ER s01e25 Episode Script


Susie? Susie! Chloe, l worked till 1 :00 in the morning .
l think it's time.
You know, the baby.
Are you sure? -Are you having contractions? -Every couple of minutes.
-Why did you wait so long? -l had to take a shower.
Pack the baby clothes.
Contractions are two minutes apart.
We should be at the hospital ! -l thought you needed to sleep .
-Picked a hell of a time to be considerate.
Chloe! Breathe! Breathe, Chloe! l need my music.
Get my tape player, please.
Lug that thing? Okay, okay.
-Which tapes? -The White Album.
Oh, damn it.
My keys.
Stop it! l've got to clap for my keys.
Got it.
Okay, Chloe.
This is scary.
Carter, get over here! l need your help .
Keep panting, we're almost there.
-ls that coffee? Thanks.
-Give me drugs! -Why did you wait so long? -Get her up to OB.
Breathe! What's with you people and this ''hee'' thing?! Have you ever had a baby? You think that helps? Just give me some drugs! Janet.
Susan Lewis.
lt's 4:30.
My sister's here.
Membrane's ruptured, contractions are 90 seconds apart.
Right, get her up to OB.
Okay, l have.
Okay, l'll see you in 20.
Coburn's on her way.
-Susan Lewis.
l'm her sister.
-Marquez .
Shoot me.
Just, please shoot me.
-Just hang in there.
-No kidding .
This baby is crowning .
-Oh, my God .
Who else is on? -O' Melveny is doing a crash C-section .
-Okay, let's shift her up .
-Honey, remember your breathing .
l can't.
-l can't do this.
-Yes, you can .
-Just breathe through the pain .
-lt's a bad idea.
l can't do this.
-On the next one you're gonna push .
-l need my music! Carter, the cassette player.
The tapes are in my bag .
Okay, Chloe.
You're gonna push now.
-One, two.
-Come on, honey, push .
Good push, Chloe.
Good .
-No, not that one! -ls that French? -Seven, eight, nine, ten .
-Push, honey.
Come on, Chloe.
Come on .
Where's my tape? l need '' Blackbird .
'' -Carter, The White Album.
-White Album? You're doing a great job.
You really are.
Good job.
Okay, another contraction .
Push .
One, two, three, four.
-ls this it? -Carter, forget it! Seven, eight, nine, ten .
Susie, will you sing with me, please? Please? Head's coming .
Stop pushing .
-Suction .
-That's it, Chloe.
-Okay, Chloe.
lt's a girl, Chloe.
-Good job, Chloe.
-She's beautiful, Chloe.
You did it.
Chloe, she's beautiful .
She's a beautiful baby girl .
Oh, my God, Susie.
You did it, Chloe.
You did it.
We did it, Susie.
We did it.
Chloe says she looks like me.
What do you think? Yeah, well, l suppose.
l never thought l'd deliver my own niece.
On Mother's Day no less.
-Can l hold her? -Sure.
Hey, little one.
So are you and Tag gonna try for kids soon? lf we're still speaking after the wedding .
Fifteen of his relatives arrived yesterday a week early.
to help us do some things around the house.
Sounds scary.
When l left this morning they were planning on painting a bathroom.
All right.
Goodbye, little one.
l gotta get back to work.
Congratulations, Carter.
You got the ER sub-l .
-Swift and l agree.
You're the guy.
-Thank you .
-So soon .
l don't know what to say.
-Say, ''Yes.
'' You want it, don't you? -l'm waiting for the surgical sub-l .
-l gotta know by the end of the day.
Carter, get in there and get the bullet.
James Schaffer, 1 5 years old .
Horsing around a construction site.
Fell .
Got impaled on a strip of rebar.
We cut it at the site.
He's in shock, pulse 1 40 and thready, BP 50 over 30.
Let's go! Move.
There's a horse in my parking space.
-Why are you riding a horse? -lt's not mine, Rolando.
-Do l call Security? -That's why they pay you the big bucks.
Wait, Dr.
Eight Little Ranger Scouts.
Which is why they pay you the big bucks.
Josh got up early to let me sleep in .
Our mothers are coming for brunch .
-He was gonna clean .
-Did you find him unconscious? Yes.
He mixed ammonia and bleach .
l thought he knew better.
