ER s02e01 Episode Script

Welcome Back, Carter!

Previously on E.
So the surgical sub-I is left open.
- You want it or not? - In the ER? - Yeah.
I'm in a hurry.
Yes or no? - I got it? Yeah, I definitely want it.
- You're gonna make a good doctor.
- Thanks.
- I'm not strong enough, Susie.
- Chloe, you're doing great.
I've decided to sign off on you as attending for next year.
You get my messages? Yeah.
Sorry, I've been working a lot.
And you really shouldn't call me at home.
"Welcome Back Carter!" Oh, my God! Help me! - Whoa! I got a pumper! - He's gonna need an airway.
- Stop moving around.
Now! - Scissors! - We got a pressure? - 70/40.
Pulse weak and thready at 150.
Buddy, you see who shot you? You get a plate number? He's not talking right now.
Start the O-neg on an infuser.
Somebody find Lewis.
- I feel the bullet.
- I don't wanna die.
- You'll be fine.
Let's get a head CT.
- Where's Lewis? - Please don't let me die.
- Tetanus booster and get Radiology.
Jerry! - Jerry, have you seen Dr.
Lewis? - Curtain 3 with a heart attack.
Get Benton.
Pregnant woman coming in, shot in the abdomen.
- How far out? - Two minutes or less.
Got it.
Your tests are normal, but your history suggests the pain may be heart-related.
Mark needs you.
Gunshot wound to the neck.
- Does CCU have any beds? - Still backed up.
We have to hold you here until there's a bed in the Cardiac Care Unit.
Then we'll send you up as soon as we can.
Whoa, whoa! Go, go, go! BP is 90/60 and pulse is 120.
She's full-term.
I need a fetal monitor and a doctor's scope.
- Peter, are you okay? - Watch the damn gurney.
Damn! - Type and cross four units.
- Valenzala? With a "V" or a "B"? Get ultrasound.
Do the paperwork later.
CBC, type and cross four units.
- Is my baby all right? - Uterus tender.
No exit wound.
Let's prep for a pelvic.
Call OB.
- We need a type and cross four units.
- Where's everybody? Twelve GSWs, four critical.
Glass is flying.
It's a real mess.
Pulse ox 95.
BP 90/60.
Pulse 120.
- Two hours late.
- What? - Carter.
- I have to run the blood up myself.
Not dilated.
Vertex presentation.
Fetal heart rate, 145.
That's good.
- Lydia, stay put.
We need you.
- I'm not done next door.
Where the hell is Carter?! Oh, God.
Oh, God.
- Oh, God! What is all this? - Traffic.
- Can't you do something? - Like what? - Stop the cab.
- No problem.
Keep the change.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
It hurts so bad.
It started in the store.
My children Grandchildren Would you like to see pictures of my grandchildren? I have four sons and three grandchildren.
Let me show you.
- Here's Tony.
Isn't he a darling? - Yeah, I'll hold.
- Excuse me.
- Here's Jeff and Harold.
- Where the hell is Psych? - They're all blond - Excuse me.
- Hang on, will you, please? I miss them so much! I miss them! Dr.
I called Psych, but something's wrong with her leg.
Another gunshot coming in.
Put her on the board and hope Psych shows up.
That son-of-a-bitch cardiologist! My sister met the president - Excuse me.
- What?! Thank you.
We're the new third-year students looking for Dr.
- You're a med student? - Yeah.
- Anybody know how to take a history? - Sure.
- I was not a cat person - Mrs.
Constantine? - This is - Harper.
Harper Tracy.
Harper? I played with someone called Harper in the New York Philharmonic.
- Go to Exam 2, right over there.
- He was just like Paul Newman.
Do you like Paul Newman? I love those blue eyes.
- Hang two units.
Where are you? - Peter, what have you got? Full-term abdominal GSW, no exit wound.
Baby's moving.
Bullet's in the uterus.
- Sounds like a section.
- Fetal heart rate is falling, 100.
