ER s01e23 Episode Script

Men Plan, God Laughs

My mother is not getting enough exercise.
-We're doing everything possible.
-Why is she fed in her room? We can't move everybody to the dining hall .
She needs to be around other people.
When she gets better she can participate.
She's not going to get better unless you keep her mobile.
lf your mother were strong enough she'd get more exercise.
You promised hydrotherap y and a full-time staff.
-We'll do more when she's ready.
-Do l have to supervise it myself? Dr.
Benton, your mother broke her hip .
She won't heal overnight.
Yeah .
Thank you .
Chloe has no insurance.
lf you'd just spare a couple of hundred dollars.
? l've got to go, Mom.
-ls our chief resident in? -He should be here any minute.
l need him for Joint Commission surveyors tonight for two hours.
-Rolando? -Yeah .
l love chaos, but this is overdoing it.
l'm slow today, l've got a cold .
Call a replacement, go home.
-ls he a jerk? -l don't know yet.
Carter? Fadenhecht, lsidore.
Caught in a metal press.
Multiple lacs, BP 80 over 30, pulse 1 35, thready.
-How much blood loss? -500cc's.
Move him up slow, he's busted up enough .
On three.
Got it? One, two, three.
-Mental status at scene? -GCS 3-4-4.
Had back pain .
No kidding .
-Stopped 1 8 minutes ago.
-Cross-table C-spine and chest.
-What size tube? -Seven .
-Any l .
? -Pulse ox 85.
-Put him on a ventilator.
-Pulse is weak, BP is falling .
Three large bore lVs, normal saline, wide open .
-Tube's in .
Bag him.
-There's no pulse down here.
Call a surgeon before this guy loses his leg .
Ross needs a surgeon .
-l'm on with them now.
-Have you reorganized my x-rays? -Dr.
Ross needs you .
Crush case.
-Somebody gown me.
-Trouble, Peter.
Absent femoral, popliteal and dorsalis pedis pulses.
-No cap refill .
-BP 70 over 30.
lnternally rotated and shortened, Carter.
-Fracture? -Posterior dislocation .
Give me some room here.
Carter, hold his pelvis down .
Doug, stabilize his neck.
One, two, three.
-l felt a pop ! -Good .
-lt's back in .
-Distal pulse is back.
-Well done, Peter.
-Call Ortho.
-You saved his leg .
-Yeah, well .
Legs are something l can save today.
-Mark? -Hi .
-How did it go with Jen? -l never got there.
She didn't want me to come up .
Wild Willie wants you to stay after your shift.
l can't do it.
Now's the time to earn points if you still want to be an attending .
Mark? She said l could come up tonight.
l have to make a 7:30 train .
You know, l remember when we used to fight.
l wouldn't talk for a couple of days, but l knew things would work out.
This time l'm not so sure.
-Treatment for Legionnaires' ? -Erythromycin .
-The Boards are four months away.
-l'm bad on tests.
A kid's coming in with sudden hearing loss.
-l'll take the baby in Two.
-Carter, what about next year? -l'm waiting on that surgical sub-l .
What about the ER sub-l? Mark would recommend you .
-He's studying again .
-Really? l heard they raised the Boards' failure rate.
Benton needs you in Four.
-lt went up to 1 0 % .
-Seven students failed last year.
-Seven? -Dr.
Ross, Katie's got a problem.
-Hey, what can we do for you? -Katie's kind of shell-shocked .
-As in ''combat'' ? She can't hear a thing .
lt's ''Take-your-daughter-to-work'' day.
She pulled her muffs off on the firing range.
-Katie, do you hear a ringing? -What? -You hear this? -What is that? -That's louder.
-Wendy, call ENT for audiometry.
l want to rule out any middle ear damage.
-Where do you work? -Great Lakes Naval Base.
l took her to morning gunnery exercises.
Why is there a naval base on Lake Michigan? Who's gonna invade? Canadians? -lt only happens when he's eating .
