Engrenages (2005) s07e04 Episode Script

Season 7, Episode 4

1 - Oh, crap! Crap! Shit! Shit! Shit! Oh, sorry! Excuse me.
He expresses his dissatisfaction.
Sorry! Yeah, Gilou? - The Post Office says that he's not one of their guys.
- OK.
I'm in Aubervilliers.
The guy dropped the money off at a shop called Street Fashion.
OK? - Why didn't you catch Nasser? Well? - Don't talk to me like that! You understand? - Let go of me! - He didn't leave with the cash.
You gave us a bum steer.
- What are you talking about? - The plan didn't work.
That's what we're talking about.
- You have to keep us informed about the next count.
- Hey, it's over.
I can't see you anymore.
Nasser has his eye on me.
Since the death of the cop, he has become paranoid.
- He talked about the death of a cop? - Well, yeah.
Is that why you're after him? Are you serious? Nasser has nothing to do with it.
He wants to kick the guy's ass.
Why are you looking at me like that? Nasser took over the territory one month ago.
You think he'd go after a cop? Not on your life.
He's too smart for that.
He's pissed because some kids stole from him.
He just wants to get his money back.
- Hang on.
Hang on.
How did he know who robbed him? - I told him.
I saw you pick up Rayan.
I conducted a little investigation.
Young guys today, They like to live large They're not discreet, it's not very hard.
What do you want to do? - We'll keep you informed.
If you have any news, you call us.
- How can "I call you"? Hey! - Is it for your hearing with the judge? - What do you think? - Wow! - Shit! Shit! Crap - Hang on! I can lend you this if you want.
- That? - What? It's not classy enough for you? - It's not classy enough for anyone! - My colleagues are going to make fun of me if they see me arrive in that.
- Well, it will stand out.
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Only guilty people need to keep a low profile.
- Escoffier! Can you explain to me what happened? - Nasser isn't responsible for Herville's death.
- So, no problem that we fucked up with him.
- He's complaining about Herville's death.
It disrupts his business.
We're on the wrong track with the dealers.
- No.
The guy dropped off the take from the dealers with a wholesaler.
I took some pictures.
There, Street Fashion, a clothing brand that sells in the suburbs.
- I had cases like that when I was with the Fraud Squad.
Nasser buys chinese clothes with the drug money.
He sells them in the suburbs, in Clignancourt or somewhere else.
His money is as clean as a brand new sweatshirt.
- Where does Herville fit in all this? - Herville died in a Chinese restaurant, with Wang, his Chinese snout.
The drug money is dropped off with the Chinese in Aubervilliers.
- It's coming together.
Who owns the shop? - A certain Wei Xu, 48 years old.
- Wei Xu? I just saw that name.
Wei Xu Wei Xu.
They did business together.
He owns a half share in Wang's restaurant.
- And where does that lead us? - Perhaps Wang told Herville about the connection between the wholesalers and the dealers.
Aubervilliers is in his sector.
- OK.
That makes sense.
I want surveillance on this shop.
Watch who comes in and out.
I want to know all about their activities.
Well spotted, Berthaud.
- Is Romy OK? - Uh, yeah.
She had an emergency operation.
Her arterial canal was not properly closed.
- It's not too serious? - Apparently, it's common in premature babies.
- If you need time to take care of her, don't hesitate.
Tom! Do the necessary for Wei Xu's cell phone and the land line of the shop.
- I'm on it.
- For the hideout, it's complicated.
There are shops everywhere, there's nowhere to set up.
As soon as you arrive on foot, everyone is watching you.
- Can we deploy a surveillance vehicle? - Yes.
Provided that Nico drives and all of you stay inside all day.
- Why do you say "you"? You're coming with us.
- OK.
- Nico, it's your turn to play.
You have to step up and move around without being spotted.
- OK.
- There are freght handlers everywhere.
You could get hired.
Don't you know anyone? - My cousin.
- Great! - What does your cousin do? - Well My dad's business went bust.
Bankruptcy is shameful for the Wen.
We're the black sheep of the family.
- Excuse me, what are the Wen? - There are 3 big Chinese communities in France.
