ER s01e07 Episode Script

Chicago Heat

Get the door! Need some help.
-Watch out.
-She's cyanotic.
Get her to Trauma 1 .
Here we come! l don't care if they're closed.
We can't take-- No! Look, Jesus, l'm telling you.
Jesus, are you deaf? -Rule out Ml.
Moving to 5! -What the hell's going on? Mercy's closed to trauma and Lakeside's power is out.
That makes us it.
Jen went to Milwaukee to find an apartment.
Why is it so hot in here? -Air conditioning's out.
-Great, the hottest day in October! l thought this was your day off? Hi, Rach.
-Tommy missed his plane coming back.
-The joys of being chief resident.
Ross, there's a five-year-old with a heart problem in Trauma 1 .
Bye, Rach.
Our babysitter won't be here for a couple of hours.
ls there anybody who can watch Rachel? Joanna's off in ten.
What are all those wires sticking out? That's so we can give him medicine to make him better.
ls he sick? Actually, he's.
What's he doing out here? Paramedics brought him in DO A from a nursing home.
The heat got him.
The city's supposed to pick him up.
l'll show you where the TV is, okay? Let's go.
-l thought Tommy was back today.
-Well, he's supposed to be.
-Mark, Doug needs you in 1 .
-l gotta take Rachel to the lounge.
-l got her.
Come on, Rach.
-l'm not even changed.
What do you got, Doug? We have a five-year-old with known coarctation of the aorta.
She had a sudden onset of severe respiratory distress an hour ago.
Congestive heart failure? Resp's 40.
BP's 1 80 over 1 00.
She's tachycardic, her rate is 1 80.
Did you get blood gases? Chest film? Mid-systolic murmur.
Bolus her with -What's her name? -Kanesha.
Hi, Kanesha.
l'm Dr.
l have a daughter your age, and she came with me to work today.
When you feel better, l'll bring her in here and she can meet you, okay? Get a cardiologist down here.
l'm gonna go check on Rachel.
l'll be back in a couple of minutes.
lndian summer.
lt gets this hot, people sort of lose their heads.
Supposed to be 1 02 today.
Greene! A pizza delivery guy got stabbed.
-He's driving himself in.
-How soon? -Only a couple of blocks away.
-Where's Benton? Somebody order a pizza? -Any pain in your head? -No.
-Your neck? -No.
What about your chest? Call security.
Somebody's in my parking space.
-Where's Rachel? Joanna's keeping an eye on her.
Cardiology been down yet? Kayson's finishing up an angiogram.
He should be here in 20 minutes.
-Anyhow, now she's got a fever of 1 02.
-A fever? l'm just a pizza guy! -How you doing, kiddo? -Her rhythm's changed.
-Ventricular tachyrhythmia.
-Tachyrhythmia? Twenty milligrams of lidocaine, lV push.
Could be secondary to the heart failure.
-Has she had any surgeries recently? -No.
Her family's in the waiting room.
Let's see what l can find out.
They stabbed me! -Mr.
Etker, does your neck hurt? -No.
Pressure's 21 0 over 1 20.
Press down.
-l was delivering pizza.
l'm dying! -Does your chest hurt? -They stabbed me! -Where did they stab you? -My side.
-Where? -There, there! You want me to prep for a peritoneal lavage? No, l want you to get some Bactine and a Band-Aid.
What's wrong? Why aren't you helping me? lt's just a scratch.
A scratch? Cancel the O.
lt was a really big knife.
Jerry, could you at least get this DO A into an empty room? -Well, there aren't any.
-Then take him down to Pathology.
Five on three hundred.
l'm in.
l got three-seventy-five.
Wendy? l never win.
Come on.
lt's only five bucks.
Two hundred.
Two hundred? Man, you can play anytime.
Two hundred it is, Wendy.
Lydia? Hey, she's smelling.
She's not allowed to smell, is she? Four-sixty-five.
Lewis, want to get a piece of today's blood-alcohol pool? -Who's today's victim? -Arthur.
Well, anything under four hundred's a sucker bet.
Your sister's looking for you.
She's in the lounge.
Hi, Chloe.