-Hold still, Henry.
-Not in the mornings.
-Bounding pulses.
-Every night his lips turn blue.
-Please let him listen .
-lt's his heart, isn't it? -lt's not your fault.
lt's my family's genes.
They all have heart problems.
We need a chest x-ray and an EKG .
Go on, tell me.
l hear a murmur.
-lt's his heart, isn't it? -l think so.
-Girl coming in with head trauma.
-Page Benton .
Wanted my daughter to be a doctor.
but she's a hostess at a Hungarian restaurant.
Zsa Zsa's from Budapest.
-Locked her up .
Dibble, you need to stay in bed .
-Why? -You stopped taking your lithium.
Malik, take Mrs.
Dibble to Three.
Don't touch me.
l am coming .
You're handsome.
We could go to my place for dinner.
We'd have a lot of fun .
They found her in Grant Park sweeping the sidewalks.
l feel lucky to have the right brain chemicals.
-You okay? -Fine.
How's Chloe? She wears all my clothes, never washes the dishes.
-She's coming for an ultrasound .
-You sound so enthusiastic.
l'll help her out, but she's not gonna run my life.
-l'm not gonna do it this time.
l need you for two hours at the end of your shift.
-Joint Commission survey.
-l can't.
lt's a bad night.
-Sure, it's gonna rain .
l need you .
-l have personal business.
Since when do residents have a personal life? l'm sorry.
l do tonight.
Well, l guess l'll do it myself.
Screw him.
Do what you have to do.
-She's really pale.
-She must have slipped in the hall .
l'm her homeroom teacher.
She was bleeding .
She's hypotensive.
60 palp .
Let's take her and shake her on my count.
One, two, three.
-Haleh, cut off this bandage.
-She's breathing really hard .
-Does she use drugs? -No, not Samantha.
-ls there a history of seizures? -l don't know.
Pupils equal and reactive to light.
What do you think, Carter? Could be a blood clot, bleeding in the brain .
Seizure disorder.
Let's get a head CT, CBC, Chem-7.
-Run a blood sugar.
-BP's down to 60 over nothing .
V-tach .
-She's crashing ! What the hell is happening? Paddles! Move! 1 00! -Clear! -Clear.
-No, l hate psychiatrists.
-You've put this off long enough .
A guy kicked his daughter out of a window and l slugged him.
-Go see the shrink, Doug .
-The guy didn't sue.
l need to close the file.
Allan Murphy, room 60 7, 3 p .
Are you doing your job or is it because l'm so wonderful? -l'm sort of fond of you .
-Ouch .
-l get kidney infections.
-As a urologist, you should know better.
-Why didn't you take Bactrim? -Physician heel thyself.
We never do.
-Where do you practice? -Seattle.
We have a great ER, but the weather stinks.
That's it.
Flank tenderness.
Temp 98.
Gimme a 1 00 meperidine for pain .
-Let's make the diagnosis first.
-lt hurts like hell .
l'm sure your diagnosis is correct, but let's get a urinalysis.
-BP is still down .
-Her glucose is through the roof.
Oh, God, it's not a seizure.
lV loading dose insulin 1 0 units.
Start an infusion, 5 units an hour.
Carter, come here.
-Her coma is not from head trauma.
-Smells like fruit.
Diabetic coma.
She has ketoacidosis.
Get a blood gas.
Run in a liter of saline wide open .
-Did she eat anything today? -We had a birthday party.
She had chocolate cake and l think some ice cream.
-Why is a diabetic eating sugar? -l didn't know she was diabetic.
Call me when the Chem-7 is back.
l want a potassium every 30 minutes.
-l can turn the case over to Ross.
-l said l want a potassium.
Carter, stitch her head .
What do you want? 6-0 nylon? l have nightmares that l'm getting married in a peach gown .
-l kind of like peach .
-You don't wear it every day.
