Engrenages (2005) s07e06 Episode Script

Season 7, Episode 6

- There he is.
- Put your belongings in the lockers.
- OK, thanks.
- I'm giving you a key.
Put your belongings in the locker.
- Did you see that? - He has a new phone.
- Do we have access to the lockers? - Yes.
- You'll take care of the phone? We'll deal with the audio surveillance.
Can you take us ? - Do you know the way? - Yeah.
- I'll open for you.
Beep - Thank you.
Have a good day.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- I have some clothes for my brother, Rayan Khelfa.
I have a list.
- Thank you.
Go to door 7.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Can you give me the locker key? It's It's this one.
The 14th.
- Give me the key.
- It's urgent.
- Sit down.
Are you OK, junior? - I'm OK.
It's cool to see you.
- Mom will come soon.
It's a pain to come here by public transport.
You have to take a bus, it's a long ride.
And when you get here, you have to wait.
Then the return to Paris, it takes the whole day.
But it's OK, we'll get by.
Right? - OK.
- Are you eating well? - Meh.
It's disgusting.
- You have to eat, keep your strength up.
I'm going to ask you something.
Hey! - Hmm.
- Was the robbery your idea? - Rayan - Yes.
- How did you know? - I was looking for change in your bedroom.
I came across a bag filled with money.
But It was crazy, There was so much money.
It made me wonder.
I didn't dare ask you.
You would have been angry with me for snooping.
So I waited for you to go out and I followed you.
I saw you enter the Chinese with the bag and when you left, you didn't have it.
I'm sorry.
I really screwed up.
- You need to keep you head down.
OK? Stay calm.
You're better off in here than outside.
- I dropped you in the shit.
- I did this to pay for my Masters degree.
I have enough dough, I can stop.
I will graduate, find a job and get a flat.
Will you come and live with me? - Yes.
- Gentlemen, the visit is over.
- All right, I'm going.
- I'll be back as soon as I can.
I won't let you down.
- Please hurry up.
- There are so many keys - They aren't numbered? - No.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- He's coming.
Did you get the IMEI? - Yes, we're good.
- Tom will request the wiretap.
Close the locker.
- He's coming.
- I have not practiced for 4 months.
But my contributions continue to fall due.
Pension, the contribution to the Lawyers Association.
In short, I'm broke.
I have come here to ask for an honour loan to get me out of this unfortunate situation.
- Actually, we don't make these loans any more.
The Lawyers Association has done so in the past but the lawyers never paid them back.
We lost too much money.
We have an option which could be suitable for you if you have less than 5,000 euros in assets and you don't own a dwelling, a car, jewelry.
- No.
- You can request a professional recovery with the TGI.
If your record is good, your debts will be erased.
It's the "magic slate".
- How long will that take? - 3 or 4 months.
- But that's too long.
- In that case, we are left only with special assistance.
It's not in the brochure, but if the Lawyers Association supports you, we can target an exemption from charges.
I had a lawyer who could not work for 6 months.
I supported his request to the President of the Bar.
It was successful.
- No.
The President of the Bar will never support my request.
- We are allowed to be sick.
Everything you say here will remain confidential.
- I spent 4 months in pre-trial detention for the attempted murder of a colleague.
The case will be dismissed, but there will be no "magic slate" for me.
- Gilou, Fouad received a new text.
- Show me.
- It's a new order: "23-03-5-17-350 Plaza".
-23-03, that's today.
5 is the person receiving the delivery, we don't have his contacts, we don't know who it is.
17 is 5 PM.
350 is 350,000 euros.
Plaza They have changed the meeting place.
Is there an incoming number? - It was sent from the Internet.
These sites collect thousands of IP addresses.
You can't go back to the source.
- What time is it? - 2 PM.
- We have just enough time to mount an operation.
Don't blow it.
Fouad told Rayan that he was stopping deliveries.
If that's true, this is the last one.
Let's find out who he delivers the cash to.
Fouad is the courier.
The person he is delivering to at the Plaza is the client.
Thanks to him, we can get to the money-laundering network.
And that brings us closer to the person who killed Wang and Herville.
- Berthaud We agreed to continue the operation.
The risk is that the network is closing, following the arrest of Pierre Solignac.
On our side, we don't move an inch.
We let the Fraud Squad move forward.
- We have launched a financial investigation of Solignac.
