Enlightened s01e03 Episode Script

Someone Else's Life

Damon, do you wanna talk to me? Please, don't transfer me out of my own department! I just got back from a treatment, and I feel amazing.
I'm gonna talk to them about maybe starting up work again.
We have a position for you.
You'll be working on a new computer software program called Cogentiva.
Amy, this is Doug Daniels.
So I'm like your boss and stuff.
Hey, Tyler, get this lady orientated for me? You enter it, and then you double check, - Just keep doing the same thing.
- Oh my God.
What are you doing for lunch? I think I'm just gonna get a salad and eat it at my desk.
My former assistant, she's brown-nosing Damon.
- We both made mistakes.
- You are a mistake.
He betrays his wife and I'm the one that gets put in the basement.
You can't have fun all your life.
It's not a good use of me, you know? I'm a people person.
You're full of possibility.
Now, you got all the answers, I think you're hanging on by a very thin thread with one finger on the edge of the cliff.
AMY: Sometimes, late at night, visited by dread and shame I lie in bed and think of somebody else's life.
(INAUDIBLE TALKING) I imagine the love that they're getting And the relief that comes from being really known.
AMY: The private pleasures they share.
The friends they have, and the pressures they don't.
Their sense of importance The satisfactions of their work.
I imagine how fulfilled they are How rich their life is.
And in these moments, I feel empty and wanting.
Isn't it weird you always wake up as yourself? Amy.
Never even one day as somebody else Here, this came for you.
Don't you have to be at work soon? - Aw, suck a sick dick! Shit! - Amy! Oh, shit, I'm late.
(PHONE RINGS) (KNOCK ON DOOR) Hey! Oh my gosh.
I spilled coffee all over myself, and I've been, like, trying to get it out, and I'm making it worse.
Whatever! So, I just wanted to come by and tell you that I was thinking about you last night.
I was thinking about you and the baby, and just how cool this is.
You know, Krista, I'm just so happy for you, really.
And that's it.
That's all I wanted to say.
Thanks, Amy.
You know that we said we were gonna try to get together for lunch later, but we're gonna need to put a pin in it.
Put a pin in it? Ugh, I know, I know.
I know I sound like that.
But, Damon he scheduled a department meeting We gotta over our contracts with our vendors, - It's just lunches are really hard right now.
- Okay.
- Uh, I just, uh, sent you an e-mail.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey, Amy.
Good to see you.
- Hey.
Uh, with the bids from Clarviva but ignore it, 'cause there's a new set coming in, so, I'll let you know.
Thanks, Harris.
We're going into business with Clarviva? I really actually can't get into it.
It's a little You know, they're the ones responsible for that methyl gas leak in Bangladesh Oh, it's so preliminary I'm gonna send you a link.
I gotta roll some calls.
Busy, busy, Krista.
Look at you I mean, I remember when you were down in the pit making calls so miserable.
AMY: You know Oh, God, yeah And I said to Jeff, "There is an amazing girl down there, "And she is dying to get into H and B.
" And now, here you are.
It's And you taught me everything I know.
I know.
All right, I'm gonna send you that link.
Kay (SIGHS) (SECURITY TONE SOUNDS) - That's stupid, okay? - It's the appropriate thing to do.
I don't need to hear this stupid stuff from you.
This is just bunk! - I don't appreciate being sneezed on! - Lady, okay! I don't like this.
Okay, lady? I don't need this! Hey, hey, hey, hey! What's going on? If you're sick, you should not be here, okay? And he should wash his hands.
Not blow snot all over other people's faces.
I can't afford not to work.
! - I have two kids.
- I have three kids.
I have three kids! OMAR: My doctor, he says I'm not even contagious.
Oh, well, tell that to him.
He is about to drop dead over there in about a minute, - 'cause you blew your infection into his face.
- Wait! I've got Oscillococcinum in my desk.
Shut the shit up! Shut up! It's just a flu remedy, it's, like I said, shut it! It's a homeopathic I don't give a fuck! DOUGIE: All right, look! Excuse my cuss All right, but I'm in charge of this department And I'm not interested in it becoming the "United Nations of Bitching.
" Okay? Let's act professional, aite? You ain't sick.
If you're gonna worry about a problem you don't got yet How you gonna get anything done in life? You ain't sick.
He was sick.
Now he's sick.
He's not sick no more.
He's still sick.
He goes home.
He stays.
Final answer.
I was just trying to be helpful, and Why you so wet and dirty? I spilled coffee on myself.
Well, you might wanna put on a sweater.
People can see your nips.
Is it so hard for you to maybe sneeze into a napkin or something? You had enough? You got someone sent home? (WHISPERS) Bitch.
That guy Dougie is a real rager.
I mean, he shouldn't be the head of anything.
- What the hell am I doing here? - Not much.
Why did they put me here? To break me.
'Cause I'm mentally ill? I wasn't mentally ill, okay? I mean, I was just fucking stressed out.
So, I go away and deal with it.
And it's like, they're trying to stress me out all over again.
So what? So that I come back, and flip out, and get fired or quit? No, uh-uh.
I was good, I was a good buyer.