- How is Mom? - 80/50, pulse 140 and climbing.
We're moving her now.
Call the O.
For an emergency section and get OB.
- Peter, what happened to you? - Don't ask.
- Can you handle this? - Yeah, I'll just need to walk it out.
Oh, no.
GSW to the head.
Two large-bore IVs.
- Pressure's 60/40, bradycardic at 50.
- Trauma 1.
- What happened? - Gang fight.
Nice shirt.
- I'm a dead man.
- Hey, welcome back, Carter.
- Dr.
Carter, I presume? - Great tan.
Where's Dr.
Benton, and has he been asking about me? Once or twice.
He's doing a crash section.
Pregnant woman got shot.
He just limped up.
- Hi, Dr.
- Who is that? - Carter, I think.
Benton's student.
- Tell him to slow down.
I am on the phone with Cardiology every day.
They claim the CCU's full.
I go up and there are empty beds.
We had a rule-out MI here for two days.
You're an Attending now.
Got a problem with another department you solve it.
And you've got new third-years coming in today.
- Today? - Four of them, bright-eyed.
Staff meeting at 4:00.
Don't forget.
- Forget what? - My first staff meeting's today.
Little boss, what did big boss want? Something about me accepting the heavy mantel of my new position.
- You set the tone, right? - How are you set for cash? If you need the 200 bucks, I'm strapped for cash right now.
No, I'm making up a schedule for next week.
Maybe you could pull a graveyard Attending shift, get extra cash.
- Consider it done.
- Dr.
Greene? Three lost sheep claiming to be med students.
I thought there were four of them.
One's doing a history of a bipolar.
She'll be done by next Tuesday.
- This way, guys.
- Jerry? Anything of the pediatric persuasion up there? I've got a Scandinavian flight attendant with a bum ankle and an earache.
And you saved her all for me? I love you, big man.
You know that.
Nine months pregnant.
Couldn't find the bullet? Gotta be in the uterus somewhere.
Pressure barely holding.
No time to waste.
- Dr.
Benton? - Carter, don't bother coming in here.
I'm sorry.
I came straight from the airport.
- Hurricane Phyllis in the Gulf.
- Your student? - Don't remind me.
- Nice tan.
Student, what is the most important anatomical structure to identify? - The uterus? - Ureter.
You cut that and you're in big trouble.
She can't pee.
- What's its name? - Carter.
Basic anatomy.
What muscle forms the floor of the pelvis? Levator ani.
The ovarian artery comes off the aorta just above the - Comes off the aorta to - Inferior mesenteric artery.
Doesn't the word "student" imply that you should be teaching him something? - Hello.
- I'm Dr.
Ross, and you must be - Hulda.
- Hulda.
What a beautiful name, Hulda.
What seems to be the problem? - I hurt my ankle.
It hurts very much.
- Let's take a look at it.
A man dropped his little vodka bottle in the aisle and she slipped.
It tickles.
Haleh, lateral AP and oblique views, please.
It doesn't seem to be broken.
We're gonna get some x-rays and may consider a cast, just to be safe.
Oh, and my ear is very sore.
For many months.
All this going up and coming down, I think.
Yes? Look, we're really busy today and I didn't know you were coming.
Park yourselves in here, and I'll come round you up when I get a minute.
Here you go.
And Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine.
Rosen's, volumes one, two and three.
Start reading.
- Hey, who's that? - Med students.
Gave them Harrison's.
Wow, that'll keep them busy.
I need you in Curtain 2.
There's another student floating around with a bipolar.
Could you try and find them? - So who's gonna be the new chief? - You? - Maybe next year when I'm eligible.
- Who do you think it should be? Jane Pratt.
She's smart, nice, easy to work with.
Your decision, right? I'll find out this afternoon.
You guys were roommates for a while, right? Me.
How are you doing, sir? - Not so good.
I got a headache.
- Probably the nitro.
- Why is he down here? - CCU is full again.
