ER s01e17 Episode Script

Make of Two Hearts

She loves me.
She loves me not.
She loves me.
She loves me not.
l'm not a nurse-in-training, l'm a nurse-in-decorating.
Valentine's Day.
Can l help? -Can't you just do it? -Come on.
Carol, can you find Dr.
Ross for Mrs.
Hall? Sure.
Mrs? -Hall.
Ross is the pediatrician? -Yeah, what's the problem? -Tatiana, she's very sick.
-You don't feel well? She has a fever and a cough.
lt just doesn't seem right.
-Okay, come right this way.
-Thank you.
Mark, it's 1 0:00.
So? So you got in at 8, remember? You weren't here overnight.
l was taking a nap.
ls there anything wrong with taking a nap? Certainly not.
Stomach ache in 2, bounce-back migraine in 1 .
Can l give them an ETA? Does that tickle? -Temperature's 1 00.
-Does this hurt? She doesn't speak much English.
She's Russian.
l adopted her in St.
Petersburg -When did the fever start? -l'd waited nearly six months.
Finally, all her paperwork was in order and medical certificates.
She really seemed fine.
-How long has she had the fever? -Almost a week.
Start her on some oral amoxicillin.
She has some respiratory congestion and an ear infection which is causing the fever.
Don't worry, we'll take good care of her.
-Thank you, doctor.
-You're welcome.
Wendy, it's nice of you to volunteer to put those up.
l didn't volunteer.
Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks, Lydia.
Here's another one for your stash.
Thank you.
Hello? Amy.
-Come on.
-Who are these women? -l don't remember.
-You're full of it.
-l don't remember meeting them.
Police! Help! Quick! l hit him.
He dashed off the sidewalk chasing a ball.
l tried to swerve the car, but.
-Please! -l'll page Benton.
Clear Trauma.
39-year-old male fell from the second-story balcony.
Watch yourself.
Hall? Mrs.
Hall, wait.
Jerry, let me know when Mrs.
Hall comes back.
l tried to dodge him.
-Scalp laceration.
-l can't hear a thing.
He just came out of nowhere.
He's got a fractured left front radius? Where do you want the lV? -Please help him, okay, doc? -Give me the bulletin.
-Car versus canine.
-Car versus canine? Fractured left front leg.
Or maybe it's radius-ulna.
Nobody's sure how to take the BP.
A dog? You called me down here for a dog? The vet's office is sending someone over.
-What do we do? -l'll name him Bill.
What are you, crazy? You don't like the name Bill? Call him whatever you want, but do it fast because little Bill here has stopped breathing.
He's one of God's creatures.
-l'm not a vet, Grabarsky.
-You could try.
l'll be upstairs taking a gallbladder out of a Homo sapien.
-Did l miss anything? -You were only gone ten seconds.
Poor little guy.
No collar, no tags.
-Must be lost, or a stray.
-l should've taken dog lab, not pig lab.
Digestive system, abdomen.
-Whoa, look at that spleen.
-Wow! -Can we hurry this up, please? -lV goes in what vein? Try the large one.
Then give him some saline.
Somebody find out where the vet is.
Okay, here it is.
lt's like with a human, but when pushing back the tongue you can see the vocal cords.
-Thank you, Carter.
-Get an Ambu bag.
Let's intubate.
Pneumothorax, right there.
-A what? -Collapsed lung.
Oh, my God! Lydia, get a 20-gauge needle on a Which intercostal is it? -Try the eighth, just below the heart.
-All right.
Bill lives.
All we have to do is sew up the lac and get a cast on him and he'll be chasing squirrels by the afternoon.
Carter, Chen.
l think you can take it from here.
Somebody call housekeeping.
Tell them to get a hose.
No problem.
That was pretty cool, the way you gave it mouth-to-mouth.
Thank you.
You know, they say the dog's mouth is the cleanest part of its body.
What do they say about its nose? -She said nothing during the exam? -Nothing.
She brings her in, then disappears leaves a fake number.
Why would she do that? -l have no idea.
-How could somebody do that? -We don't know the whole story.
-We can't reach her anywhere.
l'll move Tatiana out to Curtain 2 so she doesn't feel so alone back here.
Then l guess l'll have to call Children and Family Services.
-Thanks, Haleh.
Well, that wasn't so bad, was it? Tatiana.
My mother's Russian.
How do you say ''hello''? l'm Dr.
l'm Doug.
l'm Doug.