Hey, little sis! Look at you! Stethoscope and everything.
Even a little badge.
Man, look at that picture.
lt's worse than the DMV.
-ls that a pushup bra? -No! -You have powdered sugar on your chin.
-l was eating doughnuts.
-Are they yours? -No, they were in the fridge.
-l thought they were for everybody.
-Well, they're not.
l'll replace them later.
Chloe, l'm working! ls this your locker? lt must be cool to have your own locker.
Like back in school.
l really have to get back to work.
l'll call you tomorrow, okay? l lost my apartment.
What happened to the money l sent you? -lt wasn't enough.
-$500? -l can't do this right now.
-No, please.
No, not this time.
-Mom won't let me stay at the house.
-l can't.
-lt's just for a couple weeks.
-Weeks? Days then, okay? l promise, this time l won't screw up.
l won't.
Please, Susie.
l don't have anyplace else to go.
Don't let the cat out.
And none of your friends can come over.
You hear me? All right? Understand? lt'll be okay.
l promise.
Good, l know it will be.
l gotta go.
No friends! Was surgery ever scheduled to correct the malformation? They found it when she was a baby.
They said l had until she was 6 or 7 to take care of it.
She was doing so well.
There wasn't any hurry.
Normally, that'd be true.
But her condition worsened today.
Kayson is going to examine her in a few minutes.
-He's an excellent cardiologist.
-Can l have 75 cents for a soda? Shandra! Does she have a cardiologist? -We've got a pediatrician.
-l should call him.
Ellen Mathias.
Her, sorry.
l'll call Dr.
Mathias and get Kanesha's records right away.
l'll be back as soon as Dr.
Kayson's had a chance to examine her.
-How's she doing? -Lytes came back normal.
Damn it.
She's hypertensive, 1 80 over 1 00.
Ventricular tachyrhythmia.
Poisoning? Let's get a tox screen going now! Did you take anything your dad told you not to touch? -Pump her? -Lavage.
Anything in the sink? ln the bathroom or garage? Anything? Peter, it's your liquor store guy again.
lvan? Oh, God, what now? Shots were fired.
They say it looks bad.
Multiple gunshot wounds.
Pulse, 1 50, thready.
BP, 50 palp.
We got two lVs, but his pressure's still crashing.
l thought you were bringing in lvan.
-Over here.
-l thought you were shot.
l got him.
That's the one who shoot me.
-Now l shoot him.
Benton! All right.
Get six units O-neg now! Now l shot you.
See how it feels?! You little bastard, now you see! -ls she okay? -Your daughter's fine, sir.
Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, doctor.
Thank you.
l'd like to see her now.
Sir, your daughter wasn't suffering from congestive heart failure.
She wasn't? This is Ms.
McGillis from Child and Family Services.
She'd like to ask you some questions.
Your legal name and address? What's going on? Your legal name and address.
Where's Kanesha? l want to see her.
Now! Your five-year-old daughter overdosed on cocaine, Mr.
No palpable BP.
Capillary refill's bad.
He's bleeding out.
Get that blood in a pressure bag.
He needs a bilateral chest tube.
-How old is he? -Fourteen, tops.
You ready? Let's roll him.
Oh, God, lvan.
What'd you use, a cannon? All right, the kid's got no exit wounds.
Move, Carter! -Exit wounds? -He was shot in the back.
Call the O.
, see who's available.
Get them down here now.
All right, here we go.
He had a seizure in the waiting room? He slammed his head against the admitting desk.
Says his name is Monty and that he's HlV positive.
Are you on any medications? AZT, ddl, Bactrim? AZT, and some white and red ones.
Dilantin? Have you been taking them? Sometimes l forget.
Have you been drinking? You can't mix alcohol and Dilantin.
lt's very dangerous.
Understand? l tried to get to the clinic but they won't let me on the bus because l don't have any money.
Get a CT, tox screen, CBC, Chem-7 Dilantin and blood alcohol levels.
Decreased breath sounds bilaterally.
Carter, come and put a stitch around the tube.
-To hold it in.
Come on.
-Here comes the cavalry.
-Who is it? -Langworthy.
-Oh, great.
Just what l need.
