ER s01e09 Episode Script

9 1/2 Hours (aka Growing Up)

Oh, God! Oh, no.
Something wrong? All right, people.
Who ate my salad? Keep looking, Peter.
lt's there.
-lt's not in here.
-The ignition's shot.
No, l need someone to fix it today.
Thank you.
l think l'll shove my sister in front of a train.
She burn out your ignition switch? Yeah, l had to hot-wire it to get to work.
You know how to hot-wire a car? Learned it from one of her boyfriends.
He's in Joliet.
Grand theft auto.
Oh, God! We got a Rollerblader coming in.
Bashed head again, five minutes off.
This place is a mess.
Doesn't anybody ever clean it out? Jerry! Don't turf me a patient without a chart.
-l'm sorry, l thought-- -Don't apologize, do your damn job! lgnore him.
More charts, great! Any more exciting and l'll check myself in.
Ross, Rescue 61 's bringing a woman with severe head trauma.
All the neurosurgeons are tied up.
Divert the woman to St.
So who died and left you chief resident? Mark's got the flu.
l'm covering.
Saint Mark is out? lt must be pneumonia.
-Hiya, Peter.
You two excited? Announcement's today.
-l can read a calendar, Haleh.
-What announcement? Starzl Fellowship.
Maybe you noticed Dr.
Benton's a little anxious.
They needed your DD-5 upstairs 20 minutes ago.
l will send them four pints of my blood.
What is a DD-5? A status report.
You're were supposed to fill it out.
-How did Mark do all of this? -He puts in 4 hours after each shift.
That's it.
l will do anything to get him here.
l'll put him on a drip.
l'll give him my next four paychecks.
l don't care how sick he is.
Don't answer it.
lt might be Craig.
Who's Craig? Judge Franklin's other clerk.
Call him back.
Hello? Hello? Hello? What the hell? -She called from the street? -35th, over in Bridgeport.
Are you certified or do we need to call in a counselor? l'm certified.
She say anything? Yeah.
Not to touch her.
Jamie? l'm Carol Hathaway, l'm a nurse.
Can l take your coat? lt's warm in here.
There you go.
Todd knows my boyfriend.
He said Jack told him to pick me up.
l shouldn't have gone with him.
l should've stayed home.
But he was a friend of Jack's.
l let it happen.
lt was my fault.
lt's okay, you're safe here.
lt's gonna be okay.
ls it? What are you talking about? lt was very inappropriate.
Please, l snapped at a clerk? -He's not a clerk, he's Jerry.
-Well, he didn't do his job.
He didn't kill anyone, Div.
He lost a chart.
l promise l'll never snap at a clerk again.
This morning, it was the cashier at Starbucks.
l don't know.
What is wrong? What's wrong is that you're wasting my time, and l'm late for rounds.
Call on two.
Susan Lewis.
You're not coming? You promised you'd bring an ignition switch.
Never mind.
-l know who can fix your car.
-l'll worship you.
Maybe you can just help me get into an O.
l think they're up on 3.
Benton always forgets me.
-Carter, important lesson in life.
He who asks, gets.
He who doesn't, doesn't.
-Coming through! -Carter! Let's go.
Kenny, Michael, 1 7.
Passed out in school.
Vitals stable.
Kid's a wrestler.
l need a pill-pusher.
l don't think this is surgical.
Got it.
-Do we have a history on this kid? -l don't know, call the school.
All right, let's make him and shake him.
On my count: 1 , 2, 3.
Do a dextrose stick.
Carter, get another line in.
Let's get a CBC, lytes and let's tox screen him for the works.
Glucose normal.
He's in trouble.
Are those PVCs? Rhythm strip.
-Could be a normal rhythm with a block.
-Why? -lt's your call.
What is this? -l don't know.
Makes no sense.
Extra beats.
-He's going into arrhythmia.
-What do we do now? What exactly am l signing? Title to your car belongs to me now.
We have a 300-pound diabetic.
She's in ketoacidosis.
See if there's an endocrinologist upstairs.
You are late, Mookie James.
-Guards wouldn't let me in.
