Engrenages (2005) s04e10 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 10

Previously on Spiral SPIRAL 4 State of Terror -Whose are these? -They’re not mine Someone hid them here -We have a big problem -Çetin’s been released -He needs to be dealt with -Rodi will do it Rodi! You have back-up Inspector I came back for you -Have you worked with Sami before? -Yeah, on a drugs case two years ago He almost died, too For two years, a similar case has been examined in Pontoise by Evelyne Renaud She has just confirmed that Raulic’s DNA doesn’t match President, I released an innocent man Look That’s you, isn’t it? Do you even realise what you’ve done? Your career’s over but I have to help you out to save my reputation Look, it wasn’t her I warned the people in the squat Well played I called another agency.
I’m meeting them tomorrow What’s this? There’s nothing inside.
Bag it up Take a photo here OK, that’s done I’ll turn him over Note this down Four bullet wounds to the chest one shot in the cheekbone, and one in the right shoulder But no gun All right? Take a photo, here -You’re sure it’s him -Yeah, and now we’ve lost the Ozbeks Fuck That’s what you call an execution You should have talked -When did you find him? -8:45.
A jogger made the call We linked it to your case.
Inspector Haroun confirmed it was him And the body was like this? No one tried to cover him up? There was also a plastic bag, but it’s empty Take this to the lab Tintin, wake up OK, thanks.
You can take him away -Can we get a bag, please? -God, this is depressing SPIRAL 4 State of Terror I must have dozed off Who found me? Your concierge You flooded the flat downstairs Great.
Now the whole building knows I’m sorry I’m sorry I was so harsh with you Don’t say that I felt like such a fool You’re not a fool I must look awful -You never look awful -No Did you do it because of me? What are you playing at? -Can’t I have a piss in peace? -Of course.
Go ahead And keep ignoring the problem -I can’t go on, Gilou -I can tell.
This has to stop As soon as I’m outside, I start to panic I just start spinning out Like yesterday, with the handcuffs, I froze even though I wasn’t in danger You’re taking pills before we do a raid You’re putting all of us in danger Do you have a death wish or what? What will I do if I can’t go out any more? -Hello, sweetie -Hello, Mum -Here -Thanks -Did you do as we said? -Yeah, I did it And I did it properly.
Now leave me alone Where did you bury him? Why do you care? You want to send him flowers? No.
So leave it I would like to drink my coffee in peace, OK? Why are you picking on him? He’s suffered a lot And I haven’t? Didn’t I suffer when the soldiers shot Dad? Who walked 30 miles in the snow to bring him home? Great! You’re a hero.
The medal’s on its way I’m sick of your shit country Rodi! Kurdistan’s your country, too, you idiot My country? I have no country You little druggie.
I’m not surprised Look at your eyes You get high before seeing your mother? You’re pathetic You should see what life is like back home Poverty, war It would do you good You’re right! Well done! You win For God’s sake! Stop it I’m sorry I don’t have better news, Roban Here “The remarks made to the press “were a breach of judicial professional integrity “and called his loyalty into question “Therefore, the Council has decided to penalise François Roban “investigating judge at Paris Regional Court “by stripping him of his judicial powers “and removing him from office” -I’m fired -Not exactly You’ll be moved to another jurisdiction Perhaps civil or matrimonial cases Matrimonial cases? Where? At the local court in Quimper? Meanwhile, the decision is effective immediately You may not carry out any inquiries and you will leave your office today A replacement has been named I’m not signing this.
I’ll appeal to the Court of Justice You won’t get rid of me that easily Your Honour, I need a warrant to bug the Ozbeks’ restaurant Didn’t you get my message? We’re out on our arses You’re not the only ones.
I’ve been stripped of office -What? -I’ve just found out I don’t believe it We couldn’t come.
We should have defended you No, these people don’t care what the police say Excuse me, sir.
What are you doing? Mr Roban.
I’m the court bailiff I’m afraid you’re no longer allowed in this office But Inspector Berthaud needs a warrant Your successor will take on your cases this afternoon Can I have my briefcase and coat or will my sucessor take those? No, of course.