Okay, we'll take care of him.
Let's get him in here.
You have to stay out here.
We'll take care of him, okay? On three.
One, two, three.
-He's wheezing .
-Albuterol nebulizer? Yeah, and give him 1 25 milligrams Solu-Medrol, lV push .
-Malik, get a portable chest film.
-You got it.
BP's going nowhere, still 50 over 30.
-Should we yank it? -No, not here.
-Shouldn't we do a laparotomy? -Right again .
-ls my son, James, gonna be okay? -l'm Dr.
l don't know yet, we'll do everything we can .
Please wait.
What have we got? Fifteen-year-old impaled on a rebar, needs an ex lap .
-Netzley's up there.
-Carter, you're going with me.
Clear the hallway, get the elevator.
Let's move.
Go! Clear! Get out of the way! Let's move! Heads up ! Look out! -Nice corsage.
-My kids-- Mother's Day.
Shooting ! -You guys need any help? -No, got it under control .
Chlorine gas poisoning .
He's on humidified O-2, 1 5 liters.
Gave him Solu-Medrol -Respiratory's coming down .
-Call me if you need anything .
They have diarrhea, abdominal cramps and excessive flatus.
-We farted the whole way over here.
-Pipe down, Palmer.
-And you are? -Dolores Minky.
-Little Ranger Scout Mother.
-Hi, Dolores.
Mark? l've got a 7-year-old in Curtain 2.
High temperature and excessive vomiting .
-Could you take that? -Happ y to.
l suspect it's giardia.
We had a camping trip three weeks ago.
Contaminated stream water, beaver feces, that sort of thing .
Gross! Jeffrey just cut one! l'm gonna puke.
-l didn't do it.
lt was Andrew.
-Boys, now that's enough .
Guys, come on .
You don't need that.
Come on, come on .
-Oh, there you go.
There it is.
-Told you .
Temperature is 1 02.
-Does that hurt? -Yeah .
-Has anyone else been sick? -No, we've all been fine.
-She has a very faint heart murmur.
-Yeah, since birth .
-lt's not supposed to be dangerous.
-No, it's fine, Mrs.
Joanie's probably got the flu .
She's dehydrated, so l'd like to start her on fluids.
l think it's best if we get a spinal tap to rule out meningitis.
-That's very serious, isn't it? -lt'll rule out anything serious.
-What are they gonna do, Mom? -We're gonna make you better.
Be right back.
Let's start an lV, saline, Get a CBC, Chem-7 and prep for an LP.
You got it.
Retract the liver.
Suction .
l had a case like this a couple of weeks ago.
Rebar went straight through the inferior vena cava.
-Extend the incision and divide the sternum.
-Scalpel .
The guy was putting a TV antenna on his roof.
lt fell .
Then he fell .
Right on it.
All right.
Bone saw.
-Carter, can you see anything? -Not really.
Well, step up .
Hold the retractor.
Aluminum spike right through his gallbladder.
Lungs down .
Sternal retractor.
What happened? Ruined his reception for one thing .
l'm a cable man myself.
Okay, open the pericardium.
Put a 2.
0 proline purse string around the auricle of the right atrium.
lVC is dissected free.
-Carter, get ready to pull .
-We're close.
-Okay, ease it out.
-Get ready with the cath .
-Say when .
Now! Okay, tighten the purse string around it.
-Pretty cool, huh? -Very cool .
Okay, let's do some repair work here.
-V-fib! -lnternal paddles.
Carter, stick your hands in here and massage the heart.
-Hey! Nice shirt.
-Occupational hazard .
-Can you get off early today? -Jake and l are going house-hunting .
-What's that about? The landlord gave us two months notice.
His daughter's moving in .
-That's a drag .
Ross! -You're coming back in, right? -Yes, Wendy.
l'm coming back in .
No, it's okay.
l'd like a bigger place.
and Jake needs a back yard .
And depending on how we feel there could be room for you .
Are you talking about us moving in together? Maybe.
You know, at some point.
You can stop stuttering, Doug .
lt's just an idea.
l mean, do you think we're ready? l think l'm probably more ready than you are, but l'm in no hurry.
Well, you let me know if you find anything today.
and l'll take a look.