Everything will be reviewed, income, investments, lifestyle, contacts.
It will identify some leads.
- Will it take time? - 2 weeks for the first results.
- Oh - Our methods are different, but we all have the same goal: to nail the bastard who killed Herville.
- By adding up numbers? - Amongst other things, yes.
- It's a bit long-winded and complex, but it produces results.
When we have something new, we'll let you know.
Don't trouble yourself, I know the way.
- Thanks, Stéphane.
- We were in Fleury this morning.
We got Fouad's new cell phone.
He's making a final delivery this afternoon at 5 PM.
- I understand your disappointment, but I've made my decision and I'm sticking with it.
For the moment, we'll leave it in the hands of the Fraud Squad.
Take the opportunity to catch up on your paperwork.
I want everything to be perfect! People like Solignac are defended by the top lawyers.
We can't allow any procedural errors! - It's unbearable.
I don't have a good feeling about Lebrion.
He won't give us anything.
Beckriche is eating out of his hand.
- It's his old boss.
- We know too much to stop now.
- We could catch Fouad and his client red-handed.
- No, we don't want to catch them red-handed, we want to identify the client and the person who is organizing the transaction.
Something would have to go wrong.
- Let's stop Fouad.
We prevent him from delivering the cash.
His client is waiting for his 350,000 euros, it doesn't arrive, so he calls his contact.
- Exactly.
The Plaza is not the Gare du Nord.
It will be easy to identify the client - It'll be clean.
- Can I butt in.
We agree that we're just spitballing a few ideas, right? No, hang on you're going to do this behind Beckriche's back? - We don't have to tell him everything.
- Have you completely lost it? I'm not getting involved in your shenanigans.
- The new generation does everything above board.
- It's OK! - You play sports, you don't drink.
- Is that a problem? You want me to get drunk? - Hey, stop! Hey! Leave us for two minutes.
- Me? - Yes, you.
Leave us for two minutes.
- But - I understand, it bothers you that we're not telling Beckriche.
He fucked us.
- He knows what he's doing.
He knows the Fraud Squad.
- Herville would never have done that.
Give your baby away to someone else? He'd rather die! Laure is blunt, but she has never let me down.
Tom, JP, Nico, it's the same.
We're a team! We're a team.
We're going to mount an operation.
You're going to stay here and file statements.
In case Beckriche should come and look.
I'll brief the others.
- Hold on I'll come.
I'm coming with you.
We'll say no more about it.
- Hello Madam.
I would like to see Dr.
Micaleff in the intensive care unit.
- Do you have an appointment? - No, I'm returning her passport.
It won't take long.
- Let's see if she is available.
You are? - François Roban.
- I have a Mr Roban, who would like to return Dr.
Micaleff's passport.
- Yes, very good.
Micaleff has an appointment.
You can give it to me.
She will pick it up later.
- But that's I wanted to give it to her myself.
- Thank you.
- Oh! Uh sorry.
- Your Honour? - It doesn't look broken.
The cartilage has been bruised.
How do you feel? - Completely ridiculous.
- Do you have a headache? Dizziness? We will give you an x-ray as a precaution.
Go down to the radiology department.
You will need to make an appointment.
- Actually, I wanted to talk to you.
I used the passport as an excuse to come and see you.
- Is it about the case? - No, no.
The investigation is over.
No, I wanted to apologize.
I was awkward with you.
- You were just doing your job.
- Actually, I would like to ask you out for dinner.
Oh, I'm sorry.
For you, that's double punishment.
- Not at all, it's just that I I'm leaving tomorrow for the country.
- This evening, then.
I will remove the cotton balls.
- I finish at 8 PM.
- I'm sending you a text message.
- OK.
- He's coming.
- OK, received.
- Hello, sir.
We're carrying out a check in connection with a mugging in the area.
Can you show me your ID card, please.
Thank you, sir.
- Why me? - Why you? Based on the description provided by a victim.
- What was the description? - Hang on.
Excuse me, sir.
We'll take a picture for identification.
Look at the lens.
- If he doesn't cooperate, threaten to take him down to the station.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
- Can I get my ID back? - Of course.
JP, everything OK? - Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Are we good? Can I go ? - No, we proceed to the identification.
- Are you sending it now? - Yes.
In a hurry? - Yes.
- We'll be quick.
- Yeah? There are not many people, just two guys.