Go ahead And some people say that justice moves slowly Here.
Your trip wasn’t wasted Thanks How about a little whisky? -Are you joking? -Haroun’s report made it clear We’re not responsible for Çetin No, I meant your memo about firearms in the suburbs Oh, that The Commissioner needed a memo for the Minister, so I knocked one up -I’m friendly with the Commissioner -Too right, you are You keep talking behind my back I’m sick of your shit.
Now stop it or leave That’s exactly what I was thinking And now there’s a vacancy for Deputy Head of Counter Terrorism I’ve applied You want to become Deputy Head? You’ve got a nerve I have the Commissioner’s approval And Head Office, too Given your current role, I think you’re overstepping the mark Now I know the rumours are true And what do the rumours say? Wrap up the firearms case and I’ll let you go Hello Marianne, thank you I wish I could have helped I would have stayed to thank you, but I couldn’t That’s OK.
I understood -I have some news -Already? This morning.
Would you like a drink? Thanks.
I’ll have a coffee Sir? One coffee, please Now that I can’t use my office, I’m meeting people in cafés and a clerk from the 11th Chamber told me that Garnier granted acquittals for serious crimes like sexual assault or premeditated violence Is this clerk sure? So sure that he refuses to work with Garnier Shall I look into it? It might be useful The plastic bag found at the scene was sent to the lab We’re setting up a camera opposite the Ozbeks’ restaurant The fact is we’re back to square one The fact is, this group has leadership problems Haroun, I’m putting you in charge OK, Berthaud? I don’t need to tell you why No, it’s been obvious all along You want me out I haven’t finished! We’re all stressed Let’s get this wrapped up as soon as possible So what’s the plan? Tap the restaurant? That won’t be easy.
There’s always someone there -Then tap their phones -They’ve changed numbers Haroun, I was hoping you’d do better than that dozy cow Don’t let me down Thanks Put him through Yes, Commissioner? Yes, absolutely Excellent -Is everything ready? -Yes, we’ve set up the camera It’s transmitting to you at the station -Can you tap the place? -We’ll try it tonight OK, let me know when it’s done Look Nice “Single, fortunately” “Dangerous.
Needs taking out” “Father of two little shits” Where are these photos from? Tech found them on a website run by squatters in Noisy-le-Grand Fucking bastards Don’t worry about it Don’t worry? They’re talking about my kids So you’d rather navel-gaze while the Ozbeks walk free? I’m not navel-gazing.
Those fuckers have put my kids online -What’s goin on? -We’ve been outed online -Where are those photos from? -That’s the question They must be from Judge Wagner -Not necessarily -Come on So what do we do? It’s not my decision.
Sami’s in charge of the group now What are you talking about? Herville lost it and fired Laure Are you serious? We’ll find out later Let’s concentrate on catching the Ozbeks OK, boss So we let them walk all over us and lie about us online? Laure? You have one hour Sami, we’ll go and see Mrs Çetin You talk to the neighbours around the squat One hour All right, mate.
Let’s get going You wanted action.
Now you have it Come on.
It’ll do you good Think about it, all right? Shit! It’s them It’s those officers! Make sure everyone’s ready.
We’ll block the door -Who are you? -Police.
Now let us in -Get lost -Come down here! -Do we break in? -Watch out! That’s piss! Get down here! Block the door! Block the door! Come out, you bastards Laure, it’s about to kick off We need help -Mr Clément? -Yes It’s about Jorkal What does that say? Please, come in It’s a statement of debt, signed by Jorkal If you want money, ask Mr Jorkal.
I’m not his bank manager Except he won’t talk to us after the trouble in the basement I don’t know what trouble you’re talking about So once again, I suggest you contact Mr Jorkal Do you have a safe? A safe? No He pays you, doesn’t he? Jorkal must give you loads of cash Jorkal’s debts are not my business.
