ER s01e21 Episode Script

Full Moon, Saturday Night

-You've got patients waiting.
-l know.
Are you gonna stand here all night? l don't know.
Are you okay? l just can't stop thinking about them.
-You should take some time off.
-l'm okay.
Take tonight off.
lf we get in trouble l'll have someone page you.
Yeah, okay.
No, no, no, Bob.
lntakes go here, discharges go there.
-l have my own system.
-You're screwing everything up.
Diane, l gotta go.
l'll pick you up at nine.
-What's the problem? -Bob's reorganizing the department.
-Put me in for a raise.
-Me first.
Good night all.
What's my bid for the Saturday night special? A jilted boyfriend on PCP.
Twenty-two, 6'8'', comes strapped to his own gurney.
-l'm going home.
-Going once, going twice.
Sold to the doctor in the pale green scrubs.
Doug, l said l'm going home.
Susan, you take it.
-He's still upset? -Still.
-Busy night? -Refreshingly slow.
-Are you going out? -lt's Saturday night.
-You need a break, Peter.
-My mother gets anxious.
-How long can you keep this up? -Until she goes home.
-Home? -Yeah, home.
Why don't l sit with her? You can finish here, grab some dinner.
Give me a chance to get all the gory details about your adolescence.
-All right, that sounds good.
-Yes, l'd like to come along.
Carter, finish your notes and mind your own business.
Carter! Will you stop him? Carter! You're speeding, sir.
-Help, she's killing me.
-Louie drank a six-pack.
He has an enlarged prostate.
We've tried to put in a Foley for an hour.
-l'm off now.
Carol, he's all yours.
-Gee, thanks.
All right, Louie, don't worry.
l'm gonna use plenty of lidocaine.
-Your shift over yet? -Yeah, if Benton ever leaves.
Ever worked a full-moon Saturday night? -ls it that different? -Stick around and find out.
Call Security! Code White at Trauma 2! Let me out of here! Watch it, stay back.
Rita, you cheating bitch! l'll kill you! Full-moon Saturday night.
-What are you doing? -Checking out your procedures.
Well, hey, next time, ask.
-You've done enough for high honors? -l don't count.
You should.
l do.
-Could you call Foster in tonight? -He broke his leg skiing.
-What about Allonzo? -Doing lCU.
How about Ross? -Previous engagement.
You care? -No.
-Yes, you do.
Diane Leeds.
-Really? The one with the kid? Auto versus pedestrian, ETA now.
Gangbanger in the suture room.
-Call someone.
-Moonlighter? They're all senile or dermatologists.
Moonlighter it is.
One of those nights.
Kerstetter, David, 1 8, intoxicated.
Played chicken with a Taurus.
l slammed on my brakes, but it was too late.
-We'll take care of him.
-BP 1 40 over 90, tachy at 1 60.
Minimal blood loss for a chest lac.
Gave him 300cc's of saline.
-Mental status at the scene? -Alert.
GCS 1 5.
Notify his family.
Oh, nasty gash.
Get chest and abdominal films.
-Carter, what do we do? -Check for pneumothorax.
Rule out abdominal trauma, get an EKG to screen for a cardiac contusion.
-Carter? -Oh, yeah.
Everybody on my count.
One, two, three.
Nice and gently.
Go ahead.
-Does this hurt? -No, my chest.
Get a tox screen and a blood alcohol.
Pupils are equal and responsive to light.
Haleh, get a cross-table C-spine.
-Breath sounds clear bilaterally.
-God, it hurts.
-Abdomen soft, fairly non-tender.
-Give him 60 of Toradol.
-Can't mix alcohol with morphine.
-Need any help, Dr.
Lewis? -When we're finished, you can start.
-What are you doing here? lf you're staying, l'm staying.
-That banger's waiting.
-l was sort of hoping.
Deb, start there.
Carter, there.
Call me when you reach the middle.
Okay, looks like we're gonna need two suture kits.
How's it going? Okay.
-You work around here? -Yeah.
-What's good on the menu? -Nothing.
Bagel looks safe.
Excuse me.
Friendly place.
Oh, doctor? Will he be all right? For a guy hit by a car he's pretty good.
-Can l see him and apologize? -Yeah, wait right here.
-This isn't a race, John.
-You could've fooled me.
lf you go slower your stitches won't invert.
-ls he screwing up? -Relax.
What are the rules for sharing procedures? -You know, for our books.
-Whoever's been here the longest.
How about whoever sews more takes it? You're on.
Carol! Hey, Carol! l need a gurney.
Travis, are you in pain? -My.
My chest.