Sir, you're gonna have to stay down here for a little longer.
So you can just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet Jerry, for God's sake, shut him up! Will you, please? - I'll try Cardiology again.
- Thanks.
- So it's Jane for chief resident? - Why not? Carter, get ready to suction.
Here she comes.
- How does she look? - She's breathing.
Color, tone: Fair.
Apgar? - Eight.
- Cord's cut.
Carter, come with me.
No exit wound in the uterus.
- Okay, Carter, see the holes? - Oh, yes.
We've got through-and-through gunshot wounds to both thighs.
- Got it! In the placenta.
- Prep for an umbilical line.
Carter, start dressing the wounds.
Rocephin and oxacillin, 250 mg each.
Displace the uterus anteriorly.
Check the other organs for penetrating injury.
- You're gonna be just fine, Mom.
- Hell of a way to make an entrance.
- This is your lucky day.
- Oh, you're gonna be fine.
Just fine.
- You jet-ski? - That's me.
- Haleh, diet or regular? - Unleaded.
Hey, hey! Listen up, everybody.
We don't have a lot of time.
Admin sent us another action memo.
"Excessive use of surgical supplies.
Personnel must exercise prudence in the use of expendables i.
4x4s, gloves, surgical tape, suture kits.
" Why don't I just bring a needle and thread from home? "And alcohol wipes.
" Next, ACLS.
Steph, you're up October 1.
And, Wendy, you've never certified.
- What is it? - Don't worry, you're gonna love it.
CPR re-certification.
Lily, Lydia, Haleh.
- Saturday afternoon, 1:00.
- This week? Man, I've got Sox tickets.
MICN ride-alongs.
Joanie, you've got to get your hours in before Halloween.
Lily, if it makes you feel any better, I've procrastinated.
Now I have to do a paramedic ride-along or I lose my certification.
Are you happy? Last, but not least, the hated peach.
They have stopped making this particularly delightful shade.
Take a look at the catalog and get back to me with your choice.
I look bad in that green.
Carol, 47's three minutes out, and they're in trouble.
I need your picks by the end of the day.
Most votes wins, unless I hate it.
And then, whatever I like goes.
- What is this all about? - Air conditioning repairs.
- Mark? Hi.
- Hi, Jane.
How are you doing? Susan told me that she talked to you about my becoming chief resident.
I didn't put her up to it.
I really want the job, but I didn't ask her to approach you.
- No, I didn't think you had.
- I hear Kerry Weaver's interested.
- Weaver? Really? Over at Mount Sinai? - She'd do a good job.
- I'll do it better.
- All right, thanks.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- I thought I'd left enough time.
- You get here an hour before me.
You pre-round my patients.
You order tomorrow's labs after I leave.
You check out my surgical schedule and study the cases the night before.
What did you get read this summer? Schwartz's Principles of Surgery? Sabiston's Essentials? Surgical Secrets? Let me get a turkey breast on whole grain, lettuce, tomato, extra sprouts.
No mayo.
Carter, you reflect on me now.
You screw up, I screw up.
If you don't know an answer, that's because I didn't teach you.
No mayo.
What do you want, Carter? Can I get a Polish dog with extra onions, extra peppers, and cheese.
A lot of cheese.
Surgery is the most difficult specialty of all.
Fifteen students wanted this spot and 100 will want the surgical residency.
Now, do you wanna be a surgeon? Well, then you start acting like a surgeon.
We've got a thyroidectomy this afternoon.
What do you know about the arteries in the neck? There's a lot of them.
You have an hour and 25 minutes.
I suggest you locate a Gray's and start memorizing it.
I'm Dr.
- What seems to be the problem? - I have a rash on my thighs.
- Anywhere else? - Not this time.
Why don't you hop up on the bed, and I'll take a look.
- Ms - Sweet.
Loretta Sweet.
- Are you sexually active? - No, mostly I just lie there.
- Do you use condoms? - Lf I owned the factory I'd be rich.
- Looks like contact dermatitis.