-What have we got? Teenage male with multiple gunshots in the back.
Bilateral hemothorax.
We got a liter out of the left already.
Benton, that Russian is screaming for you.
He insists only you sew him up.
-l can't get a pulse.
-Carter, go take care of lvan.
l'm putting in this stitch.
-A bullet in the right ventricle.
l'll crack his chest.
No, you won't.
He's my patient.
Carter, you still here? Go, go! Move! Thoracotomy tray.
Let's move! Here we go.
Hi, Kanesha.
This is Rachel.
-Let me get you a stool.
-ls she going to get better? Yeah, she's feeling a lot better.
Aren't you, Kanesha? l like your dog.
His name is Smedley.
l had a dog.
A real dog.
His name was Max.
Did he run away? He was old and he died.
My mom died, but she wasn't old.
My mommy's in Milwaukee.
My daddy's your doctor.
He helped make me better.
That's what doctors do.
l get a real dog when l'm ten.
My dad says l get to name him.
PEA, tachycardic, 1 40.
Heart's racing with no pressure.
Thank you, Sarah.
-ls he sick? -Yeah, l think he is.
-Did somebody hurt him? -l don't know.
Somebody bad? Probably someone very bad.
lt was him.
He came in before with his friend, and he shoot me.
You need to stay still.
Now he just come in.
Like nothing.
He thinks l'm being afraid.
Not this time.
This time, he should be afraid, huh? What would you do if he come in? The one who shoot you before? -l don't know.
-You shoot, that's what you do! Just like me.
Any man say he don't, he is a liar.
A damn liar.
-l was gonna look for you.
-l have to get to the lab.
Well, l'll walk with you.
Look, l was a jerk, showing up at your place like that.
And so l owe you an apology.
You're not making this any easier for me, are you? -Aren't you going up to the lab? -No, l always take the stairs.
Great girl, isn't she? l don't blame you for still wanting to be with her.
l was a jerk going up to Carol's place like that.
lt was.
l've done the same thing.
Don't be so tough on yourself.
We'll get you all fixed up, ma'am.
-You getting off? -Not my floor.
-We're on the 1 2th.
-Yeah, l punched the wrong button.
-Pericardium's full of blood.
-Get me a two-O suture.
-No time.
-What do we do? -Be the Dutch boy -with his finger in the dyke.
-This'll be a gusher.
Ready? O.
's been alerted.
Where is it? Got it! Coming through! Clear the way, people! Come on, let's go! Step on it! Tell O.
they got a tamponade coming up.
Then tell Cardiology they're gonna need 1 0 units now! And have O.
prep for a heart-lung bypass! Coming through, people! Hold the elevator! Let's go.
Come on! And the winner is.
Read it and weep, boys.
Four seventy-three.
Every damn time! How does she do it? This is gonna be a tough one.
You really gonna clean him up? -Tradition is tradition.
-l'm glad l didn't win.
Come on, Arthur.
You've got an appointment with some hot water.
-Your sitter still hasn't shown? -The car overheated.
When will they fix the air conditioning? They're working on it.
The dead guy is still here.
Are we waiting for him to get ripe? l'm sorry.
l called Pathology.
Why don't you throw a sheet over him, at least? You must be Jerry.
l'm Linda Farrell, Novell Pharmaceuticals.
-You like pepperoni pizza, Jerry? -l'm a vegetarian.
l'll eat it.
ls Dr.
Greene available? -He's expecting me.
-On his day off? He's on the board.
What are you selling? Are you in a procurement position, Dr? Lewis.
Greene's very busy today.
-l'll wait.
-lt could be quite a while.
Jerry and l will catch up on old times, then.
Won't we, Jer? Sure.
l'll tell him you're here.
Where you from, Jerry? West Town? -Yeah, Ukrainian Village.
-l knew it.
My grandfather grew up on West Haddon.
Cortez Street.
What do you know? Maybe we're cousins or something, huh? Hey, Mr.
-Has the anesthesia taken hold? -He's out.
Okay, up you go.
Got it.
How'd he dislocate his shoulder? Water-skiing accident.
He's still in love with you.
Doug? He's a little kid.
He wants what he can't have.