So you do speak a little English.
So you don't.
You just stay right here.
We'll take care of you.
That was normal.
What do you mean? Valentine's Day.
lt's like full moons.
All the crazies come out.
-What's wrong with your neck? -l slept on the sofa last night.
Sorry l asked.
You wanna tell me about it? lt's about five feet long.
lt's got little blue flowers on it.
There's a spectacular stain on the right where Rachel did some projectile vomiting.
Still waiting on that stomach ache and migraine.
l am going to go get something to eat.
l'm loving this semi-foul mood of yours.
Yeah? Well, imagine if we'd lost the dog.
See you.
-Doug? -''Do not steal.
'' Anything good to eat in there? You think Susan really wants this yogurt? So you and Jen Valentining tonight? She left for Milwaukee this morning.
-You? -No, no.
l work the night shift Valentine's Day to avoid any possible dating conflicts.
-That sounds mature.
-l learned the hard way.
Ross, an ambulance is bringing a 1 7-year-old.
Crushed legs.
Some train accident.
Benton said to get you.
Thank you, Wendy.
Can you believe l said ''thank you'' for telling me l get to work on some kid whose legs have just been puréed? Weird.
l thought you'd like some company.
ls that okay? Had to clear Trauma anyway.
Carol, l could use you in Curtain Area 3.
You know, Mark always says Valentine's Day is like the full moon.
The nut cases come out.
l never really thought about it.
Cheerleaders? On acid.
Sounds like Mark was right.
-Are you Kirk Driscoll? -Sure.
l'm Dr.
This is Nurse Hathaway.
All three girls ingested LSD? lt's not funny.
Are you sure it was straight LSD and not mixed? Yeah.
l got them right here if you wanna check.
-You laced chocolates? -Pretty stupid, huh? l only let them eat two each.
They could've had a seizure, kidney damage, gone into a coma.
We have to make sure there's no dangerous side effects.
You don't have to tell the cops, do you? Yeah, we do.
And better yet, we get to tell your parents.
-Any Valentine's Day plans? -Nope.
-No big date or anything? -Nope.
So what was that about? The flowers and the chocolates in the fridge? -Oh, that.
-Yeah, that.
l met this pediatrician.
You what? You what? Hey, Peter! What? -What do you got? -Michael Clifford, 1 7.
Lost a dare with a freight train.
Leg and head injuries.
Hypotensive, 80 over 60.
Fluid resuscitated 2,000cc's.
Brought the pressure up to 1 00.
Blood loss around three to four units.
Someone get on the horn with O.
Hang ten liters saline.
-Start him on Ancef, one gram, lV push.
-BP's dropped 80 over 40.
-Where's that O-neg? -lt's coming.
Another blood Y-tubing.
No dorsalis pedis on the left.
Let's get an angiogram.
Oh, God! He's got my hand! -Don't lose that airway.
-He's seizing! He's breaking her hand! Grab a bite block! Bounce-back migraine in 6.
l already saw him.
No, you saw the one in 1 .
This is the one in 6.
Don't you guys work? -Want one? -No, thanks.
-You thought l was in a bad mood? -What? -Oh, my God.
-l gotta go.
-Don't you dare leave me.
-Excuse me.
Lewis? -Dr.
Will you be mine? Excuse me? Happy Valentine's Day.
-Still 1 00.
-McGillis is here.
l'll be right back, okay? Carol, how long is Sparky gonna be with us? Until Grabarsky gets off duty tonight.
''One of God's creatures.
'' Hey, Deb.
Deb? You all right? What? l said, are you okay? Yeah.
Very okay.
She left four hours ago.
Does that mean abandonment? -lt does.
-Merits an investigation.
She dumps a child who's sick, speaks no English, has no clue-- lt's okay.
Tatiana needs to stay here at least 24 hours.
Longer if she doesn't get any better.
Then what happens? Assuming Mom's still out of the picture Children and Family Services will find her a foster home.
There's nothing else we can do.
l have a lot of work to do.
l'm being released today.
You've made a remarkable recovery.
l couldn't have done it without you, Susan.
May l call you Susan? Sure.
You said you needed to talk to me about something.
Every cardiologist should go through what l did.
Lying on that gurney, not knowing whether you're gonna live or die and seeing the face of this lovely, young resident hovering over you.
Well, l can understand how it must've been very scary for you.
lt was terrifying at first.
