ER s01e15 Episode Script

Long Day's Journey

Oh, God.
Oh, God, it hurts.
Pupils are sluggish.
She's out.
Respiratory arrest.
Give me an ET tube 7.
l'll take that.
Kathleen, can you hear me? Let's give her 500cc normal saline.
lt's in.
Let's bag her.
Hyperventilate, blow off the CO-2.
Let me give you a hand.
A 36-year-old female, fell off a ladder.
BP 70 over 50, pulse is 45, possible bleeding in the brain.
GCS 6, hematomas to the left lower quadrant.
Lacerations of the upper right quadrant and a left thigh.
Contusions on her back.
She fell off the ladder and got this banged up? l see papilledema.
She's in trouble.
Head CT.
Let's lavage first.
Her abdomen's rigid.
Terry, call the O.
, get a neurosurgeon down here now.
-l'm not getting any sound down here.
-Let's get a chest and KUB too.
Hey, guys, come over here.
Come on.
-My mom's gonna be okay, right? -We hope so.
-ls your dad coming? -Yeah, l tried to call him.
What happened to your hand? l hurt it when my mom fell off the ladder.
We've got to get you cleaned up.
Come on.
See who's on for Neuro.
You look awful, Carter.
-Good morning, Carter.
You shooting for high honors on your ER presentation? l was up all night.
lt's hard putting surgical procedures down on paper.
Can l have Dr.
Benton's charts, please? His patients have already been checked.
Been here an hour.
All right, l'll go get their labs.
Deb sent them.
-Breakfast orders? -Gone to the kitchen.
Oh, John, boy am l glad you're here.
Jerry, thank you.
l've done a census of all l want to develop a protocol.
Can you help? You checked Dr.
Benton's patients.
Now don't be upset.
Everybody likes you here.
l want to make a good impression.
Carter, can you stitch up a girl in 2? Sure.
This isn't a Sunday stroll, people.
Come on.
Horne's been here three times in the last six months.
She broke her arm falling down the stairs, but no bruises.
Orbital fracture walking into a door.
Hi, Mandy, l'm Dr.
-Let me finish up here? -Just about to bandage it up.
Let me do this.
Thank you.
ls my mom gonna be okay? We don't know yet.
Hey, what's your name, buddy? David.
Wanna come over here? Okay, you guys, look.
Your mom got hurt pretty bad today.
lt could be a while before she comes home.
-How long? -We don't know yet.
You wanna tell me who's been hitting your mom for the last six months? Mandy? Your mom can't take a whole lot more of this.
David? ls there somebody else staying at the house? lf we know we can get your mom some help, we can find a safe place for you to stay.
Things will get better for all of you.
l promise that.
No? All right.
Okay, l'll be back when l know more about your mom.
-lt was Mandy.
-Shut up, David.
-lt was Mandy.
-l told you to shut up! You didn't like her dress.
You shut up or l'll kill you! Liar! lt's not true! He's lying! She hit her with my bat.
l didn't, she fell off the-- She fell down.
When can my mom go home? Pregnant patient in 2.
Suicide attempt's coming in.
Okay, thank-- Rachel.
Rachel Greene.
Oh, really, that's great.
Tell her that her dad called and he'll talk to her later? Thanks.
Rachel's on a field trip to an aquarium.
l wish l was on a field trip.
Gunshot hunting accident.
He's waiting for discharge.
So discharge him.
-Have we decided l'm not incompetent? -Nobody said you were incompetent.
l'm the only one who has to bring my charts to the chief.
What time is your review board? Please don't come to offer support.
God knows what you'd say.
Does that happen? She's a kid.
-She hit her mother with a bat? -We see 3 or 4 of them a month.
-Doug, broken leg, Exam 4.
-A nice diversion.
l just can't believe it.
Well, you will get used to it.
Send Mrs.
Neely up to the O.
Benton, she wants her surgery explained to her again.
l've explained it to her twice.
