Enlightened s01e10 Episode Script

Burn It Down

I need you to get me a meeting with Damon in H&B, or I'm gone.
Can I talk to you for aminute? I've done a lot of research on our vendors, and their products' impact on the environment.
You're the only person who has the power to do something about this.
When you needed my help, then you were my friend.
Now, I need your help, I'm too much for you to deal with? You're crazy.
You're crazy, Amy.
I'm sorry.
You know, about last night and I'm just tired of being alone.
Missed ya.
And sleeping with you.
You're full of possibility.
Don't try to save me.
In my dreams, I'm still with you.
She never got the love she needed from you.
And you, she never got the love she needed from you.
Dougie got pissed off 'cause I cock-blocked him.
Ask Tyler.
I told you I didn't want to get involved.
Taylor, it's my job! And it's my job too! Amy! Open this door! Amy! Amy! - Go home! - Amy! For God's sakes, would you go home! It's three in the morning! - Open the fucking door! - What the hell is happening? - He's trying to break down the door! - Who? - Open this - Oh my god! - Ow! - Fuck! You might fix that.
I need to talk to you.
I don't want you in my house! - No, no, no! - Okay, what's going on? - This is not okay! This is not okay.
- Shut the fuck up, not now.
Amy, are you okay in there? Helen, will you fucking relax? Levi, don't, please.
Just please.
- You open this right now! - Mom! Mom, I can do this.
I want him out of this house.
- It's my house! - Okay, I know.
I'm sorry.
Let me handle this, okay? Okay? Please? So, what's up? Did I wake you up? I can fix the door.
What the fuck? Oh man, I'm not doing so good these days.
I've kind of been having a hard time.
I, uh I, uh I just, uh, I don't know how to live.
I see you, you know? How you've changed.
And you've changed.
You really have.
And I want that for myself.
Levi I just I just need some help, cause I I know who can help.
But you've got to trust me, okay? I mean, you've gotta just go right away.
You've gotta go tomorrow.
You have no idea how happy I am.
Uh, well, I'm glad you're happy.
'Cause I wanna die.
Where is he? Mom, you know he left last night.
Front door won't close.
It's totally demolished.
I'll fix it.
He wants to get help.
Yeah, I called Open Air and they have a place for him.
He's flying out tonight.
Honestly Amy, I don't see how anyone can help him.
Mom, they helped me.
They helped me, didn't they? Have a good day.
Everything can be transformed.
Every single thing.
Goodness exists.
It's all around.
It's just sleeping.
It can be wakened.
If Levi can change Anything is possible.
I will not be afraid.
I will be bolder.
I will go straight to the top.
And breathe light into the darkest hearts.
Hey, Kevin.
Hi! Is Damon in? Well, he is, but he's about to go into a meeting right now - I'll just pop my head in really quickly.
- Actually, I don't I just want to say one thing.
Hey, Damon.
- Are you in the middle of something? - Uh no.
Cool, can I talk to you for a moment? Sure, yeah.
Oh, great.
I thought, uh, you got fired or something? They realized that I was in the right so it's all fine.
Hey, I just wanted to ask you if you had a chance to look at that research That I gave you? - Honestly, Amy, no.
- That's okay.
Don't worry about it.
More than anything, Damon, what I'd really love is A chance to present my research to the department.
I've spent a ton of time on it.
I want to share the information.
I don't want all this research to go to waste, I Fine, Amy.
Really? Yeah, we have a staff meeting tomorrow at noon.
Come at the beginning.
I can give you about 20 minutes.
Thank you.
So, noon.
Can I just say I am so glad we're good? We're not gonna have any problems.
You can see this now, right? Okay.
I wish I knew then what I know now.
You know what I mean? No.
Well, I've made a lot of mistakes, Tyler.
Just feeling like I had to compromise to get ahead, and you know Manipulate men by using my sexuality or You do that? Not now.
It's just such a boy's club.
The world is run by men, in case you haven't noticed.
I was manipulated by a woman once.
We worked in IT together.
She got me to do all her work for her.
And then I hacked into her e-mail account and found out she thought I was a loser.
You hacked into her office e-mail? How'd you do that? It's pretty easy.
That's why I got transferred down here.
I'm on probation.
How'd they find out? I stupidly told her and she made a big deal about it.
Her name was Julie.
She was a bitch.
Oh, sorry.
Well, learn from your mistakes.
And with wisdom comes power.
Power to make a difference.
Hey, can I have a minute? Omar, in here, now! I just wanted to clear the air with you.
You know, talk about our working relationship and how to rebuild trust, and Right here, buddy.
- I was hoping to speak to you alone.
- From now on There's gonna be a third party witness to any interaction between us.
I don't want you misrepresenting me.
I don't want any of that "He said, she said" shit.
Uh, excuse my language.
Did that offend you? This is completely unnecessary, Dougie Oh, well, I think it is necessary.
Now what can I do for you? I've been asked to give a brief presentation to my old department And, um, I was wondering if I could leave for maybe 20 minutes tomorrow at noon.
Well, we have a deadline where we have to Put all the old data into the new system by the end of the week.
So, we can't afford to lose you for even 20 minutes.
Which is why I'd make it up afterward, tomorrow night, or whenever.
The answer's no.
For the record.
If you'd like to complain to Human Resources about this decision By all means, feel free.
From now on, everything we say is on the record.
Strictly professional.
Just the way you want it.
Oh man, this place is packed.
