Entourage s02e14 Episode Script

The Abyss

What's with the girls? It's a little pick-me-up for Vince.
What better way to get over a breakup than a $1,500 wake-up call? Come on, guys.
Hookers? He needs to get out of bed, not stay in it.
They're not hookers, E.
They're entrepreneurs.
Yeah, E, don't be sexist.
These girls own their own company.
It's called "Breakfast In Bed.
" One girl massages while the other one feeds you.
And the other one even reads to you.
They have a nice selection of books, too.
And all the day's periodicals.
- Any sign of Vince? Uh-uh.
No, but I heard what sounded like weeping coming from his room this morning.
- Some day, huh? - Why, what else? I guess Ari's really done at the agency.
Says here security escorted him out.
Wow! Oh, man, I hope this doesn't affect my status over there.
I'm sure you're still their least important client, Drama.
Don't worry.
- Our world is crumbling.
- Yeah, might as well drink then, huh? - How can you stay so calm? - Come on, guys, chin up.
If Vince ain't doing Aquaman, you guys don't need to worry.
Vince is doing Aquaman.
Believe me.
When he wakes up he'll realize what he was saying was nuts.
Even Vince isn't that crazy.
Just in case he is, don't worry.
- You guys are covered.
- Yeah, how? Saigon's showcase.
This kid's gonna be a star.
Once he blows up, we're on easy street.
- You better make that a double, Drama.
- I better call my agent.
- What's up? - Mornin'.
- Yo.
- What's up, guys? Hey, shouldn't you be gettin' oiled up? Yeah, guys, I appreciate the gesture but I sent the girls home.
What? - Vince, we prepaid that shit.
Hey, E, did you track down Ari? Yep.
Did you tell him I'm not doing Aquaman? - I can't find him.
- Well, you better go find him.
Vince, you're not quitting, all right? You start shooting in three days.
Well, that's why you better tell him soon.
I'm gonna go walk on the beach.
I'm gonna end up living back by the freeway.
All right, everybody, stop your fuckin' whining.
Drama, stop your drinking, 'cause we gotta drive one of these invites over to Dr.
- Let's go.
- Why do I have to stop drinking? Last time I checked, Mr.
Rap Mogul, you were still a driver.
Yeah, hi.
Adam Davies' office, please.
Vince, can we talk about this? E, thanks.
I don't need to talk.
I need to walk.
Listen, Vince, it hurts, I know.
I've been there, all right? You will get over Mandy.
This will pass.
So that's it? Game over? Yeah.
I thought we make these decisions together.
No, not this one.
Please don't try and make me feel guilty about it.
I'm not trying to make you feel guilty, all right? I'm just seriously concerned about our future.
You don't understand.
I feel like I got shot.
No, Vince, you don't understand.
We may never get an opportunity like this again.
Whose future are you really concerned about? - Ours or yours? - Are you fuckin' serious? Yeah.
I am.
'Cause I'm not doing this movie.
And if you can't understand why, you better think about whether you want to be a part of my future.
Eric, unless I spread a false rumor that Mandy has genital warts, there is no way for me to spin this in Vincent's favor! I can't hear you when you're yelling at me.
- Just go work your magic.
- I'm a publicist, not David Blaine.
Now what the fuck did you say to him? He doesn't listen to me.
Then what's he pay you for? Yeah, good question.
I've been trying to get you on the phone for 12 hours.
I want you and Vince to know everything is under control, all right? I am fully functional, and I'm setting up my own shop.
That's great.
Mandy and Chris got back together.
- Jesus Christ.
- He wants off the movie.
I'm already having a bad day.
Come on! You gotta call Cameron.
Don't go soft on me now.
Come on, we're at a life crossroads here.
- I've done all I can do.
- You've done all you can do? What the fuck does that mean? What, you want to quit, too? Actually, I think I might, yeah.
E, the garbage man who wins the lottery does not throw out the ticket.
You know what, fuck you.
Call Cameron.
Fuck you! You call! If you want to work with Vince again, you'll call.
It's that simple.
No one will want to work with Vince if I call.
You think he was cold three months ago? After this, I won't be able to put him in an iFilm.
You tell him that directly, okay? I tried.
- What are you gonna do? - I'll figure something out.
No, you won't.
'Cause you're fucked.
Do you even know how fucked you are? I mean, you are so fucking fucked.
I think you're the most fucked person I know.
Here comes the wife.
Just pretend like it's all good.
- You didn't tell your wife? - No.
When the time is right, yeah.
It's on the cover of Variety.
She doesn't read Variety.
She reads InStyle.
- Hey, baby.
- Why aren't you at work? - I overslept.
- Hey.
- So what's in the gym bag? - It's a kilo of blow.