I'm getting a spot.
- OK, that works.
- This table is reserved.
- There's no sign.
- That's because, normally, we seat you.
If you don't mind.
- Can I sit there? - You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- Can I get you something from the menu? - I'll have an apple juice.
- Very good.
- Thank you.
There's a lady arriving.
- Hello.
- How are you? - Let me get seated.
- You're welcome.
- I'll have a coffee.
- Very good.
- I'm sending you pictures of our three potential clients.
- Yeah.
- There you go.
- Yeah, it's me.
Did you receive the picture? Yes, we sent it.
JP, can you check? Yeah We sent it.
The gentleman is is in a hurry.
He should be released.
OK, keep me informed.
Great! Thank you.
He will keep us informed.
- Will it take long ? - I don't know, sir.
You heard the call.
- My director of studies is waiting for me.
- Tell him that you will be late.
- I don't have his number.
- I can't help you.
- Where are you, Amrani? I have a team that needs backup in district 20.
- We're on Victor Hugo Avenue.
- Hang on.
Aren't you supposed to be working on statements? - Yes, but Escoffier wanted to check something on the security camera at Prunier, the restaurant where Fouad Khelfa dropped off the cash two days ago.
- OK, super.
We'll make do without you.
- Sorry, I - It's not the young guy, his girlfriend just arrived.
- What's the other guy doing? - He's leaving.
- You can follow him, but we can't stay on him for long.
- He's coming towards me.
He's looking at me.
I'll call you back.
- I noticed you.
I find you charming.
I would like to offer you a drink.
And invite you to dinner in a sublime place close by.
- Is that all? - Afterwards, we'll go to my suite and make love.
- You've got a lot of nerve.
- We can do it in a different order, if you like.
- Thank, you.
But, I'll pass.
- OK I had to give it a shot.
- Gilou? It wasn't him.
- What did he want? - He wanted us to make love.
You're kidding And you said no? - Well, yeah.
- Let me have a look.
You're tough.
He's not bad.
- I can do better.
- You know, you're very presumptuous.
- Well, yes.
He was supposed to be there at 5 PM, where is he? I have a meeting somewhere else.
What do you want me to do? I have to go.
- Hold on - I'm going to leave.
- It's moving, I have something.
- At the time of the mugging, I was studying at home.
I don't know, can you summon me later? - Can't you be patient? - I - Go on.
You can pick up.
- My mother, I don't want to worry her.
I'll call her back.
- She's insistent.
- Hang on, I'll get Nico.
- Laure? - Yeah, Nico.
- The network is reacting.
Fouad just received a text message from an Internet site, which reads: "What the hell are you doing?" - OK.
Can you check if there's a phone pinging in the same location as me.
- I've got it.
I'll get the call logs.
- OK.
That confirms the cash was intended for her.
Tell Tom, he can release Fouad.
- OK, we're good.
Tom, you can release him.
- OK, it's received.
The victim is certain, it's not you.
- Does that mean I can go? - You can go.
- Don't forget your helmet.
- Have a good day.
- Have a good day.
- Goodbye.
- Excuse me! isn't that lady an actress? - No, Madam.
That's Aline Lecomte, Member of Parliament for district 17.
- Oh! Sorry, I thought that I'll be right with you.
- You're seeing her again? - She's just out of prison, she's in the shit.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Your keys.
- Have you found a solution? - No, not really.
- You can stay another night, if you like.
- Are you sure that's not inconvenient? - Keep them.
- Wait, uh I have something to ask of you.
It may seem stupid It's about one of my former cell mates.
I want to know, what did she go down for? - Are you looking for business? - If only I was able to practice law.
- So, why do you want to know ? - It's not hard for you.
- That's not the question.
Go on.
What's her name? - Hang on.
I wrote it down on a piece of paper.
- So the phone that called Aline Lecomte belongs to David Cann.
- He's a wealth manager.
He has offices in Neuilly.
I found it on the Internet.
He's not on Facebook, he's not on Linkedin.
He's discrete.
- We did an old-fashioned search, sorry.
JP and I searched a Who's Who.
David Cann's name appears in it.
There's even a photo.
Can you pass it around? He has a strong pedigree: HEC Business School, Legion of Honour, he started a business in 2003, he's married with one child.
I imagine he has a big address book.