That's enough.
l could try.
l'm taking a course on relating to patients as people.
lt's called ''The Whole Patient.
'' Just don't let it interfere with your work.
He didn't mean that.
Did he? l didn't throw him that hard.
l was showing him a take-down move.
l've done it 1 00 times.
Does this hurt, Zack? Yeah, it hurts a little.
l bet it hurts a lot.
l broke my arm when l was nine.
Connie, two migs of morphine, lV.
Does this hurt? Thirteen years of teaching, this has never happened to me.
Allman, it's a broken leg.
Posterior tibial pulse is weak.
Zack, push down on my hand, like a gas pedal.
Okay, wiggle your toes.
Femur films? AP and lateral.
We're gonna get you up, get you some x-rays and see what's going on.
ls it gonna hurt more? lt'll hurt a bit, but think of the fun you'll have getting your cast signed.
She's been throwing up, maybe you should induce labor.
That's a little extreme right now.
Chang, have you had any cramps, bleeding? lt's just her stomach.
You could have preeclampsia.
Your blood pressure's a little elevated.
But we'll know more after the tests.
Maybe the baby's in trouble.
Why not induce? lt's only two weeks away.
We'll take care of your wife.
Why don't you try to stay calm? Who's on for Ortho? Taglieri.
What about Dr.
Nelson? He's still up there, isn't he? Tell Dr.
Nelson, 1 0-year-old, broken femur.
-l need somebody a few days a week.
-Your mom's worse, huh? You know anybody? A woman on 8, part-time in physical therapy, Jeanie Boulet.
You'll like her.
As much as you like anyone.
Can you get a blood workup on the pregnant woman in 2? The lab's completely shut down.
Just kidding.
Mark, suicide attempt.
Harris, Fran, 32, looks like an OD, they found an empty bottle of imipramine.
-Vitals? -BP 50 palp, pulse 1 20.
l started calling at 7.
l should have gotten there sooner.
Put her on the bed.
On my count: one.
Point eight Narcan.
Haleh, get a glucose.
-Dialysis or hemoperfusion? -Not with tricyclics.
We gotta pump her stomach.
Let's get an Ewald tube and a charcoal.
Draw a tox screen -and a Rud's.
-Was she on anti-depressants? l don't know.
She kept saying she wasn't that depressed.
You should take your baby outside.
He's not mine.
He's hers.
Take him outside.
Somebody help her, please.
Millette, see the bottle of pills get the shrink's name, find out what else she was on.
Ewald tube.
Capillary refill's poor.
Three liters saline.
Lavage till clear.
BP's falling, 40 palp.
Sinus tach 1 40.
Seizures, Mark.
Ah, crap! Valium, 1 0 milligrams lV push.
Dilantin 1 gram at 50 migs a minute.
-Hold her! -Tachycardic.
Give her an amp bicarb lV push, then put 2 amps into that liter.
Looks like torsade.
Magnesium sulfate, two grams.
Pulse ox is falling here.
lV's infiltrated.
Slow down.
Slow down.
Happened in gym class, wrestling.
-l won't need you for the exam.
-No problem.
And, Doug.
l'm the attending on call.
You call me, not somebody else.
lt's not personal, it's professional.
-Got that clear? -Yes, John, that's clear.
Hey, tiger, how you doing? Would you like to sit down? No, l should stay.
When she wakes up she'll wanna see her baby.
We can't reach her therapist.
What else could she have taken? l should call her boyfriend, Carl, he should be here.
Was she taking any other prescriptions? How could she do this? She was happy.
She'd gone back to school.
She was fine.
lf you'd just let me.
-No, l'll take care of him.
-lt's okay.
Was she taking any other drugs? l should call Carl.
Do you have a phone? Where's the phone? Pulse ox is 60.
-This isn't working.
-Still PEA.
No pulse.
High-dose epi, seven milligrams another mig of atropine.
She's really cyanotic.
Time down? l don't hear a thing.
She's in asystole.
She had to take tricyclics.
Why the hell didn't you take painkillers? Abnormal doll's eyes.
