzakri has contacted Riffaut and what he’s doing in France You can keep this Gentlemen Were they police officers? Why do you say that? They just looked like officers Look, they weren’t police officers.
Stop winding me up -All right? -Can you talk? I’m on a stakeout, but go on I need information on some people who came to the office I just have a numberplate.
BA-569-KZ -You know this is breaking the law? -Yes, I’m sorry.
But it’s important All right, since it’s you.
Let me write it down OK, can you say that again? BA-569-KZ OK, I’ll let you know as soon as I can See you God, this is depressing Only 847 hits? Here That’s him Joseph Vanderberg Head of the Belgian Property Office He’s coming to Paris to sign a contract to build a new prison outside Ostende We’ll kidnap him What, us? And demand the closure of every prison in Europe Guys! Are you with us? I’m with you, Thomas Me too, but I’m allowed to ask questions, all right? Who told you to come in? Karlsson left a message at the café.
I think it’s urgent It’s OK.
Leave him -All right? -Tell me about the 30 grand Nabil gave you 30 grand for the late licence and the jewel job -We were honest -We paid up You paid up? I never saw your money If I had, I’d have wiped my arse with it Let’s ask him what happened to the money Then we’ll see Sit down.
Have a drink You don’t think I called him? Nabil fucked off with your money Now give me back my gun -I said now -OK, but you’ll get us another one A gun? I’m your arms dealer now? How else will you get your gun back? Go on I’m curious Something’s happening Go on, snap him Number plate? DPF-91 The car’s going in He’s picking something up I’ll call Gilou.
Here Gilou, where are you? We need you What do you mean? You have Serge and Amina.
You don’t need me Yes, we do.
Where are you? I’m at the office, checking something for Tintin -Can you check a numberplate for me? -OK -Any news on the Kurd case? -I’m talking to Laure -Come to my office -I’ll call back -Should we wait for her? -Yeah, right Serge, it’s Laure.
We have movement We’ll tail them.
You follow us.
Rue de la Solidarité Roger The Kurdish illegals meet at Café Soliman That’s their employer, Umit Çetin Forget the illegals.
Where are the two chests of guns? Maybe we can link that serial number to the shooting I had the number checked on every database and got nothing Well, we can’t just sit here gawping at photos -Yes? -Berthaud, come back to the station No, we're tailing Çetin That’s an order Serge, we’re too close.
Overtake If Çetin’s using this car to move guns we need to know where he’s going If they’re guns, pull him over -Are you sure? -No, that’s why we're tailing him Either you stop him or you come back What do we do? -Back down -OK, no problem Berthaud, new strategy.
It’s time to kick the ant hill Didn’t Escoffier tell you? Çetin moves the guns But we don’t know how he does it So we arrest all illegal aliens working for him One will talk if we offer him papers They won’t talk Yilmaz preferred to kill himself You’re starting to piss me off, Berthaud! Shit! Shit! Tomorrow morning, we bring in the Kurds If you don’t like it, I’ll use another team I’m taking your cars.
Keys I’ve had it with him! It’s like he was born to wind me up Fucking hell Trowing a tantrum about it won’t help Is that what I’m doing? Throwing a tantrum? Sort of.
And you might have lost us the case Me? Can you leave, please? You need to stop licking Herville’s arse I’m just trying to see his side And he has a point The longer we wait, the more we risk losing the guns So I’m off the case.
Should I be grateful? No, you just say nothing, and move on like me I don’t know why you're doing this but your attitude is shit You’re letting us down -Are you out of your mind? -President You released Yvan Raulic, a habitual offender? You know we have zero tolerance for sex offenders -Raulic is not a sex offender -Then what is he? He’s a habitual burglar who was used as a scapegoat It was a disgrace to the justice system so I ended it Do you want another Outreaux? Certainly not The press will lynch us I can explain it to them, teach them a thing or two Don’t you dare Are you worried I’ll explain Garnier’s methods? Doctoring assessments, creating a false culprit.
