Enlightened s01e05 Episode Script

Not Good Enough Mothers

Do you wanna go to lunch? Hum, well no, uh What you doing for lunch? I think I'm just gonna get a salad and eat it at my desk.
My former assistant, she's brown-nosing Damon.
We both made mistakes.
You are a mistake, and everybody knows it.
It's like, they're trying to stress me out all over again.
You guys having a working lunch? Me too, just Uh, Amy, what department are you in now? I'm not gonna get angry, I'm gonna get another job.
One that can have an impact.
You seem like a great match for us.
I do? The starting salary is $500 a week now.
I can't take this job I can't live on $25,000.
Wanna have lunch today? Cool.
We can just go to the sandwich shop.
Amy, my lunch canceled, and I'm free.
If you wanna go now.
Actually, I have plans, with my friend Taylor.
Guess we'll have to put a pin in it.
A deportation hearing was held in June, with the immigration court, ordering Rosa Munoz, to be returned to her native Mexico, Saturday.
Munoz has lived in this country for the past 15 years And her two daughters, Daniela, six, and Sara, four, are both citizens.
This is extremely traumatic.
Who is gonna care for these children? Should these parents Get off the hook, because the kids are put in a difficult position? Children often have to suffer because of the mistakes of their parents.
Ugh, fuck you! Idiot! The family has asked their friends and neighbors To join them at today's rally, in hopes that it might help Munoz's chances of staying in California with her daughters.
I don't know what I am going to do.
I need help.
This is Maria Garcia, reporting in Corona.
Oh, fuck ugh! Shit.
Oh, my car won't start.
You know, it's been acting weird for awhile.
Look, Mom, I know you don't like to loan me your car, but can I? No.
I've told you, Amy, no.
You're not insured to drive it.
Mom, what am I gonna do? Like, I'm supposed to be at work in 20 minutes.
Take a bus.
You want me to take a bus, when your car is sitting right there? Amy, if you run over somebody, they could take away my house.
Mom, I'm not gonna run over anybody.
You might.
You've run over people.
I bumped a cyclist! I was 16! And who paid for it all? Me.
Oh my God.
I can't have this conversation with you, okay? I've gotta get to work.
Well, you better get going.
Oh! Ugh.
You don't have an umbrella either, huh? Fuck off.
Some days you feel like the world is against you.
And everyone around you seems so mean and ugly.
There are times I just burn with hate.
Excuse me, Ma'am! Jesus Christ.
In those times I mean, God forbid, I need a seat.
I am ugly, too.
I don't want to hate.
I want to be kind And waken the kindness in others.
This says if I meditate And look upon every person as having once been my mother My heart will soften.
She was my mother.
When I was sad, she held me.
My mother, who sacrificed so much for me.
There she is.
There she is.
There she is.
She is all around me.
Amy, hi.
Oh, hey! Hi, Janis.
How are you? - Are you as late as I am this morning? - Oh my God.
Gotta have our lattes though, right? Oh, yeah.
I was driving, and I saw you walking in the rain.
I know.
I almost stopped to give you a ride, but um Oh.
Yeah, I had to take the bus, so The bus? Yeah, my car wouldn't start.
Am I gonna see you on Saturday? Um, Saturday? Yeah.
For Krista's shower.
She's having a shower on Saturday? It's just a bunch of Girls are throwing her one.
So, I hope I didn't just Oh.
Well, I would order a drink for you, but I don't really think I don't think these people would really appreciate it.
Oh, yeah.
No, no, no, I was just saying hi.
So Hey.
Do you have any more of these almond croissants? Yeah.
Or are you out of them? Is that cheese or is that almond? No, that's almond.
No, I mean, at least you told me.
But, can you imagine? Hold on a second.
Oh, hey, Amy, what's up? Well, I can wait 'till you're off the phone.
It's gonna take a while.
So, you're having a baby shower, Saturday? Yeah.
Are you coming? Well, I wasn't invited.
Yeah you were, I made the list myself.
Of course, you're invited.
Maybe it just went to your junk box or something.
I'll have Pam re-send it.
Oh, okay.
I was gonna say! Oh, baby! That's so cool! Hey, also, I wanted to tell you There's a rally at lunch today Amy, I'm on the phone.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, um, I'll talk to you later.
Baby! It's like she has Like, radar or something, she knows we're talking about her.
Oh, hey, dude! Yeah dude, you're 40 minutes late.
Oh My car broke down, I got caught in the rain Aw, then you got a cappuccino.
Yeah, It was freezing.
Excuse me.
Um, I just wanted to, um, ask you It's Probably not good timing, but, um Is it okay if I have an extra 20 minutes at lunch? Yeah.
If that's possible? 'Cause there's this rally in Corona, and I don't have my car.