- Is that bad? No.
A little cortisone cream will clear it right up.
You're allergic to something you came in contact with.
I'd try and avoid coming into contact with it again in the future.
I've got two kids at home, you know.
- Anything else I can do for you? - No, thanks.
Adult male found passed out in his own vomit.
- BP 80/50 on arrival, pulse 132.
- Daddy! Resps shallow at 24.
Stopped breathing two minutes out.
I can't ventilate him.
Pulse up to 170.
There's airway obstruction.
We gotta move him fast.
- He's had glucose and Narcan.
- Daddy! - The kid found him.
Called 911.
- Daddy! - Out of the way! - Daddy! Nope.
Damn it! Somebody get Mark.
We need a crike tray, now! Pupils are four millimeters, equally reactive.
No sign of trauma.
Two IVs with saline wide open, one liter so far.
We've sucked 500 cc's of blood from his upper airway.
- Two, three - Again! - How much time? - Almost three minutes.
- Where's the damn doctor? - Daddy! - Again! - One, two, three.
- We're out of time.
Crike him! - Again.
Harder! Get this kid out of here! You're not gonna die on my shift, you son of a bitch.
Come on.
Come on.
I got it! All right, hyperventilate him.
- Daddy! - Out of the way! - All right, what have we got? - Airway obstruction, male.
Approximately 35 years old.
Possible impending D.
's, maybe septic, maybe stroke, metabolic derangement.
CBC, Chem-19, coag panel, UA and a chest.
Push D5 normal saline.
He's dehydrated.
Get a banana bag going.
- Carol, get a blood gas.
- Coming up.
Doctor! Doctor! - Who the hell is that? - Some drunk looking for a hot meal.
- How long he been at it? - About an hour.
Damn irritating, isn't it? At least he hasn't learned to say "nurse" yet.
- Nice tan.
- Thanks.
- What's that? - Anatomy of the neck.
- Forget it.
Too many arteries.
- Exactly.
- I thought this year would be easier.
- Wait till you start your residency.
Want to show a third-year how to start an IV? - No.
- You haven't seen her yet.
I shave my legs.
I used to wax them, but that hurt so much.
I love candlelight and Christmas music.
And the smells.
Mulled cider and chestnuts.
I haven't had a chestnut in years.
- Hi.
You're the new med student? - Yes.
Thank you.
- Harper Tracy.
- John Carter.
How's it going? Well, I've tried to take her history, but we didn't pass the Crimean War.
You are very handsome.
Are you a doctor? My son's a doctor.
- I play the cello.
Do you like music? - Yes, sometimes.
This is Mrs.
I think she has cellulitis, left lower extremity.
- It's swollen, warm and tender.
- Haydn, Bach, Saint-Sa├źns I'd say you're right.
Sounds right.
Are you in any pain, ma'am? The pain? - She's also clearly bipolar.
- Right.
Lewis wanted me to show you how to start an IV.
Pull this little gizmo out.
- Find your vein.
Go in bevel up.
- I play the cello Advancing slowly until you see a flash.
Needle out, cath in.
- Thanks.
Got it.
- Really? Madrid, Tokyo, Milano Buenos Aires, Barcelona - Ow! - I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Wow, you hit it the first time.
- The Pittsburgh Youth Symphony.
Second chair.
I should've been first chair, but the conductor, bastard was sleeping with a fat Italian girl who couldn't carry a tune.
Sex, sex, sex! Same with my husband.
He doesn't care if I'm tired.
- Thanks, John.
I can take it from here.
- Day or night.
- But I could dance all night - Okay, then.
I would like to put the moon under my heels and go flying up, up into the sky.
Hey, Jerry.
Do you know where the kid is, from that alcoholic airway obstruction? Thanks.
Sure it's not that one? - Nice shirt.
- That's all I had.
- What are you doing? - Noah's fixing the VCR.
It has a tape stuck in it.
You be cool now, Noah, you hear? - Your dad's gonna be okay.