- What's with all the fucking questions? - He's showing off for you.
Say goodbye to that Maserati.
I see a shiny new Vespa in your future.
Good luck in the Indy 500.
- Morning, E.
- Morning, Lloyd.
Don't say good morning to him.
- Where to? - Malibu.
Pronto, Tonto.
Eric, you know you guys are gonna make up.
Vince can't last five minutes without you.
It's not even about that.
- I'm almost 30 years old.
- You're not even 29.
Three weeks.
And I'm an idiot for putting myself in this position.
I'm pissed at Vince, but I'm more pissed at myself because it's nuts to tie yourself to one guy, especially a guy you can't count on.
Eric, you could've never predicted this happening.
Eighth grade he bailed on the great adventure trip to make ceramic frogs with Jen Naidich.
- The handwriting was on the wall.
- He's your best friend.
That's a classic example of why you shouldn't do business with your friends.
- So what are you going to do? - I have no clue.
You know, Ari's right.
I'm so fucked.
You are not so fucked.
Eric, what I think you should do is think about finding a real job in this business, one with some stability.
Sloan, I'm a college dropout.
Guys in the mailroom out here have Wharton MBAs.
- You have experience.
- Not that anyone knows about.
I know some people who know about it.
Maybe I can help.
Positivity, Drama.
You got to learn to find positivity in every situation.
There is no positivity here, Turtle, forget it.
Vince is imploding.
He needs to take on a Zen-like approach.
- It's all in the breathing.
- So what do we do? - We gotta let him know he's fucking up.
- How? Silent treatment.
- Good plan.
- Are you in or not? I'm in.
I'm in.
This is it.
Dre gets his hair cut here? No, Dre don't leave the house to get a haircut.
The stylist here goes to him.
Since when do you know stylists? I don't.
I know a shampoo girl, she knows the stylist, she's gonna hook it all up.
Is that cool? Anything else you need to know? Adam Davies' office, please.
Ari, you don't have to sell me.
I'm not staying with Terrance.
I'm a loyal guy.
So, where you go, I go.
That's great news, Vinnie.
That is great news, huh? Give it up.
I love it.
You're still gonna act, though, right? You gonna bring up Aquaman again? I thought you said you weren't here for that.
I wouldn't have let you in.
That was before I knew that you were with me.
Now that I know, back to business.
I'm representing, baby! Give me a few weeks and then we can talk about work.
Anyway, what did Cameron say? Was he upset? - Waiting for a call back.
- Just call him, Ari.
Get it over with.
I will, Vinnie.
Hear me out first.
Maybe I should stay with Terrance, 'cause you obviously don't get me.
You think Terrance gets you? When he hears about this, you will never hear from him again.
- I swear to God.
- So I'll find someone else.
You gonna find someone to replace E? - You gonna cut him loose, too? - E's just a little mad at me.
He'll get over it.
He always does.
I don't think so, man.
He sounded like he was pretty upset.
Sounded like he's moving on.
- Yeah? Where to, Ari? - Yeah.
I mean, it's sad to say, but the guy's got no options.
Wow, Vinnie, heartbreak's made you cold, man.
Just make the call.
How'd it go? How did the fucking Bay of Pigs go, Lloyd? Give me my bag, Christy.
Thank you.
- What do you think you can do? - Watch me.
You couldn't even keep me out of Variety.
There's no suppressing the truth, Ari! Vincent, open the door! Vincent! Open the door! I don't want to talk about it anymore, Shauna.
Oh, come on, Vincent! Don't you dare fuckin' walk away from me! We need to talk! - Fucking loser.
- Open the fucking door! Look, baby, I am here because I love you.
I know how you're feeling.
I'm twice divorced, baby.
I know it is hell! Don't make me kick this fucking thing in! Open the fucking door! - Shit! Fuck you, man! - That's solid work, Shauna.
Oh, fuck you! If you did your job right, I wouldn't be out here cleaning up your goddamn mess! We all start out believing that our clients care about us, but in reality, they don't.
There's only one way to look at clients.
- How's that? - Like stocks.
Invest without emotion.
I don't know that I could look at someone that I work with like a 401 k.
That's because you're an idealist.
I could use one of those.
Fuck Terrance.
Are you coming with me, yes or no? - Am I coming with you? - Yeah.
Are you gonna put me in movies, yes or no? I put you in a movie, Ray.
Are you kidding me? You were brilliant.
You didn't even see the fucking thing.
- I see all my clients' movies, come on.
- Really? - Who was I? - You were the white guy, Richard.
- Making fun of me, Ari? - I'm not making fun of you.
You tell me what you want, let's make it happen.
I wanna be in action movies.
I wanna be the tough guy.
I wanna say, "Cocksucking, motherfucking cunt," in a Scorsese movie for once in my fucking life.