-Call me later.
l've got an appendectomy later.
Do charts and labs first.
-Are you saying l can scrub in? -After charts and labs.
Hi, Mrs.
l'm Dr.
Benton .
Your son was brought in with severe head trauma and internal bleeding .
His heart stopped during emergency surgery.
We tried for 33 minutes to resuscitate him.
We used all of our capabilities, but.
his injuries were too severe and he died .
Tag, please, l do like your mom.
l just don't want to have dinner with her three nights in a row.
Don't say anything .
lt's only a wedding .
So what if the caterers just canceled .
and the dresses are late and the relatives are early.
This is gonna make me a much better person .
Are you going to Milwaukee for Mother's Day? Rachel's got a sleepover.
Jen's coming down for dinner.
-Sounds like a date.
-Yeah, that's the idea.
Carter! Carter! -How's Chloe? -She's fine, the baby's great.
They're staying one more night, then home to Mom and Pop Lewis.
-So your folks finally gave in? -Guilt's a wonderful thing .
See you later.
Carter, sit down .
So did you make a decision? l'm grateful for the ER sub-l, but l guess l'm gonna have to decline.
-Benton came through with the surgical? -No, not exactly.
Not yet.
-But surgery is what l want.
-More like being a real doctor? No, of course not.
Surgeons get all the glory.
We're just the middle man .
Don't worry.
You're gonna do great whatever you choose.
Excuse me.
Where can l find Chloe Lewis? -Are you family? -Yes, l'm Cookie Lewis.
-Room 304 on the right.
-Mom? -Susie-cakes! Do they allow you to wear that to work? Good to see you too.
Come on, Chloe's in here.
Hi, Cookie, get in here.
What a cute little thing ! -lt's pretty neat, huh? -Oh, my, yes.
Almost makes me glad you got yourself knocked up .
-Mom! -Am l embarrassing you? God ! She's got a mouth like a staple gun .
Yeah, so did you .
Both of you .
-Will you take her, Susie? -Yeah .
Yeah, l got her.
-They do feed people here, you know.
-She's gonna be here a week.
No, l told you .
She's leaving tomorrow.
l told your father it would be a week.
He's putting up the crib, isn't he? -You know how he is with those things.
-Mom, please.
l always put things together on Christmas Eve.
Oh, yeah, like what? -Chloe, please, don't start.
-Don't start what, Susie? How many little red wagons did you see around the house? l think she's gonna have your father's curly hair.
-Mom, Ronnie has curly hair too.
-How would l know that? -Have l ever met him? -Well, you will next week.
l had to call him and tell him he's a father.
He's coming to visit.
-Don't worry, he's not gonna stay.
-Why would he stay? He's only got a brand-new baby to support.
Why stay? l gotta get back to work.
Get Dad started on the crib.
We'll be there tomorrow afternoon .
-Remember to call before you come.
-What? -You know, in case we're not home.
-Oh, please! Henry hasn't left the Barcalounger in 1 5 years.
-Don't talk about your father like that.
-Why doesn't he visit his grandchild? He's a lazy, fat pig freak.
lf you played catcher this wouldn't happen .
We play in a mother-daughter game every year.
This morning, bees everywhere.
-l don't think there's a problem.
-Think again .
Kaitlin is allergic to bees.
-There's no sign of a reaction .
-There will be.
l'm allergic to bees.
-lt's not necessarily genetic.
-Oh, right.
Like you know that, huh? l'm gonna get some forceps.
l'll be right back.
l don't like him.
Trade you? -What happened in here? -Mother's Day.
l had no idea it could be so dangerous.
-Why's she sleeping? -Passed out.
Brunch .
Pump room.
Drank too many mimosas.
Stumbled in the parking lot.
Kids brought her in .
Another mother for you in Exam 4.
Arm laceration .
Check on her when you're done.
The spinal tap is negative, so we can rule out meningitis.
Murmur is a little louder, 3 over 6.
BP's 80 over 50, but her pulse is 1 20, resp 36.
Can l see your hands? They are very pretty.
l have a daughter about your age and her favorite color is pink.
Unfortunately, we have to take it off so l can look at your nails, okay? Find some acetone and take off the nail polish .
Lafferty, can l please speak to you for a minute? ls it her heart? They said the murmur wasn't dangerous.