Pupils fixed and dilated.
Brain stem's shot.
She's gone.
lt's okay, buddy.
You'll be okay.
This mass around the bone may represent an osteosarcoma.
l can't believe l did this.
Well, it turns out to be a good thing.
What's the hell's good? He broke my nephew's leg.
Ted, please don't swear.
Because of it we found out about Zack's condition sooner.
Wait a minute.
What condition? We won't know till we get a biopsy.
A biopsy? What is this, cancer? lt would explain why his leg broke so easily.
My husband died of liver cancer.
ls Zack gonna die? We really don't know.
lt's too early to worry about that.
Would you like me to talk to Zack? No.
We'll tell him.
l'll talk to him, all right? You have to induce labor.
Your wife's tests are normal.
Her nausea was caused by something she ate.
She had a drink from the herbalist.
Her gynecologist was out of town.
Your gynecologist is an herbalist? No, no.
The new year is coming.
lt's the Year of the Pig.
And right now it's the Year of the Dog.
l can't believe l'm saying this.
People think sometimes that babies born in the Year of the Pig will be lazy.
We don't believe that.
l mean, we sort of believe it.
l mean, my mother believes it and her mother believes it.
So you used herbs to induce.
You wanted your baby to be born in the Year of the Dog instead of the Pig.
lt sounds crazy.
But yes, we want-- Mr.
Chang, this is an emergency room, not an auto body shop.
We don't do procedures just because you want them.
Greene? l'm Dr.
How are you? -Mr.
and Mrs.
Chang? -l was about to discharge them.
l'm checking them in.
They left a message they wanted labor induced.
Some religious thing? Oh, thank God.
She's not due for 1 0 days.
We induce so people can go on vacation, and on Christmas for the tax break.
What's the big deal? Have a very happy Year of the Dog.
Gently let the water do the work.
l'm not a housekeeper, l'm a therapist.
We need someone to take her for walks and look after her a few times a week.
Stroke victims need a lot of care.
l'm sure you love your mother, but you should be thinking nursing home.
Slowly, Mr.
You're in for an hour, no matter what.
Will you at least consider it? Can you afford me? On a resident's salary? l'll find the money.
l have nursing classes Mondays and Fridays.
l'm working Saturdays here.
l can do a middle of the week.
We'll try it for a while, see how it works.
Okay, okay.
l appreciate it.
lt's not a favor.
l get paid.
All right.
That's cool.
Crispy critters coming in.
Guy tried to rescue a kid from a fire.
-Tag, you promised.
-Can't help it.
Staff meeting's at six.
We get the room at 7:30, and l don't want to be late.
l've been dreaming about this.
A romantic weekend with room service without my mother or your dog.
l'll try and move the meeting, okay? Gurney coming in, move over.
Kane, William, entered a burning building to save a kid.
Vitals normal.
My throat.
lt's burning! Put him in Trauma 1 .
Potter, Nancy, 1 4.
Burns on her legs, chest abrasion, hit by a falling beam.
BP 90 over 50, pulse 90.
All right, Connie, we'll need blood gases.
Cross-table C-spine, H and H type and cross 4 units.
Get O-negative in the meantime.
All right, on my count.
l can't breathe! Ready? One, two, three.
l can't breathe.
Let's get that mask on.
Start a gram of Ancef.
Connie, call the burn unit.
Throat's fine.
Pupils normal.
How long were you in the fire, Mr.
Kane? Couple minutes.
Lot of smoke.
-Pulse ox is only 80.
-Respiratory's high, 36.
-ls the little girl okay? -Come on, lie back now, sir.
Sounds like fluid in here.
Let's get him on a mask, 1 5 liters of O-2.
-And a chest film, quick.
-Right, l'll go check.
No distal pulses.
BP's falling, 70 over 50.
Open the lVs wide.
Looks like a bone fragment.
We got an open tib-fib fracture here.
We'll need Vascular and Orthopedic.
Let's get her up to O.