- Did you guys hear about this woman? - No.
Oh my God, she's being deported back to Mexico.
And she's, like, a mom, and her kids live here.
I mean, like, they're citizens.
They're like six and four What the shit? This is important what we're doing here, 'kay? Right here! All right? I'm sick of people being sick and late And full of bullshit excuses! All right? Goddang, it, I am in charge here! So, it's my butt, okay? My butt! Look, I can I can be a nice guy, okay? I am a nice guy.
But you push me, I'm a serial killer.
Okay? Believe it.
Do you wanna take me to this rally at lunch? I wanna get a group together to help this poor woman.
Sounds good.
Hey, Omar.
I was thinking maybe you might be interested in coming to this rally during lunch.
Did you hear about this woman being deported back to Mexico? She's an illegal immigrant.
No, I am legal immigrant.
Oh, yeah, no, no, no, I just mean I am a legal immigrant, FYI.
Totally different things.
So, no.
I mean, can you imagine, if your mom was taken away from you And deported to Mexico when you were like six years old? We have a meeting at lunch.
Our fantasy football league.
Louis, maybe you want to come with me and Tyler to a rally at lunch in Corona? No.
Uh Don't you even want to hear about it? Uh, go away.
Let's go.
But lunch isn't for 10 minutes.
Yeah, but he's not gonna notice.
He's an idiot.
Look at him.
Oh my God, please.
Wow, it's really raining.
The rally's probably canceled.
Aw, those poor little girls.
You wanna get some lunch? Sure.
There's gotta be a way To get people around here more involved in what's going on out there.
So, if something like this immigrant deportation shit happens In our community, we're like one collective voice.
Do you know her? She's the head of human resources.
She's awful.
We gotta get around people like that.
It's the gate-keepers, Tyler.
We gotta get around the gate-keepers.
They want to keep us in our little boxes, so we don't connect.
And, if we get around them, that's when we're gonna start to affect change She's gay.
I saw her the other weekend.
'Cause if we do She was making out with a lady.
What? Well, It's kinda gossipy but Last weekend, I was at the RiverPlex.
And I just bought some popcorn And I saw her come out of the theater with this, you know, butch lady And all of the sudden, she just kissed her on the mouth.
That changes everything.
Why? Because, Tyler, women are more community-oriented.
They're caring.
They're moms They're nurturing, they're compassionate.
I mean, it's just the way it is.
And then, women who love women Are just gonna be even more, like that.
This is my way in, I think.
She's a fucking lesbian.
This is awesome.
Hey, Judy.
Hi! You're going to the bathroom? Uh, yeah.
Hey, you know, I just, I'm so grateful to you.
You know, you were so helpful to me.
Coming back was hard and you made it so easy.
So, I'd like to do something for you.
You know? Take you out to dinner? Totally unnecessary.
Oh no, I know, but I want to.
I really want to, you know? No agenda.
Just to say thank you, and get to know you a little bit.
I don't know.
I Like, any special place you've been wanting to try, or Anywhere you want to go.
It's on me.
Ugh, I told you, my car still won't start! Please, Mom, if I take the bus I'm gonna be late.
This is a dinner with the head of human resources! Take a cab.
You want me to pay for a cab when your car is sitting out there? It's raining outside.
My God, it's nighttime.
I'm your daughter.
I'm sorry.
Please don't ask me again.
I will never stop asking! Shit.
So, Judy, um how's the lobster? A little chewy.
So, Judy, um, are you married? Are you in a relationship, or have a partner? I'm in a relationship.
Who, uh what's the name? What's the name of what? What's the name of the person you're in a relationship with? Jo.
Well, what's this person like? What do you mean? What are their interests? Camping and fishing.
Well, she sounds cool.
She is.
Women are great, right? I mean, I have always preferred women to men.
I mean not, like, in the way you do, but just in general.
I think, actually, we should organize a women's group at Abaddonn.
We could talk about issues that women of color have.
We could talk about issues that women who are gay have.
You know? Just like, make changes.
I can't get involved in anything like that.
Well, maybe you'd have advice for me You know, if I wanna go to the company, and get them behind a woman's group? I mean, that'd be cool, right? You'd need to show that there was real interest in having something like that.
Well, there is, hello! Right? Besides you, Amy.
Besides you.
Oh, it's great, Tyler.
WAA Women's Association of Abaddonn.
Oh my God, I love this image.
Ah I think this is gonna really take off.
I wish you could be part of it.
Hey, Connie.
I'm so glad you're back and feeling better.
Yeah, that's awesome.
Listen, I wanted to extend an invitation.
It's to be a part of a women's group I'm organizing.
Oh, is it a Christian group? No Although A great topic one week, right? Religion's role in social justice.