Why do nurses wear colors and doctors white? -Doctors are pure and good .
-Does that include me? -No.
-A Linda Farrell called .
That sounds familiar.
-You used to date her? -That's right.
Greene, rescue 64's bringing in a bleeding drunk.
Mark? Tag and l need a ring bearer and we'd love to have Rachel .
That'll be great.
l don't know where we're gonna be in May.
l have to ask Jennifer, but l'm sure it'll be fine.
-Susie! Hey.
-You look great in my jacket.
-l don't feel great.
l'm scared .
-Don't worry, it'll be okay.
l broke your blender.
l was trying to make a milk shake.
Blenders break.
Why are you being so nice to me? Because you're not going to screw up anymore, right? -Vomiting blood .
-BP 90 over 60, pulse thready at 1 45.
Smells like he's been putting it away all day.
-Did he hit his head? -Negative.
-What's your name, sir? -Screw off, bitch ! Just what l need today.
Let's move him on one, two, three.
CBC, Chem-7, coag panel, chest x-ray, LFTs, EKG .
? -Start an lV D5W.
l want a '66 Malibu .
-Best engine Chevy ever made.
-What's your name, sir? Reicher.
l like the MG ' 56, that was a great car.
l like the Triumph myself.
Set up for endoscop y.
-Who are you? Where am l? -How much did you drink today? Stuff it, will you? -We're gonna need to sedate him.
-Droperidol, 2.
5 mgs.
-He'll need a Foley.
-l'll do it.
-l'm gonna puke.
-Not on the floor, we'll get a basin .
Give him 1 00 of thiamine.
Suction on, give me the scope.
Get suction ready.
-ls he doped up enough? -He seems pretty out of it.
All right, this is a test.
Are we looking at a peptic ulcer, varices? -Or Mallory-Weiss? -Peptic ulcer.
-You're both right.
Let's cauterize the bleeder.
Reicher, you're gonna be fine.
You drank yourself into an ulcer.
-The taxpayers will buy you out of it.
-Mark, is he stable? They need you for a residents' meeting .
l'll finish this.
Alright, thanks.
-Let's get Radiology down here.
-Blood sugar is 95.
-Did you take care of me today? -Yes, you should be lying down .
l'm getting my medicine now.
-Do l look old to you? -No, you don't.
l feel old .
l feel like nothing good is ever gonna happen to me.
l'm sorry.
l've been begging Psych to take her.
lt's hard to be happ y, you can't try, it comes or it doesn't.
Blood pressure's normal, pH 7.
Run a rhythm strip .
Give 20 milliequivalent of KCL.
-We got ahold of her mother.
-Good .
-At least her heart's steady.
-Didn't take her insulin today.
All week.
Run a potassium every 30 minutes.
Let me know.
She's not a surgical patient, you don't have to do this.
Just keep me posted .
l think it's the flu .
He told me to go home.
Can you come in? Hurry.
Ronson's discharged .
Loomis to X-ray.
-l'm looking for Lewis Reicher.
-We have a Lew Reicher.
My husband .
ls he all right? Maybe we reached the wrong family.
No, he's my husband .
Did he talk about his cars? He likes to talk about his cars.
Your husband is fine now, but he does have a bleeding ulcer.
-He was found on the street.
-That's where he lives.
Don't ask me to explain .
l can't even explain it to my daughter, l sure can't explain it to you .
Your husband's been moved upstairs, if you'd like to see him.
l brought him some clean clothes.
Sure, but he's awake, if you want to talk to him.
l just wanted to see if he was alive.
-So Chloe is staying with you? -Not for long .
She okay? Yeah, considering she's been living on Twinkies and popcorn .
Mother of your diabetic is on her way in .
Strong's urine test.
Seems he belongs to a different species.
He signs his name Dr.
Lyle Strong, then follows it with M .
What is taking so long? -This pain is killing me.
-l'm sorry.
Your test results aren't good .