All right, here we go.
Coming through! O.
's been notified.
Hold that elevator, please.
-Blood's waiting.
-Carter! -Can you look at this guy outside? -Can't somebody bring him in? -l don't think that's gonna work.
-Come on, John, let's go.
Hey, l really need a cigarette.
Do you know where Lydia keeps her stash? -l didn't know you smoked.
-l don't.
Uncle Ed? How long has he been ''sleeping''? Since breakfast, l guess.
l don't know how to tell you, but your Uncle Ed is dead.
My God! l thought he was awful quiet back there.
Jackie, l said l was gonna be there.
Yeah, Michigan and Wacker.
All right, l won't be late.
Oh, my Lord that's dead.
We can take him to Denver, leave him with his son.
Please move.
You can't do that, it's against the law.
-Why? He's our uncle.
-Medical Examiner has to get him.
His people are in Denver.
We're not burying him here.
Carter, throw a sheet over him.
S3 and S4 gallop.
Add nitro 50 milligrams in 250 D5W.
Everybody calls me Willy.
How's your breathing? Okay? How's the little girl? Nancy's gonna be fine.
Fire Department said you inhaled toxic chemicals.
Your lungs are badly damaged.
That's not the only reason.
You have cystic fibrosis? ls there anyone you want me to call, your wife or your family? Dad.
Doug, get a pulmonary consult.
Do you know Dr.
Lubin's extension? Billy, go to the third floor and get us some gauze.
Six gross of gloves and no 4-by-4s.
That must be hard for you.
The overdose this morning.
Girl with the kid.
l didn't have a kid.
Haleh, l really try not to think about it too much.
Can l ask? Did you leave a note? l couldn't figure out what to say.
When did your pain start? This morning.
-ls it constant or intermittent? -Both.
l think she means it comes and goes.
ls it sharp or dull? Sharp.
-Ask her if she's had the pain before.
-Right, have you had this pain before? The pain is in my stomach, it hurts like hell.
What else can l tell you? Ask her about meds.
Oh, do you take any medications? Yeah, Norvasc and Tenormin for my blood pressure allopurinol, colchicine, sometimes lndocin for the gout.
-Zoloft for depression, Antivert for--.
-Wait a minute.
What did you eat today? Some granola a couple of poppy seed bagels, some cheese a nice lamb chop.
Excuse us a second.
l bet it was the poppy seeds or the granola.
We better find Dr.
l questioned Dr.
Lewis about every symptom.
ls that the case, Dr.
Lewis? l don't think so.
Kayson was in a hurry.
Kayson, the patient, Mr.
Venerbeck, died under our care.
You say you asked about every symptom, including back pain? She should have mentioned it.
You didn't tell him about the back pain, Dr.
Lewis? lt was on the chart.
-You should have showed me.
-Let's try to stay civil.
Are you sure you gave her your full attention? That's not the problem here.
But you did sign the chart.
l didn't have all the relevant information.
Aren't you supposed to obtain it? We know what this is about.
We all depend on the residents to do their job.
Attendings are here to help residents do their job.
Lewis the back pain was ascribed to a previous injury.
How would you assess that information now? l think l'd consider it more carefully.
A possible sign of unstable angina.
We all make those judgments.
And we learn from them.
Ladies, gentlemen Dr.
Lewis, Dr.
How you doing, buddy? They gonna fix my leg now? We gotta do a couple of things first.
Can l talk to you quickly, please? You haven't told him.
We were gonna, but-- We discussed it and we think he's just too young to hear it.
We have to do a biopsy now.
Do you understand? He doesn't need to know.
So just do it, okay? Mrs.
Meeker, we won't go through with this unless he knows.
l won't do that to him.
Sweetie, Zack.
Sweetie, l've got to tell you something.
l'm gonna let the doctor tell you.
Zack, you may have a form of cancer.
You know what cancer is? Yeah, my dad had cancer and he died.
Am l gonna die too? We don't think so, but you're gonna have to go through some tests and that'll hurt a little.