- I know.
He's gonna have to stay with us for a while.
Is your mom coming? She lives in Florida.
Is there someone else who could come get you? My dad will take me home in a while.
He never stays in the hospital.
He's done this before? And you called 911.
That was very smart.
Have you done that before too? Lots of times? Do you have a Phillips head? Sure.
You really know what you're doing.
- She's still down here? - Kayson says he has no new beds.
- I think we're being followed.
- Student.
- Harper Tracy.
- Greene, Mark.
- No, actually, my first name is Harper.
- The bipolar? Off her meds.
Psych got her back on lithium, admitted her for IV antibiotics.
- How's the Jell-O, Mr.
Kuzner? - Delightful.
We're gonna have you out of here as soon as we can.
Jerry? How long is it gonna be until we get this air conditioning fixed? A week ago Thursday.
Didn't they find asbestos in this building a couple of years ago? No, not again.
- Kiss little Susie for me.
- Yeah.
Pour vous.
- A taste from the islands.
- Well, thank you.
- Dr.
- Yeah? I have something for you.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Carter, it's beautiful.
Thank you.
- All right.
- Carter! Where are my charts? Maybe you should've saved one of these for yourself.
Oh, but I did.
Here you go.
Jerry? Why are there three kids in cheap ties reading textbooks in Exam 3? - Damn.
The med students.
I forgot.
- Dr.
Greene, staff meeting's in five.
Could you see if they need anything and tell them I'll be back in an hour? Sure.
- Dr.
Ross, a little taste of the islands.
- Carter, you shouldn't have.
- It's Wondoa, the god of fertility.
- Just what you need, Doug.
- Come on, Mark.
I'll walk with you.
- To the staff meeting? Yeah, I'm nurse manager.
I always go.
Nice hat.
- See you.
- Yeah, see you.
Carter, O.
Let's go.
- You should put some ice on that.
- I'm fine.
I think I got the neck arteries down.
The common carotid, superior thyroid Thyroidectomy is called off.
We're doing a hernia.
I hope you know your way around Hesselbach's triangle.
Folks, can we get started? Please, can we start on time? Mark Greene is joining us as an Attending now that he has completed his residency.
Mark, any thought as to who should succeed you as chief resident? I was thinking Jane Pratt would be an excellent choice.
Is she that blond who always wears sweaters? No.
Brunette, tall.
She's very smart.
Easy to get along with.
Very competent.
That's how I would describe you.
You might want someone who'd complement your weaknesses.
- Which are? - Discipline, paperwork, administration.
- Any other candidates? - She'd be my first choice.
Carol, any thoughts? Pratt's the best of this year's crop.
She'd take the least babysitting.
Do you know Kerry Weaver over at Mount Sinai? - Only by reputation.
- I'd like you to meet her.
Can we get this Ross thing finally resolved today? Nobody thinks this is important, but why is my Pediatric budget carrying the cost of an ER fellowship for Doug Ross? It's an ER Pediatrics fellowship, Neal.
Then put him under my supervision.
I'll keep him in the clinic where I'm severely understaffed.
When there's a real pediatrics emergency, you can call him down.
- They need him in the ER full-time.
- Then let them pay! They're severely under-budgeted, and you know it.
- I like him, but he's a bit of a cowboy.
- A bit?! David, he's arrogant and dismissive of my authority.
Now, I'm warning you right now.
When his fellowship comes up for renewal in November I'm not gonna sign off on it.
You want him, you find the money for him.
Let's jump off that bridge when we get to it.
Mark, we need to talk about who gets to cover the Attending swing shifts.
It's a nice piece of change.
Any thoughts? No.
I'II I'll get you some names later.
Next on the agenda, we've got a JCAH inspection coming up.
Come on, people.
This is what allows us to call ourselves a hospital.
Help me! Please, somebody help me! It's my brother! Please! He fell off the boat! Grab the gurney on the side.
- Come on, man.
- No spontaneous resps.