Now please, I have work to do Yes, but one of our kids took a beating because of Jorkal He’ll spend his life in a wheelchair -I’m sorry -Jorkal said he’d give him 50 grand Tell him we want it, and we’re sick of waiting And he should pick up our calls I’ll tell him, and he’ll be in touch Great Have a good day John-Antoine, it’s Pierre Clément.
Call me back, quickly You bastards! Get off! Come on! You dirty fascists! -Get him out of here -Get lost! Come here, you little shit Stop! You won’t get away.
Stop! Good.
Now turn around and show me your hands -Calm down -What are you going to do? -What will you do with your gun? -Drop it or I’ll shoot -All right? -Yeah, fine -Come with me -OK -Is everything good with you? -Yeah Here you go Wait.
Where are you going? -What is it? -We need to talk You should see your face.
Go on, talk Some of my guys want to buy from you -Yeah? -They’re pros.
They rob cash trucks When do they need it? -It depends -On what? On me Why? Because I want a 50 per cent share -50 per cent? -Yeah What? This is how you treat me? is this how you thank me for helping you out? Without me, you’d still be selling bits of hash in the stairwell -Don’t do this to me -All right, keep your hair on We’ll get more money with just the two of us You can’t just squeeze my brothers out What about your brothers? Who killed the fat man? You or your brothers? -Me -Yeah, it was you You have the balls You know the market We could make millions.
Think about it Thanks for the T-shirt The guy’s still in a coma.
It’s not fatal Good You were only meant to talk to the neighbours I’m sorry for the kid, but I didn’t think he’d get shot Still, the squat’s closed.
That’s a good thing -What are we celebrating? -Nothing special Well, guess what? I went to the lab They found two DNA samples in the plastic bag When do we get the results? Tomorrow.
I told you not to worry Having fun? Did you get my message? I didn’t want to wait, so I thought I’d pick you up Is that OK? -Can I have one? -Of course.
Amina You can share mine Did you hear that Herville’s leaving? You’re joking He’s applied for Deputy Head of Counter Terrorism Shit floats upwards -Do we have any cold bottles? -Maybe a few Vincent, take the smell test.
What is it? OK, guys We’ve run out -Shall we go? -I’ll get my things Ciao! -Back to work, everyone -Not a chance You can’t go on like this, Tintin I’m doing my best, OK? You nearly shot him Come on.
He was threatening me.
It was self-defence -You need to get a grip -When did I ask you? Get lost Listen to me.
You need to look after yourself Your head’s a complete mess Pierre I would have seen you earlier, but it’s been a busy day -Sit down -I can’t.
I’m double-parked My friends were just leaving Mr Tellier came to see me He says you owe him 50 grand for an accident And he thinks I should pay The guy’s an idiot.
He barely knows what a lawyer is -What was the accident? -It was a free fight It’s pretty nasty.
There are no rules It’s illegal but very popular.
And the odds are good I know.
It’s not good to break the law I’ll stop, but I’m not going to become a lawyer overnight What happened? Tellier put a lad from his family in the fight The guy lasted two rounds and buggered up his back He’ll never walk again, but what could I do? He shouldn’t have fought You know you could be sued for causing his handicap? That’s OK.
I have an excellent lawyer Exactly.
I’m your lawyer Your debts are not my problem.
Now sort this out -All right? -All right Hello, mate.
It’s Thomas How is he? Could be worse The hematoma will go down eventually -Any permanent damage? -I don’t know.
I’m not a doctor They closed the squat I know There’s space at Montrouge if you need it Thank you Don’t worry.
We’re here We’ll get revenge Is Pierre here? I know it’s early, but I need to see him -Pierre doesn’t work here -No? I’ll give you his new address I suppose your episode in custody was the last straw We all have our limits Still, he seemed quite taken with you Don’t worry about it.
Maybe you can help me I want to know who put photos from our file on the internet It wasn’t him.
I couldn’t be But it could be you -Why would I do that? -Because you hate the police And whenever something stinks, you’re never far away But anyway, this is Pierre’s problem -The file was his responsibility -Please don’t tell him Why not? It’s pointless.