Okay, we're gonna take care of you.
Get this off him.
On my count.
One, two, three.
-What've you got? -Hank Travis.
-The driver who hit the chest lac.
-Looks like an Ml.
What's going on? Can't tell.
John, finish up for me.
-He's got an early diastolic murmur.
-BP's skyrocketing.
230 over 1 60.
-Aortic rupture? -Pressure's too high.
-What's the crit? -Forty-six.
-Do you have high blood pressure? -Yes.
We've got dissection here.
We need to lower his pressure.
-l'll call O.
-Thanks, Malik.
-Susan, want a beta blocker? -Bolus him with 3.
5 migs esmolol.
Let's do a transesophageal echo to check out the damage.
-Who's in charge? -Dr.
-Sir, you have to wait outside.
-l'm Dr.
Moonlighter's here.
Nice look.
Well, glove up and get your butt over here.
-How's his pressure? -lt's falling.
1 90 over 1 30.
-Bet you've never seen this.
-One or two.
This isn't gonna hurt.
l'll look at your heart by putting this instrument down your throat.
Let's see what we've got here.
lt's gonna get hairy here, so pick out what you can handle.
Sutures, weak-and-dizzy-all-overs, kid with the croup.
-All the easy stuff, okay? -l'll try and keep up.
-There it is.
-This guy is in trouble.
Get him up to the O.
-He's got a dissection of the aorta.
-Are you sure? Acute chest pain, hypertension, water-hammer pulses, ST changes? -Could be an aortic rupture.
-Don't think so.
Should you not consider that? -Who the hell are you? -William Swift, your new ER chief.
l'm taking over for Morgenstern.
-Nice to meet you, Dr.
So where are these weak-and-dizzy-all-overs? -Okay, short end takes the lice.
-Oh, man.
-lt's 50-50.
-ln theory, but l never win.
Cheer up, your bedpan days will soon be over.
-Not with my luck.
-You're marrying Tag.
-Will you leave us when you're rich? -And leave all this beauty? What do you have here? ''Twelve Common Errors That Can Ruin Your Wedding.
'' Some great articles in here.
-Did somebody page me? -No, not me.
Check out number six.
''Make sure you audition the band before you hire them.
'' -Your brother's band is out? -They have to know how to play.
-What kind of band should we get? -Some polka music.
-You're hysterical.
-Taglieri? Did you get my page? -You're kicking my mother out.
-He's been in the computer.
-Stay out of her files.
-Why are you discharging her? Hospital's breathing down my neck.
Medicare won't pay anymore.
-She needs more time.
-Three days is the best l can do.
-Discuss it with your family.
-She's not ready to go home yet.
Face reality.
She's had a stroke and a hip replacement.
She'll need skilled nursing the rest of her life.
l'll care for her myself if l have to.
-She's not going home.
-The hell she isn't.
We're running out of rooms.
Ah, midnight.
Let's make room for the punks, skunks and drunks.
Man with hiccups and 1 8-year old female weak and dizzy after sex.
-An orgasm.
God, l'm jealous.
-Been a while? l'll take the hiccups.
A woman with abdominal pain and a wheezer who needs a blood gas.
-Take the abdominal pain.
-Hiccups sound more interesting.
You'll see 1 000 acute abdomens for every hiccups.
Do a pelvic and a rectal.
Patient fumigation.
-Walking in space? -Lice.
Sounds sexy.
-Wanna hear some bands? -Might as well.
What do you think? l think your brother sounds better every minute.
ls that Wild Willie? -You know Dr.
Swift? -We played ball at Ohio State.
Hey! -Hey, Lewis, special delivery.
-Where do l sign? Four Beta Tau Sigma pledges dumped on Rush Street.
Possible frostbites to all extremities.
They left us with just our shoes and socks on.
-What've we got here? -Popsicle pledges.
Can we get some blankets to warm these guys up? Somebody.
? Help me.
Ma? Ma, it's Peter.
l'm here, okay? -Why did they do that to me? -lt's okay, Ma.
lt's okay.
l told them not to, but they wouldn't listen.
l know.
lt's okay, Ma.
l asked them to stop it, but they wouldn't listen.
-They won't do it again.
-They never listen! Ma, listen to me.
l'll be right back, okay? l love you, all right? l.
-l thought you were sitting with her.
-l went out to get a cup of coffee.
-How could you let them do that to her? -Do what? -She doesn't need to be restrained.
-She tried to crawl out of bed.
-You shouldn't have let them do it.
-l asked them to do it.
Don't bother to come back.
l don't want your help.
Peter, she needs to be restrained.
