Enlightened s02e05 Episode Script

The Ghost is Seen

Abaddonn is paying off government officials.
No, no, we're not gonna keep doing this.
I'm just tired of feeling small.
I don't know anything else.
Even a nobody like you can speak truth to power, If you can get him that proves brivery, you've got your front page story.
I went on your computer last night.
Is there anything you want to say before I head up to HR? Before you go up there, just read through these.
Let's turn the tables on them.
I'm in.
He's going to help us get the information - we need on Szidon, everything.
- Really? There is a mutiny brewing.
This is so amazing.
It's OK to be a ghost.
It has its pleasures.
You're light.
You float.
You slip in and out unseen.
There's no love to lose or burden to be.
You have so little to hold you down.
You are free.
Some pearls are never found.
They hide under the sand on the ocean floor.
No one knows they're there but the pearl knows.
Maybe there was a time he wanted to be found to be seen and to be held but now only hope hurts.
I am my own secret, a secret kept by me.
OK, bye.
So, Tyler, I went through, like, a thousand of Charles Szidon's e-mails last night.
- You did? - Don't worry.
I used the outside router like you showed me, Oh.
but it's too clean.
It's too formal.
There's nothing about bribery, nothing about Senator Munger, none of the stuff Jeff told us to find.
I'm getting so frustrated.
Well, did you ever think that maybe nothing illegal is going on? Wake up.
Tyler, don't be so naive.
That's the whole point.
There's plenty there.
We just don't have it yet.
We've got to get in somehow, you know? I mean, the "L.
Times" is, like, all over me.
They're, like, waiting for me.
You two in my office now.
I asked Dan point blank, "When all the data is processed, is Cogentiva being disbanded?" and he's like, "Well, we haven't discussed that, Doug.
You're in a good place," with this shit-eating grin on his face.
You know you're fucked when they say, "You're in a good place.
" I mean, you're a V.
Thank you.
Maybe lay off my people, but what about me? And don't lie to my face, Dan Schnitzman.
You can't let them have the last laugh.
Dougie, you cannot, and for what it's worth, we think you're a genius, and we need your help, Dougie.
Will you help us? I don't see anything.
Maybe Szidon has another account, you know, something for his more sensitive communications.
I mean, maybe there's some kind of encrypted code we need to break.
Well, if he did, - it would be a private account off the server.
- Right.
It'd be real down-low.
Trust me.
Well, do we get Tyler to go up there in his old I.
uniform and say he's got to work on Szidon's computer and fix it, and then he just, like, puts it in his bag and steals it? - Are you fucking nuts? - Right.
We've got to get behind the curtain.
We need somebody on the inside.
What about assistants? They turn so fast.
I mean trust me I had one.
I know.
Maybe we get in with his assistant.
Maybe they're loose-lipped, you know, or maybe they want to burn this place, too? Highly fucking risky.
Why? We've got two weeks left in this place.
It's worth a shot.
I know his assistant.
You know his assistant? Well, I don't know her, but I know who she is.
She works out at the company gym.
What? I was just saying hi.
Excuse me? I was just I didn't mean for you to stop.
I've just seen you here, and I thought I'd say hi.
- Whatever.
It's - Oh, OK.
You know, I didn't mean to ruin your run, - and I'm - Oh, that's OK.
I think actually, I'm actually gonna get off this.
I'm just Sorry.
Um I work at Abaddonn.
- I think everyone here does.
- Yeah.
That's true.
I'm just gonna I got nervous, and I never really asked her out.
Dude, you need to have more confidence.
Maybe you should get a spray tan.
You're white as fuck.
Well, I mean, I'm sure you tried your best.
It just didn't OK.
I'll do it.
I'll turn her out.
Cool, Dougie.
I'll take one for the team.
What? Picking up a single woman in her forties? Please.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
Old fish.
Ha ha! Ah I'm sorry.
I forgot that you were old.
Aw, sh Excuse me.
These What And I'm totally confused.
I don't know.
- Maybe you could help me out.
- Oh, sure.
You a big runner? I just like to run after work.
- Yeah.
I run.
- Oh, yeah? Yeah.
You ever run a marathon? No.
I did a 10K once.
It was for breast cancer.
Right on.
You're a good person.
I can tell.
What's your name again? - Eileen.
- I'm Dougie.
- I'm a V.
at Cogentiva.
- Oh, wow.
But anyway, some people are getting together tomorrow after work, and you should come out with us.
- I'm sorry, but I really should - No.
No, "buts," Eileen.
Come on.
- Anything but "but," Eileen.
- Ha ha! Eileen, hey.
All right.
So these are my friends.
This is Amy.
This is Tyler.
Yeah, from the gym.
Mm-hmm, exactly.
We all work together downstairs.
Well, they work for me because I'm a V.
Oh, right.