Forget Krista, who's in my office, who was my assistant, who I trained.
And I was here before Damon.
I was here before him, and he's running the department? Are you kidding me? Into tround, and they put me inhe ditch.
Okay I'm not gonna get angry, I'm not.
I'm gonna get another job.
That's what I'm gonna do.
One that can have an impact.
One that can mean something.
Not this shit job that sucks your fucking soul, you'd have to be lobotomized to sit down here.
I mean, look at you I mean, you know what I'm saying, I'm just, likewhatever.
Thanks for talking.
You're sweet.
Let's do this.
Hi, I was calling about the administrative job.
Oh, it's been filled.
Too bad.
Well, actually, I've been placed in this special department, here at Abaddonn, for people who are really computer savvy.
So No, but I know Microsoft Word and Excel.
AMY: Oh, woah, woah, woah (BANGING FAX MACHINE) AMY: What is it? Do, do any of you guys know how to work this, 'cause it's It's a fax machine.
I know, but it's not - Does anybody know - Have you tried opening and closing? (IN SPANISH) Hola.
Me llamo se Amy.
Um, Yo busco una job? Oh my God, mother fucker! AMY: Great.
Yeah, I just e-mailed you.
Okay, well, take a look and, gimme a call if you have any questions.
Thank you so much.
Okay, bye.
I think they were interested.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, do you wanna go to lunch? Umno, uh I think I'm just gonna grab something quick with all this stuff going on Well, I could pick up something and I could bring it back here, we could eat - Together - No, it's okay, I'll do it.
Thanks, though.
Thank you so much.
Hey guys! Hey, Harris.
Hey, Janis.
Hi, Krista.
You guys having a working lunch? Me too, just busy, busy.
So, uh, Amy, what department are you in now? Oh, it's a new program they put together.
It's pretty interesting.
Cogentiva? I've never heard of it.
What is that? It's, um, really cutting edge, kinda hard to explain, but I'm not supposed to be talking about it.
You know how that is.
So, all right, well, Krista, I'll talk to you later.
Okay, well, have a good lunch.
You know, you guys? I know this is none of my business, but Clarviva? You guys should think twice before you get into business with them.
Okay, Clarviva? Killers.
Google it.
Oh, shit AMY: (STUTTERING) I told Krista about it earlier.
They're really, like, anti- environment and big dumpers.
She probably, maybe you forgot to tell them.
Why's some dude from a homeless shelter calling you? What? Your phone kept ringing so I answered it.
That's a homeless shelter, I'm affiliated with.
You're affiliated with a homeless shelter? Well, I mean, just like, getting involved in the community and whatnot.
With the poverty and stuff.
Kinda random, but whatever.
Oh, that would be awesome.
Well, as soon as possible.
Um Okay, well, yeah, I'll make it work.
And I look forward to meeting you and seeing your cility or whatever you call it.
Okay, all right.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
But, Amy, it's $24,000? I already paid off half of it.
$48,000! Mom, you shouldn't be looking through my mail.
Well, you could hardly say I was snooping.
You left it out on the table.
Shut up, Ginger! - Don't talk to her like that.
- Mom! They gave me my life back, All right? My health, my hope.
You can't put a price on that kind of thing.
Well, apparently you can.
I mean, how are you gonna get your feet back on the ground, and get yourself a place again, when you've got that anchor around your neck? I've got a lot of ideas, okay? Yeah, I've got, you know, some cool new opportunities coming in.
I've actually got a job interview tomorrow morning.
- Really? - Yeah, for an administrative job.
It's pretty exciting.
Well, where is it? It's a homeless shelter in Fontana.
Oh my God.
Are you pulling my leg, Amy? - Mom, no.
It's a real job.
It pays.
- How much? I don't know, Mom.
Well, it sounds dangerous.
And dirty.
And you know what? You are not going to meet any suitable people there.
- Why do you say that? - Because they're all poor.
- They're probably pitifully sick.
- Ugh.
Abaddonn is sick.
Oh my god, that whole place is sick! They're a really bad company, Mom.
I'm serious.
They're corporate and humiliating.
And they put me in the basement, okay? After, like, fifteen years! Amy, beggars cannot be choosers.
What's that supposed to mean? It means that you are $24,000 in debt.
And this is not the time to help the homeless.
Help yourself.
Everything is gonna be okay.
You need to not worry.
'Cause I am not worried.
(SIGHS) HELEN: Please don't do this.
You already have a job.
I wanna do something meaningful, okay? I want to give back.
You want to give back? AMY: Yes.
Volunteer on Thanksgiving.
That is how most people give back.
Mom, I'm going, okay? Relax, it's okay.
This might be just what I need.
HELEN: (YELLING) Amy! I don't know about this.
(COUGHING) Okay, so I need an excuse to get out of here for a few hours.
What do I say? Tell him that your cat's been having seizures, you gotta go put it down.
Tell him that your old babysitter died and you gotta go to the funeral.
I don'tyeah Tell him you have cramps and you gotta go home and deal with your cramps.
Dougie! Look at you, all of your face holes are leaking.
- No, I'm not sick.
- Yes, it's time for you to go home.