In Aubervilliers, it's the Wen.
They speak wenzhou.
- OK.
Do you speak wenzhou? - No, just a few words.
I was born in France, Gilou.
I learned french.
- So, in fact, you're useless.
You'll have to find a translator for the audio surveillance.
- Look for a translator in district 13.
It's tough in Belleville.
The community is very close.
There are no secrets.
- In Belleville, it's the Wen? - Mostly.
- OK.
Anything else? Shall we go? OK, let's go! There.
- There? - Hello.
Can I help you? - Hello.
Commander Escoffier, District 2 Judiciary Police.
We're looking for a translator.
- A translator? Tiamé, pleased to meet you.
- Hello.
- We have a lot of translators.
They work pro bono to help immigrants, but they are always looking for work.
Is it Mandarin, Cantonese or another dialect? - It's wenzhou.
- That's it.
- Wenzhou.
This is Bao Sun.
Wenzhou is his mother tongue.
- Hello.
- Bao Sun? - Yes.
Are we translating as we go or is it a one-off? - What's the difference? - It affects my compensation.
If it's for 24 or 48 hours, I'm interested.
If you want me to translate 3 pages, I'm sorry but I'm not interested.
- At least, it's clear.
- My wife and daughter arrive in France in 3 months.
I'm making preparations for their arrival.
- It's a permanent wiretap.
It will add up.
- Who do you usually work for? - Companies.
I do a lot of commercial documents.
But I can do everything.
What are you investigating? - We can't tell you.
- You'll have to take an oath.
It's confidential.
- I won't be in any trouble? - What kind of trouble? - I imagine that you are investigating the Wen.
- Don't worry.
You will be behind the computer.
You do the translation.
Nobody will see you.
There's no risk.
OK? - This way.
To the right.
It's in this office.
Adler, these gentlemen are here to see you.
- Are you Mrs.
Adler, the Director of the hospital? - Yes, can you tell me what's going on? - I am judge Roban.
I'm dealing with the Vouters case.
I am here to conduct a search.
- I have difficulty understanding why the complainant is so obstinate.
The longer they delay the investigation, the longer they delay their payment.
- Not everything is about money.
I'll call our lawyer.
- Please go ahead.
Can you tell us where is your office? Good.
He will just take a copy of your hard drive.
Please follow me, Madam.
Micaleff, I'm going to need access to your office.
It won't take long.
- Follow me.
Do you always do that, reassure the people you are abusing? In my line of work, we don't do anything without warning the patient.
- The search for the truth often demands an element of surprise.
Don't worry, it's nothing personal.
- Are you sure? Over there.
- Hello, I'm going to Lane Boutique.
Great, thanks.
We're in, guys.
- It's the violet sign.
Do you see it, Nico? Street Fashion, with a little heart.
- Be careful! - He didn't see us.
Don't worry.
- Vehicle in position.
I'm on my way.
- OK.
- Arsehole! - Bao, move over! The purple neon? - Yeah, Street Fashion.
- Hi, Anne.
- How are you, Nico? - I'm OK and you? - Yes.
Let's go right away.
I'm flat out.
- Yeah, let's go.
- I didn't tell my dad that you were coming here in connection with your job.
He doesn't want any trouble with the Wen.
- Ah What did you tell him? - That you were fired and you needed a job.
- OK.
Well, it's done.
- Come on, I'll show you.
- Are you OK? - You're alone? - They're coming.
Don't you want to sit down? They're coming! - Hello.
- Your Honour.
- You can remove the cuffs.
- You must be kidding! My colleagues don't want to compromise themselves by being seen with me.
- Madam, this is your first interrogation on the merits of the case concerning the attempted murder of Attorney Vern.
- Attorney Vern? - Yes, Attorney Vern.
- Excuse me, Your Honour.
I stress "Attorney", because you addressed my colleague as "Madam".
- Madam, the review of the file raises some questions.
Do you stand by the statements made to the police concerning your whereabouts at the time of the offence? - Yes, I was in my office.
- The problem is that there are no witnesses.
Whilst Attorney Vern saw you at the wheel of the the car that hit him.
- He thinks he saw her, it's a product of his imagination.