Are you ready? Yeah? Sure.
It's so great you can come out and Well I think it's good to, you know, get a chance for somebody who's been there so long to come and catch you up.
I mean, listen.
I think I realized after what the company was really up to as far as dumping and union busting - Hmm.
- selling poisonous products.
Well, no company is perfect.
We are far from perfect, Eileen.
We're far from perfect.
Believe me, I tried to push a community outreach job, you know, somebody who could, like, offer up solutions to how we could be better corporate citizens.
No one seemed to care about that, I mean, especially not upstairs.
Well, Charles Szidon cares.
He's done a lot of great things.
Like what has he done, Eileen, except use his government contacts to help Abaddonn Amy, I just have to ask you something.
Am I being set up? What do you mean? I just don't understand why I'm here tonight.
Are one of those guys interested in me? Ah she shut me down.
She's a real company woman.
I think you can move the needle here, Tyler.
- She likes you.
- What? She likes him? She thinks he's sweet.
What did she say about me? She didn't No.
What did she say? Did she say anything about me? She said no.
She likes Tyler.
Don't look at me.
Tyler, this is good.
Go over there and talk to her.
Umyou run fast.
What? Oh, I've seen you on the treadmill.
You have a lot of energy for your age.
Oh, yeah.
Ha ha! Heh.
Well, I listen to music so it gets me going.
- Yeah.
I love music.
- Yeah.
I have a huge library.
Oh, wow.
I download music illegally.
Well, that's one way.
So are you kind of shy? Mm, yeah.
I used to be shy.
When I was young, I was really shy.
I'm a learned extrovert.
I learned to be extroverted.
I would make myself walk up to people and just say, "Hello.
I'm Eileen," and sometimes people would walk away, but it was really good for me.
You can't just be afraid of rejection all the time.
Are you single? Mm-hmm.
Have you ever been in therapy or anything like that? No.
Oh, you should try it sometime.
It's really helpful, especially if you have intimacy issues.
I buried myself in work for, like, 15 years, and then one morning, I woke up, and I was like, "Eileen, you're "and you still have not figured it out.
You're not happy," and my therapist has really helped me a lot.
So I'm just trying to be more open and, you know, let people in.
I have, like, 100,000 songs if you ever want any.
Oh, cool.
It was good, little cocktails.
It was nice.
It was good.
All right.
I got to get back.
I got a hot date waiting for me, a girl, so Oh, cool.
you know, don't be late tomorrow, or I'm gonna dock you.
Just kidding.
Eileen, it was so great meeting you, oh, and I loved hearing about your job, and I'd love to hear more and maybe share more with you about, like, certain really interesting things going on at Abaddonn that you might want to know and certain people, like what they're up to, people who are, like, closer than you could ever imagine, just, like, right there, you know, et cetera, et cetera.
I mean, I've been here forever, so I just know the score.
So that would be - Right? - Right.
That'd be fun.
That'd be so And, yeah, so good night, you guys.
Have a Yeah.
Bye, Tyler.
- I parked over here.
- Oh, me, too.
- OK.
Walk with me.
- Ha ha ha! Well, I'm glad you came out tonight.
Of course.
All right.
Well, this is me.
- Oh.
- So Huh.
What are you doing tomorrow night? Tomorrow night? Nothing.
- Do you want to have dinner? - Sure.
Oh, and before, I could stop by your office and set you up with some of my music.
I would love it.
I need new music.
So, um Oh.
Mm? Mm mm.
Ha ha! Well, Tyler, I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Ha ha! These poor fucks.
If they only knew.
I feel like we should tell them.
- What? - Yeah.
No, Dougie.
We have unfinished business here.
Look, I want to level this place just as bad as you, OK, but I think we're hitting a dead end here.
We have got to get on his computer.
What do they do in the movies and stuff? I don't know.
They go through the vents.
They go through the vents.
Hey They go Amy, this isn't Nakatomi Plaza, - Wait.
- All right? We're not in fucking "Die Hard" right now.
Oh, shit.
We can't give up.
Hey, can I go early today? Why, you got a big date? Maybe.
Ha ha! Yeah.
Why the hell not? Your job is a joke.
Wait, wait.
What if we break into Szidon's house, - What? - Right? We get his address, we go on Google Map, and we, like, see how we can get onto the property.
Amy, I'm a hacker, not a fucking cat burglar.
So we hire somebody.
We hire somebody.
Are you drunk, Amy? Have you been drinking? I'm gonna go because I told her I was gonna stop by her office before so I could share some of my music with her over the network.
Yes! That's it.
Now we're fucking talking.
That's a good idea.
Get her on the network.
Once she's on the network to get his music, we can get on her hard drive, and she'd have his private e-mail.
She's his executive assistant.
Good call, Tyler.
- That's awesome.
- Yes.