- The interface between the dignitaries who want cash and the money-laundering network? Maybe he even heads up the network.
- Let's leave nothing to chance.
He's a big fish.
We wiretap everybody, the MP, David Cann, and of course, we stay on Fouad, he has the cash.
Do we have anything on him? - The last text received said: "Delivery canceled.
Go home.
" He hasn't moved since.
- Thank you.
We've made good progress.
- Gilou, are we doing this by the book? I'll see Roban for the letter of request? It will avoid confusion with the boss.
- OK.
- Beckriche called earlier while we were tailing Fouad.
I said we had left for district 16 to check the restaurant surveillance video.
- That's good.
Thank you.
- Didier, I'm leaving.
- Sorry? We have to prepare the outline of the questioning for the Minier case.
- Listen, it's not complicated.
I'll dictate the outline tomorrow.
- Very well.
- Good evening, Didier - Good evening.
- Yes? - Am I bothering you ? - No, come in.
I have 5 minutes.
- We've come a long way.
We know who the money stored with Fouad was intended for.
Aline Lecomte.
Member of Parliament We traced it back to a wealth manager, David Cann.
He connected Aline Lecomte with the money-laundering network.
We want to wiretap them.
- An MP laundering drug money, that's amusing.
- Are we wiretapping her? - Yes! Anyway, we're wiretapping Mrs.
We don't know what she does for a living.
I'll sign the letters of request.
Didier will fill in the blanks.
- Very good.
- Uh - Regarding Solignac, what do we have on him? - The Fraud Squad started a review of his financial affairs.
- We should ask them to check if Solignac has a link with Aline Lecomte or David Cann.
Shall I call them? - No, I'll do it.
- Finally, you're working well together with the Fraud Squad.
- It's OK.
- Very good.
It's going in the right direction.
Good evening, Laure.
- Have a good evening.
- I'll take care of it.
- Thank you.
- Can you help me? - Did you ask for a visit? - No.
- It would do him good to see you.
- He can wait.
After all we have been through I will take a day off as soon as I can.
Oury offered to drive me there.
- Oury? When did you see him again? - Last night, he went to the club.
He can help us find a lawyer for Rayan.
I give him - Why is he getting involved? I have contacted some people.
I'm taking care of it.
- You're right.
We'll manage without him.
See you tomorrow, darling.
- Good evening, Attorney Baroit.
It's Fouad Khelfa on the phone.
My school gave me your contact information.
Can you call me back quickly? It's urgent.
Thank you.
Hello? Ok, I'm coming.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- I got Chinese.
You like Chinese? - I'm not terribly hungry.
- Can I get you something to drink? - A little apple juice instead.
Thank you.
- I need to stop drinking, I got out of the habit.
It's like freedom.
When you're in prison, that's all you think of.
You dream about it.
Then once you're outside Well, you're a mess.
You find the streets, the people.
All of the environment you knew before, but It's as if you had more control over things.
As if you were floating.
The worst thing is, even the most caring people can't do anything for you.
- They do what they can, they want to help you.
- They think they know what you're going through and they know nothing at all.
What are all those drugs on your nightstand? - I went through a difficult time.
- Excuse me.
You don't have to answer.
- No need to apologize.
I was suffering from depression, I spent time in a rest home.
Phew - Oh, heck We make quite a pair, huh? - I have some information on your cell mate.
She went down for extortion and blackmail.
Her accomplice is on the run.
They are supposed to have driven a young teacher to commit suicide.
Were you close to her? - Yes.
Are you going to bed? - Yes.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- It's been 40 years that I have been involved in the lives of others, searching through their past, their vices.
I analyze their trails.
It has exhausted me, drained me.
It has destroyed me, but the idea that it might be coming to an end terrifies me.
- It can be the beginning of something else.
- The beginning of the end surely.
- It's an opportunity to travel.
- Ah Do you like travelling? - Yes, a great deal.
It has become intolerable at the hospital.
I have to take care of myself.
I'm leaving on a humanitarian mission.
- Oh, yes? - Mmm-mmm.
Oops! - I think we're treading a dangerous path.
- Oh? - Yes.
An investigating judge who dines with the subject of the investigation.
- Are you telling me that we have broken the law? - If someone from the Palais de Justice saw us, he would find it suspicious.
- You should have told me before.
- Ah - Mmm-Mmm.
- I'm hungry.