- Why invent this story? - For revenge.
You know very well that Mr.
Vern was accused of sexual harassment by some of his colleagues.
My client was also a victim.
He made several advances, which were rebuffed.
He couldn't stand being rejected.
- In custody, you were questioned on this point.
You stated that you had not been the victim of sexual harassment.
- My client thought that she could harm her case by establishing a motive.
I conducted a reconstruction.
I have brought you some new evidence to be added to the file.
These photos were taken by an expert under the same conditions as on the day of the attempted murder.
With the brightness and the reflection, you can't see anything through the windscreen.
In one second, under these conditions, Mr.
Vern could not possibly have determined who was behind the wheel.
- Please.
- You can't continue to treat her as a suspect and keep her in custody on the strength of such weak evidence.
- You are right.
I will proceed to a reconstruction.
We need to be certain.
- You had to give it a try.
You did what you could.
- Well? - Listen, nothing unusual.
Orders for clothes.
Jeans, sweats, t-shirts In various quantities and sizes.
And you? - Nothing incredible.
They come, they go.
He's making me hungry with his corn.
- Is there anything else? - Nothing.
- "Hi, can you give me 6 packs of jeans right away.
Code BA-73.
" - Let me have a look.
There's something strange going on.
An order for jeans with no size or style.
- Yes, it's weird.
- Normally, it's not the customer who assigns the order number.
It's the shop.
- Hmm.
There's a guy coming out.
A young guy.
Maybe the owner.
Haven't I see him before? Yes, that's twice he left with a small bag under his arm.
See if there's an order from around 3:40 PM - Yes, 3:36 PM 5 packs of jeans, no size or style, with a single code, BA-65.
- That makes twice this guy has left with a package.
It may not be a coincidence.
- We need to know what's in those packages.
BA-65, BA-73.
- So where are we up to now? Lenoir told me about a surveillance operation in Aubervilliers.
Tell me about it.
- A priori, the drug traffickers are no longer under suspicion.
We have a new lead which opened up in Aubervilliers, in Chinatown.
- Well, you're moving quickly.
- These are assumptions.
We belive that Wang may have been meeting with Herville concerning how the drug dealers were laundering their money with the involvement of a chinese wholesaler.
- Nothing very substantial for the moment.
- We're at the beginning.
Chinatown in Aubervilliers, is complicated.
- And above all very sensitive.
On the one hand, you have misery.
39% of the population below the poverty line.
On the other, the flourishing business of the chinese wholesalers, the leading import-export center of manufactured goods in Europe.
That creates envy.
- We have a big problem with aggravated robbery.
We had a death recently.
A fashion designer, a family man.
- The demonstrations at Republic.
I followed it.
- The chinese community is on edge.
They want more security, more police officers.
Even the ambassador got involved.
- What the Police Commissioner means, it is that the chinese community in Aubervilliers matters.
Do not add more tension to an already stressed enviroment.
- I understand.
Thank you.
But if the Chinese are involved in Herville's death, we have to follow this lead.
- What are you afraid of, Commissioner? We are not going to hinder your investigation.
Everybody wants Herville's killers.
It's a question of approach, finesse, shall we say.
Keep Lenoir appraised of all your progress.
No operation in the field, no arrests without the approval of your director.
I have complete confidence in you.
- I'm coming with you.
- Police Comissioner.
- Mrs.
Berthaud? - Yes.
- Ludovic Brun, bailiff.
Here is the summons from Mrs Martin, family court judge.
Can I ask you to acknowledge receipt.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- Have a good day! - Hello, Laure.
- You didn't sleep well.
Were you at the hospital with the baby? - Yes.
- It's good.
- It's Gilou's idea.
- Doesn't he look good as a grilled corn vendor? Convenient for tailing people! - Dr.
Micaleff has admitted her full responsibility in the death of Mr.
I don't understand what we're doing here.
- Analysis of the hard drive from your computer proved very informative.
Can you explain to me what is an operating room council? - It's quite simple.
It's a body that brings together representatives of the operating room staff.
- How often? - Once a month.
- The objective? - We are straying off track.
- To define how the department is organized.