And take a deep breath.
And let it out.
-Does that hurt? -A lot.
-Have you had this pain before? -Never.
lt's the moon.
lt's in the fifth house.
-Something strange's going on inside me.
-Could you be pregnant? With this month's aspect, the unlikely is probably definite.
Okay, uh.
l'm gonna order a pregnancy test, and we'll take it from there.
-Are you by any chance a Gemini? -Yeah.
-When's your birthday? -June fourth.
-Year? -You know, l don't.
-1 970.
-Time of birth? -You have to ask my mother.
What's her number? -Timmy's tried breath-holding.
-Drinking ice water.
Tickling, breathing into a bag, scary movies.
l haven't slept in two nights.
We're getting married in two weeks.
Will he be all right? Probably just a case of the pre-wedding jitters.
ls there anything you can give me? Thorazine sometimes works, Mr.
We'll run blood tests and take an abdominal x-ray to cover the basics.
l just can't decide between Hawaii or Paris.
-l had my heart set on the beach.
-You burn so easily.
-No, l don't.
l tan.
-Well, Hawaii it is.
Paris sounds so romantic.
-Have you checked china patterns? -When should l have done that? -People are starting to ask.
-Really? The Tiki Torch down the street got a guy on one of our porta-potties.
That would be Louie.
Would you get a cab to pick him up, please? Where were we? -How're we doing? -Swift's looking for Mark.
Where's Dr.
Greene? Board says he's on tonight.
He went home with a touch of the flu.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Your unsolved mystery is solved.
Congratulations, you're pregnant.
That's according to the astrological forecast in the Tribune.
-And these lab results.
-Thank you, Dr.
l had a feeling you'd bring me good news.
-Are you sure there's nothing else? -What do you mean? Well, l.
l constructed your chart.
l'm certain we haven't finished our journey together.
-Saturn is aligned with Mercury.
-ls that bad? lt could be.
-For who? -Both of us.
You're conflicted, searching to find your way.
Go with the voice inside you.
Fight the influence of others who seek to destroy you.
l'll order that ultrasound.
Welcome back, Louie.
Did you miss us? Have you been drinking, Louie? You still have your catheter in? Six pints, Louie.
lt's time to change your bag.
Stay right there, Louie.
-How are you holding up? -lt's nice without the boys.
Cherry bomb in the trash can.
Hey, Carter.
Are you glad you stayed? There's a call on the radio.
-Read you, dispatch.
-Implement disaster protocol.
EMS plan one at Wabash and Balboa for night club fire.
-How many? Over.
-Fifteen to twenty.
Most with third-degree burns.
-l'll set up a triage point.
-l'll put out callbacks.
What is it? l'm getting beeped.
-At two in the morning? -Welcome to my life.
This better not be another woman.
Quit making so much noise.
l'm never gonna get back to sleep.
So can l come back? There's a spare key on the kitchen table.
But you have to be back out before Jake wakes up.
Oh, damn! -l beat you.
-What? -Where's the victims? -You're looking at them.
-l'd like to introduce Dr.
-William Swift, your new chief.
Good to see you all.
Which one of you is a chief resident? We haven't been able to locate Dr.
Greene yet.
l find these drills ideal for meeting my team and assessing how quickly the residents can mobilize.
Now l'd like to take a few moments and go over some of the basics of ER management.
-Thank you.
-At 2:30 a.
? Don't worry, l'll have you home by four.
-John, could you please help me? -ls it a procedure you've done? No, it's a drunk who smashed his fingers in a car door.
He's pawing at me.
He also smells terrible.
And you have a problem with that? l can hardly wait to get out of the ER.
Denardo, this is John Carter.
-We'll take care of that finger.
-l want a real doctor.
We'll let your finger get infected and fall off if you prefer.
You numb the finger and l'll drain the nail bed with a cautery.
This is gonna feel a little cool.
Wait, wait.
Ethyl chloride is flammable! Damn! l'm really sorry.
Please, don't tell anyone, okay? A patient presents to ER ptosis, miosis and hidrosis.
Ross, what does that bring to mind? The Osis Sisters.
l dated the short one.
l believe you're describing Horner's syndrome.
Otherwise a drooping eye.
What should you worry about? Pancoast tumor of the superior sulcus of the lung.
And you are.
? -Bob.
l started in Housekeeping, and now l'm a desk clerk.
Greene for you on two.
Many of you use antibiotics prophylactically in animal wounds.
-Where are you? -An arcade.
Didn't feel like going home.
What's up? -The new chief called a drill.
One hour, 47 minutes, new record.
They're in Trauma 1 .