-Get here earlier.
-That means be on time! -Don't sweat me.
How much money do these doctors make, anyway? -Thirty thousand a year.
-That's all? Underpaid, overworked.
Get used to it.
Pressure's still falling.
All right.
Central line is in.
Blood's back.
No drugs, but his lytes are screwed up.
-What's his potassium? -2.
Piggyback 20 milliequivalents, and keep an eye on the EKG.
Why is his potassium crashing? lt could be hyperaldosteronism or Barter's Syndrome.
Put that damn book down! Or cirrhosis.
Heart's racing.
Looks like SVT.
-Rate's climbing.
-We gotta stop this, it'll kill him.
Rapid bolus adenosine, 6 mg.
Nothing here.
No constricting.
lt's not coming down.
Let's shock him.
-One hundred.
Clear! -Charged.
-Pulse? -Faint.
l'm barely getting it.
-Shock him again.
No pulse.
We're losing him.
We have to get his rate down.
Send it up to 360.
-Clear! -Give me a pacer.
l'll overdrive him.
-You're going in blind? l'd wait for a fluoroscope but l don't think he'd appreciate it.
Carter, come close, you won't see this every day.
He has to float the catheter into the heart very slowly.
Pacer capture.
Push it up to 300.
All right.
Now bring it down slow, very slow.
ls that smoothing out? Normal sinus rhythm.
Call me when he wakes, huh? Last count, l filled out 306 forms and it's not even noon.
Finish it yet? What are these abbreviations? What's TWD? Truly Weird Doctors.
Thank you.
How does Mark do this? What is he, a machine? -Ready for another round? -Just give me one minute.
l knew you were a lightweight.
lt's so great to see you so happy.
l never felt like this before.
l'm good at something.
Franklin loved the rewrite of my zoning opinion.
They look at me differently now.
The other clerks and the secretaries.
l like it.
l didn't understand about you, Mark.
How you love to go to work.
Thank you for staying home today.
l'm feeling a little guilty.
You're entitled to a day off.
You didn't take a single sick day last year.
-Let the machine get it.
-lt might be Craig.
We're not here.
Please leave a message at the tone.
It's Doug.
You're probably in the bathroom throwing up.
-But l'm sinking here.
-They want that shift report.
Tell them l'll get to it when l can get to it! If you've ever had any feelings for me at all then haul your ass off that bed and get down here and rescue me.
l am not kidding there, buddy.
What is this? What is that? l'm dying here, pal.
So if you're awake and you could call me, l'd appreciate it.
Now l'm feeling really guilty.
How many times did you cover for Doug last year? Eight? Ten? Anybody ever do it to you? l've never been raped, no.
My mother always said l was asking for it.
Jamie, look at me.
You said no and that's enough.
Nobody wants to be raped.
We have to take samples swab for semen, pubic hairs.
lt's called a rape kit.
-Doctor gonna put his hands in me? -No, l do it with another nurse.
But the police will have to take photographs.
He's not bad, Todd.
Been nice to me.
We have to do a rape kit now.
What's Jack gonna say? Not gonna believe Todd did it.
lt's not your fault, do you hear? Can you tell me when the results of the Starzl will be announced? How are we supposed to find out? They'll be posted? Good.
Maybe you could just tell me if-- Hello? Hello? Why are you so cheerful? l love watching you worry.
This is Mookie James.
You remember Mookie? This is Dr.
He'll be your supervisor.
That means if he says, ''Jump,'' you ask, ''How high?'' Got it? Yo, what's up? Follow me.
Here, put these gloves on.
You're gonna need them.
Take everything out.
lf it's green, it goes.
lf it smells, it goes.
Check expiration dates.
Look for mold.
Look for anything that can crawl out of here.
l want you to scrub it from top to bottom.
l wanna be able to eat Sunday dinner off this thing.
-What? -l'm a janitor? What did you think you'd be doing? Brain surgery? Cop in Trauma 2.
Gunshot, superficial.
All right.
Come on.
Let's go.
Don't take all day.
How you doing? You okay? -You got what you need? -l got plenty of pictures.