But then, exhilarating.
Now l've got a whole new perspective on life.
My own and my patients' .
That's terrific.
l really should get back.
Have you thought about cardiology, Susan? You'd be an excellent candidate.
And l'd like to help you.
Be a mentor of sorts.
-Thank you, Dr.
Kayson-- -No, please call me Jack.
l'm still doing my ER residency.
l should just stick with that for now.
We should talk more about this another time.
That'd be fine.
Tonight, 8:00 dinner? How's the pain? l had a fifth of Demerol.
You mean 50 milligrams of Demerol? l see that it's working.
Can you wiggle these fingers for me? -l should stick with decorating.
-He crushed your hand pretty good.
You've got three metacarpal fractures, but l think you'll survive.
l'll get somebody to put a cast on.
-How's the boy? -Boy? The one who squeezed me got hit by that train.
He died up in O.
Greene, dueling meatpackers coming in.
About five minutes away.
-Carol? -What? -Whoa.
-Are we not loving our job? -l am not loving the limits of my job.
Watching that little girl sitting out there, completely abandoned.
Nothing we can do.
Maybe you need a change of pace.
How about a nice, greasy trauma? Sunny-side up or over-easy? l can offer you both.
Okay, but how long do l have to wait? That's the beauty of it.
You don't.
-Happy Valentine's Day, Doris.
-Likewise, Dr.
Meet Mr.
Lorenzo Renzetti.
firmly embedded in his bicep.
How's that feel, Mr.
Renzetti? You can call me Lorenzo.
l don't know, it's not so bad.
That's good, because it sure looks bad.
Started one lV.
BP is 1 40 over 90.
Pulse 96, resp's 1 6.
Good distal pulses, normal cap refill.
Defensive lacerations on both arms.
Renzetti, we're gonna take care of you.
All right, we're gonna move him.
All right, on my count.
-One-- -Watch your back.
Why don't you just scoot over.
Don't let the gurney roll.
l got you.
Doris, you said this was a twofer.
Second guy, second unit.
l drove circles around him.
Let's hand some Ancef, one gram, lV piggyback and let's update Lorenzo's tetanus.
l'll start a chart.
l had that when l went to the Caribbean.
-How was it? -lt was all right.
lt rained a lot.
Want a chest film plus humerus films? Call Radiology and get a portable.
Just lay down, okay? Take it easy.
They should've brought Paulie here first.
Who's Paulie? My stupid kid.
He made a crack about his mother.
l didn't want to fight, but he kept coming at me.
Move your thumb.
-Now your wrist.
-He kept jabbing me.
You shouldn't disrespect your mother.
Where is the son of a bitch? l'm sure he's on his way.
He'd better be, because he's in worse shape than l am.
We're gonna take this out in surgery.
There he is! Hey, Paulie! l'm over here, son.
Your dad's over here.
You okay? Son? Carol, come with me.
He's in fib.
l'm right here, son.
l'm right here.
ls he all right? -Two hundred.
-Three hundred.
-ls he okay? -Clear.
He's okay, right? -Damn it! 360.
He needs more volume.
lt's gonna be okay.
You'll be fine.
Exam 2? Okay, here we go.
This way, you guys.
There you go.
We'll be with you in just a second.
You have to admit, they're pretty cute.
They've been spray-painted, giving them hives.
Children with hives are not cute.
So, Peter about the flower and candy in the refrigerator? Are you gonna make me guess who they're for? They're for my mother.
Excuse me, where is Exam Room 1 ? -Thanks for moving her.
-Oh, sure.
She insisted on bringing Bill.
Hello and goodbye.
That and ten other words is the extent of my Russian.
They're kind of perfect together.
No idea where they are or what they're doing.
-Neither one of them seem to mind.
-The dog gets to go home with Grabarsky.
Maybe her mom will come back.
l don't think ''mom'' is the right word.
Carter, Dr.
Ross needs you to help with some kids in Exam 2.
How do you say goodbye? Tell Dr.
Ross l need him now.
Hey, Deb.
Are you Wendy Goldman? Yes Deb.
l'm Deborah Chen.
l know that.
l had the hardest time finding you.
l'm gonna be doing your cast.
-How long was he in the hot tub? -40 minutes.
-Any wine? -Champagne.
-How much? -A little.
A couple of bottles.
-lt's Valentine's Day.
-Eddie wanted something special.
-He got nauseous.
-Then he threw up.