Then you'll have to take some medication which will make you feel really sick.
Am l always going to be sick? No, l think when it's all over you're gonna be okay.
What kind of tests? We're gonna put a needle in your leg today, a little one.
Are you going to do it? No.
Will you come with me? Sure.
So let's go do it then, okay? Okay, kiddo.
Let's do it.
with acute stomach pain.
Leukocytosis with a high BUN.
Diet includes both seeds and nuts.
Diagnosis, likely diverticulitis.
Surgical candidate.
-What made you ask about her diet? -Actually, it was Deb's idea.
Well, the next time Deb has an idea, let her present it.
How did you come up with that? l have a photographic memory.
lt's embarrassing but l saw a page of the pocket manual in my head.
Stomach pains, plus seeds or nuts, could be diverticulitis.
That's right.
You could have inflammation in the colon.
lf it doesn't improve in a few hours, we'll operate.
Chen will come back and check on you.
Great! You holding up? What happens now? Well, Dr.
Taglieri's gonna mark a spot on your leg.
This won't hurt, it's just a pen.
This is gonna feel a little cool.
Nurse cleans it.
You're ready for the local? lt's gonna sting a little.
lt's a small needle with some stuff to dull the pain.
You okay? Needle gun.
This thing l told you about, the gun.
Taglieri will take a piece of the tumor out of your leg.
You'll feel it when it goes in.
Okay? -Ready? -l'm ready.
That's all she wrote.
Wasn't so bad, was it? Never got shot before.
You're gonna do okay.
-This woman does this for a living.
-l've been looking at nursing homes.
She's my mother too.
Don't make these decisions without me.
Why do you keep fighting this? -lt's the solution we're looking for.
-You're looking for.
l know the solution.
She goes to a nursing home and you get our house, right? Don't give me that sentimental crap.
You wouldn't care if it burned.
Don't answer that.
l came all the way across town to see you.
Jackie l don't want to see Ma in some warehouse for old folks.
Look, Jackie, this woman will come three times a week.
-l'll look after her two times a week.
-No, you won't.
You never have before.
And how do you plan on paying this physical therapist person? -lf it's three days, l can swing it.
-Three days! God, Peter, when are you gonna accept that Mommy needs full-time care? How are you gonna pay for a nursing home? -Her savings.
-That's perfect.
You get the house, you get to spend every penny she ever saved.
Except what she gave you for med school.
Don't even go there.
l'm up to my ass in debt.
And in a few years you'll make more money than Walt and l will ever see.
l'll tell you what, Peter.
Take the damn house.
Take it.
You can even have your room back.
We'll clear out of there tomorrow.
You bathe her, feed her, keep her from undressing in front of the neighbors.
Look, Jackie, we'll work it out.
Hold on.
Yeah, this is Benton.
He did what? Tell him l'm sorry and l'm on my way.
l'll be right there, okay? l'm leaving right now.
Look, Jackie, we can-- l couldn't move the meeting.
You're kidding.
But it'll be short.
-We can still get out of here by eight.
-l hope so, or l'll feel very unromantic.
lf l'm not here, just page me.
lf you're not here, l'll come up to that meeting stark naked and drag you out.
l'll see you at 8, okay? How was the review? Fine, thank you.
l see you two are still having a love-fest.
Doug? Kid's been beaten up.
They just kept hitting him and the cops wouldn't even come, you know? Hey, buddy you're pretty banged up.
What's your name? Terry.
All right, Terry.
This hurt? l don't know why the cops wouldn't come.
How about this? You okay, man? Any of this hurt? Nothing looks broken.
l'm just taking your temperature.
We should've gone away.
How old are you, Terry? Eighteen.
Temp 1 02, resp's 24.
You have a fever.
Been sick? Nah, l got a cough.
His lungs are clear.
Let's get a CBC, lytes, ABG and a chest film.
Terry, this is Haleh.