This'll just take a minute.
Just relax.
There you go.
So you got a boyfriend? What is he, like a doctor? Yes, he is.
lt must be great.
They make lots of money.
That's it.
Why am l doing this? l want my name in the paper, l'll go kill myself.
You listen to me.
You'll get through this.
You'll move past it.
So l put in a new ignition switch and some leads there for you.
By the way, why ain't the lady doctor paying? l'm gonna get that from her later.
That kind of dough, l hope she's pretty.
She's just a friend.
-lt's Craig.
-Don't get it.
lt could be Doug.
-Hello? -Mark? Sorry.
-Hi, Doug.
-How are you? l'm a little better.
My fever is down.
What are you doing? l'm just raiding the refrigerator.
You're eating.
You must be better.
Sure you don't wanna come in? l don't think so.
l thought Jen was in Milwaukee.
Actually, the judge she works for, he had to fly to Washington and so she had the day off.
Just one day, huh? lt's been two weeks since you saw her? -Three.
-Three, that's right.
l'll let you get back to being sick.
We wouldn't want you to.
Wouldn't want it to turn into pneumonia.
Thanks, Doug.
What? Mark is very sick at home with his wife.
l'm John Carter.
What are you doing? l was feeling better.
l needed some exercise.
Exercise isn't a good idea.
You had a major coronary event this morning.
You a doctor? No, l'm a med student.
Lewis tells me you're a wrestler.
l used to wrestle.
Junior varsity.
College at Penn.
They got a great coach.
l read about him.
Making your weight class okay? Sure.
l didn't eat sometimes to make mine.
Boy, l was tired a lot.
-Me too.
-So you're not eating? No.
l eat plenty.
That's weird.
Your blood tests look like you're not eating.
l was there this morning.
And you almost died.
l'm okay.
l'm in good shape.
How much did you lose? Eight, ten pounds? You must be cycling up and down between every match.
l have a match against Western next week.
Team's counting on me.
You should tell Dr.
Lewis the truth so she can admit you to the hospital.
l have to be on the team.
You've got a problem.
lt's a kind of anorexia.
And if you keep starving yourself, it is going to kill you.
He's been coughing? No, he just won't eat.
Usually, he eats like a horse.
He never stops.
He's not picky.
lt's gonna be fine.
Temp's 1 00.
All right, Ben, take a deep breath for me, okay? One more time.
He has a sore throat.
That's why he's not eating.
ls it croup? He had it as a baby.
He's a little old for that.
Let me get x-rays to make sure it's not serious.
lt hurts.
l can't eat.
l know.
We'll fix you right up, okay? All right.
l'll be right back.
Have an intubation tray ready in case he gets worse.
An irate internist is looking for your scalp for assigning his patient to the resident on call.
Just what l need.
You take Ben to Radiology and you stay with him.
Let me know if anything changes.
l've been hearing your son is on his way, Mrs.
On his way? Where? He's coming to see you.
lt's the stroke.
Some days, she's a little out of it.
Hey, Walt, what's up? Hey, Ma.
How you doing? But my foot hurts.
Yeah, l know.
You sprained your ankle.
She's in pain.
You should've taken her to Mercy, it's closer.
l thought you'd wanna take care of your mother.
When did you grow that mustache? Three years ago, Ma.
-Don't you have to be somewhere? -No, actually, it's kind of slow.
You got people in Tennessee? On my father's side.
l think his people owned our people.
But you're a nice boy.
You come to Thanksgiving dinner.
She doesn't mean that.
You come to dinner now, you promise.
l promise.
Let's go take care of you.
Morgenstern wants you in the O.
A mesocaval shunt.
Okay, Ma, l'll see you later, okay? Dr.
Carter will take care of you.
Walter, don't even start.
l gotta go.
Excuse me for a second.
l'll be back.
-Where are you going? -l thought you'd let me go with you.
Mesocaval shunt.
l ought to learn and maybe l could help.
-l asked you to look after my mother.
-You said yourself it's only a sprain.
Still, l want you to clean those lacs in 2 and stitch them up.