Do you want some? - Yes, I like your little turdlets.
What is that? - Grapes, right? - Yes.
- They're prunes.
- Do you want some coffee ? - No.
- Hello, Gilou? - Yes, Ali? - Yeah, Gilou, David Cann called his driver.
He's coming down.
- What have you got on the other phone? - Nothing.
Fouad's cell is off.
The MP is managing her daily business.
Fuck! It's boring, being an MP nowadays! - He's coming out.
- OK.
- Right! Right! - Thank you.
- Hello.
- I have thought about it and I have decided to accept your job offer.
- Excellent news.
- But on one condition.
I want you to help my former cell mate until my case is dismissed.
I will take the case pro bono, she can't afford to pay.
- What's the case about? - Lola and her friend seduced men on the Internet.
They incited them to undress and to masturbate.
They were filmed without their knowledge.
And then they were blackmailed.
Either they paid, or they would release the video to their friends and relatives.
A college teacher refused to give in.
He committed suicide.
35 years old with a wife and two children.
- That's how you intend to restore your reputation? - In the article, they are called "the fiends".
It sells, right?.
- If the case was being tried in Quimper, OK, but in Paris - OK.
Excuse me for wasting your time.
- I didn't say I refused.
On the contrary, I accept.
I want to understand something.
It's not your style to work for free.
Take a seat.
- The guy in the middle isn't he the Djerbian that we saw in district 12? For sure! For sure! - You're right.
- He's the guy who gave Fouad a kiss on the cheek.
- That's good.
Yeah, hello? What? OK, we're coming.
- What's going on? Gilou, what's going on? - I'll keep you posted.
I'll call you later.
It was your guy.
- Who told you? When did it happen? - According to Forensics, he was killed last night.
There are no clues and no witnesses, but we have the shell casing, it's 9mm.
We will compare it with the shell casing from the weapon that killed Herville.
If it's the same, the case is yours.
- Yes.
- We should never have blocked the fucking delivery! - I know, it's tough.
But don't dwell on it.
- Don't give me the old "I've seen it all before" routine, not right now.
- We don't know what happened.
The network may have been onto him ever since his brother committed the robbery.
We both know they were not accomplices from the prison visit.
But for Fouad's friends, that may have been hard to believe.
- That's pure speculation.
What I know for sure, is that if we had arrested him, he would still be alive.
- Criminals take risks.
If he felt that he was in danger, he could have spoken to us.
- You have an answer for everything, good for you.
- Beckriche is waiting for us at the station.
Dereck will take care of the paperwork.
- I didn't tell the boss that we blocked the delivery.
- Come in.
Were you at the crime scene? - Mmm.
- OK.
We agree that Fouad's death is obviously linked to his courier activity.
Apparently he didn't make his last delivery.
Perhaps he wanted to keep the money, which would not have pleased his superiors.
At the same time, I don't get it.
Fouad was smart and we know he wanted to get out of the network.
Why take this risk? - We blocked the delivery.
- Excuse me, I Excuse me? - We blocked it.
We staked out the Plaza hotel.
That gave us two names.
The recipient of the cash, an MP, Aline Lecomte, and a new go-between, wealth manager, David Cann.
- Linked to a Djerbian that we caught on camera in district 12.
We don't have his name yet, but we'll get it.
- Do you realize what you're telling me? You were supposed to sit tight.
You were supposed to wait for the Fraud Squad to get back to us regarding Solignac.
I imagine that you organized this secret operation with the whole team? Which resulted in the death of Fouad Khelfa.
- It was my idea to block the delivery.
- That doesn't change a thing.
I've screwed up.
Investigating the death of Herville is too hard for you.
You lack good judgment.
I'm taking you off the case.
Escoffier Notify Nadia Khelfa of the death of her son.
I couldn't reach her.
- Yeah.
The two brothers were very close.
Keep an eye on Rayan.
- He could do something stupid.
- I'll warn the guards.
They will check on him every hour.
- Yeah.
Well, what's Nadia doing? - Let's go and see Roban.
Gilou! - Yes ? - Roban.
We have to speak to Roban.
OK, we screwed up, we made a mess of things, but we have leads.
We're not just going to throw it all away.
- There she is.
Khelfa! - Do you have the findings from ballistics? - Yes.
Forensics have confirmed that the same weapon was used to kill Fouad Khelfa, Commissioner Herville and the Chinese restauranteur.