-What? -You know the differential diagnosis.
You have an aplastic, bicystic renal neoplasm.
-No, it couldn't be that.
-You're right.
Because there's no such thing .
The blood in your urine was from a chicken .
There's some mistake.
Your story's so good, we ought to give you any painkiller you want.
But then you'd be back for more.
Do you read medical textbooks? -l'm a doctor.
-You're a drug addict.
What do the cops do in cases like this? Mr.
Strong, stop ! Mr.
Strong ! ls that the new spring fashion? Henry may have a hole between his aorta and pulmonary arteries.
He turns blue because he's not getting enough oxygenated blood .
l knew it.
My whole damn family.
-lt's not genetic.
-Everything is genetic.
He said it can be corrected .
Right? Open-heart surgery will close the hole.
Eight weeks old and they'll cut his heart open .
-lt's a common operation .
-Then do it to somebody else.
l'm sorry.
l wanted everything to be okay.
lt's not your fault.
lt just happens.
-Doug? -Hey, buddy.
-Do l have to call you Dr.
Ross? -Call me anything you want.
-How about ''airhead'' ? -Wiseass.
-Do you work Saturday mornings? -Sometimes.
Why? Could you get, like, And some Tuesdays and Wednesdays? -ls this a test? -My Little League team.
we need an assistant coach .
lt's 1 8 games and two practices a week.
l should be able to make most of them.
-ls that okay? -Yeah, great.
My name is Doug, You never call a grownup '' Dougie.
'' Since when did you grow up? l just closed a huge deal in Neuro.
Want to celebrate with me? -Jake, this is Linda.
Linda, Jake.
-Hi .
Hi .
So, we celebrate? -What about what's-his-name? -Brian .
Boston, business.
l'll buy you ribs at Carson's.
8:30? l can't.
Why did we stop seeing each other? l miss you a little.
All you had to do was marry me.
l don't miss you that much .
l gotta go.
-Do you go out with her or something? -l used to.
-But not now? -Listen, Jake.
do you know what flirting is? That's what she was doing .
People do it all the time.
lt doesn't mean a thing .
-Okay? -Okay.
l was hoping for a miracle.
l'm glad you still visit her.
l like her, she's stuff, and it's on my way to class.
-Keeping surgeon's hours? -That's what Al says.
How do you keep a marriage together? l couldn't do it.
After the physician's assistant course we'll have a normal life.
l get a break at seven .
Want to grab dinner? -l don't know.
-lt's just dinner.
Benton? Can you see Charlie? They brought him from school .
-Fine-looking woman .
Married, huh? -So what's the problem? My leg feels funny and my arm.
l can't move it.
-Have you been sick lately? -l had the flu .
We drop a lot of people.
Get ready.
lt doesn't look surgical .
l'll work him up, but find Dr.
-When did your leg get sore? -This morning .
A little last night.
-You have any headaches? -From the flu .
l'm still sick.
Yeah, everybody has it.
Have you fallen in the last few days? -l tripped over my little brother.
-They get in the way, don't they? -Does your head hurt? -No, just my arm and my back a little.
-Diabetic's mother is here.
-Possible left-sided hemiparesis.
Ross is gonna take care of you, okay? -Thanks.
-He's nice.
-He's a prince.
Carter! Your tests are okay, but you need to start eating more.
-l never ate right.
-Put that down, please.
l've been screwing up so long maybe l can't do anything right.
-This time you'll try harder.
-Open wide.
Chloe, can you listen to me for one second? l may not be a doctor, but l'm giving Mom a grandchild .
Yeah, just what she wants.
She'll be thrilled .
An OB is gonna do an ultrasound .
Then you'll shop for baby stuff.
Shop till l drop .
Cool .
-l shouldn't eat ice cream.
-You should've taken insulin today.
-And yesterday and the day before.