We need to do more blood work and get a chest x-ray.
lt could be pneumonia or possibly early heart failure.
Oh, my God .
Has she had any recent injuries? Any medical or dental work? She went to the dentist two weeks ago.
She could have endocarditis.
Bacteria in the blood stream causes an infection around the heart valves.
lt can be treated with antibiotics.
Excuse me, l ordered a burger.
fries and a vanilla shake.
Very, very thick.
-Look at you, working on a Sunday.
-No rest for the ambitious.
-Do you have Mother's Day plans? -No, thankfully, l do not.
Well, you're welcome to join me and mine.
We're drinking Manhattans at Shaw's.
-And boyfriend Brian? -Couldn't keep up .
-Had to cut him loose.
-Well, thank you, but l can't make it.
-How about afterwards? -No, l can't do that either.
God, you're being good .
Glad l knew you when you were bad .
See you .
He was eating the Sunday Special .
turned blue and collapsed .
Tried the Heimlich, got nothing .
-Heart attack? -Sounds like it.
Cyanotic, pulse 58, BP's 50 palp .
Stopped breathing at the back door.
Two lV's of saline going, -All right, on my count.
One, two, three.
-Grab the lV.
Cap refill is no good .
Give atropine and start a dopamine drip .
Pulse is still 58.
BP's 40 palp .
Carter, this gentleman has stopped breathing .
-Would you intubate him, please? -Sure.
Of course.
-Start a second lV.
-Carter, hurry up .
-l think there's an obstruction .
-Joe said he was eating .
Again .
Yeah, there's an obstruction .
Get the Magill forceps.
-l need you to learn this.
-Pulse ox is falling .
Susie-cakes, can l talk to you for a minute? Mom, not in here.
l'll be out in a minute.
l got something .
-Suction .
-Damn, that's nasty.
Hyperventilate him and get a blood gas.
Mom? Mom? l'm sorry, but we don't want anybody in Trauma while we're working with a patient.
l'm John Carter.
-l heard you cut your arm.
-Oh, no, it's not me.
l'm Ethel .
lt's my mother, Ada.
Oh, hello, Ada.
Can l look at your arm? Ada? -So, what did you need? -l can't take the baby and Chloe.
-Somebody help ! Code blue! -l said l would, but l can't.
lt wasn't fair of you to ask me.
-You should've known better.
You know, the crib's not gonna be up in time.
the wallpaper isn't right in that room.
we might still take that cruise in Alaska.
-l think you better make other plans.
-Mom! -Did Chloe say or do something? -No.
-So you're just changing your mind? -Yes.
What am l supposed to do? She has no money, no place to stay.
-This is your granddaughter.
-Don't you throw that in my face! Now, l did my best with you girls.
But l just.
l can't do it again .
l don't want to do it again .
l had my kids, Susie.
l'm done.
l have to stop by the market because we're out of beer.
You know how your father hates it when we're out of beer.
Where are you going on your honeymoon? Tag's going to Paris.
l'm going to Hawaii .
-Can l go with you? -Sure.
You can leave Chloe and the baby with his 1 5 cousins.
-Good .
-l might stay.
-ln Hawaii? -Yeah .
Okay, l can do that.
-You think Tag will mind? -He'll get over it.
-Think Chloe will mind? -l don't think she'll even notice.
-Think they've noticed we've been gone? -Probably.
-Think we should head back? -Probably.
That was your first elevator ride.
Yeah .
This is a window, see? That's gum stuck to the window.
-And this is a hallway.
-Send him to O .
And that's whatever that is.
-Chloe? ls this little Miss Lewis? -Yeah, isn't she perfect? She sure is.
What's her name? Susan, Susie or maybe '' Little Susie.
'' -Do you know where '' Big Susie'' is? - '' Big Susie'' ? No.
You shouldn't have the baby out here so soon .
-No, no, it's okay.
She likes it.
-l'm sure she does.
But you might want to wait a month or so.
Help me! Somebody help me! Nina's in trouble here.
Lydia, l need some help ! Jerry, get a gurney and clear Trauma 1 .
Nina, can you hear me? -What did she take? -l don't know.
A speedball and maybe some downs.
-What kind of downs? -l don't know.
-Please help her out.