- I will ask to be provisionally assigned to this crime.
Do you have any other facts? - For now, no, but Commander Dereck will make a report.
By the way, I want to appoint him to lead the case in place of Commander Escoffier.
- Are you taking his team off the case? - Berthaud and Escoffier are too emotionally involved, Your Honour.
- What do you mean? - They have neither the clarity of thought nor the necessary restraint to lead this enquiry.
- I question your own clarity of thought, Commissioner.
Given the complex ramifications of this investigation, it could be counterproductive.
- I'm sorry, but I can't keep them.
- Their methods are unorthodox, I would agree, but they are excellent cops.
Take a day to think about it.
I insist.
- Mmm.
- I'm going to introduce you to a new client.
He's loaded.
- Who did he kill, his wife or his mistress? - He's a wealth manager.
His client is in custody.
David is worried about fallout.
- "David"? - We were together at Janson high school.
Come on.
- David - Let me present Attorney Karlsson who is joining our firm.
- David Cann.
- It's a pleasure.
- So, to summarize, your client was caught with 150,000 euros in cash? - Yes, it's not a big deal, but he was detained by the Fraud Squad.
Is there a risk that I will be searched? - Are you clean or not? - Eric Of course, I'm clean.
But I don't want people rummaging through my files.
If my clients find out, I'll be closing up shop.
- I will activate my contacts, and I will follow up on the enquiry into your client.
It's Pierre Solignac, isn't it? - Mmm.
- Is that all? Don't worry.
Fraud is commonplace.
I'm sure they have a ton of cases.
- You don't agree? - I know their methods.
They go through everything without making waves and when they come for you, it's too late.
This story about fraud, it may be the tree that hides the forest.
Do you have any sensitive files? - Some.
- Keep nothing in your office.
Or at home.
Hand everything over to people you trust.
But not family, and not your inner circle.
Be careful what you say on the phone.
You may be wiretapped.
Systematically delete any messages that you don't want others to read.
The best thing is to use an application to encrypt your communications.
It works very well.
- That's not caution, it's paranoia! - Listen, Mr.
Cann, you can do what you want, but when you get to the point where you consult a childhood friend, it's because you have lost confidence in the wider world.
Am I wrong? - I knew you would like her.
- You are our last resort, Your Honour.
We are the only ones who can get the bastard who offed Herville.
- I just got through the last statements and I have a problem.
It concerns the death of Fouad Khelfa, more specifically, the day that preceded it.
See here You intercept Aline Lecomte's call in district 8.
It is 5:22 PM.
Meanwhile, Fouad Khelfa, who is in district 20, receives a text message at 5:29 PM asking him "what the hell are you doing".
I don't understand how you were able to determine that the cash was going to be delivered to this Aline Lecomte and to wiretap her, while Fouad Khelfa was on the other side of town.
- We blocked the delivery.
To make the network react.
- Why is it not in the statement? - It was unofficial.
Beckriche ordered us to suspend the investigation.
Didn't he tell you? He left it in the hands of the Fraud Squad.
- Oh you have gone too far.
When I think that I just defended you with Beckriche! You have acted behind my back.
Who is leading this enquiry? You? Beckriche? No, it's me! I am still an investigating judge! I am not on the scrap heap yet! If you had told me that Beckriche was slowing you down, I could have helped you, but now I have no choice.
I am taking the District Judiciary Police and the Fraud Squad off the case.
I am assigning the Crime Squad! Fortunately, they have a financial division.
That way, they can work on both fronts.
Didier, send an email to commissioner Beckriche to confirm all that.
Have him send us the letters of request and the implementing acts.
That will be all.
- Can I drop you at your house? You'll have time to take care of Romy.
Huh? What's up? Is it Romy? Is something wrong? - I don't have Romy anymore.
- What do you mean, "you don't have her anymore"? - Vincent and his wife are taking care of her.
I don't have parental rights any longer.
- How could they do that to you? - It's not them, it's me.
- What, it's you? Hold on You abandoned your daughter? What's your problem? You hurt the ones you love.
You know how I felt in the hospital parking lot? I waited like an idiot until I realized that you weren't coming back.
When she's 15, are you going to tell her that you abandoned her because of your job? What's your problem ? I can't take it anymore, I'm out of here.
I can't deal with you anymore.
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