-What are you talking about? You took it, Sam, didn't you? -Mommy, it wouldn't-- -Oh, Sam! l'm tired of being sick.
l don't want to be different.
l'll go blind .
l've read it in the encyclopedia.
lt's not fair.
You .
You have an illness.
You want to pretend you don't.
Where's that gonna get you? l don't know.
You have to accept the way things are.
So maybe you won't be exactly like everybody else.
but if you don't take your insulin .
you'll die.
l'll be back to check on you .
The way you talked to her was great.
Push down like on a gas pedal .
-You like to drive, Charlie? -Yeah, l just got my license.
-Squeeze my hand .
-l'm trying .
Malik here is gonna take you for an MRl .
Do you know what that is? You lie in this big tunnel which takes pictures of the inside of your head .
Why? lt's my leg that hurts.
Because l'm the doctor and that's what l want to do.
Malik, can l talk to you? -He didn't have any strength .
-Find his parents.
Tell Radiology to put him ahead .
Tell Benton to look at the MRl and get a Neuro consult.
Head's okay.
lt's a good position .
Looks like a little girl .
A girl ! -How's the weight? -Look at her move.
Her hand .
Weight's on the low side.
ls something wrong? You have to improve your nutrition and take vitamins.
You're eating for two now.
Come back next week.
-Thanks, Janet.
-My pleasure.
-What? -Look at her.
-l'm looking .
l told you l was gonna have a girl .
l'm gonna name her Susan .
She's mine.
She's my baby, Susie.
-Carol? -l won't type your requisition forms.
-Where's Doug? -Getting his head shrunk.
-When will he be back? -Half hour.
Why? We've got the MRl on that kid .
Tell Doug to meet me in Radiology.
-What do we do? Stare at inkblots? -God, no.
l don't know a thing about them.
Sit down, will you? You slugged a guy in the ER.
That was dumb.
-What? -That was really stupid .
-You're a shrink.
What about my neurosis? -l know all about it.
You're a reasonably normal guy with slopp y impulse control .
-That's what it's called? -Yeah .
Take my advice.
lf you want to lose your temper, go pop a guy in a bar.
-Are you suggesting l hit someone? -Just don't do it at work.
Or they'll fire your ass.
My report will say you had a bad week.
You're a pediatrician .
Thus you're particularly sensitive to child abuse.
-Now, say you'll never do it again .
-l'll never do it again .
Good .
Or you could really mess up your life.
Thanks for stopping by.
You know, l have been a little unhapp y lately.
Join the club.
Try therap y, it might help .
Oh, and have a nice day.
Greene? Dr.
Lewis said you might recommend me for an ER sub-l .
-l thought you wanted surgery? -l won't get it, l want to consider residency.
My recommendation might not be very helpful right now.
l'd like it anyway.
You bet.
There's an aneurysm at the juncture of the basilar and vertebral arteries.
-How old is the kid? -Sixteen .
-You'd better find his parents quick.
-We're looking .
So the aneurysm is pressing down on the spinal tract.
lt can blow any minute or it could go in a week.
-Nothing like a specific diagnosis.
-Hey, Seymour.
Seymour Lassally.
Doug Ross.
Doug took the case in .
What have we got? l have an astrocytoma at four.
-That's huge! When did paralysis start? -Yesterday.
-We can't do this, Peter.
-He could die in 20 minutes.
The operation requires hypothermia.
You have to cool him down so the brain will survive.
Get lucky and he'll be okay, but he's not for us.
Dyer at Mercy's done it a lot.
Get the kid over there.
-You're gonna pass this up? -Dyer is good, fast and confident.
Call him.
He jumped right over and bit me.
Well, it's minor.
You'll be fine.
The neighbor said he had all his shots.
Could he have rabies? There hasn't been a rabid dog in Cook County in 20 years.
-You're sure about the rabies? -Yeah .
You're sweet.
l'm gonna tell all my friends to come here in emergencies.
-Any word on the parents? -Mother's on the way.
l see it's raining finally.