- No.
That wasn't an idea.
I'm not doing that.
- You don't have to do that.
- But you said You don't have to do that.
We'll do it for you.
You going now? Then go.
Go now.
Stick to the plan.
Good job, Tyler.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Seriously.
Yes! Oh, you know what? He left for the day, but I can have him call you first thing in the morning, Scott.
You bet.
I will.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm so excited to get the new music.
So how do we do it? Do you have, like, a zip drive or something? No.
I just need to get on your computer, and I can log you onto the network.
Oh, OK.
Go ahead.
I'm just gonna get this.
I'm just gonna be right back.
I just need to do one thing, so If you get in before I do, make sure he sees this.
I think Terrence is waiting to go over all of this at his 3:00.
Also, we need to firm up his speaking schedule.
We're very anxious to - We're in.
- What? - We're fucking in.
- No.
We can see everything on her hard drive.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh my God, Dougie.
Oh, Dougie, I love you.
Oh, my God, I love you.
I love you so much.
Oh, my God, you are amazing.
Cyber genius.
You are a genius.
Genius! Right here.
So what was your last relationship, if you don't mind my asking? Sometimes I'm kind of blunt.
I was with this woman who works at Abaddonn.
Her name is Julie.
Hmm, was it a hard break-up? It turns out, she didn't even think we were in a relationship.
I know what that's like.
My boss is a very charismatic man, and he's very charming, but I think for a lot of years, it was like I was in a relationship with him not sexual, but in my mind and I felt like when I was dating someone that I was cheating on my boss.
Isn't that weird? And I was like, "This is crazy.
"What am I doing? This is like a fiction.
He's married.
I'm his assistant.
" Heh.
Yeah, Julie, we worked in I.
together, and, anyway, we went out one night after work, and we hadsex.
You had sex? Yeah? Maybe we shouldn't talk about this.
Listen things change.
You think you're stuck, and then suddenly, you're not.
It's like you have a fever forever and suddenly, you wake up and one day, you don't, and also, therapy helps.
That was so yummy.
I loved it.
Ha ha! - I love Margaritas.
- Oh, yeah.
I love the salt and the sweet.
Hey, Eileen, do you um Do I what? Do you want to go back to my place maybe for another drink? - Sure.
- Yeah? It'd be great.
It'll be fun.
The only thing is, I live in Yucaipa.
Oh, Yucaipa? Well, that's not that far.
That's fine.
Oh, yeah? OK.
So where is Yucaipa, actually? Well, it's not far.
It's like an hour and half around the just down the Shit.
My apartment is pretty No one has been here for a while besides me.
You need plants, something alive.
Um do you want to spend the night? Uh you know, you don't really look me in the eye that much.
Mm, sorry.
Look, I just don't want to get hurt, OK? I'm just at the age where I don't want to go through all that, you know? I don't have expectations.
I don't care, whatever, but I just don't want to deal with a jerk or a dick or someone who's fake or mean, you know? You seem sad and sweet, and I like that, but are you? Are you sweet? I think so.
I'm just too old to get kicked in the face, you know? Well, that's not my plan.
That's not your plan? - Tyler - Yeah.
look at me.
Good morning, sunshine.
Did you play hard to get? - No.
- Yeah.
All right.
I'm proud of you, son.
Life is short.
Get laid, right? Sorry, Connie.
Tyler, you're my hero.
Why? Dougie and I have been here all night.
Szidon does have a private e-mail account, and we found it, and we got in.
We found out everything Jeff needed.
Senators, congressmen, all these high-ranking officials at the FDA, the EPA, they're gonna hang, and it's all thanks to you.
What Wait.
What do you mean? Eileen's hard drive.
Because of you, we got in.
Wait a minute, Amy.
I mean, you found stuff? Found stuff? We found the mother lode.
- But - But what? But she's kind of my friend now.
Tyler, don't worry.
She's never gonna know what happened or what you did, but this has got to go public now.
Guys like Szidon own this country.
They own our government.
I mean, people have to know about this.
This is bribery.
It's illegal, and this is for the greater good.
You know that, right, Tyler? Hello.
What are you doing? I just got here.
I'm just sitting at my desk.
Me, too.
I was totally late.
I had fun last night.
Me, too.
What are you doing later? No plans.
You want to have lunch? Sure.
Oh, Mr.
Szidon Oh, he's coming out of his office right now.
- I'll call you in a bit.
- OK.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I just am so excited to read you one thing.
This is it.
We're gonna do this.
Oh, my God Something has changed.
Now the ghost is scared.
He cannot float.
He's heavy.
He's flesh and blood.
He must open doors.
He can't slip away unseen.
The ghost is sad.
All those years invisible haunt him now.
Why didn't he try or care or be? The ghost is happy.
He is found.
He is held and he is seen.
The ghost is seen.