-lt was horrible.
-Then he sank.
We went under.
Both of us pulled him up.
Ran into the house.
Called 91 1 .
-You did the right thing.
-We'll take it from here.
We're gonna take his temperature now.
You might wanna wait outside.
We'll be right back, okay? You still think it's upper respiratory? Now that she's hydrated, l heard rales.
Could be pneumonia or a foreign virus we know nothing about.
Fever's spiked up to 1 04.
l'm gonna put a rush on that x-ray.
-You give her acetaminophen? -Yeah.
1 5 per kilo.
All the times my mom tried to teach me Russian.
All the times she yelled at me in Russian.
You deserved it.
Doctor B.
Hayden, 85, fell and cut her arm.
She's in the Suture Room, and she's a tad senile.
Give it to Carter.
He's busy taking care of six small, red children.
Where's the other one? Deb Chen? Doing a cast.
All right, have her wait.
ls Dr.
Ross here? What's wrong? l'm Jake Leeds.
l need to talk to Dr.
Look, he's very busy right now.
l can find someone else for you.
What's wrong? My side and my stomach.
lt really hurts.
We're gonna take him to Curtain 2.
Call his mom, Diane Leeds, up in Risk Management.
-Sure, Dr.
Come on, buddy.
All right, what's wrong? Where's it hurt? Here we go.
lt started here in my stomach and now it feels like it's over here.
Like this? There.
lt hurts there.
Any vomiting or nausea? -Right after gym.
-Temp's normal.
Okay, let's get a CBC, urinalysis and set him up for an ultrasound.
All right, Jake, hang tight.
We're gonna check you out.
-Where are we gonna put him? -Admitting him straight upstairs.
Haleh, could you tell those two hookers that their friend is doing fine? l think they'd rather talk to a doctor.
Tell them l'll meet them in the waiting room.
So what was that with Kayson? What? Oh, you know, he just wanted to tell me that he was fine, thank me.
Nice try.
l saw the bouquet.
Oh, God.
Did anyone else? lt was so embarrassing.
He just gave you flowers.
lt's not like he asked you out or anything.
-He did? -Dinner, tonight.
-What'd you say? -l said-- Mark, chopper on the way.
Some woman choked on her Valentine's dinner.
l said l couldn't.
That l was doing something with you.
You dragged me into it.
-Mark, he's married.
-Yeah? Well, so am l.
You're looking better, Jake.
Are you feeling better? No.
Ross tells me you're a very good basketball player.
Yes, l am.
l'm probably better than he is, except he's older.
-ls he divorced? -What? My mom says divorced people have baggage.
Well, he isn't divorced.
Then he doesn't have baggage.
Well, l wouldn't say that exactly.
-He's faking.
-How can you know that? Because he has that moany voice like when he wants to stay home from school.
-Could be appendicitis-- -He's done this before.
-Faked illness? -No, tried to set me up with single men.
What? He likes you.
l'm his mother, and he's stuck with me.
He thinks if he can get us to spend time together, we will naturally, you know.
-Well, that's.
-Obviously ridiculous.
And he's done this before? l've been through 5 or 6 departments here alone.
Not to mention hardware stores.
Jake feels l should either be with a doctor or a man who knows his way around nuts and bolts.
So how do you suggest we handle this? Let's cut him open.
The kid's faking it.
Ross, test results back on that Russian girl.
Oh, man.
Her white count's at 2,000.
You mean 20,000.
And she has pneumonia.
She's got AlDS.
Hayden? Yes? How did you get in here? There is no starch.
You know what? We're out of starch.
But l need it for Joe's uniform.
Just sit right here.
You know what? l'm going to.
l'm gonna have to take a look at this arm.
l don't suppose you remember if you're allergic to lidocaine or Novocaine? Some of the wives don't bother.
Well, we're just gonna have to jump in here.
Joe likes his uniform and his collar crisp.
Would you like me to iron your uniform? -All right.
-That'd be great.
How can she do that? -lt doesn't matter.
-lt does to Tatiana.
The situation is what it is.
We'll do what we can.
Well, it isn't much.
We bring down her fever and kick her out? -Children and Family Services will-- -She's got AlDS! She doesn't speak English.
She's barely a candidate as a foster child.
-So what do you suggest that we do? -Anything else.
There isn't anything else.
l know.
You know, these patients come in here for an hour, maybe two maybe a day.
We treat them fast, barely learn their names and then send them home.