- Yes.
And further? "Ensure that the organization of the department is compatible "with respect for the rules of anesthetic safety.
" Which is our topic.
This is a memorandum of May 19, 2000.
It's your responsibility to ensure the establishment of the operating room council.
- Yes.
- You have in front of you an email from Dr Micaleff reporting to you, and I quote, "a chronic lack of staff, which could result" "in a risk for patients.
" On the other hand, I don't have any record of your reply.
- I don't remember anymore.
- In other emails, Dr.
Micaleff asks you for your availability for a meeting of the operating room council to develop a charter for the operation of the department.
Again, her requests have remained unanswered.
- I answered her orally.
- Ah What did you say? - It was over a year ago.
- Certainly.
If you cannot recall, we will ask Dr.
Perhaps her memory is more fresh.
- Herville's funeral is tomorrow.
There will be no official tribute at Beauvau.
We don't know why he died, no national flag.
- That's the cop who was killed in district 13 with a Chinese guy? Are you investigating? - Code BA-90 jeans.
An order by code.
Our friend is leaving.
- Nico! Nico! - Gilou? - Go to Street Fashion.
We have an order by code.
- I'm on my way.
- What are you doing? - I forgot a package in the truck.
- I see you.
As soon as the owner leaves the store, you tail him.
- OK, received.
- He has to go inside.
- He's going to get caught.
- No, he'll come up with something He must go inside.
- No! - We're not going to tail him, we don't know what he's carrying! - You're right.
- Grilled corn? - No, thanks.
- Go inside.
See what the owner is doing.
- And what am I supposed to say? - I don't know! Figure it out.
Make something up.
- Crap Pisses me off - Nico? What was he doing? - Gilou? He was wrapping up a big packet of cash.
- Roughly? - Hard to say.
There were 8 piles of bank notes.
About 80,000 euros.
- 8 big piles of bank notes.
- That's the 8 packs.
The order for jeans, it's an order for cash.
The cash is delivered by the postman.
The fake postman.
- Turn around and tail the owner.
- I can't, I've been burned.
- Crap He leaving! Ali, take over.
Follow the owner.
- OK.
He's going downstairs.
- Follow him! - What is he doing? - Where are you at? - He just went into the Agathe Passion shop.
The same as yesterday.
- He went into Agathe Passion.
- OK.
After Wei Xu, you saw several people go to the 2nd shop, Agathe - Passion.
Agathe Passion.
- So, we were wrong.
Nasser is not buying clothes from the Chinese.
That's not the story.
It's classic money laundering.
- Sorry, boss.
I don't understand anything.
- It's not complicated to understand.
That's Street Fashion in Aubervilliers.
That's the Curial estate.
Nasser's drug money arrives at Street Fashion by bike.
It's an entry point for the cash.
Other wholesalers receive cash, from other sources who have cash to launder.
The neighborhood is a huge cash box.
Then wholesalers collect cash.
The guys converge on the 2nd shop, Agathe Passion.
And from there, most likely, the money goes back to China.
- You worked in the Fraud Squad? - It's not over.
- And the dealer's money, Where did that go? - I'm getting to that.
Once the money is in China, he provisions bank accounts.
The money becomes completely untraceable.
From there, it returns to the dealers in offshore accounts.
In our case, Street Fashion, the entry point, Agathe Passion, the exit point.
The wholesalers who participate are a money-laundering system.
- If Wang told Herville about this, there's a motive to eliminate them.
- No, we can't do it like that.
I saw the Police Commissioner.
The Chinese, it's complicated.
We need Lenoir's approval.
- No - Yes! - We can't miss this opportunity! We won't get the chance again.
- You have trouble with the idea of a chain of command, I know! - It's about courage too.
- Excuse me.
What did you say? - It's about courage too.
- I'll talk to Lenoir at the funeral.
No arrests without my approval.
We wiretap Agathe Passion, and that's all.
- We're going to dig into Agathe Passion.
- I'll never get used to it.
- I have the impression that Bao is hiding something from us.
- Why? - I was just chatting with him, there's something a bit fishy about him.
I'd like to try something.
- OK.