Fifteen miles? Where's he doing it? Yeah, thanks.
-Carter, give me your car keys.
-Aren't you on call? They won't take the aneurysm without Dyer's approval .
He's out jogging .
Come on, your keys.
GSW to the chest coming in .
-What's Benton doing? -Looking for Dr.
-He can't make his mother better.
-You took too many psych classes.
Get somebody from Surgery down here to cover for Benton .
-Don't you have to leave? -ln 20 minutes.
l think the woman with the dog bite was hitting on me.
-lt happens.
-Not to me.
-Did she smile a lot? Play with her hair? -Yes.
-Touch you? -On my arm.
-She was hitting on you .
-Hope l'm not sending out a signal .
-You know, me and Jen-- -Women love to save moody men .
Mark, GSW to the chest.
Call Radiology.
Stat! Why don't you intubate? l'll check his lungs.
-Lost 500cc's at the scene.
-BP 50 palp .
Pulse 1 40.
All right, let's go on my count.
One, two, three.
All right, let's roll him.
Entry wound, upper-left chest.
Exit below scapula.
Second entry wound abdomen, exit left flank.
-Let him die.
-Who's she? -Get her out of here.
-Start a chest tube.
Get a surgeon .
l'm his mother.
Let him die.
-You have to wait outside.
-Let him die.
Somebody get her to the waiting room.
He's in fib.
Paddles, 200! Charging ! -Clear? -Clear.
-300! -He's still in fib.
Hit it! -Charging .
He's back.
1 00 mgs lidocaine, lV push .
Tension pneumo.
Sixteen-gauge needle.
-Got it.
Chest tube.
-Mark, you want to make that train? -l gotta put in a chest tube.
-l'll help Susan .
You go.
-All right, thanks.
-Seven and a half gloves.
Grey pin, please.
-Lidocaine? -Don't need it.
He killed two boys today.
Another last month .
You did no good for anybody.
Murphy found you charming .
You must've turned it on .
-l don't turn it on, it's just there.
-Like a force of nature.
-This Little League thing-- -lt's great, isn't it? Now what did l do? Was l supposed to say no? -Jake really likes you .
l'm glad .
-And .
? And if you're not serious, l can handle it.
l don't expect men to stay forever.
-Especially you with your history.
-Me? Mr.
Commitment? But if you're going to leave Jake.
l need to know, Doug .
Not for me, but for Jake.
-What's our future? -Six months at least.
l hope we're together a long time.
Maybe grow old together.
-l hope.
-Can l make the station in 38 minutes? -Mark, it'll be okay.
This will be the night that Amtrak goes on strike.
Watch Garrison in Four, hypocalcemia.
The girl in Three, orbital fracture, try and get a consult.
Back pain in Six could be a herniated-- l can read the board .
-You're Benton's student, aren't you? -Yeah .
John Carter.
-Where is he? -l think he's in surgery.
l need his charts.
Joint Commission is breathing down my neck.
-l want them the second he gets back.
-l'll tell him.
-ls Dr.
Benton back yet? -No, still out in the rain .
Probably smashed your Jeep .
-Can you get his charts for me? -You really want that sub-l .
Just get them for me, Jerry.
Are you Mike Dyer? -Who the hell are you? -Peter Benton from County General .
l have an MRl l want you to look at.
-You're joking .
-lt's in the car.
-What's the code for ketoacidosis? -250.
1 1 .
-Facial laceration repair? -1 20.
Why are you doing that? Round up residents.
You never see this.
Woman hit by lightning .
Benton's charts are done.
Come on .
Nesbitt, Leslie.
Struck by side-flash lightning on 23rd Street.
Full arrest on scene.
Bystanders started CPR in seconds.
-What's she had? -Two amps epi, 2 mgs atropine.
Look at this, Carter.
Feathering burns.
-Lichtenberg's flowers.
-Yes! Very good .
-She's cyanotic.