? This isn’t a Western, Roban They’re upstairs Vanderberg gets to La Défense to sign the contract at 3:00 The Tower has pedestrian access He has to cross a 20m walkway to reach the doors That’s where we grab him before he enters the Tower -Let’s hope he doesn’t struggle -What if he does? Then too bad tor him What are you doing here? -Were you waiting? -I’ve just arrived Ask Sophie if you don’t believe me Special Branch know all about the Greek They want information So give me something good because I can’t say he’s selling olive oil OK, Yannis Joséphine Karlsson, a lawyer friend She says the police know you’re here They think Yannis killed a police officer in Greece I know, he was let out after a procedural error Procedural error? In custody, they smashed his leg with a metal bar to make him talk The bastards filmed themselves doing it I suppose he was released because the video was leaked online? Tell them I’m here to write a book with Thomas Now get out You have to take the case, Your Honour I’m in their bad books I’m not sure they’d let me oversee a case like that I presume it’s not just the guns you want? No, we want the whole network At least, I do.
My boss just wants results Any results will do, as long as it’s now Does your boss know how you work? Not really, no I want you to take the case because we’re in trouble He won’t like it Even if I am given the case if he wants you off it, I’ll have trouble defending you You could always make me look good And gloss over your habit of acting before you think? Never mind As soon as you take the case, I’m sure it’ll work out Laure Leave it to me Show some humility for once Keep a low profile Pierre I meant to call you about that number plate -Are you in trouble? -No, why? The car belongs to Special Branch Special Branch? Were they at your office? Should I find out? No, don’t worry.
It was for a friend For your partner? Pierre, what are you doing with her? She’ll get you into trouble.
You’ll I’m in love with her It might sound stupid, but I am I’m sorry I take that back.
Forgive me I’m not judging you You’re a terrible liar Thanks Hello, madam Thank you I like these new chairs Don’t you, Sylvie? Please, Mr Jorkal Mrs Bardès you state that your husband had a meeting on 17th March with Mr Jorkal in a car park outside Paris How do you know this? My husband called Jorkal to say he was running late The communication lasted for two minutes on 17th March at 11:35am Then Tony went for his meeting and disappeared At 1:20pm, Mr Bardès’ mobile phone stopped transmitting Since that date, the victim’s phone has not been switched on Your Honour, why would my client want to harm Mr Bardès? They were partners in a night club When Jorkal sold up a lot of the money went off the books without my husband knowing They split the official amount but my husband soon realised he’d been tricked So he demanded his share His real share Jorkal arranged a meeting and killed him Your Honour, the phone bills only prove one thing which is that Bardès kept calling me He was harassing me I didn’t care about him I think he’s gone into hiding to make me seem guilty My client raises an interesting point Is there evidence of Bardès’ death, besides his wife’s allegations? No, but Mr Jorkal has been linked to missing persons before I have a few things to say about my ex-partner, too What are you insinuating, Mr Jorkal? I have a file of Bardès activities that the law might like to see Tell Tony to stop playing dead because I could put him in jail for 20 years Sir, your client is threatening a witness My lawyer has the file.
I’m no informer But if she doesn’t retract her lies, Mr Clément will send it to you That’s not true.
My husband is dead You never mentioned that file Look in the documents my wife gave you It’s all on a DVD labelled “Bardès” Are you looking through my stuff? I was checking this blank DVD.
I thought it was my computer Are you OK? How was your day? Exhausting.
I didn’t stop once You? Fine.
I learned a lot Really? Like what? Just stuff Things you already know, but I’m new.
I’m still learning What am I to you? What am I? Your lover, your colleague, your friend.