See if my mother needs anything to eat.
She doesn't eat enough.
Let's move.
Headline news.
Guess who's leaving us? Starzl Fellowship winner.
-Good guys win? -Cancel the champagne.
Excuse me.
What is this, a funeral or something? Dr.
Langworthy is a year ahead of me.
l didn't expect to win.
-Here, Jerry.
When can you come back? Not before Thanksgiving.
Can you come up next weekend? No, l work both days.
l've got Wednesday.
We do oral arguments on Thursday and letter briefing Wednesday nights.
That's where you always are.
lt's almost seven years.
They say you get an itch.
All the time.
l don't think about anybody else.
-Susan Lewis? -We're just friends.
What is this? You projecting? Where else can we do it? l wanna have memories to hold me over the next few weeks.
Kitchen table? lt's your grandmother's.
Worked for Grandpa.
Let the machine get it.
Let me out! Get your hands off me! l can't stitch him if he won't settle down.
-l'm a citizen of a free country! -You got no right to keep me here! -Your head is bleeding.
Let me go! lt ain't worth it.
-Nothing's worth it.
Randall? Mr.
Randall? Take him to Exam 2.
Let's go.
Get Cvetic down here.
He might need assessment for suicidal depression.
How long you gonna pretend l'm not here? That's fairly self-centered of you.
l'm working.
Congratulations on the Starzl.
l'm sorry you didn't get it, but l'm glad l did.
Would you rather someone else had won? l really wasn't that invested in it.
You wanted me to lose if you couldn't win.
l'm a year ahead of you.
l could help you be a better surgeon if you'd let me.
You know what your problem is? No, but l have a feeling you're willing to tell me.
Losing to a woman.
Oh, come on.
The truth is, you wanna sleep with me.
Then you wouldn't be so threatened.
Not only don't l want to sleep with you l've never even fantasized about it.
Obviously, you have.
Yeah, right.
Excuse me.
l just wanna leave, okay? Why don't you want a doctor to take care of your head? What are you, a shrink? Shrinks, they tell me l'll get over it.
My wife gets smashed against a streetlight and my son gets his head cut off, and l'll get over it real soon.
You know there's nothing wrong with being angry.
l don't need this patronizing crap.
You think you're important? No one denies your pain, Mr.
But self-pity isn't the answer.
Hold it now! Cool it! You're gonna hurt yourself.
Now come on! l'm ordering Mr.
Randall committed for 72 hours.
Take him to 5, put him in restraints.
You're locking me up? You dumb bastard! Who do you think you are?! You can't do this to me! -l can drink all day long! -Just stand still! -What's that about? -Oh, l committed him.
What? He's a drunk.
He's dangerous.
He tried to hit me.
Did you do a full psych exam? He's a pathetic drunk, l didn't have to.
What's wrong with you? Are you trying to ruin your career? What if he sues? Screw him! What if he does? Are you busy later? You wanna do some ltalian? -Carol, you got a minute? -Yeah.
Excuse me.
The police lab called about the rape kit.
They said there are four different pubic hairs in the samples.
Hers and three others.
-Will you cover for me? -Sure.
Jamie, who else was there last night? There were three other types of human hair in the samples we took.
The police will ask the same questions.
So if you want me to help, you have to help me.
-l was with Todd like l told you.
-And who else? l don't remember.
-Have you told me anything that's true? -Yes! l went over to Todd's, and he had two friends there.
And l didn't know them, and we were drinking.
-And then what happened? -l don't remember.
-Anything? -No.
No! Christ, no! l don't remember.
l was drunk.
There were these guys, and l was pushing Todd away and this other guy-- Oh, God! Oh, God! Okay.
All right.
lt's okay.
lt's okay.
l am the acting chief resident of this ER.
Why don't you go back to the 6th floor? Aren't you late for a golf game? -What? -The McCabe kid stopped breathing.
Call Anesthesiology and get an ENT surgeon down here now, please.
-He's hypoxic.
Coming through! -Oxygen sat's 70 and dropping.
-All right, laryngoscope.
-How long has he been out? -Less than a minute.