Yeah I think I'd rather be with other Christians, than just other women.
What are you guys doing? Well, I was working, and then she came up And asked me to be part of some girl club.
I've Women's org A girl club or something.
Ugh, Amy.
Get back to work.
Thanks, sister.
There's not a lot of time.
They say they're going to take her today.
The lawyer says there's nothing left to do.
My niece is a good person.
She works.
She is not a problem to anyone.
I don't know why this is happening to us.
Now everything is in God's hands.
Pray for me.
Pray for my girls.
All right.
Well, I'm leaving now.
Yeah, taking the bus.
Supposed to pour down later.
Yeah, so, have fun with your car.
Hey! Hi, Linda.
How's it going? Janis! Oh my gosh, is that your boy? Hey.
Aw, he's so darling.
Well, he's been a real bastard.
He actually bit a kid Oh.
And he threw up blue frosting everywhere.
I just, I can't even Oh my God, he's so cute.
Oh hey! Hi! Hi! I'm so happy to see you.
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry I'm late, and I haven't had a car all week, so, um, I didn't even bring a present.
I feel terrible, but Oh.
You know, I haven't been able to get anywhere.
No, I'm just I'm just glad you came.
Wow, everybody looks great.
Yeah, well, come on in.
You know, have a cupcake, mingle And then back in November, when I was having some problems that I'm not gonna get into.
Krista called me up and said, "I know how much you love country music.
"So, I'm taking you to Vegas to see Carrie Underwood.
" Aw! And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Krista, you are such a great friend, and you're gonna make an incredible mom.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Aw! Whoo! So sweet! Yeah, I just, I wanna say, too, Krista You're gonna make a great mother.
And I'm just so happy for you.
I feel blessed to have you in my life, and It just makes me think of people who aren't so blessed, you know? There's a woman in Riverside today Who's like fully being deported to Mexico.
I mean, her kids are being left without a mother.
Totally abandoned.
Like no mom, zero mom.
It's so sad, you know? And we think we have problems? Like, that family has problems.
And I just, I think about those children.
It's incredible, you know? Some children Are born into these horrible situations.
Or born with awful deformities and diseases, and Somebody's gotta talk through this stuff for the children's sake.
'Cause if we don't, who's gonna do it, right? Who's gonna fight? Not the guys.
They're busy making the messes And throwing their toys on the floor like babies, and we've got to clean it up.
That's why I'm starting a women's activist group at Abaddonn.
You know, just so that we can, like, get at it, together, you know? So, I hope and know you guys'll join in on this, and like Come to me.
I've got the sign-up sheet, and We can do this thing.
And Krista Wow, I'm genuinely so happy for you.
That's it.
Bye! Bye, thank you! Bye, guys! Bye.
Pack up some stuff and leave it here Oh, okay, okay.
Thank you.
Oh, are you okay? Am I okay? Whatever, Amy.
Was it my speech? Yeah, Amy, it was your speech.
This is why I didn't invite you to my shower.
You didn't invite me? No.
Well, but you told me This wasn't the time to make some big political speech, you know? Today was supposed to be about me.
Not you.
I don't even think you understand why I'm angry at you.
I can't even believe that you didn't invite me.
Because it's always so difficult with you.
You're always so angry.
I am not angry.
Yeah, you are! You're always angry.
And then you come at me, and I have no idea what to do.
And it's like you're always disappointed in me, And I feel it, and it's weird.
You know, I don't work for you anymore, Amy.
So I don't owe you anything.
Aren't we friends? I'm sorry, Krista.
I'm sorry I said those things if they upset you.
I'm sorry I didn't bring a present.
You know, I gotta go.
I should help Janis clean up.
Krista, I can totally help you guys.
No, thank you.
Oh, man! How was it? Oh, it was really bad.
Krista didn't even want me there.
I'm too angry.
What? That's what I'm who I am.
I am angry.
At you.
Why didn't you let me take your car, Mom? You know, like, why didn't you just let me take your car? I told you, you're not insured.
Despite the legal wrangling, the rallies, and the emotional pleas of family and friends, Rosa Munoz lost her battle to stay in the United States.
She was deported back to Mexico this afternoon.
Her daughters, Daniela and Sara, have been taken in by Rosa's cousins for now But their futures seem anything but certain.
I feel so sorry for those children.
The mother had a choice.
But those children didn't.
I feel sorry for the mother, too.
Oh my god.
She's just a child, too.
I mean The mother's just a child, too.
I've lived in a world of not-good-enough mothers.
Imperfect, bad mothers.
But the mother is a child, too.
She's a child.
I will stop waiting for you to be the perfect mother.
I will be patient with you.
I will be tender.
I will be the mother I wanted you to be.
Bye, mom.