Get an ambu-bag and set up suction.
- Jerry, Trauma 1 open? - No, air conditioning guys are there.
- Curtain 2.
- Get Respiratory down here, stat.
Lily, we're gonna need a scribe.
- Pulse ox is 80.
He's hypoxic.
- ET tray, seven and a half.
- Please, what's happening? - Sir, you have to wait outside.
Get these air conditioning guys out of here now! Anybody get a blood gas? Please, please - Tracy, come here where you can see.
- Oh, God.
Don't do this, man.
- Core temp's at 82.
- CBC, Chem-7, coag panel.
Don't die.
- Are those meetings always that fun? - Kind of boring this week.
Nobody took a swing at anybody.
Do they always talk about residents like that? - Wanna hear what they said about you? - That drunk with the kid he's trying to check himself out AMA.
It's none of my business, but Jane Pratt? I think Morgenstern has a point.
I didn't get a chance to thank you for the Attending shifts.
I'm kind of behind on my car payments, you know? - You've worked with Kerry Weaver? - Yeah, we've crossed paths.
Morgenstern wants me to consider her for chief.
- Really? - That bad? Did you ever see Cuckoo's Nest? - I hear you're going someplace.
- Yeah.
Where's my kid? - Noah's in the lounge watching cartoons.
- Well, get him.
We're going home.
You're suffering from severe electrolyte imbalance.
Your white blood count is high, and you probably have pneumonia.
I just need to sleep it off.
You need to be admitted for fluids and IV antibiotics.
So you can charge me 5000 bucks like last time? Let's talk about last time.
You were drowning in your own vomit.
Your son called it in.
Just like today.
- Where's my damn shirt? - We had to cut it off you.
I paid 30 bucks for that shirt! Who's gonna pay me? You?! Somebody I swear to God, somebody's gonna pay for that if I don't find that shirt.
Where the hell? You're not going anyplace.
I don't know why, but for some reason that boy cares about you.
Stay and get straightened out.
Give Noah something to be proud of.
- He's not warming up fast enough.
- He's in V-fib.
Damn it, let's shock him.
Two hundred.
Harper, clear.
- Nothing.
- Three hundred.
- Someone get them out of there.
- Hey! Get down out of there! - What? - Come down now! Three-sixty.
Hey, we've got a beat.
Hey, Davey, are you okay? What are the borders of Hesselbach's triangle? - Some kind of vessel.
- Deep inferior epigastric.
- And a ligament.
- That's a mustard, Carter.
Poupart's ligament and the rectus sheath.
You didn't get one of Dr.
Hicks' questions right.
You told me we were doing a thyroidectomy Embarrass me in front of another surgeon and you'll spend the rest of your Sub-I suturing bagel cuts and baby falls.
- Rescue 47's on its way.
The gang shooting? Somebody shot the shooter.
Greene? Heard a lot of great things about you.
I'm Kerry Weaver.
- Oh, hi.
I'm Mark.
Sit down.
- Thank you.
Just eating something.
So Morgenstern says you're gonna need a lot of help around here.
Really? - Gonna finish those fries? - No.
So when do I start? - Are we all set for this guy's airway? - Yep.
- What happened? - Guy fell through the ceiling.
- Landed on a patient.
- You're kidding.
Broke the patient's ribs and his own leg.
Shotgun to the chest at close range.
- No vitals.
No pulses.
- Welcome back, guys.
- This the shooter of the pregnant lady? - So they say.
- His chest is a mess, you guys.
- Carter, CPR.
Six units O-neg.
- Tube's leaking.
- Asystole.
Man, I think I just punched right through his ribs.
Skip it.
Let's tube him! Amp of epi.
- Seven and a half.
- Kind of rusty at this.
- Find the cords and thread it through.
- Do it now, Carter.
- Let's crack him.
- I got it.
Spreader! Carter, retract that lung.
Here we go.
- Whoa, man - Just take a deep breath, all right? I need you to stay on your feet here.