I wanna scare people.
You're scaring me, Richard.
Are you gonna deliver this, Ari? - Are you with me or against me? - Am I with you? We're in a fucking Coffee Bean here, Ari! - Ari, excuse me.
- Not now, Lloyd.
- I'm in the middle of a meeting.
- It's really important.
Excuse me for one second, Richard.
By the muffins.
I just got off the phone with my mole at the agency.
Who are you? Deep Throat? E was just in there.
Terrance offered him a job.
As what? His fucking pool boy? As an agent, Ari.
- Give me your phone.
- I'm way over my minutes.
Give me your fucking phone! Where you going, Richard? - To use the bathroom, Ari.
- Give him a token, Lloyd.
Loving the new company.
Talk to Cameron? - Not yet.
- Don't call me till you do.
- Listen, Vinnie! Vinnie! Did you guys eat lunch yet? I left four messages today and three e-mails.
If Adam Davies is still my agent, I want a call back! I got Dre at his hair salon, Dash at the Kiehl's store, Just Blaze at Niketown.
It's gonna be all good.
- Yeah, that's what I want to hear.
- That's what's up.
A'ight, man.
- Later.
Yo, did you guys eat lunch? What the fuck? - What the fuck, Ari? - Vinnie, listen to me.
E does have options.
Terrance offered him a job.
- As what? - As an agent.
He's gone.
He's gonna be living with his rich girl in a big fat house.
And if you don't go back to work, you're gonna be living in his guesthouse.
Fuck you, Ari.
Just call Cameron.
No go, Vinnie.
You want that, be a man, you call him yourself.
You're fired, Ari.
Not the first time, Vinnie.
Did you guys hear something about E getting a job offer? Oh, okay, good.
All right, I get it! You know what? Fuck you guys! - What are you doing? - Going for a drive.
You don't drive.
Fuck! Are you okay? Did you take a job without talking to me? Who told you that? You know, of all people to not get what I'm going through, the heartbreak kid himself.
I mean, how many times have I heard you cry like a little pussy - over a girl? - Not over a girl I barely know.
- Oh, so it's not real? - You know, personally, Vince, I think it's your ego.
Your big fuckin' movie star ego.
You could've had Mandy thrown off this movie, but you had to prove that you could get her back.
You can't stand the fact that she left you 'cause no one ever has.
But you know what? I will leave you before you fuck me up.
Yeah, leave and do what? Live off your girlfriend instead of me? You ever think that Terrance offered you the job to get to me? Yeah, I did think that, and that's why I told him if I took the job, it meant I'd never work with you again, and he still offered it.
- Don't be here when I get back.
- Like I fuckin' would be! This is fuckin' nuts, E.
- Where you gonna go? - Sloan's.
Is it too much to ask for a fucking call back from one's own agent? I think not! You tell Davies he will call me back or he will see me at the office for a face to face! Are you still gonna come to Saigon's showcase tonight? You know it.
He's gonna kill.
See you, Drama.
Later, E.
You told Vince about Terrance? One last shot, Eric.
I thought the threat of losing you might wake this kid up.
Yeah, well, it didn't.
He threw me out of the house.
- He fired me.
- Really? Yeah, listen, let's get together.
- I need to talk to you.
- Forget it, Ari.
The next time you see me, we'll be fighting over clients.
One last chat, Eric, at our old stomping grounds.
Johnny, he's in a meeting! Are you seriously not gonna call me back? Look what the breeze just blew in.
Shut the fuck up, Pauly, I'm not in the mood.
Sorry, Johnny.
It's a busy day.
Are you my agent or not? You were a family deal, Johnny.
If Vince isn't a client, I'm afraid you're not a client.
Karma is a bitch! No, not here, Drama! Come on, we're in a fucking meeting, man.
You promised me something out of this deal.
You're taking his TV? What are you a fucking Surreal Life cast member? You freak.
What a putz.
- I'll see you on the outside.
- Get a life, loser boy! We had some good battles here, huh, E? Yeah.
This could be the last one.
No more battles.
Look at this.
See me waving the flag? - What are we doing here? - What, two friends can't have dinner? What, we're not friends? Huh? - I'm thinking.
- I'm gonna tell you something.
Vince is the only client I've ever had that I considered a friend.
All right, the only one I really cared about.
I mean Jessica Biel, too, but you know I cared about her for very different reasons.
I appreciate that.
Do you appreciate the friendship you and Vince have? 'Cause there aren't too many people your age who have a lifelong friendship like that.
I can't tell you what one person that I went to high school with is doing.
What's the point? I know you're getting at something here.
You told Vinnie not to fuck up.
He fucked up.
You feel betrayed, you feel hurt.