Any questions, my door is always open.
Come right in.
Wild Willie is on a tear.
-Wild Willie? -Hi.
Mark Greene.
-William Swift, your new chief.
-How's the flu? -The what? l guess you're feeling better, huh? Read that before your next shift.
Then we'll talk.
The flu? -Sorry.
-Guess l should've stayed.
Ma? Ma? l'm here.
-Are you in any pain? -No.
l got you, okay? l got you.
-How did it go? -l think l blew it with the new chief.
You didn't make a strong first impression.
-He sent me home.
-Get out before he changes his mind.
Move the transducer down to visualize the adnexa.
-ls that the ovary? -lt sure is, and that's the ectopic.
You have both an intrauterine and an ectopic pregnancy.
Twins? That makes sense.
-He's a Gemini.
-Will they be all right? You can carry the one in your uterus.
But we need to remove the other before it ruptures.
-lf that happens you could die.
-l'm sorry, Arlene.
Don't be.
l'm having a baby and l'm gonna be just fine.
-l scraped it climbing a cliff.
-Why were you doing that? -Chasing cats.
-Cats? -l'm a werewolf.
-Oh, full moon, right? Please put me in restraints until sunrise.
lt's only a couple of hours.
You think you might harm yourself or somebody else? There's no telling what l might do next.
l'll go and get you a doctor.
Never turn your back on a werewolf! l forgot.
Oh, Carter, l'm so sorry.
-Any good patients? -No, just a couple of drunks.
-Take a nap.
l'll beep you if.
-l'll be in Four.
-What was that? -Werewolf.
-Huh? -Maybe you should lock your door.
-You cured his hiccups.
-l feel much better.
l should probably go over the test results with you alone.
No, go ahead.
We don't have any secrets.
You have some potentially serious findings in your CTs and ultrasound.
How serious? These are abscesses, pockets of bacteria invading your liver.
lt's inflaming your diaphragm which caused your hiccups.
We'll have to admit you and treat you with lV antibiotics.
l see.
-That will cure him, right? -l hope so.
l need to ask you some difficult questions.
ln cases when an apparently healthy young individual like yourself has such an unusual illness we need to consider the causes.
-Have you ever used lV drugs? -Never.
Have you had unprotected sex with men, prostitutes? Are you suggesting l have AlDS? lt's an unusual condition and it's sometimes seen in HlV.
lt's probably just a bacterial infection but l needed to consider the risk factors.
l can't believe you're telling me this.
You didn't answer my other question about other sexual contacts.
No, never.
-What do you think of Wild Willie? -l don't know.
Probably gonna make us do pushups before every shift.
Think he'll make you attending like Morgenstern said? Yeah.
l hear he's promoting Carter to chief of surgery.
Are you getting any sleep at all? -Mark? -What? -You didn't hear anything l said.
You have to let this OB case go.
Could've happened to any one of us.
-lt's upsetting to kill a patient.
-You did all you could to save her.
Tell that to her husband.
When that little boy takes his first steps, his mother won't be there.
-His mother will never be there.
-lt's not your fault, Mark.
lt's my stop.
-Come to my place.
We can talk.
-What for? See you tomorrow, Doug.
Let's move him.
On my count.
Ready? One, two, three.
-What happened? -Drunk.
A 1 2-gauge to the chest.
Accidentally broke into the neighbor's house.
-Seven and a half ET-tube? -Perfect.
Call Carter and Deb.
-Deb's doing lacs, Carter's asleep.
-Get Carter.
Call Respiratory for a vent and Radiology for a chest film.
Hang some O-neg.
Cross and type as many as you can.
Looks like a flail chest.
At least four broken ribs.
He's lucky to have a chest.
-He's bradycardic.
-Pressure 40 palp.
l'll start a central line.
Tank him up with O-neg.
-Good morning, Carter.
He's in arrest.
Give him an amp of epi.
Can you do external compressions? -Carol, get him started.
-A little lower.
His right chest is about to fall off.
Baby with hypothermia.
Cops found it in a trash bag.
Okay, line's in.
Keep the compressions going.
Give him four units, and get another body down here now.
l'll call Tag.
lt's darkest before dawn.
More epi? Three to four-week-old male, BP 60 palp, rate 80.
-No arrhythmias, temp 89 degrees.
-Give him heated, humidified O-2.
Get a dextrose stick.
Start an lV, heated saline to 1 1 0 degrees.
What kind of parent would do this to a baby? -How's he doing? -We're rewarming him.
-Pleural lavage? -No, we need a neonatal warmer.
Check his lytes for acidosis.
l've got a thoracotomy next door.