Hyperventilate her.
-l'll bag her.
-Handle it, Carter.
-Move her on my count.
One, two, three.
How long since last epi? -Seven minutes.
-All right, Carter.
-Give a high dose, 5 mgs.
-CBC, Chem-24, cardiac enzymes.
-Pupils fixed and dilated .
-Doesn't matter, you get that with lightning .
-Where's everybody? They should see this.
-l got a weak pulse.
-Sinus rhythm.
Dopamine 400 mgs in 500 D5W.
Let's get a cross-table C-spine, a chest and a head CT, non-contrast.
-Well done.
-Good teachers.
-Who? -Dr.
Benton, Dr.
Greene, Dr.
-Which one's the best? -They're all good .
Diplomacy too.
What do we do with this patient? lf the x-rays are okay we get the CT and ship her to the lCU? Yes.
Shooting ! Your mother is on her way.
-What did she say? -l didn't talk to her.
Since she and my dad have been divorced she works and all .
She's gonna be worried .
l don't just have the flu, right? No.
You have an aneurysm.
lt's like a little balloon in a blood vessel in your brain .
Doesn't sound good .
lt's not.
-Why am l going to another hospital? -lt's a complicated operation .
Complicated? Like l could die? Yeah, you could die.
But that's not gonna happen .
-l'm going over there alone? -Don't worry, you'll be in good hands.
-All right? -All right.
Benton .
Your charts look good .
Thank you .
This student of yours is terrific.
-So you found the neurosurgeon? -Yeah .
Oh, car keys.
-My charts? -He wanted them so l finished them.
-Yeah, well, thank you .
-Excuse me? -l said thank you .
-l know.
-l just wanted to hear you say it twice.
-l'll see you in the morning .
-What happened to you? -l had to run an errand .
Still interested in dinner? ls this cool, or what? Does she really need six pairs to start? Aren't these cute? These are nice.
Maybe we can take some of the others back.
Forget the bows.
Keep the patent leather.
How much did you put on my credit card? -A hundred, maybe 1 50.
-This is easily 300.
Suz .
l'm gonna be somebody's mother.
-lf Mom can do it, you can .
-At least l didn't drink sangria all day.
Or smoke four packs of Luckys.
And we turned out okay.
And Mom didn't have you to help her.
lt's gonna be all right, isn't it? Yes, it's gonna be fine.
Three plus three is six.
And four plus four is eight.
And six.
Daddy, l don't have any more fingers.
-Well, l do.
Hold up six.
-Hey, Bananafish, it's time for bed .
But Daddy's here.
Daddy can't stop you from falling asleep in school tomorrow.
-Go brush your teeth .
-lf l get a story.
Well, Daddy will read you a story.
Go brush your teeth .
Jen .
lt's been a long day, Mark.
Should l turn around and go back? l just-- l can't do this.
We need to talk about Rachel .
l miss her.
l need to see her more.
You live two hours away.
l'll move up here.
Mark, it's over.
No, l mean, l'll get a place here.
l'll commute.
l want to raise my daughter.
-You'll commute? -l'm not gonna get that attending job.
l'll try and find a job here.
lf that's what you want to do.
Can l stay here next week while l'm looking for a place? lt's not a good idea.
Can l stay here tonight on the couch? -Daddy, aren't you coming? -l'll be there in a sec.
-Daddy? Why don't you go read to Rachel? So she stood up and she started to applaud .
-ln the middle of graduation? -The whole medical school was staring .
When l graduated from college, my father danced .
-What's wrong with that? -On a table.
l hope my kids don't sit around laughing at me.
Better than hating us.
-You don't hate your mother.
-Yours is great.
lt doesn't mean mine was.
She's never gonna get any better, is she? There won't be much improvement.
-And there's not a damn thing l can do.
l .
l wouldn't be getting through this thing .
if it wasn't for you .
l think Peter Benton can get through just about anything .
He used to think so.