- Bao, can you come over here, please? Come on, sit down.
- Hello, Bao.
- Hello.
- Tomorrow, we are going to make arrests in Aubervilliers.
You will help us with the interrogations.
If they make us, you will be with us.
- No, hang on.
I can't do that.
- Why? You don't know them, you don't care.
Bao, you took an oath.
Do you know what that means? If you know someone, you need to tell us now.
- If that's the case, we'll stop.
We don't want to drop you in it.
- The owner of Agathe Passion, Mr.
Chen, has several shops, he is powerful.
He chairs the Franco-Chinese Friendship Association.
I work with them.
- It's good that you told us.
We'll find a replacement for you.
On the other hand, you must speak to nobody about our investigation.
If you do so, if you play that game, you can say goodbye to your family joining you.
- OK, I understand.
- Are you driving him back? Thank you, Bao.
- Come on.
Wait for us there.
- I found some things about Mr.
He does indeed have several shops in Aubervilliers.
He's very wealthy and an important member of the Wen community.
he's the president of the association.
- It's complicated that Beckriche won't let us intervene.
Make a portrait of the guy.
- I have to go! I have a meeting.
- We'll wait 5 minutes longer, otherwise we adjourn.
- Excuse me.
- It's OK.
Sit down.
I receive you at the request of Mr.
Bremont, Romy's father.
Can you tell us a little about the reason for your request? - Yes I made this request following an incident.
Our little girl Romy was born very premature Her health is fragile.
She needed an emergency operation.
Her mother's failure to react aggravated the situation.
What I'm trying to say, is that we need to clarify the situation so that it doesn't happen again.
- It's a fact that, since Romy's birth, it's her father and her stepmother who take care of her every day while her mother shirks her responsibilities.
- You were hospitalized in a rest center for law and order services.
- Yes.
- She was in Paris during this occurrence.
My client's companion called her several times, since, not being the biological mother, she could not authorize the operation.
But she received no answer.
It's almost child endangerment.
- Why didn't you answer? - I was working.
- I would like to state, if I may, that dad is also a police officer.
He rushed to the hospital.
- We are not trying to overwhelm Laure.
I just want her to take her place with Romy.
- Mrs.
Berthaud, is it true that it's been several weeks since you last had contact with your daughter? - Yes.
- What's going on? You are a socially integrated, financially independent woman.
Are you making too much of this responsibility? I don't know about you, but we have to clarify your intentions.
We cannot prolong this uncertainty.
What kind of care do you want for your child? - We have not come to that yet.
- Parental authority is about rights and responsibilities.
if you don't assume your responsibilities, it brings your rights into question.
If you do not agree to assume all of your responsibilities, I shall be obliged to confer parental authority on Romy's father alone.
- I understand.
- Good.
I will issue my findings to that effect.
Thank you.
- You missed your scheduled meeting.
- It's not my fault.
- I can't do anything about it.
- Listen to me! - Turn it down a notch.
- I got lost at La Defense interchange.
I absolutely have to see my client.
- Your client is taking exercise.
The visiting rooms are closing in 10 minutes.
We won't get there in time.
- You can't do that to me.
I've wasted half the day.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Madam.
- I have been knocking for one hour! Did my lawyer come? - No.
- What's she doing, that slut? - Why are you lying.
- Why are you interfering? - What is this madness? Did she come? - You know what happened? Your lawyer arrived late.
If she takes her to the visiting room and waits for you to have a conversation, she misses her lunch break.
- Bitch! - Get back inside! I'll make an incident report.
- Go ahead.
I'll write a beautiful letter to the prison controller.
- Get back inside! Reinforcements! Don't move! Cuff her! That's enough! - That hurts! Let go of me! - Disciplinary block for both of them! - Leave me alone! - Get up! - You hurt me, damn it! You're really a bitch! A bitch! - Let's go - What are you doing here? - I want you to explain something to me.
- What? You will be able to raise your daughter with Nathalie.
That's good, isn't it? - Hey.
Why would you say something like that? Do you really think that's what I want? You don't stop to ask yourself.
You don't care what I want.