She'll clean you up, give you bandages and get some x-rays, okay? Can l talk to you? You his girlfriend? No, l'm just his friend.
We need to call his family.
Do you know their number? They live someplace in Georgia or someplace.
They threw him out or he ran away.
He's my best friend.
ls he gonna be okay? Where does Terry live? We don't live no place.
We had this place on the West Side.
lt got torn down.
How old is Terry? -You heard him, he's 1 8.
-How old is he? Fifteen.
He has to say so or the cops'll take him.
All right.
Could you just take care of him? Sir? Sure.
Hey, bad day? Pediatrics is fine when the kids are healthy.
How was the review board thing? They crucified Kayson.
l loved watching him squirm.
So are you giving Mark a break now? Does he deserve one? -Can you help me? -Just see the nurse back there.
You guys are friends.
-l've been waiting forty minutes.
-Yeah, l know.
We're very busy.
Sir! Sir! Come here.
What is that? What does it look like? The kids next door were playing Cowboys and lndians.
How did you get here? l took the bus.
You wanna just-- l'll get it.
Doctors said he had five or six years left.
He's not gonna make it, is he? His lungs are filling with fluid.
We'll suction them out, but they will fill back up again.
Eventually we'll have to put him on a respirator.
He never had kids.
He said it wouldn't be fair.
He wouldn't be around long enough for them.
Five six years.
lt's a lot of time.
New blood gases.
Not good.
PO-2 is 50, PCO-2's 60.
They brought the girl down from the fire.
Her mother says she wants to talk to him.
The Versed has him under.
He might not be able to hear her.
lt's okay? Sure.
What's his name? Willy.
His name's Willy.
Willy my name's Nancy.
Nancy Potter.
You saved me from the fire.
Can you hear her, son? Thank you, Willy.
Thank you for getting me.
Good afternoon to you, Dr.
-l don't want to talk about it.
-l didn't ask.
You know, for the first time l've missed grand rounds.
-What do l tell Morgenstern? -You had something more important to do.
Yeah, right.
You know, pediatrics, you guys got it made.
You all go into private practice.
But surgeons, we all wanna be chief.
One more day like this, l don't have a prayer.
There are more important things than being chief.
Yeah, right.
Like what? This morning l had a little girl beat up her mom, and her mom is dead.
Another kid with osteosarcoma might lose his leg.
Another one with cystic fibrosis.
lt's the middle of winter my apartment is freezing and the woman that l vaguely thought might stay with me said that l'm not the kind of guy that women marry.
So l'm gonna go shoot some hoops.
You wanna share the court? Play you one-on-one.
-l'm Doug.
Nickel a point.
To 21 .
Okay, dump that.
Let's go, right now.
My mom works at the hospital.
Diane Leeds, you know her? Nope! Lucky shot.
What's your mom do? She's on the 7th floor.
l'm waiting for her.
Oh, very fancy! Drains it.
-We're going to the Bulls tonight.
-Who's your favorite? B.
Mine too.
Know why? He's short, just like l was.
-You're good for a short guy.
-Thank you.
-Jacob? -Damn it! -Hi, Mom.
-Hi, kiddo.
l'm sorry l'm late.
You got a killer player.
He's a pretty tough guy.
Much longer, l'll be paying his allowance.
l wish you would.
Video games alone l could go broke.
Are you ready, hon? l'm Doug Ross.
Pediatrics in the ER.
Diane Leeds, Risk Management.
-Yeah, we spoke on the phone once.
Ross before you try any harder, Cindy Sadwick is a very good friend.
How is Cindy? She can't say your name without adding a few words l don't want my son to hear.
Tell her l said hello.
l owe you a dime.
You'll win it back from me next time.
Have fun at the game.
Rescue 61 , Ml on the way in.
his gourd at Shaw's Crab House.
A drunken coronary.
Can you talk Mark into taking it? He quit.
He's now the house doctor at Field's.
Department meeting.
Benton's in surgery, Mintzer went home sick.
l wish l could go home sick.
Susan! We got a chest pain here! Trauma 2.