You think that what he did was selfish.
- You're telling me it wasn't? - I'm telling you he's not thinking rationally.
'Cause when he wakes up in a week or a month or three months from now, and he realizes that he fucked his whole life up, you're gonna need to be there, 'cause he's gonna have no one else.
Wow, I'm impressed, Ari.
A totally selfless meal.
Well, you're buying 'cause you've got a goddamn job.
You ready? Look at this place, it's set to pop.
There's not one big player in this motherfucker, man.
Not one.
There's Snoop's dawg right here.
Yo, Z.
Where Snoop at? Yo, what up, man? He ain't makin' it, though.
But I'm here to represent.
What's up, man? What up? It's all good, a'ight? You're going on soon, so get yourself ready.
- Trust me.
- A'ight.
I'm so fucked! They sent all their assistants.
No Dre, no Dash, no nothin'.
Turtle, I got no career, no representation and no hope, so stop your fuckin' crying.
The CEOs might not be here, but there's a lot of people here.
You did a good job, Turtle.
Thanks, Drama.
And look who did show.
This is pretty exciting.
All right, you know what? If you're not gonna talk to me, I'm gonna go.
If we're gonna talk to you, bro, we're gonna tell you how we feel.
Tell me tomorrow.
Tonight's Turtle's night.
Thanks for coming, Vin.
Hey, we love you, Vince.
Any word from E? Right here, movie star.
Shouldn't you be at some agency function or something? I'm here for Turtle.
I'm not here to fight with you.
Can I have a beer? So, E, I said some things.
Yeah, I said some things, too.
Let's leave it at that.
I mean, you should know I called Cameron.
- Yeah? What did he say? - I'm meeting him tomorrow.
I figured I should talk to him face to face.
Yeah, it's the right thing to do.
I'll go with you.
You gonna try and talk me out of it again? Nope.
Done doing that.
So are you going as my manager? No.
I'm going as your friend.
Yeah, yeah, what's up, y'all? Let's get it right.
Come on, come on.
Let's get it poppin' up in here.
Yeah! Rock with me.
Put your hands in the air, back and forth! Yeah! Hey, Aquaman himself.
Let's go.
So are you ready for the ride of your life? Yeah.
Gotta be careful what you wish for.
So are you good, huh? I am so pumped about this.
I feel it, and when I feel it, you know it's gonna be good.
I haven't had this kind of connection between the actor and the role since I set Arnold in Terminator.
The thing about Aquaman is there's a vulnerability to him which you're gonna be perfect for.
Aquaman is the voice of the ocean.
So you're really gonna take the job, E? Of course he's gonna take the job.
I can already see his future.
He's gonna move in with Sloan, drive her daddy's Bentley, and join a country club that restricts us.
I'm gonna get some air.
This is you defending the underwater city.
And we're gonna do it all dry for wet, so you'll be hanging on wires.
You won't really be underwater.
You're gonna love that.
Actually, it's terrible, but it's only for the first month.
And, you know, I'm into this, okay? Sorry, I'm going on.
You called me.
What is it you want to talk about? Yeah.
Jim This is gonna be tough.
- I'm not taking the job.
- Come on, what, are you crazy? - Or stupid? - Vince pulled me out of a pizza place.
Besides, I'm not even 29 years old.
I'm not wearing a suit to work every day.
So we're all fucked.
Yeah, well, at least we're all fucked together.
Well, here he is.
It's over, so be supportive.
All right.
How'd it go? - It went.
- What did that mean? - What did he say? Did he go crazy? He didn't threaten you, did he? - No.
- You didn't do it, did you? Yeah, I'm right.
I can tell by the look on your face.
You didn't quit.
All right, look, E.
I know you put this whole thing together, but I'm the one who's gotta work with her every day.
I didn't think I could do that.
- Do you understand? - Yeah, I understand.
What do you think I'm doing here? But did you quit the movie or not? No.
I couldn't do it.
You were right.
- Oh, yeah, bro! - But I was ready to, though.
I sat there and I looked Cameron right in the eyes.
Then I thought about my boys.
I couldn't let you down.
- Yeah, right.
- Bullshit, bro.
- You were scared of Cameron! - A little bit.
He already had these made.
Christ, look at the man-gina on this guy.
Oh, my God! The silent treatment was good, guys.
But you should've heard this guy yelling at me yesterday.
Nobody's yelled at me like that in years.
- Really? - Yeah? How'd it feel? It felt good.
It felt like home.
So what, are we back in business? I don't know.
Can you promise me this will never happen again? First love only happens once, E.
Twice for me, bro.
Both broads crushed me equally.
- I never been in love.
- Turtle.
Get off me! Get off me! So should we call Ari? No, let's let him sweat it out a day or two.