He's totally dry.
Trendelenberg! - Think I'm gonna be sick.
- No, you're not.
Come on, internal CPR.
- Fibrillating! - Damn! His right ventricle is hit.
Clear! We got a beat! Nope, it's gone.
Fifty! Clear! - Asystole! - Well, that helped a lot.
Man, smells kind of like a barbecue in here, huh? Oh, God Welcome back, Carter.
- Oh, no.
Please - He's gonna be okay.
Thank you.
Thank you.
He does have a couple of broken ribs.
All right, that's it.
Good try, people.
He was dead before he came in the door.
- Who's got the death bundle? - I'll get it.
You all right? Good.
Sew him back up.
Nothing fancy.
I'll see you at 6 a.
And, Carter.
Prostatectomy in the morning.
Adrenalectomy for a pheochromocytoma in the afternoon.
- Hey, guys.
Here's your equipment.
- Excuse me.
- The kid make it? - No.
- It's Hathaway, right? - Yeah.
This is Shep.
- Well, see you around, Hathaway.
- Oh, hey, guys.
I have to do a ride-along for my MICN re-certification.
Mind if I tag along with you next week? Sure.
You bet.
Anytime, Hathaway.
- What? - Nothing.
- It's not like that.
- I didn't say a thing.
Nurse Hathaway, what are you doing tonight? I thought maybe I'd rent a movie.
Make some popcorn.
- Maybe I'll bring a pizza.
- I don't remember inviting you.
- You didn't.
I invited myself.
- Good night.
- My rule-out MI is still not in CCU.
- I can't miss the train.
What's the point of having a CCU if you can never get anyone into it? If I don't make it to Union Station in 25 minutes I'm gonna be walking to Milwaukee.
- Mark, you need to do something.
- I will.
I promise, first thing Monday.
Hey, I heard you hired Kerry Weaver as chief.
That's definitely a move in the right direction.
- You didn't hire Jane? - No, I didn't.
Were you planning on letting me read it off the board? It was my decision.
I made it.
I gotta pick Susie up from daycare.
Hey, Dr.
Greene Those medical students are still in Exam 3.
Want me to send them home? Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Yes, yes, you're the young lady who helped me earlier today, aren't you? Mrs.
Constantine, are you feeling better? Well, I'm a bit tired.
Did I tell you that I play the cello? - Once or twice.
- Sorry.
Well, I would like to play something for you as a kind of thank-you.
I don't think that's necessary.
My son brought my cello to me.
It helps me pass the time until I get better.
You don't have to do this.
I mean, maybe you shouldn't do this.
Hey, are you okay? Yeah.
No, I'm fine.
- Tough first day back, huh? - Yeah.
Some days, like today, I have to forget or I'd never come back.
- So did you have a good summer? - Yeah, it was great.
I did a pedes rotation over at Children's and spent about five weeks kicking around St.
Really? I always wanted to go.
Was it nice? Yeah.
Hey, Doc! Doc! Can you give us a hand? Kid on a bike got hit by a car.
Full arrest.
- I'll see you tomorrow, okay? - Yeah, see you tomorrow.
Okay, give me the bullet! Sorry.
Hold on! No, hold it.
Chloe? Is dinner almost ready? I am starving.
Yeah, all we gotta do is drop in the pasta and we're all set.
Hello, my beautiful girl.
Hi, prettiest girl.
- How was school today? - Great.
They're teaching us how to use Word and the spreadsheets.
Honey, you wanna come up and say hi to Mommy? Okay, here we go.
Let me get your head there.
There we go.
Oh, no.
There we go, there we go.
That's good.
Yes, you're okay.
Oh, no, no.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I missed you.
Oh, God What time is it? Oh, God.
Oh, man.
Peter? - Peter, hey, wake up.
- What? We fell asleep.
It's almost midnight.
Oh, man What time does he get off work? In 10 minutes.
Hey Why don't you stay? You know I can't.
I love you.
I'll see you tomorrow.