Trauma 2's open.
Patient complained of a mid-sternal chest pain, vomited twice.
Sublingual nitro, 2 migs morphine.
-Says he's a doctor.
-Sir, are you-- Oh, my God.
This is aspirin, Dr.
Can you chew? Start chewing.
BP 1 50 over 1 00.
O-2, fifteen liters.
Kayson, l know how you feel about TPA.
Do you want it? l don't know.
Cath lab is prepping for angioplasty.
The choice is yours, but make it now.
Run a twelve-lead.
Where's Steinman? He's in surgery, Cardiology will be here as soon as they can.
Tachy 1 20, resp's 24.
His blood results? What's the EKG say? ST elevation in the inferior leads.
-l'm gonna die.
-You are not going to die.
-BP's crashing, he's bradycardic.
-No, cardiogenic shock.
Okay, ET tube 7.
Full respiratory down.
Open up the lV.
Bolus one milligram atropine lV.
lt's falling, 60 over 35.
Start a dopamine drip.
Tube's in.
Bag him.
All right, he may need a pacemaker.
-Carotid's okay.
-Let's get him upstairs.
Now! Haleh, call Cardiology.
Tell them he's stable, he needs angioplasty.
See if anyone's gotten ahold of his wife.
Coming through! What is this, a convention? -ls that a joke? -No.
-Hey, Terry, how you feeling? -Better.
l want to talk to you about your condition.
You heard of PCP, pneumocystis pneumonia? AlDS, huh? We need to confirm the diagnosis, but if it's PCP, then yes, you may have AlDS.
Angie, don't cry, don't cry, please.
Come on.
Would you get my coat and stuff, please? Go on, get my coat.
You still working the street, Terry? You playing safe? They don't want you using rubbers.
lt's not what they pay for.
We'll check you in, do an HlV test and treat your pneumonia.
Thanks anyway, but no thanks.
l just want to get out of here.
lf you have sex with people you'll infect them.
l gotta feed myself, right? And some of my friends too.
You're sick and you'll get sicker.
We can stop the pneumonia and put you on a program for AZT.
Hey, man, l'm okay.
Listen to me.
You are not gonna get healthier on the street.
Can you go home? ls there anyone to take you in? They threw me out.
They won't be taking me back now.
Use these condoms.
l'll get you a medicine called Bactrim.
Take it every day.
The only time l took medicine every day was in jail.
Please try.
And use the condoms, Terry.
Use the condoms.
Here's some numbers for a shelter and an AlDS treatment center.
Keep this.
You'll need it, okay? All right.
Your wife's on the way.
Steinman will take you to the cath lab.
Nod if that's what you want.
Do you want TPA? Jack, you look great.
We'll blow your arteries out.
Steinman, he wants TPA.
l looked at your echo.
You need angioplasty.
You're scared.
We did hundreds of these last year.
When this is over, stop smoking and start jogging.
-Let's move him.
-You can't do that.
He's my patient.
He doesn't want angioplasty, he wants TPA.
Lewis? This man's under sedation, he's in no condition to make a decision.
Stop this adolescent behavior and get out of my way.
lf you take him l'll see you at a review committee.
They will fry your ass so fast you'll be lucky to keep your license.
Please order the TPA.
Get it in here right now.
That was really dull.
l guess l'll have to try it again.
Maybe we should use that stuff you got in New Orleans last year.
Really? You still have some of that edible massage oil? lt gave you a rash.
We could try a different flavor.
Where's my bag? You know, that little Gladstone bag? What? You had it.
You're joking.
No, l'm not.
Where is it? l brought the bags downstairs, l stopped to get you.
l'll never be able to go to work again.
Where did you leave it? Admissions.
Under the desk.
Doug, you sleeping? l wish.
How many kids am l gonna see this year? Based on last year 3000, give or take.
l feel like l saw them all today.
Baby with croup.
God love the croup.
At least it's something l can fix.
You okay? Yeah.
l'm coming.