I’ll tell you who I gave them to Who? Thomas Riffaut the boyfriend of one of my clients Sophie Mazerat? Was he with Sophie in the car when they dumped Hugo Rozier’s body? I gave you his name, didn’t I? Search for “Riffaut”, with two Fs and one F That’s why I’m a detective.
See you later -We’ve matched the DNA -Who is it? Idriss Koliba, previous conviction for robbery.
He served three years He matches Mrs Çetin’s description -Where is he? -The Mérisiers estate in Champigny -We’ll never get in there -How do you know? You and Tintin are such a pain in the arse at the moment -What do you want? -I’m here to see Omar -Omar -Thomas! -How are you? -All right? Great We met in the cells Omar -You have to help me -What do you need? -Weapons -Yeah? Explosives I’ll see what I can do Here These are the records of all Garnier’s hearings Copies, obviously How did you get these? Not to brag, but I think the court clerk has a soft spot for me He certainly does See? For each hearing you have the case in question the crime, the names of the accused and their lawyers the court’s final decision This is fantastic If this country takes care of its archives maybe there’s hope after all Remember me? -What do you want? -Shut up Look, I spoke to Jorkal Jorkal sent us a message, so we’re sending him one, too -What did he tell you? -To go fuck ourselves -Where are you taking me? -I said, shut up Come in I hope I’m not causing you any trouble No, I just have a lot of work at the moment as I’m sure you’re aware I’ll be quick As I told you, Garnier has been acquitting serious crimes “Domestic violence “sexual assault” All clients of Hans and Bertier I’ve highlighted Hans and Bertier’s clients and as you can see whenever the accused is given a suspended sentence or acquitted the lawyer works for Hans and Bertier I must be dreaming There are rumours, too -Rumours about what? -About his lifestyle Garnier lives above is means He’s borrowed money from a lot of people Word got around, and people were paid to keep quiet When was this? Around last October Which matches up with these cases Roban, if this is proven, it’s a very serious crime Garnier would be sent to prison It would make the front page, even if we try to hush it up You realise that his life and career would be destroyed? I’d never send an innocent man to prison even if he is a bastard OK? -Yeah -Thanks Here -Take your phone -No, don’t worry You never know What are you doing? -I’m looking for a flat -There are no flats here -I have no money -Any ID? -No ID -Get out of here Go on.
Piss off You don’t belong here How long was I? -Ten minutes -Hardly In ten minutes they saw me, stopped me searched me and kicked me out It’s hopeless We should go Let’s go It’s simple I want four grenades, three detonators and 5kg of explosives Explosives? -What sort? -C-4 -Do you have any or not? -I have everything Why do you need 5kg? To blow up Paris? You’re right.
It’s better to keep quiet Can you pay? That’s the main thing Don’t worry What do you think? We’ll see Keep walking Kneel down there -This is ridiculous -Are you deaf? Let me talk to Jorkal, and you’ll get your money You already tried that Look You missed again Go and see Jorkal and tell him we mean it Next time, you’re dead We’ll chuck your body into his garden in front of his kids Come here.
I’ve found Thomas Riffaut Look.
Here he is No fixed abode, 5ft 7 He has previous convictions but nothing serious That’s him.
He was with Sophie Mazerat and Hugo Rozier They were there when the bomb went off I just saw him on the estate, walking with a black guy -You’re joking -I knew he seemed familiar You never know.
He could have just been buying dope -Where did you get his name? -Joséphine Karlsson, Sophie’s lawyer -Sophie’s sleeping with him -This is for Special Branch -Should we call them? -Definitely not We don’t tell anyone We’ll arrest Koliba and see if he’s linked to Riffaut And don’t say a word to Herville Riffaut is ours now Laure He’s shagging Sophie Mazerat? See you tomorrow Good night How about some dinner? Gilou, can you drop me off at Vincent’s? Don’t do it.
You’ll only make trouble Are you trying to hurt yourself? You’re still up I was waiting I nearly called, but Gilou gave me a lift I’m going for a shower Extracted from BBC