Which is usually what they want.
They usually have a home to go to.
Ross, you've still got those chickenpox in 3.
Fine, Jerry.
l'm sorry that the person who was with you yesterday isn't here today.
And l'm sorry that none of us will be with you tomorrow.
And l'm glad you can't understand what's happening to you.
Neither can l.
Malik, move these hearts! Let's go! We're going to Trauma 2.
-What do you got? -Anaphylaxis.
My wife's allergic to shrimp and scallops and all that stuff.
Susan, this is Mr.
This is Dr.
We didn't order it.
lt must've been that appetizer.
We'll take care of her.
You need to wait outside.
lt happened once before.
Her throat swelled up, but not like this.
--two, three.
Lydia, show Mr.
Goodwin where he can wait.
Come on, Mr.
Upper airway obstruction with stridor.
-She's hypotensive.
-BP's 45 and palp.
l'll intubate.
Haleh, get a 6.
5 and prep for a crike just in case.
Epi, one to 1 0,000, two cc's, lV push.
This is hopeless.
Throat's completely swollen.
Let's crike her.
Grab a trach tube.
Benadryl, lV 50 milligrams and cimetidine, lV 300 milligrams.
Pressure's stabilizing, 1 00 over 80.
Pulse ox 96.
-lt's peaking up.
Thank you.
Let's start an epi drip, one milligram in 250 at 1 0 mics per minute.
Keep her on the antihistamines until the swelling comes down.
Oh, God! Mark, Susan! Get over here! What happened? She was stable.
-Get her husband in here now! -Her pressure's crashing.
We gotta scope her.
Did l perforate the esophagus? -You couldn't have.
-What'd l do wrong? Nothing.
Get a CBC.
Type and cross six units lytes, LFTs, amylase.
Oh, my God! What happened? -What happened? -Lydia, call for O-neg.
-Has your wife been vomiting recently? -No.
-Does she have any history of ulcer? -No.
She has bleeding varices.
SP, tube.
Varices? What the hell is this? Mr.
Goodwin, is your wife an alcoholic? ls she? All right.
Get the catcher's mask.
lnflate the balloon to 200cc's.
lt's in the stomach.
Okay, inflate the esophageal balloon to 40 millimeters.
lt's stopped.
Great pickup, Susan.
Well, her fever's back down to 1 00.
You're feeling better, aren't you? Will you keep an eye on her for me? Thanks.
-l should've gone into real estate.
-That bad, huh? -l got off two hours ago.
-Me too.
Can l borrow a pen? Well, we gotta do something.
l don't want Kayson to think you're a liar.
-Carol, you wanna come? -l'm on tonight.
She's very ill.
l know.
You can't take her home tonight.
l know.
After this morning, l'm not sure you'll ever be able to take her home.
l don't want to.
Hayden? l guess you found the starch.
When l found out that l could adopt Tatiana l bought a Russian-English dictionary.
Never got much beyond hello and goodbye.
Hall-- -Can you imagine anything worse than abandoning a child with AlDS? No.
She was diagnosed last Thursday at St.
Look, Mrs.
Hall, or whatever your name is l'm not exactly sure why you're here.
But l'm not interested in listening to you say how sorry you are.
My husband died three years ago.
lt was long and slow.
l was young.
You get through.
You go on.
l never really felt that loss until last week.
l never allowed myself to feel it.
Until l looked at Tatiana and l said ''There it is.
'' l cannot l will not let myself get that close to someone and lose them again.
l brought her things.
l forgot how to say goodbye.
Mom? Happy Valentine's Day.
-This is fun? -This is fun.
lt's 20 degrees out.
Okay, this is fun.
Did l tell you Morgenstern offered me a job as attending next year? What? No, you didn't tell me.
That's right, it was last week.
You weren't talking to me.
So, you were talking to me.
What'd you tell him? -That l had to think about it.
-Oh, please.
Well, you know, there's Jennifer to consider.
Which l didn't.
What'd she say? What do you think she said? That, ''l'm happy for you, Mark because l know this is what you really want''? The ''this is what you really want'' part? That's right.
Sounds bad.
lt was.
So what are you gonna do? l am going to skate.
Help, l need a doctor! ls there a doctor? l'm sorry.
l'm sorry, Wendy.
l understand that she did it perfectly on the dog.
l'll fix it tomorrow.
l think l'm gonna stay home tomorrow.
Hang in there.