This came on fast.
Where's the mother? Waiting room.
l can't see his cords.
See if we can get an air bubble.
-What's the time? -Lot of swelling.
This tube is too big.
l need a smaller one.
Diminished breath sounds on the right.
We got a tracheal shift.
Oh, no, tension pneumo.
-Doug needs a smaller ET tube.
-Bottom drawer.
What's Doug got in there? -Epiglottitis, 6-year-old.
-BP's 70 over 50.
He's cyanotic.
Give me a 1 4-gauge needle.
Got it.
Congratulations, Mr.
Kalman, you're gonna live.
lt's swollen shut.
Do me a favor, take this a moment.
How long's he been out? Coming up on two minutes.
-What about a needle crike? -Not yet.
What're you doing? -l'm going in.
-l said, not yet.
Haleh, hook up a 3.
0 ET tube hub to a cath and bag him.
Hyperventilate him now! O-2 sat's up to 95.
Start him on 750 mg ceftriaxone lV cue 1 2.
Son of a bitch! You lose a fellowship, so you have to prove something.
-You couldn't get a tube in.
-l had time to crike him! -90 more seconds and he'd be dead.
-90 seconds and it's my choice.
-He's alive.
-He's my patient! So it's okay if he dies, right? So you're the only person that can keep him alive? lt was a judgment call.
One l should've let you make.
You lost a fellowship today, not a patient.
You know what l looked like? ln that interview? l made a fool out of myself in front of Morgenstern.
You saved two lives in five minutes.
lt's not a bad day.
Don't give her a hard time.
Just take her statement.
Jamie? What's going on? -Have you seen Jamie Hendricks? -Who? -The girl who was raped.
-l think she just left.
My mom's dropping Rachel off in about 20 minutes.
We should get dressed.
Are we pretending? l think your mom knows that we have sex.
She doesn't like to be reminded.
Let the machine get it.
Hi, we're not here.
Please leave a message at the tone.
Hi, Jennifer, it's Craig.
The judge read your new opinion-- Hi, l'm here.
He liked it? That's great.
Why don't you call him back? Let me get it out.
Okay, Morrison v.
lf you look at the forum selection clause arguments l think that you'll see the jurisdictional issues apply.
l know the Supreme Court settled it.
But the arguments are very similar to the ones we're using.
Well, use some imagination.
Go to page three.
This is our new ER aide, Bogdonna-- No, Bobdonna-- -What is it? -No.
How about ''Bob''? Bob? l see you're answering to your new name already.
See? That's cool.
l'm taking Mr.
Randall downstairs.
His meds are back.
You gotta sign him out.
Cvetic know about this? Thank you.
What's going on? You seem much better.
lt happens when you sober up.
That was a nasty gash.
l walked into a door.
What are we doing in here? Going for an elevator ride.
A doctor with a sense of humor.
That's a treat.
Go home, Mr.
l thought l was in for 72 hours.
You seem much calmer.
Call a cab, go home.
Thank you.
Hey, Walt.
You got car trouble? No, l.
Pass me a wrench, will you? Five-eighths.
Would your dad be surprised if he could see me now running his business? And you a surgeon? You hear about that fellowship thing today? lf you got it, l'd hate to see your face if you didn't.
l didn't get it.
No kidding.
You know, Walt, it's hard to lose.
Most of us are used to it.
Your trouble is, you got most of what you want.
And when you don't get what you want, it hurts more.
So is that wrong? Just a little selfish.
You got a hard shell, Pete.
You don't let anyone in.
Just like your dad.
l wouldn't worry about it, though.
You're basically a good guy.
Give me a hand with this.
Jamie? Go away.
What happened? What are you doing here? What do you care? l don't know where to go.
My boyfriend doesn't want me to come home.
He doesn't believe me.
Maybe l could have fought harder.
l let them do it.
How could l let them do it? Nobody will believe me.
You said no, didn't you? l did.
Then you have to finish this.
You gotta take care of things.
lf you don't they come back.
They always do.
l don't know.
l know.
Come here.
Come on.
Come on.