You ready? -Let's move in together again.
-What? lt's been five months.
Got it.
l still have lots of room.
-l just got a new couch.
-So we'll stay at your place.
Okay, let's get him to X-ray for a postreduction film.
And at least think about it, okay? He seems really nice.
He is.
ls it that Doug? No, it's me.
He says he doesn't know where Kanesha got cocaine.
And you believe him? -Did you call the police? -Why? Child endangerment.
He's middle class, he owns a home, he has a job.
l've got families living out of Buicks.
He could be a coke dealer.
We'll follow up with a visit.
lf anything's wrong, we'll pull the kids.
l won't release her until she's ready.
That's your prerogative, doctor.
''He looked and he looked.
He could see nothing there but a small speck of dust blowing past through the air.
'' Hey, Rachel.
-What are you reading? -A book.
-Horton Hears a Who! -Oh, l remember that one.
Keep going.
'''l say!' murmured Horton.
l've never heard tell of a speck of dust that is able to yell.
So you know what l think? l think that there must be someone on top of that small speck of dust.
Some sort of a creature of very small size too small to be seen by an elephant's eyes.
Some poor little person who's shaking with fear that he'll blow in the pool.
He has no way to steer! l'll just have to save him because after all a person's a person no matter how small.
'' So cancel your credit card.
lf l report it stolen and she uses it, they'll arrest her.
Would that be so bad? The last time Chloe moved in with me, she stayed for months.
-Well, you could have told her no.
-l tried to.
She's my sister and l care about her.
l don't know.
Every year she seems to get worse.
-Would you talk to her? -And say what? Observe her.
Let me know what you think.
Well, l could recommend someone.
We tried, she won't go.
l'll introduce you as my boyfriend.
Your boyfriend, is that what l am? This is my sister, Div.
Look, it's a bad.
-lt's a bad idea.
-Why? What if she asks me what l do? You want me to lie to her? Damn right.
What if l tell you something you don't want to hear? -Like what? -l don't know.
Like your Uncle Bob molested her as a child.
We don't have an Uncle Bob.
l'm sorry, but this is just an awful idea.
And l'm not gonna allow you to talk me into it.
Time to feed the animals.
-So you're not gonna help her? -No, l'm not.
l'll do it on my own.
-He went into asystole.
-But you can't anticipate that.
-Sure, you can.
-No, not-- -l'll see you around.
-Yeah, sure.
How is the boy? He's in surgery.
ls he going to be okay? No, he's not.
l was very scared.
l stay.
See how he do.
Okay? Look, lvan.
l'll find you later.
l wait here.
l wait right here.
Rachel wanted to say goodbye to Kanesha.
Tommy finally show up? He just called from O'Hare.
He's on his way in.
ls she okay? She's sleeping.
You still planning on admitting her? For how long? l don't know.
-She could go home tonight.
-No, she can't.
She could live with you, Daddy.
Kanesha's got a family of her own.
But she doesn't have a mom.
No, she doesn't.
And you'll be lonely whenever we go Millakey.
lt's hard not to have a mom.
Yeah, it is.
Lots of families are that way.
Some families just have moms, some just have dads.
But it works out okay.
Doug, l need you in 7.
A kid with a bellyache.
Listen, sweetheart, will you stay here till l get back? l don't want her to wake up alone.
-Dad? -Sure.
Okay, thank you.
Hey, Carol! -l'm in a hurry, Doug.
-Taglieri and l had a little talk.
-He accepted my apology.
-He's a bigger person than l am.
Come on, slow down here.
Why don't we just agree to behave like adults when we're around each other? -''We''? -No, me.
lt's me and l'm sorry.
You wanna hit me? Come on, you want to.
You gonna hit me? Right here.
lt'll make you feel better.
-Just give it your best shot.
-You must be Dr.
Linda Farrell, Novell Pharmaceuticals.
You handle emergency pediatrics around here.
Yes, l do.
Hi, l'm Doug Ross.
You're right.
l feel better.
-Did l interrupt something? -No, we're done.
-Who did you say you worked for? -Novell.
Have you tried our new cephalosporin? lt has excellent coverage.