-She's crashed .
Let's get her out.
-Trauma 1 .
What's your name? -Everett.
Everett, you have to try and remember if she took red or blue.
We had everything .
l don't know.
Watch her head .
Get the paddles over here too.
Stay out here, please.
Look, a little baby.
What a doll ! Please take her back to the nursery.
She shouldn't be down here.
Sure, l'll take her up .
-ls the pediatric surgeon coming in? -Yes, Dr.
We'll schedule surgery when he gets here.
-And he's done this before? -Mitral valve replacement? Yes, many times.
l know it's a lot to take in, Mrs.
Lafferty, but it's a routine procedure.
-ls your husband able to come? -We're divorced .
He lives in Tucson .
Hey, Chloe.
What are you doing here? What happened? What's wrong? The baby is so small, Susie.
l just started thinking about all the bad stuff that can happen .
and how do l keep it from happening? -What are you talking about? -Mom and Dad couldn't do it.
Nothing's going to happen .
The baby is fine.
She is now, but.
All right, l'm just scared .
l guess l'll feel better when l get home.
Even if it is with Cookie and Henry.
Yeah, you'll feel better when you get some sleep .
Get up to your room and l'll come and see you later, okay? Thanks, Susie.
-Decision's made, Peter.
-l've trained this guy all year.
Peter, Susan, we need you down here.
Dueling gang chicks.
Rosario Guitterez, or '' La Puppet.
'' Stabbed in the chest.
Pulse 1 40, thready.
BP 60 over 30.
Decreased breath sounds on the left.
That one's '' La Blue Eyes.
'' GSW to the head .
Pulse 60, BP 90 over 60.
GCS 5.
All right, people, let's lift her on my count.
One, two, three.
-Have a nice day.
-O-2, 1 5 liters.
-Tracheal shift.
-She's really cyanotic.
Hyperresonant on the left.
-Tension pneumo.
-Use a 1 6-gauge needle.
-Give me a 6.
5 tube.
-No respiratory effort.
-What have we got? -Gray matter all over her hair.
-All right, let's hyperventilate her.
-Sinus brady 52.
Mannitol 75 grams and a gram of Ancef lV.
O-2, 1 5 liters.
That's right, second intercostal space, midclavicular line.
-O-neg's here, six units.
-You doing a chest tube? -La Puppet is breathing easier.
-Rosario, can you hear me? Rosario? Can you hear me? Rosario? Get off of me! Get off of me! Get off! l'm fine.
Let me go, l said .
Let her die! Let her die! You stabbed me with my own knife! l hope you die! Get her restrained and 2.
5 of droperidol lV now! -Guess that one woke up .
-BP's falling 80 over 40.
Get CBC, Chem-7, type and cross two units.
Get a chest film and a CT on the way to lCU.
-Pupils are blown .
-No reflexes, flaccid paralysis.
Shall l track down the family? -Check if she has a donor card .
-That's likely.
She stole my boyfriend and stabbed me with my knife! l want her to die! Tell lCU we'll be up in a few minutes.
You damn bitch ! Look what you did to me! You cut my ear off! -Where the hell is Security? -Get her off me! Malik! Focus, Carter.
Do the chest tube.
l'll get you ! Dr.
Benton .
Your mother's nursing home is on the phone.
-l'll call them back.
-lt's urgent.
Go, go.
-All right.
Get her up to lCU.
-Everything all right in here? -Hunky-dory.
-More droperidol? -Yeah, 2.
Trauma team's on its way down .
Clamp the suction tube.
-Okay, let's move her.
-Carter? Grab the monitor.
Hand me the saline.
-Where's Dr.
Benton? -Had to go.
l know Dr.
Benton wanted to talk to you about this.
but l need to notify some people.
We had many excellent candidates for the surgical sub-internship .
The selection process was very difficult.
While your work is excellent, another applicant was more qualified .
l'm sure you'll do well in whatever else you choose.
Having fun in here, Big Susie? -What did you call me? -Big Susie.
l like that.
Hey, starting nose tackle for Chicago Bears: Malik Williams! She's restrained in the Suture Room if anyone wants to check that ear.
-She brought the ear? -Carol ! Thanks, Malik.
We'll be right there.