- Omar - Get your stuff, this is your rule.
Omar, it's not your concern.
Dougie, come here! OMAR: It's disgusting.
Everything on your face is gross.
- She is sick.
Look, she is sick! - Leave me alone.
She has a fever.
Put a thermometer inside her.
Uh, excuse me? What? You're sick.
Yeah! Because of you! Connie, come on.
OMAR: You are the one Who made the rule, if someone is sick, hey have to go home.
Now, I'm sorry, but you are sick.
All right.
I'm sorry, Connie, but he's right.
Those are the rules.
You're sick.
You gotta go.
Really? DOUGIE: Yeah.
(PHONE RINGS) I need to work.
Oh, feel better, Connie.
Ahhh! DOUGIE: No! Connie, come on! I hope she doesn't get too sick.
That flu's a real bitch.
Hey, um, Dougie? I've gotta leave for a few hours, I'm going to a doctor's appointment and I'll be back, like, right after lunch.
What kind of doctor? A lady doctor.
'Kay, it's a lady, but what's it for? Uh, well, no, she's not a lady.
She's a man, and She's a man? It's a man who's a lady doctor.
I don't Dougie, a gynecologist? Oh, uhis it serious? It's a check-up.
Then, no.
What? Look, Louis is home sick.
Now Connie's home sick, I need all my people here, now.
Dougie This is important shit we're doing here.
Okay? We can't all just phone it in.
(SIGHS) (WHISPERING) Going anyway.
Fuck it.
No, I'm not gonna miss out on this opportunity.
Oh my God, it's in 20 minutes.
I can't deal with this.
You know what, if he asks, just tell him I had to get something out of my car.
MARV: We provide mental and medical health services.
We provide assistance in job search.
We also have classes on money management, self-esteem issues, and life skills.
- Self-esteem is really a huge issue.
- Marv! You know, there's an incredible amount of intelligence here, it's just a question of Mister Marv, thank you, baby.
I love you, Marv.
Give me a hug.
I love you, too, Shari.
Shari, this is Amy.
It looks as though she may be working with us.
Hello, baby girl.
Give Shari a hug.
I got something on you.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, don't worry about it.
It's fine.
- I didn't mean to.
I'm sorry.
Bye! Bye! Shari is schizophrenic.
But we've gotten her on medication and And she's doing somewhat better now.
AMY: So, how long have you been working here? Twenty-eight years.
I was in finance, working downtown.
And doing wellbut I just wasn't happy.
I felt compelled, you know, to be of service.
That's me.
I mean, I want to be of service.
You know, you seem like a great match for us.
I do? May I ask, then What is the salary? The starting salary is $500 a week now.
Well that's $26,000 a year.
We serve 150,000 meals a year.
We have another dining room at our family unit.
We have a lot of homeless families and children Oh.
Listen, um, I can't.
I can't.
I'm sorry, I can't, I can't take this job.
I can't live on $25,000.
I wish I could be here and do this with you, and I can't.
I'm in debt, I'm living with my mother, I don't know how much longer I can take that.
It's so beautiful what you're doing here, and I'm sorry I wasted your time.
It's okay.
I understand.
I wish I could offer you more.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying to stay positive, you know.
There's all this Good that I wanna do and all these things I want to do.
And then I just can't, you know.
This is getting so frustrating.
You do what you can, Amy.
That's all you can do.
I'm trapped.
(CRYING) I feel like I don't have anything.
You have a lot.
Thank you.
I'm so embarrassed.
Don't be.
It was nice meting you.
Thank you for your time and, you know, all this stuff you do.
(SAD MUSIC PLAYS) Oh, hold it! (KNOCK ON DOOR) Just getting something out of your car? Yeah.
Yeah? For the past two hours? Yes.
You juyou just took a nap in your car, didn't you? What? Are you living out of your car or some shit? What? Look, you come in here, you look strung-out and tired, and you got stains on you, and Dirty blouses.
You got some fucking homeless shelter calling you.
Are you homeless? What if I were? Uh Well that That'd be sad.
It would.
(SIGHS) Thanks for covering for me.
I don't think he bought it, but AMY: Sometimes I think about someone else's life.
I imagine all the love they do not have.
I see the passion that is missing.
The friends they don't know.
(SCREAMING) In those moments Isures trealize how much I have.
And how much I have to give.
Hey, Tyler? Wanna have lunch today? On me? Sure.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) So, um, what do you like to eat? Oh, I don't care.
We can just go to the sandwich shop, or KRISTA: Hey, Amy, hi.
AMY: Hey.
Hey, I'm sorry if I was weird yesterday.
It's just so awkward with all those people, and the whole thing, and Anyway, my lunch canceled and I'm free, if you want to go now Oh, well, actually I have plans with my friend Tyler.
Well, it's okay.
We could go another time, or No, I invited you.
And we're going to lunch.
Guess we'll have to put a pin in it.
Well, have fun.
Thanks, you too.
Tyler, have you always lived in Riverside? No.
Actually, I don't live in Riverside, I live in Yucaipa.
Yucaipa? Where's that? TYLER: Yucaipa? You take the 215 east to the 10