? What? Don’t ruin this, Joséphine I spoke with the President He assured me that you’ll be in charge of the gun running case Thank you But with Raulic, we should keep our cards close The Chancellor has been called to the Assembly to explain -It’s causing a stir -I expected that You know, by bringing Garnier’s shortcomings to light you’ve managed to turn the entire system against you I can’t keep quiet, Prosecutor I wish I could, but I never take exceptions I just can’t Superintendent -Prosecutor -Superintendent It seems I’m dealing with the Erkan Yilmaz case That’s news to me, Your Honour -Shall we? -I’m all yours Goodbye, Your Honour, Superintendent I’ve looked the case over, and I was very impressed with how quickly you discovered the guns -Astonishing -Thank you -And you’ll bring them in soon? -That’s my plan If only we could trace it back to the source but it’s too risky If they suspect they’re being watched, you’ll lose everything My thoughts exactly, Your Honour Will Inspector Berthaud be in charge? I don’t know To be honest, I don’t appreciate Berthaud’s attitude It’s true, she’s unbearable On the other hand, she has the nose of a bloodhound and absolute authority I’ve seen her on other cases She’s absolutely astonishing It’s just a pity she’s so unpleasant Yes, it’s a shame Right Berthaud You’ll be bringing in the Kurds Thanks, sir A car might be useful Thank you So, tomorrow, we strike in three places Umit Çetin’s home, the building site and the Soliman We’ll have an Armed Response team for backup Serge, ask the tax office to send someone to witness the illegal work If we want the workers to squeal on Çetin, we have to be nice to them I need you all in good shape -Are you coming to Tintin’s? -Yeah Your bloke lets you go out? I’ll call him and say it’s a work night -Need a lift? -Yeah -I won’t be long -See you down there -Gilou? -What? I’m coming Meet us there.
I’m going with Vincent All right If you’d told me about those guns I wouldn’t have looked like a dick at the meeting -You don’t like that -What? -Looking like a dick -No Forget Lenoir and Herville.
They’re just puppets But I don’t want any politics between us Do you understand? You’re still wearing your tie? I’m a new guest, so I’m wearing a tie Tintin’s not the minister, you know? You really didn’t have to And maybe we can skip the hospital visit next time Don’t, sweetheart These are nice So you can run faster and dodge the ballets Are these the shorts to match? Just open it Everyone’s signed it Laure’s mate Herville is on there, too He knows who I am? “It’s just a scratch” Don’t take it too seriously It was Amina’s idea Stop it Champagne? If it’s any comfort, statistically he’s safe now Aren’t you ever scared? For her? Yes, all the time Amina, give me a hand with the barbecue DON’T FORGET US SARAHOUI Sorry, I came to get something from the cellar I’ll move it all out next weekend All right, girls.
Champagne’s here -Gilou? -Yeah, I’m coming Here Beretta 92, unregistered Numbers filed off.
Nice Can I have my gun back? Have you heard from that prick Nabil? No Where are the bullets? Chief No need Let’s go Put your hands up.
Hands up! Where’s your husband? Your husband.
Where is he? Stop talking Turkish.
Where is he? Do you think I’m stupid? I saw you reading a French paper Forget it.
Put your hands up Show me your hands! Come out! Come out Slowly does it Face the wall.
Hands up Hold still.
Give me your hand For fuck’s sake Where are they? We’re with Çetin.
Have you got them? The whole site’s empty.
They’re not here We should have staked it out.
Fucking Herville Get to the Soliman Shit You’re in custody for unreported employment, aiding illegal aliens, conspiracy and firearms possession, on the authority of Judge Roban You can’t come into my home like this I’m an honest worker Really? Then why were you hiding in the shower? Because I’m foreign, and the police don’t like foreigners Yeah, right Do you recognise him? Never seen him before That’s strange because he was always at the Soliman So? The Soliman’s a café.
I don’t know every customer Excuse me Çetin only declares one employee but his credit balance is 150,000 euros and he’s transferring large amounts You see that lady? She’s from the tax office, and she’s checking if you pay your labour rates So you have one employee, but you’re transferring lots of money Do you think that’s normal? I work.
Business is good That’s not a crime Not a crime? Mr Clément? We’re going up to your office.
Calmly I was going inside my office when I heard two shots I turned around and saw the bike disappear around the corner Do you remember any details? A face, the type of bike.
? It happened so quickly.
They were both wearing helmets I think the bike was black Did you know the victim? No, I’d never seen him before Fabrice! Can you wait one minute? It was Bardès I saw his photo in the judge’s office Did you tell the police? No.