Miss Farrell, whatever you're selling, l'm buying.
lt's Miss Farrell, right? -Call me Linda.
-You can call me Doug.
Hey, doc.
Hi, how are you feeling? -Okay, you know? Much better.
l'm a screwup.
Always have been.
l think l need to get into a program.
Lewis? lt's okay, Jerry.
Yeah, sure.
l can give you some referrals.
But l can't be in one on the South Side.
l gotta get out of the neighborhood.
But it costs money to move, to set up someplace else.
You gotta find someone to help, to care.
-lt's just a couple of hundred bucks.
-l said no.
A hundred bucks.
-Fifty! -What are you, deaf? l said no.
l wasn't doing nothing! You're out of here.
You bitch! l was only asking you for help.
Bitch! Dr.
Just go home.
Kanesha won't be released today.
-That's because of you, right? -That's right.
Can l take my baby home? Tonight? Your five-year-old daughter is recovering from a cocaine overdose.
-l don't know where she got it.
-At 6:00 in the morning? She got it from your house.
lt's because l'm black, right? Drugs, black man.
-Trouble! -She could have died.
Understand? She has a serious heart condition.
You have no right to judge me! Watch me.
Your boy died.
Yeah, l heard.
-When did it start raining? -A couple of minutes ago.
Maybe it'll cool things down.
-Gather your things up, Rach.
-Did you make him all better? -Who? -The boy in the green room.
The gunshot victim.
They tried really hard but he died.
Will his mom be sad? Very sad.
Are you sad? Yeah.
lf you're sad, why aren't you crying? l am.
Right here.
Benton, there's a detective here from violent crimes.
He wants to talk to you about that gunshot kid.
Put all your stuff away.
Okay, hon? Got a minute? He's got a point.
Would it be the same if her name was Stephanie, from the North Side? -This isn't about race.
-Sure it is.
So you think l'm a racist too? No, l think he deserves a chance.
l believed him.
Are you willing to stake that child's life on it? See if he and the family are willing to take a drug test.
And find out who else has been hanging around the house.
Hopefully, that's going to break this weather.
-Arthur? -The very same.
That's incredible! He looks better than your last husband.
Here's your old clothes, Arthur.
Take my advice.
Burn them.
What was that? The air conditioning is back on.
Just in time for me to go home.
Good night.
lf this guy's here tomorrow, why don't we bury him in the parking lot? Sorry, Dr.
Good night.
When the boy came in, was he conscious? Did he say anything? lvan had been shot by him twice before.
-ls that what he told you? -Yeah.
Did he tell you that he shot the kid this time? How many times was lvan supposed to let this kid attack him? All right.
Thanks a lot.
We'll be in touch if we need anything.
Look, detective.
lvan's not the kind of man that belongs in jail.
Are you two friends? Yeah, l guess we are.
That kid was unarmed.
Gregor chased him into the street and shot him as he ran away.
You know where Mr.
Gregor is, doc? l'm sorry.
Benton, they need you in Trauma 2.
-You okay? -Yeah.
Let's go.
Carter! Mr.
Freeman, your tests came back.
lt was negative.
Now can l have my baby? Your older daughter, Shandra's drug test was positive.
You knew that, didn't you? Do you have kids, doctor? One.
l have a son.
The year before my wife died she and Shandra were at each other's throats.
Typical adolescent stuff.
They just never had a chance to work it out.
l don't know what to do how to reach her.
Sometimes l think she's trying to kill herself.
She needs help.
l can help you get it for her.
Honey, you can fall asleep in here but l'm gonna have to put you in your own bed later, okay? Does Mommy come home tomorrow? Day after tomorrow.
Now good night.
-l miss her.
-Me too.
Daddy? lf l got hurt would you fix me? Yes, l would.
You wouldn't let me die? You are the most important thing to me on this earth.
And l would do everything to make you better.
l love you, Daddy.
l love you, sweetheart.
Come on, Chloe, don't do this to me.
Chloe, l told you not to let the cat out.
Damn it! Susan.
Susan? The cat was out.
lt's gonna be all right.
l'll talk to her.
We'll get her some help.
lt's gonna be okay.
lt's okay.