Where am I gonna get this ticket? Got it! Boarding pass, you're all set I just don't know what the fuck I've gotten myself into here.
It's gonna be the best experience of your life, Levi.
I'm gonna get hammered on the flight.
Just so you know.
You're gonna come back a different person.
You probably wanna lower your expectations on that a little bit.
Thanks for the ride.
Attention, passengers for Flight 1754, now boarding all first-class passengers.
And those passengers requiring assistance.
Did I forget something? No, I just wanted to make sure you got on okay! I'm gonna get on the fucking plane! Okay.
Have a safe flight! What are you what? What's wrong? Nothing.
Your hair's getting a little bit too long.
It's frayed at the ends.
Fuck! Amy! Hey! Amy, what are you doing here? Damon asked me to present some research to the department.
He did? Yeah.
Hey, everybody.
So, Amy's here.
She wanted to present some information to the department.
So before we get into everything, I'm gonna give her the floor for a few minutes.
Amy? Okay, well, hey everybody.
You all know me.
Um When I left H & B, I had time to do some research.
And, I've uncovered some pretty disturbing things.
So, I'd really love to, um Give you each one of these packets, and if you pass that down That would be great Once you digest this, you'll never see Clean Meds the same way again.
The products that we sell everyday are toxic to our customers.
The medications that we're making and we carry, are poisoning people's bodies And our oceans.
Andhe companies that we do business with Are some of the worst polluters in the world.
Dumping toxic waste into landfills and rivers.
There's formaldehyde in our nail polish, lead in our lipsticks, dioxin in our tampons.
It's all a little overwhelming We have to start somewhere, but where, right? What do we do? So, um If you notice on page three, I've listed some of the worst products that we carry.
If we immediately stopped carrying these products We will send a powerful message to corporate America.
That one of the largest drugstore chains in the world, is refusing To any longer do dysfunctional business as usual.
And, we'll send a huge message to our consumers That we actually care about them.
Excuse me, can I just may I? Um The products you have listed here are some of our best-selling brands We're not some homeopathic pharmacy - We're Clean Meds, right? - Right.
And our customers expect us to offer them Affordable products, not make political statements.
This isn't political.
This is a health and safety crisis.
Well, Amy So, if I may We're not the FDA.
Okay, so if these products are deemed safe, who are we to say otherwise? Right, good point, but if you read the articles You tell me if you think it's safe.
We have a lot of stuff on the agenda today, so we're really gonna have to move on.
I'm sorry.
But thank you, Amy.
We'll look into it.
Thank you, Amy.
I need to go change my cancer tampons.
Ew! What gets into that fucking head of hers? Crazy.
Can I deliver a show or do I deliver a show? Yeah, that was great.
- I want 20 more minutes? 20 more minutes! - You guys are the problem! This isn't fucking high school.
This is real life We're grown-ups, here, so laugh at yourselves.
Amy, let's not get crazy, okay? Listen, I knew you weren't going to do anything.
Huh? That's why they put you in charge.
Because you don't have principles.
That's enough.
Golden Boy of Abaddonn.
" I think you need to leave.
I mean, you're not gonna Stop working with the companies who are giving you kickbacks Right, for God's sake? He told me about that.
Remember, Damon? About how all you guys at the top, have this game you've got fixed where you double-dip, and make bonuses, and then squeeze everybody else for pennies.
That's what Cogentiva is, by the way.
I know 'cause I'm down there! Am I the only one who sees this? - Uh, Amy, I need to see you.
- Okay.
Not now.
At the end of the day.
How'd you hack into that girl's e-mail? How did you hack into the system? I cracked the password encryption.
And then once I got in, I created my own.
- What's your password, Tyler? - I'm not telling you.
If I get into the e-mails of the guys at the top, like Damon We can blow this place wide open.
Why would we want to do that? I can show how they're plundering the company How they double-dip and take kickbacks.
And ripping off the little people, like you.
We know it all.
We just have to prove it.
All I need is your password.
You're insane.
Tyler, please.
I need your password.
Tyler, we can do it this.
We can work together.
I don't want to get fired.
I don't want to go to jail.
But we can be whistle blowers or maybe even heroes.
Yeah, right.
We could do something more with our lives.
Come on, something more than this.
Work with me.
I gotta pee.
Have a seat.
You left the office when I told you not to.
Well, I didn't actually leave.
See, I just went upstairs, so technically I specifically told you, you couldn't go, Amy.
I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
I'll never do that again.
Why shouldn't I just fire you? Huh? - I mean, do you even wanna work here? - I do.
This is where I want to be.
You sure don't act like it.
You told me it was important.
And I didn't believe you.
But now, I see that what we're doing down here is the key to everything.
This is the heart of it.
Just like you said, Dougie.
Just like you said.
Well, it's good to see that you've had an attitude adjustment.
But, for the record, you're on warning.
Okay, you pull another stunt like today and you're out.
Do you get it? Are you with me when I say this shit? I hear you.
That is completely fair.
Okay, well, the proof is in the pudding, Amy.
The proof is in the pudding.
I'll be watching you.
I'm still here.
We can do this, Tyler.
This company is sick.
Help me with the intervention.
I'm going home now.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
I'm sure we will.
You know, I read some of those articles you gave me.
They're kinda depressing.
I put them on your desk.
Huh! Good night.
Night, Connie.
There's another way to make change.
And I will not give up.
I have come too far.
I have a plan.
It begins today.
Burn it down.
Burn it down.