-How're we doing? -No pulse.
Bullet hit an artery.
-We're losing him.
-Thoracotomy tray! -Heard you needed some help.
-We're doing a thoracotomy.
Cut between the ribs.
l'll clamp the aorta.
-l'm a little rusty on thoracotomies.
-We'll walk you through it.
-Cut through the intercostals.
-Okay, let me get in there.
Vascular clamp.
Rib spreaders.
Where is that little gusher? Got it.
lt's clamped.
-Heart's beating.
-That's teamwork.
lt's fibrillating.
Carter, ever felt a live heart? Make like a crocodile.
Now gently compress the heart between your fingers.
-About 80 times a minute.
-Feels like a bag of worms.
-A couple more units of blood.
-lt's filling.
No pulse.
Second unit's in.
We need to shock him back into sinus.
lnternal paddles! -Start with five.
-Clear? -Clear.
-Five more.
-Clear? -Clear.
We've got a rhythm.
Let's keep it.
-l've got a pulse.
-He's stable.
Good work.
Take him up to the O.
-How's he doing? -Temperature is 92.
l think he's gonna make it.
-How's your guy? -Still ticking.
You look exhausted.
Why don't you take a breather? l'll call Family Services.
He'll need a foster placement.
-Hey, Deb, how's it going? -Fine, thanks.
-You shaved the scalp by yourself? -What've you been up to? Oh, internal cardiac massage.
See you later.
-l don't think l like this.
-What? -You coming and going.
-Did you miss me? You woke me up.
You've got fifteen minutes.
Jake's an early riser.
-That's not really my style, but.
-You can do it.
Come here.
Mark? Hey.
Lovely place to sit around feeling sorry for yourself.
lt has its charms.
lt's freezing out here.
-How did you find me? -Doug.
He said he'd never seen you so upset.
Things just aren't working out the way l planned.
Sure they have.
You're leaving me.
l didn't plan for that.
People die, Mark.
You do the best you can.
You're human.
l'm not supposed to be.
Sure you are.
You're the only one who doesn't know it.
What am l gonna do? You could get breakfast.
l'll even buy.
Come on.
Come on, Mark.
Falco's fiancée is out here.
-She needs to see you.
-Yeah, sure.
Bring her in.
Lewis, sorry to bother you.
-No, no problem.
ls there a chance that l might be sick? l don't know.
To be safe you should be tested for HlV.
We're getting married in two weeks.
l thought l knew him.
-l didn't say he had AlDS.
-l know.
But l think he hasn't been honest with me.
l'm sorry.
How did hiccups turn out like this? -Can l help you? -Yeah, l'm Dr.
Peter Benton.
-Your wife takes care of my mother.
-Oh, yeah, sure.
Al Boulet.
-ls everything all right? -Yeah.
Jeanie! Peter Benton's here.
What's wrong? l left the restraints off and she fell out of bed.
-ls she okay? -She's got a couple of bruises.
Her hip's okay.
-l've gotta get to work.
-All right.
Nice meeting you.
l can't do this by myself.
l mean take care of my mother.
l've seen a lot of children try.
You know, l'm afraid of what's gonna happen to her.
Yeah, um.
Can you.
? Can you help me to, you know.
-Find a couple of good places? -Sure.
-l didn't think we'd make it.
-You did a great thoracotomy.
You weren't so bad yourself.
Hey, every full moon should be ladies' night.
-Yeah, we were terrific.
-Like Thelma and Louise, man.
More like Lucy and Ethel.
-Whose are those? -Tag brought them for the wedding.
-Bridesmaids still wear peach? -You may have to wear that.
-Me? A bridesmaid? -Yeah.
Would you? Yes, l would be honored.
You may change your mind when you see the dress.
Hello? Hello? The sink's clogged, and somebody stripped the damn threads.
You need some help? l called Maintenance four hours ago.
lt's quicker if l do it myself.
Do you need a plumber's snake? To thread in and break up the clog.
-You know, you're right.
-Don't mention it.
-Are you applying for chief resident? -l'm only second-year.
Really? That's all? -Hm.
-What? l find that hard to believe.
We're gonna have to make some changes around here.
There are a few kinks in the chain of command.
-Don't worry.
You did a good job.
-Thank you.
-Now l need a plumber's snake.
-Ask Bob.
-Yes? -Hi, Dr.
-Good morning, Jerry.
-Busy night? -Kind of crazy.
Not for me.
l had a blast.
-We'll have to do a Friday the 13th.
-Oh, those are really spooky.
From 1962, let's twist and shout for Susan.
Carter, did you do that?