Carter, you seen Benton? -Carter? You all right? -What? Yeah, fine.
-l'm sorry l couldn't get to you-- -What's going on? Your mother arrested this afternoon while l was in attendance.
We tried to resuscitate her.
We used all our capabilities.
but her heart was too weak and she died .
l'm sorry.
-Are you all all right? -Yeah, we're okay, Uncle Peter.
Mom is still in with her.
l'm gonna check on the kids, okay? -l thought you were off at 8:00.
-Aren't you and Jen having dinner? She's running late.
-You in the mood to give personal advice? -Not really.
Diane's thinking about us moving in together.
Sorry, l'm not gonna touch that one.
Did you and Jen live together before you got married? She says we barely live together now.
No, her dad would've killed us.
You bowed to the reverend's wishes? l try not to look at it that way exactly.
So, what are you gonna do? -Did you know when you were ready? -Yeah .
Does that mean that if l don't know then l'm not ready? That's what l thought.
Does your lack of readiness have anything to do.
with Carol getting married next week? -What's that supposed to mean? -lt might be liberating .
Does it have anything to do with my next shot? -Yes, completely.
lf l make it, you're ready and if l don't, you're not.
Those are the stars.
That's the Little Dipper.
and that's the Big Dipper.
And .
l don't know the names of any of the others.
but we'll find out, okay? Dr.
Lewis? Carter, do you know the names of the constellations? Well, there's Moe.
Over there's Larry and that's gotta be Curly.
You're worse than l am.
She's adorable.
l've delivered so many babies.
and l've never realized how little they are.
Look at her hands.
l'm sorry you're not doing the ER sub-l .
Mark told me.
Actually, l wanted to talk to you about that.
-Maybe l made the wrong decision .
-Not if surgery is what you want.
Yeah, yeah .
l was just thinking maybe the ER is really what l want.
What would Dr.
Greene say? He'd say it's too late.
He's offered it to Garreau .
-And she said yes? -l think so.
What was that? A baby burp? Yeah, a little one.
You look sleep y.
Yeah, we should put you down .
Carol, page Netzley to Trauma 1 now! Tell Jen l'll be out as soon as l can .
Lydia, we've got pulmonary edema.
Draw up five of morphine, get a nitroglycerin drip and a blood gas.
-Mark? -Jen, l've got a 7-year-old crashing .
Can you please wait? Okay? lt's not what you think.
Diane, listen to me.
-l want you to listen to me.
-l've done that already.
-Don't do this.
-No, don't you do this! Don't tell me it's not what l think when you're standing there lying ! Yes, l'm lying .
Maybe l wasn't ready for us moving in together.
-You could've just said that.
-l'm scared .
l was stupid and l'm sorry.
-Give me another chance.
-lt won't happen again .
-Yes, it will .
Diane! -How long will the surgery take? -A little over three hours.
-Will it be all right after all this? -Yes, she's quite stable.
This procedure is really routine.
Joanie's gonna be fine.
There's a waiting room just down the hall from Surgery.
Thank you .
lt's a total myth that it's the bride who wants the splashy wedding .
-How big is the church? -Too small for the groom's side.
And too big for mine.
He invited everyone he ever met.
So did Mark.
lt was a nightmare.
They had every motel for 20 miles.
-How did you get through it? -Drugs.
-Hi .
What's going on? -Premarital advice.
About how l wanted to elope, but she insisted on Notre Dame? Yeah, right.
Sorry about dinner.
You had a patient, Mark.
She should've gone up hours ago, but there were complications.
These things happen .
What are you gonna do? lt's getting late.
We should get going .
Come on .
Peter? ''All of our capabilities'' .
l've said those words l don't know how many times.
Never actually heard them until today.
l'm sorry, Peter.
Jackie brought the kids home.
Way past dinnertime.
l told her l'd stay here and, you know, finish up .
You know something? l .
l thought l'd be more prepared for this.
No one's prepared .
They said we could come back tomorrow and pick up her things.
l sat beside her.
And l held her hand .
l touched her face.
Her skin was so soft.
And just for a moment, you know, just a second, l guess.
l thought l could stay there.
But l can't do that, can l? l mean .
l can't hold her.
l can't touch her.
l can't.
l can't do anything .
to keep her.
Hey, little girl .