No - Stop! - Stay there! You're going to talk to me! Did you ask me my opinion when you became pregnant? When you upped and left me with Romy, did you ask me my opinion? Did you think about what that was doing to me? From the beginning, you decide everything by yourself, and then you clear off.
You run off.
- I'm not capable.
- What is this bullshit? You're capable of chasing killers all over Paris, but you can't give a baby a bottle? - I'm not in a fit state to take care of her.
It's not good for her.
- She's your daughter, Laure.
She's your daughter! - What are we waiting for, exactly? - The Police Commissioner.
He's supposed to say a few words.
- Someone needs to do it.
It's a shambles.
- I'll do it.
As you can see, I'm not the Police Commissioner, I'm Commissioner Beckriche.
I had the honour of succeeding Commissioner Herville as the head of Paris District 2 Judiaciary Police.
I didn't know him well.
The image I have of him is through the eyes of his men.
It's in the respect, in the admiration, in the affection that I see in them, that I get a sense who he was.
Every commissioner dreams of inspiring such feelings in his staff.
He chose to be a policeman in Cléry, in a difficult territory, a demanding territory, far from prestigious positions.
He exercised his profession with panache and never shied away from conflict with command.
He was a royal pain in the ass.
In these times when compromising one's integrity passes for intelligence, he was an exception.
Police Commissioner.
- To life! - To life.
- How are you, Gilou? Can I get you a drink? - No, thanks.
- The Police Commissioner told me "no arrests without the approval of the director " - Your Honour.
The boss must have been a terrible blow for you.
Are you working on it? Making progress? - Not as fast as we would like.
- You look well, both of you.
- You mean Tom and me? - And Romy, is she OK? - Yes.
She had a scare, but she's doing better.
- Is she going to a nursery? Does she have a nanny? - A nanny.
And you? - Luckily I have my job.
I wanted to call you several times, but I never got around to it.
- Don't worry.
My marriage is falling apart, while you two are getting together, it sounds stupid, but it's a bit hard for me.
Don't screw it up, huh? - We're conducting surveillance on a guy from Passion.
Let's go.
We're going to make an arrest.
Can I get something stronger? A whiskey or Thank you.
- Hey! Not too hard? - It was OK.
- We have an order by code at Agathe Passion.
- You speak Chinese? - Very funny! The order was sent in french from a phone.
- Yeah? - I need 20 packs of jeans.
No purple, no yellow.
- "No purple, no yellow.
" That means no 500 euro notes, no 200 euro notes.
- Let me hear it again.
- Yeah? - I need 20 packs of jeans.
No purple, no yellow.
- He has no accent, that guy.
He's french, not chinese.
- Not necessarily, Nico doesn't have an accent either.
That means that the money does not necessarily go to China.
If you see the money leave, follow the guy and see where he goes.
- Hmm.
Ali, set up in front of the shop.
We'll take the surveillance vehicle.
Let's go.
- Jo! Jo! Josephine, can you hear me? - Yes.
- Are you holding up OK? - I'm OK.
- I know it's not good for your record.
A lawyer in the punishment block, it's not the done thing.
- I'm screwed anyway.
- Why? - They're going to carry out a reconstruction.
- Is that bad for you? - I'm going to trial.
- What did you do? - I ran over a guy.
- Why? - Because he was a shit.
- Oh, yeah? You're like that, are you? You run over a guy because he's a shit.
- Here you go, boss.
It's a bit charred.
Hop! Thanks.
Cheers, boss.
- Did you get the kid? He has a big package under his arm.
- Did you get the guy who went in? - We got him.
- Hot corn! Hot corn! - Gilou? - Yeah? - There's a guy coming in.
- Some kind of courier.
- I see him.
I see him.
- Excuse me, do you have a light? - No, I don't smoke.
- It's just a light.
- No, but I .
- What is he doing? - There's an argument.
- He's snatching her bag.
- He's snatching her bag.
- What do we do? - Nothing.
- What do I do? - Don't get involved! There's a guy coming.
- Ah - You can't be serious, Gilou! - He's leaving.
- Crap! It's Fouad.
- Get out of there! - Whoa I must be hallucinating.
- It's Fouad.
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