If I’m a witness, I lose the case But I thought Jorkal killed Bardès Jorkal knew he was alive He made Bardès’ wife believe he had a file on him in my office The blank DVD Bardès believed him, came to get it and got shot They could have shot you, too I suppose Jorkal likes me Pierre, this man is dangerous.
Believe me, I’ve had similar clients Pass him on to a colleague before you get in over your head Remember what we said when we started out? No dangerous clients, no problems with the police no pointless bother You can talk Stop! JP! Tell us where the guns are, or we’ll keep looking What guns? There are no guns here! I found some keys in his coat What are these keys for? They’re for here, for the site in Clichy and my basement Or a parking garage? So, which one’s yours? -Which one? -I’ve never been here Do you think we’re stupid? We saw you here It doesn’t matter.
We have all day Bingo This is it.
The chests were here under the calendar So where are the guns? -What guns? -Give it a rest I’ve seen the guns Erkan took photos There were two chests full of guns -Have you hidden them? -It seems likely -Yeah? -Laure, we’ve found one of the chests Thanks, Serge Bad news.
They’ve found them Your Honour, I was on my way to see you I already know Bardès was shot outside your office.
Who would have thought it? Jorkal will be happy I was going to formally request his release I’ve already filled out the standard release request I’ll submit it once the Prosecutor returns the case file Your client will be out by midday -Thank you, Your Honour -Please, it’s the law But it’s not over yet Jorkal committed instigated murder and I’ll prove it My client has nothing to hide My dear Pierre, what have you got yourself into? If you leave him, he’ll drag your reputation through the mud and if you don’t, your life’s in danger Good luck So, note this down - two AK-47s an Uzi, a mini-Uzi, two more AK-47s four, five, six handguns and two magazines Whose are these? -Whose are they? -They’re not mine The problem is, this is only half of it We’ve searched the Soliman and his flat and found nothing I know OK, call Herville since he loves you so much I’ll deal with Roban Amina, call Forensics and get going I’ll make you a deal Help me find the other chest and the judge will go easy on you There were two in the photo, weren’t there? And you moved the second one in a hire car yesterday rented in the name of of “Yasmine Azin”, am I right? I’ve never seen these guns before Someone else hid them here It’s your garden, you knobhead Your wife saw us search it.
If you won’t talk, you’ll go down Take him away before I kill him You gave Herville his first orgasm of the day I didn’t know he was capable Yeah? What? I’m on my way -Is something wrong? -No, no See you at the office Get in That’s kind of you Mr Clément.
But I’m waiting for my wife She’s not coming I told her I’d fetch you -I warn you, if you’re my driver -I’m not your driver Then I don’t know what you are.
I don’t need a lawyer You think this is the end of it? You’re only free because I kept quiet The judge wants to pin Bardès’ murder on you And if I suddenly remember what happened, you’re in trouble If you’re worried about the money you should know I always settle my debts I’m not worried I’ll take care of your business from now on on top of my fees for the new Bardès case Very well Though I must confess that I’m surprised I’m just getting started Given the confusion surrounding my decision to release Yvan Raulic I feel I should explain an essential point I have not released a sexual offender He’s an innocent man -But there was evidence against him -I’m afraid not But Judge Garnier Judge Garnier skewed the inquiry and sent an innocent man to prison Yvan Raulic has an established alibi one victim denied it was him and the psychiatric expert admits that Garnier put pressure on him to change his assessment What about the repercussions for you? That’s all for today.
Thank you Did you come to watch my career’s unstoppable decline? Roban, the young woman who was raped Marie Borel? Yes, I’ll call her Marie Borel has killed herself -Escoffier -Inspector Morel.
I called you We found your calling card on the victim’s body -Do I need slippers? -No, we’ve taken the prints Do you know him? Yeah.
He’s one of my informers How was he killed? Carl, can I? He was killed with this gun a Beretta 92FF The number’s scratched off Excuse me WE NEED TO TALK SARAHOUI Extracted from BBC